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Posted: 24 April 2011 at 12:21pm | IP Logged
hey i loved your comments , i m glad you liked the part soo much
well working on next part will try my best to update it as soon as i can
till then enjoy reading this part , and the one who have read it allready , you can read it once again , lol's .
ok ok , will try to update soon
take care all you

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Posted: 26 April 2011 at 5:51am | IP Logged
Originally posted by nidha1983

what is this simi ji itna kam AR :( no more AR plz 
oh hoo nidha ji aapka comment great yaar , and ha ha i knew you want lots and lots of ar , per kya karuu yaar , i am trying my best , will try and make my best for that
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hey guys , updatting ahead in few minutes

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gr8 post
write soon
plz add me on ur pm list plz

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hey u hav updated the title without updating the part

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Originally posted by diyachill

hey u hav updated the title without updating the part
its not like that sweety ,
actually , i was about to update the part ahead , when my internet network got lost it is fine now , soo i will update it now

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RECAP: Armaan and Riddhima meeting again in riddhima's office, they both started working together

Next one week passed very smoothly , everything was going perfectly ,

Armaan adhiraj and samrat , start working on there project very sincerely , while riddhima was not soo involved in that , she just  used to be there with them , and that was all for armaan , as he can secretly watch her , and that's all he wanted , but he never got a chance to even talk to her ,all thanks to her over possessive brothers with her , he very well knew by now that she was a completely pampered and very much loved child of their house
Slowly slowly , samrat and armaan were getting closed ,all thanks to adhiraj's tantrums for getting them close as friends  now atleast they were like good professionals for each other 

They start with few small outing together , armaan also calls angad to join them , and then all 4 relive their schooling time they spend together in US , Mayank was also included in them , as there was not much age difference

They all were pretty surprised to knew that his house was just next to Sharma mansion , and that's when armaan realized , that he actually saw riddhima there in that terrace garden that night , from that day , that balcony from where riddhima's room garden was visible , became armaan's favorite place , and he used to be there was longer times now [typical majnu lol's]

Armaan already used to meet riddhima's dad and chachu , that's rishab and karan  regularly in office , while he also met with her mom , chachi and nupur bhabhi ,  as he went at their place for dinner , he was in short getting close to their family members , and everybody was liking him a lot as no one till now knew about his secret love for their daughter , let's see what will they do when they came to knew that  [big bomb blast]

There story was as usual, they both loved each other but confession was like not coming from samrat side , finally nupur directly went to samrat one day , to knew what he was actually upto , and why was he not confessing his love for gunjan , to which he said that he was sacred as he don't knew much about her feelings

After a great support from riddhima and nupur , finally samrat confessed his love to gunjan , and now there love was known to everyone , as secretly not only the kids in family actually everyone knew about this , and karan nandani were really happy to get a daughter-in-law like gunjan , they all wanted to meet gunjan's parents now , and gunjan parents , that's Atul and Anjali Joshi , were soon coming back to Delhi ,
Well from the time angad and armaan came back from Rajasthan and got settled here in Delhi  , angad and kripa used to meet each other everyday , they were like completely in love by now , and there this love story was known to riddhima ,gunjan and even kripa sister suhaani as kripa told her first armaan , armaan parent's who were still in Rajasthan  and angad parent's who were in Italy , all knew about this by now ,

