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Posted: 02 May 2013 at 11:21pm | IP Logged
wasn't armaan a doctor..?

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awesome update
loved their flashback
armaan-ridz as kidsDay Dreaming
it's fine if the flash back is on fast mode
i wanna see ridz reaction when she gets memory back
villians???? Dr. Shashank Gupta gonna be one of them
waitin for their confessionHeart if fb
continue soon

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AWWW... sooo cuuuttteee what a cute frndzship they shared... understanding someones pain in that age is really amaging and then making them laugh...

super part... do continue soon...

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Hey Simi :)
Nice part buddy...
waiting to
Thank you for the PM :)
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before writing the part ahead, many of you enquiring that armaan was a doctor or not
well guys i have made few changes in my ff as per my need, armaan is not a doctor in my ff, dont get confused and mix the ff with original series, i have made many changes in this, hope you will get your reply after reading this part
part 22 on page 77
armaan narrating the story of there past life
armaan nani telling him to tell riddhima about his true feelings for her
what he feels about her
After talking with nani armaan went in the kitchen to meet riddhima

To pacify our angry riddhima

He went in only to find her standing in a corner pouring water in a jug

"what is it, came here to get the salt which was less in the dish I made or you are here to complain something else over my cooking" said riddhima irritated seeing armaan

"oh ho this much amount of anger relax otherwise your blood pressure will hike up and then you will need a doctor" said armaan smiling

"really in that case for your information let me remind you I am myself a doctor and that the blood pressure increases with eating eating extra amount of salt that you like not me and then you will need a doctor for you" said riddhima

"yes you are right in this I really need a doctor for me my permanent doctor" said armaan getting close to riddhima

And riddhima looking away

"so what do you suggest Dr Riddhima , will you be my permanent doctor from now on" said armaan with deep meaning

"armaan I have to go, I actually have yes I have to start with my internship and for that I need to make many preparations" said riddhima feeling shy

She somewhere understood what armaan trying to say there were some unsaid feelings between them which they both knew , and this three years of being away there feelings have grown stronger , just the matter of confession was left in that

Riddhima tried escaping from there, but armaan holding her hand from back

"I will wait for your reply Doctor, and yes I am in no hurry for that I have my whole life to wait for that" saying that armaan left riddhima hand and she went out

Later ,

Riddhima leaving from armaan house meeting nani

" ok nani ji, I think I should leave now, its already late and from tomorrow I have to go to the hospital as my internship is starting" said riddhima happily

She was surely excited for that

"hospital which hospital" said armaan enquiring

"oh armaan beta we didn't told you riddhima cleared her medical exams really well and now she is going to work in hospital and take training there from senior doctors there" said nani

"yes and this training course as in my internship is going to be of two years and then after that I will became a nice permanent senior Doctor myself" said riddhima excited

"oh wow than your dad will be really happy with you" said armaan smiling

"yes he is plus you knew that I got a chance to do internship in Sanjeevani Hospital where Papa is the head doctor, he was so proud of me that I got a chance to get internship in that hospital , it's the best hospital in the City you knew" said riddhima happily

"even I am proud of you riddhima , I always knew that you will become a very nice doctor one day" said armaan happily

"yes that I will but only when I will be a nice intern and do this 2 years internship well, just wish me luck for that" said riddhima  feeling little nervous

"my wishes are always there with you riddhima" said armaan seeing directly in her eyes he can see her success the proud that she made it

Soon riddhima left from there

Next day,

It was surely a big day for riddhima , it was her first day in Sanjeevani Hospital

After meeting everyone in her house and saying bye to all she went to the temple the Famous Shiv Temple nearby , where riddhima always use to visit


"oh god please help me please be with me in this new step of my life, this is very important part of my life just be by my side" riddhima was praying in front of the idol of god

"your wish my command basket" came a voice from back it was armaan

"armaan what are you doing here" said riddhima in shock

"just fulfilling all your wishes" said armaan smiling

"hey I was praying with god and not you" said riddhima

"then you just think that god cant be here so he send me here in place of him for you" said armaan smiling

"shup up, keep your jokes aside not in the temple atleast" said riddhima smiling away

