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part 23 page 80
Armaan and riddhima romance on and here on the other side riddhima relation fixed with shyam
Armaan masti was on in the hospital he was favorite for everyone around
Except for one, and it was Shahshank 
Personally shahshank never liked Armaan the reason was armaan new thinking which never matched with him , armaan making few changes in the system according to the new thinking he had , making hospital a fun loving happy think , but shahshank didn't like this changes made by him , he thought his thinking was new and this new generation is very much irresponsible and not attentive towards their work
One day
Riddhima at her home ,
"dad I need to talk with you" said riddhima very nervous
"even I need to talk with you regarding something" said shahshank
"yes dad the think I have to talk with is very important related to my life" said riddhima
"and what I have to tell you is the most important issue in your life" said shahshank
"I didn't got that dad" said riddhima confused
"well this I think your mom can tell you better being your father I need everything good and best for you always and that's why I have taken this decision for you and I knew being my daughter you will happily accept this decision of mine" said shahshank

"your dad is talking about your marriage beta , he got a marriage proposal from very nice family for you" said padma riddhima mother , and riddhima was shocked 

"marriage proposal but" riddhima was to shocked to react
"and I have said yes to them , and I wish my daughter will never go against my will ever , you get ready next week I have fixed the date for your marriage" said shahshank
"you fixed my marriage with someone , whom and you fixed the date for marriage of after one week and you didn't even asked me once" said riddhima

"I am your father and I consider I can take this decision related to you and don't need anyone concent for that be ready for this your mom will help you make all the preparation for that, and yes I fixed your marriage with my very good friend manohar's son the family is nice , so I don't need any arguments and I think there are no issues left" said shahshank giving his final statement

"but i have issues with that dad" said riddhima closing her eyes maybe first time in her life she raised her voice against his father and he was equally shocked
"what you said , what issues" asked shahshank

"i wont get married like this , i am not ready for this marriage" said riddhima
"what do you mean by ready , riddhima the family is nice and they knew you being a doctor they have no problem with you doing your practice after wards as well so what else" said shahshank
"no dad still i cant marry anyone like this , sorry dad i wont do this marriage" said riddhima giving her final statement
"i didnt asked for your concent i given my final statement you are getting married next week and thats final" said shahshank
"but i cant marry anyone else dad i love someone else" said riddhima loud and clear leaving her fears behind
"someone else riddhima have you gone mad what nonsence are you talking" said padma coming in front
"yes mom i wanted to tell you this earlier but never had guts to come and tell in front of you, and then when today I got courage to tell you all then , mom dad please listen to me once, he is a nice guy and I will stay happy married with him only for my happiness I cant get married to anyone else" said riddhima literally crying

"i just cant believe that today my own daughter is saying me all this riddhima i m shocked on seeing you like this you are so shamelessly talking of your love in front of your parents and after hearing you like this do you really believe we Will listen to you then no riddhima whatever you said me and who so ever is this boy you talking about just forget it all this is the last time we are having any discussion on this topic you are getting married next week where i fixed your marriage and that is final" saying so shahshank went away from there leaving crying riddhima behind
"please dad please listen to me I love him and I just cant please dad listen to me" said riddhima crying
Next day
Riddhima was literally house arrested in her own house , she was just not allowed to be out of the
house not even talk with anyone on phone nothing
Here armaan was like always waiting for riddhima in hospital but she didn't came that day
Later he got a leave application notice of riddhima talking leave for 2 weeks but why he was so confused
Whole day he tried calling riddhima but not got any luck
He tried calling her house phone but sometime padma picked it sometime someone else but
riddhima never came on call
That day armaan was getting so restless don't knew what to do somewhere he was having a strong feeling that something is getting wrong
He didn't had any other option other than waiting
Next day ,
Still there were no sign of riddhima ,
Armaan was restless still he was trying concentrating of her work when Shyam came there
"hi armaan how are you hope didn't disturbed you" said shayam happily coming in

