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Posted: 14 February 2014 at 10:27pm | IP Logged
awesome update
just loved it
i hope ar is safe
continue soon
n thx 4 d pm

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anshara Senior Member

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Posted: 18 February 2014 at 12:42pm | IP Logged
awesome update
luv it

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sara.dmg Senior Member

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Posted: 19 February 2014 at 12:48am | IP Logged

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searchoffriends IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 February 2014 at 3:36am | IP Logged
part 34 on page 126


all the boys were planning for their special party boys party

armaan was just wanted to go as the party was been organized in the out house hall in the palace but still really far crossing a whole ground area, he didnt wanted to go leaving riddhima alone

but then looking at her,  Riddhima was calmed and relaxed resting in her room, prerna also left after sometime seeing that riddhima was sleeping peacefully so armaan also left  as everyone was forcing him to enjoy the party , it was full boys and gents party , even sujal , rishab and karan sumit were participating even the old group of armaan atul , shubhankar were also there now , specially all came as the guest for this marriage

it was a simple cocktail party nothing much more than that, all the boys were just drinking and enjoying

armaan didnt wanted but everyone made him also have little amount of alcohol they all were enjoying

and here on the other side

riddhima was sleeping peacefully When her cell got buzzing

It flashed some unknown number , riddhima got up from her sleep and then picking up the call

"having a dream of me, welcome back to my life riddhima" said the man from the other side ,

Riddhima somewhere knew whose voice It was the voice that was haunting her since so many days still she needed to be sure , she first got little scared still she managed to talk

"who is it" said riddhima with little fear

"oh really don't act that you didn't recognized my voice riddhima, I am sure you have not forgotten me as well" said the man

"shyam" said riddhima in shock and fear

"ahhh it looks so soothing to hear my name from you, I missed you so much riddhima I still don't believe  that you came back just for me riddhima" said shyam

"stop it, just stop your cheap talks and dont you dare take my name, how dare you call me" said riddhima in anger

"i just wanted to hear your voice riddhima, i knew you were thinking about me, i knew you want to meet me" said shyam

"yes that one thing you said right i really want to meet you, so that i can kill you, just pray shyam that we both never come face to face , cause whenever that day will be i will kill you" said riddhima in anger

"oh really this style and attitude of yours have always attracted me towards you , and now this time this new riddhima is more wild i suppose, it will be fun" said shyam

"oh just shut up, if you really want to live shyam so never even dare call me again" said riddhima

"think again about this riddhima if you want your armaan to live you have to talk with me" said shyam

"what do you mean" said riddhima getting attentive

"that's better so can we talk now like normal peoples" said shyam

"end your nonsense now" said riddhima calming and controlling her anger

"ok if you want I can , well for your information let me tell you that no matter how much you try to run away from me I will get you all the time it was good running away from Delhi and coming here in Jaitpur, it's a nice place ,and one think that I am hearing from each and every person mouth here is that their prince Yuvraaj Armaan is getting married tomorrow that's great all the people look really happy" said shyam

And riddhima was scared sweat falling from her head, hearing that shyam was here ,  he knew they are here, he is somewhere near to them

"hello riddhima you listening to me" said shyam again "well i was saying everyone is happy here but what if their Yuvraaj will not live for getting married" said shyam

"no , no if anything happened to my armaan I will kill you, you cant do anything to him" said riddhima in anger now

"well you can think of killing me later , right now  there is a nice cocktail party going on a boys party and I hope everyone is really happy and enjoying it , but still there is someone whose eyes are on his target and not in enjoyment, his gun point is stuck on his target, and you knew the target" said shyam

"no this is not possible" said riddhima

"everything is possible in this world riddhima, you have to just give a little amount of money to some random waiter and handed him with a gun and then the waiter can serve bullet along with the drinks" said shyam

"shyam how dare you, look shyam nothing can happen to my armaan" said riddhima

"why are you wasting time with me riddhima , the game have began , the drinks are being served , now its armaan turn , so lets play a little game riddhima go ahead save him if you can, and if you won then we will have another round of game, right now go and save armaan first then we can talk later, a long conversation" said shyam And then laughing evilly loud