"why atleast for once take me seriously" said armaan making cute faces

"stop making those faces armaan, ok I am leaving I am getting really late for my first day" said riddhima looking at her wrist watch

"ok so lets go" said armaan walking back

"go where , armaan I have to go to the hospital" said riddhima confused

"what do you really think that I will leave you so soon in this so important day of your life, come lets go I knew I cant be all the time with you still I can atleast accompany you till the point where I can" said armaan

"armaan its not really required I mean I will manage" said riddhima

"what have I asked for any siggestion from you, i am just saying that i will drop you till the hospital lets go" said armaan commanding

and riddhima just said nothing else just keep following him , she likes this commanding side of armaan a lot

 Armaan and riddhima in armaan's car, armaan driving
"so you didn't replied me what do you thing about this new job offer" said armaan  after sometime
"regarding what" said riddhima little confused
"about my offer of that permanent doctor thing, hope you are thinking over my offers seriously" said
armaan looking towards her
"armaan please look in front while driving otherwise it can lead to accident" said riddhima shyly looking away
"well in that case I don't mind dying just with you be by my side" said armaan
And riddhima instantly putting hand on armaan's mouth to stop him from saying
"don't you dare say that thing ever again" said riddhima getting little angry
"why , is that cause you cant live without me" said armaan seriously looking in her eyes
And riddhima didn't replied at all, just a mere smile she had to herself, all the time looking away from him
Soon they reached the hospital
"ok here we go, I think this is the place till that I can be with you physically but mentally I knew I am all the time with you, just keep me by your side , close to your heart" said armaan as riddhima was leaving from the car
"stop it armaan I am getting late, bye and thanks for the ride" said riddhima leaving out
And armaan said nothing ahead, he don't wanted to push this much fast, he knew she also feel the same as he did, being a girl it was obvious her feeling shy with all this maybe she needed more time so lets that be.
Riddhima first day in the Sanjeevani Hospital ,
It went really nicely, riddhima met few new friends, her co-workers [not adding much detail for that]

Riddhima elder sister anjali who was also a doctor, and year elder than riddhima she was also an intern in the same hospital but as she was year elder here as well, she was doing internship in the hospital since last one year with ATUL JOSHI, one other boy SUMIT KHANNA remember her is angad father in present story]
Riddhima went to the place where all the new interns going to assemble , there she met few other persons joining with her they were Muskaan and Rahul She got in friendship very soon with them they both were really sweet, muskaan was as talkative as riddhima, so they got together really well, while on the other side rahul and muskaan use to fight all the time they were together very cute.
Soon the time passes by it was like been a month of riddhima joining the hospital
Armaan dropping her almost every day was a part  of their daily routine, and later whenever she gets late in night time after her duty hours, armaan even come to drop her back safely home riddhima always getting out of armaan car at a little distant from her house so that no one can see him with her they were still maintaining their cute friendship cum love a little secret from everyone, but for how long
Armaan and riddhima still meeting secretly well there meetings were getting lesser only cause one side riddhima was too busy in her internship while armaan also having hard time in office works

One day,
Same way armaan meeting riddhima in the Shiv Temple in the morning time,
"what do you always disturb god so much I mean everyday asking him for this and that, do you really think he will listen to you all the time" said armaan
"stop that armaan you should not say about god like this , and moreover so what if god does not listen to you everyday and all your prayers but  sometime it does, so just keep on praying one day god will surely fulfill your prayers" said riddhima
"yes like here I keep on asking you for reply, and you never listen to me what about me do you even wish to fulfill my wishes as well" said armaan
" ask from god for that may be one day he will also listen to you" said riddhima teasing armaan