"no not at all shyam please come in, you here if there was some urgent work you could have called me" said armaan happily meeting him
"well not urgent but I am here today for a very important work , here, to give you this invite and to personally invite you for my marriage" said shyam giving the wedding card to armaan
"wow marriage you are getting married, that's so good but when" said armaan happily
"well just in next four days" said shyam
"four days so early, really when did it all happened and who is the girl" said armaan
"well actually it all happened so soon , first time when I saw her that time only I told dad that I like that girl and will marry her , dad was so happy he immediately went to that girl parents and fixed our wedding well she is a doctor in your hospital I saw her here only" said shyam
"really a doctor here , who is it" said armaan confused
"oh shahshank gupta daughter , well you knew dad and shahshank uncle are really nice friends so it all went easily, ok armaan I have to leave still many cards left to be distributed and yes I want you on time at every occasion" saying so shyam went from there,  not even knowing which and what kind of shock he had given armaan
It was then armaan read the card which mentioned shyam manohar malik weds Riddhima Gupta
His riddhima , her wedding card armaan was shocked he was completely broken , now somewhere he understood riddhima absence and her problem
He didn't wasted a single minute and went straight to gupta house
It was already late evening ,
Armaan went outside riddhima house and with a bang he went in
"riddhima riddhima where are you" armaan was literally calling her name
Soon shahshank and padma came out , and so did anjali but riddhima didn't came
"Mr Malik you here and that to this time , is everything alright" asked confused shahshank
"no nothing is fine shahshank sir , nothing at all where is riddhima, and what is all this" said armaan throughing the wedding card there
"what is this , and this is my daughter wedding card and this is no way to behave mr malik" said shahshank getting angry
"really and what kind of parents are you who fixed your daughter marriage without her consent" said armaan
"and who are you to tell me that what is good for my daughter and what is not she is my daughter and I have full right over taking decisions for her" said shahshank happily
"and you knew well that your daughter is not happy with this, where is she, why are you not calling her" said armaan
"armaan what is all this, riddhima is not happy this marriage is fixed without her will really is that true dad" said anjali getting in
"yes anji why don't you call riddhima here she will herself tell us that" said armaan
Anjali rushed in riddhima room , she was shocked to see that locked from outside , since last two days anjali was busy with her work she didn't came home for late so didn't knew what was happening in here
As anjali opened the door
"anjali di , thank god you came di please help me out di please get me out of here I don't want to do this marriage di please" said riddhima crying hugging anjali
"riddhima please come with me I don't knew what all is happening actually armaan is here" said anjali and as she mentioned armaan name riddhima just got so relieved
"armaan  , really di armaan came here for me, di I have to go to him" said riddhima happily and she rushed out
While here shahshank and armaan talking
"look armaan I don't want to be rude with you cause we are going to be relatives after all shyam is your cousin and i am respecting you cause of this relation so please its better you leave from here, this is our personal affair" said shahshank
"till the point this affair matters with riddhima it is not your it is my affair , cause riddhima is only mine" said armaan angrily
"oh so you are the guy, you are the one responsible for this rebellious change in my daughter, I knew that my daughter is in influence of some guy like you only that's why she got this much guts to abuse and argue with her elders you new generation people just get out of here" said shahshank angrily
"why are you doing this, don't you want your daughter be happy and that she will only get being with me" said armaan
Only then riddhima came running down shouting armaan name ,
She rushed and without any fear without any shame today she rushed to him passing her family , she hugged him
"armaan thank god you came , I was so upset I was so stroked dad locked me in room didn't allowed me calling you, armaan please take me away from here else dad will forcefully make me marry someone else," said riddhima getting out of hug
"shh relax riddhima its ok , now i am here you don't need to worry I wont let anything happen to you" said armaan

"you were right you were always right armaan we shold have told about our relation to everyone long back , then we wont have got to see this day , I am  sorry I didn't listened to you" said riddhima
While here shahshank was boiling with anger
"riddhima what the hell is going on here, go back to your room" said shahshank
"no dad please , I told you dad I love him, he is a really nice guy dad please for once try and understand dad I can stay happy with him and only him" said riddhima still trying being polite and pleading with her parents

