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updated new part 15
check the index for that
and as for part 16 well updatting ahead it here now
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searchoffriends IF-Rockerz

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As she was passing the hall corridor she felt a hand pulled her inside a dark room in the corner it was to dark and she was scared she screamed but no use she felt another hand on her face to keep her mouth shut
"hey I am back, so tell what if I dare to touch you again" came the voice and with that a little light got on from the switch which got pressed from her back
This cant happen to me this cant be real , riddhima thought it was ranveer , him again
This time it was big that was risky she was alone in a corner dark room her scream cant go there her voice wont go out she was scared now very scared still she behave bravely
"what the hell is that, just leave me and let me go" said riddhima
"really no first I really wish to knew what will happen if I touch you" said ranveer pinning her tight against the wall
"listen you are doing a big mistake you don't knew who I am if my family came to knew this they will kill you" said riddhima warning him
"really I am scared miss, oh sorry forget to ask your name, ahh anyways who cares what I want is nothing to do with the name" said ranveer ever so cheaply
"let me go now" said riddhima trying getting out of his grip
"first you shoved me soo attitude and then you slapped me, now I will show you the dare to slap me" said ranveer in anger,
Riddhima was getting more and more scared with the passing time still she gather all courage and hit him hard on his legs pushing him back and tried to escape out of the room
But he was little fast then her, he pushed her back soo hard that she collapsed on the floor , her dupatta falled away from her as it was not tucked well, she still trying escaping but again got pushed back the floor and this time her leg was hurt with the bed corner, she was groaning with pain there on the floor, and ranveer took chance of coming near her,
She still pushed her away tried to get up but no use she was hurt badly and not able to walk had no option just to scream for help, she was screaming as loud as she could
On the other side, again armaan whose eyes only want to see her noticed she was not there he immediately got alert, as he can smell some risk , he immediately asked adhiraj standing next to him
"adi where's riddhima" asked armaan
"princess she must be here around" said adhiraj normally as he was unaware of what is happening
"no she is not here please we need to check for her" said armaan getting tensed
"armaan is everything ok I mean you looked tensed" said adhiraj now getting attentive
"no its not ok anyway I will explain you later first lets search for her", said armaan
saying that they started searching for her in different directions
While here riddhima was shouting loud but no use she was far away from the main hall plus there was so loud music that her voice was lost in ve
She tried escaping again but no use her leg was already injured even her head got injured in this process
"please let me go listen please" she was begging to him but no use she was down on the floor and he came over her and tried to kiss her but before he can come more further he was pushed back by a strong push
It was armaan again, he pulled him back soo hard that he almost falled on the other side in the room
She saw him there, it was a big and like the biggest relief for her at that time, she gathered all courage and just got near him
He was angry definitely too angry his blood was boiling he tried going near him but as he tried a step ahead he felt a strong hold on his legs, it was her, riddhima she almost hugged his legs hard she was scared she was afraid, he immediately sat near her on his knees it was then when armaan realized her state her head was little bleeding, hairs all scattered, her arms were torn from one side and her lehanga was pulled up till her knees her right knee was hurt and it was bleeding too
She was trembling, she was shivering due to fear and crying loud, armaan dont knew what to do his all senses got lost, he immediately hugged her tight just to console her just to make her calm, he immediately pulled her lehanga down to cover her legs and then wasting any time pulled his coat out to make her wear when she was in well presentable condition it was only then he actually looked at her
He felt her pain , he was feeling her pain and his pain took form of anger soon his fist tighten but first he wanted her to calm he immediately called adhiraj and explain him there location still riddhima was hugging him tight she was holding his shirt very tightly and was not able to move till now no one spoke no single word came out just her sobbing and him calming her with just patting her back and that ranveer groaning in pain on the floor
Armaan saw ranveer standing again he make riddhima sit there properly and leaving her sobbing to herself got up his anger had no heights
And then the fight began he punched him hard on his face once twice and it goes on , in the process armaan also got hurt by ranveer the fight was on when adhiraj came there
Seeing them fight but then seeing riddhima condition she understood it all
"princess" he immediately rushed to riddhima
"bhai" that was the first word she said in her sobs and then she cried out hugging adhiraj tight
