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awesome part,...
luvd it a lottt...

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part 26 on page 94

"ahem ok guys ,that's all , riddhima now its limit of our patience" said mayank getting near them
And making both armaan and riddhima out of there love situation and making them realize that where they were and that they were been watched by all , they both stood up and got ready as they surely knew that its time for some heavy explanations

"bhaiya actually I wanted to tell you , actually bhaiya all this is I mean it was all I mean I really don't knew how to explain it , its so long and" riddhima fuming with words dont knew how to start

"well we have lots of time for this, start from the beginning" said adhiraj

"well adhiraj , I think you already knew a lot out of this, so it will be easy for you to understand us and believe in us , I knew this is so strange, but it is true and I suppose you already knew about it" said armaan as he remember that video of riddhima hypnosis , that adhiraj also have seen and he knew that there is something with riddhima related to her past life

"adhiraj knew that , so why don't we knew, and adi why didn't you told us about them two earlier" said mayank instantly

"no bhaiya even I am confused , armaan what do I knew I seriously don't knew anything about you and riddhima and what is going on in here, as if you both cared to tell me ever" said adhiraj also annoyed

"no no I am not talking about us , I mean yes I am talking about us , but not about that what you guys are thinking its not that adhiraj knew anything about what was going on, I meant adhiraj knew about that relation of riddhima with her dreams and" armaan tried explaining

"ok now this is getting confusing armaan here we wre talking about you and riddhima, and that what is here happening between you two , and from where in the middle that riddhima dream thing came in" said samrat interrupting

"ok I can explain that all only if anyone of you will let me complete , god you whole family have this don't let other speak problem" said armaan remembering how many times everyone had cut him in the middle of his speech

And here he got a hard punch on his arm by riddhima

"owww now what was that for riddhima" said armaan in pain

"dare you say anything about my family" said riddhima irritated

"ok I am sorry your family is great and your brothers are the best fabulous people and you are you knew" said armaan first irritated and then seeing riddhima and getting busy in her eyes

"ahem ahem ,we are still waiting" said mayank making him come back

"yes I knew I can see that , so  I was just saying that adhiraj you remember you took riddhima to Dr Suhani and then that video, you have seen that right" said armaan getting serious again

"yes I knew but then that was , it was something related to past , but how is it concerned here" said adhiraj

"ok now will you tell me what video and what past and which relation" said mayank

"yes that's all I wanted to tell you guys , not only riddhima but I also remember , I mean use to remember our past like she does , we both use to knew each other even before we met now, it was not only riddhima past but it was mine as well, that was the thing I was trying to tell you guys for so long that this is not the first time , or our first birth where we are meeting each other, that armaan and riddhima were never strangers we were destined to meet we were born to meet" said armaan looking at riddhima

"ok just a minute you are trying to say that like Dr suhani concluded that riddhima dreams all images she saw were related to her past life , to be precise and straight her previous birth and you also , I mean you also use to see the same images , that means" said adhiraj shocked

"yes that means we share a same past , a same prebirth and together this rebirth" said armaan straight , making a complete silence for a while , this shock was big to digest for a while

"ok bhai speak up , any of you" said riddhima looking at all of them

"yes this is true guys , I mean I remembered about all this and that's why I came to meet riddhima in the office last time , but then even she didn't remember anything so she didn't let me explain , and I had no option left that's why I took riddhima with me ,I just wanted her to remember everything and so it happened when she came with me to that house , the way I remember , she also got all the memories back" said armaan

"we are not here playing any statue statue game , please bhaiya and bhai speak something" said riddhima looking at the three shocked creatures

"this is so shocking I mean I cant believe this, you guys are just kidding right"  said samrat out of shock

"samrat bhai this is the last thing in this world over which I could be kidding" said riddhima

"and you guys want us to believe in this" said mayank looking straight

Till then all the other members as in armaan and riddhima family also came there

 "we have to as there is no other choice out of this" said karan coming there with others

"karan chachu do you really knew what all are they both telling I mean" said mayank in shock

"well I knew and infact we all knew it all, and as I said we have no other choice" said karan

"yes these two have left us with no choice in this , its shocking but fortunately its all true" said rishab 

"dad but still this is to I mean I have an hint but all this was so deep and true that's just too much" said adhiraj

