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TenTinyBreaths IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 April 2013 at 8:42am | IP Logged
Hey dear...

awesome update... hope all will be well.. sam won't hurt ammy much.. nd poor ammy got bck ridzy's trust...

update soon...


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...vibha... IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 April 2013 at 8:17am | IP Logged
both the parts were awesome...
armaan kidnapped ridz????...but he didn't had any bad intention
happy that armaan remembers waiting for ridz too
feeling bad for him...he is close to his love yet so far
continue soon

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blessed4 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 April 2013 at 5:31pm | IP Logged
Amazing part 
Armaan remembered everything . Hope
Ridhima too remembers her past than 
Everything will be fine

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punamluvshilpa Goldie

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Posted: 14 April 2013 at 11:50am | IP Logged
nice part...loved it...

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searchoffriends IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 April 2013 at 11:24pm | IP Logged
part 19 and 20 on page 67
And four elders rishab, prerna and karan nandini were shocked so does kripa and nupur,

They just cant believe what they heard no one can believe this but it was true

While samrat and adhiraj were like more than being shock they were angry now ,

"armaan singh rathode if anything happened to my kiddo I swear I will kill you" exclaimed samrat in

Till the time kripa parents as to shubhankar and keerti as well as gunjan with her parents Anjali and

atul came to sharma house,

Gunjan was to be daughter in law of the family so she had to be here ,moreover she was riddhima's best friend as well they all were shocked on what they all heard

"But why I mean why will armaan do that and now when we all were thinking over riddhima and armaan getting married to each other, then what can be the reason for this" said prerna confused

"I have no idea of this mom I don't knew anything I just knew one thing that my kiddo was scared and she was asking me for help, I just want to get her safe first then we will think over anything else" said mayank

Without wasting a single minute he along with few cops went to armaan's house in few minutes they were their

Mayank entered armaan house

Sujal and kashish were sitting in the living room as it was still morning time

Sujal was literally shocked to see mayank samrat and adhiraj along with cops at their place

"mayank is everything ok I mean" said sujal enquiring but no use they were to angry to reply

"where is armaan" asked mayank angrily

"armaan he is not home but why whats the matter" said sujal confused

"matter do you really don't knew anything or trying to act smart mr rathode, just tell us where is armaan he wont be able to escape us so easily" said mayank angrily

And seeing this sujal also got little angry, no matter how nice he was but right now he was talking wrong about his son the son who was his everything

"mayank mind your language you are talking about my son" said sujal warning

"mind my language you really saying to mind language to a brother whose sister is been kidnapped" said mayank loud

It was mere shock for sujal and kashish

"what riddhima kidnapped are you serious I mean" said sujal out of shock

"oh wow don't act so innocent that you don't knew anything first your son kidnapped my sister and now you are acting as if you don't knew anything about this" said mayank

This came to be a bigger shock for sujal

"no ways this is impossible armaan cant do anything like this ever" said sujal in disbelieve

"they are telling it right mr rathode , his sister called for help and the cell phone from which she called belong to your son moreover she herself took your son name informing he is there with her and kidnapped her" said the cops to verify the statement

"I seriously have no idea about this, armaan was looking too lost since last few days didn't even talked with anyone and now this, he left very early in the morning today all his bodyguards are unknown where he is only one driver gone with him he is also unavailable right now" said sujal

"in that case our last hope is tracking through mobile location lets go back to sharma house and from their we will track the last location from where miss riddhima called you hope they are still on the same place" said the cops

With that they all went back to sharma house even sujal and kashish went along

Now the cops were trying to track the last location of armaan cell phone


"sir the phone was last found at some place in the east of city some place in defence colony J block the exact location we will get in few more minutes" said the man tracking the phone

"oh then it's a good thing that they have not left the city and riddhima ji also said that they were in some very old house there, well defence colony do have few old houses build it will be easy to track them" said the cops

"why required that if armaan had taken riddhima then he must have gone to some place they own you ask mr sujal rathode they must be having some property in that area" said mayank