"bhai i was going and then i dont knew from" she tried explaining adhiraj but he didnt wanted the explanations he just wanted to calm her
"shhh its ok, just relax kiddo everything is fine" said adhiraj calming her down he was crying seeing her condition
He immediately helped her stand but she was not able to cause of her leg she groaned in pain so he just carefully let her sit there on the bed
Then he watched armaan was beating him hard he got up as his anger was also at no rage right now it was his princess and she was so badly hurt by him he tried going there but riddhima again pulled him
"no bhai please don't leave me i am scared" she said
"its ok kiddo i am here with you" said adhiraj
and just sat there seeing armaan and ranveer fighting
They both in the fight got near a glass window which got broke with ranveer back as armaan pulling him there
And soon ranveer falled out of the window in the ground from where it was the entrance to the hall  few guest were also there nearby when they saw two guys fighting at a distance it was then the people in the hall got attentive and everyone rushed that side on the ground
The situation was now ranveer was on the ground and armaan above him punching him again and again
soon all of them reached there in fighting armaan and ranveer have got really far from the room from which they have come out
by the time they all reached there ranveer was almost unconscious
they all were not able to figure out the reason for this fight, but still they first felt stopping armaan cause the way he was beating the person can really even die
so sujal, angad ran to armaan stopping him they pulled him back but not of much use he was so much in anger and it was tough to push him back, seeing the condition mayank and samrat helped them and with great force they pulled him back
"armaan what is this leave him he will die" sujal shouted on armaan
"what the hell do you think you are doing armaan whats all this" said angad calming him a bit, everyone needed explanation right now
It was then when armaan got back a bit to his senses, he calmed a little, while here other side
"what is this armaan why ?" asked angad
"angad I will kill him this ba'rd he tried" armaan said this and at the same time he looked up and saw a huge amount of public all the guest even few of media persons, he cant say this, he should not take her name, she was far from this mob , still inside the room, no one seen her, no he should not say anything she was a girl afterall this can cause a whole lot of embarrassment for her and she cant get riddhima in this, she cant stake his riddhima dignity he preferred staying quite
"tried what armaan" asked angad when not getting any reply
"he provoked me for fight, I didn't wanted I am sorry" said armaan completely changing the topic
Atul, Anjali, shashank, and Padma stood on one side,
"if he is the same armaan, then no change at all, he is still same the irresponsible like always I still hate him for this" commented shahshank
"dad please this is no time for this, and please stop saying all this again and again I don't want anyone to hear that" said Anjali to shahshank to make him quite
"oh god the guy he is beating that's ranveer , maya's son" exclaimed Padma seeing the boy full in blood on the floor
It was then maya came there from behind the guest and seeing ranveer there got tensed and went to him
"oh god ranveer, get up, what happened to him , I need a doctor, Anjali atul please help" said maya
And soo all the concentration of everyone there got on ranveer
Seeing the situation all the guest preferred to leave from there
And soon all the guest left leaving only the family members there
Ranveer was taken inside the hall by atul , shubhankar with some help and he was made lay on a sofa there, and atul went there with first aid
All the family members sharma family, rathode family were left there
"you what do you think you have done if anything happens to my son I swear I wont leave you" maya warned armaan , she was surely angry
Still armaan was quite
"I don't believe you armaan you beaten him like this and that to of no reasons" said sujal really very angry over this
"there were reasons for this uncle, and he won't say that" said adhiraj coming there
Adhiraj by now was inside the room with riddhima, they saw all coming there stopping armaan and then he didn't told anyone the reason and now when all guest are gone he need to justify armaan as he was still quite so he left riddhima in the room and came out seeing him out armaan instantly went near him
"adi why you came here you left her alone I hope" said armaan more concerned for riddhima now
"its ok armaan everything is ok" said adhiraj assuring him
"adhiraj will you tell what all is happening" said rishab they were fed up now
"yes dad I will first we need first aid for princess" said adhiraj
That was it to make everyone mind divert to the other side, riddhima, it was then they realized riddhima was missing she was missing from there and first aid for her, that was enough to make full sharma family tensed
"riddhima what happened to her, and first aid where is she, is she hurt" said prerna and nandini coming there
"adi what had happened where is riddhima" said samrat angrily they all were really losing there patience now
"in the room there" said adhiraj pointing there "but mom , nupur bhabhi I think you should go there she is little hurt" said adhiraj pain can be felt in his voice to
With no time wasting prerna , nandini and nupur rushed inside the room
While here seeing ranveer there adhiraj anger took over
