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i am working  on the update
please give me some more time , i will try and update this soon as well

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update kab milega AR ffs ka plz do it na...

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sorry friends 

as i already told you all earlier really really busy with guest at my place 

still trying hard to work on my ff's as must time as i am getting 

but seriously i dont get even half an hour in a day for this , 

please please be patient , just a matter of 10 more days then i will be back to my regular self 

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no problem...we will wait for ur

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thanks for being such patient readers here i came with a bonus for you all 

a MAHA UPDATE for all the late i am 

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 part 24 on page 


[oh wow silver jubilee of my ff , thanks my readers]
Armaan narrating the story till riddhima drinking poison as she was forced to marry shyam and here shyam trying killing armaan so that he can marry riddhima easily and after that in present track as well as past 

armaan came in the ICU where riddhima was lying from the back gate

Armaan sat on the bed side holding riddhima hands 
Tears falling down her armaan eyes , he lightly kissed riddhima hand, "please come back riddhima I love you I want you back in my life, comeback again the same way you did that day , remember  our past when last time I wake you up like this"
Armaan remembering the day , 
Flashback , 23 years ago
The same way as when he and riddhima were bought in the hospital 
Armaan was badly injured with the accident caused by shyam while riddhima was unconscious as she drank poison 

They both were treated , soon armaan got conscious 

"riddhima , riddhima , where is she I want to meet her" said armaan waking up 

"armaan please relax riddhima is fine she is just unconscious she is fine", you are hurt armaan its better you take some rest right now" said atul trying to make armaan lye down 

"no I don't want to rest I want to meet her , I want to go to meet riddhima" said armaan getting up 

"ok ok wait I will take you there" said atul getting a wheel chair and taking armaan to riddhima's rooms
Where she was lying lifeless , with soo many tubes and cords 
"please get up riddhima I cant live without you, you are my strength please get up" said armaan literally crying holding riddhima's hand 

While here atul and anjali along with all their group friends came there standing

"I still don't believe that you both love each other, I mean the way you both keep on fighting and never talked with each other properly then when this love thing came in" said anjali confused, 
For all of them armaan was the trusty and riddhima was an intern and they met here as riddhima never let anyone ever knew there relation
"it's a long story anji , a pretty long one a 10 years back story when we met and" said armaan smiling remembering there past together 

"10 years what do you mean armaan you guys knew ach other since 10 years and how com i never knew anything about it, even riddhima didnt told me anything regarding this" said anjali in a shock

"well that's all thanks to your sister as she never let our relation to go public, well we were in same school we met there first time and then riddhima and i became really good friends, going out together watching movies , bunking classes to sharing each secret with each other we ourself never understood when we both started falling in love, the realization took over only when we got separated as i went out for 3 years for further studies and riddhima here in her medical college at that time also she was all the time there with my nani ma, my only family" said armaan smiling

"oh my god, riddhima my own sister hide soo much from me , now i got to knew which special prayers she always did in temples after school and college as she came late home always , she use to be with you all that time" said anjali

"i many time said riddhima to disclose our relation in front of everyone but she was scared , she was so scared of her father that and see now what consequences we got into" said armaan

"its ok armaan she will get fine soon and everything will get normal" said atul consoling

"so that means when you came here in th hospital you already knew , no no correction you both were already in love an still you all were playing that i dont knew you game" said muskaan

"armaan i don knew much about you , but i am shocked that my sister too is such a good actor she never let anyone knew a bit about all that is going on, just let her get up i wont spare her at all for keeping soo many secrets from me" said anjali

Soon they found little moment riddhima was waking up

Armaan holding her hand tight as she opened her eyes she saw armaan sitting in front of her 

"are we already in heavens" that's all riddhima said

"not really but yes keep holding this hand of mine and I promise this life will be more better then heavens" said armaan lightly kissing her hand 

Little tears in both their eyes 

There life there love has passed in the most tough test they gave together and now they were entering their heavenly life together 

