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sorry for delays , but i am really strucked in some important task guys
soo please please wait for few more days , will try update in 2 to 3 days , for sure

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please update...waiting to

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god is it the morcha gang that is here ,

i am so sorry guys , you knew i was damm busy rather i am damm busy ,and dont even have a minute extra time to even log in here , soo i havent updatted yet , allready told you ,very busy with guest ,
cant tell sure when going to get free , maybe only when this summer vacations will end and all guest will go back there respective homes soo noo promises , i am trying with update

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RECAP: car breakdown and the group in jungle , all playing antakshini and armaan and riddhima had few more flashes , riddhima got upset while imagining armaan in the old building , and samrat took her from there all came to knew about armaan being prince and then riddhima armaan a dream again both together

And after that they all rested back again the same way ,

This time they all had a peaceful sleep

As they entered the premises of Jaitpur , one by one they all got awaked , fresh enough with there few hours nap


They got near armaan's palace

from a bit far
as they got more near ,

"my god this is really big it looks amazing" said excited kripa

They all entered the main gate and till the entrance gate inside , the place till where car can went , there were guards and lots of guards, a tight security area


They stopped at the main entrance , view from there ,

"this is beautiful , I loved the location a lot" said kripa praising the place


"yes it is really beautiful" said riddhima , as well ,she liked it too


As the car stopped at the main gate , guards came there to open the gates for them , angad and kripa came out of the car along with balram , then angad went to the next car where mayank nupur came out ,and samrat and gunjan were sitting they were still sleeping


"samrat , gunjan get up we have reached" said nupur , but they both were in deep sleep


"get up you lazy bones" kripa and angad shake them hard which made them got up


Here they all six were busy while on the other side armaan came out of the car when he got welcomed by few ladies standing there showering flowers , when from the other side riddhima and adhiraj came out , and they were also welcomed with flower garland , and showering flowers


and then everyone came there , and one by one they all were welcomed


"hey this place is beautiful I certainly loved the location" said nupur coming there ,


"yes bhabs , this is really nice , something really different , I would love to see it from inside , I have never seen such place ever" said riddhima excitedly


"ok come guys lets go in" said angad


And everyone got in , from the main gate


As they entered in from here

They got in the other big lawn , here

and then in other

Moving from there ahead from that place they got in another big lawn , and in all the way many servants were there standing in the row welcoming them ,

As they went ahead , after crossing from that place , they got through a passage

to this special waiting area , for them , and then they went

there ,

"you all please sit here , and get comfortable you all must be tired" said armaan


"yuvraj you stay here Kunwar ji is coming here soon" said balram , and went from there


soon sujal came there , followed by balram


"now who is this angad" asked kripa


"oh hoo kripa , this is sujal uncle , aur kaun" said angad as he thought it soo obvious


"what you mean armaan's dad , is he armaan's dad" asked kripa and riddhima , both shocked


"yes !! but why are you soo shocked" asked angad


"no I thought armaan's dad would be like dressed up like a king in all that Indian traditional dress" said kripa , and riddhima thinking the same , even samrat , gunjan and nupur were expecting the same


"soo what do you found , I bet you cant ever get a chance again ever to meet such a cool king" said angad laughing , "you knew sujal uncle has always been soo simple and down to earth and he is dam modern off course , and kashish bua , I mean armaan's mom , he is the best mom ever , soo cool, I m sure you will love to meet her then" added angad ahead


And here sujal came near armaan ,


"hey dad god I missed you soo much" said armaan and was about to hug him , when he stopped armaan , and a little anger and fear clearly visible in sujal


"come on dad now , ok I m sorry" said armaan , as he understood that he was scared for his security


"armaan you knew that was too irresponsible on your behalf" said sujal , and then melting ahead , aftet all he cant pretend to be angry with his son for that long


"now don't make that cute face you knew I cant resist that" said sujal ahead , seeing armaan face , and then smiling , "ok now come on meet me properly I m seeing you after 1 long month" said sujal hugging him tight ,