"no till I knew we don't have any link or any property in that area I have heard this name today for the first time" said sujal confused

But someone was really shocked standing there and they were none other than Atul and Anjali

"oh my god, atul armaan took riddhima he actually took riddhima their" said Anjali out very loud she was shocked rather gone little out of her senses when she said that didn't realized that everyone was hearing them but atul knew that he tried making Anjali calm

"Anjali please relax" said atul seeing everyone attentive to them

"no didn't you heard that armaan took riddhima to which area you knew what is there I knew armaan has taken riddhima to 'Malik House'  they are in malik house atul they are gone there" said Anjali loud

First everyone was confused on what Anjali was saying but then when she said a place where riddhima could be all got attentive


They thought they will get riddhima now ,

"Anjali ji do you really knew that place great please tell us where it is , I want my kiddo back safe" said mayank getting close to Anjali

"offcourse I knew that place , and if armaan took riddhima there then he must remember everything , he remembers everything" said Anjali she was to happy in herself she was sure armaan remember everything and that's why took riddhima there

"Anjali please stop that, stop and mayank ji she is just assuming to much they cant be there" said atul trying to control Anjali she was acting crazy she should not say that


While everyone was to confused over what Anjali tried saying they all tried asking her

Before anyone can say anything or ask anything ahead from Anjali the cops person said that they found the exact location of where armaan and riddhima could be

"yes what's the address" said mayank getting near the cop

"the address is defence colony house no. 22 named as Malik Mansion" said the cops loud

Everyone present their have a mixed feeling of all this

First they all were happy they got to know where riddhima was and they will get her back soon on the other hand they all were confused over how Anjali know they were there and to what she was saying armaan remember that all things


But right now no one was in mood to give much attention to all this, cause right now they all wanted to get riddhima back home safe


All male members of sharma house rushed towards the place along with few cops even sujal went there as he really was till now not readt to accept the fact that his son can do anything like this

ok lots of family talking lets talk about armaan and riddhima from where we left them

armaan through the cell phone to one corner breaking that in anger
"riddhima what are you doing I said you we need to talk ,I need to talk with you" said armaan not very happy with riddhima calling mayank for help but then again he cooled down seeing her condition


"look I am sorry, hey please don't I mean ok , listen riddhima I knew I acted stupid I am behaving so badly with you, I am sorry please riddhima  you just relax listen I knew what I did after that there is no point of me asking you to trust me, I was actually I mean I was completely out of my senses I was to lost to realize what am I doing sorry, please relax riddhima cant we talk like two civilized people like we always did" said armaan seeing riddhima reactions changing

She was trying to listen him now, yes she was , more than scared more than mad at him right now she was curious she was curious now to knew that what happened to armaan why was he behaving like that , he was never like this, she knew him since soo long he had been never like this, armaan's this genuine  apologizing were somehow melting riddhima


"good that you are listening to me now, listen I knew I was to bad with you, this should have not happened like this, I should have understood your state as well, and here in my aggressiveness I was getting more and more angry that why were you not understanding me and listening to me" said armaan sitting next to riddhima, at a little distance away from her

"i knew after all that happen its funny me asking you that do you trust me riddhima" said armaan looking straight in riddhima eyes all teary eyes

"hey please stop crying first, ok I will do whatever you want, you want me to stay away from you I will not come near you I promise, you want to go back home I will myself drop you back home but just give me few minutes and just hear what I want to say you, you must be thinking what happened to me and all this change in me why" said armaan looking at her she got back to very much normal now,

"if it was just that you only wanted to talk with me, we could have done this very well like two civilized persons yesterday as well, then everything would have been normal as well" said riddhima getting out of her scary and silent mode


"ahh offcourse we could have but then I was soo out of my senses and so lost that I did a big mistake I am sorry" said armaan little smiling seeing riddhima getting little normal

"armaan ji please lets go home I don't knew I am feeling very much different and very much weird being at this place , this place its like so I mean I don't knew I feel something anyways its better we should go back home, I promise I will handle everything no one will say you anything lets just go back home" said riddhima

