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goshhhhhhhhh u updated.........


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awesome part yar!!! love it..
 thanks 4 the pmSmile
KaSh-Maneet-Fan IF-Sizzlerz

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awesome update
loved it
loved AR meeting
loved mayur temple scene
cant wait 4 more
con soon
thanks 4 da pm
iceprincess101 Goldie

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awesome part.. update soon...
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Posted: 28 March 2011 at 4:32am | IP Logged

Pearl29 Goldie

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waiting for more updates...
searchoffriends IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 April 2011 at 3:46am | IP Logged
Originally posted by ksg_farhan

oh really sorry for being late , i m updatting the part

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searchoffriends IF-Rockerz

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RECAP : Sharma family had a cute argument , all boys making breakfast , and then riddhima again having some strange flashes
Riddhima best friend kripa want to meet her net chat friend ...that was angad ...and she want riddhima to meet him as kripa
On other hand...angad asked armaan to meet his chat friend kripa ...and armaan being as angad

Riddhima and kripa are still standing near the main entrance...and on the other hand...armaan and angad just reached the hotel and r coming towards the main entrance

Riddhima: soo plan successful samrat and gunjan will be busy together and wee can easily have our meeting with angad

[as she was happily talking to kripa ...and looking at the direction where gunjan and samrat went...she by chance take step back and bumped with armaan...and was about to fall when armaan hold her .by her waist and ...there eyes met]

[Armaan deeply looking in her grey green eyes and soo riddhima ...lost
in his blue once]


They just don't want to look away from each other ...they were just soo busy looking in each other eyes don't know why but they became unaware of the world the place ...anything...

Angad and kripa both were moving inside the main entrance unknown of the fact that there friends were not there with them but they realized after a while and angad came towards armaan and kept a hand on his shoulder...and it braked there eye contact and they came back to the real world

Armaan helped riddhima in standing properly
Riddhima lowered her gaze feeling uncomfortable but armaan just can't get his gaze away from her he don't know why but he kept on looking at her

Riddhima noticed him staring at her and in order to break the silence she spoke

Riddhima: I m sorry I didn't saw you

Armaan: [getting out of his own world of dreaming] its ok...r u ok

Riddhima: yaa thanks...

And then angad came in between

Angad: [to armaan]...lets go in wee r getting late

And he took armaan from there

But armaan kept on looking back ...seeing her still standing there ...fitting her dupaataa properly

And then he went in there reserved table in the coffee shop

And here kripa came to riddhima ,

Kripa: .are u ok... ?

Riddhima: yaa I m ...lets go in your angad would be waiting for you , I mean me

And riddhima and kripa went in riddhima just can't get out her thoughts from armaan ...thinking to herself..."oh he was too cute and his eyes I feel like drowning in them...they looked soo similar ,as if I had seen them earlier and his voice was too familiar oh he was too handsome to resist...what what am I thinking get a hold on your thoughts riddhima and remember your mission ...ya mission 'judging angad'"

On the other side ...armaan and angad just sat on their reserved table waiting for the girl they came to meet...but armaan was just soo lost on his own thoughts ..."oh I saw a girl in while salwar kameez and that green eyes ohh she was soo innocent and she was beautiful but who was she and her eyes , her voice , her touch , why was that soo similar ...what am I thinking get a hold on your thoughts man and remember your mission yaa mission 'judging kripa' "

Here riddhima and kripa also entered the place and went towards the same reserved table

Kripa: I think he is already here [pointing towards angad and armaan sitting on that table]... hey they r the same people wee met outside but I wonder who is angad from both of them

Riddhima: [looking at them and then praying to god , "oh god please he should not be angad please he should not bee angad"

And same with armaan and angad ...they saw the girls approaching them

And armaan praying "oh god she should not be kripa ...she should not be kripa please"

Riddhima: [awkwardly] hi are u angad? [Hoping that he should say no]

Armaan: kripa? [Conforming and hoping that she should say no]