They all were just waiting for kripa's parents , that is , Keerti and Shubhankar Mehra , to be back from Mumbai , soo that they can meet and tale this relation a step ahead
Everything was going perfect in their life's till now , but will it be like this for more time let's see
Armaan and angad were becoming like a family to all young sharma's now
The youngsters were having a blast all time together , even gunjan and kripa were part of it ,
Soon riddhima was in interrogation by adhiraj , who was not able to take more confusions regarding how she knew armaan earlier and their behavior in her first day in office
To which riddhima tried being more precise she told adhiraj that kripa and angad had been net friends and they met and as kripa didn't wanted to meet him alone soo she accompanied her that's all, she excluded the part of them changing names and all from him
Mayank ,Nupur ,Adhiraj and Samrat all 4 of them were shocked to listen about kripa and angad ,but soon everyone was happy for them ,
To riddhima's and armaan good luck , asked any further interrogations, on how they meet and all soo they were safe
Armaan and riddhima used to regularly meet n office , but they never talked more than casual talks , all thanks to samrat and adhiraj , who were always there with them , armaan just as like always secretly admire her a lot all the time to his good luck he is till now not caught staring at her by any one , even riddhima never noticed him , for her he was just like her brother's good friend , and just a mere friend , that's all , she was soo much lost in her innocent world where she was still a kid that she never had any feeling for him till now , it was just in her dreams that she used to see his face but still never came to any conclusion,    
It was the day when they came to knew about kripa and angad relationship , soo all of them decided to have a party , to congratulate ,angad-kripa , as well as samrat and gunjan , as there relation also got a green signal from samrat's parents

Soo all youngsters out for celebrating , They all r in a restaurant ,
Mayank was sitting next to nupur on one side and riddhima on other , while gunjan was next to riddhima , with samrat , next to her ,kripa and de were sitting beside nupur ,and then adhiraj and armaan  ,  they were seated like that , armaan was exactly opposite to riddhima , on the round table
"Well I suppose lets cheers for our two new couple now , guys I m very happy for you all wish you a very happy life ahead" , said Mayank greeting angad-kripa , as well as gunjan-samrat , with raising a toast of Champagne , while adhiraj and armaan accompanied him with that ,
"Yaa finally , two of my friends got there love , see armaan now only you and mee r left here ,I think we should also get a company for ourself now", said adhiraj to armaan who was sitting next to him , while angad chocked his drink over adhiraj's words ,
"Armaan and company , forget that adhiraj  don't you knew he is just waiting for his soo called dream girl , which he has not got yet ,right armaan" , said angad teasing armaan , while armaan just gave him deadly looks , and his gaze than shifted to riddhima , 
"wrong angad , I suppose I have got my dream girl" , think armaan saying to himself looking towards riddhima , who was not at all interested in there chat , as she was busy sipping her favorite fruit punch  "but I think its gonna be tough to get her" , said armaan again to himself , while his thoughts were disturbed by nupur
"really armaan r you really believing that your dream girl will appear one day for you , and that she will be perfect for you" , asked a surprised and amazed nupur , " oh that's soo romantic" , she exclaimed , 
"madam , what's  soo romantic in that , hmm" , asked her bit frowning husband Mayank , who was sitting next to her
"oh come on mayank I found it romantic soo I said it , now don't get jealous over that" , she replied teasing him a bit
"jealous and mee , oh forget it , why would I be , if you remember mam , we also have a perfect love story , full of romance" , last few words were a mere whisper , audible by only nupur , which maid her blush a lot and they were lost in each other
"ahem ahem" , adhiraj maid sounds to get their attention back "guys we r also here" , said adhiraj teasing them
"oh forget it adi , as if bhaiyaa and bhabs  care about that , its ok you can continue with your never ending romance , if you want we can close our eyes too" , said riddhima accompanying adhiraj in teasing them more
"hey that's great idea , guys you all r in love , soo tell us about it , how does it feel to be n love and how does you fall in love , hope we can get some pre experience for our future with that" , said adhiraj excitedly
"hey that's interesting" , said armaan joining adhiraj with that
"boring" , exclaimed riddhima ,
"noo riddhima , its really an interesting part yaar , being in love can never be boring I suppose right guys" , said adhiraj pointing towards angad,kripa and samrat , gunjan
"yaa adi but I think we r kind of fresher in this field ,why don't you ask Mayank bhaiya about it ,he is more experienced then us in this" , said samrat , to adhiraj
While here Mayank and nupur were busy in there own world 
"mayank bhaiyaa please tell me naa , how can I know that what happens in love , I have never been in love , soo you tell me ye pyaar kaise hota hai [how does this love happens]"  , said adhiraj to Mayank who was busy staring at his beautiful wife nupur till now  ,
mayank coming back to senses , when riddhima pinched him ,
"awww what was that for princess" he screamed in pain,
"To get you out of your dream land , now tell us about love we want to knew it now" , said riddhima
"well I can tell you ye pyaar kaise hota hai [how does this love happens] , angad and samrat you will help me in this naa"  said Mayank towards them , and then they 3 got up from there
And armaan looked at riddhima smilling , "pyaar ho jaata hai [love just happens], and I m in love" said armaan to himself looking at riddhima
Mayank samrat and angad , went towards the stage while armaan , adhiraj ,along woth all the ladies came and stand in a corner ,

