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Thank you for updating this's so good to read after such a long time...)\

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hey this is very nice ff
just came across this
pm me when u upadate

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thanks a lot for your lovely response to my ff

loved it and here getting few of my lovely readers back love reading all your comments
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part 18 on page 63

The day ended pretty soon armaan didn't thought much about what maya said he just avoided it as he thought that she was out of her senses so saying all nonsence

Next day

Armaan was sitting in the main hall of his house and doing some business work on his laptop


kripa Came there

"Hey armaan good morning how are u"


"Pretty well and u here so early surely having some plans with Angad so where are u guys going on your morning date" said armaan teasing them


"Ooh forget it I m not here to go out on date with Angad actually I ws going to meet Riddhima actually today we girls are planning a nice ladies day out and no boys included"said kripa looking towards

Angad who came there and making all bad faces as thinking he missed the chance he came down hearing kripa has come to meet him and his all excitement got vanished listening this


armaan was somewhere feeling the same another day without meeting or seeing her


"oh thats cool soo you here" said armaan asking her

And she was again going to reply to armaan when angad interfering in the middle

"its ok if you are not interested in going out with me, but still if you are here you can atleast talk to me afterall I am your official fianc now" said angad annoyed as kripa was paying no attention to him

"oh really so you are jealous of she talks to me, that's it angad that's your friendship and that's your love" said armaan all melodramatically

"stop it armaan since when have you started becoming so melodramatic" said angad

"ahh I feel armaan is now a days spending a lot of time with riddhima that's why" said krioa in her double meaning teasing she wanted to knew armaan reaction on adding riddhima name

And it actually worked armaan again got so conscious with that statement he spending time with riddhima in what way

"no I mean its not like that actually" armaan trying to say something when kripa understood his consciousness

"its ok I was just kidding you knew her she is a big time melodrama queen sometime anyways its ok lets end with this teasing session" said kripa again looking at armaan who looked here and there, and she added ahead  "angad I think I have teased you a lot , actually I came here for a small task which you asked me" said kripa getting back to angad

 And armaan was relieved with the teasing session

"what which work" said angad a little confused

"oh ho, you knew angad you have such a bad memory, yesterday only you said that you want the pictures which we clicked in the party at my home that day and few of best pictures of our engagement ceremony" said kripa to angad

"oh yes offcourse look my memory I forgot it myself" said angad

"that's why I always say you angad don't get all time so busy in dreaming about kripa that you forget everything else in that" armaan said again teasing him

"oh forget it armaan why don't you continue with your boring business work and let me talk with kripa" said angad annoyed

"yes sure you talk with her moreover I am not at all interested in becoming 'kabad ki haddi' [disturbance] in you both" said armaan
"hey you boys please continue with your special talks later you have full day for that cause I am getting late and have to leave now, here I have got this laptop with me which have all the pictures angad you just copy all the pictures from this with you, I have to take this laptop back its Suhani Di's laptop" said kripa getting the laptop out of her bag which she got along with her
"you knew di will kill me if she come to knew that I used her laptop in her absence and bought it here, its her personal and official laptop she works in this" said kripa starting the laptop there sitting next to armaan as he was also sitting there doing business work on his laptop
They were busy talking when kripa phone rang it was suhani call
"oh noo suhani di calling, I think she needs her laptop and I bought it without her permission she will kill me now, angad you do one thing copy this pictures fast somewhere with you the pictures are in a folder name angad and kripa in D drive of the laptop till then I take this call" said kripa and then went away to talk with suhani on phone
"hello suhani di I actually" kripa said scared

"kripa with whose permission have you taken away my laptop you knew its my working laptop I have some patients videos and case history saved in that and that is too too much important for me, and now I need it urgently I have to work on one patient case history in that" said suhani from the other side of the call, remember guys suhani is a psychiatrist doctor

"sorry di I am so sorry actually I wanted to give that few pictures of my engagement saved in your laptop to angad you just wait I will be there in 20 minutes and get your laptop back" said kripa cutely making her angry sister quite

"its ok sweety just get it fast and yes safely it contain really important data of mine" said suhani


While on the other side

Angad open the laptop and then went to the drive where pictures were saved,

"here I got the pictures I need to copy them but how" angad getting confused

"there is something in the world called pan drive you dumb get your one and copy the pictures in that" said armaan who was sitting next to armaan

"oh yes thank you as if I didn't knew the problem is I don't have pan drive here right now" said angad when his eyes fell on armaan laptop which had one pan drive connected

"here I have this" said angad taking it out

"angad here give it back to me its my business drive I have my few important files and presentation saved in this and its not at all for this useless work of yours" said armaan taking it back

"useless work you saying my engagements pictures my soo sweet memories useless that's all what a brother you are" said angad making all puppy faces and drama

"ahh someone was saying me a melodrama few minutes back and now , and moreover I am here doing my boring business work and I should do that only, that was what you said few minutes back right now why should I help you" said armaan

"guys will you stop your teasing each other sessions cause suhani di called me she wants her laptop back so I am going back home so please angad if you want the pictures copy them fast or else I am leaving, you knew this is her hospitals laptop she have her patients case history saved in this and she want it now" said kripa coming there

"oh no wait kripa armaan is coping them" said angad standing next to kripa , and armaan had no choice but to copy the pictures so he started working on that laptop

Armaan how much he tease or fight with angad but at the end they both were cousins and more then that best friends so he can do that much for angad happiness

