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 part 35 B on page 132 [do read the parts once again that will help in understanding the current part]


Last part was riddhima part of story shyam calling her and her leaving and here comes the armaan part of the story for the same

Since morning armaan was just surrounded with guest and relatives

And then it was time for his haldi ceremony , when riddhima was in her room with gunjan and kripa, and after that the girls left riddhima alone for going in the ceremony

Armaan ceremony

Gunjan and kripa reached the place where armaan was sitting in the middle all yellow from head to toe already all thanks to adhiraj , angad and samrat who have applied a lots and lots of amount of haldi over armaan

"kripa , gunjan good you came, come fast only you both are left for applying haldi on armaan" said kashish smiling

"applying kashish aunty please can you tell us any empty place where we can actually apply this on him all the place on his whole body is already covered" said gunjan smiling   

"no gunji look here still a little place is left in armaan hairs they are still left" said kripa picking a lots of haldi in her hand

"no no don't you dare kripa not my hairs atleast please his haldi smell is already horrible and it wont go easily from my hairs" said armaan making a scared face

"armaan be quiet you are not supposed to talk you are the groom so sit quietly and let us do the rituals in our style" said angad teasing him

"oh that means when you are a groom you have to sit like a statue and let everyone make you a joker" said armaan irritated

"yes a yellow joker" said angad smiling

"good keep on laughing guys but don't forget your time will also come soon and then I will take all of my revenge from you" said armaan

"don't worry this same dialogue we have also heard from riddhima before this, still she was not excused from this and so you also wont be left like this" said kripa smiling and then applying all the haldi in his head

And in one corner kashish and prerna were planning to leave the palace to go to the temple

"I still don't understand whats the need for you ladies to leave like this and that to without telling armaan, you knew he have specially specified that no one will move out of palace today" said sujal

"sujal you knew this ritual is important I want to go to the temple to get god blessing for both my kids, and don't worry me and prerna ji will be back soon, and moreover balram ji and other security mens are also going with us, we will be fine" said kashish assuring

"you wait I will also come with you ladies" said sujal

"no sujal you stay back here with armaan , and this time its armaan and riddhima who needs care and attention not us , we will be fine" said kashish

And the both ladies left from there
Here armaan was been applied with the haldi when on the other side riddhima received the calls what timing shyam already knew that armaan can be no where near riddhima at that time cause he was busy in his ceremony and all this timing setting was all thanks to the person inside the palace helping shyam

At that time riddhima received that parcel send to her by shyam

And outside the palace , as kashish and prerna moved a little distance away , few goons blocked their cars and suddenly attacked on them

the security person came out for fight but then they were only 4 bodyguards and balram while the goods were more than dozen all thanks to shyam perfect planning, he already knew that kashish and prerna were going out like this

they had a fight and in that balram was badly hurt, while few goons hijacked the car in which kashish and prerna were still sitting and drove them away

balram immediately called sujal informing him the situation, while he himself rushed in the other car still in that bad condition followed the goons and got the place where shyam have taken the ladies

he waited at a far distance from there , cause he was alone and injured and cant fight the bunch of goons there, so he called sujal for help

on the same time

all the young group was with armaan , when armaan grandmother asked him to go and take bath

"thanks a lot grandmom that was really required for me right now" said armaan in relief and stood up to go towards his room

"no armaan not in your room , you have to take bath in that pond in the backyard of our temple" said armaan grandmother

"what oh god but grandmom" said armaan in frustration

"try and understand maasa armaan want to go to his room cause that is just next to riddhima's room and he is just getting impatient to see her" said angad teasing him

"oh stop teasing me now angad , and hey that really reminds me that riddhima is alone in her room for so long , gunjan kripa you were not supposed to leave her alone today" said armaan in concern

"yes we were but what can we d armaan your dear riddhima herself through us out of her room cause she wanted to have some sleep and have your dreams" said kripa smiling

"still its been more than half hour , why don't anyone go and check over her" said armaan

"relax armaan she is fine moreover there is a lots of security all around her,  ok fine still if you say  I will go back and check over her" said gunjan understanding his concern

Well that's the only time when riddhima got the call from shyam and then the mms , showing kashish and prerna in his control

While here gunjan moving towards riddhima room and on the other side

Sujal and rishab and karan the three elders the moment they got the call from balram , the three rushed out of the palace without informing anyone to the place where shyam have kept kashish and prerna

Gunjan almost reached her room when her father Atul came from behind calling gunjan

