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Posted: 28 March 2013 at 8:52am | IP Logged
Hey it was awesome...loved it.

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HEY. Simi great part..
LOved it...
Btw can you update the parts in dill mill gayye blog... YOu have left it totally in complete there... It would be really nice if you update there...
And yeah thank you for the pm... DO pm me when you update the next part.. take care...

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absolutely awesome

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awesome update
luv it
cont soon thanks 4 pm

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Hey Dear..

awesome story.. can u plz pm me whenever u update.. it'll be great help.. Thank u ...
take care nd update soon..

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Hi Simi...

here i sthe link where you had stopped this FF on DillMill Gayye blog...

I would be very glad.. infact we all the members of that blog would be very glad if you start to resume writing there too...
Please its my humble request for you to update it on the blog also...

I guess you are a very old memeber of that blog... So you are most welcome back to your blog.. :)

Hope to see you soon there..

waiting for your reply... 


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Armaan angad and riddhima left for the party,

They came out in their house lawn where three cars in a row were standing like always, front and back cars with bodyguards and in the middle car driver was waiting for them to sit

As they came near, driver immediately opened the back door for them to sit, armaan let riddhima sit first, and then went near the driving seat, and took keys from the driver

"I will drive you come in the other car" said armaan to the driver, sitting on the driving seat himself, and angad sat by his side on the passenger seat

The journey started quietly , no one saying anything , when angad started the conversation

"you knew we are so so late, just cause of you armaan" said angad complaining

"oh really, was it really my fault, it was you who actually changed thrice before finally getting ready" said armaan

"oh ya and what were you doing till them nor you were in with me help me, and neither were you ready" said angad

To which armaan went quite and riddhima smiling to herself, she knew what armaan was doing in his room

She was still feeling Goosebumps in her stomach remembering her hugging on him, she was still not out of the effect of that closeness with armaan,

And armaan condition was also the same he was also stealing glances over riddhima

Soon they reach the destination

Riddhima immediately got out of the car, and got inside first

It was a simple party at kripa's place no loud music no extra guest , just few close friends which were really less as they all were new to India so had no more amount of friends here

Suhani [kripa sister] welcoming all there ,

Samrat gunjan, adhiraj and kripa were already there, when riddhima came there

"hi riddhima god you knew you are so late" said gunjan complaining

"yes I knew I am late, all thanks to your to first your to be mother in law and then your so nice to be husband" said riddhima annoyed

"what now what have I done in this now" said annoyed samrat

"what do you mean, by what have you done, you and adi bhai left me alone at home first, and then over that mom said you cant go alone you go with angad, and then the cherry on the top angad he took like hours in getting ready" said riddhima all in one go leaving everyone laughing on her condition

"really mam we left you home cause mayank bhai and nupur bhabhi were there with you and  didn't knew they also left early" said adhiraj,  "anyways leave that hope that you manage here well" he said ahead

"we bought her along with us properly adi, here is your princess full one piece hope now that's fine, god adhiraj you knew you irritated me so much with your calls since the time you came to knew that riddhima is coming with us" said angad as he came inside the house along with armaan

"I always knew this boys were too much , but this much god" exclaimed gunjan

"anyways guys we don't have the party at the entrance shall we move in" said kripa being a nice host

They all settled in the main hall soon mayank and nupur to came there 

Everyone was busy in chatting and enjoying starters and drinks

While kripa and gunjan were standing at the side table making some arrangements

"need some help" said riddhima, coming there

"yes we need hot gossips, so tell us madam just heard that madam came along with armaan here, so what happened" said kripa teasing

"what happened nothing happened madam why are you actually presuming so many thing we just came together and that to with angad remember" said riddhima,

"oh really then what was that blush for" said kripa teasing her ahead

"oh stop it yaar I am so sick and tired of your this teasing ok, please don't stretch it much I mean you wont imagine what I am going through, all the time my mind is so disturbed and then my heartbeat god you knew if I run it in some race its definitely going to get the first prize and over that this Goosebumps in my stomach" said riddhima annoyed