While copying the files of angad and kripa, armaan eyes fell on one folder there it was named 'RIDDHIMA CASE'  he don't knew why he felt little weird with that "riddhima folder riddhima but why will riddhima case come to suhani a councillor why riddhima needed that, no maybe that is some other riddhima what if its his riddhima" all this thought were coming in armaan's mind, don't knew what got into him he copied that folder as well it was against the ethics he knew that it was to personal thing of suhani he should not do this, but when it comes to riddhima name then all ethics are left far behind

"its done" said armaan, and taking out his pan drive from that he returned the laptop to kripa,

Angad and kripa didn't got to knew what all armaan had copied

"thanks armaan I will take this pictured from you later today ok, I will just go and drop kripa" said angad and soon kripa and angad left

Armaan immediately inserted his drive and open the folder riddhima case in his laptop

Lets see whats going on in Sharma Industry 

Sujal was there for some business work but still he wanted to talk with rishab about the relationship and soo was rishab;  offcourse armaan didn't knew that yes, actually sujal and kashish wanted to give their son a surprise that they were fixing his and riddhima's relationship soon they really wanted to see that happiness on their son face

Sujal and rishab were talking all man to man talks

"I don't knew what got into our ladies they started thinking over all this, I mean" rishand was feeling little awkward onto how to start with the chat over that marriage topic

"no its not only ladies thinking actually I personally wished this since day one I saw riddhima and then that few days that she spend their with us in our house I always wanted to keep her there only with us I just wanted my sin happiness and that is only being with riddhima" said sujal 

"but still sujal ji I really wish that you should talk to armaan once before finalising anything in this" said rishab

"yes I knew that and I will but you don't worry I already knew my sons well and I knew whats there in his heart we all are just waiting for riddhima to agree to this, its only dependent completely on her wish now" said sujal smiling

"yes you are right in this, it all depends on riddhima agreeing on this, if my riddhima is fine with this then me and my family have no other problem with this, I have talked with mayank and karan in this prospective and its fine with them" said rishab,

"ok then we will wait for your reply over riddhima agreeing" said sujal smiling

And later they both got busy with business talks later and sujal went back

While here on the otherside

Prerna and riddhima

She was preparing how to talk with her daughter on this

She went in riddhima's room where riddhima was half lying on the bed and reading some book rather she was pretending to be reading while she was lost in her thoughts about we qll knew whom the little smile on her face explanes it all

"princess" said prerna getting her out of her thoughts

"oh mom when did you came i didn't even got to knew" said riddhima sittings straight on her bed

"i just came when my princess was lost in her dreamland" said prerna sitting on the bed near riddhima
"no mom its nothing like that actually i was just" said riddhima getting nervous

"hey relax i was just kidding" said prerna sitting , "but you are getting so nervous why were you thinking about something else or rather i should say someone else" said prerna interogating

"mom what are you talking about I am not getting it at all" said riddhima sitting straight on her bed and putting the strands of her hairs behind her ears

"oh really yes ofcourse I forget my kiddo innocent and nave kiddo don't knew anything but kiddo don't forget that I am your mother and you cant hide anything from me if you even try still I get to knew it all" said prerna

"mom, I seriously have no idea what you talking about, mom I am tired please" said riddhima relaxing her head in prerna's lap and prerna caressing her hairs

"oh I wanted to ask you one thing now that you are fine mayank was asking do you want to join the office again" said prerna ,

"yes mom I was also thinking of going to office from tomorrow I already have not gone for more than a week" said riddhima

"yes and your work is also left specially with armaan" said prerna intentionally stressing on the name while here riddhima immediately got attentive and sat straight again

"work what work I don't have anything" said riddhima thinking a little

"really I thought you all kids were working on that project together and much of work with that must be left" said prerna hiding her smile

"oh that , yes mom actually I was thinking on working on it later anyways mom you tell you came here you need something" said riddhima changing the topic

"oh yes actually I wanted to talk with you about one really important matter,  actually your dad want you to get settled soon and for that they are searching for nice match for you, actually we have got offer from a very nice family for your marriage" said prerna getting serious

While here riddhima was like her marriage with some random person but how I mean what about armaan and how to tell her family about that

"mom I don't want to get married please stop this" said riddhima

"but princess you are now at the age for getting married and this relation is really nice you just give it a try there is no hurry sweety your dad want that first you meet the person and then decide you wanted to get married with him or not" said prerna

"no mom please stop this I don't want to meet any random guy or get married to anyone like this" said riddhima getting annoyed

"oh really then ok i will tell your dad that they should say no to sujal ji" said prerna smiling a little to see riddhima reaction