"that's what I am doing, asking you, I don't knew what and where you keep me in your life with your god below him or nowhere, but for me you are my everything my god my life everything, so who else should I ask from" said armaan
His genuine confession it was so sweet that riddhima had tears in her eyes
"why are you like this armaan , so" said riddhima trying to get word to describe him but armaan said earlier
"what handsome, well that i knew I am , and I cant do anything in that its your god gift you knew" said armaan with a wink lightning the mood a little making riddhima smile
"ok so Mr Handsome cum Mr Supercool, lets go I am getting really late for my duty in hospital" said riddhima looking at the time
"yes I knew that, lets go" said armaan little irritated today also no good reply, but today he was determined for the reply
Soon they both sat in the car and armaan started driving
"armaan where are we going my hospital is in the other direction" said riddhima seeing armaan talking car in the opposite side
"well today there is no hospital going" said armaan talking the car faster
"but I never bunked my duty, its not good" said riddhima irritated
"there always the first time, let that be today and remember we have bunked school together so many times lets today be one of the day" said armaan
"no armaan please I have to go" said riddhima
"well not at least the time I get my reply , you knew I want your answer today" said armaan
"oh really than what happened to your saying I can wait for the whole life time for your reply" said riddhima teasing armaan
" well don't go with my saying, you knew I can say much but than I am to impatient to control" said armaan parking the car in front of some house
"Armaan whose house is this, and where are we" said riddhima looking at the house in front of her
"lets go in" said armaan talking her in
"but whose house is this, I mean we never came here ever before" said riddhima little tensed
"well its like my holiday home, well why are you concerned for  that, come lets go in , I have got a nice surprise for you" said anav holding riddhima hand and taking her in
"armaan please lets go back , listen I have to go to the hospital and than" riddhima keep on saying and armaan dragging her towards the house
"shhh riddhima quite no more talking just silently come in" said armaan opening the door of the house
It was too dark inside nothing was visible
Riddhima felt armaan left her hand and went in and here riddhima was standing alone in the dark she was getting tensed
"armaan where are you , listen its too dark here and I am here in no mood off joking" said riddhima
"even I am serious for the first time today riddhima" said armaan somewhere in the dark and soon the lights went on
Full room filled with light, and riddhima was amused to see the preparations , the whole hall was beautifully decorated with flowers, and balloons , rose petals scattered over the whole place
And then there were few pictures on the walls, all the pictures of armaan and riddhima together till date, since there school pictures till now whenever they clicked , all pictures were so nicely laminated, in between there were few pictures only of riddhima, her alone pictures
"oh wow, this is so" riddhima was so amused looking around
"all this is just for you riddhima" said armaan coming in front
"all this is so nice, when did you did all this preparations, and there pictures" said riddhima amused seeing around
"well these are my memory , my lifetime memory, you can say I have kept my life in front of you here, and this is my life" said armaan standing exactly in front of a large portrait of riddhima
"you knew its been almost 10 years of our meeting, us being together, and here in front of you are the 10 precious years of my life, which I always want to be in which I never want to go" said armaan getting close to riddhima
"you knew in all my jokes and all my teasing there were something else, we were friends but somewhere we both knew that we were more than just friends always, no matter how much time we use to spend together since we felt we need to get a little more time together , the more we get away from each other the more our feelings got strong for each other, and than in the last three years, in all this years when we stayed away from each other I realized this that I just cant imagine my life without you, I never want to let you go riddhima ever away from me, so here after this long speech the moral of it is only one thing, that I Love you Riddhima , I knew you knew this, but still I just wanted to tell you that I love you and I just cant live without you" said armaan standing in front of riddhima
"god this long speech in just saying those three words, you knew you are an idiot I mean you talk all the idiotic things always, talking from here and there, cant you just say that three words first , and today also talking so long speech to say that what I actually wanted to hear from you since so long" said riddhima in tears
"stupid took so much time to say this little three words" said riddhima smiling seeing armaan
"I am sorry" said armaan
"sorry for what, for loving me" said riddhima irritated
"no no, for making you wait, ok now you also talking lots of time please say that" said armaan getting impatient
"what, you made me wait for so long I think I can take double of time from that" said riddhima smiling teasing armaan
"oh really not a chance for that, cause I am not like you will wait for that three words for knowing what your heart  feel for me I already knew that" said armaan getting close to riddhima and taking her in a hug
Riddhima also didn't said anything hugging him back , that was it , it was her place where she belong to,
Sometime words are really not required for the feelings to be expressed, and here they both were so lost in each other feelings
soon the time changed,
there life changed completely after the confession they did, it was like a next step of their life,  but there relationship didn't changed much still they were true friends, true lovers, enjoyed the time they spend together stealing from there hectic schedules
like this few more days went on
riddhima was happy with her work,
being of a sweet friendly nature of her, soon she was having a nice relation with her co-workers in the hospital,
sumit khanna, riddhima co worker was also an intern in sanjeevani with her,
he was a nice person and soon became a very nice friend with riddhima , riddhima unknown of the fact that what sumit felt for her, she didn't even realized that sumit use to secretly love her , cause riddhima was so lost in her work and armaan memories in her heart she never got time for any other things around
one fine day,
riddhima and sumit were alone sitting in their locker room,  no one was around and they were having chat
"sumit you are a really nice friend or mine, I really wish you to meet someone someday" said riddhima smiling
"whom" asked sumit
"the man I love the most , the love of my life, he is really nice person we were together since school time" said riddhima smiling remembering armaan, not even realizing the effect of his talk on sumit, who had an heartbreak ,
She loved someone else, she have some other person in her life
"yes sure I would love to meet him someday I am sure he must be a really nice guy that you love him soo much" said sumit trying to be nice even after the heartbreak he had
"oh sumit you are such a nice friend of mine, but be quite you knew its my little secret even anjali di don't knew about this till now" said riddhima happily
[readers again remember sumit remembering this chat when he saw riddhima after her rebirth as riddhima Sharma , at that time he remembered this and soon after this incident he left the sanjeevani hospital and went out of India and never came back]
few days later
Sanjeevani Hospital
riddhima was working on her daily routine , she was passing by the corridor in the hospital when she saw him standing there in front of her
"god armaan what are you ddoing here, this is hospital you are not supposed to be here" said riddhima feeling little tensed as to what if someone sees him there with her and then all questions and all
"well i thought you can visit hospital in case you need a doctor, and here i need my personal doctor" said armaan holding riddhima hand
"armaan what are you doing this is hospital i work here and anjali di , my dad everyone here around leave my hand someone will see us" said riddhima taking her hand out
"ok then lets make this wish of yours also fulfill" saying so armaan pulled riddhima inside in the door that opened nearby it was the fire escape