"well I guess it is , but still lets just accept the truth the way it is,  and you love birds will you have some shame no matter whatever you had that was past, on current you have your parents and family standing in front of you so just stoop looking at each other like this , and for god sake leave each other hand have some courtesy in front of your parents atleast" said sujal coming in front of armaan and riddhima

"dad please its not like that" said armaan

"god finally I am so happy that everything is fine now , so happy kids, well don't knew much about you but I am seriously happy now , this is so nice" said rishab smiling

"just nice dad , its too cool oh god true heavenly love story types kind of made for each other thing" said adhiraj happily side hugging riddhima

"kiddo you knew I never thought our kiddo can also have so interesting past" said adhiraj

"yes its kind of a little pinch of spice in your boring life" said samrat coming in front

"boring life now where does that came from" said riddhima annoyed

"ok kids so are you planning to have all the chats here in this hospital parking lot only don't you guys want to go back home , lets go there and then we will have our chats" said  karan coming in between

"but before that little formalities are left for riddhima discharge , if she have not forgotten she was a patient here and was unconscious for like hours and now I think she looks like nothing happened to her" said rishab teasing his daughter

"ok dad please stop this teasing session not atleast you" said riddhima hugging him tight "I am so sorry I put you all in so much pain" said riddhima

"its ok kiddo , your happiness is first for us nothing else , till the time you kept on smiling everything is fine" said rishab

"ok now I still want to knew the whole story , the past story what was your past and what happened everything" said mayank

"yes me too" said samrat and adhiraj

"yes sure we all will knew all details but not right now lets go back home then we will talk" said karan

"yes that will be fine even armaan you need some rest you look exhausted" said sujal

"no dad I am fine" said armaan not ready to leave riddhima

"no you are not , you even look disgusting , you need shower" said sujal holding him and trying dragging him  from there

"but dad I am fine" said armaan annoyed

 "armaan riddhima is also coming home with us , and remember she is just door next , the next house of ours , so come home get fresh and no one stopping you to meet , infact we all together want to hear the whole story from you both together, so shall we go now" said sujal smiling

"yes that will be fine sujal ji , so lets meet at our place after an hour" said rishab ,

Soon armaan and armaan family went from there

Leaving only Sharma's , and few oldies

Riddhima went back in the hospital , for formalities of discharge , where the all the ladies were still there

"mom I am fine now so stop this melodrama of yours" said riddhima smiling seeing prerna and nandini shedding tears

"ok ok I knew that my grown up girl" said prerna smiling

"but seriously kiddo you knew I was so worried after knowing the truth" said nupur smiling

"worried but why bhabs" said riddhima smiling

"I thought that if you remember everything about your past life , what if you remember all that and forgot about your present , forget us , then what" said nupur

"oh ho bhabhs you the biggest drama queen of the three Mrs Sharma's of my family , is this really ever possible that I will forget you all , its impossible , no matter whatever the past was but now you all are my family my first family ,  I am still your kiddo, I am still your baby and I will always be" said riddhima hugging her mother , chachi her second mother, and nupur bhabhi her third mother together, this was truly the Sharma ladies

"ok ladies if you are all over with your favorite work that us tears shedding so can we go back home" said karan smiling

"karan please stop irritating us right now , and tears shedding is no where our favorite task" said nandini annoyed

"ok nandu chachi , no one is teasing you all right now , but still lets go back home , moreover do you knew how we have literally dragged armaan from here , for one hour and now if we wont reach home in one hour then armaan will be back here again" said mayank teasing riddhima

While here riddhima was lightly blushing

"oh ho, then we should hurry up now right mayank" said nupur teasing riddhima ahead

"ok ok I knew that you all got a new job" said riddhima annoyed leaving out of the room

"ok ok wait kiddo we all are also coming" said adhiraj smiling

As riddhima stepped out , she got another surprise , someone who was waiting for her since long , none other than her sister anjali

"anjali di" whispered riddhima in tears seeing her sister after ages , meeting her finally as her di , and not as her friend mother

"riddhima I have never even had hopes of seeing my sweet sister , but god is so great I suppose he was not able to see our sadness and so he send you back to me" said anjali in tears hugging riddhima tight

Finally sisters meeting a cute re-union 

"where have you gone , you left your di you knew how much a missed you , how much I craved for you , no one can ever get a sister like you , you were the best sister please don't leave your di ever again" said anjali