And everyone else was amused to see perfect father-son bounding


"since when have you became soo melodramatic dad" said armaan


"well that have been a long time ahead armaan since I have met your mom, around 25 years ago" said sujal "now you get prepared for that , your mom is on her way , and this time I am out of this , I am not going to stop her melodrama , and moreover now she also have got a great support for all this from your sweet grand maa , even bigger typical Indian mom" said sujal ahead , making fun of kashish


"don't you think you will get in a serious trouble if mom comes to hear that" said armaan laughing


"armaan don't you think you have underestimated you dad a lot , what do you think if kashish was somewhere around here , then I would have said all this , I already knew that she is there in temple with mom , and wont be here to listen to my talk" said sujal ,


"oh wow , someone's getting intelligent day by day" said angad and came in front , "hey uncle how are you" said angad and hugging sujal


"hey buddy I m fine you tell , and how's everything there , or I must say that someone" said sujal teasing angad for kripa , as he knew already about her


"oh hoo uncle , everything rather everyone is fine and as for meeting, well in that case , here meet kripa" said angad pointing towards kripa standing there , and poor kripa was all red with shyness , this was pretty unexpected


"she is beautiful I am impressed angad , since when your choice got soo good" said sujal praising kripa


And in turn kripa bend down to touch sujal feet , afterall he was her father in law ,


but before she can doo that sujal stopped her in middle ,


"hey hey relax , I m not soo old that you need to touch my feet , I m still to young for that , right angad" asked sujal


"absolutely right buddy , kripa uncle is like a buddy and you don't need to do this with him , just hi and hello is ok , reserve this feet touching for oldies" said angad ,


"and moreover , daughters don't touch feet in our family" said sujal serious this time , keeping one hand on kripa's head , and then he signalled something to balram and he came ahead with a box ,


"here this is for you" said sujal and gave that box to kripa

Which had this inside

"no I cant take this" said kripa hesitantly


"its ok kripa take it , I knew I m not angad's father but he is just like armaan to me , soo you think that your dad giving you this , after all this is first time you meet us , we say this as muh dikhaaye , and this is your right you have to take this" said sujal a fatherly speech


And after listening that kripa happily took the gift ,while everyone else was soo touched and impressed with sujal , riddhima was very happy to see her best friend getting such a good future family


"ok dad let me introduce you to others here , Mayank Sharma , you remember we met in a party earlier" said armaan


"oh yes I remember , hello mayank , soo how are you doing" said sujal shakking hand with mayank


"really good Mr Rathode , and its my family , my wife nupur" pointing towards nupur and nupur to moving head just a gesture to say hello


"another pretty lady in the row , and mayank this Mr Rathode , its too formal , you can call me uncle like angad if you want" said sujal


"sure uncle, I will remember that ,my brother's adhiraj and samrat" said mayank ahead pointing towards adhiraj and samrat


"off course I knew them , armaan's friend from his college, armaan told me about them , and here I found two more beautiful ladies ahead" said sujal looking towards gunjan and riddhima ,


"oh dad that's gunjan , kripa's family friend" said armaan ,
And then looking towards riddhima , confused what to say


"and that's riddhima mayank's younger sister" said armaan ahead but his style for calling riddhima's name was different , really different , and that difference was well noticed by sujal found it bit strange , but may be he is just over thinking


"oh hello miss , pleasure to meet you" said sujal to riddhima


"please you all feel at home , be comfortable here , hope you will not have any problem here" said sujal , and then ahead to balram


"balram ji just take care that the guest don't have any problem here" ordered sujal ahead , "why don't you all go and get fresh balram will show you guest rooms you all must be tired with the journey , then we all will have breakfast together" suggested sujal


And with that all of them went ahead with balram , in the pattern they were standing , as riddhima was in the end with gunjan soo they moved at last , only armaan and sujal left behind


"dad I will go and check with them" said armaan and went from there ,and he was just behind riddhima

they all moving from there , when suddenly riddhima's feet got twisted a little


"ouch" she cried , but very low , not very clear to anyone around , may be no one listened to that , just the one very near to her ,


"riddhima are you ok , riddhima you ok" said armaan very scared and concerned ,


"yes I am fine , I am fine" said riddhima getting normal , as nothing serious had happened , it was just a little twist and she was perfectly fine now