"well here your wish fulfilled now no one will see us here, as this place I think is the emergency fire escape, and no one usually comes in here" said armaan looking around the place , it were stairs they were standing on which were going down
"well thanks for the information armaan I already knew this place as I work here since long remember, and as for you, its better for you to leave from here I don't want to get in any trouble right now" said riddhima

"what is this I came all the way to just see you and here you have no interest in looking at me, just talking of me leaving and all, you don't love me anymore" said armaan making cute faces

"ok ok , stop all your drama out here, what do you want armaan" said riddhima irritated

"well I want you like always but as for now a kiss would be fine" said armaan normally
And here riddhima mouth was wide opened

"what are you gone crazy first you coming here and then talking all nonsense" said riddhima looking away
"listen I am serious riddhima, I am really fed up of all this hide meeting I just want to be with you forever and publically lets get married riddhima and for that lets go out and meet your dad today" said armaan seriously

"armaan what are you talking all about, are you fine today, no you cant meet papa like this and from where all this marriage thing came in" said riddhima
"so madam what are your planning I thought when two people love each other they are supposed to be married after that, or you have any other plans for yourself, hope you aren't planning to through me out of your life" said armaan teasing riddhima

"shut up armaan , stop your useless talks and leave from here right now, please I am on duty I am leaving" said riddhima getting out of there
And armaan holding her back ,
"not until I get my kiss" armaan saying so making riddhima more close to himself
"armaan please leave me, you are gone crazy today" said riddhima feeling little shy with this closeness

"I already said you, either a kiss or let me talk with my to be father in law, your father" said armaan passionately getting close to her
"please" said riddhima looking away shyly

"ok in that case come lets go" saying so armaan took riddhima out of the fire escape and moved in the corridor
At a distant they saw a tall middle aged man standing working on some files

It was Dr Shahshank Gupta

"oh no look armaan papa is there , please leave before he sees you here" said riddhima feeling little scared

"oh no not today I am here to talk with him remember" said armaan moving straight towards Dr Shahshank

Riddhima stopped a little away from them, her heart was surely beating at don't knew what speed she was really scared at that point,
Soon armaan came standing just in front of Shahshank

They both talking with each other, riddhima looking from a little distance seeing them talking ,

