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pinky.padda IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 April 2014 at 3:53pm | IP Logged
superb update
totally brilliant

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jiyaa_m IF-Sizzlerz

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Nice part update soon

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sara.dmg Senior Member

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nice part
update soon

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Ianoconic. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 18 April 2014 at 5:03am | IP Logged
Very nice update...

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yoga123 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 April 2014 at 9:53pm | IP Logged
Nice part...thanks for the PM

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ekts_dmgmjht Senior Member

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Posted: 20 April 2014 at 3:41am | IP Logged
Gr8 part
Continue soon
N Thx 4 d pm

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searchoffriends IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 April 2014 at 1:57pm | IP Logged
part 36 on page 136


Armaan in car with other young boys on his way coming at the place

while riddhima inside the building

Riddhima was moving inside the building with rishab , sujal and karan the goons took everyone of them inside one room , as they went inside they saw prerna and kashish there tied with the chair

Riddhima felt in so much pain seeing her mother and kashish tied like that , it resulted in anger for shyam getting more

She without caring about the goons and anyone, rushed towards the chairs and opened prerna and kashish hands and legs

"mom , aunty you both are fine don't worry nothing will happen to you" said riddhima crying hugging prerna

"why kiddo , why you came here, you should have not been here kiddo" said prerna seeing riddhima there , this was the last think she wanted to see her daughter entering this danger cause of her

"riddhima no , why you came , why you put your life in such danger cause of us, we heard that shyam talking with you and warning you to be here, but still riddhima I wished and prayed that you don't come here like this" said kashish crying

"mom kashish aunty please relax look nothing will happen to me and I wont let anything happen to anyone I promise" said riddhima hugging her both mothers tightly

While they heard the goons leaving out of the room and closing the door behind leaving all of them locked inside that room

Sujal and rishab also immediately rushed towards kashish and prerna , while karan standing with riddhima

"thank god bhabhi that you both are fine, but now the point is that how will we get out of here" said karan

They were still in thoughts when the door opened again and the goons coming in one of them holding riddhima and dragging her out with him , all the three gents protested and didn't let anyone touch riddhima , when many of them came inside and holding each of them so that no one was able to move , and then they took riddhima outside and even others as well

They all in a big hall everyone captured by goons and no one got any space to move or fight back

Riddhima was also trying to free herself, when she heard a voice , a voice haunting her for years , it was not difficult for her to recognize that voice

"WELCOME RIDDHIMA" loud and clear it was no one other than shyam

Finally they were face to face after years ,

He was the same , only the age was grown old other than that the evilness on his face and mind was the same, he came moving towards holding a stick in his hand moving on his one leg , other leg looked like being injured or not working

Riddhima remembered that earlier his legs were fine, she didn't knew why was this fact disturbing her right now cause that was not the issue right now her main concern was him and the situation they were in and looking at him an unknown fear a distress surrounded her , her hearbeat got high she was scared but she had to be strong

She took a deep breath she have to face this and end this up for once and for all,  she have to be strong to face her biggest fear

"good to see you riddhima after so many years" said shyam and coming near him , eyeing his mans to leave riddhima

"you wont protest I am sure" said shyam evilly and pointing towards some gun mans pointing guns on everyone behind her

"your rivalry is with me , and look I am here let them all go" said riddhima

"that's what I like the most about you this fearless this strong like rock riddhima and pure like angel, thinking about everyone else before her own and you are same exactly same and even more beautiful than ever before" said shyam and tried to touch riddhima cheeks with the back of his hand

And as he touched her riddhima immediately jerked it away with disgust

"don't you dare touch my daughter or else I will kill you" said rishab in anger and again trying to free himself but more goons holding him tightly

"ops sorry I forget there is lots of disturbance here between us , and I really don't like anyone between us, no one at all" said shyam

And riddhima was just feeling disgust with his cheap comments and look

"take them all back and lock in the room" shyam ordered his mens

"no no please shyam look you called me I am here now let them go, please shyam let them all go from here" said riddhima pleading him

"ok as you say riddhima I always said that your wish will be my command, and I will fulfill your wish today as well" said shyam