"What mom what did u just said" asked riddhima shocked
"I will tell your dad to say no for this proposal" said prerna enjoying teasing riddhima,
"what proposal and why is sujal uncle related to this" said riddhima trying to get her doubts clear
"oh that's nothing much important actually sujal and kashish ji really liked you and wished to make you their daughter in law that's it but if you are not interested in getting married now then its fine I will tell your dad that you are not interested in getting married to Armaan or any other person right now ok" said prerna getting up and looking at riddhima who was so lost in her thoughts
Agreed she like armaan or started feeling soething for him but still she was not so sure about her feelings plus this marriage and all thing she haven't thought at all about this yet, but still this proposal  she was lost in her thinking when prerna sat back
"hmm so you want to say me something" said prerna sitting straight she thought its too much of teasing already now she need to talk straight
"mom actually I no mom nothing much important actually" said riddhima fuming with words
"Its ok kiddo I am your mother but before that I am your friend right , you can share all your feelings with me, I promise this will remain our mother daughter secret" said prerna
"I don't knew mom I mean I kind of feel like that I think I have some" riddhima saying this again thinking over the words don't knew what to say and tell her mother when she was herself so unsure about her feelings
"you like him don't you" said prerna straight looking towards riddhima she needed a genuine answer 
"sough of I mean I am not sure about all this it never happened ever before and I am sorry mom" said riddhima
"sorry for what for liking someone, its ok kiddo this is your life you have the right to choose the best for you if you like someone its good I always wanted my daughter to be independent enough to take all her decision herself, I am happy with your decision" said prerna happily
"I love you mom you knew you are the best mother in this world" said riddhima happily hugging prerna
"I love you too sweety and I like him" said prerna happily
"hmm what mom" said riddhima
"armaan nice choice I also like him so what should I say your dad regarding this what you want" said prerna happily
"mom but I am so I mean I am still not sure about my feelings and this marriage proposal and all its to early I don't knew I never thought about this" said riddhima confused
"its ok kiddo you knew we have all the time in this world, you think over all this listen you knew that me and your dad wont do anything against your will but sweety remember my words good persons and good things we get very less in our life if you are getting a chance you should not miss it so easily, you like him we all also like him just think over this once again that is he the person with whom you can spend the rest of your life you can be happy" said prerna leaving riddhima to thing over this again
Yes her mother was right she should thing over all this deeply and seriously now if her parents want her to get settled with armaan, but armaan and her marriage this mere thought was giving soo many Goosebumps in her stomach she loves to be with him she cares for him she likes him taking care of her he is always been nice sweet, he is a perfect guy any girl dream off from looks to behaviour all about him is perfect
Riddhima thinking over all this let her make her feelings more strong
While here on the other side , 
Its been evening and armaan was not home yet , kashish was getting little tensed about him
"angad you have any idea where armaan is, he is not picking up my calls nor he is in the office where is he" said kashish worried to angad
"I have no idea about this, in the morning he was working here over his laptop and then kripa came and I went to drop her when I came back armaan was not here I was also trying his call I wanted that pictured which he took from kripa in the morning" said angad
Only then kashish again tried armaan number

"armaan where the hell are you , you knew I was soo scared for you armaan are you listening to me" said kashish

"yes mom, I am fine I will not come home today I have to go out of city for some business work will be back soon don't worry about me" armaan said that and cut the call

"helloo armaan hello" said kashish but the call was already disconnected "what had happened to him he even sounded very disturbed I just hope everything is fine with him" kashish prayed to herself
While here we see armaan standing in the middle of a very old house he was alone staring at few pictures in front of him , the house was in a very bad state full of dust , spider net as if no one came in there for years

Next Day

Riddhima thought a lot over what prerna said and now somewhere she decided that her family decision is correct and she was fine with whatever they decide for her ,
She was getting ready for office as she was joining from today, while her thought were completely occupied by armaan and only armaan she was just hoping to see him today in the office somewhere she wished to talk with him be with him
She went to office with samrat and adhiraj and while day waited for some news from armaan or too see him but her bad luck he was not there , no where

At lunch time she was having lunch with samrat adhiraj and mayank when adhiraj cell rang

"hey angad so how are you, we have a meeting today so when are you and armaan coming for that" said adhiraj

And riddhima heartbeat increased he is coming for meeting wow

"oh really I have no idea where is he , are you serious ok I don't knew had no conversation with him yes I will also search" said adhiraj while riddhima was getting confused over what they were talking

"what happened adhiraj is everything fine" said mayank as adi cut the call

"no bhai actually angad called he said that armaan is out of city for some business work and that there is no contact with him since morning his phone is out of range no one knew where he went , sujal uncle and kashish aunty are really worried about him as well he is all alone went without his driver and bodyguards" said adhiraj

"what, but how his bodyguards never leave him alone and god hope he is fine" said riddhima all of a sudden she was so tensed that she didn't even realised that she was saying all this in front of her three brothers but her luck they were also tensed for armaan so didn't noticed her over panic

"yes he went to some hospital named Sanjeevani in the morning and then from there he took his car himself and went somewhere,  his bodyguards tried to follow him but cant get him since then no one knew where he is last evening he called kashish aunty once informing he is fine and gone out will not come and till then there is no news from him" said adhiraj
"armaan had never been that irresponsible hope he is fine" said mayank ,

"bhai I think I will go and look for him" said adhiraj

"yes you go and ha keep us informed if you get any information" said mayank and adhiraj left from there

While riddhima was really tensed hearing all this,  she just excused herself from there and went to her cabin

"hope he is fine god armaan ji where are you, I am feeling so scared for him" riddhima prayed

After few minutes she got a call on her cell from some unknown number

"riddhima" said the voice from other side

She did recognized that it was armaan ,

"armaan ji , you where are you hope you are fine I was so worried I mean" said riddhima all in one go

"where are you riddhima" armaan said his voice sounded too different and heavy as if he had cried a lot

"in the office but where are you and" before she can say it further he cut the call

"what was all that where is armaan ji and why he called me like this, I am not getting a good feeling with all this , I just hope everything is fine with him" riddhima thought to herself

It was just been an hour when riddhima got call from armaan she was sitting in her cabin alone thinking about why armaan called her and all when someone entered her cabin she was shocked to see the person it was armaan standing there

His condition was also not fine his clothes were little dirty eyes swelled maybe he didn't slept in night or maybe he cried too much, he was not in his office formals he was wearing his simple shirt and jeans maybe the same clothes which he was wearing yesterday

"armaan ji you here , are you ok I mean you look really disturbed is everything fine" said riddhima confused on seeing armaan in this state
While here armaan was just standing there on the door and looking at her he was quite to quiet and riddhima was getting scared of that