But both felt highly disappointed with each other nods in approval

Riddhima: yaa I'm kripa and she [pointing towards kripa] she is my
friend riddhima

Armaan: hi I'm angad and he [pointing towards angad] he is my friend armaan

after hello and hi they all 4 settled there and there was a complete awkward silence

Angad preferred to break the silence

Angad: what will you ladies like to have

Riddhima: well I will have a cold coffee

Angad: [confused as he is considering riddhima as his net friend] coffee but you hated them

Riddhima: [tensed to bee caught and then surprised why he asking and not angad [armaan ] as he was kripa net friend] how did you knew that I mean

Angad: [realized the mistake] oh actually angad [pointing towards armaan ] he told me that

Armaan: [controlling the situation] yaa yaaa I told ...ang [about to say angad but stopped] I mean I told armaan that you hate coffee

Riddhima: ohh...[now it was riddhima turn to take care of the situation.] yaa I hate coffee but I have heard that they serve the best coffee soo I thought of trying it

Armaan: oh ...fine ...let me order

They all just have started with mere chatting of what they studied and where they studied and when they came to India and all general takings when riddhima cell buzzed up

Riddhima: [seeing the call it was gunjan] ...just excuse me [picking the call]


riddhima: "yaa gunjan"

Gunjan: "riddhima r u through with your work I mean samrat is saying me that we shall go back to you girls I can't hold him for more time"

riddhima: [whispering] "gunjan please handle him for 5 minutes we r coming in the parking area in 5 minutes you bring him there please"

Gunjan "ok I will try"

After ending the call riddhima immediately asked the guys for a leave

riddhima: I m sorry but we need to leave now its something urgent and angad [to armaan] you can call me later you already have my number [actually kripa have angad number and vice versa]

After making a valid excuse kripa and riddhima walked out of the shop to the parking area and tried to act normal soo that samrat don't get suspicious about anything

riddhima's room

kripa: [very excited] oh my god riddhima I don't believe this I actually met my chat friend oh he was too good looking ..oh man he was actually very handsome even more than what I expected [talking about armaan as for them he is angad]

riddhima : [sounding not soo interested].yaa he was only them gunjan entered the room

gunjan: ok girls now will you mind giving an explanation why I had done all that keeping samrat away from you too and all

kripa: actually wait I will explain you every think
and after that kripa told gunjan every think

gunjan : my god. you both r too much...well now what do you think was he a nice person or you still need time to judge him

kripa: I don't know ... what do you think riddhima?

riddhima : I don't know I found him ok i mean he was very polite nice but still how can you judge a person in one meet..

kripa: you r right on that riddhima...ok we will think about that later now I'm tired and its late also I think we shall leave

riddhima: where r you going .why don't you both stay over here only and by the way your parents are also out of town and you have to stay alone at your place

and soo the 3 girls started with their girls chat and after that retired there in riddhima room only



they both don't felt like driving back 5 hours to their palace soo they preffered to stay in the hotel only they booked a room for their stay

In the room

angad: gosh I never thought that my chat friend would be that nice I mean don't you think she was damm beautiful

[Talking about riddhima aka kripa for him]]

armaan: yes she was .[sounding lost ]

[ thinking-- why am I feeling bad ..I mean she was angad's net friend I know and she thought I was angad but her looks her eyes ..she was soo sweet innocent ...why she sounded soo similar too me why is she affecting me soo much ...she was a girl I met her for the first time in my life still I found her soo familiar to me ...why]

angad: armaan ...I'm talking to you where r u lost buddy

armaan: nothing ...I m a bit tired we will talk later,

and then they both retired in their dream world

ARMAAN DREAM...[a sweet dream]

he again saw the same dream...of her dream girl...
a girl standing there cold breeze flowing ...on her face her duppattaa flying in air her face covered with her hairs .her eyes visible her grey blacj eyes the same eyes
but today he saw more than just eyes,

he saw the face clearly , all her hairs went away from her face ...same eyes, same lips...same was RIDDHIMA [KRIPA FOR HIM]
and he got up with a jerk

armaan: gosh what was that, why I saw her she can't be my dream girl...she is KRIPA SHE IS ANGAD CHAT FRIEND AND ANGAD IS MY BEST FRIEND oh god what the hell I was thinking gosh I need to sleep and get all these thought out of my mind



she was not able to sleep soo she came out in the balcony...she sat on the swing...there...