"let everyone go, then we will get a lot of time alone and no one coming between us , specially that armaan" said shyam with anger and hatred for that one name as well

"no , I wont go anywhere , you want to kill me then kill me but I wont leave my daughter alone here with you" said prerna protesting

"no one of us will go from here, its better for you to leave riddhima shyam or else you will regret for each and every act of yours" said sujal in anger and warning

"oh really then let it be that way" said shyam and punching in sujal stomach in anger

"no please no please stop it , stop it shyam please don't hurt anyone , please no" riddhima pleading while crying coming in front of sujal

"uncle please , please I beg you all please leave, please save all of them you can no need to put everyones lifes in danger cause of me , please mom dad chachu , please go nothing will happen to me dad , nothing I promise , trust me dad I will be fine" said riddhima begging them all

"kiddo no one of us here is concerned about our life its no worth it more than yours we all can die but wont let a single evil even touch you" said karan again trying freeing them

"oh wow what a family and what parents riddhima I never knew this time you are so lucky with parents unlike past your this parents are even ready to die for you and one was your father in the past , the great Dr Shahshank Gupta , who himself KILLED HIS OWN DAUGHTER HUSBAND AND SOLD HER TO ME"  said shyam

And it was no where less than a shock for riddhima right now

"you really wanted to knew my partners my evil in the crime, well that was none other than your great father Dr shahshank gupta" said shyam

"no , no this is not true, you are lying , you are lying shyam" said riddhima screaming

She cant believe her dad , her own dad killed armaan

"whatever you wish but you still don't remember the day you opened your eyes and saw Dr shahshank in front of you and then he himself brought you to me and left us alone as well" said shyam coming near riddhima and holding her and this time she didn't even protested nor went back

She was in a state of shock , she didn't even knew what was happening all around her , she was so lost right now

"no dad cant do this, he didn't , he didn't" riddhima blabbering to herself she was so lost and came to her senses with rishab screaming warning shyam to stay away from her

And riddhima came back in present and pushed him away , very away that he falled back down on the floor, so far that she got a chance to be far away from him and take out the gun which she had bought with her , armaan's gun she was just searching for the right moment to take it out

"that's it , that's it shyam what do you think of yourself that you will blackmail and call me here and I will work as your puppet , no shyam not this time, this time I wont let you win never, I wont, I told you shyam I told you that pray to god that we never come face to face cause that day will be your last day , I will kill you shyam" said riddhima in anger aiming gun on shyam who was still lying back on the floor

"no riddhima you cant do this" said shyam he was also scared he never knew that the sweet delicate riddhima can also take such step

"I can and I will shyam I will you killed my armaan and now also you tried to harm him I would have and had already forgiven you for the past but then you again didn't ended with your wrong deeds , and tried killing my armaan and with that also you didn't gave you satisfaction you even kidnapped my mom , and kashish aunty you will surely have to pay for it now leave them tell your mans to leave all of them or I will kill you" said riddhima in anger

And so all the goons left  sujal and rishab and karan and the moment they left them the gents took over the guns from them and situation in their control

Sujal came near riddhima and supporting her,

"kill him riddhima , don't worry about anything else just shoot him a person like this needs to be dead" said sujal assuring her

"no not so soon sujal uncle still few things are left to be clear, shyam you really want to live you can just tell me the name, tell me the name of the person in between us who is with you in all this, your partner in crime who is it shyam" said riddhima

"you really feel I will tell you that so soon , if you are here for dealing than lets have few other kinds of deals in that don't forget my person is still there very near to your armaan and on my one signal your armaan will be dead" said shyam still having the courage

"you cant do that, cause you are not going to live for sending any kind of signal to anyone" said riddhima and pointing the gun at him ready to shoot

"why riddhima , why you always did so injustice to me, I loved you have always loved you so dearly and you , you always broke my heart so badly and that to for whom that armaan who is just not worth it for you, and he never was he cant even take care of you or protect you , he is just not capable of doing that ever" said shyam

"stop it shyam just stop it, don't you dare say a word against armaan from your cheap and disgusting mouth" said riddhima in anger

