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Originally posted by suhana19

Edited... yay!!!!! Big smile
Hey Dear DayaHug
hiii suhana Hug
Thanx alot for the wonderful update and PmHugLoved it as always ...
no problem and thanks Embarrassed

Haila Dutta can"t keep himself away from naku LOL a man with no principlesWink...But he is a sweetheart ...Loved all the cute and sweeet moments between themDay Dreaming...Can"t wait to see them married Wink...
lol yes a man with no principles LOLLOL have to love a dutta like that Wink
married ? lol wait to see what i have planned for them b4 that WinkEmbarrassed
and heads up will turn serious again after...take the hint  if u can guess why Wink
Wow the waterfall part ...just superb all imagining Day Dreaming...
trust me i plan to draw it in my sketch book both the waterfall and the woodhouse...sooon
Omg Dutta just got a zor ka jhatka hearing naku has been in love with him since college ...Chalo at last he found ...but thery were meant to be together ...hai naWink... lmao yup shock na he went to same college and never knew that ...but destiny brought them together naTongue
Baaji and madhu convo was sweet ...Can"t wait for the past to come out ... her past wont come out for a little while...hehe focusing on some relationships for now...and developing those first  b4 all that comes in
thanx yaara,,,,,,will wait for the nxt part eagerly ..pls jaldi update karna ...Wink will try ...need to update other two FF still LOL
u take care and see ya around ...
yup...take care...and cya for sure Big smile
Love and hugs
tons and tons of love and hugs lolEmbarrassed

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Posted: 11 June 2011 at 12:59pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Sophia21

Dutta is one naughty man...lmao  yup...he cant keep himself away LOLHailaa he's tryin his luck aint he? lool.. but yaar yeh kya? no kissing? Yeh kya baat hui? They are together na? :( they are together...but she holds principles...but dont worry...romance is in the air...and of course lots of twists and surprises yet to come
But okayyy she gt principles.. lets jus get them hitched asap lool actual marriage for them is not planned as of right now Wink hehehe u will see why later Tongue
awww the perfect birthday for him.. i kno the feelin.. awww bless them both.. hailaa waterfall... beautiful scenery.. i cud imagine them sittin on a rock near the water..
Baaaji..myyy babyyy lol..Haiii.. Sigh..Breath.. Drool.. lool... Madhu is so cute..tlkin none stop n callin him jus to chill haha..yup they are cute ...they will have a very cute relationship too...but who's the guy hu helped her? lol u noe i think u r one of the few who caught that lol will know soon who that mentor is Wink I hope he doesnt cum in between in the future lool.. he might and he might not...u might actually enjoy what he ends up doing Wink just saying...u can judge that after Tongue im jus bein protective so my baaji doesnt get hurt also dont want to hurt him ...but u noe ...somethings not preventable Tongue.Awww she dress up on her bdays n wait for daddy but man doesnt come.. thats heartbreaking.. :( .i know.... pooor her .. hmmm does she kno if she gt a bro? yes she does ... Well by the looks of it.. mayb dey gt separated wen dey were little or she heard frm her mum dat she gt a bro but neva met him... wateva it is..i feel sorry for her.. she does seem lonely..
dw will explain that in next update :)
Wat a way to end it? lool.. cliffhanger.. lol haha am famous for them on this ff now... what to do...just ends up that way Tongue
But great update... I hope the exams went well.. n inshallah u will pass..aww sweety thank u <-- note that Sweety is Baaji's girl Wink 
Update sooon :) will try Smile
thanks for the comments lol been missing them Embarrassed
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Originally posted by AzMishy

Hooo hooo Daya '.Tongue U finally update!!Wink

yes yes I did finally now that exams are done

Wow Romantic all the way'Embarrassed

hehe i tried

Nakku with principals n Dutta with no principals!! Hayee hayee what a jodi'LOL

i know match made in heaven LOL

Loved the nook joke'. And he is steeling his vade n eating n then feeding her his one'Blushing me sooo Jealous'OuchTongueLOL.

lol get jiju to feed u ...haha dont feel spark must enjoy this update as she is the 'naku' in this FF LOLLOL she will be picturing herself

And the waterfall scene'Day Dreaming

oh a big fan of scenery lol imma draw the ones in my mind in my sketch book i have many where that came fromTongue

But one small question though'Wink how come nakku didn't realise it ha'Confused she couldn't here the water falling!! Hmm'Ermm

lmao only u azy...who wasn't like a BIG surprise na LOLLOL

But they both had a nice chit chat na..Embarrassed

very nice chit chat...he found out his girl has loved him for 2 yrsLOLLOL

How he was surprised to know she has been one side love with him for 2 years!!ROFL

exactly poor guy is like how did he not know that LOLLOL missed 2yrs of his life to love her LOLLOLLOLLOL

And now Baaji n Madhu'Embarrassed I was so expecting it to be Baaji n Aadhi though..TongueTongueLOL

hint: dont get too disappointed BAAD will reunite soon ROFL

So she is v comfortable with him he too tell to come to him anytime' love blossoming'Embarrassed

yup ...their story will be soo innocent LOL

At last now the past is gonna come out.. so DP n his wife is separated but Madhu haven't seen her Bro still..Ermm

yes Madhu never saw dad in person really and as for bro and her that i will reveal in next update :P