riddhima: "why am I thinking soo much about him. why had he affected me soo much ...why was he sounding soo similar...why I felt so secured in his arms when he hold me from falling...what the hell is happening to me
why am I thinking soo much oh god he is angad kripa's chat friend and I have to just judge him that is he right for kripa best friend yes I can do this. I will do this .."

And with that they both kept there thoughts aside and leaving every think to god
and rested the night for welcoming a new morning
riddhima woke up a bit late then usual as she was not able to sleep properly in night
kripa:  hey riddhima  good morning...
riddhima : [still a bit sleepy] good morning any think exciting you looked really happy.
kripa:  cause I'm know what he called me in the morning and he want to meet me again ...god I'm so excited to meet him you just get ready we have to go.
riddhima : what you want me to meet him again...hey why don't you tell him the truth.
kripa: I will tell him  but you at least have to come with me I can't tell him alone...I'm scared what will I tell him please not now at least we come to know him first then we will tell you please just get ready we have to go..
riddhima :  yaa but where ..?
kripa:  CITY WALK...
riddhima : now  what's that,..
kripa: its a shopping centre and a perfect place to hang out oh you just get ready I will take you there
riddhima : yaa sure I will come with you infact I have not been to any place from the day wee came here ...I want too see all the places in Delhi now...
kripa: ok madam...we will see that soon .but for now get ready we have to go.
here riddhima  and kripa got ready and left for the place...
and the other side...
armaan: angad what do you think about kripa,...I mean I think she is a nice girl and there is noo such fear to tell her the truth. I think wee shall tell her that I m not angad its you
angad: I think you r right but not today I mean I think wee shall tell her but wee have to see for the right time to tell her , hope she doesn't take us wrong well for now lets go she would be waiting for us
and with that they also went there.
riddhima  today wearing a normal red kurta with denims ...and armaan was dressed in a normal white shirt and jeans
well armaan was pleased to see her .he wondered that she look nice even in western clothes. as earlier in there meet riddhima  was wearing a salwar suit as it was the dress code for her
in the mall they met outside and just had there mere chat of hi and hello's...and then they all preferred to have a walk there
while they were walking
armaan and riddhima  were walking together a bit ahead and angad and kripa walking together but they were walking behind them so there was a bit distance between them
armaan and riddhima  were walking quietly without a single word
they don't know how to chat to each other
but then they have for them they have to judge each other for their respective best friends
armaan: so its first time you have been in India
riddhima : ya ..I have always been in London only and you
armaan: well I have been traveling a lot ...I was born here only then I think my family stayed in London till I was 9 I suppose but then wee shifted to Italy I have even been to new York for my higher studies...and now I m back to India ..
riddhima :  wow you travelled a you lived in Italy I love that place. I have never been there but hopes too see that one day
armaan:  hope you visit there. and all your wishes shall come true...
[he said that so genuinely]
riddhima  just can't do any think but stare at him ...and they both were having their eye lock session...
after sometime when they came back to reality ...
riddhima :  [to herself]...what the hell riddhima  he is angad kripa's friend...why am I getting so close to him...I think I shall tell him the truth I cant take this game any further
same time
armaan [thinking to himself]...I think its high time and I don't want this to go ahead  ...I have to tell kripa that I m not her chat friend I m armaan ...not angad
and they both spoke together
armaan and riddhima  together.:  I want to tell
then they stopped and had a giggle at their act
armaan: yaa I was saying that
 [but riddhima cut him in between]
riddhima : noo angad I have to tell you some think and its urgent let me say that first
armaan:  kripa I also want to tell you .that ...
only then they were interrupted by angad and kripa who came near them
angad:  hey why don't wee settle down in that cafe
[Pointed towards the tables kept in there it was a open air cafe there]
