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recap: ranveer tried forcing riddhima, armaan saving her and then there sweet small chat
next day
A new start
Everything getting back to normal
Breakfast table in Sharma house
Very quiet and calm cause riddhima was not there, due to her leg injury she was strictly not permitted to come out of her room so her breakfast was bought in her room
But she and her tantrums were on,
"ewww this is too bad in taste mom can I have anything to eat which I really can eat" said riddhima keeping the bowl of potage on the other side
"no this is good for your health you have to eat this only" said prerna instruction
"mom please I am not ill that I have to eat this soo called healthy thinks you knew that have no taste at all" said riddhima making faces
Only then kripa and gunjan came there
"yes she is absolutely right aunty, hey sweety how are you" kripa said meeting riddhima
 And then gunjan came hugging riddhima tight,
"you knew how worried I was for you, god hope you are fine now" said gunjan hugging her tight, they were truly best friends, and were very well effected with each other pain
"hey hey chill gunjan bhabhi to be, since when you started becoming so melodramatic, ahh I knew well you are being little more time now a days with your to be mother in laws to impress them, you learning this all from them right" said riddhima making the atmosphere light
"very funny, do you really thing that we are soo melodrama" said prerna, getting up from the bed
"I don't think that mom, I knew that already" said riddhima laughing
"ok ok, stop now, fine I am leaving you with your both friends, please girls make riddhima eat something" said prerna
"you don't worry aunty we will eat see I bough riddhima's favourite pizza for us" said kripa opening the packet
"god you your kids and your food, ok enjoy whatever you want to eat" said prerna leaving
And here riddhima quickly picked a slice of pizza
"ummm its yummy thanks for saving me from that bad food, god I was to hungry" riddhima enjoying her pizza,
Kripa and gunjan just watching her eating, kripa keeping a hand on riddhima's cheeks
"hope you are fine, you knew how worried we were for you, didn't even got a chance to talk with you" said kripa
"relax sweety, I am fine see and now can we please stop talking about the same topic again and again, guys I am fine, and the one person who have such a nice family and soo good friends can that person ever stay in problems or sad for long" said riddhima 
"offcourse not, I am happy for you, thank god the worst in over, lets just forget that we wont talk about it ahead" said gunjan
"yes you knew you all being there with me, can anything happen to that person who have parents like mom dad, karan chachu, nandini chachi and brothers like mayank Sammy bhaiya, adhi bhai nupur bhabhi friends like you and saviour like armaan" riddhima said all this in a flow, don't knew when armaan become a part of his family list, didn't knew when unintentionally this name added in the list of special persons in her life
"armaan, when did he came here" said kripa,
"came here, where is he" riddhima quickly looking here and there with a little smile didn't got unnoticed by kripa
"not here sweety I meant in your special persons list, he was not in this list earlier whats cooking up" said kripa with a wink
"cooking what is cooking we thought we will eat pizza you wanted to eat anything else" said gunjan out of no where,
"shut up you dumb, I was talking about thinks cooking up in riddhima's mind, madam what was that blush for" asked kripa
"blush what blush, I was not blushing" said riddhima keeping her face straight
"oh really I was talking about the blush on armaan's name" said kripa straight on point
"oh noo I was not I mean" said riddhima not knowing what to say
"you are still blushing sweety , whats going on riddhima, and since how long will you tell me now" said kripa coming straight to the point
"there's nothing like that yaar you are just, its just that I am so thankfull to him for saving me yesterday and he was so nice the way he handled the situation and me and consoling me and when he holded me" said riddhima again thinking about armaan and the time he came there in the room and her hugging him there intimacy, not realizing what she was saying

"ting tong, bells started ringing in your heart sweety" said kripa

"what bells there are no bells ringing ok" said riddhima getting normal

"oh really I knew that well what bells I am talking about, in any case have you seen him yesterday, armaan definitely got an osm body have you seen him offcourse you had, the way he was beating that whatever, he is so strong and his biceps" said kripa

"excuseme when did you saw his biceps" said riddhima interrupting

"oh you were not there when while there dad was dressing him he removed his shirt then we saw his body, god he was too good" said kripa

"yes he was definitely looking hot now I got the reason why armaan always stay away from showing his body, good thinks are tough to get, that's why he didn't came for swimming with us" said gunjan getting in the conversation

