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Introduction of all characters,
riddhima living in London with her lovely family , her dreams and her nightmares , due to which she always feel scared
Armaan living in Italy with his lovely parents , and his dreams, his nightmares that disturb him always
Early Morning
Adiraaj and Samrat woked up early today [a  big miracle for samrat to wake early but still] and both the brothers decided to warm up with a basket ball match soo they both headed towards the basket ball ground near there house
they went there and there they saw a girl alone in the court actually it was riddhima standing there holding a basket ball
Adiraaj: princess you here
riddhima : hey good morning adi , samrat bhai  [shocked seeing him]   you up soo early in the morning ?...anyways good morning [teasingly]
adiraaj: what r u doing over here .and you r standing over here alone
riddhima : i just came for a walk bro
adi: alone!!!!!
riddhima : soo what do you expect I should always get a mob along with me oh come on bro stop behaving like a hell overprotecting brother and for your kind information I m grown up I m not a kid anymore and I do walk alone everyday
adi: ok ok fine by the way what r u doing over here ?
riddhima : swimming !!!!  what a weird question adi  ,its a basket ball court so off course I m playing basket ball
samrat and adiraaj together this time: [shocked]  Basketball!!!!!!!! And you
riddhima : what so shocking guys!!!!!
samrat: bachaa you hated this game I suppose.
riddhima : oh like that ya I used to hate it .but still I come here sometimes and then started playing it
adi: when ..???
riddhima : [with a sad expression]...when you both went to New York for your high school remember 5 years ago.
adi: how can I we studied there in New York high school for 3 long years.
riddhima : yaa and I used to miss you too a lot over here and you both used to enjoy your life over there.
samrat: bachaa we were gone there 5 years ago and now its more than 2 years that we came back to London why all of a sudden today you r remembering all that
riddhima : just like that actually when you went over there , at that time I used to come over here a lot of times and so I even started playing this game I use to miss you both  [very lovingly]
samrat: oh my sweet princess u used to miss us  , sorry we left you alone  [lovingly]
riddhima : ok now forget it , it was long time back , that 3 years I used to play this game sometime then when u came back I again stop playing it , but today I m in a mood to play
adi: ok then lets have a match  , samrat do u remember how we used to play this game in New York university
samrat: yaa yaa i know ...tum to usse bahut miss karonge na u got your all time best friend over there ...tumhaara pyaara ammy
riddhima: [confused]...ammy!!!!!!!!!!!
adi: yaa my best friend there and samrat never liked him..
riddhima : oh ok that ammy about whom u allways use to talk on phone with mee
adi: yaa ..he was such a nice guy
samrat: forget it bro ...[immitating adi].  nice guy...
adi: i never got it why u both dont like each other
samrat: ok leave that topic apart
riddhima : [to adiraaj]   you never met him again in these 2 years ?
adi: no... but wee used to talk on phone ...but it has been almost an year for that too...i think now he is in Italy
riddhima : Italy wow I love that place I never went over there but I would love to visit there
samrat: ok now lets get back to what wee were here for  , lets play basket ball
riddhima : just wait for 5 minutes GUNJAN is also coming [deliberately stressing over her name looking towards samrat , as they very well knew that how much samrat secretly likes her ,but he is not sure about gunjan's feeling , while riddhima knew that gunjan also likes samrat , as she is riddhima's best friend and she have told her everything]  
adiraaj : oh ...gunjan is coming !!!!!!...samrat gunjan is coming [teasing him]
samrat: shut up bro , will you  [a bit irritated]
armaan and angad went for there convocation
and armaan had topped the university he moves towards the stage and received his degree
Finally they were graduated now
the same day they were just relaxing soo .armaan and angad went in the basket ball court over there
angad: finally college over but it was really a fun right
armaan: yaa it was cool but still best time of my life was that 3 years of high school in New York I still miss them New York high school  , our hostel and moreover my few  friends there specially adiraaj , he was a great friend
[angad giving him a look]
armaan: chill man offcourse after you.,  he is my good friend but you r my best friend and my bro too soo never feel insecure with that
angad: yaa they were really nice
armaan: they...? [a bit confused first]  oh you r talking about that Samrattt too...
angad: yaa I never got it  , adiraaj was your best friend and samrat was his brother still you never liked him
armaan: I don't know why its not like I don't like him but we never were able to became good friends as me and adi were
angad: yaa I know  , ok now just leave that topic , lets play a match [basket ball] what say ?