"I promise di, I wont leave you ever, di where is mamma and papa , I really want to meet them I hope papa will forgave me by now" said riddhima

"yes riddhima , you knew papa have changed so much after you left us , papa loved you , he was always guilty for doing all that with you he was so guilty was not talking with you , he just wished that you both come back someway and he can apologize for his deeds , and see now you  both are back" said anjali happily

"kiddo we will meet them later right now lets go back home" said rishab coming there, still little confused about what guilt and what wrong riddhima father did in past , somewhere rishab not liking the fact of calling someone else as her father , as he personally can never share his kiddo with anyone , but destiny have already shared her

Later at Sharma house ,

we see , all members and friends a nice get together , full armaan parents , along with angad , kripa and on the other side full Sharma family along with gunjan as well that's all

and armaan and riddhima sitting together on a sofa , and everyone else surrounding them sitting , and waiting for them to start

"ok so all that start with our meeting and then we were friends , and then when we realized our feeling for each other" armaan was telling it fastly

"what are you doing , I mean is this a way to tell a story in cut short , business man's I tell you just cut everything in short notes ,even lifes event" said riddhima interrupting in middle

"oh I am so sorry I am not an archeologist or a doctor who can search so deeply in thinks and have patience to tell everything so deeply" said armaan sarcastically

"and I am really fed up of this impatient attitude of yours, haven't we suffered a lot due to this impatient habit you posses since past" said riddhima sarcastically

"we suffered hello , it was actually me who suffered and where did I got impatient" said armaan

"oh really since last two days its your impatience we are seeing since you were so impatient to talk" said riddhima

"and it was only because , you were as like always adamant to listen , its been your favorite time pass to irritate me and test my patience" said armaan

"test your patience , well in that case I should tell you that its me who have kept all the patience tackling you for years" said riddhima

While here all the others were enjoying this lovely fight of their kids and were enjoying it

"hello hello guys chill , why are you both fighting if you remember we were waiting for your story" said adhiraj finally ending their never ending romantic fight 

"just in case till now I don't know your story fully , but still I can ask you something were you guys married" said nupur bhabhi coming in there

"and now from where did you got that information from" said riddhima getting out of chat from armaan

"from your chat , typical husband wife fights" said nupur smiling

"what bhabs, we were not fighting , we never us to fight" said riddhima smiling

Only then anjali and atul also came there

"oh really now that's a strange information its very rare chance to hear such an innocent joke" said anjali coming there smiling

"yes right , someone saying that armaan and riddhima never fight is like a biggest joke of the century , the two people who always started there conversation with a fight are saying that they never fight" said atul sitting with anjali

"yes and I suppose a trailer of that we are already seeing" said samrat smiling

"ok guys if your starting fight over so lets start with the story" said mayank

Everyone settled again and armaan started telling the story

"the story starts with class tenth of  Stephens school , where we met for the first time , the day the first day happiness entered my life and stayed forever" armaan narrating the story remembering it all , and riddhima was just looking at him , he was truly his soul mate and she loves him forever 

"very soon we became friends , use to chat a lot actually riddhima use to say and I just listen" said armaan smiling

"oh really so you mean to say that I talk so much" said riddhima irritated

"well I suppose this one habit of yours never changed , and here I don't think I have to explain and give any proof to anyone to prove me correct" said armaan teasing her ahead

"agreed" said adhiraj smiling

"oh really ok fine then you all have your chat I wont say a word now" said riddhima getting annoyed and sat back on sofa making cute puppy face

"oh that will be great for us all  , anyways armaan please continue" said mayank smiling

And so armaan also smiling started telling ahead 

"hmm soon we became best friends ,we use to bunk classes and watch movies , and played basket ball" said armaan

"oh really you use to play basket ball , wow , but riddhima hate that game" said samrat

"she use to love that game she was a really nice player yes but not better than me right basket" said armaan smiling , seeing riddhima changing expression , she was already pissed off and was sitting annoyed and now this comment was a trigger and she stood up again

"oh really I was not a better played then you , then for your information you remember Mr Supercool you always use to lose in the game from me"  said riddhima

"I thought someone just said a minute ago that she will not say a word now , and that she will prove that she don't speak much" said armaan sarcastically

"well that's not the point on over here , here we were talking about basket ball game , and in that it was me who won always" said riddhima

"no no basket you are forgetting you always use to lose and I use to won" said armaan 