Soon the time flew with the passing of time armaan and riddhima both recovered well from their injuries and were discharged from the hospital 

Here comes the day , finally time to face shahshank gupta again 

"I knew whatever happened was wrong this should not have gone this way, but still we all were helpless we surely didn't have choices but now when all that ended we are here to apologies in front of you for our act and request you to wholeheartedly accept our relation" said armaan to shahshank 

And here shahshank was quite , but this time the ladies of the house were not, after all that happened Padma gupta got really strong to speak in front of her husband and support her daughters in their happiness

"its ok son you are not responsible for anything so no need to apologies as for your father well his happiness also lies in his daughter happiness and that is only with you, we just want our riddhima to be happy and she can only be that with you, we don't have any problem with this relation we just want our kids to be happy" said padma smiling 

And soon it all occurred armaan nani mom , meeting riddhima's parents, and soon there wedding day was fixed 

Seeing our two lovers totally in love situation they all didn't preferred to keep them waiting for long , and decided direct wedding of them in a week and so armaan and riddhima were kept separate and not allowed to meet at all till the wedding

While riddhima was also not coming to hospital and on the other side she was not permitted to move out of the house alone , either anjali or her mother or muskaan someone was all the time with them so armaan even missed chance to meet her alone at all 

Soon the day came it was mehandi ceremony at riddhima's place , while on the other side it was a kind of cocktail night at armaan's place it can even be considered as his bachelors night , but it had ladies as well included 

In the party , 

armaan and his friends including atul, rahul and even shubhankar were enjoying themselves with drinks and music , 

few of armaan's nani relatives and business associates were also there 

here entered Maya Oberoi [remember the same maya whose son ranveer in present track story tried forcing riddhima when armaan saved her] 

she was armaan's dad old friend daughter , 

armaan personally never liked her but she was a sticky types of girls all time roaming around armaan trying her luck on her , even many times shown off herself in front of armaan to seek attention 

but for armaan she was never the girl of his type, he really never cared a bit about her trying on him 

and today probably it was her last chance to try on armaan cause once he got married tomorrow then he is gone 

she got near him tried dancing with him getting physically close but today also all her moves got failed as armaan was seriously not interested in her at all  

soon the day came 

there wedding day 

the mandap was set , all arrangements were done 

it was Armaan Malik weds Riddhima Gupta finally 

shahshank was truly not in favor of this but he got defeated in front of everyone else who were favoring this marriage 

armaan baraat came there for his riddhima and to take his riddhima along with him and be together be one forever and ever 

soon the priest called both of them in the mandap the marriage altar where armaan and riddhima sat together holding each other hands , praying god for just them being together 

they took there seven pheras together hands in hands with the seven promises in front of the sacred fire , 

soon priest told them to sit back and armaan to make riddhima wear mangalsutra the bond of there togetherness there love and then apply sindoor in her maang to make her all his forever 

"this marriage is done successfully and you both got together and became each other for the next seven births of your life" said the priest 

and armaan and riddhima happiness have no bound now , they were attached together to each other with the strings of love bond of this sacred affair and for the whole world now armaan and riddhima were one , one soul 

back to the present 

armaan holding riddhima hand in the hospital bed 

"remember riddhima the priest said we both were became one for the next seven births we take and see here i am still holding you in this please get up riddhima and lets us live our lifes together again the same way we did remember riddhima the day we got married i promised you to get all the happiness for you in the world the first time you entered by house as mine riddhima gupta malik" said armaan going back again in his flashback

armaan remembering him and riddhima enterring malik house together 

nani ma , did all that rasams first aarti and then riddhima grah pravesh riddhima entering throughing that bowl of rice inside the house and then keeping steps on the red aalta entering inside the house holding armaan hand together , keeping her foots imprints behind 

armaan remember there sanjeevani hospital gang teasing session since long time and here he was getting impatient to get a little time alone with his riddhima as he was already deprived of being away from her since last few days all thanks to the gang armaan condition was getting worse with the each passing session and this didnt got unnoticed by anyone present there 