While riddhima cut the call and in no second she ran as fast as she can , towards the out house , where the party was going on

passing through the corridor running down in the way everyone looking at her confused and then running in the garden , she not listening to anyone just came in the out house bagging the door

all the gents and boys were busy in chatting and talking with each other, riddhima stopped at the gate for a while and then looking at armaan she saw him standing in the middle in a group with angad samrat and adhiraj

she took a deep breath for a second seeing him fine, and then looking all the side she saw one waiter looking towards armaan direction he was hiding behind the table and aiming at armaan

riddhima realized that it was the same waiter who was going to shoot on shyam order

she didnt knew what to do she was too far and didnt had so much time to rush and stop that waiter,

"armaan watch out" said riddhima loud in horror, as she saw the waiter ready to shoot

and as she shouted everyone attention got towards her

then she came running towards armaan while shouting

"get away armaan , get away he will shoot you" shouting riddhima

it was when armaan looked towards the direction riddhima pointing and saw that waiter with gun ,

and shoot , he fired the bullet while everything stopped for a while riddhima stopped and just glued on her spot, she just heard that sound which ended everything for her , but then she saw armaan moving, he was fine

as armaan immediately bend down and resulting in the bullet missed it shot and got hit on the wall behind, luckily nothing happened,

and before that waiter can fire again , the security person catch hold him

riddhima immediately rushed towards armaan and holding him

"you are fine, nothing happened , nothing will happen, you are fine" riddhima saying rather talking to herself she was literally breathless with the speed she came running and still was not stable

"riddhima i am fine , riddhima relax its ok look i am fine" armaan trying to calm her down

"oh my god, that , that gun" she literally started crying

"its ok kiddo everything is fine , look sit over here" said adhiraj and making riddhima sit on a chair

"here take this , how are you feeling now" said samrat giving her a glass of water

"i am fine" said riddhima lightly

"riddhima how did you knew about this attack" asked armaan
"I was , actually I was sleeping in my room when I got" riddhima was about to say but then she stopped for a second thinking again , no she cant tell armaan anything right now,  "I just got , I mean I felt like something for just not right , so I came here and saw that waiter with a gun  and I didn't knew what to do" said riddhima crying

"kiddo its fine now stop crying look everyone is fine and nothing wrong happened" said mayank calming her

"I still not get this even after so many tight and best security checks and systems and power still we are facing this, both the kids have gone thought to fatal attacks like this, its by god's grace that they both are fine, still how can anyone enter inside like this with a gun, even after so tight security" said sujal in frustration

"you are so right sujal ji, we need to be more attentive and alert over this security matter this is just not right like this i dont knew  is this happening with our kids" said rishab

"because we are so special everyone in this world just cant afford us living" said armaan chuckling

"to hell with whoever that one is, you knew all the police mans along with our personal security is searching for that person and I am sure they will catch hold him soon and then I wont leave that man, I will himself kill that" said sujal in anger

"oh hoo dad chill you knew grandpa is also here and no using bad words in front of him" said armaan trying to calm him

"now how can you even think of joking in this situation do you even imagine like if anything would have happened to you today" said sujal

"dad its ok look here I am fine nothing will happen to me dad, nothing will happen ever and till the time I am here I wont let anything happen to anyone, comeon now stay happy all of you its my marriage tomorrow and change your faces I really don't want any ladies inside there to know about this incident it will create an unnecessary panic in there already they all are very scared with the evening incident" said armaan

"I just hope this is the last time anything wrong is happening here, we feel so bad that even after we all being here with you both still we are incapable for keeping you both safe" said mayank feeling guilty

"bhaiya you can fight the evil but you just cant fight with the fate, no matter whatever and how much you all do to keep us safe it still actually that will happen whatever the fate have decided for us" said riddhima

"kiddo if this is the fate then trust me I will even fight this fate for you" said mayank

"its to late I need to go back, don't want anyone to knew that I am not in my room, mom will just get panic" said riddhima looking away

"ok we will come with you" said mayank

And riddhima walking back with mayank, adhiraj and samrat , she went back in her room

"I am fine now bhai , you all can go and relax" said riddhima

"its ok we will stay here" said samrat, sitting by riddhima side on the bed

"no bhai its too late at night I think you all should also sleep now" said riddhima

"tomorrow our kiddo will get married and after that when will we get this time , sitting like this and talking with you" said adhiraj smiling