"hello girls get on the earth I don't get you, yesterday you got engaged and today here you are talking about some other guy and his body that very bad" said riddhima

"oh hello so what we both got engaged that really don't mean that we cant check out some other boy, and what do you think about our to be husbands don't they check other girls being by our side, so what unless its harmless its fine and as for armaan he was to good yaar" said kripa

"I never expected this from you kripa just stop you should not talk and think about armaan like this ok" said riddhima in a commanding tone

"why are you feeling jealous" said kripa with a wink

"jealous no ways why would I feel so" said riddhima looking away, was she feeling so , yes she was she was feeling jealous why were they talking about armaan like this so what she was doing the same last night, but still she was feeling bad for what I missed seeing his shirtless, wonder how he must look, what what am I thinking, get on life girl'. Riddhima busy in her thoughts

"hello madam where are you lost, in armaan dreams, oh god riddhima I should have guessed it before since day one you were the one praying to god that he should not be angad" said kripa

"I have no idea what you are talking about" said riddhima looking away

"comeon riddhima admit that you really liked him the day one you met him, and you didn't wanted him to be angad right, and then you were so excited to meet him later when you came to knew that he was armaan admit girl you liked him right" said kripa and gunjan now both standing over her head waiting for a reply

"what, why are you girls looking at me like this, ok now don't give me that looks ok there is nothing the way you are thinking it is" said riddhima

"admit it riddhima" said kripa

"ok ok fine that's it you want, fine I , I think I like him" said riddhima finally yes armaan was different and this was true she used to think about him many time

"oh my god riddhima I am so happy" gunjan shouting with excitement

"shhh gunjan quite its my home anyone will hear us" riddhima calming her down

"I am sorry, actually I am so excited you knew in so many years of our friendship it's the first time I heard this word from your mouth that you like some guy" said gunjan

"but girls it's a big friends secret ok so don't even try to discuss this with your respective boyfriends specially you kripa madam you cannot keep a secret at all, so please" said riddhima

"oh please I can keep secrets you don't worry your little sweet secret is secure until we knew each and everything in this till date" said kripa,

"what there is nothing in this till date type, I mean its just that he is a nice guy, everyone like him so do I so whats soo" said riddhima

"you are still blushing saying so, please riddhima tell us we are best friends and we have not kept any secrets till date, you already had kept so many for so long" said kripa

"ok ok I will tell you but what there is nothing" said riddhima

"what do you feel he likes you, have he ever told you he likes you, I mean his looks are always so complicated we cant guess it, have you said him you like him, he definitely likes you, remember how he jumped in the pool for you that when you slipped yes and then yesterday night the way he was to angry, yes, he likes you, he has some different feelings for you" said gunjan

"no yaar its not like this, I mean he is a nice guy that's why he just saved me all the time, its me who is thinking this way and its not good I mean we are good friends I should not thing about him like this, that's bad this can effect our friendship, you knew I even dreamt of him and that to I mean its bad I should have not" said riddhima feeling little guilty about the way she always dream about armaan, she cant neglect the fact that she likes that but still

"you dream about him really so this think has gone to this heights, so what do you dream about him, you feeling shy , do you really dream about him that way, so how hot have your dreams gone, what why are you looking away please share your wild dreams with us" said kripa ,seeing riddhima expressions

"oh shut up, its not at all like the way you thinking it to be, I have not got that dirty mind like you, my dreams are also pure very pure, I just dream till talking and chatting, I mean I don't knew somewhere I feel I am linked to him in all my dreams you knew all the dreams I saw good or bad I feel him all around and you knew the extreme that day I even imagine him and me as like happily married types can you think" said riddhima thinking about armaan

"oh hoo, so riddhima see armaan as his future husband" said kripa teasing him

"no I mean I have no thought like this ever still I saw that dreaming I mean I don't knew I sometime feel somekind of invisible think I mean I don't knew how to explain this , I intentionally don't want to think about him but he is always there in my thoughts I mean I feel some connections with him something very weird yes sometime I felt that weird, but now I feel good I mean being around him I feel nice, I feel secure, I don't knew how and when but I trust him I can trust over him I like being with him since we met then we met again in the office, then in Jaitpur, all the time it was so nice he was so caring that night he was soo sweet he made coffee for me, we chatted for long and other night he came to check over me you knew I was have a nightmare and he came there consoled me, that time the first time I felt so nice so I mean I was surely disturbed but still there was something in that hug" said riddhima keep on saying and saying thinking about only him and him and kripa and gunjan listening silently