"no I use to won , and as for you , you always won only with cheating mr showoff , and stop calling me with that annoying name , I hate that" said riddhima

"ok basket as you say" said armaan again intentionally calling her basket and teasing her

"forget it" riddhima again irritated sat back
"oh really armaan you actually lost from riddhima" said  adhiraj smiling seeing riddhima sitting back

"well it didn't ever mattered much I kept on losing a lot over her" said armaan again going in her romantic mode

And all youngsters were like ohhh

"ahem ahem for your information your both parents are also here so can you just cut short your story to a presentable universal talk" said sujal teasing them ahead

"yes sure dad , ok now in precise four years of being together as best friends ,and then came the day the separation , when I went in another city hostel for further study and riddhima stayed back, still in that three years of separation was not enough to change our feelings for each other , which have got really strong , we already knew that our relation was far more bigger than a mere friendship , just the matter of telling it was left" said armaan

"oh how cute , best friends falling in love so who proposed first riddhima or you"  said nupur excited

"well nupur bhabhi actually you knew the era in which we were at that time was still an old time where girls were really shy and use to keep their feelings to themselves so it was actually me,  the day I came back after three years , this much seperation was enough for us, so I took step one but as usual riddhima was never easy target she made me wait for like ages to confess her feeling" said armaan remembering how shy riddhima was use to be

"so she made you craved always , now and then" said nupur

"what bhabhs , its not like that , now don't look at me like that" said riddhima feeling shy

"and then what happened ahead" said adhiraj

"well then like it happens in all hindi movies I wont leave you like thing , and wherever you will go I will follow you started" said armaan

"yes I was an intern in sanjeevani hospital , where armaan came in as the trusty of the hospital as my boss" said riddhima

"and then started the secret meeting session , hiding from everyone and meeting , getting time for each other , but the fun part was being with riddhima behind the back of Dr Shahshank Gupta" said armaan smiling remembering there secret meeting in fire escape and terrace

"oh really and noone ever caught you , and came to knew about this" said samrat

"no not at all, not even me , I mean being riddhima real sister still even I never came to knew about her and armaan till the time the romantic couple was forced to get rebellious all thanks to papa and that shyam" said anjali smiling remembering riddhima and armaan time with them

"who shyam" asked samrat

"well it was the same think like in all love story it happens the girl father fixed her marriage with some other guy and in this case that guy was shyam , who was my first cousin" said armaan smiling

"oh god really , then what next I mean how did you tackled with them" said nupur

"well it was really tough and over that riddhima made it more complicated , for everyone" said anjali

"what di what I did in that , I only did what I thought was appropriate in that situation" said riddhima

"I think the appropriate decision at that time would have been you left the same day when armaan came to take you at our house , I knew dad would have never agreed but still you both would have been happy , but no you were having habit of being the tragedy queen , and sacrificing  devi" said anjali smiling

"so what could have I done , at that situation when on one side it was armaan, and on the other side my father holding a gun in his hand and almost ready to kill himself" said riddhima

"and that was a mere way of dad to scare you , he was not serious over killing himself  and you also knew that" said anjali

"but for me at that time it was important I had to choose in between you and mom happiness which was situated with papa or armaan and I choose you all, I wanted my love and happiness for me , but not on the sake of getting mamma or you unhappy" said riddhima getting teary eyes

"oh I cant tell you how I spend so many years without you , the best sister in the world , not only a sister a best person in the world , maybe whatever god did was right taking you from us , and getting you in here in a family who knew your value in a family who knew how precious you are seriously Mr Rishab Sharma  you are really lucky to get riddhima as your daughter , she deserve a best dad in the world and that were you , unlike my father who had no love for her the only reason that she was daughter , a second daughter in our family an unwanted member , but not here ,she is the most precious for you all I knew that I have seen that, and for you kids mayank , samrat and adhiraj , I will seriously tell you that you guys are lucky to have riddhima as your sister , a sister like her is impossible to get ever again she can do anything and everything for seeing her family happiness" said anjali in tears

"I knew that anjali ji , and I love my daughter, and want her to get all happiness in this world and for that I can go to any extend" said rishab, side hugging his daughter , yes , riddhima was now there , and they worth it to call her his

"hmm , not only you dad , for us as well , we all love her" said mayank , hugging riddhima