With that she moved ahead , and armaan also followed back , they all went from there , only sujal was left , who has definitely seen all that


"interesting , I think I will have to keep a look at this" said sujal and went from there


And here everyone walking upwards towards the rooms


"Hey this is a really nice place , I m liking it already , and armaan your dad he is too good , I liked him" said nupur


"yes you are right bhabs , he is very nice , and ahem ahem , miss kripa , now I think its high time you should behave like a good daughter in law here , after all its your future what you call that yaa sasural , right bhabs , soo madam behave like good traditional girl and now I think you should wear an Indian dress instead of this jeans and all" said riddhima teasing kripa


"yaa right riddhima , imagine kripa in a sari , with head covered with dupatta and lots and lots of jewellery" said gunjan ahead , making fun of her and riddhima and gunjan laughing on that


"you are wrong with this beta , its not going to be like this" came a voice from back , and riddhima and gunjan shocked for once and turned back


There was a lady standing there it was none other then Kashish , she was wearing this , soo elegantly she carried herself

She came there near them , and then smiling


"its not at all going to be like what you were saying , your friend wont be wearing any heavy dresses and jewelry here , that wont be required , she will stay here the same way she use to stay till now" said kashish , to riddhima and gunjan , and then going towards kripa


"hmm , nice , pass" said kripa after seeing kripa , "haven't you seen angad properly" asked kashish ahead


"ji what?" kripa got confused


"I mean how have you chosen him , how did angad got such beautiful girl for himself" said kashish ahead now smiling


"that's not fare sweetheart , you think I m not good to get a beautiful girl" said angad pouring


"awww , you are the most handsome boy in this world , you deserve the best , and she is the best" said kashish ahead


"seriously , I love you for that" said angad and hugging kashish


"hey guys , remember me , I m also standing here" said armaan sarcastically , as kashish was not even seeing him and he was waiting for her


Armaan went there and hugged her tight ,


"god please now you don't start with that , dad has already done lots of melodrama , on your behalf as well , so now please can we have a better reunion" said armaan making kashish laugh


While others were still confused , who the lady is , no one knew that she was armaan's mom ,


"god honey I missed you soo soo much" said armaan


"I missed you too , and look at you , what have you done to yourself , the cooks there don't they even cook for you well , you getting soo thinner day by day , and this god you goo and take a bath first , this sweat , and this clothes , armaan when will you learn how to dress properly cant you just change your dressing sense a bit , this is soo old fashioned" kashish saying all this and keep on saying when armaan interrupted


"relax relax , my designer honey , can you give a break to your saying" said armaan , " and as for what you said , I m perfectly fine , eating very well and as for sweat , I have just came back from a long journey and lastly for my dressing , soo I m sure my designer must have by now designed a new look for me by now" said armaan , keeping arms around kashish shoulder and then looking towards others being confused


"oh guys , here meet my lifetime designer honey , who is fortunately my dearest mom" said armaan introducing kashish


"hi guys , pleasure to meet you all" said kashish


"what is she your mom armaan , but she doesn't look like that at all" said adhiraj shocked


"ok then I take it as a compliment that I still look soo young" said kashish


"you surely doo bua" said angad ahead ,


"anyways I wont take your much time , you all look really exhausted , and I am sure by now you must have got bored with our little family union , but what can be done we meeting after long one month , and as for me I am a bit melodramatic , as my husband would have already given my sweet introduction to you" said kashish , emphasizing at the last line


"you already knew that bua ji" said amused kripa


"ya sweety , you knew sometimes armaan forget that I am his mother and sujal also don't remember that I knew them both more then they knew themselves , they just try to act smart" said kashish


"ok ok I got that mom , now can you please allow them to see their rooms" said armaan


"off course I will , please come with me" said kashish , and moved ahead , while others followed them


Soon they got near rooms ,


Here are the rooms , you can take any room you like here , you all get changed and comfortable , while I will go down , will see you at the breakfast


And with that kashish left from there, while others went ahead towards the rooms , servants opened the rooms for them