"we are already at our home riddhima" said armaan looking around "we are home finally" said armaan

"confused right, I was also having the same reaction when I came here first but then slowly slowly when I got into this I remembered all I remember all the past our past and that was I wanted to tell you" said armaan

"what past what are you trying to say, listen armaan ji I dont knew anything" said riddhima very confused

"that's what I saying when I said that do you trust me riddhima, if you trust me then only you will believe to what I am going to say you ahead" said armaan standing up

He stood up , and got in one corner of the room and pulled away the cover from there,

And riddhima was shocked standing there over what next she saw

It was a big picture portrait pictures of her and armaan wedding

Riddhima and armaan dressed as bride and groom and hugging each other

"I said you its hard to believe me here but it's the proof of what I wanted to say you" said armaan

"armaan ji this picture we I mean we never clicked" said riddhima shocked

"its not we riddhima , I mean yes its our picture but its armaan and riddhima who used to a happily married couple 23 yesrs ago from now" said armaan

"they met then they fought then they fall in love and then they got separated when they met and then got married become one forever but then destiny became cruel on them just exactly after one year of their blissful happily married life they got separated from this world but not from each other, they both died together but before that they promised each other to be back, back for each other, back for the love which left incomplete by their death love exist forever it is forever and bodies die but soul is here it is here and today after 23 years they are back here again to be together to complete their un left incomplete love to be with their soul mate" said armaan all this while riddhima was just lost staring the picture while armaan said all this looking at only riddhima as if demanding her to remember all now

Armaan coming and standing in front of riddhima

"we are back you knew you always said that we will never get separated and I am tied to you for the next 7 births I am going to take and look your said words came true its our second time I suppose and I promise to be tied to you in this as well" said armaan holding riddhima's hand
"no this is impossible , this cant be true I mean I just cant believe this no armaan I cant believe this" said riddhima getting little back

"oh you still don't believe this, what cant be true this picture in front of you is true , this house , our house we spend one year off our happily married life here this place it was our bedroom you used to love decorating it as you wanted why don't you remember that riddhima" said armaan

"no this is mere coincident, maybe in this house some person like this use to live but this can be a mere coincident as well" said riddhima she was to shock to believe

"yes right coincident, ok lets for one minute just take this as a coincident then what about the dreams the dream you use to see the dream of someone marriage our marriage, the dream of me with you all the time the dreams of me talking with you we being together, tell me didn't you saw me that day in the jungle when our car broke down didn't you saw me , you have the same dream of someone dying they drowning  we drowning together you were the one who called me supercool didn't you and I called you basket , and what about that song the song which my riddhima sand for me why and from where you sang that song that night" said armaan getting close to riddhima

"you knew that because you are riddhima , you are my riddhima, you are only riddhima gupta malik wife of armaan malik , riddhima just try , I knew you knew that what I am saying is true , you knew all that I said is right , you knew" said armaan

While here riddhima was soo lost in her thoughts , the words were banging her again and again all her dreams were miving around her head she was feeling very drizzy


From the day one boy girl playing games together they meeting each other, then falling in love romancing , then again the same song girl getting separated the same dream they getting married and then they loving each other same dream she saw in the car the room she saw yes the same room she saw in her dreams , yes this was the same , she was seeing armaan standing and then armaan and her together, then the same dream water and water all over she and armaan on a private ship , when the ship got some problem and got out of balance and they both tried to get away but didn't have any help in the middle of the sea and then they both drowning together  they both dying together

Riddhima cant feel much right now all thinks were roaming like circles and circles in her head and soon she collapsed

She fainted on the floor

And seeing her falling armaan got to her and holding her

"riddhima, riddhima get up, oh god , riddhima what happened to you, riddhima nothing will happened to you riddhima I wont let anything happen to you now this time I wont let anything happen to you" saying so armaan hurriedly picked riddhima up in his arms

And rushed down the room , he hurriedly got near the main door of the house, as he was about to open the door it opened with a bang itself 


And here outside standing all Sharma male members along with few cops and yes sujal and angad accompanied

