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great update

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awesome update...loved it...m so sorry Di...m not commenting regularly due to my semester...I hope u understand my prob...cont soon...nd waiting eagerly for ur next for the PM...!!!!
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part 35 A on page 129


While riddhima again thinking about that dream, just cant relate at all with that, she was just not getting what this dream meant , she tried so hard to remember but was not getting anything

Then looking at the time again she was late and everyone must be waiting for her, she quickly went to get ready

Soon she went down in the hall, 

Where all the preparations were going on for the ceremony , prerna and nandini checking all the arrangements , and nupur helping them

As riddhima went there, nupur went near her

"morning kiddo , what happened are you ok" said nupur with concern

"yes bhabhs I am fine nothing to worry much" said riddhima 

"ok come with me I will get you ready for the ceremony" said nupur

"bhabs I am ready" said riddhima 

"we have to apply haldi on your whole body sweety and in this full body covered clothes its just not possible" said nupur smiling 

"so what am I going to wear" asked riddhima 

"this, this while clothes I will drape it on you" said nupur handling her one while cloth with yellow border

"that's all, bhabs how can I wear this" said riddhima 

"whats wrong in this, and moreover its just a ladies function and with strict order's no one no male can enter this room that's why this ceremony is held like this in a closed room, now is it fine with you" said nupur smiling

When riddhima got ready draping that cloth like a off shoulder dress covering her till her knees and then everyone made her sit in a middle on a small stool , in the middle, where all the rose petals were scattered with light aroma candles 

Then nupur and gunjan got the jewelry for riddhima, made of real flowers purple and while orchids [its to common now a days]

They made her wear it all , the necklace, the earrings, the bangles armlets and anklets all made of flowers even the head was covered with a beautiful crown of flowers 

She was dressed like a princess bath

And then first prerna came and applied little turmeric and besan, and oil mixed paste on her cheeks , and kissing her head lovingly , this is every mother dream applying haldi to her daughter I suppose and her day was here, she had tears in her eyes, 

And then nandini came applying the same then nupur with little teasing applying on her nose and teasing her, then kashish came and did that even anjali , keerti were with them , anjali was so happy finally riddhima going to be armaan's again in this birth as well, she came and she lovingly giving all her blessing to riddhima and praying that this time no evil should touch her happiness 

and so on one by one all ladies applied and then came turn of gunjan and nupur

"you knew what kiddo it's a saying that if the haldi applied on bride is applied on unmarried girls then they get married really soon , it's a good sign for them" said nupur

"oh really bhabs thanks for the info" said riddhima with a grin

"don't even think of doing anything like this riddhima , I cant ruin my clothes with this" said kripa with warning

"and me I am so out of this" said gunjan

"hyee my best friends wont even apply haldi to me" said riddhima making faces

"look nothing doing ok" said kripa warning

"ok , I wont do anything" said riddhima

While kripa coming and applying little haldi on her ,  and gunjan also coming near

"wow my nest friends, wont you guys hug me today" riddhima coming near 

"please riddhima stay away" said gunjan 

While riddhima literally hugging the two together and now it was pay back time, kripa also picked a huge amount and started applying over her whole face , everywhere, and then gunjan doing the same , riddhima also holding as much she can , attacking them and soon they three were busy applying each other

"that's all girls stop now" said nupur trying to stop, resulting her also getting attacked with the haldi 

"oh god now me" said nupur 

While everyone busy smiling looking at all the young girls busy with each other 

While after sometime prerna stopped them as they were getting late for other rituals 

Now it was turn for washing it off , well in Punjabi tradition ladies get crock made of mud or now a days of steel  filled with water  they get from some well in temples , or any tap in temples in cities now there are no wells left I suppose and the bride is made to have a bath with that water mixed with milk

Riddhima was sitting at the same place when nandini and nupur pour that water over her from head  cleaning all the haldi from her 

Like this they completed this beautiful ceremony, I suppose it's the most beautiful ceremony of any marriage for a girl