"this is cause you are in love sweethearts this is how it feels, you just wait and watch still many things left to come like sleepless night, and looking for him and only him all over the places" said gunjan and kripa teasing her ahead

"god help me where am I struck" said riddhima

"no note god you say armaan help me, its only he who can do anything now" said gunjan

"girls please be low, everyone is here someone will listen" said riddhima

"so what now what is said jab pyaar kiya to darna  kya" said kripa teasing her ahead singing a song

Only then nupur came there,

"hey girls whats going on" said nupur coming there

"no nothing much bhabhi , we were just have normal chat that's all" said riddhima getting back to normal

"oh ok come lets go there why are you three standing here alone , see there samrat and angad are feeling so low for not being with you" said nupur teasing kripa and gunjan

"yes bhabhi you go ahead we are just coming" said kripa

And now nupur went from there ,

"yes bhabhi is right, not only samrat and angad infact look there armaan is like feeling soo soo low not going to be with riddhima" said kripa teasing ahead

"shhh kripa be quite or bhabhi will hear that, I swear I will kill you once more you said all this" said riddhima warning

Soon they all joined the other in the group

There was no music playing, all were just standing here and there and just chatting

"riddhima you knew what I no actually we have a really nice surprise for you" said kripa excitedly

Everyone was actually listening to all this well cause they all were standing together

"really I am waiting, so what can be your surprise I am sure something really boring" said riddhima making fun of her

"oh well that you can judge later after getting it, guess what who is coming" said kripa looking towards mayank and samrat as if they all knew this

"who, you are so excited as if got some devil or monster for me" said riddhima ,

"oh you knew me so well right mayank bhaiya we really didn't mean to tell her" said kripa

By now all got really attentive to their talks , armaan and angad were having all ears on what they
were chatting on

"no , I mean oh god don't tell me don't tell me that you all called the monster mayank bhaiyaa
really" said riddhima

She was just indulge in taking with kripa and gunjan when she felt strong pull of arms around her waist from back pulling her up in the air and in no time swinging her round and round and she was screaming at her  full voice here armaan you all must knew how much jealous he was feeling
he didn't liked anyone holding riddhima like this at all

Soon she was landed back to see a long dark and handsome man standing there,

"perfect example of the saying think of the devil and devil appears you are still alive" said riddhima

"yes look I survived actually I was saved as you left me alone in London, cause if I would have stayed with you for longer their I would have surely died" said the man standing their

"ha ha very funny, the evil monsters like you never die they are spirit its impossible to get rid of
you" said riddhima making fun of him ahead

"yes you tried getting rid of me , that's why left me alone there in London and over that no single call no contact , soo bad you forget me and now also I am standing here in front of you still you are not even have courtesy to meet me properly comeon jaan I came all the way from London just for you and you are not even welcoming me properly atleast I can get a nice hug, I deserve this much atleast" said the man hugging riddhima tight,

Armaan was here fuming like anything , first he said riddhima jaan and then hugging her tightly oh no she had someone special in his life, and no one have a problem with that, as samrat, mayank and adhiraj, were happy seeing them together and had no problem with their hugging , that means there relationship must be official

"oh I missed you and I am soo sorry for not calling you, you knew from the day we came to India soo much happened and we all were so preoccupied and anyways forget that how are you and how is everything" said riddhima happily

"well we can really talk later first let me meet all who are waiting for me" said the man and then went to mayank hugging him tight

"hello mayank bhaiya haw are you, hope fine well with nupur bhabhi aside you , you always stay fine" said the man

"I am good Aakash how are you" said mayank

Yes the person name was Aakash Khurana he left mayank and hugged samrat

"soo saale saahab, haw are you, and great going got engaged and all" said aakash meeting samrat

"oh yes jijaji , I am soo good, and you knew everything already as if something was hidden from you there in London where all this started" said samrat, talking about his and gunjan relation