First reaction they all were really angry , sujal was shocked to see armaan here actually with riddhima like this

While mayank adhiraj rushed in getting hold of riddhima from armaan

"kiddo , kiddo are you ok , what happened to you, kiddo" said mayank making riddhima lye in the floor

While here samrat was to angry seeing armaan his anger was boiling like anything

"what do you did to my sister, armaan what the hell do you think you have done" said samrat and yes here comes a hard punch on armaan face

While here armaan not even listening to what samrat said and didn't even cared much about that he got a punch a hard punch on his face, his eyes were sticked on riddhima only


"its not time for this, we need a doctor, I cant let anything happen to her now I cant lose her again, I wont let her go away this time" said armaan out of no where

"shut up armaan just get the hell out of our sight, if anything happened to my kiddo then I swear I will kill you myself armaan I took you as my best friend and this what you did to my sister" said adhiraj in anger ,

While here sujal came in between armaan and adhiraj

" we can discuss this later right now we should take riddhima to hospital" said sujal ,taking armaan a little back

While without wasting much time mayank picked riddhima up and took her in his car samrat adhiraj , along with rishab and karan left from there leaving sujal armaan  and angad along with few cops


"I am sorry to say mr. rathode but I have to arrest your son for kidnapping a girl" said a cop

"who are you to decide that armaan kidnapped her, you cant arrest my son like this without any proof" said sujal angrily

"we have our proofs and once we get the girl statement we will have to arrest your son" said the cops

While here sujal now wanted few replies


"armaan now are you going to tell me that what was all this and why armaan why you did all this" said sujal

"I am sorry dad I am really sorry I knew I was little out of my senses and I messed it up all, but I promise I will solve out everything first I need to go to hospital please dad I want to look that riddhima is safe or not" said armaan pleading


"I don't knew what to say you right now but then I am your dad no matter what if I thing you are right I am here with you" said sujal

And soo soon they rushed to the hospital


Sharma males quickly took riddhima in the hospital and called the doctors for help

Soon all other ladies of the house reach there

"doctor how is my daughter" said rishab tensed seeing doctor coming out
"she is i mean we are just not getting anything yet she is absolutely fine we dont get any reason why she is not gaining conscious yet" said the doctor
And this made tension and worries more around by the time armaan with sujal to came their and seeing him there again samrat anger boiling
"you armaan what the hell you did to her, and what the hell are you doing here, just get out of here" said samrat holding armaan by his shirt collar
"samrat leave me I knew you care for your sister a lot and cant see her in any kind of pain but I don't knew you can trust  me or not but I love her more than anything in this world she is my life and the reason for me getting this life i cant even think of hurting her" said armaan
"wow first you yourself kidnapped her and cause of you she is her in this state and over that you are saying you cant hurt her" said samrat sarcastically
"i didnt kidnapped her i just wanted to talk with her which no one here was letting me remember i said i just want to talk with her but you all just through me out of the office yesterday and left me no other option" said armaan
"is this a way i mean who gave you this right to take decision for my sister whm she will talk and meet with thats our decision you have nothing to do with that" said samrat
"i have my full right on her , she is mine and she is here back just for me you cant stop me now" said armaan
this made samrat more angry ,but seeing the situation adhiraj come there
"samrat please control there is not any use of all this right now, once let riddhima gain conscious  then we will handle this situation later" said adhiraj controlling samrat
here angad came and taking armaan away from there
forcing him to leave
they went in a corner
"what is all this going on here armaan , what have got into you, will you please tell us now what all is hapenning" said angad comanding it was to much for them now to control there curiousity for armaan reactions like this
"you knew what angad you wont believe this you will just now believe this that all is hapenning in here with me" said armaan getting frustrated of all this situation himself
only then kripa also came there


"you knew what armaan you are youself ruining it all i mean what was the need just what the hell is the need for all this, you knew here riddhima parents and your parents were already thinking of you both getting married and even riddhima said me that she like you and even more then that , when everything was getting alright itself then what was the need for all this" said kripa to armaan