But shyam was somewhere not in a thought of ending so soon

"it's the truth that I said riddhima and the truth sometime looks disgusting , cause you cant deny that armaan was not there to protect you ever, he just cant if he loves you so much and care for you than where is he , and where was he when your father through you in front of me , at that time also you were alone and armaan never came" said shyam

"stop it shyam just stop it" said riddhima in anger , she was just not able to think straight , her father selling her , that was just not possible can shahshank get so cheap , she just didn't knew what to do so she pressed the trigger of the gun she was holding and the voice of the gun was the only thing that can be heard

On the other side

Armaan reached outside the building looking all over the place , no one was there

"dad specified about this place, but i really dont knew where he is now" said armaan in confusion

"i just hope everything is fine i searched all over the place there is no one , only their cars are parked in one corner but there is no one even dad sujal uncle cell are out of range" said mayank

"i have to go inside" armaan going in

"no , no not like this wait armaan we cant just go in like this we really didnt knew what is happening here and whats the situation maybe this will just worse the situation" said adhiraj

"so what do you expect me to do right now stand here and just wait" said armaan in anger

and only then they heard the voice a loud voice of a gun fire from inside the building  , the same fire which just then riddhima did on shyam and without wasting a moment they all rushed inside the building

mayank , armaan , angad searching from one side, while samrat and adhiraj from the other

Back again to riddhima inside

As she fired her aim was not clear and the bullet hit shyam on his leg the same leg which earlier as well looked like injured and because of which he was using the stick to walk, he was groaning in pain as bullet hit his leg exactly below his knee

While riddhima just fired with closed eyes she didn't knew where her aim was at that point

She was still standing there like a statue holding the gun in her hand and shyam in pain,

She was again lost somewhere ,all the flashes of all the dreams were coming back again and again, and she felt the same situation have already occurred earlier as well, the same way shyam groaning in  pain holding his leg and she standing there

All the flashes were so clear , as if some movie was playing here in front of her, everything going in fast track way rewinding back in her memory , she again with armaan in the water as she closed her eyes with armaan feeling they both will be dead now ,

But then she opened her eyes again, and found herself in the same place but in a completely different situation


Riddhima opened her eyes she was lying on the bed with glucose drip attached on her one hand, she looked all over the place , many medical equipments were around her, she was alive , she was saved maybe she was in hospital but then the room she was in does not look like a hospital room

And the bed , it was not a patient bed either , she was in her room , her own room in Mumbai ,armaan farm house where they were staying for past one week , the same place

she got up with a jerk looking for armaan

"armaan how am I here armaan where are you"  riddhima crying shouting armaan name, she just remembered they both were drowning together , so when she is here where was armaan

And listening to her voice someone came inside the room

"riddhima are you alright, riddhima, you gained conscious" said Shahshank entering in

"papa , papa you here" riddhima was at some relief seeing her father there, she immediately hugged him tight crying her heart out

"papa I am here , where is armaan , armaan papa ?" riddhima asked her father in hope that nothing wrong happened and everything will again be back to normal

"papa why are you quite , why are you not saying anything papa please tell me, where is armaan papa" said riddhima impatiently

"you were saved by the rescue team they were able to save you baby but they didn't found armaan, I am sorry riddhima" said shahshank with heavy voice

"no this is not possible, how did they didn't found him , he was with me, he was holding me , no this is impossible armaan was with me how can they say they didn't got him , why , why" said riddhima shouting loud in pain

"riddhima , riddhima control yourself I knew its tough for you but you have to control riddhima, armaan is no more" said shahshank holding her

"no this is impossible , no this is not possible why , why papa if they didn't found armaan why they bought me here away from him , why you saved me, you should have let me die" said riddhima loud she was screaming in pain

"armaan is here, he will be here, he will come, he cant leave me" riddhima blabbering to herself like a maniac

"control yourself riddhima , get back to your senses its been three days, you were unconscious and armaan was not found , they have declared him" shashank tried saying ahead

"no don't even say that dad , don't you even think of saying that" said riddhima not believing at all

"riddhima I knew its tough for you to accept this truth but you have to cause you don't have any other option left" said shahshank and leaving the room