"oh god he calling samrat brother in law, means, oh no is he riddhima's , no but riddhima never told me anything in this regard why would she maybe it was too personal, but still riddhima, and he" armaan thing to himself, he was heart break he don't knew what to do and say next he was completely heartbreak
While here aakash meeting all who knew him ,the one who had been with him in London

He knew kripa and gunjan also very well
"so tell me how are you here" said riddhima coming near aakash again

"as if, if you wont call me and tell me anything I would not be able to knew anything" said aakash getting serious he said ahead "we tried coming for samrat engagement but I already told father in law and mother in law that it all happened so in hurry that I was not able to reach for engagement ceremony" said aakash

" yes mom dad told me that, actually suddenly it got decided that engagement will be held in two days and soo" said riddhima

Here armaan heart was piercing into pieces he was getting all boiled hearing riddhima mom dad as father in law and mother in law from aakash mouth but he was still speechless

"and you even didn't bothered telling me what happened there in the party, I am not that a stranger that you should tell me this, I was so hurt when mayank bhai told me that" said aakash getting serious

"I am sorry actually you were far and I really didn't wanted to make you upset and" said riddhima trying to defend

"I am not that a stranger am I" said aakash , the hurt was clearly visible in his eyes

"ok ok , you monster sorry , I am sorry, god you first you come here giving me a heart attack and then questioning soo much, you are surely a devil like always, you knew I think you should be dead now" said riddhima trying to lighten the situation as it was getting a bit serious

"hey whats your problem dint you love me, why you always want to me to get widow" came a sarcastic comment from back, and here we see a lady standing on the entrance

Everyone present their got really happy seeing her and riddhima immediately rushed there and hugged the lady tightly

"oh I love you soo much you knew I missed you soo much jiji" said riddhima meeting the lady

"I love you too riddhima, but I don't knew about you, I mean what a sister of mine who wants his sister to get widow" said the lady joking, she was not serious

"oh jiji can I think so , I was just kidding you knew how this devil monster is" said riddhima talking about aakash

"payal jiji" said adhiraj coming their hugging payal making riddhima side

"hey adhiraj how are you I missed you all" said payal meeting them

Then she went to samrat hugging him

"samrat congrats and we are soo sorry me and aakash were not able to come for your engagement" said payal meeting samrat

"its ok payal di , I can understand your situation but still I am happy you came here" said samrat

And then payal meeting mayank and nupur

Here armaan earlier little confused, now got very normal ,

Pheww, aakash is not riddhima's fianc of something, he is riddhima brother in law and she has one more sister named payal, aakash was her husband

"you monster you were chatting here for soo long and since that time you didn't said that jiji had also come with you" said riddhima complaining to aakash

"oh I am sorry kiddo, you knew I was so excited to meet you all that I forgot" said aakash side hugging riddhima

"jeezs [short form for jiju, which riddhima use for aakash] first think please no kiddo you knew I am not a kid, and next think well that's not a good think don't you ever even think of forgetting my sis for anything in this world of else you are surely going to be dead" said riddhima warning

"ok saale saahiba [ as in sister in law] any other command" said aakash bowing a little

"ok now riddhima lots of meeting and all, first let me introduce payal jiji and aakash jiju with angad and armaan" said kripa talking them towards them as they both were new their and didn't knew at all about them

"oh angad this is payal jiji, riddhima's cousin sister and that's aakash her husband" said kripa
making a nice intro

"and payal jiji that's angad and he is armaan angad's cousin" said kripa shyly

"oh hoo , not bad kripa also knew how to blush that's a news well hi angad nice to meet you, kripa is riddhima's best friend and somewhere just like riddhima to me I really adore her a lot, I am happy that she got her happiness in you , I am really happy to meet you, congrats" said payal meeting angad well
Ok confusion clear

Armaan was really relaxed, when riddhima calling him jiju, and nothing else , for once armaan had a big heartbreak but now he was fine
Later they all settled well