Soon they started playing basket ball
gunjan also came there and soon adiraaj , samrat and riddhima also started playing basket ball
soo there is a match going on in ITALY as well as in LONDON
riddhima dribbling the ball
gunjan: come on riddhima paas the ball
Only then riddhima getting some flashes you can call that she was day dreaming of imagining something
She heard a voice from behind..
Voice: come BASKET give me the ball
she turned around and there was nobody.
she again get some flashes ...and she thought that she was playing a game some where else also she was lost in flashes that many people were there calling for her name and she was playing the game with a boy who was calling her name again and again to pass her the Ball but she was not able too see anything clear like always
she felt strange as it was first time in her life that she was playing that game...till now she only practiced a bit and that too alone
Soon her imagination were disturbed by adiraaj
adi: princess kya , hua why you standing like this
riddhima : [sounding very low]  I don't know I mean
adi: r u ok ,  comeon lets go back home  , I don't think you r feeling well
riddhima : no adi I m fine , lets continue the game
after few time the game is still on
ball was with riddhima and she was about to score a basket when samrat came in her way prevent that ...she very cleverly through the ball on ground and distracted samrat and just maid a basket
samrat: wow  , I didn't knew you play soo well how do you did that I mean this one was really cool
adi: cool short princess  , you play soo well and you say that you don't know how to play the game
they were shocked , but riddhima was totally confused too how do she maid that shot , she never played basket ball ever before and she even don't know how to play the game ,then how she did that she was confused but didn't said anything
armaan and angad were playing very well and the game was going on perfectly
the ball was with angad and armaan was trying to get that from him
He was on angad back side  , he was totally concentrating when suddenly he felt like or he saw a girl dribbling the ball in front of him  ,  her back was towards armaan , and as she turned towards armaan , her long hairs brushed on armaan face and armaan closed his eyes he felt something at the moment and suddenly he opened his eyes when angad was yelling on him
angad: armaan  game ke beech mein tu aankhen band karke kya sapne dekh raha hai ?
armaan: nothing , arre yahaa abhi aur koi bhi tha
angad: yahaa!!!!!  r u ok ?  yahaa hum dono ke alaawa koi nahi hai  , I think u r bit tired  comeon lets get back home
and soo the game ended  , but armaan was really the one fully confused
the game is over now and they were just relaxing in the corner
samrat: oh man the game was soo cool
adi: yaa it was , chal lets goo home , its breakfast time and bhaiya is also coming
riddhima : oh god I seriously forgot bhaiya is coming back today
samrat: haa bachaa  I think his flight would be about to land
riddhima : yaa then what r we waiting for lets go to the airport we will receive him
adi: actually princess I think we should not go to airport to get him
samrat: yaa because nupur bhabhi is going and you know na bhai is coming after 4 days
riddhima : and rest I can understand  no prob's lets go
adi: yaa hum ghar per hi bhaiya ke welcome ki preparation karte hai
Armaan went to his home  ,  after dropping angad to his
and there kashish was waiting for him in the hall
armaan: hey mom I m back home
kashish: [sounding a bit upset]  thank god tum aa gaye  armaan  I wanna talk to you
armaan: [concerned ]    ya mom what's the matter you look serious
kashish: because I m beta and the matter is also serious
armaan: what is it mom ?
kashish:  MAASA  [in royal families mom is called maasa]   maasa is not well we need to go there TO INDIA
armaan: INDIA ? but why and who is maasa ?
kashish:   your grandmother
armaan: [shocked] what my grandmother  do I have a one
kashish: armaan I think its time for you to knew the truth , the truth of our life
armaan: [tensed confused]   which truth mom ?
kashish: beta your  dad  [pause]  he belongs to a royal family
armaan: royal family ?????!!!!! , really [suprised confused all together]
kashish: yaa , waise too there raja mahaa raaja ka raaj and all , ended up many years back  , but still he was a part of it , there heir , your dad's grandfather was a king of  there , and soo that position shifted from him to your grand father and then sujal was gonna be his next
but Sujal personally never liked and believed in all these royal families and there customs , he had always remained away from all that , he always wanted to live a normal life and that's why he lived away from his home that Palace ,
And then he met me , I belonged to a normal middle class family , and my family was not at all anywhere in money terms in comparison to sujal's family , and that's why sujal's parents were against our relation ,
They never accepted mee , [she said with sadness]  that's why sujal left his family and there royal life and we went to delhi with my bhaiyaa [kashish brother , angad's dad]
