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New FF: Ehsaas Promo - P.78 (08.08) (Page 63)

Sophia21 IF-Rockerz

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Chapter 11

Startled by the sudden noise, Dutta jerked up on the bed only to find Nakku rushing to the bed. She picked up Ananya carefully and plopped the bottle of milk in her mouth. Where was he? And what was he doing here? He looked around and realised he actually slept over and Nakku didn't wake him up.

She trust you enough to let you sleep in her room, next to your child his inner self told him with pride. Now that she was finally letting him in his world, maybe its time he does the same thing.

'Why didn't you wake me up?' Dutta asked Nakku who was sitting on the bed feeding Ananya. Nakku looked at him and smiled faintly 'You and Anya were fast asleep, I didn't want to wake her up overwise it wud have been hard for her to sleep again' she lied. She had the tiniest idea that maybe he knew the truth as well. But a confessing weren't necessary. Because from now on, she had to control herself. From him. From Herself.

He nodded absentmindedly and scooted down to stand up but a tiny little hand held him back. He looked back to see Anya holding onto his sleeve fiercely while drinking her milk with her eyes close. Dutta melted. He had been such a fool in the past and now when he looked at her, whenever, wherever, all he wanted to do was hold her right there and then and never let her go.

Nakku leaned forward and released Anya's hand and signalled him to go ahead. He nodded and went to the bathroom.


'Nakku, I would like to take you and the kids somewhere. Do you mind coming?' Dutta asked at the breakfast table. Retreat Retreat her mind told her but then again, she should go. She had to. Soon they were going to be one. If she could trust him in her house, her bedroom with her - their kids then she could surely trust him enough to go somewhere with him.

'Um. Yh. But where exactly are we going?' Nakku asked tentatively.

He looked up 'Nowhere new. You have been there before. But If you really don't know then I guess it's a surprise' He smirked.

He is pushing his luck. And what's with the smirk? Is he trying to melt your heart with his sexy smile? Nakku shook her head. Those little voices needed to stop peeping in her head and chat rubbish to her. 'Ah. Okay then. But Raj...'

His smirk faded and his eyebrows creased 'Yh I know. I wanted to ask you this since yesterday. Actually can I talk to him... Privately?' he asked, almost unsure if he wanted that himself.

Nakku swallowed hard. Just the imagine of Dutta and Raj in the same room scared her. Made her nervous. But the sooner Dutta have a chat with his son, the sooner this will be over. She nodded 'Yeah. Seth has gone to work. Raj is playing playstation in his room. If you want to talk then now is the best time'

Dutta smiled. His son of 5 years knew how to play a playstation. How intelligent. Just like me he thought and made his way to his room.

He stopped infront of the closed door and stared at it. Why was he nervous and scared. There were a 5 year old kid inside, not a dragon. Yeah but an angry, upset 5 year old is way horrifying than a dragon. After 2 soft knocks on the door, Dutta felt his patience and confidence slipping. Raj didn't answer. Dutta heaved a sigh and opened the door to see him sitting on the floor infront of the TV. His fierce gaze fixed on his game. No wonder the boy didn't hear him. He looked serious. Dead serious.

Dutta gulped. Damn it. This was his son. His. And he was scared to talk to him? No way. It was about time he pulled his socks and sort things out. Starting from his warrior who hated the sight of him.

Silently, he sat down next to him. Still, Raj didn't move or acknowledge him in the room. The music playing with the game was low. Dutta cleared his throat. Twice. Raj raised an eyebrow and looked at him. Studying his face for a second then turned back to the TV 'Go Away' He muttered.

'Nope. Not until you face me and talk to me' Dutta said, loud and clear.

Raj paused his game and faced him. His face fumed with anger. 'What do you want?'

Dutta sighed 'You to understand. I know you are angry but you have to give me a chance. I would never hurt your mum or your sister. I love them. I love you'

'No you don't. And you've already hurt mummie. Because you weren't with us at all. Where were you when all the daddies came to school to cheer for the footy match?' Raj demanded.

'You're right. I wasn't there. And I can't turn time back to change that. But I can definitely do something about the future. Just give me one more chance. Just one more. Please' Dutta asked, closing his eyes as his tears streamed down his face. Raj looked down, contemplating, thinking, deciding.

'I want to be there for you, your sister and your mummie. Don't you want your mummie to be happy? Do you want your sister to cry everyday because she can't see me? Do you want your mummie to stay alone when you and your sister go to school?' Dutta added.

Guilt covered Raj's face up. His gaze lingered on Dutta's face, the TV, the wall, the floor then back to Dutta.

'Do you want to play?' He asked, looking at Dutta. This time, without any anger. Dutta smiled and shuffled Raj's hair 'Sure' He said and held the controller Raj gave him. He scooted next close to him and looked down at a much younger version of himself. As they played various video games together, Dutta finally thought his life was getting back on track. His to-be wife, his daughter and his son finally gave him another chance. And he would do anything to keep everything in place now. But one more person was still angry. Upset. Seth's anger was totally justified. But if Seth knew his sister as he claimed he did, then he must also know that Nakku's heart only beat for Dutta. And there were nothing he could do about that.


As Nakku finished preparing Lunch, she paced in the kitchen. Scrubbing, cleaning and making herself busy. Even though her mind was with Dutta and Raj. Ananya strolled in the kitchen with a big glass, twice the size of her hand, and drank the juice greedily.