"hug, you hugged him really, this is to much now we don't knew anything out of this, god that is soo bad you kept so many secrets with us, and we know nothing" said kripa complaining

"it was nothing like that I just misunderstood him with adi bhai and that's all , but he was so sweet he never tried to take any advantage of the situation, he is very sweet" said riddhima

"yes he surely is, god riddhima you are falling for him" said kripa finally

"no ways I am not" said riddhima

"oh really is there something left still since the time we came here you are just talking about him and him and still you are saying there is nothing like that, you are falling for him admit that" said kripa

"no its that I think its to early to say so, I mean I cant fall in, I mean it cant happen so soon" said riddhima

"soon you find that soon,  madam love takes only a second to occur, and here its been like months and you still feel soon, anyways that was our part of view, rest all is your decision make the way you want it to, for the time being we are really happy for you finally now you wont complain being left alone in our group" said gunjan

"yes now you will get to knew how to stay alone with only one person and still you will never get bored, you teased us a lot for that" said kripa

"no no, this is not like this at all, you both are just taking this somewhere else" said riddhima

"its ok riddhima acceptance need time, take your own time I am sure you will get all your answers yourself" said kripa

And soon gunjan and kripa left from there, after bidding bye to riddhima

Scene change

Prerna room

"you were right aunty, absolutely right and the decision you all took for riddhima is perfect, she is changing and everything is changing" said kripa to prerna

"yes aunty, sorry we are breaking our friendship rule and her trust but for her betterment and nice future" said gunjan

"I knew this , I always knew this that riddhima had something different for armaan, thank you kripa and gunjan that you both talked to riddhima regarding this and took the truth out of her which she would have never ever told any one of us" said prerna

"its ok aunty, you knew what it was a complete shock for us as well when in morning you said you want riddhima and armaan relation and that you and even kashish aunty is ready and happy for this, and you wanted to knew little about what riddhima feels and would she be happy with this , will accept this or not" said kripa

"but here even I am little surprised I was having feeling that there was something cooking up between armaan and riddhima , but the fire has reached this extend I never thought god my daughter we always thought she is a kid and unknown to all this kind of feelings but we were wrong, she surely knows how to keep secrets and your feelings" said prerna

"but still in any case I am really happy for her, we only needs our kiddo happiness and it can only be with armaan, now we have no hesitation in talking about this relation with others in this family" said nandini ,

Ok ladies have been planning really well here, not only talking about this relation but managed to get riddhima's hidden feeling out of her lets see what else they are planning over

Riddhima thinking about her feelings more and more over what kripa and gunjan said, the more she thinking about all this the more she blushing smiling to herself

And on the other side armaan feeling getting more stronger and stronger after all that happened he just wanted to be with her wanted to meet her but how'''.

And so two days passed like this, riddhima recovered well from her injury she was perfectly fine now,

She was getting ready in her room

"kiddo you are going somewhere" said prerna coming in her room

"yes mom you forgot today is post engagement party I mean kripa and gunjan have organised asmall post engagement party at their place all youngsters are going there" said riddhima happily

"oh ya I completely forgot, that's why samrat and adhiraj left early for helping girls with arrangements but now how will you go" said prerna

 "I will go with mayank bhabhi and nupur bhabhi don't worry" said riddhima

"but they also left, actually mayank had some urgent work so he and nupur left for that and they will reach straight to the party" said prerna now getting a bit concerned

"ohh ok no problem its ok mom I will go myself, you tell the driver he will drop me there at the place" said riddhima

"driver but I cant let you go alone" said prerna

"please mom don't worry about me now I am fine, and everything is ok I can go alone" said riddhima

"I knew but still hey I got an idea why don't you go with angad, I mean angad and armaan are also going for the party right, so you can go with them, in that case I will also not be tensed for you" said prerna

"but mom that's really not required" said riddhima one side she wanted to go and that will be great chance to meet armaan, but on other side she was feeling little scared what if she did something stupid again in front of him, its tough for her to hide her feelings for him all the time he is around something took over her and now, but whats the problem in that she wont be alone angad is also there so no problem