Kashish came and gave riddhima some clothes , [after the haldi ceremony the bride have to wear the clothes from her in law sides]

And kashish gave riddhima a beautiful pink suit to wear for the next ceremony 

That was Chura ceremony 
[in Punjabi the girls wear this special kind of bangles on their wedding,A Chuda, this is a set of red and ivory bangles by her maternal uncle. This custom is considered good omen for the bride as it is said to bring good luck to the bride in her new home now a days there are so many designer pieces in them as well, a newly married girl can wear this for a long time as per her personal wish]

Now they went in the main hall where all the gents were waiting for the ladies to come, [guys this ceremony is actually held by bride maternal uncle , he is the one who have the right to make the bride wear that, it's a tradition chura is actually a blessing to a girl from her maternal family]

Riddhima and other ladies came down and riddhima was made to sit again in a corner in the hall, while everyone standing near her

"now who will make the bride wear this bangles, as the bride have no maternal uncle" said a lady in th group

While prerna feeling sad , she was a single child have no real brother of her own

"I will make kiddo wear this" said karan coming ahead

"karan you" asked prerna 

"yes bhabhi am I not your little brother as well, other than being your brother in law, and in that case I am kiddo's maternal uncle as well" said karan 

"offcourse you are karan, and only you have this right, nandini and karan are going to do this ritual for kiddo" said prerna smiling 

They were simply a perfect family

Soon karan and nandini made riddhima wear the bangles , it was a beautiful full hand designer set of red and white diamond engraved  bangles in white in the middle of red

well for my readers who dont knew what this thing is so well it looks like this 
something like this

or this anyone you like

They made her wear that with all their love affection and blessings, after it was done prerna immediately covered riddhima hand where she was wearing that bangles with cloth a white cloth 

"kiddo this is just not a simple bangles these are the symbol of your relation, these bangles every bride wear for her husband, so you have to protect them from the evil eyes, till you get ready as a bride tonight you have to keep your hands covered , you yourself can also not see the suhaag chura before you are ready as a bride" said prerna  and so her hands were properly covered and her hands were something like this

and then started the girls part 

gunjan , kripa came ahead holding the kaleree

 [Punjabi brides wear Kaleeres. These are silver or gold plated ornaments tied to the Chudas. It is said that the bride has as many friends as there are leaves in the Kaleere. One interesting ritual related with the Kaleere is the custom in which a bride shakes her Kaleere over the unmarried girls in her family. It is said that if the Kaleere falls on the head of any of them, she is the next one to be married]

something like this again , if you never knew this,

and so similarly riddhima was made wear these kaleeree by kripa, gunjan and nupur and now it was time for the game to shake her hands over the unmarried girls 

something like this

and so riddhima started shaking her hands one by one on kripa, gunjan and offcourse suhani , kripa elder sister as well

"why do you so impatiently want this to fall on you, cause whatever it will be still the next in the row after me its you only" said riddhima to gunjan while she was so excited waiting when riddhima was shaking her hands over her but even after so many try it didnt falled and then she
 went towards kripa , and suhani 

but instead of the kaleere falling on kripa it actually falled over suhani head

"look, thats so not fare here me and gunjan are so impatiently waiting for this and it actually falled on suhani di, thats not fare that mean suhani di will get married really soon and i will still remain in waiting" said kripa pouring

"oh kripa so sad yaar, i can see kripa being so impatient already for her marriage with angad so why dont you do on thing just get ready and marry angad today only in the same place look already preparations are being made for one marriage" said suhani teasing her little sister

"oh really thats really not fare suhani di, stop teasing me and as for the rest forget about me and concentrate on your future, just now we got to knew that you are next in row mom i think now its time we have to search for a perfect groom for suhani di as well" said kripa 

"what do you mean we should search for, you ask suhani di once maybe she have already started searching someone for herself, am i right suhani di" said riddhima teasing suhani knowing well the secret eyes sessions going on many times between her adhi bhai and suhani 