'Anya, Where's your daddie?' Nakku asked.

'In the room, with Raj' she replied happily 'They are playing' she added casually.

Nakku froze. 'Playing?' She asked, confused.

Ananya nodded with a big smile on her innocent face 'They are playing playstation. Daddie is goood' She giggled. Nakku stood still. They are playing. Which is a good thing right!

She raced up the stairs and stopped right infront of Sethji's room where Dutta and Raj were playing a racing game. Raj looked.. Happy! Nakku was shocked. This was the same boy who hated his so called dad. Anya skipped in the room and sat next to Dutta. He threw a glance at her and she smiled happily. Dutta picked her up and put her infront of him. Anya made herself comfortable, rested her back on his torso. Dutta held her hand along with the controller as she joined in the game and played with Dutta, against her brother.

Nakku sagged against the door, crossed her hand over her chest and admired her family. Her complete family. Dutta turned her way and gave her a heart melting smile. She smiled back whole heartedly for the first time. This time she couldn't hold back. She ambled into the room and sat on the bed behind them.

'Mummie!' Raj said loudly 'Look I'm winning' He pointed towards the TV.

'Liar Liar bum on fire!' Ananya said with an evil grin 'You are losing' she chuckled.

'No. I'm not. You don't even know which cars is yours' he teased.

'Ah. I do!' she yelled then pointed her tongue to him. Raj laughed and continued playing.

'How long are you going to play for?' Nakku asked.

'Nearly finished mummie. Why?' Raj said.

Nakku got up 'Lunch is ready. We will eat then we have to go out with...' she looked at Dutta.

'With me' he completed her sentence and stood up. Raj turned the TV off and looked at Dutta.

'Where are we going?' He asked.

Dutta smiled 'That's a surprise. Can we eat lunch now?' he looked at Nakku who nodded and made her way to the kitchen. The rest followed her.


The car screeched to a halt infront of a big mansion. Nakku looked at it stunned 'Patil Niwas' she breathed as her past flashed infront of her eyes like a silent movie. Nakku tensed up. Her breath hitched and her eyes watered. Dutta knew exactly how she felt because ever since she was gone, he hardly went to Patil Niwas, his own house. He stayed in his apartment and made excuses to everyone saying he was only staying there because it's close to his work. After a few minutes, he looked at Nakku who was just looking straight at the house. Her face filled with emotions. He sighed and turned the engine off.

'Where are we?' Anya asked curiously.

Dutta looked at her from the rear view mirror 'We are at my house. We are going to see your grandma'

Anya's eyes widen and twinkled 'Another grama' she giggled 'I already have one'

Dutta nodded 'Yes. Grama babi is Nakku's mum. This grama is my mum. She will be so happy to see you' he turned to Nakku 'You too'

'Can we go inside then? Why are we sitting in the car?' Raj moaned.

Nakku came out of her trace and looked back 'Yes. Let's go' She unhooked her seatbelt and got out. Dutta sighed heavily and helped Ananya out of the car as Nakku picked up Raj. Looking at the Mansion towering upon them, Anya held Dutta's hand tight as they made their way inside.


I'm So Sorry For The Delay
I lost one long update for Ek Ajnabee
because my stupid Laptop froze.
I didn't recheck - So Im Sorry For Any Mistakes.
No Reserved Spots For more Than 24 Hours!LOL
Next Update Will Be For My EAEmbarrassed
Do Leave Your Precious Comment and Press 'Like'Embarrassed

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res Big smile Am first LOL

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_Eternity_ IF-Stunnerz

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me second
love it dear

so raj is now good with dutta for her sis and that
naku is now happy that her family is complete

love the update dear

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-bharti- IF-Rockerz

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Cant believe my eyes.  Is it THE EHSAAS that disappeared?  Pinching myself nowPinch

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.iridescence. IF-Rockerz

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R E S E R V E D ...


ahhh kaan pakoding ...sorry sorry sorry i'm late lol

Loved the part...

aww I love his relationship with Ananya and then how he worked out things with Raj

lmao boy was N shocked to hear they were playing together LOL something she certainly did not expect

hmmm so now they r going to his house...this should be interesting...

amazing part Sophie...loved it to the core ...great part

but update soon please...i would like to see what happens next :)

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Final FIft !

Few hours kitnay few hours hai !

ye tu bataooo !

im dying to read !

what updated FaintsssEmbarrassed

OH Sophieee , my Twinnie
First of all a tite hug to u !

EA got deleted but dear dont worry !

as much we love Ea , RKN, PKD !

what Ehsaas has which non has is ANya and Raj who i totally adore 

Beautiful and inncoent update !

LOve how D wakes up adn feels that still N likes him nd trust him with her kids !

LOve it and wow Love Raj and Dutta face off ,
this one i was waiting for 

its lovely !

LOve it sooo much :D

and wow D takes them to PN !

cant wiat now 

LOve this update to teh core 
D is finally becoming part of his family ,

LOve how he talks with Raj , so honest and Raj thinks of her mummie and Sister melts down !

Loveee it :D

Btw me first one to edit my comments *proud muh*

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Reservd :)


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me not reserving bbe..wil coment 1ce u update.x

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