They all went to their respective rooms

Mayank and Nupur , room


while samrat and adhiraj preferred to stay together and there rooms were

and soo had kripa and gunjan they took one room , there room was

angad also wanted to stay there around kripa , he took a room on same floor ,

while armaan also went to his room , the room which was just the corner room of the rooms , everyone were staying , as all the rooms were near armaan's room , which was

while riddhima didn't wanted to stay with gunjan and kripa in same room , poor she cant tolerate there lovers chat , and there regular meeting with the boys , and soo she preferred to let them stay alone there , and she took the room just opposite to them , which was from one side joined to samrat and adhiraj room and from the other side joining offcourse our armaan's rooms , in short riddhima and armaan got neighbours lol's
riddhima room

later they all got ready and went down to their special dining hall to have the breakfast

where they met armaan's grand father as well , he was also a great mon just like sujal , they all found him as well joking with them all the time

after having the breakfast , they all decided to visit the site for their construction where they were going to build their hotel , for which they have came here , and so they all decided to go there together even the ladies , this time Sujal also said that he and Kashish will come with them , afterall there were lots of thinks he wanted to see there , you must have understood what


All of them got ready for sight visiting ,


Armaan , samrat and adhiraj along with sujal went together , while riddhima, kripa, gunjan were accompanied by angad went along with kashish , and mayank and nupur came late together for sight visiting , after few of sight-seeing together alone ,


After few minutes ride , they reached here ,

When they reached there,

"oh wow this place is beautiful , I'm sure making a five star here is a great option , tourist will love this location and view" said adhiraj


"yes it will be a great option , that's why dad and chachu have selected this place" said mayank "what do you think kiddo" mayank asked riddhima , who was standing there with him


"bhaiya , this is great , and as for this building and ground then this construction is like more than 40 years old now , this is very sensitive , this place can be cleared easily , and as for the ground , it looks like strong enough to handle the weight of the construction, but the full report I can give you only after I make all the test here" said riddhima ahead , guys remember riddhima was an archaeologist and soo she has full knowledge about all these stuffs , which are really required to be known before any construction


"oh wow , I am impressed how do you knew all this , I mean there are really technical issues" asked sujal to riddhima


"actually , Mr Rathode its because , I am an archaeologist I have studied archaeology in London" said riddhima


"uncle , first call me uncle , no Mr Rathode , it looks like you are calling an really old aged person and I don't think I look soo old for that , agree I am armaan's father but do I even look like that" said sujal


"no uncle , seriously I thought first looking at you that you were armaan's big brother and not father" said riddhima


"oh thanks a lot , I really liked that , and yes I also found it very nice the work you do" said sujal


"thank you uncle" said riddhima smiling


"dad don't you think you are behaving to much odd today , get serious dad mom is also here with us" said armaan , coming close to sujal , soo that only he can hear that


"armaan who is behaving how odd, I don't think you need to tell me that , I knew that already" said sujal a double meaning chat

"what , what you mean dad I am not getting and I was just kidding" said armaan


"I am not kidding armaan that's why I say you are a dumb" said sujal and went from there smiling and whistling


"what , what have happened to dad now , why is he behaving soo strangely" thought confused armaan


"ok guys , enough , enough of this boring sight seeing and this like oldies talking about business and work , enough of working for today , you guys are here on a picnic soo lets just chill" said sujal , to everyone


"but we have just reached here and kids have not even seen all this properly" said kashish


"oh hoo kash , relax yaar you knew there is nothing to look in this place at all ,everything has been done properly earlier only , just the construction part is left in this , that will start from tomorrow , soo as for today its picnic time , come guys , lets go for lunch i think you all would also need it now" said sujal


and after that they all left the place and went to a restaurant there

it was a complete different experience for all of them , and they all were really enjoying it a lot


and afterwards they all went to many places for sight seeing ,


had a little cultural tour of the place

and then they reached here

seeing the place everyone got parted girls went on other side and boys other , all were looking around the place ,


armaan , samrat , adhiraj and angad , were standing together over here when ,


"come on guys , this is an osm place , lets do some boating here , it will be really fun" suggested samrat