"oh please you little girls you are so annoying all the time and riddhima i think its your marriage today and you need to concentrate on that for now" said suhani changing this teasing session

"ok i will right now i am concentrating on mine but very soon i will concentrate on everyone else around me as well" said riddhima smiling

"ok ok girls i think that is all for now, and kiddo enough of teasing and talking now you listen to me very carefully all the rituals are over and now you just have to dressed as bride and before that nothing else plus after this rituals the brides are not supposed to move out like this alone ok , so you go in your room and rest for the day till the evening" said prerna instructing her everything

"what mom in my room till evening oh god mom what will i do inside thats not fare getting married really means you are actually house arrested" said riddhima pouring

"well yes it actually means this only , so my kiddo you are actually house arrested till evening baby cause its said that after this rituals a bride get very soon effected by the evil eyes and so its better not to come in front of everyone ok now gunjan and kripa you both take her with you and stay with her all the time dont leave her alone" said prerna  

and so riddhima went inside along with gunjan and kripa 

"oh god i am already tired my god so many traditions and customs" said riddhima resting back on a couch 

"well madam its just the beginning still there are so many customs left for you to follow till wedding and even after that, so thats why i am saying you to just sleep for sometime" said kripa 

"excatly kripa, i think riddhima you really get some good sleep now cause i am sure that after today you are just not going to get a nice good night sleep for a long time, being your impatient lover around you" said gunjan teasing 

"stop it gunjan look here she is already so nervous and like this you are making him more scared" said kripa looking at riddhima sitting quietly

"scared really riddhima, are you scared, oh please kripa look at her from where does she look scared to you, infact i can see she is too excited right now, and why not armaan is actually to killing sexy for her to fantasize a lot about her, chill girl your fantasies are going to get true tonight" said gunjan teasing ahead 

"i have no fantasies ok" said riddhima smiling looking away

"oh really now this is a pure lie I knew, looking at you two and how impatient you are to be together alone specially armaan, I heard a lot yesterday about that you both all the time searching for some secluded corners" said kripa teasing 

"as if you and angad never want to be alone, and gunjan you as well, how many times I have caught hold you girls with your respective fiances so atleast I don't want to hear this I am impatient part from you both atleast, and moreover mine and armaan relation is far too different its just not connected with this one think that I had to feel so nervous, I knew my armaan he will never do anything in which I will not be comfortable, and when I will be comfortable with anything then there is no space for any nervousness" said riddhima knowing so well her armaan

"oh please now don't tell me that you will one say no and he will agree on not doing anything tonight" said gunjan teasing

"well yes he will never cross his limits ever , until I decide that what and which are the limits in between us, and it depends on me the way I have to take this relations and why am I even telling you girls everything about all this" said riddhima 

"but it good you told, you  knew I am so happy for you  girl, and I am so relieved, no matter how much we tease you all the time still we knew that you are still the most immature in between us three and now today I was personally so worried about how you will handle this situations but then today I can see that my worrying for you is useless when you are actually with armaan, I don't knew about you but I knew one thing that armaan knew how to take care of you, look in being his company you are also growing so mature" said kripa smiling 

"so whats talks going on between the friends" said prerna coming inside riddhima room 

"nothing much aunty just general friends talks sorry its our little secrets we cant share" said kripa smiling

"and neither do I want to hear all that talks of yours , I just came here to tell you girls that kripa, gunjan  have to go,  its time for armaan's haldi ceremony , and you both girls have to be there" said prerna smiling 

"yes we are going but riddhima ji you are not allowed to go there infact you cant even watch armaan today before your marriage" said kripa 

"by the way I don't even wish to go , you go infact I am feeling really tired I think I should sleep for sometime" said riddhima 

"that will be better kiddo moreover its still afternoon guruji said the best auspicious time for the marriage today will be after 9 tonight, so there are still like 7 hours so no one going to disturb you till then you sleep for sometime" said prerna smiling