"just get this man out of my sight or I don't knew what I will do" said adhiraj angrily
"adi will you be more precise and clear over what happened" said mayank commanding
"bhai I don't knew it was only armaan asked me that princess was missing we searched for her and then armaan found her in the room and this person tried to [he cant say that he don't even want to say that there princess was been attempted to and he tried to force her still he tried explaining more] when I went there she was so scared she is hurt as well if armaan didn't reached there on time I didnt knew what would have happened" said adhiraj
While everyone there were shocked hearing that, they cant even imagine that this can happen , mayank and samrat were truly boiling with anger now, they wasting no time went near ranveer when karan stopped them
"mayank, samm, relax" said karan controlling them
"relax how can we relax chachu I will kill him how dare he kiddo, I mean she" mayank tried saying in his anger but he was soo angry that he was getting short of words
"i knew mayank samrat, but right now we need to control our anger first we need to see over kiddo and moreover he is already unconscious I am sure he had already got enough for right now we will handle him later first lets see over kiddo" said karan trying to control mayank and samrat
And it worked as well, now their anger took over by concern for riddhima and then mayank went to armaan and hugged him tight
"thanks armaan I cant even knew how to thank you for this" said mayank
"yes armaan you owe us this plus what you did outside thanks for not dragging her name in front of the guest and media, I owe you this man" said adhiraj coming near armaan
Let them all be busy here with their thank you and sorry act while here on other side
Nandini , prerna and nupur went inside the room
Riddhima was sitting there in the middle of the bed hugging her knees and sobbing a little adhiraj made her settled over there on the bed she was still wearing armaan coat
Seeing her state and the state of the room the ladies understood the condition
"riddhima" a silent cry prerna made on seeing her daughter condition and went straight to hug her to take her in her embrace and where she can protect her from all the world and riddhima was getting calm now soon her sobs got in control ,she was scared and shivering but now in prerna embrace she slowly slowly rested
"kiddo are you ok sweety" nandini came there towards her and riddhima shifted from prerna to her and hugged her
"kiddo sweety you are hurt its bleeding I will just get the first kid" said nupur seeing riddhima condition and she went out of the room
Seeing nupur coming out everyone's attention got on her
"nupur is kiddo fine, how is she is she hurt much" said mayank seeing her
"bhabhi can we come in and see her" said samrat ahead
"she is fine just little injured, I need help Dr Keerti if you can just help me" said nupur seeing keerti free as atul, and anjali were taking care of ranveer , and armaan was also hurt and shubhankar was cleaning his wounds
"ya sure I will just go and check her" said keerti and she took a medical box and went in
"its ok papa she will be fine soon" said nupur assuring rishab and karan as they both were not saying anything still there condition was more worse  and this can be sensed easily by nupur
But as we say bad is always bad , still in this condition and knowing all the truth maya who was sitting next to her son ranveer
"oh god my son, I don't know if they are even human see how brutally he had beaten my son" said maya in anger  this was not that loud but still audible to all,
But still all of them were still so tensed for riddhima and armaan that they didn't even wanted to reply right now
But atul and anjali who were cleaning ranveer wounds were not able to tolerate this, they were angry and there were obliviously
their own reasons for that
"will you just keep shut maya, what do you think you are saying you should feel ashamed of your son for what he did, I mean this person should not be even let treated I swear if it was not for my profession in which being a doctor we have to be same to our patients even if he is a criminal then we would have not even though of touching him I would have myself killed him" said anjali in anger to maya
"anji you are saying that you are my best friend" said maya
"best friend, don't even call me that your son he didn't even had this much of dignity to respect a girl and here you are defending him you don't deserve to be called my friend" said anjali ahead
"its ok anji just leave this right now, I have called the ambulance they are on the way and we will send him from here" said atul assuring anjali
Here inside the room
Keerti went to riddhima saw her bruises and did her dressing over head and knee,
Soon keerti came out of the room
"how is she Doctor, hope she is fine nothing to worry" asked rishab getting there
"yes she is fine I have given her first aid just few little injuries, her leg is hurt a little it will take 2 or 3 days for her to recover with that rest everything is fine" said keerti assuring rishab and all there were in relief now
"can we all go inside now" said rishab
"ya sure" said keerti normally
And all the Sharma family moved inside prerna and nandini were already there riddhima was lying there with bandage on her head she was resting in prerna's lap her head was there as she was hurt also she was not able to stand she was still wearing armaan's coat cause her dress was torn from arms so prerna suggested her to keep wearing that