and Mayank started with song

its "Aankhein khuli ho" , from Mohabbtein
here's the link for the song , if you wanna see

Aankhein khuli ho ya ho band,
Deedar unka hota hai.
Kaise kahoon main o yaara,
[moving towards adhiraj and armaan]
Ye pyar kaise hota hai.
Samrat joining him dancing with gunjan

Aankhein khuli ho ya ho band,
Deedar unka hota hai.

Angad did same with kripa

Aankhein khuli ho ya ho band,
Deedar unka hota hai.


Kaise kahoon main o yaara,
Ye pyar kaise hota hai.

Adhiraj and armaan
Aaj hi yaaron kisi pe marke dekhenge hum,
gunjan and kripa:

Pyar hota hai ye kaise kar ke dekhenge hum.
Kisi ki yaadon mein khoye hue,
Khaabon ko hum ne saja liya.
[Remembering about riddhima]
Kripa as she was dancing with angad
Kisi ki baahon mein soye hue.
Apna usse bana liya.

Aye yaar pyar mein koi,
Aye yaar pyar mein koi Na jaagta na sota hai.
Kaise kahoon main o yaara ye pyar kaise hota hai.

Aankhein khuli ho ya ho band,
Deedar unka hota hai.

Kaise kahoon main o yaara,
Ye pyar kaise hota hai.

Nupur kripa and gunjan:
Kya hai jaadu hai koi, bas jo chal jaata hai.
Mayank , angad and samrat:
Tod ke pehre hazaaron, dil nikal jaata hai.
Now armaan imagining that riddhima also coming close to her , she is wearing a white suit looking an angel , his angel ,and all lights gone dim , and only he and riddhima left there
Door kahin aasmanon par hote hain ye saare faisale 
armaan holding riddhima close to him:
Kaun jaane koi humsafar kab kaise kahan mile

Jo naam dil pe ho likha ,

[and arnav dream broken , everyone dancing there , and riddhima still standing there in the corner where she was earlier]
Jo naam dil pe ho likha, ikrar ussi se hota hai.
Kaise kahoon main o yaara, ye pyar kaise hota hai
Angad :
Aankhein khuli ho ya ho band,
Deedar unka hota hai.

Aankhein khuli ho ya ho band,
Deedar unka hota hai.

Mayank :
Kaise kahoon main o yaara, Ye pyar kaise hota hai

Music and everyone started dancing , even riddhima and armaan were dancing [not together ,they all were group dancing]
Till the time the song ended , everyone were there on the dance floor , finally after the sang ended everyone was exhausted and came back on their table and sat again
"wow that was fun , I really enjoyed it a lot"  ,exclaimed adhiraj , while everyone were happy being in each other company , they all were enjoying being together
"yaa we all had great fun being together" , said samrat
"yaa it is really nice being with you guys , it will be great fun being with you in Jaitpur" , said angad in excitement , while everyone was confused over that , "ops I think I forgot to mention that , samrat , adhiraj will be going with us to Jaitpur in Rajasthan  , where we r planning to construct that hotel over which they all r working together" , said angad, explaining them
"add me on angad , I m also coming with you guys over there , as I m the head of this project" , said Mayank , leaving all of them confused  , "actually samrat and adi , I forgot to mention you guys , that we r going there for our project , it will be a trip of about 10 days" , said Mayank , to samrat and adhiraj
"oh ok , that will be fun we would love to be there , but bhaiya , 10 days" said samrat , with a frown over the fact that he will have to stay away from gunjan for next 10 days
"yaa bro , 10 days , I knew that you really gonna miss gunjan bhabhi" , said adhiraj teasing samrat while here angad was feeling the same over the fact that he have to leave kripa and most sad was our armaan that he won't be able to see riddhima for next 10 days , he was thinking over what can he doo for this , when he got an idea
"well I think , that as we all boys r going there , why don't all the ladies accompany us there , how about we all go together there" , suggested armaan
"wow that will be great , I think that's the best option , how about we all having a picnic , cum a business trip there , It will be great fun" , said Mayank excitedly , and everyone agreed to it