Leaving a completely shattered riddhima behind, who didn't even knew why was she even alive and why had god saved her , without armaan her life has no meaning she is taking breath or not that also really doesn't matter

Two days two nights passed of day and night crying alone , riddhima didn't realized that no one came to meet her, not even shahshank came again , just three times bringing food for her , which she never touched since last two days she didn't even had a single drop of water just sitting like a lifeless statue in a corner , she didn't even have the strength left to even stand up  she didn't even knew the second night when she fainted again, maybe due to hunger thirst and weakness

Next day she waked up again the same way lying on the bed with glucose drip maybe that's why she got some energy inside her

"I really don't knew why are you doing all this, no one dies with dead people, armaan is dead riddhima but you are alive , think again why are you still living not to end your life like this" said shahshank in anger

"papa where is mamma and anjali di, no one came to meet me yet and why are we here in Mumbai , why not in our house in Delhi" asked riddhima in confusion, cause in this situation her mother and sister didn't even came to console her since past 5 days as per shahshank , if he was here then why was her mother and sister not here

"once your health get stable and back to normal we will go back to Delhi and your mother and anjali are there waiting for you" said shashank assuring her , but that really didn't worked on her

She found something suspicious really suspicious in all this since last two days she was conscious no one came to meet her, not even armaan daima who use to live in this farm house only

The same day evening , riddhima for the first time came out of the room looking all over the place and her time she was here with armaan just few days back , this world was heavens for her, and now it was no where less than hell , she was moving down the stairs when she heard some unusual voices someone  was indulge in an argument, she just stopped at her track and tried to hear what it was

"you cant do this to me Dr shahshank , we were together in all this cause you promised to give me what I want" said the person

While riddhima was standing in confusion over what was going on

"I knew and I am not backing up from my saying shyam I am just waiting for riddhima to get little stable" said shahshank

And riddhima was rooted on her tracks she still didn't believe her ears over what she heard, her father , her own father was talking with shyam over some negotiation

"she will be fine soon and moreover I just need my money, don't forget Dr shahshank , we both did that accident for killing armaan cause of our own reasons I needed his property and you needed your daughter, you got your daughter but still my property when will I  get that" said shyam in anger

And riddhima head was spinning her father , her own father did that , he himself killed her husband, with this shyam

She didn't knew what was happening to her she again find her head spinning and she got unconscious on the stairs falling down on the floor rolling

While shahshank and shyam saw her falling she was again unconscious,

As she gained her conscious she was lying on a bed and shahshank was standing with shyam

And looking at both she remembered everything , each and everything

"you  I will kill you" riddhima got up in anger and taking the first thing in her hand she attacked shyam with that

"riddhima stop it , riddhima" shahhank tried stopping her

"no" shouted riddhima "don't you dare Dr gupta , don't you dare touch me with this dirty hands of yours what kind of a father you are you killed my armaan you killed your own daughters husband" said riddhima in anger  

And then she broke down

"why , why , why  you did that why" said riddhima falling on the floor crying she was shattered completely

"but I wont leave you both , I will make you pay for your sins , you killed my armaan I will not spare you both, till now I felt why god saved me why he didn't let me die with my armaan and now I realize cause god wanted me to take my armaan revenge from his murderous" said riddhima getting up with determination

"I will call the police and will send you both behind the bars , that's where you both belong" said riddhima and tried moving out

"and you really feel that I will let you go so soon" said shyam holding riddhima tightly

"leave me , just leave me shyam I will kill you shyam" said riddhima in anger trying to free herself

"chill riddhima , just chill look now when you already knew the real reason so lets make it more clear to you , your father did all this cause he hated armaan just like I did, cause he took everything from me my money and my love you" said shyam holding her more close

"don't you dare shyam just leave me" said riddhima in anger but of no use she was trapped and there was no way out

"with armaan not in your life you are back to Dr shahshank and he have the whole right to decide your future now, and as for me I just wanted armaan whole property which after his death is all yours, and I wont leave you until you sign everything to me" said shyam

"no no ways I am never going to sign this not cause I need money or property but because I wont let you win here today shyam" said riddhima in anger