She don't knew what to do , what was armaan doing he was talking with shahshank but about what

She wanted to run away from there , and she even moved a little back when shahshank called him
"Dr Riddhima can you please come here" said shahank ,

Her foot almost freezed at the step don't knew what to do and what not to do with much hesitation she went near where shahshank and armaan were talking

"yes sir" said riddhima with much hesitation, it was hospital and here riddhima use to talk formal with everyone even with her father
"can you please show Mr Malik the way to the conference hall" said shahshank , his words were to formal , riddhima got a little confused, she didn't knew what to say and how to react,

Armaan and shahshank being formal talking, was armaan here for some business purpose,
She took a little sign of relief
"Dr Riddhima , I want all the doctors and interns to report in the conference hall in next 10 minutes, arrange for that" said shahshank like always a profession doctor in the hospital
Saying so shahshank left from there as he went away
"Mr Malik are you going to give me explanation what all is happening" said riddhima commanding
"Well waiting is always appreciable Dr Riddhima , so just wait, till than lets proceed to conference hall" said armaan teasing riddhima smiling at her irritated face
"ok go straight third door to the left, it's the conference hall" said riddhima leaving from there

"riddhima but you supposed to be with me" said armaan seeing riddhima leaving but riddhima left from there
And armaan smilingly left for the conference hall
Soon all doctors interns gathered in the conference hall
Dr Shashank came up on the stage for speech
"Doctors and interns I called this emergency meet just for an important announcement, I wanted you all to be introduced to our hospital new head of Trusty so here I invite Mr Armaan Malik on stage" said shashank calling armaan on stage
And here the most shocked person was riddhima, armaan trusty and he didn't even told her ever
Soon armaan came on stage on the stage formally introducing himself
"thanks a lot all the doctors and interns for your nice welcome , its been 10 years when my father the founder of the chains of Sanjeevani Hospital left this huge responsibility of making this hospitals the most efficient and the top hospitals of the country, and from now on when I am here capable enough to take all his responsibility I will give all my efforts to make his dreams fulfill and I need all your support in that, with your dedication towards your profession and our new strategies we will surely make this hospital the top most hospital of the country, that will be all for my speech, thanks a lot for tolerating me for that long, thank you" with this sweet note at the end armaan stood back
With a loud applause everyone welcome there new trusty he was surely a catch for all the lady doctors and that riddhima can sense well,
She was initially shocked but later she was to impressed with armaan way of talking his professionalism she never seen this side of him ever before, she was happy that now armaan was taking over all his responsibility
Whole day long armaan met every one around
With his cool nature and new thinking he quickly became favorite of everyone around him

Dr Shubhankar and Dr keerti , the senior doctors around along with few others ,
While all the interns from atul , anjali, rahul and muskaan really liked armaan a lot, they were nice
and friendly with him
Later in the evening
Armaan and riddhima got a little time alone,
Hiding from all riddhima managed to get in armaan's car,
And they both drove back home together,
"hmm so where this trusty thing came from" said riddhima now finally being alone
"well you knew after dad's death my uncle, dad real brother was taking care of all the business, now when I joined the business I came to knew that this hospital is also part of our chains of business, so  thought this going to be a nice chance being around you all the time" said armaan with a wink
"oh soo you came here just to be around with me" said riddhima
"well so what do you think, being honest yes, in this case I can even do some work and be with you in spare time, that fire escape was a nice place what do you think" said armaan teasing riddhima further
"Mr Malik, remember you are the trusty and I am an intern working under you , so be in your limits ok I prefer maintaining a nice professional relation with you in front of everyone" said riddhima teasing 
"oh so you mean behaving like strangers" said armaan
"yes exactly like strangers" said riddhima
"now this is not fare, for how long will you make me wait, when will you talk with your father about all this I just cant wait for long now" said armaan irritated
"ok I will try talking with him soon" said riddhima

Ok now little armaan story
Armaan also joined his family business,
After armaan parents died, armaan father left a huge spread business behind for armaan as the heir for that, and till the time armaan was not capable of handling that armaan uncle was taking in charge of all the business , Mr Manohar Malik, armaan father real brother, cruel arrogant man, he was 40 percent partner in the whole Malik business empire and the rest 60 percent was of armaan father which automatically after his death got transferred to armaan, but Manohar always wanted the 100 pecent share, he is a bad man, still cant show publically , he was very sweet with armaan by face but behind him he was actually a back stabber
The other cruel person around was Shyam Manohar Malik, Manohar only son and armaan first cousin , he hates armaan, only cause his share was less than armaan share in the property
ok one more think till date Manohar Malik himself visited Sanjeevani Hospital , he had very nice relations with Dr Shashank
Soon the days passed,
Armaan started visiting Sanjeevani hospital often and he started having nice relations with everyone around
One day in the locker room

"do you knew riddhima hero is here today" said muskaan coming as her usual chatting mood
"hero , who hero" asked confused riddhima

"oye armaan sir who else, have you seen him he is nowhere less than a real hero" said muskaan in a dreaming mode
"muskaan he is our trusty stop all this" said riddhima she just wanted to stop muskaan cause she was sure feeling jeolous
"oh so what you knew last time when i met him he was so nice with me, i called him hero and he didnt even minded that" said muskaan
"oh forget it , he is just a big time flirt you knew you knew what he said that the name anji suits me better" said anjali in attitude
"flirt, he actually flirts with you di" asked riddhima in surprise from anjali
"yes what else do you think he does I tell you these guys all are same" said anjali
"its not like that see we have few sweet boys in here as well, anjali well one think he said is right the name anji actually suits you more" said atul drooling over anjali , he already likes her a lot , everyone knew that but anjali was still in her attitude not accepting him true love
"you are actually right atul" said rahul supporting atul
"whatever but I tell you riddhima just stay away from that armaan , as you are too delicate and don't knew much about this guys, they don't leave a single chance" said anjali warning riddhima just like a big protective sister
 and riddhima was like standing there quietly don't knew what to say and what reply should she give, staying away part was forgotten really far away now
"oh please anji he is not that bad by the way" said muskaan in support of armaan
"who is not that bad guys" came a voice from back, it was none other than armaan himself and
everyone got really attentive
"oh good morning Sir"  said atul little nervous what if armaan has listened to their talks
"hey good morning champ and i already said you please excuse me from this sir and all things you and all of you can simply call me armaan i will love that what say anji" said armaan in his normal friendly and cool behavior
"ahh that will be really fine with us armaan, so how come you in here" said anjali nicely, she also liked armaan personally just cause of her nature she generally dont mix up much with new peoples
"oh i was just passing by and saw you all talking so thought of just accompanying you all moreover i was really getting bored in all that oldies and there chats so felt like being around with someone of my age" said armaan normally
riddhima was just not in a mood to sit there and listen to that chats so she stood up,
"di i am going i have my duty" said riddhima getting up to leave

"hey riddhima wait for a while its still time to our duty" said muskaan
"yes Dr Riddhima wait i just came to chat with you all" said armaan he was just here to see her and she was leaving
"no thanks a lot Armaan sir, i am here for work and not for chatting" saying so riddhima went out of there

she was surely angry now with armaan and armaan was also little confused as to what hapenned to her
"hey what hapenned to her , hope everthing is fine" said armaan seeing her leaving
"leave her armaan she is like this only" said anjali
"oh ok, anyways i just came here as i was thinking that i am little free in the evening ,how about we all watch a movie together" said armaan

"hey thats sounds an interesting plan" said anjali
"yes we all are fine with this" said rahul
"ok then i will wait for you all outside th hospital in the evening, and anjali do even ask Dr Riddhima if she wants to come, if i will meet him i will also ask her" said armaan while leaving
he was little confused as to what got over riddhima , why was she behaving so strange
later ,
riddhima doing her duties, she went to the reception area was working on some files , when someone came in from her behind, she was bisy in reading her files didnt noticed much who was there, the person went towards the reception for some enquiry
"excuseme , could you please tell me where can i meet Mr Armaan Malik" said the man
armaan name made riddhima a little attentive,

"sure sir , armaan sir cabin is towards the right from here the last one, but do you have an appointment " said the receptionist
"appointment are you telling me for appointment, do you even knew who I am" said the person with arrogance , his tone was cruel even riddhima didn't liked that much so she thought of talking with the person
"excuseme sir, I am sorry to interfere but the lady here is just doing her duty whoever you are still there are some rules to be followed" said riddhima being little polite
The person turned towards riddhima , he looked at her, his vision was cruel it can be seen riddhima somewhere didn't liked it the way he looked at her
"oh I am sorry for being that rude, actually I am in a little hurry" said the person
"its ok you can go and meet Mr Malik there" said riddhima looking away
"thanks anyways hi I am" as the person was giving his introduction,
We see armaan coming there, Armaan calling his name
"Shyam you here" said armaan getting near them
Yes that was Shyam Manohar Malik
"hey how are you"  said armaan happily meeting shyam
"I am fine armaan I just came here actually dad said that they wanted your signature on these documents and it was urgent so I came here but this receptionist said I need appointment to meet you" said shyam getting a file out  
"oh don't mind her shyam they don't knew you so they are doing there duty, its ok, from next time you wont be having any such trouble, but why did you came for just a signature you could have sent someone for that or called me I would have myself came there anyways why are we just standing here come lets go in my cabin" said armaan but then seeing riddhima standing there
"oh forget to introduce you both, Dr Riddhima, this is shyam my cousin and partner, and shyam she is Dr Riddhima an intern in here" said armaan making a little formal introduction

"its plesure meeting you Dr riddhima" said shyam with a little eveil grin , riddhima didnt liked that much but not thinking much about that she just saying a mere hi excused herself from there
later in the evening
shyam left after sometime
and here riddhima was working on her duties, she was passing by the coridor when someone pulled her inside a room
she was shocked and was About to scream when armaan put a hand on her mouth,  he had pulled her inside the fire escape area
"its ok its me" said armaan
And riddhima pushed his hand away
 "what is this armaan is this a way to behave what if someone had seen us like this" said riddhima angrily
"I was to ask you the same what is it, why are you avoiding me so much since morning what happened" asked armaan
"as if you care you go ahead and flirt with every girl around here why are you coming to me" said riddhima angrily
"so someone feeling jealous here , oh so you don't like me talking with any other girl why" said armaan smiling
"no its not like that ,why should I care you go ahead flirt with any girl around" said riddhima looking away as always
"why don't you just admit that you felt jealous" said armaan smiling
"ok fine so what, listen don't you dare flirt with any other girl got you" said riddhima commanding
"yes mam , as usual your wish my command, but here I have a little condition, hmm lets make our relation public than I will be officially all yours" said armaan in a bow
"no we cant do this, not right now I need some time to talk with dad" said riddhima
"oh god you and your time, when will you do that I don't knew I just knew that I love you and I just cant live without you so please make that fast otherwise soon your dad will search for a groom for you and I will just keep standing here only waiting for you" said armaan
"stup up armaan nothing like this will ever happen" said riddhima smiling
armaan has acually became really popular in the hospital Specially the interns,
Atul , Anjali , Rahul and Muskaan and riddhima was always around but they use to behave like strangers all the time
still they all have became friends now
one fine day riddhima's house,
we see Dr Shahshank sitting with a man , actually with Mr Manohar Malik
"manohar we were more like friends than a co worker since years, and this proposal of yours is very nice, i dont have any problem with this" said shashank happily
"oh thats great then , shyam is my only son and i want th best in his life i like your younger daughter a lot, i dont want to delay much let's just fix riddhima and shyam marriage date as early as can be" said manohar happily
and here shahshank and manohar hugging each other
here all for now

all of you said that you want to read present track as well
guys present track is at still , where i left it, i promise when this flashback will end i will continue back with the present track , right now i have much to write in this flashback
lets just read this flashback as a new ar story only hope than my parts will be more enjoyable to you all
please enjoy the current track along as well
will upd next part as soon as possible and will surely add a little of current track as you all request in the next part


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Srilathalolla IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 May 2013 at 8:06am | IP Logged
wow nice update 
ojaswi_kajen Goldie

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Posted: 06 May 2013 at 8:16am | IP Logged
hey di it was just awesome...
the bond between AR and others are sooo nice...
ridhima was irritated because armaan was flirting with others...
i just hate that Manohar and shyam...
i hope they wont create sooo many prob between AR...
loved it...cont soon...
and thanks for the PM...

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