and it was a bit crowd but luckily one table was vacant...
so they all 4 agreed to proceeds towards that
as they were just standing near the table ..and riddhima  sat there and armaan was about to settle  when armaan saw a familiar face approaching towards him from there...
and he took a second to recognize it was ADHIRAAJ
armaan and riddhima  were standing in such a way that riddhima  back was towards adhiraaj and so he was not able too see her and moreover the cafe was too crowded that adhiraaj was not able too see that there was any girl with armaan
he was just approaching towards them when armaan saw him and within a second he rushed towards him leaving confused riddhima  kripa and angad there
adhiraaj: oh my god nanav its you ...[hugging him] I don't believe this I m seeing you after so many years ..
armaan: ya I don't believe this i m so shocked to see you here I never expected to see you here in India how r u?
here the two friends were having a nice reunion
when riddhima  kripa and angad turned towards them angad also recognized him and went to meet him
riddhima : [shocked]  ohh noo adhiraaj what the hell is he doing here
[she started thinking of the ways to escape from there as she cant face adhiraaj interrogation ...regarding what is she doing here and why was she talking to some guys and all...]
but it was too late adhiraaj have already seen her...but as she was at a distant ...he was not able to guess that she was with armaan or angad
well he was standing there talking to armaan and angad when he saw riddhima  and kripa there at a bit distance from them so he went towards her
adhiraaj: [to riddhima ]...what are you doing here ?
riddhima : adhiraaj actually I came here with kripa ...
only then they were interrupted by armaan who also join them there with angad
armaan: adhiraaj you know her?
[riddhima  thinking ...hell now adhiraaj will tell him that I m not kripa I m riddhima ..oh noo]
adhiraaj: yaa of course I know her she is my sister and princess [ to riddhima ] meet him he is nanav I told you my best friend from new York university  and nanav [to armaan] this is riddhima  my sweet sis
[actually adhiraaj thought that they just met due to him ...and so he felt like introducing them to each other]
all 4 of them angad kripa armaan and riddhima ...thought that it was end  of there game
but then instead of there lie been caught they were more curious in the other side
armaan: adhiraaj...I think there's a confusion ..[towards riddhima ] she is kripa and [pointing towards kripa] she is riddhima
adhiraaj: what r you saying armaan...
[before he can say further riddhima  spooked in between]
riddhima :  armaan did you said him adhiraaj he is not armaan he is angad...that guy [pointing towards angad] name is armaan
adhiraaj ...fully confused on listening all that
adhiraaj: I think you both r facing a great identity misconception...let me clear your dough...nanav [to armaan] she is [pointing towards riddhima ] riddhima  ...Riddhima  Sharma little sister and that [pointing towards kripa] is kripa her best friend  and  princess [to riddhima ]  he is in armaan singh rathode my best friend and that's [towards angad].that's angad khanna another friend
with that all 4 of then just staring at each other ..just shocked at they were cheated and guilty that they have been caught by the other
adhiraaj:  [very confused on the reaction] is there any problem guys ?
armaan: [sarcastically as the guilt had ended and anger of her lie take over him] ...noo all problems have ended now adhiraaj ...well its nice meeting you miss riddhima  sharma
riddhima : [in the same manner]  same here...Mr. Armaan Singh rathode...adhiraaj I think I will leave now .you enjoy with your old friends lets go kripa
here on the other side kripa and angad were also very confused tensed and upset that there chat friend did this with them
kripa: yaa lets go...[giving a last look at angad ...original angad of course she went from there with riddhima ]
after riddhima  and kripa left
adhiraaj: is there any problem I mean have you met her earlier too ?
armaan: noo its nothing like that...not at all like that
[with that he ended  that discussion there only so that adhiraaj don't get any dough's about what was happening there]
later after bidding a good bye to adhiraaj ...armaan and angad came back to there hotel room
armaan:  what the hell was that I don't believe that your net friend will be such a cheat