Riddhima got up from her chair and went towards him but before that
only armaan came running towards her and took her in a tight hug
He hugged her tightly and riddhima was taken back by this sudden act of him
"I knew I will get you, you are my riddhima I missed you so much" said armaan emotionally
And here riddhima was so confused about what was happening she tried getting out of his embrace
"armaan ji leave me are you ok what had happened to you" said riddhima confused
While here armaan left her out of the hug
"riddhima I don't knew what to say in all this I always feel so connected to you riddhima I knew that you are here only for me and I am here for you" said armaan getting again close to riddhima
While here riddhima was now getting scared of this strange behaviour of armaan and she started moving backwards
"armaan ji I think you are not well you need some rest" said riddhima moving back she was getting scared now
While on the other side
Mayank cabin , mayank and samrat were talking about where armaan could be only

When his secretary came in the cabin

"sir Mr Rathode came in the office so you want to start the meeting now" his secratery informed them

"what armaan is here in the office really then where is he" said mayank shocked

"I don't knew that sir he came to this floor only, while we found mr rathode little strange today he was in a rush to reach this floor and I suppose he was not even dressed formally we thought he came to your cabin" said mayank's secretary

"armaan came to this floor but he didn't came in this cabin bhaiya I think I will just check with him" said samrat leaving mayank cabin

While here on the other hand

Riddhima was little scared of armaan behaviour she was moving backward soon she was not able to go more back as her back touched the wall
"armaan ji please stay back" riddhima said as armaan came more and more near to her almost jamming her body in between wall and him more close to her face
"you didn't remember anything we have been like this many times , I remember it all riddhima I remember now that you are my riddhima and I am your" said armaan looking in her eyes
While here riddhima heart was beating very fast armaan being so close to her somewhere she was liking this but then his strange behaviour he was not the same armaan this was also disturbing her
"I love you riddhima"  armaan said getting very close to her
While riddhima heart beat a skip she don't knew how to react to this, was he proposing her or he was just demanding her she was scared and somewhere she was feeling secured both at same time
She was just thinking over what was happening when came another shock armaan didn't stopped there coming more and more close to her he locked her lips with his
Cupping her face tightly he started kissing her passionately while here riddhima eyes got widened over what was happening , her heartbeat speed had no limit but she was scared this was all unprepared she was standing there firm but soon when armaan started demanding for her to response she started losing all her senses  soon she closed her eyes her fear was taken over by some unknown feeling the urge to be with him at the movement to go with what was happening soon she forgot everything and lost in the kiss, she started kissing him back and the kiss got more and more passionate
She felt this was it the place where she had to be, she felt this was not the first time she and armaan were so close
"I love you riddhima"  armaan said in just a mere whisper in between the kiss which somewhere brought riddhima back to the earth
She opened her eyes and look around where she was and what was happening and what she was doing she felt all that wrong its all wrong this should not be like this
She pushed armaan back with great force
"what the hell are you doing armaan" said riddhima angrily, she was too angry over armaan act
But before they can talk or say anything further a sudden loud voice calling Riddhima name scared both of them

Riddhima looked at the door it was samrat and mayank standing there, samrat shouted her name loud and he was too angry for sure
"what the hell is happening here" said samrat angrily getting towards riddhima and standing in between armaan and riddhima
Now riddhima was scared she was feeling ashamed of herself for what all happened
Ok that's all for now
I knew I am a devil you guys not expected this twist from me

But this is my ff guys here you all expect the unexpected and as for precap get ready for another unexpected twist my devil mind Is working here right now   

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and here i have big bonus for my readers
updatting two parts today
part 20 comming ahead

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 part 19 above


Riddhima looked at the door it was samrat and mayank standing there, samrat shouted her name loud and he was too angry for sure
"what the hell is happening here" said samrat angrily getting towards riddhima and standing in between armaan and riddhima
Now riddhima was scared she was feeling ashamed of herself for what all happened
"bhai actually I was" riddhima tried saying but don't knew what to say she was scared now samrat definitely looked angry she even don't knew when they both came in her cabin what they saw

Oh god have they seen them kissing, she was feeling so embarrassed what will she say what explanation will she give

But to their luck mayank and samrat didn't saw much, they came in the cabin only when riddhima pushed armaan away so armaan and riddhima saved a little but still they have seen them close armaan hugging on her and then her push

Samrat getting near armaan

"what do you think you were doing armaan" said samrat angrily
But here armaan was still in some other thoughts he didn't even got much affected by who came in what were they talking nothing his eyes were still on riddhima

"listen please stay out of this, its my personal matter and I have to talk with riddhima" said armaan rudely

This made samrat anger more high and riddhima was shocked she never thought armaan can even say like this she was feeling scared

"what personal matter she is my sister and its better you stay away from her" said samrat

"please just get away" armaan saying so pushed samrat away samrat was even more shocked by his this behaviour no one expected this from him and again getting near riddhima and holding her both arms "riddhima you knew me maybe by now you are not remembering anything just try riddhima I am armaan" said armaan and here riddhima trying hard to get out of his hold she was hardly listening to what he was saying her full focus was on getting free

Samrat came back to armaan and this time holding him tight

"armaan leave her don't you dare come near her" said samrat angrily pushing him back

Seeing the situation getting out of control mayank came in between

"samrat armaan stop it you both just stop, samrat you just stay away I will handle this now" said mayank making samrat aside and getting near armaan