"so now tell you guys didn't even came for the engagement ceremony and now all of a sudden" enquired riddhima

"well I have called aakash" said mayank interrupting in between "this was important, and I can trust only family for this" said mayank ahead

"bhaiya I am not getting you" said riddhima confused

"well we all have decided to file a case against that bas'.rd ranveer for what he did" said mayank with a disgust, " and for that I don't trust anyone more then aakash, he is the best lawyer so I called him here for filing the case, moreover I didn't wanted any outsider to be here and enquire you with all that think" said mayank ahead

The moment mayank took ranveer name all the bad memories started getting in riddhima's mind of that night, and in others as well, armaan anger was boiling again seeing riddhima's condition,

"but bhaiya case and I thought it was all over from our side" said riddhima as she personally was not ready for this yet

"its all over kiddo but do you really thing we can leave that man just like this soo easily he will have to pay for it acts and we will make sure that his life is transferred in a living hell for sure" said samrat with anger for him

"and I guarantee you that I will definitely make that soon, for that we have to first report a police complaint again him and then few legal formalities that I will take care of but all over that I need to talk to you regarding some important thinks riddhima" said aakash

"yes riddhima, you knew that when mayank bhaiya told us about what happened in the party and that he wants to file a case then only I said bhaiya that aakash will do that, moreover in such cases many kind of nonsense question are asked from the girl and any random lawyer wont support you well, and also it will  not be easy for you to tell and talk with any stranger about the incident , whereas as for aakash I knew you are and will be comfortable with him" said payal , making riddhima understand

"and yes I will try my level best that riddhima is no where dragged in all this, and very less to less enquiry is to be cone with her and for that I have taken out a very nice solution but bhaiya for that I really need to talk with that man who saved riddhima" said aakash as he didn't knew the person name

"oh well aakash you just met him armaan he is armaan he was the one who saved kiddo that day" said mayank pointing towards armaan

"oh hi, its so nice to meet you, I really wanted to personally thank you for what you did, riddhima is
our jaan and you saved her thanks a lot" said aakash meeting armaan

"oh please aakash ji, now there is no need for this thankyou and all, I already had that a lot since , and I told earlier as well that I did all this for sake of my friendship and friends , that I am" said armaan smiling with his charm and here aakash and payal already liking him

"oh that's soo nice of you, well I needed another big favour from you now" said aakash

"you please just order anything for friends" said armaan smiling

"well I want you to file the case , I mean being the prime witness and the rescue one you have the rights to file a case, in that case riddhima wont be the first one to be questioned, the direct questioning and the one to face the world first will be you, in that case we can save riddhima to get involved much and much in this" said aakash

And here armaan don't even have to think a second for this, what was aakash asking him to do, stand in front of riddhima to face the world for her, to stand ahead her and save her from this world

"I have no problem with this, I can stand ahead riddhima and you don't worry I will save her getting in all this, I can do this and this is no favour I am doing I am doing this for myself , I mean , I also want that man to ger punished" said armaan

Riddhima heart beat a skip listening to armaan words, yes he proved his words right, he was there to save her, he was her saviour and now also protecting her from the world oh god thank you soo much for sending such an angel for her in armaan's face her thoughts were disturbed by their chatting ahead

"oh that's soo nice of you, armaan man you are a true friend" said adhiraj hugging armaan

And soon they all got busy with chatting and all and the party got over soon

They all left for their homes, aakash and payal went with riddhima and her family to their house
Later the night,

Aakash and payal chatted for long with their brother and sisters all siblings chat, son mayank and nupur went to their rooms while samrat and adhiraj to their

Aakash went to his room , while payal preferred to stay back with riddhima and so aakash left them alone he knew these two sisters and their chats were like never ending

Riddhima comfortably resting in payals lap,

"I was soo scared when I came to knew about all that happened, I am so happy that you are fine and acting normal" said payal

"yes jiji , I am fine now, you knew I was upset with all that happened but then with all that family and friends support I got fine" said riddhima happily