"ok now enough of your talks and chats now if you dont mind i am really tired can i go and rest" said armaan shamelessly he just wanted them to go from there 

"yes we can understand you must be really tired armaan ok if you want to rest you can go as for us we are still ot so tired so we can chat for a little more time you go ahead good night armaan" said anjali teasing 

"and yes i think riddhima is also not that tired = she so we ladies can have a little more talks for the time being , if you boys want you can leave" said muskaan teasing armaan ahead 

"yes right , but i think riddhima is really tired and she needs rest  if you all want you can chat let us go" said armaan getting irritated

"yes guys just stop this teasing ahead its to late night just let them go" said atul little supporting armaan here

"champ you are so sweet seriously if i was not already married then i would have got married to you" said armaan side hugging atul for supporting him 

"yes i knew that now stop this romancing with atul act and just keep that spare for riddhima" said rahul teasing them ahead 

while armaan eyes were only looking at riddhima she was getting more and more red by blushing her beauty had no bounds today it was like a pure angel just came from heavens , his angel with all that bridal dress and heavy Jewelry still her simplicity can be seen it was getting tough for armaan to wait for even a second more to get near her to hug her or just to simply have the feeling that she is near him with him and for him but this gang of friends of them have some other planning 

"well not so soon armaan you knew you and riddhima hide your ten years old relation from us well now its our revenge time as you both never let any of us knew about this till ten years well in that case for compensating we will taker next ten hours thats all from you , so we are not at all planning to leave for the next 10 hours" said anjali teasing armaan 

and here armaan condition was 10 hours oh no that is impossible for him to stay away from riddhima now 

"ok now this is not fare at all ok" said armaan getting irritated

"well that was also not fare that you both did with all of us playing that we dont knew each other game and romancing all the time on our back" said anjali 

"ok that's all now you guys leave or else" said armaan warning 

"oh really or else what armaan what will you do shamelessly pick riddhima from here and leave, or through us out of the house" said anjali 

"well the second option is not that right it doesn't look good its my house and you all are my guest so i cant through you out of my house but then i can go with option one  that is better" said armaan shamelessly 

"hww so you mean you will actually pick her and take her with you" said atul 

"yes i can after all she is my lawfully wedded wife" saying so armaan didn't even waited for anyone to response 

he got up and picked riddhima in his arms and taking her from there , while everyone else were one side shocked at armaan this kind of behavior while on the other side they all were very happy for there two friends who were looking totally in love , they were actually perfectly made for each other 
so they all left thinking that they had have enough of teasing for them  

while here 

armaan taking riddhima in his arms 

"armaan what are you doing leave me put me down" said riddhima struggling a bit she was herself to shocked with armaan act she was feeling to embarrassed she was blushing like hell 

"not until we reach my room , no no correction our room" said armaan walking upwards

"so here we are madam welcome to our new life together in our room" said armaan entering the room and putting riddhima down 

while riddhima looking around in the room which she have seen and visited many time earlier as armaan friends, but today it was different it was her now , from today on this belongs to her

while here armaan hugging riddhima from back 

"oh god i missed you , i was so dying to be with you alone like this" said armaan hugging riddhima tight from back 

"but what you did there was not good it looked so embarrassing" said riddhima walking little away from him and pretending to be angry 

"oh really so is my lovely wifey is angry with me , well in that case i think i have to pacify her , so tell me what can i do to make my wifey happy" said armaan again coming close really close to her 

"armaan please" said riddhima blushing and feeling shy 

"i love you riddhima and please no please and no other talks for today , cause i just dont want to waste a single minute of this night in talking or getting angry and pacifying or anything , today this night i want to make it the most memorable night of my life , our life" said armaan getting in front of 