V good update Daya.. loved it n soon update the next part'TongueTongueLOL

Thank u sooo much for the update n sorry for the late replyEmbarrassed

no problem... will try to update soon :P not a month this time for sure LOL max a week try in 4 days tho ...
Love love you tooo
AzyHug *big hugs*
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Posted: 11 June 2011 at 1:10pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by rainurubal

lovely update ...
thanks choti Embarrassed and now that u have told me that u love this FF over my other two... it means so much more EmbarrassedLOL

Originally posted by mnx12

Nice update,Clap waiting for the next part, thanksSmile

thanks hun ...will update soon Smile

Originally posted by eternity_of_luv

awesome update dear
love it

thanks Ranjana Big smile

Originally posted by alveera_rckz

Awesome update
Lved it
  thanks alveera...itz been a while...hope ur well Smile

Edited by dg0628 - 11 June 2011 at 1:13pm
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Originally posted by Hamlet53

Daya ,meri jaan Iam following this FF nowSmile  ,tera Dutta badmaash hai .niceee, loved themeal scene and the out door secluded scene..very descirpitive, sounded idyllicClap... hai dutta and Nakku on their own... so he was in the same higher ed. place with her yet never noticed her,typical of him...,my fav bit was the meal reminded me of PN  meal timesCry . Madhu's story was sadly  endearing..seems but natrual for Baji to  to be falling for her... thanks enjoyed the update plz add me on pm if you can ..would like to know  what next!!!!xxx hammie
  omg Hammie!!! you're here...u should've seen my face wen i saw ur my friends were like why u smiling suddenly...unexpected you see...but am glad you are following this FF now  Smile. thanks for your beautiful comments...yup Dutta is total badmaash ...oh u like the scenery lol my mind has many where that came from...i need to sketch it out now...and now that i have bought my sketch book will do that soon glad you are enjoying it Big smile and will defo add u to the pm list ...thanks a ton for the comments...loved reading it ...

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Originally posted by ziks

Hey Daya thanks for pm . Swapna Hug Hi Hi After so long lovely pleasant  update from u . Clap i know sorry about that ...had exams and really had to focus on that so had to unfortunately put all FF on pause...but will speed up updates now that i am done Tongue

coming to the update tasha scenes are so lovely . Dutta chasing and naku running away from him funny Big smile .  ohh breakfast dahivada i like it my favourite Smile so naku prepared it ? mmm she knows cooking also great . thanks glad u liking them...they are the ones i have harder time writing...seriously need motivation and inspiration to write such scenes know if there is a certain scene u would like to see i am more than happy to write to ideaz Wink

Dutta staring at her ya other than this what he can do right now with our cute  stubborn naku ? dutta is so romantic hai naa taking naku's vada and enjoying it and feeding her he is so romantic .WinkLOL yup ...he's soo enjoying her half eaten food he is soo after her LOLLOL

Naku  moving towards him as if she is going to kiss him and then again stamping him on foot  naku so naughty teasing him with her principles . Love her so much and poor dutta .WinkLOL yup she knows what he wants but she aint gonna give to him LOL

washing scene is so romantic lovely . mmm Dutta is moving forward he is not going to stop and sating that he had no principles like naku . He is so clever  .   I like his   his mischeivousness, romantic moves  and at the same time naku's hesitation , principles. The whole soap scene is romantic .Embarrassed. From boy's side he is right and from girl's side she is right . heheh glad u r enjoying these small scenes Dutta will say anything to try and get his way LOL

wow  water fall how much i love.. waterfalls ?  Most romantic environment  for tasha Day Dreaming . Dutta enquired about her office and his comment " so my girl is sneaky "     all  conversation was so friendly , lovely . lol u know i thought waterfall is perfect for them too...

Now dutta came to know that he was her first crush . She knew him in the college itself. poor dutta got his  shock Big smile . she told about her one side love how sweet ? All their conversation so lovely .Smileyup and she will tell in more detail in next one ;)

Baazi - madhu couple is also so sweet . wonder who is that mentor madhu talking about . Madhu is so lovely childish love her . pooor madhu  she missed her father so much and now she is all alone know but baazi is there to care of her . loved their interaction. haha u r second person to catch this mentor LOL ...yeah u will noe who it is soon Wink...yup madhu is a very bubbly kid like character...and Baaji is a sweetheart anyway ...they will have a nice LS

Looking forward for the next update .  thanks for the wonderful comments swapna readin them Big smile

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Posted: 11 June 2011 at 1:33pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by prncz

Hi Daya . Finally the exams are over and Waves of Romance are washing us with  romance / and romance all the way  Wink lol yes yes...expect updates to come a little sooner now LOL
I love the beginning daya ,, the way Dutta took the vada frm her plate and ate it and winked and offerd his to her .. was Day Dreaming  lol i knew u would esp cuz it has to do with food na WinkLOL
the waterfall was described so  well . i  could pic it ,. and their teet a teet  was so Day Dreaming
awww lol everyone is liking this waters fall my next mission is to draw it in my sketch book LOLboth that and the woodhouse
dutta didnt remeber meeting her and now he will knw ,, she has been thingk abt him much before he started Day Dreaming  hehe yup ...and she will have a mini story telling as to how exactly she fell for him :P
Bajji and madhu  scene was cute too.. madhu  opening up her past and ,, i think  she is D' sis ,, if i am guessing rite ?yesh she is D's sister :) whether she noe him or not...u will noe next update Tongue
so waiting for next round  of waves drowning us with  lots of fun
lol yes yes...will write asap now u also write ur FF asap...u noe i will hijack that thread of urs LOLLOL
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me cuming bak wit a coment...!!!   

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