"I am happy for you riddhima, and ya you don't worry or get scared of anything everyone is there with you" said payal making her prepared for that case thing and all

"I knew jiji and you don't panic I am not at all worrying for anything, I knew no one will let anything happen to me I trust them all who are here to protect me" said riddhima, adding armaan also the one
in that in her list of people I trust on

After lots of chatting the two sisters slept there with each other
While here on the other hand in the Sharma house only,

Riddhima's mom and dad room

Prerna and rishab have called karan nandini as well as mayank and nupur to their room

Remember guys, prerna and nandini making rishta done of armaan and riddhima , well todays meeting is to discuss this thing only with the elders as in riddhima dad , chachaa and mayank the younger brother

"what really mom I mean are you really serious about this think riddhima marriage affair and that to soo soon" said mayank not liking the idea much

"I really wanted to discuss this thing with you all after samrat engagement but then all that happened there we thought its not the right time for that" said prerna

"yes prerna didi is right, actually we even talked with kashish ji a little regarding this just checking what they think" said nandini supporting prerna

"just a minute , why have you talked to kashish ji, as in Mrs Rathode regarding this, what is she to do in all this" asked confused karan

"that is because karan I actually we all found that this can be a perfect match for our kiddo I mean I liked the boy and after all that happened and his role in that I think our decision was right" said prerna consused how her husband and karan will react to her thinking

"just a second match there, you really meant it for  ARMAAN, no mom , I mean how can you even thing of that, you meant armaan and our kiddo" said mayank shocked

"yes so what, don't you like the boy, whats the problem with this, he is a nice boy, good sweet responsible, intelligent, well-mannered well cultured , and plus the family a perfect family which we ever imagined for our kiddo, so nice people, and socially and financially" said prerna and then
nandini again supporting her

"yes I mean we all always thought of such a family only for our kiddo, tell us one bad thing and we will thing again over that" said nandini

"yes mayank I thing mom and nandini chachi are absolutely right, I mean we never thought that way but now when we think I find that armaan is perfect for our kiddo, the way he saved her and then today also the way he is protecting her I think he can take well care of our kiddo always, what do you feel about this dad" said nupur, and then finding what other things

"I was just thinking that why I didn't got this idea earlier, this is to perfect, I mean I don't thing I can
find any one single reason to say no to this still what do you feel karan" said rishab and then asking his younger brother for his decision, cause he also knew well that somewhere he and prerna were biological parents of riddhima, but still his younger brother and there wife were the one who loved riddhima more than their own child and so their decision was first preference

"yes rishab bhaiya you are right, I am just so confused has our kiddo grown up soo much that here we are talking about her getting married" said karan getting little emotional

"this is how life circle is karan we can't even get to know when are daughters actually grow soo much, so is our kiddo, yes she is grown up now and its time for her to go for finding her happiness there where she should be" said nandini

"but still they are so big people, I mean being royal family and surely famous more then us in many ways hope they will be happy for this" said rishab concerned

"that's why we preferred what they feel for this before talking with you all, and we have talked with kashish ji and she is more than happy for this , I mean who wont be happy to have daughter in law like our kiddo she is ones in million" said prerna proudly

"yes that she is, but still I wont take any decision till I get kiddo consent in this its her life and I want her to independently take her decisions" said rishab concerned

"you don't worry about that as well rishab, I am her mother I also want my daughter happiness and her consent is over and above to all for me and you will be happy to knew this that your daughter wont be having any problem with this" said prerna smiling

"I don't want to be in speculations that she wont have problem I want to be sure for this you please talk to her first and let knew what she wants whats there in her heart" said rishab ahead

"rishab I knew whats there in her heart I didn't wanted to leak this like this but the truth is that kiddo likes him, I mean she is falling for armaan" said prerna happily

"mom now you are going to much ahead, first you thinking about kiddo and armaan relation and now you saying that kiddo loves him no she don't mom, I mean" said mayank feeling offended this was getting too much he cant even imagine that riddhima was certainly feeling something like that for armaan