"yes dad you called me" said gunjan moving back

"yes I was searching was you everywhere where were you" said atul smiling

"I was here only dad , it was armaan haldi ceremony being held I was there, and now I was going in riddhima's room" said gunjan

"armaan , riddhima samrat , and his family that's only what you are concerned with now you are so busy with them that you don't even have time for your parents" said atul normally

"its not like that at all dad ,  I love you and mom a lot as well, ok tell me what you want I will be with you from now onwards" said gunjan smiling

"its ok baby I was just teasing you, its nothing like that moreover today is a big day for your friends , you shall be with them go we will get some time together later" said atul smiling

And he left out, while after that gunjan went towards riddhima's room which was open and riddhima was not inside the room she was no where

Gunjan searched for her everywhere , but didn't knew where she went, she wwas searching for her everywhere , when she saw Mr singh the head security person very tensed

"mr singh is everything alright , I am searching for riddhima everywhere where is she" said gunjan in panic

"I was calling armaan sir only mam , actually riddhima ji just went outside the palace, the security I appointed on the main gate just informed me that riddhima ji didn't listened to anyone just ran outside the palace and went away" said mr singh in panic

"she went , where I mean why will riddhima go like this, oh god riddhima , I need to inform armaan first" said gunjan in panic herself

And the next moment both rushed towards the place where armaan was gone for bath

He just got ready when gunjan came rushing and informed him about riddhima sudden running out of the palace like this

And everyone present there were equally shocked

"are you sure gunjan , I mean why will kiddo go out like this" said mayank in concern

"yes bhaiya Mr singh himself told me that riddhima wanted to go out and when the security person stopped her and didn't let her go , she pointed a gun on them and ran away" said gunjan

"this is impossible how could kiddo take such a step and that to alone without informing anyone of us" said adhiraj with equal shock and concern

They all were confused and went near the main hall , where mr singh was present

"I had noo idea why mam went like this, she was inside her room no one went inside once she came , oh yes once riddhima mam came out of the room she said me she is expecting a parcel one of her friend have send for her, and it was little weird cause there was no nome mentioned on that packet it was just written for riddhima, and mom personally coming to receive it, she took it and went inside and after few minutes she went" Mr singh tried to explain

"what you said some friend send a gift for riddhima , where is it, and when you received something like this, you could have informed me once" said armaan in anger

"I knew sir but riddhima mam herself came and claimed that it was for her ,and she need it personally so I didn't had a choice" said Mr singh

"my god I am just not getting it what is she upto, riddhima where are you" armaan breaking down and then looking everywhere

Armaan immediately called on riddhima cell which was ringing somewhere near them

"sir actually riddhima mam dropped it near the main gate while leaving" said one security person

And armaan taking the cell immediately from him

"she don't even have the cell with her , how will we contact her, riddhima why , why you did this" armaan talking to himself more than anyone , when by chance his look went towards riddhima cell which was stopped at some video , armaan didn't knew what got in his mind he immediately punched on the screen and watching the video

It was the same video , kashish and prerna tied on a chair,

"oh my god, mom prerna aunty" armaan was shocked to see that video, and then he looked everywhere

"where is dad, and rishab uncle is not here" armaan noticed and said it

"yes armaan even mom , dad , and karan chachu kashish aunty , I cant see anyone around" said mayank looking everywhere

"because mom and prerna aunty are just not here" said armaan showing the video to mayank and others

"oh god kiddo, oh no kiddo is gone because she knew that mom and kashish aunty are being kidnapped and that's why she" said mayank shattered

"she thinks she is strong enough so she went alone" said armaan in anger

And armaan immediately called sujal cell

While sujal was just outside the place where shyam have called riddhima and as he saw armaan called he understood that armaan got the information so he have to pick the call

"armaan  actually" sujal tried saying

"dad where are you, you knew about mom and prerna aunty right dad" said armaan

"don't worry armaan your mom and prerna ji will be fine we are just outside one building and they are inside I wont let anything happened to them" said sujal assuring him

"where are you dad I am coming" said armaan

"no armaan , no you are not coming here , I cant let your life in danger" said armaan

"you already let my life there in danger dad by taking riddhima there" said armaan

"riddhima , here , no armaan riddhima much be in palace she is not here, and in no case she shall be here" said sujal and as he was saying he saw the car stopping in front , and he saw riddhima inside the car

"oh god armaan riddhima is actually here , she just reached" said sujal

"dad stop her in any case you just don't let her get inside , I will be there now dad, just tell me where are you" said armaan in panic