"i love you to armaan" said riddhima hugging armaan tight all her worries anger embarrassment were left behind far behind 

there relation there love was more ahead then just talks and making each other feel that they will love each other or anything , at this moment they just wanted to feel the movement with each other 

there love has passed all the exams and obstacles and after that they have got this honor to get this night of there life , this night of togetherness and love and they both were already dying to be with each other 

there love has passed all the exams and obstacles and after that they have got this honor to get this night of there life , this night of togetherness and love and they both were already dying to be with each other 

getting out of the hug , looking in each other eyes which were filled with emotion , love and over the all passion for each other

ok now the ahead green part little mature content can avoid if want to

armaan slowly getting near riddhima and took her lips in their first kiss, kiss of their love the seal of their relation 

Starting slowly with a tender kiss it slowly turned into a passionate one getting deeper and deeper in each other , kissing each other 

Soon they broke the kiss getting breathless while riddhima looking away , armaan can surely sense her being shy and little scared as well for all this

"aren't you getting irritated with all this heavy jewel on cause seriously I am" said armaan smiling 

"well come here I will help you" said armaan talking her to the dressing table and making her sit on the chair 

While he himself sat by her side on his knees 

Slowly helping her removing all that heavy jewelry and makeup 

Soon riddhima was free from all that except for the heavy dress she was wearing 

" this is exactly my riddhima , you knew your beauty is in this simplicity I love you like this" said armaan kissing her lightly again 

While she still got little conscious with that 

"its ok riddhima relax its only me" said armaan smiling "ok come you also must be really tired you rest while I will just go and change" said armaan getting up taking out towel and getting in the fresh room 

While here riddhima was still sitting and thinking of only her behavior , she was ready for this relation she was prepared for what was going to happen but then at the end why her shyness took over her 

She had to be strong , she cant back off like this after all armaan was her husband and have full right on her, moreover she also just wanted to be his and only his and this was the time for that 

Soon armaan was out of the fresh room nicely changed in his track pants and T-shirt , his hairs were little wet god he was looking totally hot, riddhima was just looking at him checking him out 

"stop checking me like this riddhima I am your and only your husband" said armaan getting really near her a mere whisper 

While here riddhima looking away in embarrassment while armaan smiling on her innocence 

"ok I think its too late at night so lets just rest back riddhima" said armaan making his way towards the bed while riddhima stopping him in the middle 

She holding one hand of him and getting him near her almost half hugging him still holding one of his hand tightly and making circles with her other hand figure around his chest  

"hmm so what were you saying about being with me armaan" she said huskily she was confident and determined not to waste this special night of their life and  there was no use of staying away from him her armaan whom she loved to death and whom she can trust blindfolded 

"ok now riddhima please stop this I mean don't do something for which you can regret later or don't go more ahead in this cause then its no going back after this" said armaan still warning cause her moved were totally turning him on , and once he knew he will go another step ahead in this he cant stop himself and seeing riddhima nervousness he just wanted to give her some more time, but here riddhima act were totally different it was no where less than a shock for him 

"who here wants to go back , I just want to be with you and your forever just make me feel that I am your armaan" said riddhima lightly kissing armaan around her chest and shoulder and arm , now it was getting impossible for him to control ahead 

"ok that's all" saying so armaan holding riddhima both hand more tightly getting in another kiss with her , this time the kiss was wild the passion was wild they both were totally turned on for taking their relation to next level   

Breaking the kiss getting a little down on riddhima neck armaan giving kiss on her shoulder bone and rest exposed area  , while she just hugging him back for support and moving hands on his back lightly

Soon both got lost in the pool of passion , picking riddhima up in his arms armaan took her towards the bed making her lye back and helping her getting rid of that heavy bridal dress dimming the light a bit, and slowly slowly kissing each and every part of her body getting exposed to him taking her little nervousness away they both were busy kissing each other soon all the barriers between them got away and they both kissing each other all over the body 

"just think last time riddhima if you don't want this cause after this there is no going back" said armaan last time before just getting in her , he just wanted to ensure her happiness and satisfaction and never wanted to do anything that was against her will and this gesture of his was everything for riddhima she was never so sure for this before but now she was completely determined to give all that she have to the man who love her to this extend she can just give this for his love 