"yes it will be great , come lets go , i will call the girls we all will go together" said angad


"guys you goo ahead , i will stay back" said armaan lightly


"now what happened to you , why don't you want to come with us" asked adhiraj


"leave him adhiraj ,if he don't want to come then there is no use to force him to come , let us all go" said angad seeing towards armaan who was not getting any reason to not go , but angad already kew the reason why armaan don't want to come as he was water phobic and that he is scared of water soo he cant do boating


"ok , no problem who ever want to do boating can go , I will wait for you all here , and moreover I need to make few calls , I will wait for you all here" said armaan


And only then all the others came there


"hey guys we all are planning to go for boating" said samrat


"yes I love it , lets goo" said gunjan excited and everyone agreed


"ahh , I wont , you all go ahead , I don't want to go" said riddhima hesitantly


"comeon riddhima , It will be great fun we all will enjoy together" said kripa


While everyone else was quite from riddhima family as they all knew that she is also water phobic , riddhima was also very scared of water , this much that she thinks she will drown in it


"yes please come along with us" said angad


"no angad kripa, you guys goo ahead I will sit here only and watch you boating , you don't worry" said riddhima


"its ok kiddo guys you all go ahead I will stay here with her" said mayank


"no bhai you go ahead with bhabs , I am fine you go , I don't want anyone here to stay back due to me , please I insist" said riddhima as she didn't wanted anyone to sacrifice there fun because of her


"oh hoo its ok bhai , lets go and moreover armaan is also not going" said adhiraj


"yes then its perfectly fine , riddhima beta you stay back and armaan is also here , come guys we all willl go and enjoy the boating till then" said sujal ,


and everyone else had no reason to say anything at that point soo all agreed and went in a big boat


and all of them got in the boat and soon they went ahead in the lake


and here our arhi ,


armaan was like heart beating at the rate of 180 km per hour , cant goo more than that he and riddhima alone on a lake side


while riddhima standing there and seeing everyone going far and far in the middle of the lake


"ahh I mean , we should sit down and wait" said armaan , some what confused how to talk with her , they have hardly talked alone together before just there few meets in starting


"armaan ji are you ok , I mean I am seeing that you are changing a lot , I mean you have changed a lot , remember the time when we met earlier , you have changed soo much after that" said riddhima normally


"ofcourse I remember how can I forget" said armaan "I remember each and every moment I spend with you" said armaan ahead ,very low riddhima can also not hear that low


"hmm what did you said" said confused riddhima


"ohh nothing , I said , lets go and sit there" pointing towards a coverred sitting area in a corner


"yaa sure why not lets go" said riddhima


and soo they both went there and reaching the shelter area there armaan ordered his bodyguards and other gaurds who came with them there to get chairs for them , as there were no sitting place there


"oh no its not required ,I don't need chair" said riddhima , and with that she sat down comfortably on the floor,


"I love this type of trips , and stop being all that price type thinks , and go with the flow , come sit down , and enjoy this moments , you can enjoy this place like this the best" said riddhima ,

and with that armaan said his guards to goo back and wait near the car and he also sat there with riddhima


armaan quite very quiet , don't knew what to say , he was like getting nervous and conscious as riddhima was sitting there close to him


armaan still thinking what to do , he once see riddhima as she was deeply enjoying the view from there and was seeing there only





"by the way armaan ji" as riddhima said this armaan got conscious about his seeing and he immediately turned his face ahead


"what happened you ok" said riddhima ahead , as she found him behaving not soo normal


"ya ya I m fine perfectly all right , you tell what were you saying" said armaan ahead


"ohh nothing ,I was just curious , that why you never told us about your family and that you were a price or something" said riddhima


"just like that , I really didn't found it much important" said armaan normally


"oh , that's why you never told us , you must have told me atleast , after I should have also known that I am in a friendship with a price" said riddhima ahead


"Friend" said armaan deeply


"ya friends, you have changed soo much armaan , don't you remember our friendship and how we were cheating each other being angad and kripa , gosh today also I sometime laugh over my stupid act that time , but still it was soo fun" said riddhima remembering that time they had together