"oh please mayank, don't behave like this, you knew whats the problem with you all gents that you have made riddhima a kid, she is a kiddo for you and will always be the same, you cant even thing of her the other way be on the other side guys, she is 23 years old and like any other girl of her age she also has a right to find her perfect right for her, she has a right to get in affairs she has a right to get attracted towards someone she had a right to fall in love like other girls at this age of her does, just cause she is your kiddo and a pampered child you can't take her this right away" said prerna sounding little sensible

"I think your mom is right mayank, well its too late you go ahead thing over this once again and prerna you also for my satisfaction talk with riddhima once what she thinks in this regard if she is happy with this then I will personally meet sujal rathode and talk with his for this" said rishab
With that they ended the discussion there

Later the night mayank was deep thinking over what his parents were thinking and after that he concluded that they all were right he also wanted best for his princess and maybe this was the best
Next morning
Again a sweet start of the morning at Sharma house riddhima and payal who were there the two companion in all masti and teasing the males in the family
While here aakash was allready for completing his task for which he came there the first think he wanted to do today was sending notice for ranveer case to his house
"good morning mayank bhaiya i  have started working on the task for which i am here today we need to go to police station to file official complaint against him so it will be better if u call armaan as he is the one who will launch the report their" said aakash to mayank
"hmm I will call him and tell him to reach the police station I will come with you" said mayank
"bhai you all wait I will also come with you, I thought a lot over what you all said, and I came to the conclusion that I will myself file the complaint I knew you all want to keep me away from all this but still this is my fight bhaiya and I will not back off from this I am strong enough to face whatever come now" said riddhima coming there
"no kiddo you are not coming with us, its ok kiddo there is no need for you to be there armaan statement will be more than enough to get that boy behind bars so no need for you to be with us their" said mayank
"I knew bhaiya but please you all always wanted me to be strong so that I can face the world just please give me one chance to be that bhai" said riddhima, hoping mayank agree to this
Somewhere mayank also felt this right, they all wanted to make riddhima strong and now herself when she is taking such a big step then they all were ready to support him
"ok you can come with us, but only be with us" said mayank
"yes and will stay back and you will do and say only what I will tell you to do, no nothing more or less ok" said aakash, as he was her lawyer and wanted there case to be legally strong
And with that they all left for the police station
It was only mayank, riddhima, aakash and armaan was going to meet them there only
Inside the station in the DCP room [they were high profile peoples and so they were given VIP treatment and were straight taken to the highest post officer cabin there]
"Mr Rathode, there was not even the need for you coming here and filing the case you should have only given me a call and your work would have been done" said the DCP to armaan as armaan was the first to be there and was sitting inside when mayank riddhima came there
"oh please Mr Mayank Sharma be seated, I knew you were coming, Mr Rathode already told me about the case, you just give me the statement and that's all I promise I will not leave the culprit at all and will personally take care that he gets the most cruel punishment possible in this case" said DCP ahead
And armaan saw riddhima ,
"riddhima ji you here I mean you were not required" said armaan, tensed he surely didn't wanted riddhima to go through all this
"I said her so but she wanted to do this herself, she wanted to face this herself its ok armaan she is strong enough she can do this" said mayank assuring, and then making riddhima sit there just next to armaan
"oh well I am Aakash khurana, I am there lawyer, and this is my report and my client statement and now I want you to take the action against this as soon as possible" said aakash giving all the necessary documents
"ok you please submit your documents here and rest as for the report well I have done all the work just I need sign of the victim and the prime witness here" said the DCP presenting the legal document ahead
Which armaan took and signed at the place of the witness and then passed it to riddhima ,
"are you sure riddhima you want to do this , I mean it can work without you getting involved as well" said armaan concerned
"I knew but its ok I will do this" said riddhima taking the pen from armaan and signing the document , while she was little hesitant she was scared surely, her hands were trembling a little, which armaan noticed don't knew why but he didn't stopped himself from keeping his hand on her other hand, giving her the support and assuring  that he was there with her and riddhima also feeling well with that signed on the document