"riddhima what is all this, and so much happened and you didn't even told me anything we were more like friends than sister and armaan you to we were friends atleast you could have told me all this"  said anjali coming in
"sorry anji actually we wanted to tell everyone about this , but before that we needed shahshank sir consent and as riddhima wanted to tell him before that all this happened but shahshank sir we assure you our aim was never to hurt you in any case we wanted you to happily accept us please sir for once just be like a father and see your daughter , I assure you that I will keep her happy, more than anyone I will give your daughter all the happiness, but please don't separate us please sir I love her a lot she is my life my only family I have she is everything to me" said armaan
This statement of his somewhere touched the ladies out there,
Anjali was totally in favor of armaan while padma also can see there genuine love she was a mother and she knew her daughter happiness was here ,but still all  decision was of shahshank
"I have given promise to manohar to get riddhima married to his son, and I wont break my promise for anything, I knew well you and your generation kids who never take anything seriously and this love is just a game you play for a time being , soon when this new love fever will get down then you will get fine and as for you riddhima , I am so hurt I never expected my daughter to do this to me" said shahshank
"its not like that dad , I love you to but dad armaan is my life dad" said riddhima crying
"and today for this love of yours you will keep your father his love his happiness his dignity on stake" said shahshank
"you knew today after you talking this step how will I face this society this world everyone will get the right to abuse your father all my dignity will get on stake" shahshank using his only weapon which he knew will work well
Later he continued
"and if anything like that happen I will not be able to face this world again , so its better that I should die" saying so shahshank went back and took out a gun , his licensed one which he had
And putting it on his own head
Everyone was shocked , no one expected shahshank to do that
"no dad please , no you don't do this" said riddhima stopping him
"let me die , just let me die cause after all that bad publicity of me and my family I wont be able to live" said shahshank
"no dad please don't do that I love you dad , I I cant let you die for me, dad please leave this gun, I will do whatever you say dad I promise just leave this gun" said shahshank
"you will get married where I want you to" said shahshank
"yes dad I will , dad I will please leave this gun now" said riddhima literally crying
This was her decision either her love or her family head her father , who was the head and whose need was more to her mother her sister , she cant take the blame of being there guilty so she sacrificed her everything
The moment she took her decision and she turned back armaan was gone
Armaan was gone from there, he heard her decision he knew it was the end
And here riddhima was crying , she just kept on crying forever
Next day,
It was a mehandi ceremony at riddhima house
Riddhima tears were well dissolving her her henna , there were ladies singing dancing all around while here riddhima was sitting in the middle a lifeless a dead riddhima whole only body was moving rest all was dead
Padma had tears in her eyes , but not for her daughter getting married and leaving but seeing her state , she knew her husband was wrong all this happening is wrong but she was helpless so was anjali
She was hurt for riddhima she was saying sorry to her that she was not able to do anything for her
Next day
Sangeet ceremony
The first time groom was also here, armaan was missing for sure, he didn't appeared since that
night armaan didn't moved out of his house
Riddhima don't knew what to do, she was lifeless she somewhere felt she can give a last try to her love maybe some miracle happen
She got a chance to be alone with shyam for a while, actually anjali arranged that she told riddhima to tell shyam the truth maybe he will understand riddhima and will himself backoff
So riddhima did the same
"we are going to get married tomorrow , I knew what I am going to say you ahead and what I am going to do with you ahead is rude is wrong with you,  and I am guilty for that I knew I am going to hurt you, actually I just wanted to tell you that I am not ready for this marriage , please don't take me wrong, I just didn't wanted to do this marriage" said riddhima
"listen riddhima ji please be clear over what you want to say" said shyam