"and armaan I think you are little disturbed you don't even look ok I think you need some rest listen armaan go back home have some rest we will discuss and talk on this matter later" said mayank to armaan , mayank was still very cool yes he would have reacted the same way as samrat did in this situation if the person in front of them would have been someone else, but here it was armaan , and armaan was like a family to them , he was also important to them so mayank want to clear this matter coolly

"mayank ji please I am fine and I don't need any rest I just wanted to talk I just wanted to tell her that" armaan also relaxed a little as mayank tried to calm him

"its ok its ok we will talk about this listen we can talk calmly later its not the right way whatever the matter is can be discussed" said mayank

"bhaiya why are you talking him so politely cant you see what he was trying to do and look at kiddo she is so scared and he" said samrat he was still angry

"samrat please stop you leave and take riddhima with you go back home" ordered mayank to samrat and riddhima to leave

And samrat side hugging scared riddhima walking out of the room

"no riddhima wait you cant go like this you have to come with me I have to tell you lots of thinks come with me we will go back home our home and I knew then you will" said armaan holding riddhima back stopping her from leaving

"armaan stop this nonsence right now let her go you are not in your senses right now and like this in this situation its better you let her go" said mayank holding armaan back

Till this time angad and adhiraj also came there who were searching for armaan and were little confused on what was happening why mayank holding armaan back like this

"armaan are you ok , where were you and why were you not picking our calls you knew sujal uncle is so tensed for you what happened are you all right" said angad

But armaan didn't even saw him or listening to him he just saw samrat and riddhima leaving

"riddhima stop you cant leave me like this riddhima" said armaan and tried to go from there but mayank hold him back

And angad and adhiraj also too confused on this

"angad I think he is not well you just take him back home try and relax him we will talk later" said mayank

"but bhaiya what happened and why kiddo left" said adhiraj confused

"armaan is gone out of his senses and he is talking all rubbish" said mayank

"I am not out of my senses and I am not at all talking any rubbish , I just remember that all and she don't I just wanted to talk with her make her remember she is my riddhima and no one can take her away from me" said armaan in frustration

"what the hell armaan you shut up you knew who you are talking all this things about ,she is my sister god dammit don't you dare thing and talk about her like this" said adhiraj getting angry and warning armaan

"guys just stop this now angad just take him away try to talk with him make him calm" said mayank

With that angad took armaan away from there and with much effort put him in the car and drove to their house
While here on the other side,

Samrat took riddhima away in the car

"I just don't get it what had gone into him he is gone crazy , kiddo you just don't panic we are here with you and nothing will happen to you ok" said samrat

But riddhima was not even listening to him she was just lost in the thoughts what armaan said what he was to say why he said all that, what he remember and she don't what all was happening and he kissed her she also kissed him back yes she did , she loved that

Her head was spinning too much she don't knew when she got to sleep or got unconscious

"she saw the same marriage pictures couple getting married then water and then couple hugging each other and then the water they drowning , and then she saw couple romancing, it was like thinks were also spinning in her heads

Then she saw a room a bed room a girl waiting for someone and then a boy came he hugged the girl and then they kissed, "I love you riddhima" were the words the boy said, "I love you too" the girl replied breaking the kiss ,

She can now see the boy face it was armaan, and then the girl again said "I love you too armaan ji" said the girl it was her, riddhima herself in her dream

She got up with a jerk and found herself back in the car samrat was driving

"kiddo are you ok , what happened" said samrat tensed for her
But riddhima was soo lost in her thoughts , what all it was again she and armaan was it armaan in all her dreams

She had earlier also seen armaan face in her dreams she had seen him many times, is all that happened today somewhere related to all this dreams and imaginations she had,

Is that armaan also have the same connection was he also talking about this but then what

She was lost in thinking about all this

"kiddo are you ok , listen its ok you just relax everything will be fine, we are back home lets go" said samrat

"bhai lets just not discuss about this with anyone please bhai" said riddhima

"but kiddo what was all that, I mean why all that happened I was angry at that time didn't even heard what he said, but still what was happening" asked samrat

"I don't knew bhai, I just don't knew anything also didn't got what he was trying to say all that happened so fast I didn't even got time to think on he just came in and then" riddhima tried saying

"its ok relax, maybe he is was out of his senses just forget about that , lets go you just get some rest" said samrat making riddhima calm

While on the other side

Angad and armaan drove back home, sujal and kashish were tensed and waiting for him as they entered the house

"armaan what is this I never expected this kind of irresponsible behaviour from you" said sujal angrily seeing armaan

"armaan are you all right look at you ,please armaan tell me what happened to you" said kashish worried seeing armaan condition

"the same I tried asking him soo many times but he is not even giving any reply to me, and for what he did" said angad, getting angry as he was also frustrated armaan was quite and quite all the time in the car and now also

"what happened angad and where was he" asked sujal

"uncle I don't know much but mayank bhaiya called me and told that armaan had gone to their office, sharma industry and so I went there and then I don't know what happened" said angad

"sharma industry, you went to sharma industry and like this look at your clothes but why" said sujal confused

"to meet riddhima I suppose, I don't know what exactly happened but samrat and mayank were really angry with armaan" said angad

And sujal and kashish were shocked,

"what you did armaan, please say something hope you haven't done any inadequate act their" said sujal tensed

"armaan please speak up what happened to you , where were you gone and why you went there and what you did" said angad frustrated

"I just don't want to discuss anything right now, I didn't did anything" said armaan frustrated and left from there

He went to his room

And thinking over what all had happened

"riddhima I promise I will make you also remember everything as I do, you are my riddhima and we both came back for our love its been so many years we have been away but now I will get you" said armaan to himself