"I love you armaan" that was all she said and this was all for armaan to be sure

Soon all the barriers in between the two lovers left behind and they became one , from body mind and soul 

Lying in each other arms beneath the sheet happy , contended and satisfied with their love they were just perfect riddhima peacefully went to sleep while armaan just looking at her face sleeping , having the assurance that this was the beginning of their new life and its going to have each day like this 

The morning rays little disturbing the totally in love couple 

"good morning armaan" said riddhima lightly looking up at him she was sleeping whole night in her arms keeping her head on his chest while he was protectively hugging her 

"good morning jaan" said armaan lightly kissing her forehead "morning can never be good than this" he said ahead 

"when did you got up" said riddhima trying getting a little away but armaan was not just leaving her 

"well I didn't slept the whole night when the night was more beautiful than any dream ever then how could I waste a minute of it with sleep"  said armaan smiling caressing riddhima face lightly with his hands 

"but I was sleeping why didn't you waked me up" said riddhima feeling little sad for sleeping

"then how could have I got the chance to look that that cute face of yours while you sleep , you look like an angel" said armaan and then again getting naughty  "moreover you must be really exhausted with our first time so i thought to let you have some rest for our session two" said armaan and getting near her 

"armaan please stop this listen its already morning and nani ma must be waiting for us" said riddhima getting little away 

"not until I get what I want" said armaan adamant 

And they both got engrossed in there session two of love making 

Life was going on beautifully 

Days passed on for this lovely couple , all day and night of togetherness was blissful 

Soon riddhima joined back the hospital while armaan as well as the trusty , more than often rather everyday visited the hospital 

There fire escape romance was still on sometimes armaan use to drag her in the fire escape for having little romancing session and riddhima use to as always run away 

Even riddhima went in his office randomly and then they can very well without any worry romance in armaan office after all they have license for that  

Soon the time passed away its been almost six months to their wedding 

Like any other normal day riddhima was busy with her patients and work in hospital and armaan roaming around her , and irritating her , and sometime calling her in his office without any use just for seeing her face or getting a kiss 

"riddhima you should not wear this sari in the hospital , you knew this drive me crazy and it get tough for me to stay away from you"  said armaan hugging riddhima from back and kissing lightly on her neck 

"leave me armaan this is hospital not our bedroom and why you called me here" said riddhima trying to free herself 

"just like that have I to take someone permission to meet my wife" said armaan still not leaving her and kissing her 

"ok fine , now let me go I have to visit a patient" said riddhima  "and yes I forgot to tell you today I am having a night shift so you leave the car for me I will come in the morning" said riddhima

"what night shift oh no , why , cant anyone else do that for you , I hate this night shift" said armaan pissed off he has to stay full night without her

"armaan its just a matter of one night and already since our wedding four times muskaan and five times anjali di had done my duty in night, so I cant give this to anyone else" said riddhima "ok I promise I will be back soon even before you wake up in the morning" said riddhima 

"as if I will get any sleep now in night" said armaan making faces

"ok now let me go I have to resume my duty" said riddhima leaving 

Later in night , 

Its almost midnight very less doctors are there at night shift 

Riddhima was resting back in her cabin as all her patients were sleeping and there was o emergency as well

When she heard some foot steps

"who is it , sister , ward boy who is there" riddhima said seeing a shadow of someone at the gate 

As she went near it , she was shocked to see him 

"you what are you doing here" said riddhima in shock she never expected to see him "and when did you  got out of jail , you were in jail I suppose shyam" said riddhima

Yes the man was shyam , he was sentenced for few months for doing armaan accident and was not out on bail

"well I just came to make you realize that I am back and I am out of jail what you both armaan  and you did to me I wont leave you guys until I get my revenge for that" said shyam angrily

"just shut up shyam and get out of the hospital right now you are not allowed to be here at this time" said riddhima angrily

"oh really so what am I allowed well not much I am doing everything that is actually not allowed like going that close to you" said shyam coming forward