"actually shyam ji the truth is that I don't love you, and I cant ever love you cause I love someone else" said riddhima closing her eyes
"then why are you getting married to me" said shyam
A total unexpected reaction than riddhima thought
"cause my father wants that, he fixed this marriage cause he didn't knew anything , and then , the point is for my dad sake I cant say no for this marriage but you are free you have no pressure on you, please shyam ji try and understand with this marriage no one can stay happy please say no for this" said riddhima crying
"who is the person you love" asked shyam
"you knew him , actually shyam ji I , actually we both love each other since long you knew him well I am talking about armaan your cousin" said riddhima
"what are you serious, you and armaan love each other and still you getting married to me cause of your father sake" said shyam
"sorry shyam I knew I am doing is bad, but please I request you cause I cant say no to this but you can please so no for  this marriage cause with this no one can stay happy no one" said riddhima
"except for me" said shyam with a grin his expression were different
"you knew what riddhima the first day I saw you I falled for you at that time only and then now you want me to leave you and that to for that armaan, never, what do you think you are also like a part of the property armaan holds that he has right on that, no everything in this world over which armaan have a right is mine, everything all the malik property and now you as well, everything will be mine , I will snatch everything away from him and you expect me to give you to him no never I wont say no to this marriage ever" said shyam
"you are so cheap I never knew you hated armaan so much and foe his hate you can go to any level" said riddhima
"well riddhima whatever I am from tomorrow I will be your husband so respect me ok , and get ready and  prepare yourself well for this marriage because after marriage I don't even want to hear that armaan name ever" said shyam leaving from there
And here riddhima was just crying
Late Night ,
armaan was to quite he was sitting on his terrace and just looking up in the sky he was hurt and quite don't knew what to do and how to react to all this he was not able to digest the fact that he was loosing his riddhima , his riddhima forever
when he heard someone coming
he turned back and was shocked to see her, it was riddhima
"what are you doing here looking that I am dead or alive after your ditching me" said armaan he was angry over her
"I am sorry armaan , I am very sorry , falling in love and taking that love and living with that love is different I got the happiness to fall in love with you, but living in your love maybe that is not destined for me, I just came to say you good bye , bye forever , one last meet maybe after today we will not be able me meet ever , I want to say you sorry for what I did with you, hope you will understand me and will forgave me, and move ahead in your life , one final time a final goodbye, a last hug" said riddhima getting near armaan
And music playing , armaan moved away from her
Riddhima started singing  please do play this in background

lag ja gale ki phir ye hasin raat ho na ho [Embrace me, for this beautiful night may come no more. ]
[riddhima closed eyes riddhima holding armaan hand]
shaayad phir is janam men mulaaqaat ho na ho
lag jaa gale se [Perhaps, in this life, we may never meet again.]
 [coming close to armaan hugging him tight]
ham ko mili hain aaj, ye ghadiyaan nasib se
ji bhar ke dekh lijiye ham ko qarib se
[We are fortunate to share these moments today.
Wholeheartedly take a look at me from up close,]
[armaan was feeling the pain of just getting away from riddhima , it was paining him like it was the last time they were meeting]
phir aap ke nasib men ye baat ho na ho
phir is janam men mulaaqaat ho na ho
[As your fate may never hold this opportunity again.
Perhaps, in this life, we may never meet again. ]
lag ja gale ki phir ye hasin raat ho na ho………….
[Embrace me, for this beautiful night may come no more]
paas aaiye ki ham nahin aaenge baar-baar
[Come close to me, for I will not return again and again.]
 [riddhima hugging him more tight]
baahen gale men daal ke ham ro le zaar-zaar
[Wrapping my arms around your neck, I will continue to weep.]
[armaan and riddhima both crying hugging each other they were getting seperated from the most dearest and closest persons in this whole world]

aankhon se phir ye pyaar ki barasaat ho na ho
[My eyes may never shed such a storm of love again. ]
[tears falled down from her eyes , and so dod from armaan]
shaayad phir is janam men mulaaqaat ho na ho
[Perhaps, in this life, we may never meet again.]
lag ja gale ki phir ye hassin raat ho na ho
shaayad phir is janam men mulaaqaat ho na ho
[Embrace me, for this beautiful night may come no more.
Perhaps, in this life, we may never meet again.]
lag ja gale ki phir ye hassin raat ho na ho
[Embrace me, for this beautiful night may come no more]