armaan: they never called you guys back ? [he asked with curiosity]
kashish:  we always wanted that they call us back , and our separated family became one again ,  I tried a lot but nothing worked and moreover Raaja Sahab
armaan: raaja sahib , who ?
kashish:  your grandfather  , he is addressed as raja sahib
armaan : soo what he did
kashish :  nothing , your dad was stick to his principles , they both were just not ready to leave there ego and principle's behind  , and after that , sujal left all that ,and started with a small business in delhi , and now wit his handwork he is counted in one of the top business man's of the era [she said with proud , proud of her husband , and armaan was also felt like a proud son , proud of his father]
armaan: did dad parents never tried taking to you ?
kashish:  wee tried a lot  , but may be destiny was never with us , and then when you were born we thought there was some hopes of everything getting back to normal , you knew when Raja Sahib , came to knew that he became grand father , that time he came to meet you , he was really happy , and he wanted that we should come with them , he had accepted us , rajaa sahib is really a nice man , just like your father , but , Maasa didn't liked that , she was still upset with us , and raja sahib was not able to doo anything as maasa was against his decision
armaan: oh that's strange you mean my grand father is scared of my grandmom
kashish: [replied smiling]  its not like that ,  raja sahib decisions r always the final one ,and  maasa had always honored them , and if he would have firmly decided at that time to take us back home , then even maasa would have not said anything , but ,  sujal didn't allowed him to doo that , as he knew that her mother just agreed due to obeying his dad decision ,and that she was not ready to accept them from heart , sujal also wanted to goo back home , but only when maasa will truly accept us from heart and genuinely want us to came back , not due to raja sahib
armaan: oh I got it dad now , mom you knew dad is really nice , and my grandfather is also a great man , just my grandmom is a bit strict lady [armaan added with a chuckle]
kashish: [seriously]  maasa is really unwell armaan , she herself called us , andshe said that she wants that we should come back , she had accepted us from her heart , she wants her family to be one again
armaan: mom where's dad [armaan asked , now knowing what he has to do]
kashish: in his study , he is really upset since he had talked with maasa  , armaan we need to knew your decision as well now
armaan after understanding all her mom told him went to study to meet his dad
there sujal is standing near the window , he had a bit tears in his eyes
armaan: dad !
sujal: [trying to behave normal]  hey armaan , when did you came back hmm
armaan: mom told me everything ,  you know what dad I m proud of you , and I didn't knew that my dad is actually a king [ armaan said with a smile to lighten the atmosphere]
sujal: armaan ...!!
armaan: what armaan ,  its enough dad , enough of running away from our peoples , our family  , lets goo back dad , to OUR HOME
sujal:  but beta , you sure you don't have any problem with this ?
armaan:  problem ,  I dodn't have any problem dad , infact I m happy to know that I have my grandparents oh I  m just dying now too meet them I m too excited come on dad lets goo ..lets goo to INDIA
sujal: ok as you say YUVRAAJ
armaan: yuvraaj  ???
sujal: haa YUVRAAJ get used to it now son , because now you r not only armaan , but YUVRAAJ ARMAAN SINGH RATHODE  , that's what you r gonna addressed as
armaan: wow that's heavy one ,  as you say  Rajaa jii  [smilingly]
everythink settelled after that
armaan don't  wanna go alone so he asked angad to accompany him there , and angad also agreed as he was already leaving for India , as angad parents lived in India
After the  basket ball match and few more chit chat
finally riddhima , Samrat and Adiraaj headed towards there home there the whole house was going mad in preparations all the servants were working and family members were just too busy instructing them
riddhima : what the hell is happening over here  , mom what r u all doing ?
prerna:  what do you think I  m , aree my son is coming back , soo I was just prepairing for that
adiraaj: mom bhai is coming back only after 5 days , aap to aise prepare kar rahe hai jaise ki  bhai saalo baad ghar waapas aa rahe hai
prerna: [giving them warning look]   adi tum log jaao and get changed ,  nupur gaye hai airport , vo dono aate hi honge
samrat: as u say bade maa , but you knew naa Nupur bhabs has went alone to airport , soo we can expect that they will get a bit late ..
[he said with a wink and riddhima  accompanying him with her laughter]
prerna: [warning tone]  don't  you dare , don't you dare say anything against my lovely son and daughter in law , got it
adiraaj:  lovely ...yaa yaa we knew that ... u love them more then us  [making a poor bechaara face]
prerna: bahut ho gaya ...jaao yahaa se warna [full warning tone]
adi: see I told you