"what, what you said kripa you mean everyone wanted them to get married and then riddhima was also happy with this, then armaan then what was the need for doing all this i mean if riddhima and her family were ready for this then why you have done all this" said angad confused

"its nothing about that its nothing to do with that i dont knew how to explain you all i mean i just dont knew how to tell you all this" said armaan

only then he saw anjali and atul coming along with keerti shubhankar and Gunjan

armaan just rushed to them and hugging atul


"champ you wont also believe me, you knew i am not wrong i just" said armaan hugging atul
and it comes a shock for them anjali was shocked listening the same name by which armaan there armaan used to call atul years ago

"armaan you called atul as champ that means" said anjali in shock

"yes anji i remember it, i remember it all i remember you champ, Dr keerti , Dr shubhankar , shashank sir everyone , you knew i said i wont leave your sister for a single minute , i didnt break my promise anji i never left her nor even wehn we died we got that together and now also when she came back i just came after her following her again" said armaan in tears

and then a re union a reunion after 23 years ,

anjali cried hugging armaan

"i still dont believe you remember me, i always knew it was you, you were here you were back , just for riddhima just for her" said anjali crying

"hey will anyone tell us what's happening here, mom dad what's going on" asked confused kripa and gunjan
"i will tell you everything , it all started the day when kripa you came home to meet angad with that engagement pictures" said armaan to kripa
"yes i remember i got suhani di's laptop and had to rushed back soon to return that" said kripa
"yes when i was copying that pictures from that laptop i saw a folder in their it was named as 'Riddhima case' i got little confused first what can it be and why was it there in suhani laptop , in my curiosity i copied that as well" said armaan
"hww what you did, you knew its against ethics you should have not done that" said kripa
"i knew i am sorry for that but then it was a big thing for me , when i saw that folder it had a session of riddhima with your sister suhani few counselling session" said armaan

"yes i knew that actually it was a personal affair and no one much knew about that , riddhima is having some problem she use to have some unusual dreams nightmare whatever you can call that and for curing the same we took little help from suhani di" said kripa

"yes I knew I saw in that video I saw it all and then I realized that it was exactly the same which I fell which I had" said armaan

"what I mean you mean that riddhima also use to see the same dreams as you always did and after seeing them you use to get so disturbed" said angad out of confusion

"you mean that you also see the dreams like riddhima , that water and all marriage thing" said krioa out of shock

"yes , exactly yes that water dream of someone going to die in it , that marriage dream of someone getting married , I never got to understand the reason for all this ever but then after seeing riddhima counselling video I somewhere got really related to that cause it was us we both who were getting married it was we both who were drowning and died in that" said armaan

"whats nonsense you mean you use to see you and riddhima marriage and then dying no that is just useless that really don't mean anything nothing like this will happen you are trying to say that you both see the future of yours" said angad little confused

"we don't see our future angad , we saw our past , the past that was 23 years ago , the past of armaan and riddhima the past of riddhima gupta and armaan malik" said armaan

"one minute are you trying to say that riddhima and you were there in past and now its like your re life, you mean reincarnation , nonsence all this is not possible this are only for stories not in reality" said kripa

"no its not nonsense I mean I could have reacted the same way if I didn't remembered it all I didn't knew the actual truth, when I checked that detail of riddhima which I copied from suhani laptop , I found one video , in which suhani had little hypnotised riddhima to know the exact problem you knew what was there in that video" said armaan seeing all shocked faces [remember friends suhani hypnotised riddhima, when she said a little things related to her past in that she was riddhima gupta and today she is getting married to her love well armaan actually saw that video]

"you are trying to say that when suhani di hypnotised riddhima she actually got in her past remembering that she was riddhima gupta and was getting married to her love" said kripa in shock

