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nilusoni IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 April 2014 at 12:57am | IP Logged
update next part soon

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Luvforever Goldie

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Posted: 30 April 2014 at 2:34am | IP Logged
Last few parts were d roller coaster ride Di... Riddhima going to shyam her attacking him... Remembering her past bt still dat person is not revealed... Armaan is so much in pain & he did proved all words of riddhima from past true... Bt ridz get d bullet aimed at armaan & Nw fighting for her lyf... Armaan is destroyed completely... Do cont soon Di can't wait to see wat happened to riddhima... 
& so sorry for dis late comment bt had test in Clg... 

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searchoffriends IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 May 2014 at 5:51am | IP Logged

first of all thanks a lot for your lovely lovely comments on my part , i am glad you liked the part and  on the same time i knew many of you were not convinced with it specially that inspite of so many security safety still riddhima got hurt

well for that i would like to just add a little saying that you can just get prepared for future , you know  the future, but you can never change the future, destiny and fate are so powerful that the most powerful person on the earth can not win over destiny

and riddhima dying was their destiny hope you didnt forgot guruji's verdict , still they tried hard to change it but as you cant change the future so they all were helpless, even after all the security still this situation came like this there is a well saying that when a persons time is wrong than he can even get bite by a dog even after he is sitting on a camel, just cause is time and destiny is wrong, and so it occurred here, if not in this way than in some other way but riddhima was destined to be in this situation

i am sorry i have not read the last part properly before posting , actually i by mistake posted the unedited version , while later now i have changed in to the edited version, there are few changes in that part , if you wish you can re read last part

part 37 B on page 140


[riddhima remembering armaan and one last time whispering his name she closed her eyes]
[Finally everything became dark she closed her eyes]

Armaan still sitting in the same position on the floor leaning his back on the wall behind, he was quite really quite, the whole family friends were already there and lots of prayers were going on between lots of crying everyone was trying to control each other and wishing and hoping for the best while armaan was quite he was still like a statue sitting in the same place its been an hour now and he have not even moved from there

Adhiraj and angad both many times tried to make him speak or say something but he didn't , he just didn't said a word kept on looking at his hands and clothes which still had blood stains , riddhima's blood when the door of the operation room opened and doctors came out, everyone got attentive and rushed towards the doctor even armaan stood up  first he immediately rushed to the doctor

"doctor hows she,  she is fine right" said armaan in a rush, the first time after the incident he said only this few words

"we have operated and taken the bullet out of patients body but" said doctor

"but what" said armaan in frustration

"the bullet have ruptured few veins of her intestine and so there is a lots of internal bleeding going on, we tried to stop it , but nothing is working positively, I am afraid if the internal bleeding didn't stopped in another two hours than it will be tough to save her" doctor tried saying

"how dare you even said that, nothing will happen to her, you do something to stop the bleeding I just want her to be fine" said armaan in anger holding the doctor harshly

When angad stopped him its not the right way , his anger and frustration everyone understands but he cant get it out on anybody like this

"I can understand your state sir, but we have given her every possible treatment, and still even if after this the bleeding wont stop than we all are helpless" said the doctor

"helpless you are the doctors , and if you yourself will be helpless than who can treat her" said adhiraj in same frustration now

"we are trying our best hope some miracle occurs and her body reacts positively to our treatments" said the doctors and he quickly went inside , its better to save himself first right now , there were lots of people almost ready to murder him if anything happened to this patient

"you don't worry armaan nothing will happen to her, I have already arranged the group of best doctors of the world and they will be here soon to treat her, they will save her" said sujal keeping a hand on armaan shoulder calming him down

"I knew nothing will happen to her , I have faith in my god he wont let anything happen to my daughter" said prerna gathering all courage , she was so tired crying , but still she have faith in her god

Only than kashish came there, she was not there in the hospital since last hour

"kashish where were you I called you so many times here riddhima operation was going on and you" said sujal in anger

"I knew sujal I was in temple, I went to meet guruji doctors have said that they cant do anything I knew who can help us now, its only guruji , he was the one who even warned us that this will happen we didn't took it seriously , we just didn't took proper precaution that's why all this happened" said kashish

"we did everything guruji said , he said that armaan and riddhima should get married by today , but even before the said time all that happened and as for the precaution than we did every possible cure for this, all security everything still this happened" said sujal in frustration

"cause this was destiny , I told you its tough its really tough to change what is about to happen, no one can prevent the bad from happening" said guruji from behind ,

The same guruji who said armaan and riddhima to get married or else riddhima have to die , everyone calmly took the guruji's blessing first , except armaan he was still rooted at his original place again

