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Make me Yours Again..(KaSh os)-SCORES UPD-16TH MAR

nightstar IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 March 2011 at 9:20pm | IP Logged
Lo jee...i am back again...with a story very close to my heart..
This os is one i have written in great hurry, cz i had to meet the deadline..This was written for Shilpa's 75h at completiton ceremony..Just posting it here for all of u..
I dnno how much you can relate to when i read it for the first tym, i felt myself drowning in the KaSh world..but when i read later, i ddnt find much plz read n let me know was it because rereading made me lose interest cz i knew abt the story, or bcause there is actually sth wrong in my writing..
All of ur cmments are most welcome..criticisms are welcomed with open arms...
Silent readers, plz hit the like button...
Thanq All
Happy Reading...
Make me yours again


"But Shona", Karan tried speaking for the infinth time, only to be cut off by his furious wife.


"What Shona? Don't you Shona me Mr. Grover. I said I want that halter top, which means I want it. Right Now. Don't you dare say no Karan. I hate you for spoiling my mood", a vehement Shilpa spat.


"Shona. Angel, all that I am saying is what is the point buying it now when you know you wont be wearing it anytime soon," a helpless Karan finally managed to speak between her roars.


"What makes you say that so confidently?" Shilpa asked narrowing her eyes.


"Umm, no, I mean, Honey, just think, you cannot, I mean, Shona, Its like," a rather FRIGHTENED Karan mumbled.


Placing one hand on her waist to balance herself and the other on her 33weeks old bloated tummy, an infuriated Shilpa waited for her husband to continue. Her face was already red; the little nose swollen with rage- she was looking like a tigress ready to kill a cub.


Sighing, finally the cub gathered enough courage to spill out the duh-ish fact to his tigress. "Shona, Love, you are in your last month. How would you fit in that dress Baby?" Karan said timidly.


Shilpa stood there with her jaw dropped on the floor.

"What? What did you say? Come again?" was Shilpa's immediate response.


Before Karan could say anything she shot back at him. "You are trying to say I have gone out of shape right? I am a balloon, is that what I look like to you? How can you be so sadistic Karan?" Shilpa continued her bicker, her voice rising after every sentence."I was right. You do not love me anymore.  You don't find me pretty these days; I have become blemished for you, that's why you have lost interest in me these days. That is why you don't want to buy me that dress, I know." Shilpa ranted. Poor Karan desperately tried to speak in between, but with no avail. Shilpa continued to scream, tears running down her cheeks, stifling between her sobs. The whole mall stood still, watching the duo.


Karan stood rooted to the spot, totally flabbergasted. He expected her to react, but not this violently. He just stared at her not knowing what to do.


Seeing her wipe her tears, he raised his head up in hope and anticipation, may be she would give him a chance to speak. But to his utmost bewilderment, he heard his lady bombshell say, "Fine, you wont buy me the dress, then don't. I was a fool to listen to you and come shopping. I should so have stayed back home and finish my pudding. You stay here and find someone sexy, someone who would look compatible beside you. I am leaving." She turned around to go.

This was definitely not what Karan had expected their evening to turn out to. Shilpa was in the last month of her pregnancy, and her hormonal imbalances were taking a heavy toll on her. She frequently suffered from inferiority complex for her swollen shape, and often she would sink into depression, especially when Karan wasn't around. With him around, pampering and adoring her 24*7, she felt like a queen, as he called her. Her cravings, mood swings, frowns, pout and not to forget her enthralling smile-all waited for Karan to return home every evening.

Upon suggested by the gynaec, Karan took off for some days to spend some quality time with Shilpa, to knock some sense in her about her complexity and to revive their love. Also Karan had another secret motive. He wanted to spend some quality time with Shilpa, before their babies come and grab their share of Shilpa's love. Even though his yet-to-come babies were his life, he was equally jealous of the fact that after they come he would have to share his Shona with them. So he wanted to spend these few days with her, in the most romantic way possible. Today's evening was a part of that. But never in his wildest dreams did he expect anything like this to come up.