"and this you all guys never have to prove to me , I knew that my family loves me, and I love them to , no matter whatever happens you all are the most important part of my life and will always stay like that" said riddhima

"but riddhima you have always proved that you loved your family and that you can sacrifice everything for your family happiness, even if it was by giving away your life" said anjali in tears

"giving away her life , what that meant" asked mayank

"that day I still remember the day shayam weds riddhima , the baraat was on the door , and we all were helpless, we all have planned that we wont let riddhima sacrifice her life and happiness so atul , me and armaan decided to make riddhima run away with armaan and riddhima didn't knew about our plan , but before armaan could reach that shyam attempt to kill him , to stop him , and here riddhima you knew what she did, she cant go against her father , she wanted him happy , but then she loved armaan a lot that she cant marry anyone other then him so before going in mandap this madam drank poison, she can sacrifice her life but not her family happiness" said anjali in tears

"what , riddhima you actually did that, I mean you actually drank poison" asked nupur amused 

"well" said riddhima guilty , seeing everyone eying on her that she did a mistake , she knew she did that

"yes as like always in her I will do everything manner she did that , and cant wait for me knowing that I never break my promises , I said that I will come so I did came there the same way as I promised you to be back again in the world and I fulfilled that as well" said armaan

"then what happened next you both" asked curious samrat

"oh no not so soon , maybe god had put few more time for our love in that life as well, we both survived that , and after few days from that we finally got married" said armaan

"then what happened when everything was great" said samrat

"maybe just we were not bound with much time together in that life , and that was not surely enough for us , life was going on perfectly , but then came the day , exactly after one year , on our first marriage anniversary we both were on a ship , and our love boat sink in the sea , maybe that time was not written for our love, only the bodies were lost in vein , not the soul or the love which was the same which is the same and will remain the same till eternity" said armaan smiling

"yes I am sure that it will happen in this life ,for sure" said nupur

"until and unless we don't have any villians in here this time" said armaan pointing mayank, samrat and adhiraj

"well I can guarantee you on that" said nupur smiling 

"oh that was great , seriously like a sweet story , never had I imagined our kiddo having so sweet past" said prerna

"with a little bitter memories" said khush deeply remembering everything that were obstacles for them

"oh now chill all that bitter thinks they were only your past and none of that going to repeat itself as see now there is no problem in your relation" said nupur smiling

But as the history repeats itself, and as armaan and riddhima were back there love was back ,so was the past events , and many peoples of the past who were just unknown of their existence , what if they come in between

Later here was a mood of happiness and joy in the house of sharma, who after knowing the fact of their kids past were really happy for them , everyone was joyfull for this new addition to the couples life , whom everyone present there already wanted to be one , and who were already send as one by the god let them enjoy their time together

While here on the other side

Anjali and atul took leave from there, and went back home

The first thing anjali did was she called her mother

"mom you wont believe this , mom I met her mom , I met them both they both remember everything , mom , yes riddhima my riddhima mom , our riddhima remember everything mom , she remembered me she want to meet you,  she wanted to meet dad mom , you hearing me" said anjali from one side of the call ,

"mom are you listening you are not replying me" said anjali ahead

While on the other side of the call, it was not Padma Gupta who picked the call, it was shashank gupta , and after hearing what  anjali said , he wss shocked standing there , he was to shock to react he put the phone down

While here anjali and atul confused as why no one replied but they must understand that the news was so shocking to digest , maybe they will call back later after sometime

Here in the other side of the world

A old man in his house , calling someone

"hello its me Shashank Gupta , where are you , there is a news for you armaan and riddhima are back and they claim they remember everything , I don't knew what all, but yes they do" said shashank , on call

And hearing something from the other side he cut the call

"few things and events should need to be left un open , but why you came back again riddhima , armaan to open that" said shashank

On the other side if the world ,

Armaan and riddhima in their dream land , what else they can do, poor they didn't got any chance with each other , first everyone surrounding them and then later armaan was taken forcefully , literally by angad and sujal , I tell you mohabat ke dushman , and here as well ,the five bodyguards of riddhima didn't allow any meet

Armaan was sitting in his room alone, its been a long tiring day, but it ended happily , all is well that ends well for sure

And here riddhima was now alone in her room finally as after her family left her , it was turn of her two best friends kripa and gunjan who chatted for long with her , all talks about armaan off course and then later they went back home