"just stop there shyam or else I will scream" said riddhima warning 

"you knew the day one I saw you I was at that time only adamant to get you but then you were the one betrayed me telling that you love that loser armaan" said shyam

"mind you language shyam dare you another bad word about my husband" said riddhima angrily 

"husband oh yes husband, offcourse armaan is the one always snatched everything that I always wanted , first he took the property then all the support in the family and now when I wanted you he snatched you  as well from me , but not now I will take everything all happiness away from him even you" said shyam angrily

"armaan will kill you shyam just get the hell out of here" said riddhima warning while she herself was now getting scared of him approaching near her she was moving back 

"armaan wife yes and now I will give you that tag that armaan will not be able to touch you after that whenever he will touch you he will remember me" said shyam rudely holding riddhima by her one arm in force 

While she tried freeing herself but his hold was strong , and as she was about to shout he put his hand on her mouth , holding her from her back and stopping her from screaming 

"don't scream do you behave the same when armaan touches you, just relax riddhima I promise I will be more better than him" said shyam shamelessly 

And riddhima was struggling a lot to get free , shyam took out his handkerchief and tied her mouth to stop her from shouting 

And then he pushed her on the floor before he can come near her  riddhima tried escaping she ran out of the cabin and immediately clashed in someone standing there or probably walking from the other side 

It was armaan  , riddhima the movement she saw him she thought her life came back 

"riddhima , what happened riddhima you ok" said armaan he was shocked as he saw her coming running and bumped into him she was shivering she was looking scared and was in miserable condition , he don't knew what to do so he just hugged her tight to make her calm remove that cloth from her mouth and the movement later he saw shyam coming out running , and it didn't took a second for him to realize what probably would have happened 

His fist tighten and his anger took over seeing her condition , he can hear riddhima hiccups she was crying 

"shyam what do you think you are doing I will kill you" said armaan angrily

"I was just here for the revenge for what you both did to me , you were the one who did wrong with me, you armaan always took away everything from me I was just snatching and taking the thinks that belong to me and you took away" said shyam shamefully

"riddhima is my wife and not a think that you can snatch from me shyam, how dare you touch my wife" said armaan angrily and with a punch on shyam face and another and another

"armaan ji please leave him , armaan please listen I have called the security they will take him away and send him back to jail , please you stop" said riddhima trying to calm armaan as shyam was already half unconscious lying on the floor in pain 

"Please lets go back home"  said riddhima hugging on armaan while he also calmed her  down and they went back home 

This was the last incident and the last time they met shyam ,

He was taken in jail and no news got back about him , while here armaan and riddhima life got back to normal 

One of the most sweet incident of that time armaan still remember was maya meeting riddhima 

He still remember how cruel maya was behaving with riddhima , totally jealous on seeing riddhima happy with armaan they both together and to close , armaan knew that maya always wanted him but riddhima took him away 

He remember how she tried making fights between him and riddhima telling that armaan and maya as in she and him had some past affairs and relation as well 

Armaan don't even knew how she gathered some pictures of them being to close , maybe she manipulated few of them  

But riddhima never trusted anyone of them she had full trust on armaan and she proved that by not trusting maya 

Slowly slowly the time passed and then came the day , there first marriage anniversary 

Armaan gave riddhima a surprise , they both went to Goa to celebrate their first anniversary and there armaan booked one small ship , their personal ship to celebrate the day  just the two of them , in the middle of the ocean , in that ship , with one driver offcourse driving that 

They both were so happy 

Back to present

"you remember riddhima how you supported me when maya said that she and me had some relation and you said you trust your armaan more than anyone in this world you love me madly , then please get back for me riddhima , why are you lying like this here please get up riddhima , ok you don't remember anything about our past life no problem still you love me riddhima , I knew you did care for me right , so for that concern only please get up" said armaan holding riddhima hand getting a little up and kissed lightly on her forehead 

"please get up riddhima" said armaan and as he was saying so he saw her moving a little she opened her eyes and saw him there 