"mom you just stay back with me" said riddhima

"I wish I could kiddo but even also have to go for haldi ceremony, and then just after that me and kashish ji have to go to the temple" said prerna 

"temple which temple" asked riddhima 

"actually kashish ji told me that there is there family goddess temple here and its their family tradition that the grooms and bride wedding dresses should be taken there and given blessings of the god ,then only they become auspicious for the groom and bride to wear it, so me and kashish ji are going taking your and armaan wedding dress there for getting goddess blessing on it" said prerna

"oh so many traditions we have to follow" said riddhima smiling

"but its good , i am so happy that my daughter marriage is going to be held in compliance of all the traditions in proper way, so that you and armaan get blessing from god for your happy and safe future" said prerna

"ok mom as you all wish , anyways take care of yourself mom i will wait for you please be back soon" said riddhima smiling  

and so after a while everyone happily did armaan haldi ceremony 

it was tough to guess that haldi was on armaan or armaan was on haldi, he was so badly applied with haldi by all the boys, he was head to toe covered not even a single part was left

everyone was happy and enjoying themselves while riddhima was still in her room , 

after an hour she again received a call , again from shyam

"how can you even dare to call me again, you knew the moment i will get a chance to meet armaan i will straight tell him about you, and then you cant even guess what armaan will do with you" said riddhima warning

"now why do you always get armaan between us two, comeon riddhima there are some talks and some little secrets which are for just you and me why bothering armaan in that" said shyam 

"shut up, i really dont even wish talking to you, so its better you cut the call before i call armaan here" said riddhima 

"with pleasure call armaan and just let him knew everything that you realized that you cant be with armaan, you realized that you are just for me and only me" said shyam

"end with your nonsense right now got you and don't even dare call me again" said riddhima 

"ok I will anyways I have send a little parcel for you it will be there on the main gate make sure no one other than you receive it, it have got very nice and sweet memories of us being together alone, after armaan leaving us alone" said shyam 

"stop lying shyam we don't have any memories together, whatever time and remembrance I have of you are not less than a nightmare for me, really don't want to remember anything your act of marrying me and then trying to kill armaan I don't want to remember that part of my life ever" said riddhima 

"and what about your last few days with me that memories were so precious for us remember oh sorry I completely forgot you don't remember it, why riddhima why, why is it that my love for you have always lost ahead armaan, that's why you only remember the  time you spend with armaan and not remember anything about the days we were together,  AFTER ARMAAN DIED"  said shyam

"stop making stories I cant and can never make any memories with you cause I also died with armaan, we left this world together" said riddhima 

"riddhima , riddhima just don't live in false thinking like this, I can understand you still don't remember anything that's why I am telling you check on with the parcel maybe you will remember anything" said shyam cutting the call

And here riddhima was standing in a shock state, 

This was completely a shocking revelation for her can it be true, can she 

"no this is just impossible, I was there with armaan when we both drown in the water , this shyam is just creating stories to divert me" said riddhima to herself

But somewhere she was in doubt , because all her nightmare were  making her believe this particular facts

"parcel , yes the parcel , I have to get it, and make sure no one see it before me" riddhima thinking to herself, 

She went near the main hall, where many security persons were standing , and she saw Mr singh the security head coming near her

"I am sorry madam but please it wont be suitable for you to stand here I personally recommend you to stay inside the inner hall" said singh

"yes , actually I was expecting a gift from one of my friend so I came" said riddhima 

"gift, its ok madam if I will get anything for you , I will personally get it to you" said singh

"I knew just check once I really wanted that parcel right now" said riddhima 

"sure madam if you say I will just check" said singh 

And he talking with gate keeper inquiring about any parcel they had received one on which riddhima name was written

"riddhima madam they got one parcel of your name but then they didn't knew who send it moreover no details were written on that as well, so they didn't got it inside" said singh

"I knew actually a friend of mine send it for me from London , so its urgent please tell them to get it here" said riddhima

"I will get it, please madam you go back in your room I will get it there" said singh