"this is our last meeting, its my marriage tomorrow, you need to forget me" said riddhima breaking the hug

"I just cant live without you" said armaan the last pleading ,
but riddhima was helpless , she went away , gone away , really away , and armaan kept on standing there with open hand, and then it rained and his tears mixed in rain , he cried , cried loud
"riddhimaii" was his cry
Readers please read part 10 of this , riddhima singing this song that day when van beak down while they all were going on picnic and at that time armaan and riddhima were getting flashes of this day and this that happened
Next day
Marriage day
Here anjali gave the news of armaan and riddhima relation and there sacrificing it, to the other fgang,
Atul , rahul and muskaan at armaan place
"I am sorry armaan I knew we all were friends and we should have supported you and your love, actually the movement we came to knew about all this from anjali we all were shocked, but armaan how can you do this how can you  let your love go so easily" said atul
"what can I do champ only if she is not ready to do anything for her love she got a choice to choose in between her father and me and she selected her father" said armaan
"no its not that armaan you were there you have seen how much forced she was at that time, armaan still you both have time I am her sister armaan I knew where is my sister happiness  I am telling you to make this final attempt armaan just run away take her away armaan please, I am seeing my sister since two days she is living but still emotionally and mentally dead , a lifeless body which is just moving, please armaan take her away" said anjali
"yes anjali is right armaan don't let your love go so easily , come lets we all go together and we all will help you take riddhima , your riddhima away" said rahul
And armaan hugging them all
"you all my best friends, I was like this only leaving all the hopes lets go" said armaan
Here armaan anjali and atul went back to the hall where wedding was to held, while rahul and muskaan made a backup in another car to follow armaan car when armaan will take riddhima
Armaan in his car getting near riddhima house
When he sensed some truck  actually following him , he tried taking side but still truck was behind and then he saw some car stopped in the middle of the road armaan immediately pushed the brakes
Armaan getting out of the car and saw shyam there
"shyam what are you doing here" said armaan
"well I knew that you wont leave up so easily , you knew when riddhima said me she loves you and was pleading me to say no for this marriage that time only I knew you will do something and here you were trying to stop this marriage well I wont let that happen" said shyam
"shyam please try and understand you will never stay happy being married to a girl who don't love you" said armaan
"yes only till the time you are here, since you are living I cant get riddhima ever and today I can do anything to get her she is mine only mine" said shyam
And armaan was shocked hearing him, before armaan can react to anything he sensed the truck following him coming towards him armaan tried escaping but no use , with great force the truck hit armaan and armaan body dropped really far on the other side of the road due to force and he got unconscious
"let him die here ,and I will get married to riddhima" said shyam and all of them left from there leaving armaan to die
But no one knew that as per there plan rahul and muskaan were following armaan
As shyam and all went away , rahul came running and putting armaan in the car rushed to hospital
They went to sanjeevani and armaan was immediately taken in ICU it was shahshank daughter marriage so only few doctors were there , luckily Dr shubhankar and keerti were there 
They taking care of armaan,
"what happened to him rahul and how this occurred" said shubhankar
"sir actually armaan was going to riddhima's house to stop this wedding and then shyam riddhima fianc he tried stopping armaan and he did this accident and went away" said rahul
"but why was armaan stopping the marriage" said keerti
"cause keerti mam armaan and riddhima loved each other and riddhima is forced by Dr shahshank to do this marriage please mam please do something we have to stop this marriage at any case" said muskaan
"what , we didn't knew anything well if riddhima is not happy with this marriage then this should not happen but what can we do, cause being armaan condition he is still unconscious and  not at all in a stage to get up and go there to stop the wedding" said shubhankar getting tensed
"but we have one option, you said armaan accident was done by shyam , well then it's a police case, we can file a complain against him and get him arrested like this we can stop this marriage for today" said keerti
"yes mam that's great , we can do that I will just go and take police to arrest that shyam" said rahul and rushed from there
After a while here armaan got conscious
"riddhima , riddhima I have to go near riddhima" said armaan trying getting up , but he was badly injured
"armaan please relax you cant move you are really hurt and as for riddhima rahul had gone to stop the marriage" said muskaan
"muskaan I have to go , please I have to go muskaan" said armaan getting up , in all the injuries, he was not able to even move still he cared less about anything right now
So shubhankar helped him he made him sit in the car and drove to the wedding place