angad: [acting sensible here] cheat ... armaan I think you r overreacting I mean if you forgot wee did the same with them too remember wee also faked our what's a big deal if they did the same I think we both were culprit there
armaan:  whatever ..if you believe like that so let it be like that you do whatever you want
angad: god armaan don't you think you r making it such a big issue cool down dude...its ok ...if that girl was not my chat friend ..she was not kripa .I can understand why kripa must have done that ... but I m happy that finally I met my original net friend...well I m going to meet her now ..
armaan: what you r going to meet her...and that too now ...don't you think its a bit late.
angad: already wee r too late armaan and I have done many blunders I don't want to repeat them now so I m going to meet her right now and clear all the misconceptions once and for all
riddhima : what the hell was that your so called net friend he cheated us he was not that he was not angad .oh god
kripa:  riddhima  relax ...why you getting so hyper see  I know he lied to us but wee did the same to them sweetie the score gets levelled
riddhima : I don't believe this... you still supporting him
kripa:  yaa I m ...and why should I not support him I mean ... they must have the same reason for this as wee did so what's a big deal with that
riddhima : ok whatever you still want to talk to him you go ahead I wont stop you .but now you don't expect me to be with you
kripa: riddhima  you behaving like a small kid now...stop being so kid dish ok fine you do whatever you feel like I m leaving ok good night and take care you relax we will handle this later
kripa: [very nervous don't know how to face him]  angad
angad:  kripa...I m sorry for all that ...actually
kripa: forget it angad...lets just get out of all ...I mean lets just began again from the start
angad: yaa right...well then .[forwarding his hand],...hi I m angad ...angad khanna ...and I have a very sweet net friend my desi girl  and she is very important to mee in my life...I just lied to her and feeling really guilty about that can my desi  girl forgave me for that
kripa: [getting all emotional] hi I m kripa mehra ...I also have a very nice cool dude.. he is my great friend and yaa I also did a same mistakes he did , and hence I would say that I will forgave him for his mistake only if he forgave me for mine..
angad:  so what say ...friends
kripa:  forever
[and they hugged each other and cleared all there misunderstandings]
finally kripa and angad r together and coming back to ARHI
thinking in his room about all that happened in the day
angad was right why am I reacting so much I mean what if she is not kripa ...does it matters ,,
yes it does I mean she was not kripa angad's friend .that means I don't need to feel guilty for thinking about my best friend's friend oh thanks you god thanks a lot that she was not kripa ...
I never got it why I felt so connected with her why I felt that she was the one RIDDHIMA  huh nice name  but she was looking very angry when she went from there I m sure she would not see my face again , oh god what shall I do now I have to talk to her I want to be with her..
oh man what's happening to me why am I thinking about her why why ?
I saw her in my dream  was she my dream girl ? her eyes her hairs were same and then I saw her face in my dream so that means she was actually my dream girl and she is made just for me
yaa she was my dream girl and now when I got her I would never let her go away from me do love at first sight exist I mean am I in love with her no no how can I be I just met her two times then how can I oh god please help me out with this
I want to meet her I want to see her but how ? 

oh god adhiraaj bhai have seen me there hope he don't get any dough of mee being there with armaan oh god he is adhiraaj's best friend if he says any think to adhiraaj no no I have to request him that he should not say any think to adhiraaj regarding our meeting if anybody at house came to know about all this then how will they react
oh god please help mee with this hope no one come too know about all that I did I think I need to talk to armaan and then request him too keep his mouth shut
then her thoughts moved towards armaan
very excited
oh god so he was not angad wow that means he is not kripa's friend and then I don't need to feel sad of thinking about him oh I m so happy
ARMAAN wow his name is so cool but he was damm angry with mee I don't think he would ever want to see my face again oh noo please god please please do something .

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