"no I am waiting get it now I will myself take it with me" said riddhima , she was just getting restless, she didn't wanted anyone else to see her here or even see the parcel, so she was emphasizing again and again on talking that herself 

"ok mam i will just get it for you, but hope you dont mind we getting it through a little security checking just to be sure" said singh

and then the parcel was taken through the e-ray and other scanners machines and later when found nothing threaten in that , mr singh handed it over to riddhima 

while riddhima taking it back with her in her room

she opened the box it contain few things that put riddhima in shock, it had riddhima stuffs, 

her mangalsura and anklet , the same anklet given by armaan to her, all that belonging which she never kept away from her in her past life

she still remember she was wearing both the things even on her last day and they should have been drowned with her, then how shyam got them

she was still lost in her thinking when shyam again called her

"hope you remember your belongings, your memories that were securely kept with me for years and along with this i have few other memories with you as well" said shyam

"how shyam , this is just not possible you are just tricking all this , i knew nothing can be real so just end up your nonsense here" said riddhima 

"maybe this stuffs you dont find real but then what about your signatures on the documents remember you yourself signed everything on my name , that got transferred on your name when armaan died, after all after armaan left whatever you had was mine and just mine even you yourself as well" said shyam

"stop it oh just stop all this, this is just not possible , nothing like this ever happened and never in my dreams , nor even when armaan i could ever think of betraying him" said riddhima

"oh then what was that we had, riddhima you don't remember anything our beautiful memories together you and me and our special days and specially nights" said shyam 

"no no no, just stop this , all this is a lie, i don't trust you at all with whatever you said" said riddhima still her heart was sinking what if all this is true even she was getting all that dreams which surely means something

"riddhima riddhima why don't you ever want to see the reality, you don't remember us and our time together , and you don't even remember that person who was actually responsible for that accident in which armaan died but I saved you" said shyam

"you saved me , what a joke, the truth is you were the one responsible for that accident and cause of you we died" said riddhima

"then who is there after your life riddhima, ok I did that but I do have some partners in my crime, I think when you don't remember our time together then how can you remember the person the mastermind behind what all happened years ago" said shyam

"who were they shyam who was responsible for all this, tell me shyam" said riddhima 

"well he is someone surely very close to you earlier and today as well, have you ever though that inspite of all that tight securities how can anyone be successful in attacking you and armaan like this, cause the one behind all this is there in between you all, you don't trust my saying but than you don't  even remember that person riddhima" said shyam

"who is it shyam , tell me whom are you talking about , who is the one responsible for our past miss happening" said riddhima 

"and do you really think that I will tell you that name so easily , if you really want to knew the real face of that person , then come to me and I promise I will tell you everything" said shyam 

"stop all this shyam just stop it, look whatever happened was our past why are you mixing everything you still have time shyam cause after this I am going to tell armaan everything and I am sure the moment armaan will get hold on you , you will be dead shyam" said riddhima

"oh great then call your armaan that will be great fun for armaan to let knew that what special bond and relation you , his wife in past and to be wife in present , have already shared with some other man, with me" said shyam 
"no this is lie , everything you said is a lie everything" said riddhima and she cutting the call

riddhima sat there quietly , trying to remember anything but she was blank, her memory was blank she dont remember anything related to that dreams she saw nothing, but one thing she was sure about that there is something more to her past , yes there was something else, 

and now she can relate herself with all the incidents occurring in past few days , now she got why someone is just trying to kill her cause she knew , in the past the old riddhima have seen someone's real face but she dont remember anything right now 

what should she do now, she was still lost in her thoughts when her cell again started ringing it was again shyam calling ,

she didnt even wanted to talk right now she didnt picked the call, and again it strted ringing , again and again 

she was frustrated, more on herself than on shyam , cause she was just not remembering anything about her past and the past shyam was telling her was the one she didnt even wanted to believe ever 

she was still thinking about all this when her cell again buzzed and now in frustration she picked the call but before she could answer an angry shyam spoke from the other end