Seeing her fastening her pace as she marched towards the exit gate, he sighed again. She was being irrational no doubt. But she wasn't at fault. It was all part of her pregnancy. She has solely born all the troubles of carrying their twins inside her, not to forget her false labors, without any complain. Putting up with her silly tantrums and outbursts were nothing compared to that. Having a baby was more of Karan's wish, to which Shilpa gladly agreed. When she conceived, she was anemic and underweight. Her uterine walls were not much thickened, so she had to take hormonal injections. This led to excess lipids depositing in her body. Then there were her false labor pains. Even though a slightest disturbance around her during her sleep was enough to annoy her and drive the whole house crazy with her yells, she never complained about the sleepless nights she spent when the babies changed their position in her womb. Shilpa was undoubtedly Karan's baby, but she was braver than him. While Karan's eye moistened every time she cried during her pains, she was a fighter. She knew how much the babies mean to him. Even after the doctor warning her to go slow, she went ahead with the idea of a baby, unknown to Karan, just because he wanted a baby.


"No, I can't let her go like this," Karan thought, "She has done so much for me; I cannot let her feel I don't love her. I have to let her feel what she means to me, no matter what."

Smiling at the idea just rung in his mind, he rushed.


As Shilpa was about to step out in the cold outside the mall, she stopped on her track hearing the announcement. "Attention Please, Mrs. Shilpa Grover.You have left behind your belonging in counter 5. Please come and collect it. Thank You."


Frustrated, she walked over to the counter, only to find it totally deserted. No one was there, which was quite unusual. Even a little while ago this place was buzzing with people. "Where did everyone suddenly disappear?" she pondered.

As her traveled to the empty counter, out of the blue, the lights went dim. Hearing a familiar footstep, she turned around. The love of her life, her best friend, her husband, Karan Singh Grover was sitting on his knees, at her feet. Silence dawned as Shilpa looked around and found them surrounded by crowds.

"I am sorry Shona," Karan broke the silence. "I was a stupid turkey to have hurt my princess like that. I swear I didn't mean it that way, though what I said is true, you have ballooned up quite rapidly in the past few months." He paused seeing her frown, towering over him, ready to smack his head anytime. Smiling at his wild cat, he continued. "But I never said that has faded your beauty. You are still the sexiest woman alive for me. Even though your petite waist has been replaced by your bloated tummy, slender legs by the swollen ones, and not to forget that little puffy nose- for me you would always be the epitome of beauty. No matter who ever you are, whatever you are, you would forever be my Ms. Perfect- in any way and every way. I would always love you for everything you are, and would embrace you with all yours cravings, tantrums, rants and bickering, because whatever is yours, is mine too. It's ours. Be it 50kg or 70, size 0 or 100 size, you always be the same drop dead gorgeous girl who made me go wild with passion at the first sight.Shona, I am not saying these to  flatter  you, and you can see that in my eyes, I know. I have always told you that your beauty is a reflection of our love. So when our love hasn't lost its beauty, how can you?"


Overwhelmed with emotions, Shilpa curved her lips to a smile, as drops of pearls started roll down from her moist eyes.


"I am not done yet, My Tigress. If you are still mad at me, I am right here at your feet. Smack me. Hit me, Beat me; you can use a club, a stick or a broom- choose whatever you want," Karan said, in an APPARENTLY humble tone.


Shilpa giggled at Karan's list of options. Yes, Karan's baby Shilpa was back. But tonight he wanted his wife, his Shona, his love'her love'.


"But if you have forgiven me, can you take out a little time from our life and make me yours again?", he asked sheepishly, as he took out the sapphire ring form his pocket and held it in front of her. It was the same ring Karan caught Shilpa admiring earlier that day, unknown to her. "Last time I asked you to make me yours was when I confessed my love to you. I wanted you give me a chance to shower you with all the happiness of the universe. But tonight, I want you to make me yours again because I want to thank you for being there with me, to love me irrevocably and just to remind you how much I love you." He ended his speech, placing a kiss on the either sides of her tummy, one for each of their baby girls.


"Bolo na Shona, Will you make me yours again?"


"Yes I will..." came a reply.


And they lived happily ever after'

Because who ever they were, what ever they were, all that mattered to them was they belonged to each  other... For Now  ...For Always'Till Eternity'

 Thank You All for Spending Some Time in KaSh Land...


Heartiest congratulations to all the shonaholics'pirates'we rock'cz whoever we are'whatever we are'we are one'just like KaSh'and we would always matter what'.For Now'For Always'Till Eternity...