The storm was over she was normal now and resting she was strong to face her family now as she didn't wanted them to be tensed for her further they already had much
They all covering the bed from all sides all gents still standing and ladies of family on the bed
Riddhima saw all coming don't knew but in some way she was not even having courage to face her family right now first time it was like that there was some kind of awkwardness she was feeling talking with her brothers father and uncle
Rishab sat near her she didn't sat back still resting in prerna's lap , he just took riddhima's hand but as he touched her hand he sensed her shivering still he holded her hand tight with both hands assuring that he was here
"princess" was only that rishab could mummer, tears start falling from her eyes seeing his daughter like this,
His only one word make riddhima melt down she immediately hugged to him tight like a small kid does if she gets scared of darkness
 [guys father cant show there love the way a mother can but still they love you the most more than your mothers, only one touch of assurance from them can give you strength to face anything in the world only one line from them that they are with you can let all your fears goo away, I know its bit boring and not required here in this part still I wrote this specially dedicated to all the father who unlike mothers cant express their feelings for their kids, you can skip reading it as it has nothing to do with the story ahead]
"I am sorry dad I should have not left alone I am sorry you all getting so upset cause of me I just I am sorry" said riddhima sobbing
"its ok bachaa you dont need to be sorry for this we are not upset because of you" said karan sitting there assuring her for not feeling guilty
"ya princess its not your fault at all baby" said mayank coming near her
"no it is bhai I am so sorry, earlier also he tried and armaan was there and then also I told him not to tell anyone and he asked me not to go anywhere alone but still I, its all my fault" said riddhima sobbing
Well that was a news for the family, armaan saved her not once but twice, they all were getting so grateful to him right now he was protecting her and on same time feeling guilty that they all were not able to protect her with this
"its ok bachaa you cant do anything with this and see now everything is fine and its not your fault at all" said mayank assuring her
Soon they found that she was sleeping,
"oh actually doctor given her pain killer injection that will also make her sleep and its ok for her that will make her get out of the trauma soon" said prerna making her sleep comfortably there
"I think we shall go back home mayank bhaiya I will get the car outside you bring kiddo there" said adhiraj and samrat leaving from there
They both went outside ranveer was not there as ambulance has taken him to the hospital,
They both went out
Armaan dressing was complete , sumit and shubhankar have taken care of his wounds
Samrat went to armaan and hugged him tight
First time may be samrat meeting him well
"thank you soo much armaan , you didn't even knew what you did for us" said samrat
"hey samrat relax you knew I did all this for my friends we all are friends and as for what all I did I was just there at right time, I just hope everything get well soon" said armaan
"yes everything is well , and if we have such good friends like you everything will get well always" said samrat hugging him again and this time adhiraj hugged them as well
"hey I am also here add me in as well" said angad coming there and hugging them
All present there were happy witnessing this cute friendship scene
Soon mayank came out carrying riddhima she was sleeping he took her and adhiraj and samrat helped her placing in their car, they left the party hall
All elders Sharma family took a leave and everyone went from there
Finally it was all over now
Later in the night
Riddhima room
After this long tiring day everyone was resting now
Prerna didnt wanted to leave riddhima alone now so she preferred sleeping with her in her room
Almost midnight
Riddhima had already slept a lot and now she didn't feel like sleeping more, she was just laying there on her bed and thinking about all that happened since armaan saving her twice and then his consoling her how she was hugging on him, she remember the every bit of it, how he was so nice to her she remember him looking away and not towards her exposed body she remember him pulling her dress down and coving her properly and giving her the coat, only then she remembered that the coat was still there it was kept there on the side chair she didn't knew when her mother have changed her clothes and she was now in her night suit, maybe they have kept the coat there, she got up from the bed and picking the coat she again remembering him, the coat still have his fragrance, some kind of man perfume mixed with his body fragrance it was really nice she never noticed that they have been really close many times but she never noticed his fragrance he always smelled really nice a small smile was appearing on her face
"god why am I only thinking about armaan, there is soo much that happened in the evening and now I only remembering him and only him out of that" exclaimed riddhima to herself "but then armaan was actually really important part of the evening I never knew he was that strong god how was he beating him" thinking ahead  "and his muscles" she remembering when during the fight armaan shirt got torn from one side and his one arm was visible