"I knew beta its not required but please for my satisfaction" said prerna

"ok mom you tell the driver to drop me at their place I am coming down" said riddhima

"and yes riddhima take that armaan coat with you, just return it to him and once do personally thank him for all he did" said prerna normally, she was a true actress, behaving as if i dont knew anything
I knew that armaan house is next to riddhima's but still they were huge and so the distance between there main entry was far so she went there in the car
riddhima enterred armaan house, oh sorry forget to mention she was wearing this

 Riddhima enterred armaan house

She went in kashish was sitting in the hall

"hey riddhima beta, welcome its so good to see you here, please come beta how are you" said kashish hugging riddhima

"I am fine aunty, thank you" said riddhima coming in sitting with kashish

"looking really nice today" said kashish

"thanks aunty actually i am going to the party" said riddhima

"oh yes today is youngsters party at kripa house armaan and angad also getting ready for that" said kashish

"yes aunty actually I was going there and mom didn't wanted me to go alone as everyone already left so she said me to go with angad and armaan" said riddhima

"oh that's nice and she is also right you should not go alone at this time you don't worry angad and armaan will take you with them, anyways you tell what will you have" said kashish

"nothing aunty I am fine I think they both are not ready yet" said riddhima

"oh don't ask me, you knew what angad had been taking like hours in getting ready he is just not ablt to select what to wear its been like hour he is still thinking over that and as for armaan well he is also not down yet don't knew maybe he is in his room, oh by the way this packet"  said kashish pointing over the packet in riddhima hand

"oh this, actually this I bought to return , actually this is armaan coat, and i thought i am coming here so i will return him and personally thank him once for all that" said riddhima cant say much about all that happened
but still kashish understood it all she was also a female afterall can understand what a girl at this stage must be going through, she just got up and hugged riddhima
"you knew what i really wanted to talk to you after that, i can understand what all you must have gone through but i am happy everything is fine and ok now" said kashish
"its ik aunty thanks for your concern i am ok see and everything is fine and over lets just not think about all that" said riddhima trying to end the topic
"yes you are right, anyways armaan is in his room why dont you just go there and you can return his coat , thank him and call him down as well cause i think you all are getting late for the party" said kashish
"hmm, i will just go, aunty which way is his room" said riddhima getting up and walking from there first coming at his house, going with him in the party and now even meeting him alone in his room, riddhima heart beat certainly got high , but what can she do cant show her nervousness in front of kashish, and if she said no or had made any excuses then it would have made kashish dough on what was going , soo she thought the best think right now was to just go with the flow so she went from there towards armaan's room
Standing at the gate, she doubted whether to go inside or should wait outside, her heart was beating on more fast pace,
She just simply made a knock on the door

"come in" came the voice from inside it was armaan for sure
she hesitantly opened the door knob and entered in, her head bowed down she was nervous to look up for sure

"where were you, I called you twice, have you seen the condition of my clothes look" said armaan and through a shirt on riddhima's face

Riddhima moved in and listening to what armaan saying confused, as she raised her head to look up only then one shirt came on her face covering her face whole, she was confused as she removed the shirt from her face she was more stunned rather shock, there he was standing in front of her, armaan back faced her, he was searching for clothes in his wardrobe wearing just his trouser he was standing there shirtless

His naked back was clearly visible and that was a view to watch lol's riddhima was so busy in checking his back when she heard him again

"Robert I am talking to you why are you standing there like a statue, look at this all my shirts are in such a bad condition, no one ironed properly, the one which are some don't have full buttons and some are so bad I don't like wearing just take them all and get me new shirts now" said armaan taking few more shirts out of his wardrobe and throwing them on his bed which was already messed up with few clothes, in short his total room was literally a mess right now

That's when riddhima understood that he is misunderstanding her with his servant, that was embarrassing he was standing there complete shirtless what should she do now what to say

"what the hell am I talking to a statue here why aren't you replying" said armaan annoyed and turning back , even more shocked to see riddhima there

"oh god not again" said armaan and coming near her, he thought that like always he is just imagining that he had seen riddhima cause not even in his dreams he could imagine she can originally come in his room at this time and like this, she was looking stunning, beautiful in that black knee length dress