Finally picnic time for all of them , lets see what changes it will bring in there life's now

next day , after usual mornings masti in sharma house finally , everybody got ready for leaving for jaitpur , everybody packed their bags for their exciting picnic ,

prerna was packing her bag , and giving all instruction
"kiddo , please have your food on time , and yes please don't go anywhere alone , and always stay with mayank and nupur" prerna was just saying and saying like a concerned mom ,

"mom,  please relax, I m just going out on picnic with everyone ,and mayank bhai and bhabs , no mom, I cant disturb them yaar, otherwise bhai will surely declare me official kabab mein haddi [interrupting person]  in their romance ,that I have already did a lot" riddhima said smilingly  ,
"shut up this girl think before saying she can say anything" , said prerna like a typical mom ,

"what I speak anything  , comeon mom , you knew since bhai and bhabs got married,  they have always been surrounded by all 3 monsters like us , and me adhi bhai and samrat bhai , have never given them any time alone , i think this is the best time they can spend together , and you don't worry I will surely take care, that mayank bhai and bhabs get lots of time alone together in this trip , after all they also need there space"  said riddhima ,

"ohh hoo , our riddhima has became really intelligent" said nandini , entering riddhima's room, and listening to all her chat , "you seen  prerna didi, now our riddhima is talking about so sensible thinks, our kiddo is definitely growing up didi" said nandini , to prerna
"yes nandu, you are saying right, now riddhima has also grown up and you heard she is talking so maturely, now I think we should talk with rishab and karan that they should start searching for a nice groom for her now" said prerna like a typical mom

"groom ? , as in you mean marriage, no waysss ! oh please mom, now stop all this where is this conversation going hmm, we were talking about bhai and bhabhi, from where did this my marriage topic came hmm" said riddhima

"because now its your age for marriage beta , nupur was also of your age when she got married you knew , and now kripa and gunjan also getting married now why not you, " said prerna

"thats because , they all r really eager to get there Mr. Right , and they all got them , and i m seriously in no hurry , i love my family and you all soo much that i cant even think of leaving you all , and the day i get someone worth it that i can forget you all for him them only i will get married and that day can never come , cause there is no one in this world whom i can ever love more than my family , that's why marriage cancel" said riddhima happily
"its not like this riddhima" said prerna trying to say ahead, but riddhima interrupted her

"ok mom bye bye i love you take care and i will take full care of me , and please ask someone to get my luggage to hall we all r getting late" riddhima said all  this in one sentence , and left from there not even listening prerna ahead
"riddhima riddhima, oh god this girl don't knew what will happen of this girl" said prerna frowning ,and nandini was smiling in the corner,

"nothing didi you just relax let the right time for this come and when it will then everything will get fine and will also agree happily" said nandini assuring prerna
"but when will this happen, just hope god that the time comes really soon" prayed prerna
but the ladies don't knew, that the time was just standing next door to them , and that it was very fastly coming near them who knows what's next to their life , and what this picnic bringing for them
armaan and angad also came there when suddenly from no where a pillow came and hit directly armaan , and then came riddhima , who was the shot for that pillow , riddhima running for her life and none other then our samrat running after her , and the chase was on all over there living room where armaan and angad were standing

"you stop there riddhima , today i m just not going to leave you" said  samrat, running after riddhima
"help please help , mom , mayank bhai , help me from this langoor" screamed riddhima , running for her life from samrat

"kiddo , you ok , what is happening here" came nandini , to rescue riddhima , and riddhima to running behind and hiding their behind her