"now stop making me emotional right now bhai, I really don't want to cry , cant afford dark circles in my own marriage" said riddhima smiling

"your marriage, I still cant believe that my kiddo will get married tomorrow, when did you got this big kiddo" said mayank

"bhaiya, no matter whatever happened still I will be your kiddo forever" said riddhima in tears

"ok bhaiya now you actually started making her cry, I think now we all shall move out she is so right she will look horrible with that dark circles" said samrat

"bhai stop that ok , and now get out all you , and good night mom said me I have to get up very early morning for few rituals" said riddhima

"get out wow kiddo you are not even married and already saying us get out I mean so irritated with us already, I mean later if armaan will be the one irritated with us that we can understand but you, I am so hurt" said adhiraj

"oh please adhi bhai stop your drama now ok, and seriously I am fine and need some sleep" said riddhima smiling

"its ok we are going good night kiddo take care, and if you need anything just call me" said mayank getting up

And soon all three left leaving riddhima alone,  the moment they went out riddhima got up and locking her room door looking for her cell phone ,

she picked up  the cell and call back on the same number shyam number

"I knew you will call I was waiting for you" said shyam

"oh shut up, I just called to warn you to stop this foolish acts of yours, if anything would have happened to armaan today shyam I swear I would have killed you when we are not coming in your way so its better you should also not interfere in ours" said riddhima

"are you trying to make a compromise with me" said shyam

"look end with all this nonsense, its of no use to you cause no matter whatever you do and try as hard as you can you cant hurt armaan ever again so its better not to use your energy in all this" said riddhima

"ok so you really want me to end all this then let it be i will end all this and wont even ever come in his life, just a little condition for that you leave him and come in my life" said shyam

"you knew what its not even worth thinking that maybe you can change i suppose i am just wasting my time, you being so cheap thinking that i will get to you, this cheap demand of yours was not even worth years ago, and now after so many years how can you even think so cheap thinking of a girl of your daughters age you were good in the jail shyam thank god we never met again in that life and now i pray we never meet again" said riddhima feeling disgust cutting the call

while here as riddhima cut the call

"we never met again, so miss riddhima you still dont remember our special meets interesting it will be so fun now, riddhima you yourself gave your weakness in my hands we will meet soon very soon now" said shyam with evil grin

and on the other side , riddhima cutting the call feeling disgust , maybe it was her mistake to think that evil like shyam can change but no it is just not possible ever , she was thinking all this when

she heard a knock on her door

she quickly putting her cell aside when to open the door , it was armaan standing there

"armaan is everything fine , you alright what happened why are you standing here" said riddhima feeling surprised

"wont you ask me to come inside first" said armaan

"oh I am sorry come in" said riddhima

and armaan getting inside her room , closing the door behind

"armaan why are you closing the door look its too late and you" riddhima saying and then she found him staring at her with so much intensity she started getting nervous

"what don't you remember you promised coming in my room at night you didn't so I came" said armaan getting close

"what armaan please go back its too late and if anyone sees you here than it wont look nice it will be really embarrassing " said riddhima

"oh really and coming running to me in the boys party not caring about anything and anyone wasn't that embarrassing"  said armaan coming more close

"that was different" said riddhima moving back

"and what was so difference like the way you felt I was in danger and came to me, I was also feeling the same so I came here" said armaan

"in that case see I am fine nothing happened to me, so now you can go back" said riddhima

"and who said you are fine, I can see that you are not" said armaan holding her tight from her waist

"what , what happened to me" said riddhima

"very big problem you were really sad and were missing me" said armaan

"and how can you say that, I am not at all sad and I was just not missing you at all" said riddhima teasing him

"oh ok then I think I just came wasting my time I shall leave" said armaan disappointed

"great bye armaan good night" said riddhima smiling

"good night you are so happy for me going away from you that's all I am so hurt riddhima" said armaan making puppy faces

"oh please stop this acting of yours" said riddhima

"acting all my true feelings look like an acting for you, ok now I can see my future tomorrow its our marriage and my to be wife find all my true feelings as fake" said armaan

"I feel so bad for you really you are going to be married to a wrong girl but look you still have chance armaan think again there is still time for marriage, you can still back off" said riddhima teasing him