Later the whole day armaan didn't came out of his room ,

Kashish sujal and angad were getting really tensed for him but they thought of giving him sometime alone maybe everything will get fine

In the evening

Mayank, adhiraj and samrat didn't told anyone anything that happened in the office they three were sitting alone in one room

"bhaiya I am still so confused, I mean I cant believe that this happened like this, armaan had always been so nice and calm but today" said samrat

"yes I am also so shocked, do you think bhaiya that something is their between him and our kiddo" said adhiraj enquiring if armaan behaving like this then there can be something

"I knew that already" said mayank

Shocking both samrat and adhiraj

"what you knew , I mean what are you trying to say, our kiddo cant do anything like this" said samrat shocked

"no I didn't meant it in that way, actually mom and dad had discussed about this with me, I was about to talk with you two regarding this actually we all were discussing about kiddo and armaan getting marriage" said mayank waiting for their reaction

"what are you serious bhaiya , I mean how can you all think about it like this" said samrat shocked

"there was no problem in this infact mom dad had even discussed about this with armaan parents and they were also happy with this, but I am still tensed over what happened today" said mayank

"bhai even if our families were discussing about all this still armaan behaviour today was not at all appropriate I don't knew what I should think about all this in this situation" said adhiraj

"do kiddo knew about all this" said samrat

"yes mom had discussed with her about this, mom said her to think over all this and after all that happened I think she should take her time and think about what she wants" said mayank

GUYS armaan remember everything about her past with all positive he is back with her negative side as well, armaan aggressive nature and his impulsiveness in his act that he was

Lets see what more problem it will cause now

In evening , armaan tried calling riddhima,

riddhima avoided receiving her calls but armaan kept on calling her again and again finally she answer

"what the, don't you do this to me , why were you not picking my calls" said armaan angrily

"what do you want from me, I don't knew what got into you, I am really upset for what you did with me today, please it would be really better if we don't talk with each other" said riddhima

"riddhima listen please don't cut, listen I just wanted to talk with you, all that happened so fast I wanted to tell you soo many things and I just wanted you with me" said armaan

"armaan what happened to you, you were not like this you were never like this why are you getting so impulsive" said riddhima calmly

"riddhima please meet me right now, I want to meet you I am waiting for you" said armaan

"no I wont, I just don't want to meet you right now , armaan listen I don't knew what got into you, but I need some time, I think you should also first get calm and then we will talk" said riddhima disconnecting the call

"helloo riddhima, riddhima you cant do this to me" said armaan frustrated and he was surely getting angry now

The night passed somehow

Riddhima tried to get calm and relaxed, she was not having much idea of what happened and she surely had no idea of what was going to happened

Next day morning

Early morning around 7 riddhima got up with the ring on her cell it was from kripa

"riddhima you are still sleeping are you coming for jogging today, I am waiting for you in the jogging track, please come fast" said kripa

Riddhima got very less sleep in the night but still she got up and got ready for jogging

Like her daily routine she went down the hall, rishab was as like always sitting in the main hall busy reading his morning newspaper,

"good morning dad" said riddhima hugging him

"good morning princess you are late for your jogging today I thing" said rishab looking at the time she usually go for jogging early then this

"yes dad a little anyways I am leaving kripa is waiting for me their" said riddhima leaving the house

While here as she reached the jogging ground in her car, driver parked the car in a corner riddhima got out of the car and saw kripa at a little far distance, she waved kripa to come near

Riddhima was crossing by the road to move towards the ground when suddenly one car came there in the middle of the road stopped in front of riddhima and someone pulled her inside the car,

All that happened so in hurry that riddhima didn't even realized what happened to her, soon she found herself in a car someone covered her mouth so that she cant scream she was not able to see the face as the person was behind him

"I told you I wanted to talk but you have not left any option with me sorry riddhima I never wanted to do this with you" said the person, riddhima saw the person it was none other than armaan

Before she can say something or do anything, armaan driver started the car taking riddhima with them

Riddhima was not able to scream as armaan had covered her face with an handkerchief soon she felt feeling dizzy maybe due to the little chloroform that armaan put on so that riddhima get unconscious and he can easily take her with him rather kidnap her

While Here kripa was soo shocked she didn't knew what to do,

She immediately called mayank informing him that some unknown car came and took riddhima away

Mayank rushed to the jogging ground

"I don't know anything bhaiya actually I was standing there and
riddhima was passing the road hen some car came and someone pulled riddhima inside and drove off, it all happened so fast that I didn't even got to knew till the time I rushed here the car was gone too far sorry bhaiya" said kripa

"do you have any idea who was there in , have you seen someone , or car number or anything" said mayank he was so scared right now

"I don't think I remember the car number or anything I did not saw anyone I was little far and till the time I came here the car was " said kripa

"I will just call the cops" said mayank

And soon mayank and kripa rushed back to Sharma House to give the news to all

And the reaction at the house well that were to tensed and emotional cant write that much lol's

Anyways all were really tensed for this , they all tried to call riddhima cell many times but it was switched off

Soon a big group of cops arrived there, they still wanted this news to remain secret as they didn't wanted to get riddhima life in danger if the media persons got to knew and all

Its been like 3 hours now, still no nesws from riddhima

"that's it I cant sit here like a fool and wait I am going to search for my kiddo myself" said adhiraj

"but where will you go do you have any idea where she is or can be" said mayank "we cant do anything just we have to wait for the kidnapper call" said mayank

"and how can we be soo sure that the kidnapper will call us, its been 3 hours god knews what our kiddo would be going through"
said samrat literally crying

