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part 38 on page 142
Riddhima was back , she was getting stable doctors came out of the room confirming she was out of danger 
While here armaan was in the temple

"armaan god have heard your prayer, riddhima is fine, doctors just said she is out of danger" said angad smiling , he came rushing to armaan when doctors confirmed this news

And here armaan sat on the floor and taking a deep breathe a sign of relief and thankfulness for the god at the same time

he got up and immediately hugged angad tightly, crying his heart out, he thought that his life was going away far away from him , but now it was back , his breath was back

"its all cause of your love and trust in your faith that nothing happened to her , she is back for you,  your love have got her back for you come lets go she will be conscious soon i am sure she also wanted you to be the first one she should see while opening her eyes" said angad

"you go I am coming behind just in a while" said armaan

so angad left in confusion , and here armaan turned towards the ideal of god for last time folding his both hands in thankfulness composing himself after sometime armaan also moved inside the hospital quietly

and inside the hospital there were happy yet crying faces all over 

everyone was really happy and relaxed just after doctors said that riddhima was fine and she is out of danger

so riddhima whole family was eagerly waiting outside the icu to meet her , and waiting for her to get conscious, armaan came ahead inside the corridor that was filled with his whole family including Sharma family and rathode family , whole was his now afterall he was new son in law of the family now

"thank you armaan , thanks for getting our kiddo back I knew that its you and only you cause of whom she is back here" said adhiraj in tears hugging armaan tightly and as he moved away sujal came ahead hugging armaan 

"really son that's whats called true love , your love for each other have proved itself again this time when you got your life back again, and this time to be together forever" said sujal hugging armaan 

Armaan meeting everyone in the row walked towards the icu , and from the same mirror looking at a sleeping riddhima , still covered with so many different machines and needles and oxygen mask,

Armaan entered inside the room and coming near her slowly, she was still sleeping in the effects of heavy medicines

Sitting by her side holding her hand which he left when she was been taken inside the emergency earlier and since then armaan felt that someone was slowly slowly taking his breath away from him and soon he will die cause of choking , his whole life depend on her , her well being , her being safe , which he failed he completely failed to provide him, he was a failure in all his promises he ever made with her keeping her safe , only if he was able to fulfill all his duty well today she would have been safe and fine , and not in this condition where he have almost lost her

And if today she was here in this condition then its his fault, and he can never forgave himself for that but on the same time he was angry at her as well , and he knew that just the way he cant forgave himself , he can even not forgave her for whatever happened

Only if she could have trusted on him and his love a little than she wont have been here in this condition

Armaan was still standing by her side and looking at her when she stirred a little in her sleep , trying to wake up, and her voice of groaning in pain came up, as she tried moving maybe she was having the pain in her wounds

"riddhima calm down , just be still you will be fine" said armaan immediately holding her one hand in his while with his other hand massaging a little over her temple to make her calm

And she also stopped her movements and relaxed immediately she was still in her sleep, still she also knew that who was the person calming her like this, she wanted to say something but due to weakness she was not able to say anything, just in a mere whisper mummering sorry again and again 

"I am sorry armaan , I am sorry" riddhima saying in her sleep

"shh riddhima please calm down , you will be fine but you relax right now we will talk later" said armaan massaging a little on her head 

And it worked she again went back to her sleep

"I think she is in a heavy dose of medicine , she will gain conscious soon let her rest for now" said mayank keeping a hand on armaan shoulder from back 

And armaan also got up from there and moved out where everyone was still waiting 

"I think everyone should move back home its getting late in night and hospital wont allow so many people here for long" said mayank 

"no I wont go anywhere leaving riddhima like this" said prerna 

"mom please everyone look at your condition its been a long tiring day for all and you all need to rest dad , karan chachu take everyone home I will stay back here with kiddo"  said mayank 

"I cant rest at home at all" said prerna

"mom please mayank bhai is right moreover it's a long route from here to go back to Delhi, I have discussed with the doctors here they suggested to shift kiddo to some better hospital in Delhi that will be better for her soon recovery so you all go back home and early morning we are shifting kiddo as well in the hospital there" said adhiraj