"chachiii , nandu chachiii , please help me , help me and save me from this langoor" said riddhima ,
"mom you get aside from my way , today i m not going to leave her at all , riddhima ki you are gone today" said samrat from front of nandini , and riddhima was behind her, in short nandini was pissed off between the two poor she
"no no chachi please don't move , otherwise this lagoor won't leave me" said riddhima
"mom, see she said me langoor again, by the way what that it means" , asked confused samrat

"Well langoor is a special category of monkey you langoor" said riddhima teasing samrat
"monkey, see mom she says me monkey, see there is no respect for elder brother" said samrat getting annoyed
"ok ok relax you two , first tell me the reason for this as usual third world war in our not anytime peaceful house" said nandini , very normal , as she already knew this is there usual stuff
"mom actually  she , she " samrat pointed towards riddhima tried to say the words , but before that riddhima interrupted him

"not she she , shhh shhh,samrat bhai that means you keep quiet I will tell, actually chachi , sammy bhai was brushing his hairs" riddhima was saying , when samrat again interrupted
"and she threw away my hair brush in the dustbin" said samrat getting annoyed

"Because that brush was soo untidy , with sammy bhai hairs , ewww (making bad faces) and he was also not cleaning it" said riddhima
"that's it" nandini exclaimed , "what a perfect reason for a world war 3" said nandini sarcastically
"no mom actually that brush" said samrat, but then got quite

"aa ahh i tell you , actually nandu chachi , that hair brush was gifted to sammy bhai by gunjan" said riddhima , "poor she , dont even knew that monkeys like sammy bhai , dont need that" said riddhima
"oh hoo , soo that the reason, its good atleast he has some value of the gifts given by my daughter in law to him" said nandini patting samrat head

"its not like that mom , actually i vo" samrat tried to say feeling shy in front of his mom

"leave it sammy beta , i dont want to knew your vo, actually and all , ok , now peace , and you both better get ready , otherwise you will get late" said nandini , and then she saw armaan and angad there on the gate,  "see armaan and angad r already here" said she and went to receive them

armaan who first time saw riddhima and her morning masti with samrat and adhiraj , got more and more into her thoughts now , poor he it was really getting tough and tough for him to stay away from her now

Finally everyone came down all set and ready to leave ,

"ok , soo lets keep our bags in the van " said samrat
"van which van" asked angad  "i thought we were going to go by our personal car"

"no angad going by personal cars we cant enjoy our picnic soo we decided to go by our caravan"
said samrat, "my beauty, and my favorite one" samrat said again making everyone confused
"dont mind angad , sammy bhai is just obsessed by his cars and all , even more then gunjan" said riddhima teasing samrat

"hehe , that was not at all funny kiddo" said samrat sarcastically
"hey that reminds me well , we all r here , but gunjan and kripa have not yet arrived where r they" asked armaan
"oh actually , we will pick them personally from their home , on our way soo lets now get going"  said mayank taking nupur along with him out of the house towards there van

and then angad adhiraj and samrat left, while riddhima was busy seeing off prerna and nandini , and armaan was watching her, but left before she come ,