Phew...chalo ji..jaldi se achi achi comments karo...2 more os to come on ur way..with a surprise gift...whoever will give the best comment..with evry detail...will get a surprise..scroll down for the surprise....
Score 6

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nightstar IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 March 2011 at 9:20pm | IP Logged

Aa gaye saare k saare laalchi lag?LOLLOLLOLsurprise ke liye kich bhi karoge?LOLLOLLOL

To phir give me  looooooooooooooong detailed comments or criticisms......
Now The surprise..
Whoever will give the best comment... will have a os witten for the person on in the winner will suggest me a topic or plot FOR AN OS...n i will write for him or her,,but the  plot shd be small so that is fits in an os...
Do NOT request for ff..
No story with sad ending
Can be kash or arsh( if u want from dmg)..but no AR...I WONT write on AR...
Hurry far GUNJI and REPURCUSSION has been my favorite...anyone to give her a tough competiton? fast...

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MysticalRealm IF-Dazzler

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How do you like that??

Haii!! Lo jee edit kar liya khush??
Haii raamm!! GHOR KALYUG ho gaya yaar maine jaldi edit nahi kiya toh aap mera comment delete kar denge?? Vaah bhai bohut acchha hai!! Lol!! Abhi aap na mere yeh comment se please santosh ki jiyega!!
Lol!! Nah!! I still love you!!

Sab!! (I hope u dont mind that)

Haii meri jaan!! Babes ur on a roll!! Itne saare one shots!! N I LOVE THE HAPPY ENDINGS!!! They are amazing!!

Every one shot I have read of yours they all have placed me into some place of surreal serenity. Really I sound like some sort of crazzy philosophic lecturer, but it is true, your writing has some sort of charm to it. It has a great magnetic pull!

Just like the words I have said above this shot was amazing. There may not be as much as depth you wanted but the amount I felt was good. Sometimes if you put too much into a piece of writing, all though you have good intentions, it may overwhelm the reader. In this you beautifully described the emotions Shilpa went through. I was sort of frustrated at first but then I realized wait she is preggos! Lol! Like she was pissing me off, i was like what ever happened to the awesome Shilpa I know!! Then again I was like oh shiitt she is preggas!! N then I was like dayam that is so sweet! Karan was trying to be reasonable!! ROFL That cracked me up because OMFG!! Shilpa is supposed to be the responsible one and Karan was the one being th good mature husband!! Yet, Karan was correct, Shilpa wearing a halter when she's in her last month!! LMFAOO!!

Lekin, Karan will be Karan, he will always make sure Shilpa gets what she wants!! Haiii kya love story hai!! Karan's apology was the sweetest thing ever. I kept imagining him in tge scene of unforunateky AR's caf projected pictures. Really who cares bout the frikked up KaJen I couldn't stop but imagining KaSh!!

You gave me real KASH magic! Thank you soo much!!

P. S. Thank you so much for making me cry at Karan's amazing dialogues!! Kaunse film mein se chur ye.

Lol nah immaa sure my sabi is very romantic na??




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nightstar IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by Klutszy_KaShian

How do you like that??
comment fast..or else i m gonna delete my comment in ur postLOLLOLLOL
bAkChOd. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 14 March 2011 at 10:25pm | IP Logged
awesome......sab......awesome naho toh bhi awesome hi likh na parta hain u knw LOL.........ab tumne mere ff par accha comment kiya toh mujhe bhi toh karna chahiye...........ROFL....
Btw its really good........KaShlicious........<3
and shilpa pregnantEmbarrassed? is too good...............Blushing....and bechara karan...........Ouch AwEsOmE..

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lil_desi_goddes IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 March 2011 at 11:08pm | IP Logged
such a sweet one-shot! please write more!!

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desikalakaar Goldie

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Posted: 14 March 2011 at 11:15pm | IP Logged
omg omg omg. 
yeh kya tha???
itna cute?? dude i love how the recent os's have been all about shilpa's pregnancy :) 
and you know what? i can imagine it all :) 
thanks for this :) its a great stress buster :) 

Kriya <33

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m4manju IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 March 2011 at 11:50pm | IP Logged
aww such a sweet OS a sneak-peek in their future Embarrassed 
shilpa's mood swings, karan's cute way of manaoing her and their care,love and understanding for each other.....out of the world Embarrassed.... loved it :)

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