Mayank was actually noticing all this, maybe this was the actual reason why he bought riddhima here he actually wanted to know how much armaan is concerned for riddhima, he liked this and was somewhere happy with this
"kiddo lets go out the rest work will be taken care by aakash" said mayank , taking riddhima away from there "armaan you coming with us" mayank asked ahead
"no its ok bhaiya you both carry on I will come later" armaan said as he had some think else planned here and so mayank and riddhima left
"well aakash ji so what do you feel is the next step ahead in this case now" asked armaan
"well I have prepared the notice, the first think we going to do is get that man arrested , in such cases , but cause the person is already in hospital all thanks to that lots of beating on medical prospective we cant arrest that ranveer but still we can get him in police custody and the day he will get discharge we can get him arrested as well" said aakash to armaan
"oh ok , so till then what are you going to do" said armaan
"well we have already send the court notice to ranveer house, just waiting for the reply, someone here just informed me that Maya Kapoor that ranveer mother want to meet me" said aakash
"you but why" asked confused armaan
"well maybe she want to settle the case out of court, well thats a natural think for us, nothing important" said aakash
"yes she still feel that this act of his son will be forgotton so soon and he will be spared soo easily" said armaan
"well what can we do in this case , as for me I will personally not let her influence our family in any case for settlement" said aakash
 And soon they both went out where maya kapoor was waiting for them she was not expecting armaan there, but still she want this all case to end soon
She tried convincing aakash to try and convince riddhima and her family to take the case back and not get this in court and all and when all her pleadings got failed she started trying to scare them with the consequences of case like all kind of bad publicity that riddhima and her family have to face in this plus the mental torture which riddhima will go through if she get involved in this
Now this was getting height and now armaan also got frustrated with this,
"you just don't have to worry about riddhima and her family , we all are here to take care of that, you just only worry about your son, I promise I wont leave any possible things that will give your son the most extreme punishment in this case" said armaan angry
"you knew what armaan yes I always expected this from you, was I not enough for you to give all the hurts that now you are taking my son in all this as well" said maya out of nowhere, she was so angry she didn't knew what she was saying, she somewhere got in her past remembering what happened with her in past,
"what do you mean I am not getting this" said confused armaan
"you always hurt me armaan you always did,  and all the time the reason was same, that riddhima, why , why have to I face all the bad in my life because of that riddhima, and why is it always that you are here to protect her and never thought about anything or anyone else" said maya she was angry
And here aakash and armaan also were confused to what was happening
"listen mam I think you are really mentally disturbed with your son act and all this, you need rest I really don't understand what all you are saying" said armaan confused
"oh yes you wont understand this then why don't you do one think get your answers in Gupta house or in Malik  house or even better you go to Sanjeevani Hospital to get your answers" said maya in anger, she don't knew what and why was she saying all this
And here armaan was to confused to all this, she was taking few names that were soo new to him he never linked at all with them he was still in thoughts when aakash said ahead
"god this women mam I seriously feel you really need rest you are little out of your senses" said aakash
And he signalled armaan to lets go from there and so they both left
"god what a mad women I tell you, don't knew what all she was saying" said aakash making fun of maya
"yes even I have no idea what all she said she was so confused herself" said armaan and not thinking about all this further he went back home

ok thats all for now

to clear more confusion payal is just riddhima's cousin they share nice bonding since childhood please the one who get confused with soo many characters in my ff , dont get more confused she and aakash not that important in the ff 
well precap, my story almost there on the climax
and AR First kiss coming up

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jiyaa_m IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 02 April 2013 at 7:05am | IP Logged
wowww kiss is on its way cant wait n nooo not climax so soon

ridz sooo much over protective bro sometimes irritates me but mom dadchacha chachi is cutest

wanna see more AR n wanna see a jelous ridz tioo

nice part

updte soon

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