"in your dreams girl, and hey don't ever think of saying anything about my girl, she can never be wrong she is actually the most right and perfect for me, and even if the whole world including you as well try to get me away from her , you will have to face the dangerous side of mine" said armaan getting little serious

"armaan you are making me scared I was just kidding" said riddhima

"and how many times I have to tell you that I hate this kinds of joke, nothing , I repeate it nothing in this world can take you away from me, not even you, try it I won't ever let you go" said armaan getting serious

"I knew that armaan and you knew  we have reached here fighting and crossing all the obstacle and in future also we will fight all the odd and whatever happens armaan I promise you one think that I loved you and only you forever I don't knew what will happen tomorrow what our future and fate will decide for us, but one thing is very clear that riddhima will always be armaan's forever" said riddhima

"what future you still think that I will let that fate and our destiny win , no not at all this time our love will win not the destiny and its my promise , tomorrow it will be our marriage and nothing in this world can stop that, and after that we will be together forever" said armaan
"i will pray and wish from all my heart that each and every word you said comes true" said riddhima

"you want to try it so let it be , but there will be one condition you have to give me in support in this, i can fight all the evils in this world only till we both are together, promise me riddhima no matter whatever happens you will not leave my side" said armaan

"armaan I am with you , and will always be with you" said riddhima

"i love you soo much" said armaan coming more close to her, very near her lips, she can feel his breaths so near her

"please armaan stop, I think its time you shall go back to your room, moreover you are little out of your senses" said riddhima , as she knew armaan was high with alcohol

"I just had a little and I didn't angad and samrat forced me trust me" said armaan making face

"I didn't asked for explanation, and over that you don't have to make me believe you, I knew you wont ever lie to me, its just that I am saying its too late you should leave" said riddhima

"ok I will go after sometime" said armaan kissing her lightly on her cheeks

"armaan mom said me to get up early for some rituals and its you also should rest now as it's a big day tomorrow" said riddhima just trying to push him away while he was so engorged in his work kissing riddhima all over her face

"are you listening to me" said riddhima finally getting him out of his work

"hmm riddhima I love you" said armaan the alcohol was effecting him more now

"I knew now please go and sleep you really need that" said riddhima  while he was still caressing her face and then kissing her again and again

"oh god what shall I do, armaan come with me" said riddhima and supporting him a little taking him out of her room checking the corridor it was clear no one was there , she quickly went near armaan room , opening the door got inside

"riddhima I love you" armaan saying again and again

"shhh be quite I knew that" said riddhima taking him inside and making him sit on the bed

"now armaan you knew its too late at night and you need to sleep good night" said riddhima removing his shoes and making him lay on the bed covering him with the blanket she moved back, when armaan again holding her hand and pulling her near him on the bed , she landing on top on him

"no no please don't go, you just promised and now you are going" said armaan holding her tight from the back

"god armaan that's it ok , stop this acting I knew I did a mistake saying that you are a bad actor , no actually you are a very good actor, now stop this drunken acting of yours and let me go" said riddhima getting irritated

"how can you say that I am acting" said armaan

"because a moment later you were so well and then suddenly the alcohol attacked you" said riddhima

"not bad you are getting really intelligent day by day" said armaan

"hmm I suppose I am learning from you" said riddhima

And armaan rolling on the bed pinning her beneath her coming on top of her

"there's a lot more that I can teach you on this love topic" said armaan getting near her to kiss her on her lips while riddhima looking away

"no thanks I don't want to learn anything right now" said riddhima

"yes I think you are right its not the right time, once we get married tomorrow then we will get a plenty of time to learn this love game I suppose" said armaan

"ok now armaan leave me and let me go" said riddhima trying to more out and get up from the bed while armaan making his hold more strong on her

"armaan please" riddhima said in a pleading way melting armaan on her cuteness

"ok fine just for today, cause I promise you that tomorrow night and all the nights after that this cute pleading and requesting of yours will make no effects on me, how much you will try I am just not going to leave you at all" said armaan sliding to him side of the bed making way for riddhima to get up

While riddhima also looking away blushing thinking about their future ahead, she slowly getting up and then looking at armaan ,

"I love you good night" said riddhima and lightly kissing him on his lips just a quick kiss she immediately got up

When armaan holding her hands

"did I said you that you look stunning with this henna of my name in your hands" said armaan looking at her hands having that bridal mehandi , which was now getting more dark with the passing of time

"no" said riddhima lighly

"its osm and it reminds me that now you are mine and only mine" said armaan lightly kissing her hand exactly where armaan's name was written, and then left her

And riddhima also didn't waited for a single second and rushed from there , out towards her room

Closing her room door and looking at her own hands where armaan name was shining and getting dark and dark

She knew this was not just engraved on her hands but on her heart as well.