"god riddhima stop that, I think I need some fresh air" said riddhima to herself and she went in the balcony or her room it was quite late dark out still a light was visible it on the other side which was quite far but as it was all completely dark outside so that light and place was clearly visible actually it was armaan room and riddhima knew that she had been there and she knew It was his room,
"armaan room light is still on that means he is not sleeping but why is he not sleeping by now its quite late" riddhima thought to herself "maybe he is doing some late work" she thought remembering armaan told her that he use to work late night and that's why he had coffee machine in his room , she then remembering how armaan made coffee for her that night
"god why am I thinking soo much about why he is up its up to him its independence here and everyone has a right to wake and sleep so what big deal if he is not sleeping by now and moreover he is not a small kid that he had to go to school early morning and that's why he should be in bed by now" riddhima thinking to herself again
"but he also had a long and tiring day plus after all that fight and all he must also be exhausted then why is he working he should take care of himself and working so late is not good for his health" said riddhima to herself
"why am I getting so concerned its his health and its independence everyone have a right to decide for their personal health why should I bother, but he should take some rest and where he must be I can't see him anywhere in front, maybe he is sleeping may be he was so tired that he slept and didn't even bother to switch the light off, poor armaan he was so tired cause of me" feeling sad for armaan
"someone should off the light otherwise he will get disturbed" she thought ahead
"wait a minute, what the hell am I thinking I mean why his light is on why he is sleeping or why is he not sleeping and all why am I thinking about this soo much I am sounding like crazy thinking all this things but still what he must be doing" said riddhima to herself
Only then she saw some flash a unclear image in armaan's room
"see I knew he was still up he is not sleeping I knew this" feeling proud that his assumption got right "you dump if the light was on then obviously he must be awake what soo big think in assuming that" she scolded herself
"but armaan should not be awake till so late he must be tired he should sleep" she thought, "but who will say him that and he cant listen to me from soo far" she thought ahead, "dump you girl there is one thing in the world known as mobile if there is no one to tell him I can call him and say to sleep" she thought
"but then its too late should I call him at this time of night" she thinking holding the phone  "yes I should he need to sleep" she dialing his number "but then what will he thing I calling him so late that's not good" she cut the call "but yes I can call him he is my friend and friends can call there friends anytime" she again dialing his number
"no I should not" she thought but then the bell on the other side started ringing
Finally a long conversation between riddhima heart and mind she thought of talking with armaan
Here on the other hand
Since armaan came back from the party hall, he was just thinking about her, he was tensed for her wellbeing and so was not able to sleep.
Sitting there in the sofa area in his room he was just thinking about all that happened mixed emotions were going inside him as well once anger for that ranveer to concern for riddhima to pain seeing her in pain
He was thinking about her, when his cell buzzed first confused seeing the time who ringing him so late and then when he saw the caller he was shocked riddhima calling
She calling him , soo late why hope everything is fine , offcourse all would be fine what can happen now she was with her family in her home , but why she calling then she never called him ever, if keep on thinking on why she calling then definitely the call will get disconnected soon and so it did
Riddhima side
"oh shit I knew he was sleeping and I calling him soo late see he didn't even picked the call, must be in deep sleep, good riddhima you making fool of yourself now when he will see the missed call what will he thing of you" when riddhima mind was scolding her heart for this act only then her cell buzzed it was armaan calling
In haphazard she quickly picked the call
"hello" very fast she was getting nervous
"riddhima its you" said armaan rather enquired in confusion he scolding himself for now picking the call and it got disconnected and so he redialled the call not sure what to say still he did
"ya hi armaan good evening" she said lamely don't knew what to say
"evening its already midnight" said armaan
"yes good midnight" she said not knowing what she was saying
"riddhima are you ok, I mean hope you are fine you talking like" said confused armaan when riddhima interrupted
"oh no I mean yes, actually oh god , yes I mean I am fine and no that I am not talking like anything, actually I was not getting any sleep and then I came in balcony and saw your room light on thought you were awake and why are you awake at soo late, aren't you tired with soo long hectic day you should sleep by now so thought of telling you to sleep then I called and you didn't picked I thought you are sleeping but then you are not, why are you not sleeping armaan" taking a deep breath , she sounded like fool saying all this in one goo don't knew what else to say
While on other side armaan listening all that patiently and thinking upon what all she said