And here prerna started shedding tears like anything

"didi please don't cry nothing will happen to our kiddo just relax didi, have faith in god he wont let anything happen to her" said nandini consoling prerna

"but inspector its been three hours you said that maybe this kidnapping is done for money than they should have called by now" said karan frustrated

"earlier we were also assuming that the kidnapper aim was money but now I think there can be any other reason, do you have any rivalry with anyone do you suspect anyone" said inspector

"maybe I knew riddhima had filed case against a boy and his family yes I remember his mother was too angry for that, I doubt maybe they" said aakash he remember maya warning and threatening his to take the case back

"oh god we should have guessed I swear if anything happen to my daughter I will kill that" said rishab angrily

"its ok rishab bhaiya just relax we will get our kiddo back home safely" said karan consoling his brother , when he himself was more tensed right now

The inspector immediately sends his one team to investigate this suspect

While here on the other hand

Riddhima gained a little conscious she got up a little her head was spinning maybe due to the medicine armaan gave to make her unconscious

She opened her eyes and looked around

She was so shocked to see she was lying on a bed in some unknown place it looked like a room but it was in a very bad state, walls were torn and very dirty there was not much dust but looked like someone had just clean a place which was left like this since many years soon she remembered she was going for jogging when someone pulled her in a car and then she remember she saw armaan

She immediately sat up on the bed

"oh god armaan brought me here, but where I am and why he brought me here like this, and where is he" riddhima talking to herself

She was getting so scared , never in her wildest dream she could have imagined armaan doing all this,

"what is his aim what does he want from me" she was thinking when she felt the door opening and she saw armaan entering in the room

Seeing riddhima up he immediately rished towards her making her sit properly

"riddhima you got up, how are you feeling now hope you are fine here have some water" said armaan sounding very concerned for her, gave her water to drink

Riddhima through the glass in one corner of the room and pushed armaan back with great force

"just stay away from me , what the hell do you think you are doing" said riddhima angrily

"riddhima I just wanted to talk with you and you were not ready and then I was left with no option but to forcefully get you here, but riddhima don't be scared I wont hurt you I cant hurt you jaan" said armaan so lovingly

"armaan just leave me , please don't you dare touch me please armaan don't do this let me go everyone would be worried for me" said riddhima literally crying

"riddhima please don't cry please riddhima look I love you and I cant
see you cry like this ok if you want to go you can go I will take you back home myself but before that I just want you to listen to me once" said armaan hugging riddhima tightly

But riddhima was scared of this behaviour of him she again pushed him back

"don't touch me don't you hear that, I have to go" riddhima was scared she wanted to run from there, she got up from the bed and rushed towards the door of the room only to find it locked

"you cant leave me like this riddhima you knew when I came to this house I got all my memories back the time we been together our love our life don't you remember that riddhima" said armaan getting close to her

"I don't remember anything nothing yes i started feeling something for you now a days but that little thing that I had for you you are destroying it yourself with this act of yours, please armaan let me go what you want from me" said riddhima literally begging

"I just want you riddhima , you are my life , you have always been , the god had send us once again in this world for our love our perfect life which we had you me and our small world of love" said armaan getting near her and again hugging her tight

"I just want to feel you with me near me the place you always belong to I just want to make you all mine all over again I had been away from you for soo many years I just want to feel each and every time we were together once again the way we love each other I just want to love you like always I want to kiss you the way we did I want to make love with you the way we always did" said armaan lost in his memories there sweet memories

But here riddhima was listening to all that she don't remember anything yet still the love the sincerity in his eyes urged her to be with him just to give him whatever he wants her fear her scariness were forgotten for a while after she looked in his eyes

She feeling that she belongs here this was her place

Armaan slowly getting close to her and then again sealing her lips with a sweet kiss she closed her eyes feeling him she don't knew what got over her senses but she was not in her control anymore

He was kissing her passionately and she was just feeling him close eyes, she had surrendered herself completely to him no
thoughts nothing just the feeling she was getting right now

Armaan was also lost he also got with the flow of passion holding her tight near him he was losing all his senses he broke the kiss and moved a little down and started giving wet kisses on her neck


They both lost in the movement armaan gently kissing her his hands got down slowly towards her waist line he gently moving his hands inside her shirt moving hands slowly on her stomach

Riddhima was lost too lost to even realize what she was doing or what was happenning armaan giving kissing her again a little near her neck bone while he was caressing her back with his hands inside the shirt

Riddhima eyes were closed she was just feeling the movement but for once she opened her eyes she looked her surronding same dirty room and then she rememberred she was been kidnapped here by armaan and with his name she realized what he was doing kissing her touching her he was about to remove her shirt when she pushed him back again

"No please stop" said riddhima forcefully pushing him back and standing straight

Armaan also came back to sences from that movement he also realized that they both got little far carried away in this and this should not have been like this

"What you think you are doing armaan what is all this happening this is what you want to talk about with me this is actually what you wanted" said riddhima crying

"no listen you are taking me wrong riddhima" said armaan coming close trying to hold her but riddhima just moved back and avoiding his touch

"dont you please dont you dare come close to me now armaan all this what u are doing is not at all right you were not like this you were never like this armaan what have got into u" said riddhima frustrated
"no I am not wrong riddhima and I didn't bought you here for doing any such thing which you feel is wrong" said armaan trying to make her believe

"yes right armaan maybe I am nave and I don't know much about the world and all still I can understand the meaning of this all you are doing, getting me out here rather kidnapping me to talk oh wow really and you want me to believe you in this and here you trying to take advantage of me" said riddhima angrily