Armaan came near her

And here on the other side riddhima was more confused first he turned around he seeing her she felt more embarrassed what will she say , even he was shirtless, his full toned body was completely visible, gunjan and kripa were surely right armaan do have the most hot and sexy body ever

But why was he coming towards her like this without any reaction

As he came near her he raised his hand to touch her shoulder he thought it was just his dream and will disappear the movement he will touch her as he put the hand on her shoulder she got back to the earth from checking out his body

"armaan what happened are you ok" said riddhima confused

That was it it was a complete shock for armaan she was for real she was just real standing there in front of him in his room but why and how ,and oh my god what was I doing

"riddhima you are actually here" still confused and just tried to confirm

And riddhima here more confused what kind was question was that

"no its my ghost standing here, armaan" said riddhima out of nowhere,

And the movement armaan realised she was real and the movement riddhima said that

Suddenly the lights got off

All the lights got off and it got completely dark in there, absolutely dark and riddhima screaming immediately hugged armaan

She hugged him to much with pressure over him and that to so certainly that armaan lost his balance and resulting they both landed up on armaan's bed

Now the scene was armaan lying on the bed shirtless definitely and riddhima on top on him both hugging each other tight in complete darkness

Armaan can feel her hands on his bare back and other body on front, and it was creating some sensation in him, so was the case with riddhima she can feel him completely some unknown and different kind of feeling and desire took over both of them they both were so lost in it when there thoughts got disturbed when light came back

As the light came back they both also came back on the earth, the desire took over with the embarrassment on the position they both were in

Riddhima quickly stood up, not trying to touch him again but again with his shoulder support she got up and sat back on the bed beside him and so armaan also stood up and sat on the bed,

"oh I am sorry, actually I am scared of darkness and then" said riddhima trying to start a conversation after this embarrassing movement she got up from the bed and looking the other direction, "I am sorry" she said ahead

"its ok, I am sorry I thought it was Robert and then it was you, I was just surprised and then that lights got off" said armaan trying to clear their doubts

"its ok you change yourself I will wait outside" said riddhima and moved to leave from there

"no its ok, wait I will just be there" said armaan, and just picked any random shirt and worn it and came in front of her

"I am so sorry I don't knew how that light went off, I will just check" said armaan

"no its not required lights are already on" said riddhima their heart actually beating like anything, both have no idea what to say and how to say

"you came here, I mean how you , I mean why you came" armaan trying to say but in confusion have no idea over what to say

"oh actually, I came here to thank you, and actually I didn't had anyone to go with me for the party so thought you can take me with you over there and I have to return your coat" she said all together calming herself down picking the coat packed from the floor and giving it to armaan

"here, your coat you wanted this right, I personally wanted to thank you for all that happened so I came here and to tell you that we have to go to the party so you should get ready fast" said riddhima

"oh I am so sorry just give me few minutes I will just be ready, and as for thanking then its ok , you don't need to say that again and again to me, I already told you that you just wait I will just be ready" said armaan

"yes I knew , and I will wait for you down stairs I think angad is also ready and by the way that black check shirt would really suit you" said riddhima pointing towards one shirt in his wardrobe leaving his room

And here armaan left with a huge smile and a raised heartbeat over what just happened he immediately picked that black shirt and started getting ready

Here riddhima also moved down the stairs with a little smile on her face in between her blushes over what happened,

As she reached down angad was waiting for armaan , he was also ready, soo armaan came down wearing that black check shirt

They bid bye to kashish and the three left for the party,

And here kashish

"Yes Robert thanks for switch offing the light of armaan's room for that time, hope it worked the way it should" said kashish, with that I made the plan smile on her face,
These elders I tell you more childish at times then kids

Ok that's all for now 

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osome continue soonnn

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Lovely...thnx for d PM

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osum osum
thanks for pm !

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Omg am i reading AR version.       
Thank u so much
and the part is amazing.
Plz cont soon

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thanks for PM...

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awesome please don continue soon i loved how gunajna and kripa makes riddhima to try to realize her feelings for armaana and then all three ladies set on work kashish, nandini and preesrna the little moment in armaan's room is just vaoww and awesome aab please update kar dijiye jaldi 

and one request please start continue with ar version of best friends forever please its request please we used to read it before

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Lovely part!!!

These elders I tell you more childish at times then kids

I wanted to say this actually :p

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