"that will be better for us , adhi and mayu you stay with kiddo while me and karan will go and make all the arrangement in the hospital, I will take everyone back with me" said rishab

"rishab ji you move towards Delhi, while I will just go back the palace maasa and baba were also really worried for riddhima there I will meet you directly in Delhi in the morning after meeting baba and maasa and assuring them that riddhima is fine armaan angad come with me" said sujal 

"dad don't even try you knew I wont leave anywhere" said armaan normally 

"its ok sujal uncle me and armaan are staying back here with mayank bhai , while samrat will go with dad and take all the ladies back home safely with him" suggested samrat 

Soon everyone started to disperse , its already been a long day and now a long night ahead

One side all Sharma along with everyone came from Delhi for the wedding moved back towards Delhi and sujal kashish along with angad and his parents also left for Delhi after sometime from their palace 

Here armaan , adhiraj and mayank sitting back in the hospital on a couch sitting inside riddhima's room while riddhima was still in her deep sleep there 

Riddhima gained conscious In the middle of the night she opened her eyes and the first thing she saw was her life sitting straight in front of her waiting for her to hold her back , the way armaan have brought her back to life , she felt that her soul had been called to this world again to his world again , for him and only him

Armaan was sitting on one sofa and sleeping in a very uncomfortable way sitting there maybe went to sleep while sitting waiting for her to wake, on the other side adhiraj and mayank also sleeping the same way 

What was she doing , she was planning to go , she was ready to leave this world the best world anyone can have , her world of her family the love they all have showered on her, and over everything armaan , he was still a part of this world and she was ready to leave his world, but thank god she was back , she got this chance to live this life again, and now she will do everything to make this life perfect , if god have given her this second chance she will never leave this 

"but how, how could guruji prediction went wrong, how can I when he was so sure I wont be able to live if I don't get married to armaan and then marriage didn't happened" riddhima thinking to herself she was so lost in her confused thinking that she didn't realized that she was still on a hospital bed and as she tried moving a little she felt a sharp pain in her stomach on her wound area  

As she moved she hissed with that pain and that sound was enough for armaan to get up he immediately rushed to her seeing her trying to move still 

"riddhima don't move what happened you need something" said armaan making her lay in the same position 

And with the noise even mayank and adhiraj wake up and came towards them

"kiddo thank god you are fine, how are you feeling now" said mayank in tears immediately hugging riddhima bending towards her he was all the time been strong and tried not to break being the elder most son of the family he have been support to everyone till now but inside he was also shaken with riddhima this condition which he was hiding , but now he was just not able to control himself

"bhaiya she is fine, look at her she was just too tired of all that rituals and functions so she wanted to rest a little but on the same time took all the rest away from everyone else, right armaan" said adhiraj 

"that was rude adhi bhai" said riddhima slowly she was not able to speak at all firstly due to weakness and if she tired speaking a little loud she felt pain as well with any little kind of movement

"shhh don't try to speak when its paining you so much, just relax and rest I will just call some doctor" said armaan Moving out of the room to call a doctor

"he was so worried and impatient for you to be fine till now and now he is behaving as if he don't care at all" said adhiraj to riddhima as armaan left 

"he is angry he wont forgave me so soon" said riddhima lightly in pain this time not only the pain of would but the pain of this fact she knew that armaan will surely react to her stupid actions like this and she is well prepared to face that now  

"don't speak kiddo please don't try to speak your wound is still so fresh don't move at all as well otherwise the wound will be irritated more" said mayank

"when I am safe after my fight with death already then this little wound wont effect at all I will be fine" said riddhima lightly

"what fight I think its armaan who have done the real fight on here for you, he did every possible way to make you safe and fine he did everything so that you are fine" said mayank 

"I knew he would have" said riddhima lightly more to herself, she knew that no matter how much angry armaan was with her , but when it comes to her life he must have not left any possible way undone to get her well