prerna: adi tu na riddhima and samrat ke saath reh kar bigad gaya hai
[poor riddhima  standing in side she had actually not done anything but still is been accursed]
riddhima : what ! what have I done , I  didn't even uttered a word mom [making a cute baby face]
adi: awww poor you riddhima [teasing her more]
riddhima : mom see him  [pleading like a small child]
prerna: ok now stop , not a single word from anyone of you , jaao yahaa se .
riddhima : ok mom  [making an angry face on samrat and adiraaj , poor she is really angry right now and adiraaj , samrat understood it's gonna be really difficult for them to convince her now riddhima kaa gussa was to high]
finally a teasing session over
and after a few minutes ,  we see someone entering the house that was nupur with Mayank Sharma , the eldest son of the family
He went to rishab and karan who were sitting on the sofa , and then touch there feet to take there blessing
rishab: [after getting up and after a fatherly hug]  jeete raho kaise ho ...beta
mayank: I m fine dad  [to karan]  hey chachu what's up [hugging him]  so what's the score now  ,  I m sure ki in 5 days mein kam se kam 10 fights to hue hi honge aapke chachi se haina   [jokingly ,  with a wink and teasing him]
karan: is baar score thoda badd gaya hai buddy , ab tu to apne chache ko jaanta hai na mauka milla nahi aur naraaj ho jaate hai
[poor karan don't know that nandani was standing there and listening to him]
nandani: achaa main naraaj hote hu har baat pe
karan: marr gaya [first expression]  [then lovingly] nahi nahi jaan maine aisa kab kaha maine aisa kaha mayank
[pleading mayank for help now who was suppressing his laugh and soo was nupur and rishab , over karan's condition , and mayank went towards nandini]
[he took nandani blessing and then moved her back and just moved his arms around her neck , lovingly hugging her ]
mayank: very bad  chachu mere itane achee chachi hai and aap hamesha unhe burra kehte hai
karan: ye lo aa gaya na ...ek aur chache ka chamcha
[showing faked anger]
[leaving everyone laugh on him for that]
mayank: mom kaha hai and by the way ghar mein itane shante kaise hai..
nandini: didi kitchen mein hai , cooks ki khabar le rahe hai and baake sab
mayank: baake sab ki information main mom see le lunga main maa se mill ke aata hu ok...
[mayank went towards kitchen quietly and hugged prerna  from behind]
prerna:  aree aa gaya tu , kaisa hai tu aur ye kya haal banna rakha hai apna , wahaa kuch khane ko nahi milta tha kya  , kitna kamjoor lag raha hai
[typical mother style]
mayank: mom mom relax. , main theek hu and aap aise question pooch rahe hai jaise main saalo baad ghar aa raha hu
prerna: ok ok I know tu theek hai , per kya karu maa hu na
mayank: I know mom and I love you ,  by the way kiddo kaha hai and adi and samrat bhi nahi hai , hai kaha vo..?
prerna: [smilingly]  aur kaha honge  tere kiddo  , gussa hai usse hi manna rahe hai bas kuch bol diya tere kiddo ko ab muh pholla ke bathee hue hai...
mayank: main jaake dekhta hu
and with that mayank headed towards riddhima room
we see riddhima sitting in the middle of her bed holding her favorite big heart shaped pillow...and she is not talking to adiraaj and samrat who were trying there best to convince her
adi: princess I said na I m sorry , dekh ab to maan jaa
riddhima : no you find it really fun na , why were you making fun of me there , I don't wanna talk to anyone of you
mayank: [coming in the room] mujhse bhi baat nahi karenge ...kiddo
[riddhima looked at mayank and excitedly just ran from her bed to hug him]
riddhima : bhaiyaa , oh mayank bhaiya I missed you soo much , how r u and how was your trip and when did you came back ? [all in excitement]
mayank: I m fine and my trip was fabulous and I came back just now  and rushed here to meet my princess any other question
riddhima : oh I love you bhaiya
samrat:  madam hum bhi khade hai yahaa line mein bhaiya see milne ke liye
riddhima : [with anger as she was already angry at them ]  shut up , and its better for you ok
mayank: princess no more fights  , hey bro's so what's up guys
Hugging adi and samrat
And let them all have there family reunion for few time
Finally sharma family is complete and having fun family time together

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waiting for replies

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part 3 updatting

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Hey Simi
i read ur all ffs, i just say all r awesome
n dis one too awesome dearClapClapClap
this is really unique concept but superb
i really like yaar Yuvraj Armaan Singh Rathod n Riddhima Sharma
n Delhi scene r mindblowing, i m also live in Delhi n Dehli hatt too cool, i hope look at forward u r use Dehli famous Place
waiting AR second meeting
plz pm me dear

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hey simi
i read ur ff on dmg blog 
i just luv it pls can u send me buddy request as mine having problem 
so pls
thanks nikita

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Originally posted by ksg_farhan

thanks a lot and sure i will update soon

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