"dont you even dare to cut my call this time, cause if you do so you will have to regret whole your life for that" said shyam in anger

"i dont want to talk to you and i dont believe you at all , you got that" said riddhima in anger 

"ok you dont believe me in the past its ok , but hope you believe a little incident that occurred just a few minutes ago when two special ladies move out of the palace for some special worshiping in a temple, and they were all alone praying inside the temple and now they are missing" said shyam evilly 

"what the hell are you taking shyam" said riddhima 

"hell , well they are not send to hell yet, just the both ladies are being kidnapped , riddhima do you want to knew the names of the ladies, well its Prerna sharma and kashish rathode, seriously what a gem of ladies they are" said shyam

"no this is not possible" said riddhima in horror 

"hmm ok so you dont believe me fine you will soon receive an mms from me do have a look and try and recognize the faces in it" said shyam

and as the call ended riddhima received an  mms a video , it showed Kashish and prerna tied together with a rope on a chair,  they both trying hard to release themselves 

"oh god mom , kashish aunty , oh no what should i do now" riddhima thinking in horror

she dont have a choice now she have to believe that KASHISH AND PRERNA were kidnapped , they were been kidnapped and were with shyam

riddhima was shivering in fear she dont knew what to do now, she quickly dialed shyam number

"shyam how dare you touch my mom and kashih aunty this fight was between us shyam they both have nothing to do with all this, why you even dragged them in all this" said riddhima in anger

"you are so right riddhima this story is between you and me , just you and me i didnt wanted to drag anyone inside this, but what can i do i dont had a choice, i tried everything but you didnt agreed to come to me, so this was my last hope , i knew for you or your past you will never come to me, but i am sure for your mother and that armaan's mother you will surely come to me" said shyam 

"shyam you wont be able to get out of all this, you did the biggest mistake of your life hurting my mother and armaan's mother, you cant even imagine what your end will be if anything happened to them" said riddhima warning

"oh no riddhima i am so scared, listen whatever my end will be , that will be later but right now that both ladies are here in front of me, it will take me just a minute to end up with their life, and as for hurting me well that will be a later question but then these two innocent ladies wont be there to see that" said shyam

"no , no shyam you wont do anything , please dont hurt them, please no, tell me what you want shyam but just let them go" riddhima started crying felling so helpless and trapped right now

"ok riddhima if you say i wont do anything to them, and what i want riddhima well i think you already knew that  just a little request you come here and then i promise i will let the ladies leave, but one more thing this is our little secret just between you and me so why bothering anyone else with this specially armaan" said shyam

"yes shyam i will do whatever you want, but please dont hurt them at all" said riddhima crying, she have lost it , it was the end she was so helpless

"good riddhima you are so intelligent , and now just be cooperative like this 5 minutes , you have only 5 minutes, leave this palace immediately, dont even try to act smart at all riddhima , dont forget someone is still  there keeping on eye on you, and if you tried to escape or tell anything to anyone then this ladies will be dead , so no clever act , just leave the palace immediately without telling anyone anything , a white color car is waiting for you just outside the main gate of this palace, just sit in that and then a 20 kilometers and 20 minutes drive and you will be here with me be fast riddhima you have just 5 minutes to leave" said shyam

while here riddhima falling on the floor helpless and defeated ,she dont knew what she can do now

she was crying , crying badly ,she was trapped one side it was armaan , his promise his trust his love, and on the other side it was her mother , her mom who have loved and cherished her and kashish aunty , armaan's mother, how can she let this two most special ladies of her life getting hurt

she dont have time to make choices she is crying and crying

pyaar hai ya saza ai mere dil bataa 
toot ta kyon nahi dard ka silsila 
iss pyar mein ho kaise kaise imtehaan 
yeh pyaar likhe kaisi kaisi daastan
[Is this love or punishment, tell me my hear
Why doesn't break this chain of pain
In love why are there such tests
What stories does love write]


ya rabba 
dede koi jaan bhi agar 
dilbar pe ho na dilbar pe ho na koi asar 
O my lord
Even if someone gives their life
Let no effect there be on the one I love



ya rabba 
dede koi jaan bhi agar 
dilbar pe ho na dilbar pe ho na koi asar 
pyaar hai ya saza ai mere dil bataa 
toot ta kyon nahi dard ka silsila 