While here on the other side
Riddhima was being dressing completely everyone around saying that she was looking an angel being dressing like a bride, while here she was lifeless she didn't uttered a single word
Soon the baraat arrived ,and shyam was taken in the mandap ,
The priest were chanting that sacred prayers in the mandap ,
And soon they asked for calling the bride
While here on the other side
Riddhima in her room , standing in front of Lord Shiv Ji ideal, remembering everytime she prayed in front of him with armaan, she open her hands in which she had her last attempt
She was holding a bottle of POISON in her hand , as she heard being called she bend a little as if bending in front of the lord and she drank the whole Poison ,
Leaving the bottle and all her and armaan love her life behind she was literally being dragged to that mandap
She sat there and all the rituals began the priest again chanting the prayers
When they heard a siren
Police officers getting in along with rahul
"rahul what all is happening and this police and where is armaan he didn't came we were waiting for him" said anjali getting there
"armaan was coming anji , but all thanks to this shyam , he did armaan accident to stop him please inspecter arrest this man he tried killing my friend armaan" said rahul
 While here riddhima was getting dizzy cause the venom she had was getting its effect but still she hears armaan accident she got up , tried hard but still getting near anjali and rahul
"what happened to armaan is he fine rahul" said riddhima crying

"riddhima is this a way to behave get back , all guest are here just move back, and rahul what nonsense  I wont tolerate this in my daughter wedding" said shahshank getting there angrily
"nonsense well actually it the one that is happening here, in your ego you are just destroying your own daughter life dad" said anjali finally
"anjali just stay quite" said shahshank
"not today dad ,please not today you are just doing this all for your ego and nothing else you can only see that what you said should be done if you said riddhima is to marry shyam then she has to no matter how unhappy she is with this, look at her dad she is here standing for you a lifeless body and nothing more than that just for you and here the person you chosen for her is that correct he actually tried killing someone, is he a nice guy now dad for you" said anjali
"shyam tried killing no that cant be true just tell once is that true" said shahshank

But shyam didn't said anything
"what will he say sir, he actually hitted and through armaan as he thought no one saw him I was just a little distance away and I saw him there leaving half dead armaan lying" said rahul
"armaan how is he , please rahul take me to him" said riddhima crying
When the car stopped there and armaan came in
His condition was worse and still he came in there with support , rahul and atul to rushed for his help
"I am sorry guys I cant work on the plan well but still I m here and cant let this marriage happen" said armaan
Here riddhima seeing armaan on one side got relaxed that he was here and on the other side seeing her condition she was feeling so sad, she was not able to control much ahead she falled down on the floor
Armaan rushed to her

"riddhima , riddhima what happened to you are you ok" said armaan worried
"I am sorry armaan , I am sorry I cant do anything for our love , I was not able to do anything for us, I am sorry dad I am breaking your promise" said riddhima looking at shahshank who was equally worried at her state
"riddhima what happened to you , riddhima" said shahshank
"dad  I love you and cant let you feel hurt and low cause of me, I promised I will marry today with your will , but one promise I made to myself and my love also to be his and only his, I was always armaan riddhima dad, I cant be called anyone else, so I finished this life only, maybe my death will end it all, and you will not be bind to any promise" said riddhima in pain, little blood also coming out while she was speaking
"oh god riddhima riddhima what you did" said anjali crying
"sorry di , I am sorry I love dad I cant go against his will but on the other side I love armaan more di , I cant be anyone else , armaan I said I will stay only yours forever and today I am dying being yours only" said riddhima closing her eyes