"its upto you cause we have our others way as well to make this happen" said shyam and he literally dragging her outside that room

"leave me shyam what are you doing papa please stop this, I am your daughter" said riddhima pleading

"he wont , cause as per our deal I have killed armaan and got him out of your life so that you can be a part of my life and moreover I was the one and only choice of your father for you, he always wanted you to be with me, and that's what exactly will happen, only , only if you will not sign, sign the papers and you are free or else, you knew" said shyam evilly

"no you  cant do this Dr gupta, what kind of a father you are, you are not even considered a right to be called a father , you destroyed your own daughter life just cause of your ego and now you shamelessly standing here and looking over everything you are not even considered as a human , you don't even have a right to be called a human its said that a child can go wrong with parents but whatever happens parents are like a god who always think of their child happiness and well being but you I curse you Dr shahshank gupta that you will never live in peace and this sin this act of yours will never let you live happily you will be left alone , alone and will not get any happiness the way you took my happiness my life one day you will be left alone all alone in this world with no one" said riddhima in anger

When shyam holding her again

"leave me just leave me shyam have some fear of that god he wont spare anyone for his sins and if there is something in this world known as god then he will have to prove his existence now he will have to get my armaan back , so that he can take the revenge from you, the revenge for all your ill deeds and this will happen , this will surely happen try and give me as much of pain as you can and one day my armaan will take revenge for each and every pain of mine" said riddhima in anger

While shyam still dragging him out of that room  

"shyam stop it, stop hurting her like this , whatever happened she is my daughter and we had a deal that you will marry her so that all the property on her name will got transferred on yours , and this that you are doing is not acceptable, leave her" said shahshank

"ohh dr gupta finally a father in you waking  up and that to now , like this , ok I knew we had a deal and I don't deny on that I love her , I still do love riddhima more than anything and just want to get her and will get her, but before that I love this money more as well, and seeing at this rebellious riddhima what if she went to police and I will lose everything  so its better to preserve the things I can and as for you Dr gupta you can close your eyes and ears if you don't want to see and hear whatever happens ahead you stay out of this now" said shyam evilly  and pushing shahshank inside the room closing the door and locking it so that shahshank cant come out

Now came the exactly same situation of the dreams riddhima had , shyam coming near her ,and she is helpless completely helpless

"don't you dare come near me, please save me armaan" said riddhima pleading

"armaan , armaan is gone riddhima he is dead and dead people can never come for anyone rescue , so its useless calling anyone for help" said shyam evilly

And then began chasing game riddhima tried hard to escape but she was not able to,
She fall on the floor hurting herself and shyam came near her , exactly over her  very near coming near to  her lips while riddhima struggling a lot and when she knew she was helpless

"no shyam please leave me, please I will , I will do whatever you want , please leave me don't touch me I will sign, I will sign on whatever documents you want" said riddhima shattering down , she don't have other choices either to save herself or that money which was nothing for her

Shyam also got up smiling evilly over his victory

"that's better like a good girl , now come here and sign on this" said shyam smiling and he went and sat on a sofa and kept the property papers on the table

Riddhima didn't thought much she just signed the papers, she was sitting on the floor holding the table and signing while shyam was exactly behind her

She didn't knew how she got the courage or maybe her anger for him let her do that ,she picked one show piece kept in the middle of the table , it was a flower vase of steel very heavy weighted ,

She immediately picked it up and without wasting a second attacked shyam with that while shyam was still smiling evilly over his victory looking at her signed papers , he didn't even realized what riddhima did

It was only when it hit hard on his leg the same leg and he was groaning in pain , an unbearable pain the same way shyam fall on the floor in pain and riddhima standing up holding that vase

and in present as well

shyam groaning in pain on the floor due to the bullet that riddhima fired on him and she standing in front of him with same look

present and past roaming around her

ok thats all for now

i knew a short part and just riddhima part A , again no armaan and riddhima meet,  well the next part is our hero rescue part so chill armaan in there in next part

will update part B of the same in a day or two

till then please comment guys thats really required

i really want to knew that the way my story is progressing is fine or not , or i really want to do some changes

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awesome update
love it
cont soon thanks 4 pm

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