"yes she said the same that came out a shock for me at that time also I was also shocked as you all are right now, but I wanted to knew more I wanted to know it all , then I remember something very important , that day in the police station when i met that lady , maya kapoor she wanted us not to file case against her son ranveer, I remember what she said she was blaming me for her state she was saying that I always gave her pain because of riddhima , I was so confused at that time why she said that, and then she mentioned me that if I am not getting anything then I should go to sanjeevani hospital , or gupta house or malik house and I will get my answers , and yes that was true" sad armaan

"so you went to malik house then" asked Anjali

"no I didn't knew that places , I was confused which gupta house or malik house , but then one place that was common was Sanjeevani hospital , so I went there, going there I was so much lost in there I felt so connected to the place there was something that was unsaid there, many of my dreams were coming in reality there , I have no option how to start and what to find when I saw one memorial board , written by  shashank gupta, it stated , 'in the loving memory of my beloved daughter and son in law , armaan and riddhima gupta malik' I mean I was shocked to read that" said armaan,  [remember guys, part one first line states the same shashank reading it and crying there remembering riddhima]

"yes we knew dad built that after you and riddhima I mean" said Anjali crying

"then I had no option I wanted to knew more about it, I asked the staff much but no use none of them knew much about all that it was all new staff and that memorial was like 20 years old, none of them knew much about that I was left no option but to check the old records of the hospital maybe I got something there I bribed one of the peon and got in the record room while surfing I got this" said armaan taking out one of identity form of riddhima ,

It had picture of riddhima old riddhima , the riddhima gupta malik was named on that and the address mentioned there was of malik house

"I was also shocked seeing this id as you all are right now, I didn't wasted another minute and rushed to this address our address I went to my home , our home" said armaan

"I still cant believe this can be true, I mean this is so next to impossible thing to accept" said angad looking at that all were shocked

"yes this is, that means Anjali aunty you knew all this right, I mean if this riddhima was your real sister and then after seeing riddhima you knew all that" asked kripa to Anjali

"yes I do, I mean we all do when we saw riddhima first time at armaan's house we all were so shocked to even react , I wanted to shout and go and hug my riddhima at that time only but then I realized that she was not the same they don't knew anything they don't remember anything"said Anjali crying

"yes I knew when Anjali saw armaan and riddhima together she actually fainted there and then she wanted to tell everyone the truth but we stopped her, I mean this was the truth that they were armaan and riddhima who were back but then how can we say that I mean no one would have trusted us moreover this could have effected your and gunjans future , you were getting married in that respective houses and we don't wanted to destroy your future" said atul

"oh mom dad you suffered soo much you were so upset still happy for us , now I am getting your all that shocking and confused reactions on seeing armaan and riddhima, oh god what all had happened no one could knew all this can happen this way" said gunjan crying hugging her mother for some support

"but now I will get everything fine, as now I knew everything I will make everything ok and happy" said armaan

"but armaan how did you remembered everything I mean" asked atul shocked

armaan saying  "well that's seriously you can say god gift that I remember that all when I got that address I rushed to that place Malik House, and going there I saw all the place everything was in so bad shape, so old, then I saw that , my riddhima , my riddhima was there in me waiting for me, I can see her everywhere there , I can see me and her everywhere, I saw few pictures and then I remembered I remember it from start when I was a 13 years old boy, armaan malik, who loved his hostel where he use to live but then he had to come back home, I remember I was 13 when my parents dies in an accident and I was called back home , I had no one left for me in the world when my nani the only left relative of mine become my caretaker and got me here in this city , I was sad I was alone, when first time I saw her the happiness the Riddhima ……………..

Well armaan reciting the story to all from there , but I will write the story my way

Going back in the Flashback, full story what armaan saying to all I am going to tell you all in my way but from next part , this had already got little big

I tried making the part little more clear , all that were confused that how and when armaan got his memory I thing they got there answers , hope you like the part tried writing it more dramatic but cant make more than this with riddhima and armaan scene , hope you like it and I loved your expectations

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M first to comment...
Awesome update...
Loved it...soo nice..
I hope ridzzii rem everything...
Hope everything goes well btw AR...
Waiting for the flashback...
Fab one...cont soon...
Nd thnks for the PM...:)

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very nice...thnx for d PM

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