Riddhima was trying to sleep but how can she , as she was just thinking about her armaan , yes he was her now and will be forever, when her cell started ringing,  well no need for any guesses it was armaan call who on the other side was also not getting any sleep

"what are you doing" said armaan romantically

"nothing just going to sleep" said riddhima smiling

"liar , you were thinking about me" said armaan

"no why would I think about you" said riddhima smiling

"so whom were you thinking about and getting blushes lying on bed" said armaan

"how did you knew that" said riddhima getting attentive

"riddhima have you forgotten that my room is just opposite yours and this time of night your room light is on and much is visible from here" said armaan

and then riddhima saw on her right , the balcony door was open and armaan was standing there in his balcony , with ever so sweet look on his face just was her , his intense gaze directly on her

"what are you doing at this time of night in balcony, you need to sleep armaan , go to sleep you must be tired its been a long day" said riddhima

"I missed you , that is here my wife is back I missed this ordering wife of mine" said armaan smiling

"now stop this missing things armaan , now that we are back and together now everything  will be just happy, so no more talking and worring about the past, lets start a new life in a new  style" said riddhima

"hmm a new style, and a new start , good idea how about making this new start with a kiss I want a nice kiss like we had in our old house today" said armaan

"armaan please" said riddhima blushing

"see you only said a new start in a new style then you should also leave this blush and shy riddhima behind what say" said armaan smiling

"ok I will think over that, but later now I am sleepy , good night armaan" said riddhima

"oh really you are still sleepy I thought you had a nice beauty sleep on that hospital bed alone , still you are sleepy" said armaan

"so what is there anything wrong in sleeping at night" said riddhima

"no its not at all wrong in sleeping at night , but its wrong to sleep alone" said armaan

"armaan stop this now ok , and go in and try to sleep , I am sure you will fall asleep soon, and I promise I will come in your dream a happy one" said riddhima

"only on one promise you will not be shy and let me do whatever I want in my dream" said armaan again making riddhima blush

"good night armaan" said riddhima blushing

"and I love you" said armaan now serious

"I love you too" said riddhima

Soon the love birds drifted in their dream land , dreaming of each other

Next morning , a new sky , a new life , and happy life and an impatient lovers

Armaan wake up only in one hope to see riddhima and be with her

He got ready and went down in the hall

"good morning dad" said armaan happily

"good morning lover boy, I knew you remember a lot about someone but you still have a lot to remember that you also have a family a poor father and a not easy to tackle mother" said sujal smiling

"I heard that sujal" said kashish annoyed

"somethings never change" said armaan smiling

"look who is talking , your what not changes I rather we all have seen a lot of it, by the way where are you going all ready" said sujal smiling

"office dad ,you knew its already dead line to our jaitpur hotel project , and I have meeting regarding that" said armaan

"oh yes the hotel project with sharma's and I am sure you are going to sharma office for meeting and other discussion and now today the whole day you going to be there" said sujal teasing

"ok dad enough I am leaving" said armaan

"oh wait armaan you haven't had breakfast yet" said kashish

"oh mom I am not hungry" said armaan

"oh kashsih try and understand maybe having some brunch meet" said sujal teasing

 "ok sujal I am noticing that you are teasing my son a lot since yesterday so give it a break , what is wrong in his being curious to meet riddhima its so natural , they love each other , and armaan don't bother about your dad just go ahead and yes give my love to my to be daughter in law , and yes wait i have got a little present for riddhima I want you to give it to her" said kashish  and soon she came back with a small box

"this is the first gift I got from my mother in law , I want you to give this to riddhima" said kashish handling a box of jewel to armaan

"oh you knew you are the best mother in this world , and as for this gift I want you to give it yourself to her whenever you meet her , ok mom" said armaan

And he left leaving his lovely parents, irony of life, once he craved for them , he lost them at a tender age in past life , and didn't got their love at all, and now he got the best parents in the world who can go to any extend for his happiness

Maybe god send him in this new birth to fulfill all the needs left unfilled and all the happiness they both craved for in the past , but now they are full of that , and that one thing was FAMILY LOVE

the same teasing session was followed in sharma house as  well, when riddhima , adhiraj and samrat left for office for meeting with armaan , mayank was already in the office

riddhima car parked in the parking lot

"kiddo you and samrat get in the office , I will just come parking my car in side" said adhiraj as they were today in adhiraj favorite sports car which he prefer driving himself without driver