And immediately doctors came inside on armaan call , to check over riddhima 

"we will just check on patient for a while why don't you all wait outside till then" said the doctor and so armaan , mayank and adhiraj left the room

While here doctors examining riddhima 

"so how are you feeling now MRS Rathode" said the doctor normally while checking riddhima's pulse rate and heart rate over the machines     

Riddhima wanted to reply normally but the name made her think again, why he called her mrs rathode and not miss riddhima or miss Sharma but for the time being she was  not in that well condition to speak more so she just preferred staying quite 

While doctors examining her properly with the doctors torch checking her eyes and then temperature

"oh its good that you don't have temperature now, a high fever is not a good sign in this kind of recovery , but you seems fine now, your operation was successful and we have removed the bullet , but the wound is still fresh we have given you stitches there but still it will take 10 to 15 days for them to dry" doctor explaining her normally , like they did to every patients 

"you seems ok now just that you don't have to move at all for few hours after sometime you can do some little movements but not that much cause it can affect your wound or stitches, I must tell that you are very lucky Mrs Rathode that you won this fight of life and death , cause few hours ago your condition was so worse that we all were also not sure that you will be able to make it or not" said the doctor

"thanks doctor, but its miss Sharma, my name riddhima Sharma" said riddhima correcting this confusion of the doctor 

"really but its Mrs Riddhima Armaan singh Rathode that's written here on your file you sure there is some confusion, I thought your husband sighed this consent form himself, he is very determined to make you well  he didn't left your side for a single second after the operation and the way he married you to save you was just great , you are really lucky that your husband loves you so much" said  the doctor

"husband marriage , what are you" riddhima tried to ask in confusion , when she moved a little again and felt the same pain

"its ok mrs rathode please don't try and move like this  showing this much excitement is not good for your health right now as it disturb your wound I think I shall call your family and husband waiting outside to meet you as you look fine now, just remember don't make any moment or try to speak at all" said doctor

Leaving the room when again mayank adhiraj came back 

"you are fine now kiddo just a little rest and then you will be normal like always" said adhiraj happily

"its still time for morning , you should rest for sometime kiddo in the morning we are going back home I have discussed with the doctors here they are shifting you to Delhi's hospital, so we will leave early in the morning , till then you just try and sleep a little" said mayank caressing riddhima's forehead lightly

"bhai armaan and" riddhima tried saying in confusion with little difficulty 

"don't speak kiddo , doctors just said you not to talk or move at all, then just be calm and as for armaan he is outside talking with doctors will be here soon, but you don't have to talk with him as well now , just close your eyes" said mayank 

"I knew you are confused with doctors recognizing you which is exactly true riddhima, it was your marriage yesterday kiddo if this incident would have not happened then you and armaan would have got married on the same time decided earlier, but cause of your condition it didn't happened there, still we have to get you and armaan married because guruji said that if we have to save you we have to get you married at that time only, and so we didn't delayed It was our last hope to save you and we didn't left any option so guruji himself completed all the rituals while you were still unconscious" said mayank 

"what I mean how" riddhima was too confused over what she heard , her marriage all the rituals done by guruji that means she is married now she is armaan's wife , they have completed all the rituals of being one again. 

"its ok kiddo I knew its little tough to understand this right now and we all didn't even wanted to tell you all this right now, first you get well then we will talk about everything now please be calm and relax go to sleep , we all are waiting outside" said mayank calming her down 

And soon mayank and adhiraj even left 

Riddhima was having a complete mix feelings right now she don't knew how to react, one side she shall be happy as her dream is here her reality now , she always wanted to be armaan's riddhima , and today she was his completely his wife for everyone the whole world in the eyes of god , but on the same time she was unconscious , this is not the way she wanted her marriage , her special day to occur , armaan married her to save her life , but on the same time he is so angry on her that he didn't even once bothered to come and meet her since she gained conscious