The words were echoed in armaan's mind, taking advantage of her, god he was not able to believe that his riddhima was thinking of him being so low, that was heights for him his anger was rising again, he was trying to tell her the truth of their lifes and true love and she was saying it taking advantage of her

"oh really so you really feel I got you here to take advantage of the situation really" said armaan angrily

And seeing his anger riddhima also got really tensed she was getting to scared of this right now , she don't knew what to do she found some showpiece like thing kept on the table she just picked it she just wanted to escape she tried hurting armaan with that so that she can just run from their

But armaan stopped her hand in the middle

"riddhima what do you think you are doing ok fine you really believe I really got you here for getting you then let it be like this" said armaan angrily
And he picked riddhima up and through her straight on the bed

"no armaan please leave me listen I armaan you cant do this to me" riddhima was screaming

Armaan got over her on the bed, she tried to escape but no scope armaan holding both her hands with his

"please armaan leave me please don't do this" said riddhima crying she was helpless now cant do anything she was not in a condition to even try to escape

Armaan again got very near her lips and was about to kiss her again and she had no option just to cry

"do you really believe I got you here for this then look it was so simple I could have done this far before and not wasting time here talking with you and explaining you all that" said armaan still in same position

"but I cant do this to you I told you earlier as well I love you and I just cant hurt you in any ways, you don't even trust me this much now riddhima , relax I wont do anything with you" said armaan Giving a light kiss on riddhima's forehead just an assurance of love and not anything else

Armaan got aside of her leaving her got up from the bed, while here riddhima was still in after shock of what all happened

She sat back on the bed hugging her knees ,

"you knew what I knew I am wrong I knew what I did today was really wrong and what happened in the office yesterday was also not right, all this should have not happened like this, but what can I do I got soo aggressive didn't even got to knew and realized what was happening or what I was doing" said armaan bringing his hands on his own head realizing he did a lot of wrong in his aggressiveness

Seeing riddhima condition she was so in a miserable state due to him he was feeling to guilty right now

He should have understood it was he who have got all the memories back it was he who remember his and riddhima connection but riddhima she was same she still lives in his this life how would she understand it all he had to make her understand everything and that to calmly , this aggressiveness will lead him to no where

Thinking about this armaan left the room , he went out , and riddhima saw him leaving she don't knew what she should do she was not getting anything that was happening here and all that could happen

She just looked around the room she need to get out of here, she needs some help

"mobile, my phone where is it, I should call someone for help"  riddhima  thinking to herself she got up of the bed and looked around she didn't found her cell phone don't knew where it was

To her luck she saw one cell phone there, it was armaan mobile phone she knew that

She quickly picked that up don't knew what to do she just dialled number on that
On the other side

Sharma house

Everyone were tensed as they were getting no clue about riddhima ,

Mayank was just busy in talking with the cops when his cell rang

Mayank cell rang it says Armaan Calling

"armaan why is armaan calling me right now" mayank thought and he picked the call

"hello bhaiya , bhaiya help me" said riddhima from the other end she was scared she was shouting she don't knew how much to say and what to say

"kiddo is that you, riddhima hello" said mayank loud,

It made everyone in the house very much attentive all came running towards mayank

"riddhima where are you , are you ok" said mayank he was literally crying

"bhaiya help me I don't know where I am please bhaiya come here I" said riddhima crying

"riddhima this is armaan number you are calling from is he with you" said mayank enquiring

"yes bhai, I don't know what got into him he had gone crazy bhai I don't know where he got me I have no idea of this place some really old house I don't know anything" said riddhima crying when she heard armaan coming

"what the , what are you doing riddhima" armaan shouted loud and snatching the cell phone from riddhima hand he through it in far corner of the room making it break into pieces

While here on the other hand

mayank heard armaan shouting and then the call got disconnected

"hello kiddo , kiddo hello" mayank kept on shouting but no use there was no one on the other side

He tried calling again but the phone was switched off

"bhaiya what was that , was that really kiddo what she said bhai is she fine" said samrat enquiring

But mayank was not replying

"bhaiya what she said is she with armaan is she safe" said adhiraj ahead

"armaan kidnapped riddhima" said mayank very low as if telling himself

"what are you serious bhai, no this cant be true armaan cannot do anything like this" said adhiraj shocked they just can't believe this fact

"this is true that armaan he kidnapped our kiddo she was asking for help she was so scared she told me this it was armaan he had gone mad" said mayank out loud

And four elders rishab, prerna and karan nandini were shocked so does kripa and nupur,

They just cant believe what they heard no one can believe this but
it was true

While samrat and adhiraj were like more than being shock they were angry now ,

"armaan singh rathode if anything happened to my kiddo I swear I will kill you" exclaimed samrat in anger
ok thats all for now
waiting for your replies and no need to say that i am a devil i allready knew i am devil thanks in advance for that
will update ahead really super soon for sure

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ojaswi_kajen Goldie

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Posted: 10 April 2013 at 7:12am | IP Logged
OMG armaan remember everything...
nice update...
but i didnt lyk armaan's behavior...
i hope everything goes well btw armaan and ridhima...
cont soon...eagerly waiting for the nxt update...
thnks for the PM...:):):)

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Monstuholic4evr IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 April 2013 at 7:29am | IP Logged
what the hell???

I wanted a little melodrama but this will drift them away…
I have a feeling that Anjali and Atul and people from their earlier life will play a pivotal role in uniting them now.
looking forward to the next update :)

Edited by Pious_KaSh - 10 April 2013 at 8:12am

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