ok this was there car , standing in the parking lot

"its actually a beauty samrat , i really appreciate your choice" said angad , seeing the car
"oh thanks a lot , come-on lets get in I will show you the best of it from inside" said samrat excitedly , like a little boy shows her remote car, and adhiraj smiling on his childhood behavior followed them , while mayank and nupur were already inside the van and were standing in the small balcony up there ,
armaan got in the van , and then like true gentlemen , gave hand to riddhima to get in the car ,as the entrance was a bit heighted , to their luck same time by mistake the driver started the car when riddhima was not yet properly got in the car , and as a result she lost her balance , and ultimately fallen in our heros arm , who saved her from falling down and pushed her inside ,
to their luck noone noticed this , as mayank nupur busy in there open air romance ,and all boys were inside, but still someone from a little distance saw that , and even a little eye lock session after that, and it was no one else but our nandini ,
"prerna didi , I think your prayes are going to be fulfill soon" nandini said to prerna as they were standing together , and saw it all together
"you really think soo" said prerna , "it can be really good" she said ahead
after all , they both really liked armaan , but who knew , what holds next in their future
the journey begins ,
mayank and nupur , standing there on the terrace of the van , enjoying the time they got together for each other  while everyone else was inside ,
after reaching gunjan and kripa's place , [remember gunjan and kripa live together, as their parents were not in town]
angad helped kripa to get in the van , and adjusted her luggage as well
"hey you looking osm today baby" whispered angad getting close to kripa , while she just blushed to that
"ahem ahem , i m sure you can continue with your romance ,by even getting inside , i m also here to get in" said gunjan who was waiting to get inside the van , but kripa and angad were blocking her way
"sure you can" said kripa dramatically , as she was getting annoyed with this interruption
"hi guys" said gunjan from van's gate ,
"hey come in let me help you" samrat came there to help her the same angad did, and then eye to eye contact meeting , lol's
"ahem , ahem , now i think you can also continue with your regular stuff  in some little corner am i right angad" said kripa teasing them ,
" oh hoo stop it you all  my god this is like as if we have come to some couples party and not a family picnic , now see , mayank bhai and bhabhi r soo much busy in there terrace romance , and here you four , god where r we stuck"  exclaimed adhiraj ,
"so what is there to get annoyed about in this adhiraj , if you feel soo left out you to get a company for yourself , as like you knew even doctors are recommended for a trip , i asked suhaani di soo much but she didn't came , wish she could have come then you must have got a good company , right adhiraj" said kripa teasing adhiraj [remember suhani was kripa big sister and a doctor who helped riddhima with her bad dreams]
after kripa said that , it made, adhiraj go all red , and riddhima was trying to control her laugh , poor she cant even laugh on her brother condition
"who suhani" asked confused armaan and even samrat was confused , as they dont knew them angad knew her , well as kripa made him meet her
"oh my di , she is a doctor you knew" said kripa to armaan
"yaa i knew" said riddhima trying hard to control her laugh now
"so what's adi bhai to do with that" asked even confused samrat which made riddhima giggle more over adhiraj , and adhiraj was getting annoyed ,
"princess will you stop" said adhiraj getting irritated
and that was all , which made riddhima to burst out laughing along with gunjan and kripa
"whats there to laugh about ! ohh forget it" exclaimed irritated adhiraj
"ohh really can you forget her" said riddhima with a wink , and samrat understood story a bit
"ohh hoo , now i got it , cool adhi bhai , by the way how does she look, is she hot" said samrat excitedly keeping his arms around adhiraj ,
"samrat, she is my di" said kripa warning
"by the way , why r you soo interested in knowing how is she" said annoyed gunjan , how can she ask for another girl in front of her and now samrat was caught
"no no actually i was just , i mean i was" samrat tried to say something , but gunjan was getting angry now
"i knew what it is samrat , you just keep your full concentration on me , and as for suhani di let adhiraj think for her" said gunjan
"if you want I can just see you for the rest of my life" said samrat romantically making gunjan blush
"ohh see again they started ahh forget it" said riddhima ,
only then mayank and nupur came down from the roof of van ,
"hey guys so whats happening here" asked mayank normally
"the same that was happening above" said riddhima in same manner , making mayank conscious, now what was happening above you can guess
"means?" asked conscious mayank
"chit chat and all, by the way what you thought bhaiyaa" said riddhima , making everyone burst with laughing
and with that laugh and masti and happiness soo the journey begins
Journey from Delhi to Jaitpur
but where will it reach and what destination it holds , for that wait till next part
precap : van breakage , and then overnight stay in an unknown place, old building ,few of dreams and lots of confusion

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sujal n kashish r coolest parents!
loved armaan's palace! its beautiful!
n it wasn't boring at all
cont soon
thnx 4 pm

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~AngelTeen aka Rae's Index~ Note About New Index - Page 32

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FF Arnav and Khushi:Thread 1 My lost family --chapter 21 in Thread 2

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