Her head was already spinning thinking all this ,and over that the seductive given to her were effecting a lot on her now she was feeling dizzy again so she tried closing her eyes she was not getting any sleep cause her mind was so occupied with all sort of thoughts, but on the same time the seductive were just not allowing her to open her eyes , so she was lying back quietly with closed eyes

When armaan came inside the room 

And sitting by her side , lightly holding her hand and riddhima knew she can feel with even closed eyes that it was he, but still she didnt reacted, she didnt opened her eyes at all, andd pretended like sleeping like before 
she knew that armaan came inside only after seeing that she is sleeping , he didnt came earlier when she was conscious that means he didnt wanted to talk with her right now , but  on the same time she knew he is concern for her and want to make sure that she is absolutely fine 
a big time turmoil was going inside her heart at that moment shall she open her eyes and talk with him to sort everything or just stay like that , she still closed eyes trying not to react 

"go to sleep you really need rest" said armaan , he knew for long since he sat by her side and touched her hand  he knew she was not asleep still he was sitting by her side quietly 

and as armaan said riddhima opening her eyes 

"armaan i want to" she tried speaking when he interrupted her again

"do i really need to write this thing in capital letters in front of you that you are not supposed to talk , riddhima for god sake cant you stay calm and quite for just a little time you knew it hurts you whenever you make any kind of moment still you just cant listen to anyone, oh yes why am i even expecting that from you cause you are supposed to act the way you and personally you desired it to be all the time, you are never used to listen or think of anyone else, so let it be" said armaan rudely and he got up and left the room leaving riddhima behind

soon the night past like this , armaan sitting outside in the waiting area and  the next morning they all started getting prepared to leave for other hospital

riddhima was been carefully shifted in an ambulance while armaan, adhiraj sitting with her inside the ambulance and mayank coming by his car

riddhima was all the time unconscious all because heavy dose of seductive given to her 

after some time they were back to Delhi , they reached the hospital directly and riddhima was first shifted to the special ward and the best team of doctors was appointed for her which even included Dr shubhankar , Dr keerti , atul and anjali as well, armaan knew they will surely take best care of riddhima than any other doctors 

after  some time everyone reached there armaan and riddhima family 

"its been hours you boys have not rested at all, armaan mayank and adhiraj just go back home and fresh up a little while we me prerna and nandini will stay here with riddhima"  said kashish

"but mom" armaan tried protesting 

"nothing saying armaan you insisted staying with her till now so you did, now we all are here with her and moreover i am not saying you to just go and do other works i just meant go home freshen up a little and then come back after sometime even you both mayank and adhi go home we are here with riddhima" said kashish 

"mayank bhaiya just go home i am here and will stay with mom and aunty just in case they need anything" said samrat 

"samrat just be with kiddo and yes if there is any issue just call me once and i will be here" said mayank

"god mayu you are instructing as if you all are going for whole day i knew you three you will go home and take and bath and will be back here, as soon as you all can, but still make sure you eat something and make armaan eat as well, nupur is still at home i will call her so please eat something" said prerna 

armaan mayank and adhiraj left from there , armaan looking at riddhima one last time before leaving, he also dont knew why but he still was not having a very good feeling while leaving her alone , still he went

riddhima gained concious again and saw all three special ladies waiting for her to wake she tried talking a little with them but again was instructed not to stress herself much and so samrat took all the ladies out of the room so that no more chats can go in, and as said armaan mayank were back as soon as they got fresh and eat something , they didnt wasted another minute from reaching back hospital

the day passed like this normally riddhima was recovering fast 

it was night again and just like before so many members were not allowed to stay with one patient prerna didnt wanted to leave today and noone forced her much so she stayed back with riddhima , while today on samrat insisting mayank and adhiraj were sent back home so samrat was staying in the hospital and as for armaan well he didnt came ahead to chat and talk with her still he never left her side as well, he was sitting outside in the waiting area only just like before