"no riddhima , no nothing will happen to you, you cant leave me and go like this riddhima, I wont let anything happen to you rahul please get the car we need to take her to the hospital" said armaan
"its to late armaan the poison is already spread in please armaan don't take me anywhere away from you, I always wanted this to die in your arms please don't take me away" said riddhima closing her eyes
"shut up you crazy women nothing going to happen to you" said armaan and with great difficulty he picked her up and went in the car , everyone rushed with them

And in no time armaan and riddhima both were taken in hospital , riddhima treated for poison ,doctor team taking out poison from her body ,
While here on the other side armaan was taken back in ICU cause he was also not treated with the accident and his body was also getting weak and weak with all that blood loss, in short armaan condition was critical
Ok , that all for past for the movement , lets get in present
Remember armaan telling this story to angad, his fianc kripa , kripa sister suhani , atul and anjali , that was all these 5 were there hearing there story
"so what happened after that ,you both didn't survived that and died and so you both came back with this rebirth" said angad
"no angad I was not that much weak at that life as well who cant survive this much accident also" said armaan laughing
"We did, we survived, that was our new start the beginning of new happy life and end of all problems" said armaan

When they were talking for a while sujal came there

"armaan now please can I get a little explanation over what all is happening here why armaan what happened what got into you why you kidnapped riddhima and all that you said there you were not like this armaan you said you will tell me everything later now tell" said sujal coming in there
"dad you just got a little late actually we just reached the interval of our story" said armaan smiling
"interval I didn't got any anything what are you saying" said confused sujal
"oh sujal uncle I will tell you everything which we knew till now , just one request please calmly
listen to us" said angad
And started telling narrating armaan story till the point he knews to sujal
After listening everything
"firstly you knew if anyone else would have said this I would have never believed this, but as it is you , you armaan saying all this I trust you son , maybe I can understand your state in all this, but still armaan that impulsiveness your behavior was still not good, you didn't even think about riddhima , you remembered it all but riddhima didn't you should have understood her state" said sujal
"I knew I was wrong I am sorry dad but please dad now help me, please is riddhima fine dad, her family and others wont allow me get in hope she is fine dad please I want to meet her once" said armaan
"armaan how can you , you knew all of them standing there and no one will allow you in" said sujal
"well I can do something, riddhima is in ICU where no one is allowed to enter, outside the main door everyone of her family is waiting , but still we have one back door too enter in that, just for emergency case , doctors can operate that door, and being a doctor I can do that for you" said atul
"oh champ you are great you always had been that time also and now as well, please I promise just for few minutes then I will come back" said armaan
And soon atul and anjali quietly took armaan in the ICU where riddhima was lying unconscious escaping all her family easily
Armaan entering the room, seeing riddhima lying in there the same way , the  same way he saw her at that day when he got conscious and found himself on the hospital bed and remembered about riddhima and that day also he rushed to ICU and saw her lying like this in the same way lifeless, the difference was at that time she had drank Poison cause she was getting separated from armaan and today she was in this state cause of being with armaan
Armaan remembering her and his past and then music in background
[friends very nice song I love this, and I found this perfect fit for this situation the words of the song match armaan mind state right now well the song is Aye Khuda Song of the movie 1920 Evil Return please do watch and hear the song]
Armaan riddhima

Meri kismat ke har ek panne pe
Mere jeete ji, baad marne ke
Mere har ek kal har ek lamhe mein
Tu likh de mera use
Har kahaani me saare kisson me
Dil ki duniya ke sachche rishton mein
Zindagani ke saare hisson mein
Tu likh de mera use
Aye Khuda, aye Khuda, jab bana uska hi bana
Aye Khuda, aye Khuda, jab bana uska hi bana
[on every page of my fate,
during my life, after my death,
in all my future, in all my moments,
you write her to be mine..
in all stories and fables,
in the true relations of the heart's world,
in all parts of life,
you write her to be mine..
O God, whenever you make me, make me hers..]