With all the good feeling and happy thoughts of her future she went to sleep

"no shyam , no just get away from me" said riddhima in fear looking at shyam near him

And then she through everything came in her way towards him to stop him, but he was evil the evilness in his eyes was getting near her , more and more

When she felt that she was trapped she cant do anything

"please don't come near me please" riddhima pleading while crying, looking everywhere for help

When she found a glass vase , and she broke it from the middle using it like a weapon

"get away shyam or else" riddhima warning him

"or else what will you do, kill me , try it on" said shyam with evil smile

"no I will kill myself shyam" said riddhima pointing that broken piece of glass towards her

"I knew you cant do that" said shyam

"no shyam I am serious I will kill myself and moreover without my love , my armaan my life is of no use , so I wont think twice ending it" said riddhima warning him for the last time

But when she found he was not effected , riddhima almost inserted it in her stomach , when someone holding her arms , stopping her from doing so

"no riddhima what are you doing get back to your senses" saying that person who holded riddhima hand

But then the voice getting unclear

"riddhima get up, riddhima get up" she hearing this voice , when she opened her eyes

It was gunjan calling her

"gunji whats happening I am" riddhima just cant understand she was so confused

And then she saw everywhere , she was still in the bed she slept last night , that means she was again dreaming

"what happened to you riddhima I am trying to wake you for so long and you were so much in deep sleep, get up riddhima look at the time you are already late" said gunjan

And riddhima still not understanding what was happening to her, she was still thinking about all that she saw it was so clear , it was so real , but then she was dreaming

"riddhima , are you ok , riddhima I am talking with you, prerna aunty is calling you for so long riddhima they calling you for haldi ceremony" said gunjan

"hmm I am fine, sorry" said riddhima holding her head that was going to burst anytime she was having a severe headache with all that thinking

"riddhima are you ok" asked gunjan feeling concerned

"yes , just having a little headache" said riddhima

"oh really ok you rest for some more time I will tell aunty" said gunjan

"no no gunji I am fine no need to tell mom anything, I will just be there" said riddhima

"you sure , I if you need I can get you a medicine" said gunjan

"no gunji I am seriously fine , don't worry" said riddhima smiling

"ok go and change and come down for the haldi ceremony" said gunjan

"I will just get ready and be down" said riddhima

"ok I will just go and inform prerna aunty that you are coming" said gunjan smiling leaving the room

While riddhima again thinking about that dream, just cant relate at all with that, she was just not getting what this dream meant , she tried so hard to remember but was not getting anything

Then looking at the time again she was late and everyone must be waiting for her, she quickly went to get ready

Soon she went down in the hall,



hope you will like the part and the next part will be updated soon till then please please comment friends, i seriously find that i am just not getting a very good response at all, and feel that i dont have much readers left

please guys comment or silent readers if any please atleast press a like tab so that i come to knew that i have few readers , cause like this with this lack of response i just dont even feel like writing , cause your comments are my motivation to write but right now i am lacking the motovation soo much thats why its taking me like 10 to 15 days to write one part cause i just dont feel like writing

anyways rest my loyal readers dont panic i still love all your comments and its not at all i am going to stop writing infact i will surely try and update more fast now

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ksgandjsg21 Senior Member

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Posted: 25 February 2014 at 4:06am | IP Logged
awesome part... 
superb... loved it..

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KaSh-Maneet-Fan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 February 2014 at 4:23am | IP Logged
Hiii...Awesome update...Loved it...Can't wait 4 more...Con soon...Thanks 4 da pm

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cool_sri IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 February 2014 at 4:39am | IP Logged
nice update..the mystery still continues...someone inside the family is surely helping shyam.may be sumit...
plz update the next soon..

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SacredLove Goldie

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awesome woprk dear
really love it

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