while here riddhima was so depressed first with armaan rudeness towards her and in all this she didnt even got any chance to chat with him tell him the whole truth , armaan still dont knew what all happened in their past life , that last few days of her life the biggest betray she faced from her father , shyam deeds and that mystery man the more she thought about all that the more she was getting stressed , but she have to talk , she have to tell armaan the truth , they have a future together ahead and she dont want to began this future with any of past remembrance with her , armaan have a right to knew the whole truth of that past which she herself dont remember  much , if she was alive then what happened that she also died in the past and how, and why everyone thought that she died with armaan even anjali told everyone that riddhima and armaan both died together in an accident  ,that means her that few days existence was hidden from the whole world and no one knew the truth yet 

the real truth is known by only two peoples one was shyam whom she dont knew yet what happened of him, after her being shot with the bullet she remember only armaan and then this hospital, she didnt got a chance to ask anyone what happened to him infact noone let her speak to ask any such question , while the other person who can answer all her question is Shashank gupta , where is he since the time she remember her past she never saw him , never met him

the moment she remember her past life with armaan since then along with memory came the verdict for their marriage and they all got so busy with preparations that she didnt got any time to even think about him, and he also never tried contacting her , even after knowing that she remember everything now, nor her father neither her past life mother came ever to meet her yes why would he , whatever he did in the past with them he wont have the guts to face them, but she have to configure him once she have to talk with him once, she will ask armaan and he will take her to meet him 

it was late night and she was alone in her room when she felt thirsty and the glass of water was kept on the side table she tried reaching there with her hand, while cause of this moment she started feeling little pain, as she stretched her body a little 

when she felt a hand holding her hand and bringing it back in the same posture on bed, she knew it can be noone else other than him

"there is a bell kept near your hand you are supposed too ring that if you need something, someone will come to assist you its not always required to behave like i can do everything if you ask someone to help you that will not harm you but maybe can protect you" said armaan in the same way , and riddhima really knew what he meant with saying that, she should have really talked with him before going to meet shyam in order to save the ladies , if she would have told him he would have easily saved them all, and maybe the situation would have been different 

she was thinking when armaan came ahead holding her protectively from both shoulders picking her up a bit to make her drink water and then slowly making sure that she dont get hurt made her lye back 

"thanks" said riddhima lightly 

"good night" said armaan and turned back to leave when riddhima called him from behind 

"actually i am not getting sleep" said riddhima softly in hope to make him stay 

"i will call doctor they will give you sleeping pill or some injection" said armaan 

"i dont need that can you stay please really need to talk" said riddhima with little tears hoping armaan to melt a little and stay 

"you are not supposed to talk, it will hurt" said armaan

"its not mine wound its your not talking with me hurting me more right now please armaan get angry with me scold me and if you want even slap me do whatever you want but just talk with me , this silence of yours is killing me" said riddhima pleading 

"and what about me you knew how many death have i died in that moment since you went away and then later when i almost lost everything" said armaan 

"i was scared mom and kashish aunty were in that danger cause" riddhima tried saying,

"there were people to save them it was so easy to get them out of there which got complicated cause of your intervention, for once didnt you felt the need to talk with me riddhima" said armaan 

"i am sorry armaan i didnt wanted to get your life in danger" said riddhima in tears 

"and who gave you right to get your life in danger , which was mine how can you get my real life in danger and you thing that if anything would have happened to you i would have been happy and fine, only i knew what i have gone through in the hospital since you are here" said armaan

"i am sorry" said riddhima crying

"would your sorry be enough , in that case even i am sorry i cant forgave you so easily not this time" said armaan 

"there is something you really need to knew, about the past, i even wanted to go cause i dont knew if i could ever face you again in my life if whatever shyam was telling was true i lived armaan that is true i lived even after that ship sinking incident" said riddhima closing her eyes tightly 

what past she can tell him what past she can say which she herself dont remember completely , what will she tell him when she herself not sure what actually happened 

