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New FF: Ehsaas Promo - P.78 (08.08) (Page 49)

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Posted: 04 April 2011 at 9:19am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Yuvika_15

hey sophie... dw m sure ur update wil b amazing as it always is, need 2 worri...main hoon na...i gt my chappals ready...any1 dare 2 dis ur update shall hav one to one meeting with my chappals...n thn pooja can bring her belan....
I'll b ready with my gun....Cool...we three charlies angels...CoolLOL

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Originally posted by Bushy_92

Originally posted by Yuvika_15

hey sophie... dw m sure ur update wil b amazing as it always is, need 2 worri...main hoon na...i gt my chappals ready...any1 dare 2 dis ur update shall hav one to one meeting with my chappals...n thn pooja can bring her belan....
I'll b ready with my gun....Cool...we three charlies angels...CoolLOL
haha bushy i was waiting for ur comment... i cudnt remember if ur weapon was gun or sword..didnt wna gt it wrng n b embarrased so didnt inc ur name...LOL

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Originally posted by Yuvika_15

Originally posted by Bushy_92

Originally posted by Yuvika_15

hey sophie... dw m sure ur update wil b amazing as it always is, need 2 worri...main hoon na...i gt my chappals ready...any1 dare 2 dis ur update shall hav one to one meeting with my chappals...n thn pooja can bring her belan....
I'll b ready with my gun....Cool...we three charlies angels...CoolLOL
haha bushy i was waiting for ur comment... i cudnt remember if ur weapon was gun or sword..didnt wna gt it wrng n b embarrased so didnt inc ur name...LOL
Thats weapon is gun....and sword is Sophie's i steal it ready with my gun 

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Chapter 9

Reluctantly Nakku got ready. She wasn't sure if she wanted to go. Especially since Baaji suggested she brings the kids along. Is he going to be there? She fought with her inner self. She didn't know if he would be there, but a part of her wanted to see him again. She sighed as she picked up a bag containing important things for Anya and Raj. She plastered a fake smile on her face and opened the back door of the car and gave her little daredevils a bar of chocolate so they can be busy on the way and not scream. As it is, Anya was moody and quiet, which is unlike her. Nakku got in next to Baaji at the front and they made their way to the party.

'Mummie, where are we going?' Raj asked curiously.

'We are going to meet mummie's old friends' Nakku said for the 50th time. Every half an hour, Raj would ask the same question. It's not like Nakku didn't know why. She knew her little boy thought they were going to meet his so called dad.


'Nakku you go ahead with the kids, I will go park the car' Baaji stopped right infront of the entrance. Nakku opened her mouth to protest but she decided to drop it. She got down and opened the door for Raj and Anya. Raj held Anya's little hand as he knew Anya wasn't talking to her mum. Raj smiled and held his mum's hand as they made their way inside.

'Hey Nakku' Neha came and hugged Nakku. 'Ah I missed you. How are you? OMG are they...? Neha started her questionning session. Nakku bit back a laugh 'Ok calm down. I missed you 2, I'm fine and they are my... angels' she smiled down at Raj and Anya. 'This is my boy, Raj' Nakku said, looking at Raj. 'And that's my baby girl, Ananya' Neha crouched down infront of them. 'OMG Nakku they are beautiful. Hey Raj, Ananya, I'm Neha, your mum's friend' She introduced herself to them. 'Hello' Raj said with a beam.

'Hi' Ananya said dryly. She wasn't interested in anything, anyone.. except from one person who eyes searched. Nakku held back a choke 'I'm sorry Neha, Anya just woke up' she lied. 'Ah that's fine. You enjoy yourself, I will catch up with you in a bit' she winked at Nakku and strolled back. Nakku sighed and bent down 'Anya, would you please be polite, sweetheart?' She stroked her cheeks.


Baaji finally found a parking for his big Land Rover. He turned off the engine and took out his mobile.

'Dutta? Haan. We are here now. Nakku is inside with her... the kids' Baaji said smilingly and cut the phone.

Im sorry Nakku, but I'm doing this for you Baaji jumped out of his vehicle and whistled as he made his way over to the party.

Dutta grinned. A Now-let's-see-how-you-run-away grin. He felt as if he was going in an exam hall as he exited the toilet and stepped into the hall. He would meet his Nakusha and his kids. He couldn't wait to see Anya and ofcourse his little warrior who is ever so ready to pounce on him.

Suddenly Ananya's eye glittered and a smile played on her lips while she looked ahead with a half opened mouth. Nakku froze. Did she see him? Is he here? What is he doing here? Nakku wanted to turn but she didn't want to make it obvious. Who knows he might be with his oh so lovely two faced, back stabbing girlfriend?