"ok bhai , come fast" said riddhima getting out of the car ,

"kiddo you go inside in your cabin I have to make a call and then I will come" said samrat

"no bhai its ok , I will wait , for you two" said riddhima , and she was standing in the corner , in the car passage just outside the office building

When she saw him coming , in his car like always in three cars first with his bodyguards ,  and last with his secretary and in the middle car he himself

All the cars parked in front of the office gate , and armaan got out of the car , along with others , riddhima was just looking at him , and so was he , a cute eye lock and no one noticing that as samrat was facing other side busy on a call and adhiraj was coming towards armaan seeing him arrive

Armaan and riddhima on the two opposite side of the road , where cars were passing ,

"hey good morning armaan, I am sure you having a nice morning" said adhiraj hugging armaan

"yes adi , I am" said armaan smiling looking at adhiraj breaking the eye lock with riddhima and looking towards adhiraj , and at the same time a car coming towards them

It was a black car , with dark mirrors , the car was coming at a great speed towards them as armaan sensed that , they were walking towards crossing the road , as car came in armaan sensed that it was going in riddhima direction and bingo , the car intentionally turned towards her , and was about to hit her, when armaan came on running fast and making riddhima aside , in result both fell down in the middle of the road , the car passed by , and only then a man looked out of the mirror , as they missed their target , he took a gun out then and triggered it again on riddhima , but he missed the target at armaanv again rolled away from the target area and so armaan bodyguards came in front of armaan and riddhima to cover them with the guns and fired it on the car ,but car passed away it was so instant attack , and it happen in so fractions of second that noone was able to do anything , adhiraj and samrat rushed to cover armaan and riddhima as well to save them

"sir are you ok" said one his bodyguard  

"go ahead follow the car and catch hold on them" armaan ordered them , and so two his guards went and one stayed back for his security reasons

Armaan and riddhima still lying on road , armaan on top of her to cover her properly

"riddhima are you ok" said armaan looking at her face ,

"armaan , kiddo are you guys fine, come I will help you" said samrat holding armaan making him sit ,

"I am fine , I am" said riddhima as all made her sit ,

"oh no armaan your arm is bleeding are you hurt" asked adhiraj

"no maybe got hurt by the road when I rolled but I am fine , riddhima are you ok" said armaan

"yes I am but what was that" said riddhima

Soon mayank was informed on firing outside the office , and he rushed there , to see armaan and riddhima and adhiraj and samrat making them both stand

"oh god , kiddo armaan are you guys alright , and what happened here" said mayank , coming hugging them both together

"we don't have any idea either bhai , but it looked like someone wanted to kill them" said samrat

"not us samrat this attempt was not for me it was for riddhima , someone wanted to kill riddhima" said armaan looking at riddhima scared face


Ok that's all for now , I hope that's a preety big one , surely a maha update ,

I cant write more than this in one part

And yes someone wrote me that everything was nice in their past , and that they had happy life and a natural death  then why reincarnation happened , cause it only happens in dark past , so here comes the dark past of them enjoy

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Teja.... IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 July 2013 at 5:25am | IP Logged
just now completed reading 
OMG what a part its brillliant so i guess shashank is the reason AR died 
really exicted for next parts now and family moments are awesome 
plz cont soon

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ojaswi_kajen Goldie

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Posted: 19 July 2013 at 5:33am | IP Logged
awesome update...
they all are sooo cute...
i jst love there bonding...
loved it... nice one...
cont soon ...
thnks for the PM...:)

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AMMY12 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 July 2013 at 6:56am | IP Logged
superb update.
Awsm one.
Luvd it.
Thanx 4 d pm.
Update nxt part asap.
loveuarmaanu Goldie

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Posted: 19 July 2013 at 7:30am | IP Logged
Omg its amazing but who want to kill armaan
SacredLove Goldie

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Posted: 19 July 2013 at 9:04am | IP Logged
Just one word perfect
Aww AR were so cute yar
Everybody in house are teasing the love birds
their little phone convo was so sweet
So shashank is real villan in story lets see
omg now who want to kill ridhima?
Awesome work waiting for their dark past
Thanks for pm do cont soon
Gudduluvs IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 19 July 2013 at 9:43am | IP Logged
Wow...Awesum update..b it was a mahaa update..thnks...hope in dis birth evrythng is fine...thnks for pm...

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