"i dont knew armaan what should i tell you its true everything is true i was getting all sort of images and scary thoughts and dreams about me being alone and calling you for help and you are no where , which was actually true, but i dont remember anything clearly, i dont knew i was not sure myself what shall i tell you , i just remember him and his ill deeds and i was so helpless i dont knew armaan , i am sorry i dont knew how could i face you if everything i was dreaming was true" riddhima crying in pain, she was getting a little out of control , she have talked a little more than she can already 

so armaan first thought to calm her 

"shhh its ok riddhima look at me relax everything that happened was past and its long gone, look at me you are fine and i am here with you, and i will be with you forever this time , none of the mistakes we did in the past will be repeated , i promise , just calm down" said armaan hugging her normally and calming her 

"i dont remember it , i am not remembering the whole truth and this is killing me" said riddhima crying 

"its ok , its really ok , no need to remember it the things that are giving us pain there is no need to remember them" said armaan calming her 

his anger with her was different and the current situation was surely different , her state was so out of control and armaan have to calm her , no matter he was dying inside himself to knew the whole past 

if he says it dont matter him then he is lying, it matter her a lot, since the time shyam said that riddhima was with him armaan mind was just thinking about all this and now even riddhima telling him the same truth, 

he really wanted to knew each and every detail of the past, but not now not like this ,she was so weak and in pain , her health is main and everything else will wait,  inside he was boiling in anger on that shyam he really wished to knew what all happened in past so that he can punish him accordingly till now he is still alive and getting treated in jail, and armaan wont let him die soo soon, he have himself planned to give him the most painful and scary death he want to see him in pain hundred times more than his riddhima was and is cause of him , and he will make sure shyam gets proper pays off  for his deeds 

soon he felt riddhima sleeping being calmed , and armaan sitting with her , maybe he is doing wrong, his anger on her he is upset and annoyed with her acts but all this can wait , all this can be kept on hold till the time she recover, he just wanted to be a little rude with her so that she gets a lesson that she cant be forgave and in future she never even think of leaving him , he was just being little possessive for her so didnt wanted her to do any such mistake ever again and so for that its important she realize, but now in this situation first thing is her being normal, and then anything else

he was still sitting inside the room holding riddhima hand tightly, when samrat came in 

"armaan i heard what she was saying, and i think asking her again about the same past would make her restless again" said samrat

"samrat i think we need to knew the whole truth by ourself i will find myself what all happened in past and i am sure it is somewhere connected to all the incidents that have occurred with her in present" said armaan lightly 

"but what will you all boys do now and moreover its been a past a long past, you really think you can really relate to it somewhere" said prerna coming in  

"but badi ma we have to do something, look at kiddo her state is getting worse we should knew the whole truth then only she can stay normal, its important to end with the whole past in order to have a new beginning" said samrat 

"i dont knew much about it only that part which that man shyam was talking with kiddo when we were there, that all that happened in the past was cause of her past life father Shashank gupta and that he was shyam partner in all the crime" said prerna 

"what shyam said so that means not only shyam but shahshank gupta was also a murderer we need to catch hold him first maybe from there we can get other links" said samrat 

"shahshank gupta i respected you so much in the past, you were like a father to me always and you did all that to us, i will never forgave you for that get prepared shahshank gupta i am coming to meet you" said armaan sitting back in anger 

it was shocking for him as well to knew this fact, but now when he have a lead towards the biggest truth of their past and moreover riddhima past he have to follow that

"prerna mom i cant wait to knew the whole truth ahead now, its still few hours of night left , i want you and samrat to be with riddhima all the time while i will leave , its time to meet some old peoples now" said armaan getting up immediately 

"but armaan you will go alone now wait i will also come with you, i dont feel it so safe you going alone" said samrat 

"no samrat i dont want you to leave riddhima alone i will go there and if required i will ask angad and adhiraj to accompany me" said armaan 

"ok armaan you wait i will tell adhiraj to come here" said samrat making some calls 

and soon adhiraj and mayank and angad came in the hospital and armaan told them the whole truth and they all got ready to leave 