"so you called me to tell me to sleep" he finally said
"no I mean yes I mean" riddhima fuming with words
"riddhima I think its you who should be sleeping I don't think you are still back to normal" finally armaan concluded
"Oh please I am very much normal" said riddhima finally
"ya right I can see that and hey what are you doing in the balcony soo late and why you came there your feet is hurt you should not be walking doctors have advised you rest" said armaan
"how do you knew I am in my balcony is there some camera fit in your mobile"  asked riddhima out of nowhere
"riddhima why are you acting like this you only told me that you came in your balcony and saw that my room light is on and moreover I can even see your balcony from mine the way you can and now I am here watching you, and hey that's my coat you holding, I left it there with you" said armaan coming in the balcony and seeing riddhima standing there talking with him holding his coat in the other hand
"oh yaa I forgot and this coat actually I was thinking about you and then this coat" and she stopped slapping herself what was she telling him , she was thinking about him his coat his fragrance his muscles god riddhima you are the one of the mist stupid girl in this world
But it was all for armaan heart to skip a beat, she thinking about him
"you were thinking about me" he asked surprised rather more like enquiring that what he heard was right or not
"no no I mean yes I mean, I saw this coat and then remembered about your help, yes, yes , the way  you protected me I mean you saved me and I didn't even thanked you so thank you" said riddhima finally getting a perfect reason rather excuse fitting her situation
Now they both were looking towards each other and talking
"you really don't need to thanks me I mean its just that I am happy that you are fine and I think we should not discuss much about what happened you should forget it and get back to normal as everything is fine now" said armaan
"I knew armaan thanks for your concern you are the best and the best of a friend I ever had" said riddhima
"and you are the best thing I ever had" said armaan thinking about her he said the line so seriously that riddhima had no reason not to look towards armaan
Looking in each other eyes, still with lots of distance in between then they managed to see in each other eyes clearly thanks to dark everywhere they both lost in each other eyes, a long eye lock session no one to disturb as all of them were sleeping   all distance got vanished eyes in eyes
"good night riddhima" said armaan after sometime breaking the eye lock
"hmm what" asked her  , getting out of the trance she was so lost there looking towards his she didn't even knew what he said
"good night, its too late you should sleep" said armaan
"yes I think so, you also take rest good night armaan see you tomorrow" said riddhima
"why tomorrow haven't you seen me enough today"  said armaan making her nervous, he was today enjoying her nervousness definitely she is changing a bit
"I am, no I mean , actually" getting nervous , she never expected armaan would say that , yes she was seeing him but then but what to say
"its ok I was just kidding" said armaan smiling , "good night" said armaan disconnecting the call
And with that riddhima went inside her room
While armaan thinking "dad I think your son will soon get his wish come true" said armaan seeing riddhima going back
Armaan went in seeing riddhima leave
Here riddhima came back and got back to sleep soon as she was sleeping prerna got up yes she got up when riddhima was talking with armaan, and so she mentally made her mind to talk with rishab and karan regarding this soon

ok thats all for now
will update ahead soon

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nice part...continue soon...

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i so loved the part especially when armaan did not tells why he actually beaten ranveer he is just so good caring for a girl's respect fully and i so loved armaan saved her and not looked at her till he covered her that was just incredible and then the talk between them is very nice on phone aww riddhima is falling for him and now please update fast we will be waiting and thanks for coming back and please update your other ff too

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thank god the AR version is still here'the pm had only the ArHi link and  I wanted to kill you then for not continuing with the AR FF

Welcome back love!
I had imagined something else entirely when I was initially reading the part'but its nice too'
I already had a bad feeling about Ranveer when he was first mentioned and Maya too, I just hope they are out of the story not but then I also want to know who this Maya is

update soon

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jiyaa_m IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 March 2013 at 2:42pm | IP Logged
u really update it>???????????/ wowww i m so happy

loved the part n their pho convo was too cute

update soon plzzz

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destinationn Senior Member

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Posted: 24 March 2013 at 2:45pm | IP Logged
great part...
loved it...

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SacredLove Goldie

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Posted: 25 March 2013 at 1:55pm | IP Logged
Thank u so much simi for giving AR version
pls do cont soon waiting for ar romance
pls pm AR version whenever u update
take care

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