"but guruji you said that nothing will happen to riddhima if she gets married to armaan today and even before that all this happened" said prerna crying

"yes I knew I said that but with that I even said that effects have already started and all the time she wont be so lucky that you can save her, or anyone can save her, you can get prepared for the future but you can never change the future , what is to happen it will happen no matter how much you try to do that, in front of time and god even a king is nowhere more than a helpless asker even after all that highly tight and accurate security all the people so many person to take care of her and protect her still she is here, and everyone of you are helpless and regret that you were not able to save her, but its not anyone's fault cause nothing was in your hands, the fate is too powerful and no one can stand it" said guruji

"but what to do now , please do something please save my daughter" said prerna begging and crying

"no one can do anything no one is that powerful to fight the fate , there is only one thing that have the power to stand against the death and fate and that's true love, only true love have got the powers to fight even death, that's why I asked for that marriage , once there lifes and horoscope tied together only that armaan love can be so powerful to save her , to get her back"  said guruji

"but guruji riddhima is there , and so marriage was not able to occur" said nandini

"I said you that many obstacles will come to stop this from happening but we have to do this now, the auspicious time for armaan and riddhima marriage have already started still nothing have went wrong once they both will get married than riddhima will be fine, than only she can be saved" said guruji

"marriage here I mean in the hospital, and riddhima is unconscious" said nandini

"it can happen you don't worry that's why I went to take guruji here, there is a little temple of the hospital and I have made all the arrangements for the marriage to happen there, if this is the last hope to cure riddhima than we shall do this as well, guruji will himself chant all the mantra's and get them married" said kashish

"I am sorry mom , I am not going to be a part in all this, I don't believe anything mom nothing no god no destiny nothing , I don't really want to believe in that god who have given me this destiny , giving her back to me and than taking her away like this, and I , I am standing here like a helpless fool , I cant even do anything , I was just not able to protect her I am just not worth it mom , I am not worthy enough to get her love she is here at my place , she just didn't had to be here,  that bullet was aimed at me it should have hit on me and not on her" said armaan shattering again

"calm down armaan look I knew how you are feeling right now, but its no where your fault in this armaan ,please don't blame yourself and if today you feel that riddhima is there at your place so instead of blaming her or god for this make this worth, she saved you armaan riddhima herself stood in front of that bullet that was for you, she took it for herself so that you are safe that was her part of love for you, now when you have one opportunity to save her so do that armaan , save her this is your part of love" said sujal calming him down

"yes armaan why are you losing hope without even trying, the defeated person is not the one who didn't won even after trying hard , the defeated person is the one who don't even participate because of the fear of losing so how can you accept your defeat when you didn't even tried once hove faith in that god armaan he is the one who did that miracle once getting you both again in this new life, once again to live your love, and this time he wont be that cruel to take it like this, still if you don't have faith in him anymore than not for your's but for everyone present here, our satisfaction o whatever guruji says , I have faith in god he wont let anything happen to her" said kashish 

"kashish ji is right armaan , if this is the last hope for riddhima to be safe so we wont let it go without even trying, we all are in this, we just want riddhima to be fine and safe soon" said prerna

"get your riddhima back from that god fight with him or snatch her from him or beg with him do whatever you want just get her back, marry her armaan and tie her so hard with yourself that she just cant go away from you even she herself try to in every  vow of your marriage just ask for her life and safety" said kashish making him determined

"ok mom if this is how I can save her I will do whatever and however you all say, I wont let her go, she have to come back, she is stubborn but I am more impossible than her, if she is determined to go away from me than I am also determined to never let her go" said armaan

And than cutting the detail of convincing the hospital administration to let her go, and all the arrangements done after exactly 15 minutes , armaan was sitting in the mandap and guruji chanting the mantra and sacred fire was lighten in everything ready for armaan and riddhima marriage

Riddhima was lying unconscious on that stretcher lifeless

As guruji said to get riddhima down , armaan immediately went and picking her up in his arms sat back in the same place , the mantra again began , it was already late night when the rituals began only the chanting of the mantra can be heard

Soon he asked for starting the vows , the seven phere in presence of that sacred fire

Armaan stood up and carefully taking riddhima in her arms he started moving ahead , taking rounds against the fire , and all the time just looking at riddhima

He remembering their first marriage and the way riddhima happily moved with him hands in hands they did this ritual and now

"please don't go riddhima please come back what will I do without you" said armaan to riddhima rather to himself in tears

Soon he and riddhima completed the seven rounds and armaan came and sat back again