"samrat you stay back with mom and kiddo here we will try and be back as soon as possible" said mayank while leaving 

and HERE WE SEE SOME SHADOW a shadow of someone hiding and listening to their talks and making sure noone sees him 

armaan, angad mayank and adhiraj went from there, in a car leaving for shahshank gupta's farm house far away from the main city where he is living for few years now it took them two hours to reach there he was a retired man living a life far away from the world not meeting many peoples

when they reached it was early morning 

they all moved inside the house only to find it vacant , noone was there to even open the door, they all kept of ringing the bells and when noone opened the door for them they all planned to get inside all by themselves and so they broke the door to enter inside 

while here in the hospital riddhima sleeping , her mind was already so disturbed with all that thoughts that were going inside her mind and then again and again she having the same dream the dream shyam coming near her , and she holding that glass to almost kill herself when someone stopped her , when someone came for her rescue 


"no shyam dont come near me or else i will kill myself" riddhima crying and threatening him while holding that glass near her stomach and as she was about to hurt herself someone holding her hand 

"riddhima stop this what are you doing" said the person taking that glass thoroughing it away 

and as riddhima looked up she was not less that shocked and relieved both together to see the person in front of him 

it was no one other than her brother in law 

"ATUL JIJAJI, you here" said riddhima whispering in shock seeing atul there and then she breaking down hugging him and crying her heart out

"atul jiju look what all happened armaan they killed him they killed armaan, thank god you are here i was so alone even papa broke my trust he betrayed us , he took my armaan your best friend away from us" said riddhima crying 

"calm down riddhima , calm down and stop crying i knew riddhima i came to knew everything thats why i came here dont worry riddhima i am here i wont leave anyone" said atul calming her 

"yes lets go jiju we need to get out of here first lets go and call police here i will get shyam arrested" said riddhima looking at shyam who was lying on the floor with the pull atul gave him to get him away from them 

and in the next moment atul took riddhima out from there riddhima was so relieved to be out of that place she was safe finally, now her one support was with her , atul was armaan's best friend his champ and on the same time she have always found a brother in him and today he was here to protect her


and on the same time , inside shahshank gupta house 

armaan got inside and looking everywhere around but there was noone 

"i dont think they are here armaan maybe they have gone somewhere else" said mayank looking everywhere 

while adhiraj and angad checking the whole house each room 

when angad got inside the room and called armaan in 

they were shocked to see the scene inside Shahshank gupta and his wife padma were tied with rope on a chair and they were half unconscious it looked they were in same position for many hours now 
so they all immediately rushed towards them and opening their ropes, made them both lye on a bed comfortably and mayank bringing water for them 