"ok armaan, come fast I will wait for you" said sujal

And while he was  talking with armaan , karan and rishab who also saw riddhima there , immediately rished towards riddhima and quietly dragging her back with them back where they were standing before

While riddhima was shocked with this sudden pull , she was moving towards the building when someone dragged her back

She saw the faces and it was rishab and karan

"dad , chachu , sujal uncle , you all here, I mean" riddhima asked in confusion

"what the hell you think you are doing over here kiddo what was the need for you to come here" said rishab in anger

"dad I was , mom and kashish aunty" said riddhima crying

"don't you trust your dad, anyone else kiddo I knew your mom and kashish ji are there inside and we are here for them to save them, there was no need for you to come here kiddo, whatever it is go back , karan take kiddo back to and make her safe from here we will stay here and wait for the force and as the force will come we will move inside just take her away karan right now" said rishab

"no no dad I am not going to leave you and sujal uncle alone here, if anything happened to anyone of you cause of me I wont be able to forgave myself , even mom and kashish aunty are in danger cause of me please let me go inside dad I promise I wont let anything happen to mom and kashish aunty I will get them out safe" said riddhima crying

"you are just not going inside riddhima and that's final karan ji please take her back" said sujal finally

But somewhere it was too late , they were busy talking when a group of goons covered them and aimed guns on them, they were shyam persons, who have caught all of them

Shyam knew that riddhima was here and even after parking the car and coming towards the building when she disappeared he send his goons for searching and so they noticed them hiding and caught them

Here karan, sujal and rishab have no options just a hope that balram have left to get their forces police and other security as well which will be here any moment so they quietly moved out , inside the building along with riddhima

On the other side

Armaan and other boys immediately rushed to reach that place

"I wont ever forgave you riddhima for not trusting my love and leaving me alone in this situation" said armaan to himself he was angry very angry on her right now

pyaar hai ya saza ai mere dil bataa
toot ta kyon nahi dard ka silsila

[armaan in the car driving fast as fast as he can]

koi na sune sisakti aahon ko
koi na thaame tarapti baahon ko
aadhi aadhi poori khwaahishein
tooti footi sab farmaahishein

No one listens to my cries
No one to hold my arms
Half fulfilled are my wishes
All broken are my dreams

[while here riddhima moving inside the building , followed by rishab, karan and sujal, they all didn't knew what to do cause the goons were having guns and they were just not prepared yet , so they all moving quietly]

kahi shak hai kahi nafrat ke deewar hain
kahi jeet mein bhi shaamil pal pal haar hai

If not mistrust then there are walls of hatred
Even in victory there is the feeling of loss

ya rabba
dede koi jaan bhi agar
dilbar pe ho na dilbar pe ho na koi asar
ya rabba
dede koi jaan bhi agar
dilbar pe ho na dilbar pe ho na koi asar
pyaar hai ya saza ai mere dil bataa
toot ta kyon nahi dard ka silsila

[armaan still on his way and frustrated to reach as soon as he can , and on the other side the doors of that building closing, riddhima inside last tear moved outside her eyes she was finally away very away from armaan]

na poochon dard bando se
hasee kaisi riddhima kaisi
museebat sar pe rehti hai
kabhi kaisi kabhi kaisi

[Do not ask to a person with pain
what is smile and what is happiness
Always a cloud over my head
Sometimes this, sometimes that]

o rabba, rabba
O lord

Ok that's all for now,

I knew this is just an explanation part , and you all wanted to read the track ahead , but still this explanation was also required, so that story become clear to my readers and yes along with that the one who felt that security was not right all family members were at mistake for them guys everyone tried best to save riddhima and armaan and have everything smoothly , but you knew fate and time is more powerful and that's why its said that the thinks have to happen will happen at any cost and no one can stop or change the destiny

Their destiny created this situation where they all got helpless plus the helper inside there house the one helping shyam , they were far to intelligent that's why they were already once successful in killing armaan in the past somewhere their planning got successful as its said that its easy to tackle one known enemy than an unknown enemy in face of a friend

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Gr8 part
thanx for pm
do pm me for next part
continue soon

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awesome part
cont soon

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jaldi milwa do inkooo
and armaaan ko bht ghussa krne denaa

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osoem di...
no AR meet in this part/// pout...
but i know next part will be rocking hain na...????


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Awesome one...perfect one...cont soon...!!

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nice update..well written...
plz update the next soonnn

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Gr8 part
thanx for pm
do pm me for next part
continue soon

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