[clearing her tears completely determined what she have to do now, she left out from there, she went near the main hall , where all the security were standing when she tried to move out the security person stopped him]

"sorry mam but you are rewusted not to leave the palace" said the person 

"and how dare you stop me, look i will leave now and noone can stop me" said riddhima in anger , she knew this is tough but she have to get out of here now in any way 

"no mam please its not safe for you to leave, please mam go back i cant let you leave" said the person

"i have to go now, and noone can stop me" said riddhima moving out of the palace, but the other person all the security covering her from all sides not letting her to leave

"we are sorry mam , but these are strick orders of armaan sir that we cant let you go out of here alone, wherever you move from here we all have to be with you" said the security person

riddhima didnt had a chioce , she started moving towards the main exit, the main gate on exit where the white car was standing as per shyam instructions , she have to act fast and move out of here cause, she knew the security person have already forwarded the message of her moving out to other side where armaan was, and in some minutes armaan will be here so she have to leave before that

she looked all the sides , and then seeing the secutiry covering her from all the sides , getting near the main gate she immediately pushed the persons back, one and two pushing them all away in this suddent attack she got a chance to move out 

she immediately sat inside that white car, it already had a key on it , she started the engine and in a second she drove fast away 

she knew what she did after this noone will forgave her, no one not her dad , her brothers and specially armaan, she was driving and crying

kaisa hai safar wafa ki manzil ka 
na hai koi hal dilon ki mushkil ka 
dhadkan dhadkan bikhri ranjishen
saanse saanse tooti bandishen 
kahi to har lamha honton par faryaad hai 
kisi ki duniya chaahat mein barbaad hai 
How is this journey of faith
There is no solution to the problem of the hearts 
Heartbeat is steadfast
Breathing is broken, uneasy
Always on my lips there is a problem
Someone's (my) life is ruined in love

[riddhima just driving as fast as she could and just crying , clearing her tears and driving]

ya rabba 
dede koi jaan bhi agar 
dilbar pe ho na dilbar pe ho na koi asar 
ya rabba 
dede koi jaan bhi agar 
dilbar pe ho na dilbar pe ho na koi asar 

"I AM SORRY ARMAAN, I HAD AND I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU" riddhima said to herself in a silent prayer, and she stopped her car , just outside the place where shyam mentioned

ok thats all for now

i knew what you all want, kill me guys , for this absurd twist , but then i told you i will be one soon , so here i am , and yes half of the past truth also revieled , the rest full flashback of the past in next part , along with major twist

i knew many of you going to blame riddhima in this part for being idiot and not telling armaan anything etc etc , but then think like a daughter whose mother life is at stake , and then think like a lover who knew that her lover once died cause of her fate and if she stick with him ahead then he will be in danger again, so them you will find riddhima act justified in all the means to protect armaan

still waiting for your reply and opinions

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teenorchid IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 February 2014 at 2:52pm | IP Logged words
waiting fr the next part

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pinky.padda IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 February 2014 at 4:40pm | IP Logged
omg wow awesome superb brilliant
cannot wait for next part
please hurry

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-pearlblu- Goldie

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Posted: 26 February 2014 at 6:41pm | IP Logged
Armaan...plz save her before its too late...plz update soonConfused

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Pearl29 Goldie

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Posted: 26 February 2014 at 7:08pm | IP Logged
Please don't delay the next update. Waiting for the update. I'm hoping that Armaan will come to save her. 

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nilusoni IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 February 2014 at 10:31pm | IP Logged
superb updte
excited for next part
thanx for pm
do pm me for next part
continue soon

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