After few minutes they both were little stable and conscious
"armaan I have called for ambulance they need to be taken to the hospital immediately" said angad
"armaan, it's you armaan, you are here" said shahshank with a little satisfaction on his face
"yes armaan the same armaan whom you killed once" said armaan in anger 
"I knew what I did was wrong a biggest mistake of my life and I can never repay for that sin, I did the biggest crime and I have paid a lot cause of that, today also I am in this situation cause of that one sin I did" said shahshank 
"what happened to you, who did this" asked armaan 
"I am myself responsible for this state I am today because I planned that accident in which you died and riddhima , I got riddhima back with me but I just got a dead soul with a moving body" said shahshank 
and then narrating the whole truth 3 days of riddhima just crying and  then last day she heard his and shyam conversation 
"I knew I did mistake I came in their talks and became their partner in that crime, at that time I just felt that maybe that will be better for riddhima to get away from you my personal non liking for you always felt that you were not worth it to have her , and she deserve someone more better but I knew I was wrong I was completely wrong I actually snatched my daughter from her angel and through her myself in front of a devil I died so many deaths at that one moment when I was so helpless that I was not able to save my own daughter from that devil shyam, I was locked I tried a lot to come out to stop shyam when he forced riddhima to sign everything on his name, and riddhima was so helpless that she signed the documents and transferred all your property to shyam" said shahshank crying hard , it was clear that he was telling the truth today and he was guilty for his deed
"what happened after that" said armaan controlling his anger for the time being as he was himself boiling in anger and pain at the same time that his riddhima had to face so much , she was in so much pain and he was not there to rescue her , to help her
"armaan please save her , riddhima life is in danger he will kill her, when you both were back again in this life since then he want to kill her , he want to kill riddhima cause she is the witness for his crime , he knew she will recognize him once she will regain her lost memory , so he have tried to kill her many times but you saved her all the time and now she even remember this truth, and maybe recognize him as well he won't leave her , he will kill her , I tried to stop him to go he went three days ago straight to the place where you were getting married and tried killing riddhima but then she was saved again but then he told me that shyam attacked on riddhima with gun and that she will die and if not herself than he will kill her when I tried to stop him yesterday from doing so he tied me and padma here and left us to die" said shahshank in fear
"whom, who did all that , who is trying to kill riddhima, who is he" armaan asking in fear 
RIDDHIMA sleeping in her room , samrat and prerna were outside in the waiting area it's been more than three hour's armaan and everyone else left samrat tried contacting them many times but their cells were not reachable 
when after few hours he finally received a call from mayank
"mayank bhai , where are you all  have been trying calling you all hello bhaiyaa" said samrat  
"samrat there is so low signal level inside the hospital area maybe that's why even I am trying to call you since hour"  said mayank
"hello bhaiya I can't hear anything wait I will come out of here and listen" said samrat and signaling prerna he moved out of that place
"no no wait samrat , wait inside listen we are on our way will reach there any moment please don't leave kiddo alone, samrat be with kiddo and don't leave her at all" said mayank in panic
"bhaiya what are you saying I am not understanding anything , kiddo is sleeping she is fine" said samrat not properly understanding 
and then he left the corridor and moved out 
"no samrat please don't leave her , kiddo life is in danger don't leave her alone" said mayank 
as after talking with shahshank no one waiting for a single second there and rushed back for hospital 
armaan was driving like mad right now he travelled the whole way back to the hospital in just half of the time
riddhima was also in her deep sleep when someone entering the room from back door, the secluded door , so no one outside can see and knew that there is someone inside the room even samrat have left to talk with mayank , this was perfect time
the person took out an injection maybe of a poison and inserted it in the glucose drip hanging the medicine which was been travelling in riddhima's vein slowly 
it was silent when riddhima open her eyes 
"planning to kill me again in this life as well like before ATUL JIJAJI" said riddhima holding atul hand tightly well here is our mystery man the master mind behind everything , Dr Atul Joshi the culprit standing red handedly 
when he saw riddhima awake
ok thats all for now 
i knew i am updating after a whole month , i took a lot of time to update this time , but really sorry i was really busy, lots of guest and travelling thats what summer vacations are for i suppose 
but now vacations over and i am back home , so will try and be regular 

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ojaswi_kajen Goldie

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Posted: 11 June 2014 at 9:26am | IP Logged
Wow was just awesome...and atul m so shocked...I dint even expected it...I must say it's just fab...cont superrr soon...waiting eagerly for ur Nxt!!!!

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cool_sri IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 June 2014 at 11:37am | IP Logged
Fabbb update..OMG am shocked it's Atul...dint except it...
Plz update the next soon...

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nilusoni IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 June 2014 at 11:59am | IP Logged
Gr8 update but shocking revelation
atul is villan hope ridhima got saved
thanx for pm
do pm me for next part
continue soon

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ksgandjsg21 Senior Member

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Posted: 11 June 2014 at 12:20pm | IP Logged
wowww di awesome part... I m shocked atul ne ye sab kiya... Plz continue soon me eagerly waiting...
Loved it

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anshara Senior Member

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Posted: 11 June 2014 at 2:48pm | IP Logged
awesome update
cont soon thanks 4 pm

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pinky.padda IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 June 2014 at 5:30pm | IP Logged

welcome back

missed you
superb update
too good

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jiyaa_m IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 June 2014 at 9:51pm | IP Logged

nice part

update soon

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