And it was time to tie the mangalsutra and sindoor , so mayank and adhiraj came ahead for helping them they both holding riddhima so that armaan can complete the ritual and he did that

Finally again they both were married , in this life as well riddhima was once again armaan's riddhima

As the rituals ended, armaan still standing there holding her in his arms

"riddhima get up, get up riddhima look its been enough now , just get up and come back , come back riddhima now , you have no right to go away like this alone ok , get up" said armaan crying, in anger pain and tears at the same time

He was so helpless didn't knew what to do, when he kept her back on that hospital stretcher , and as he lied her down she took a deep breath ,

Riddhima moved a little taking deep breaths and doctor and nurse standing there immediately rushed ahead dragging her back , taking her inside the icu again

While everyone as well rushed back , behind them

"armaan this place is just perfect I never wanted to go away from here , why don't we stay here forever, I just want to be here forever" said riddhima sitting on the roof and looking at the water in the sea , slow tides coming and she was here in Mumbai the armaan's beach house in the same night with armaan leaning her head over armaan

"no riddhima we cant stay here come back, lets come back home , we cant stay here forever" said armaan dragging her back

"no armaan I don't want to go its so peaceful here , no worries of anything at all , I want to sit and stay here ,  I want to absorb this place forever in me , I never want to go away from here this is our heavens armaan" said riddhima
"but I am not a part of this heavens yet, cause for me where ever you are that's my heavens be with me riddhima we will find our heavens anywhere , I am calling you why are you not listening to me , come back riddhima , look its been enough now, just get up and come back , come back riddhima now , you have no right to go away like this alone ok , get up" armaan words coming in her ears but armaan was not there

She was alone in that place , armaan was calling her , she have to go back, she shall go back armaan was gone , rather armaan's soul was gone and now riddhima soul was alone and she came back behind armaan

[riddhima soul came back , she was dragged back by armaan]

While here armaan was standing inside the temple only in front of lord shiva's ideal

"no god you can't take her like this, getting her so close to me and then taking her like no, ok I was wrong the one who never had faith in you and so you all the time tried to prove me your existence, but now I believe in you I knew you are here, you separated us and than you yourself made us meet again , and now today getting us again so near getting us apart this is not right , this is injustice, why , why is it that all the time our love our love have to suffer, not this time god , if anything happened to her than I will also not live I will die here in front of you either get her back to me or take me from here to her , where she is , but don't separate me from her" said armaan crying and begging in front of god

While here inside the icu , doctors again applied the oxygen mask and pulse checking machines and gave her injections and medicines to calm her down

And after a while she again took one breath

"she was standing alone in the middle of that beach , lots of water everywhere around her , she was drowning alone , she was all alone this time armaan was not there with her, she was drowning her breath was getting hard , she cant breath anymore and the old riddhima was gone , gone deep inside the water

And then came armaan holding her again , holding her soul again getting her out of the water

And she took a breath , her breaths were back ,she opened her eyes and she was in the hospital

She was back , this new riddhima was back leaving behind all the past , all the memories good or bad of that old riddhima

This new riddhima was back for her armaan ,just for him on his call

While here armaan was in the temple

"armaan god have heard your prayer, riddhima is fine, doctors just said she is out of danger" said angad smiling , he came rushing to armaan when doctors confirmed this news

And here armaan sat on the floor and taking a deep breathe a sign of relief and thankfulness for the god at the same time

ok thats all for now,

i knew very bad and short part , i was free from last 2 hours so i wrote this part just now in 2 hours, and i knew there must b many mistake and over that i still dont knew whether i did this part right or not

still i just felt you will like to read it like this so here i am

and yes hope i didnt confused you much with that riddhima subconscious mind talks her soul talking

will update ahead soon thanks for your reply in advance

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..Phoenix.. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 May 2014 at 6:45am | IP Logged
i loved it whole 
the way armaan carried ridhima and maarried her remembering their old tym happy walking maariage...

and then the way u show the ridhima soul talking with armaan's adn armaan asking her to come back to him and se came back to him... hats off

and i aapka ismallest update hain ye... hehheh koi nahi 2 ghante ke liya baada hain hahahaha...

loved it...

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Posted: 05 May 2014 at 10:56am | IP Logged
awesome part
cont soon

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sirivalli.t IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 May 2014 at 11:04am | IP Logged
awesome update...
loved it...
thanks for d pm...

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ksgandjsg21 Senior Member

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Posted: 05 May 2014 at 12:37pm | IP Logged
Loved it... Continue soon...
thnx for pm...

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Gudduluvs IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 May 2014 at 12:38pm | IP Logged
Wow...awesum 7odate...finky ridzi is ok..thnks

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