[Armaan sat by riddhima bed side, and remembering each and every day and moment they spend together in their pre birth ]

Uska hoon us mein hoon us se hoon
Usi ka rehne de
Main toh pyaasa hoon
hai dariya woh zariya woh jeene ka mere
Mujhe ghar de gali de sheher de
Usi ke naam ke
Kadam ye chale ya ruke ab usi ke vaaste
Dil mujhe de agar, dard de uska par
Uski ho woh hansee, goonje jo mera ghar
Aye Khuda aye Khuda jab bana uska hi bana
Aye Khuda aye Khuda jab bana uska
hi bana

[I am from him, in him, his will ..
I just keep it ..
I'm thirsty
He is my life's path river
My house, the street, giving the city its name only
The only stop to take these steps, and then ..
Give you my heart, just give me her pain.
Her laugh is that when my house resounds ..
O Lord, make me whenever I see her ..]

[his each breath each tears praying riddhima to get well to get up to be fine]

Mere hisse ki khushi ko hansi ko
Tu chahe aadha kar
Chahe le le tu meri zindagi par
Ye mujh se vaada kar
Uske ashqon pe, ghamon pe dukhon pe
Har uske zakhm par
Haq mera hi rahe har jagah har ghadi haan umr bhar
Ab faqat ho yahi woh rahe mujh me hi
Woh juda kehne ko bichhde na par kabhi
Aye Khuda aye Khuda jab bana uska hi bana
Aye Khuda aye Khuda jab bana uska hi bana

[Even if you reduce by half my joys and smiles,
even if you take my life,
promise me
on her tears, her sadness, her sorrows,
on every wound of hers,
only my right remains there, always, through life..
now only this should happen, she should live within me,
she should never be separated, not even for the just the sake of saying..
O God, whenever you make me, make me hers..]

[just praying that give riddhima his and only his in his every life like he did once]

Meri kismat ke har ek panne pe
Mere jeete jee baad marne ke
Mere har ek kal, har ek lamhe me
Tu likh de mera use
Ae Khuda Ae khuda
Aye Khuda Aye khuda

[on every page of my fate,
during my life, after my death,
in all my future, in all my moments,
you write her to be mine..
in all stories and fables,
in the true relations of the heart's world,
in all parts of life,
you write her to be mine..
O God, whenever you make me, make me hers..]
Armaan sat on the bed side holding riddhima hands

Tears falling down her armaan eyes , he lightly kissed riddhima hand, "please come back riddhima I love you I want you back in my life, comeback again the same way you did that day , remember  our past when last time I wake you up like this"

ok that was all for now
hope preety long part to compensate for being late

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jiyaa_m IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 May 2013 at 5:26am | IP Logged
hpe rodz will be f9 soon

nice part

update soon

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ksg_farhan Goldie

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Posted: 18 May 2013 at 5:37am | IP Logged
Great part.
Cont soon

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-GoogleWithMe- IF-Addictz

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Posted: 18 May 2013 at 7:17am | IP Logged
amazing part loved it n how armaan narrated the stry i wanted to knw more hw thy started their new life bt u came bk in the present i hate shanky for making AR go through hell n tht shyam too..i hope ridzi is fine n get well soon n she remembers her past like Armaan wen she get consciousness bk continue soon can't wait to read next part loved ur update especially the song it was gd

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Monstuholic4evr IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 May 2013 at 8:48am | IP Logged
aww…that was deep 

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SacredLove Goldie

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Posted: 18 May 2013 at 10:39am | IP Logged
Awesome part yar
love their past moments
very heart touching story yar
great work do cont soon

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crazy4KASH_AR IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 May 2013 at 1:15pm | IP Logged

Awesome part

I hate Shyam

I'm so glad that AR survived the deadly incidents.

I hope Ridz may also remember her past soon

plz continue ASAP

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..Phoenix.. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 May 2013 at 1:15pm | IP Logged
super duper osome... Continue soon di... And i think aab ridhima ko yaad aa gaye ga,

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