"yes it was , how can i forget i remember each and every moment i spend there" said armaan


"great then armaan ji you knew i always thought" as she was saying ahead armaan interfeared


"first stop this , you just said we are friends then what is this formality for , call me just armaan" said armaan , and then saw riddhima smiling , "ok now you tell what were you saying" said armaan ahead


"actually armaan , I was saying that I always thought that you were some kind of serious person , you knew angry young man looks type , but then when I saw you how you be with adi , angad and your family , I found a complete different person" said riddhima


"good or bad , you found a good person or a bad person" asked armaan


"ofcourse a good one , you were good earlier as well , you were always good armaan" said riddhima smiling


And her saying was all for armaan , to get his dimple smile out ,


"not bad , your smile is really nice , you look great" said riddhima seeing armaan smiling


"ohh wait a minute , are you flirting with me" said armaan , teasing her


"offcourse I am , didn't you got that yet" instantly said riddhima


And after one minute silent , they both burst out laughing , sun set with there laughter ,


"ok now always stay like this , don't became that angry young man again ok , Mr Serious person" said riddhima , after that


"ok" said armaan still laughing


After few more moments and there few more friendly chit chat , everyone came back


And they all together went back home ,


After dinner it was quite late at night soo all of them went to their respective rooms to sleep , only one was there without sleep , and that was our armaan


He just cant sleep the whole night , all the time he was just thinking about riddhima and just smiling


Sujal and Kashish room ,


Sujal was sitting on a sofa with laptop working and kashish was sitting there on bed doing some work


"kashish" said sujal leaving laptop and thiking something


" hmm" she just replied as she was busy with setting few cloths


"have armaan talked with you" said sujal ahead


"regarding what" said kashish still busy with her work


"kash , please stop this work and listen to me , I am serious , and there is really something fishy" said sujal annoyed that kashish was not concentrated


"ok ok , I left it , now tell what is it , and now what is fishy" said kashish coming near and sitting with him


"nothing , I was just thinking something , I mean seeing something , no rather feeling something" said sujal , but don't knew what to say and how


"ok now will you be clear with your thinking , seeing and feeling" said kashish , as she was confused what sujal said


"I am not sure , but I think there is something" as sujal was about to say


"fishy , that I already knew you have already said" said kashish


"no kashish I was talking about armaan" said sujal finally


"armaan !! what happened to armaan , is he ok , has something happened to him, did he talked to you about it" kashish just keep on saying , like a concerned mom


"wait wait will you stop , god you women , can't you ask one question at a time" said sujal teasing


"oh please sujal stop cursing your luck and women's later first tell me what happened" said kashish


"by the way kash , you have met that girl na , riddhima" asked sujal


"yaa , riddhima , she is a nice girl and I think we have met in the morning and she was all day along with us soo I have definitely met her" said kashish normally and sarcastically


"oh thanks for the knowledge that we were together whole day" said sujal sarcastically , "I was just asking how do you find her" said sujal ahead


"as if , I mean as a girl I found her really nice , she is good , very beautiful and she looked really innocent , but sujal why are you asking all this" said kashish


"hmm she is like what you said , but I think armaan find her far more then you and us think she is" said sujal


"what, are you serious , has he told you that" said kashish shocked


"yes and no , I mean yes I am serious and no he have not told me anything , but I am his father my dear , I can also feel the unsaid in him" said sujal proudly


"yaa right , I knew that what you can feel , but still sujal , I don't think soo and seriously I don't find anything what you said" said kashish


"oh hoo kashish , patience , have some patience and just watch , wait and watch and you will get to know it soon ,and I didn't said that there is something happening between them , I just said that I felt armaan having feelings for her , and that is all" said sujal


"ohh ok , thank you for the information , now I will also see , what is it that is going on in our son's heart and he haven't told us yet" said kashish


And now sujal got her all-time favourite partner in this mission as well

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ammy_ka_ashu IF-Dazzler

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searchoffriends IF-Sizzlerz

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awesome part!
cant wait for wait for them to meet again =D
continue soon x

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