She closed her eyes and sighed No No No. He is NOT here. she opened her eyes to see her son frowing in the same direction her daughter was looking. OK it's confirmed. He is here indeed. She turned around and met his hot gaze that lingered on her face for a few seconds. And then he finally looked straight in her eyes and melted her stupid heart. She still had that butterfly feeling in her belly. He smiled softly and took small steps towards them. She prayed to god that Raj doesn't throw a fit infront of everyone. Especially not infront of him again.

'Nakku' he called out.

Yes 'Um.. hi' she said and avoided his eyes. She didn't want to break down. This was the last thing she wants her kids to see.

'Daddie' Anya squealed from behind and ran to her father as if she'd known him forever. Dutta beamed and picked up his daughter happily and kissed her chubby cheeks. 'Hey baby girl. You look beautiful' he shot a glance at Nakku who looking at her daughter shockingly. That was the same girl who was sulking a few minutes ago. Can her daughter love Dutta more than her? She was with her all her life and now Anya got happy just by seeing her dad. But somehow that didn't bother Nakku. Apart from jealous, she was a little bit happy. Dutta acted as if this was all normal. He would be a great dad she frowned at her thoughts. Get a grip Nakusha. Do NOT melt she smiled fakely 'So.. How come you're here?' she asked, casually.

'I didn't just barge in here, I am invited' he chuckled.

Nakku didn't say anything else. That wasn't what she meant but everything she wanted to say would go in the wrong way.

'Daddie, are you coming home today?' Anya asked innocently.

'Anya' Raj shouted 'Our home isn't his home'. Nakku turned and looked at him. 'Say sorry Raj' she ordered 'I said say sorry'

'I'm sorry' he mumbled.

Dutta smiled and crouched down infront of him 'hey, you don't have to say sorry. I know you're angry with me but...' before Dutta could even complete his sentence, Raj went to Baaji who was standing a bit far away.

'I'm sorry Dutta' Nakku sighed 'Raj ...'

'It's okay. I deserve that'

'You came alone? Where is...' she looked around.

'Supriya? Ah. Don't talk about her and spoil my night' he said dryly and looked straight in her eyes 'I'm sorry Nakusha. That woman, she is... She ruined' he admitted 'After everything she done... I was blind.. and..'

'Dutta.. It doesn't matter anymore. It's late. Too late' she held Anya's hand and started walking away.

'Wait' he ran and caught her wrist. She didn't turn nor did she try to free her own hand. She simply waited. Maybe because there might be something, someone worth waiting for.

'I need to talk god damn it. Please just once. Please' he begged. She nodded and looked down at Ananya. 'Anya, would you like to stay with Raj and Baaji while me and... your daddie have a talk?'

Anya looked from Nakku to Dutta 'Will you come back?'

YES. I'm never going to leave you again. As much as he wanted to say it he smiled said 'I hope so' Ananya smiled and ran to baaji while Dutta led Nakku outside.



None of them talked for a long while which seemed to stretch to eternity. He knew he had to say it. Now that he knew he had not one but two kids, he knew they were equally his responsibility. With or without Nakku's agreement.

'Nakku... I.. I mean.. Thing is...' he stammered. Shoot. He never felt so nervous before. Never. But whenever this woman was around, his heart was hammering against his skin. He swore he could feel and hear his heart 'I want to be with.. Nakku I want to be a part of their lives. I know I made such a big mistake before but not accepting your pregnancy and our babies but...' he sighed.

'Look Dutta...'

He held his hand out 'Wait. Please let me finish. We can make this work out. For them. For us. We can be a family... We...'

Nakku frowned 'We can be a family? Listen to yourself. You were the one who said you can't do this years ago. Your family and career was your priority. Today I'm telling you that my kids are my priority and I won't let anything happen to them. It's not like I will stop you from meeting them. I would never do that but I don't want them to get attached to you. Why? Because I don't want their heart to break when you go away again'

He moved closer and held her shoulders 'Do you really think I will go away again? God Nakku I agree I'm not trustworthy but atleast try understand me. I was young and stupid. I was also blinded by some people. Everything happened so fast and I freaked out. We can make this work. I want to be there for them. For you' he said.

Nakku gave up 'How? What are you going to do? How are you going to prove yourself? How am I ever going to trust you?'

'We... we will live together. We will look after them. We will work something out. I will understand if you don't want to live in Patil Niwas. Hell we can even get married. I will do anything..'

'Wait.. married?' she laughed 'we have been apart for years. This Dutta' she pointed at him 'I don't know him. Everything has changed. You have changed'

'No. Not everything. Fine. We will live together to get to know each other. We will look after our kids and we will see how it goes. You don't have to keep any relationship with me. We can have a strictly parenting business' he looked into her eyes for some hope.

she looked away 'Look Dutta I don't know..'

'No. Please. