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hey.. Hope u r healty now ... Don't stress ur self much.. if u r fit only then work on the part otherwise we all can wait till u r fit n sound in health ... Take care dear...

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part 21 on page 70


armaan saying "well that's seriously you can say god gift that I remember that all when I got that address I rushed to that place Raizada House, and going there I saw all the place everything was in so bad shape, so old, then I saw that , my riddhima , my riddhima was there in me waiting for me, I can see her everywhere there , I can see me and her everywhere, I saw few pictures and then I remembered I remember it from start when I was a 13 years old boy, armaan malik, who loved his hostel where he use to live but then he had to come back home, I remember I was 13 when my parents dies in an accident and I was called back home , I had no one left for me in the world when my nani the only left relative of mine become my caretaker and got me here in this city , I was sad I was alone, when first time I saw her the happiness the Riddhima '''''..

Flash back began

Stephens School , '' 1976

We see a classroom with group of students 14 years age first day of school no teacher in there , all kids were busy in talking and chatting

When he entered in , he was sad , he was unhappy, he loved his older school but now he had to come here

Entering the class room , he saw around very few seats were vacant to sit on ,he preferred sitting on an empty desk there, soon she came in and sat just next to her

She was excited she was happily smiling she was riddhima , his riddhima sitting just next to armaan

"hi , new admission" said riddhima looking towards him , armaan didn't replied much just a mere yes he was still sad

"me to you knew I am so happy for this, finally I got in another school , earlier I use to study in the same school in which my didi was , you knew it was like full time watch on you, riddhima don't do this , riddhima don't do that, riddhima don't bunk the class and soo on, but now I have my freedom here is no one to keep an eye on me, hey by the way I forgot to introduce myself , hi I am riddhima , riddhima gupta" said riddhima happily forwarding her hand

"I knew you mentioned that many time" said armaan he don't knew why was he talking to her , somewhere it was a relax chatting with her

"but what ii asked you , you don't mentioned that at all, I gave you my introduction and in return of that normally we gave our introduction to , when I said hi I am riddhima , then you should have also said your name" said riddhima

"you always talk so much" said armaan out of nowhere

"why , I mean why always whoever I meet ask me the same question, do you really thing I talk that much, I thought I think a lot before talking" said riddhima annoyed

Making armaan smile a little , she was cute for sure

"hi I am armaan, armaan malik" said armaan smiling a little

"wow nice name well I think not good then mine , what do you think" said riddhima

"what, I mean its nice" said armaan confused

Soon the teacher came in, and started with the class, this new school cant be that bad as armaan thought

Soon few days passed , from normal chit chat , to little personal chats , armaan riddhima became good friends they love playing games together ,

One day in their games period they both sitting outside the basket ball court

"so your parents died in an accident, I am so sorry for that, you really miss them a lot" said riddhima feeling sad for armaan

"yes I do , I loved my mom and dad ,I have my nani and she loves me a lot, but still I miss my parents I don't knew why god did this to me, he always did bad in my life" said armaan complaining

"don't blame god for this you knew what my mother say that whatever god does he do it was our well, in his every action there are some positive things" said riddhima

"and what do you think is positive in taking my parents and leaving me alone" said armaan

"well practically you are not alone, you yourself said that you nani takes nice care of you and loves you then if god took your mom dad he gave you one nani to adore you" said riddhima

"and what about me getting here , I was forced to leave all my friends in the old place , what was good in that" said armaan

"well maybe there is much more good here for you, and maybe you left your old school so that you can be here and meet me and be my friend, so don't you think that's a good thing in your life" said riddhima happily

She was always right , riddhima was always right in whatever she said , she was surely the happiness , the happiness that took armaan all pains away he started smiling again he started loving his life again

They started becoming really nice friends, use to play basket ball together , bunk classes and went to watch movies sometimes , but most of the time they stay together inside the school

One day normal chatting

" why do you feel so scared of your dad, I mean I am your friend I can come to your house you can tell them that I am your friend then" said armaan confused

"no no you cant ,I mean I cant tell them , I mean I knew and we knew that we are friends but then my parents they will never understand this cause you are a boy and I am a girl" said riddhima

"so what I am your friend you can tell your parents about me I am sure they will understand you" said armaan

"no they wont they never did, dad wont understand me ever rather he will say that I should leave this school you and everything" said riddhima little scared

"but why don't your parents love you" said armaan

"little bit they do , I mean mom do and dad also but still" said riddhima little sad

"still what? , if you don't want to tell its ok" said armaan

"you are my friend armaan I can share my feelings with you, my parents love me I am their daughter after all, but then I am their daughter, dad always wished for a son when anjali didi was born they were happy they thought may be second time they will get son , but then I was born none was that happy having a second girl its not that they misbehaved with me or something my parents do love me but still they think it would have been better if he at least had one son, I always tried to be my dad's son , and one day I surely will be, I will fulfill all his dreams I will become a very nice doctor just like him and make him proud" said riddhima smiling

"You knew I never thought that behind this always happy and spreading happiness riddhima we have this person as well, you are very nice riddhima and this you don't have to prove anyone I meant it, you are special riddhima , you are really important, not unwanted" said armaan looking at her

"what do you thing to become in future" said riddhima instantly

"me why you asking that" said armaan in confusion

"you knew very well how to play with words and convince anyone with your speech, you should become a business man i am sure you will get really successful in that" said riddhima

"oh really thanks then , and i knew you will also become a very nice doctor in future, and will sure everyone with just one smile of yours" said armaan,

"oh how sweet armaan you are so sweet" said riddhima

"i am sweet being with you" said armaan ahead

And with that smile the days went on , soon they become really nice friends and slowly one year passed like this one day

Armaan and riddhima playing basket ball

"so basket you lost again" said armaan to riddhima

"that's just because you cheated again Mr. Cheater" said riddhima

"oh really forget it I don't cheat" , said armaan ahead

"really Mr. Supercool please tell this to someone who don't knew you well" said riddhima

"ok ok , leave that , hey lets goo and watch some movie tomorrow" suggested armaan

"no ways , remember last time we went to watch a movie bunking the classes, and how much scolding i got for that when mom came to know that I'm not going to take that risk again" said riddhima

"hey but tomorrow we wont have to bunk the school, its already an off tomorrow , remember tomorrow is Independence Day , so finally no school ,because tommorwo our whole country is going to celebrate 32 years of our Independence" said armaan

"Oh yes its fine then , we will go for a movie tomorrow , but lets go today we are already late for the classes right now" said riddhima in excitement and soon they rushed for their classes

[ Readers refer page 1 part 1, the first dream of the boy and girl playing basketball, it's the same

Hope now you understood why armaan and riddhima use to saw this dream cause it was a part of there part that actually happened with them in their past life, like this I am going to justify all the dreams that they use to see, and explain their relations with their past]

Back to story,


"lets go we are getting late for the school" said riddhima

"yes lets go basket" said armaan

"now what is this basket thing you knew I hate this why do you call me basket all the time" said riddhima irritated

"cause you are like basket round , golu golu types" said armaan smiling

"hwww you means I am fat , you think I am that fat like a ball don't you call me with this word ever again" said riddhima irritated

"ok basket" said armaan irritated her further

"armaan stop that, what playing basket ball, basket" said armaan

"agghh ok if you keep on calling me this then I will also call you Mr. supercool which you always pretend to be" said riddhima smiling

"ok basket" armaan still smiling he loves irritating riddhima like always

They moved ahead and moved ahead in their life and friendship together and so on four cute and sweet years of their friendship passed , here came an end to their school

Their school life ended like any other student of this ager they were also sad really sad cause of getting separated from their friends their school life was actually important really nice being together,

"I will miss you armaan" said riddhima in tears

"hey riddhima stop crying, you are saying as if we are getting separated forever, its just we ended us with our school life we still have full life ahead we will still stay in contact and will meet each other regularly ok" said armaan making her normal

"but how here I am going to go to the medical college for further study and you , you are joining the business college ahead and that to in some other city if atleast you were going to study in this same city then we could have met sometimes but now" said riddhima

"so what we cant meet each other regularly we can still talk on phone or by letters and its not I will not come I will surely come to city in my holidays and offs you knew nani ma is going to be alone here so I have to be with her as well sometime" said armaan assuring

[guys remember they were in 1980 so at that time there were no mobiles and no very nice internet so that you can have chat there, all old techniques of communications were used letters postcards and yes the landline phone]

"you don't worry about nani ma I will take good care of her, I will regularly visit nani ma and look after her, and if you ever will write me letters you write me letters at your house address only, don't send them at my place, and I will call you myself when I will come your home to visit nani ma ok" said riddhima [she still didn't told much about her having male friend in her house and armaan understands that well]

"ok basket , ops sorry I knew you don't like me calling you that, but you knew why I say that cause I really liked when you get irritated hearing this" said armaan smiling

"I will miss you armaan" said riddhima

"I'm going to miss you too but then its just a matter of 3 years then I will be back and we will then also remain friends right riddhima" said armaan smiling

"yes we will" said riddhima

Soon they got separated but not literally

Armaan joined a business college in the other city , in the top college of India and here riddhima still home joined medical college

Everyday after her college riddhima first go to visit armaan place to meet nani ma, she was little aged lady but still very nice and sweet, she loves riddhima and riddhima also chat with her for long in between helped her in cooking , armaan was a rich man had lot of property there were many servants at his home to take care of house still riddhima loved cooking there for nani , actually she was learning cooking from nani ,

nani use to help her and train her in all kinds of cooking they use to spend an hour or two together daily in between she used to talk with armaan on phone and even receives the letters armaan use to send riddhima ,

the talks were mostly like how was your day whats new going on around , what new things both came across and so on general talks but still it was nice and cute , nani use to love watching them talk ,

she knew her age and experience have seen the deep feelings behind this friendship which maybe riddhima and armaan didn't realized ,

but nani knew that this is going to happen someday she wished maybe this separation make them realize there real feelings

armaan on the other side somewhere realized this maybe they both did their were their deep feelings for each other hidden behind their friendship

Soon the years passed ,


Three years of being separated, and now armaan was coming back

and here riddhima was helping nani in decorating the house and welcoming armaan,

making his favorite food with nani help

When armaan came there, the driver parked the car at a bit distant armaan got out of the car only to see a young girl standing up on a high chair on the entry door hanging the garland string on the door for decoration

armaan just saw the back, she was wearing a nice red ladies suit armaan's favorite, her long black hairs open armaan didn't knew when noticing her he actually went really close that he didn't even realized himself hitting with the chair over which she was standing, resulting in her misplacing the balance and with a loud scream she was about to fall down , when like every filmy scene armaan holding her in his arms preventing her from falling

and then a nice long eye contact,

armaan and riddhima lost in each other eyes like always , background music on like always

"are you ok" said armaan breaking the eye lock session

but riddhima was still lost she didnt replied

"riddhima are you ok" said armaan loud

"hmm oh i thought now my eyes will open in the hospital only the way i was falling" said riddhima

"oh in that case you imagine you are in the hospital only and here I am your doctor" said armaan laughing

"oh so what is doctor doing right now carrying me weight testing" said riddhima making armaan realize that he was still holding her in his arms

"oh sorry actually I thought that you have started a new tradition the way people use to welcome by throughing flowers on them here you started the tradition of throughing yourself n them and welcoming them" said armaan making riddhima stand back

"very funny, as if you are the only one left on whom I will through myself" said riddhima irritated

"oh yes that's why its been more than two month you send me no letter no calls nothing" said armaan complaining

"you knew that it was my final examination last month and I was busy with that, and that was all, i really had much time for anything anyways you knew what" said riddhima

"hey hey calm down are we supposed to talk about everything here standing on the door only cant we go inside and meet nani mom and than have your never ending talks" said armaan teasing

"ya sure as if i am the on stopping you from getting in , go ahead moreover nani mom is waiting for you from soo long" said riddhima getting aside

later after meeting nani and all that welcome and all armaan having lunch

"wow nani ma , you knew this was one thing i always missed a lot your hand made food" said armaan enjoying his food

"well thanks armaan beta but right now this credit can be given to riddhima she was the one who prepared this food" said nani ma

"riddhima made this food, well i think nani that there is some lack of salt in this dish and the other dish is also" armaan saying all this teasing riddhima

"yes ok if its soo bad then stop licking your figures enjoying it armaan, anyways i really didnt wish to make it for you, nani ma said that's why i did nani ji i will just go and get some water" said riddhima getting irritated and leaving towards the kitchen

as she left

"why you always irritate her soo much she took so much effort to make food for you and here you made her sad" said nani ma complaining

"oh nani you knew i was just kidding i really like her face when she get so irritated dont worry i knew she cant stay angry and without talking for long" said armaan smiling

"i knew that, but armaan joking in all the times is not that good, you really like her a lot right" said nani

"nani its not like that" said armaan looking away

"you love her than just go and tell her, its tough to get this true love and when you get it you should not let it go soo easily" said nani seeing armaan

"i knew nani i will go and tell her soon , you knew her all the time non stop chatting and all , i dont knew what will she say" said armaan feeling little worried

"she also like you, its so clear in her acts ,its better now as its the perfect time that you both take your relationship to the next step" said nani

hoping for the best for her kids , dont knew the fact what's there future holding for them , still the well-wishers always wished for the best

ok as for the precap

AR love , confession, romance, entering villains lots of villains , troubles and love

guys , i am moving really fast in the flashback thing , actually i really wanted to end up with there story of flashback really soon , thats why

hope i am making my story really clear to you all in this fast forward mode

please advance sorry for all the mistakes i am doing in this


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ojaswi_kajen Goldie

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hey m first to comment...Wink
I must say it was jst a fab update...
flashback was so nice...spl ridhima is sooo cute...
m eagerly waiting for there confession...
awesome update...jst loved it...
cont soon...waiting eagerly for the nxt update...:)

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Ianoconic. IF-Stunnerz

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Brilliant update.

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.Sumi. IF-Stunnerz

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Awesoem updt dear...thnx for d PM

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Teja.... IF-Rockerz

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hey nice update 
but i have doubt yar armaan is doctor ri8 then y u wrte he went to bussiness school i really didnt understand this 
if arshi version then it will be suit for arnav to be bussiness man but armaan is doctor ri8
in flashback also she told armaan is doctor only did i missed someting

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susan7 IF-Sizzlerz

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just loved it...
thanx 4 d pm...
suwin IF-Rockerz

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awesome updates...

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