"are we already in heavens" that's all riddhima said opening her eyes 

And tears flowing from armaan eyes as well 

"not really but yes keep holding this hand of mine and I promise this life will be more better then heavens" said armaan lightly kissing her hand

but this time riddhima didn't responded
Armaan sensed that she again got unconscious 

As he got up and trying to wake her up again armaan was  pushed back with a force for once he was shocked 

It was just adhiraj 

"armaan what do you think you are doing in here , didn't you heard we all said you to just stay away from my sister , you already put her in this condition and what else do you want" said adhiraj angrily 

"you are taking me wrong adi , I am not here to hurt her in any way I can never hurt her she is everything to me more precious than she can be for anyone in this world and she was just conscious she was talking with me she remembered me she said the same" said armaan with little tears 

The tears somewhere calmed adhiraj a little , agreed she was his dearest sister in that condition but on the other side it was armaan his very close friend he somewhere trust him as well

"I don't knew what to say you armaan if anything happened to kiddo in that case I wont leave you but as for now as you were my best friend and I considered you really close to me for that I can just do this much for you that you leave from here , before anyone comes in and see you and you knew I wont be able to control their anger in that case  so its better you leave" said adhiraj for the friendship sake 

But no luck by that time all other men of the family were already in
and seriously none were happy to see armaan in , instead there anger took over again seeing him there 

"you what are you doing here now how many times we have to tell you to just stay away from riddhima , aren't you satisfied putting my kiddo in this condition what else do you want" said karan angrily  

"sir you are taking me wrong I am not here to harm her I just wanted her to be fine infact she just got up she talked with me she is fine" said armaan 

"stop this drama of yours now armaan as we all knew this well now that how much you cared for her , after getting her in this condition" said rishab angrily 

"I didn't did anything please trust me , I didn't and I can never even think of hurting her , I swear she just fainted and I was myself going to take her to the hospital when you all came" said armaan trying to defend himself

"oh really armaan and you want to say that you didn't even kidnapped her today and yesterday in the office you were not forcing her" said samrat angrily  he cant even say anything ahead then this for his kiddo 

"samrat please try and understand it was not the way you all think it is actually I just wanted to talk I was just" armaan trying to say 

"wanted to talk and is this your way of talking , just get the hell out of here armaan or else I swear I will kill you here today" said samrat angrily literally dragging armaan out of the ICU

While here two scenes going simultaneously

Armaan remembering 

The day there anniversary they both on the ship alone 

Happily celebrating the day then suddenly in the deep middle of the ocean the driver named Gaurav who was along with them informed that the engine of the ship they were on failed

They don't have any way out no option , they were too much in the middle of the sea at night to seek for any help 

No help can reach them soon still they didn't end up , finding all way out to get safe back but no use , soon the ship started sinking in the water , armaan and riddhima holding each other tight floating over the water 

"I love you armaan just don't leave this hand what if we cant be together forever still there is happiness that we are going to die together" said riddhima 

"this is not the end of it riddhima still so many dreams left which we have to fulfill and for that we will come back , we will have to come back I promise I will come back and search for you and you also have to come back for me, got that riddhima" said armaan 

"I love you armaan I will be yours forever and will never leave this hand of yours" said riddhima 

Soon they both started sinking and were soon lost in the deep blue sea 

While here armaan in the corridor , samrat literally dragging him to get out of the hospital

And here riddhima Waking up 

"armaan" that's all she said loud sitting on the bed

Ok that's all for now 

Really big , a Maha Update , compensation for updating so late 

So sorry guys I was really really very busy had no time at all 

Still whatever little time I got I managed to update this 

And on my readers request I ended with flashback fast fast 

I wanted to add few more thinks in the flashback but as you all wanted to read the present track so I completed the flashback with the main main part only 

Hope you like the part 

Waiting for replies

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AMMY12 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 June 2013 at 5:45am | IP Logged
awrm part.
Finaly she remember
Waiting 4 d nxt part.

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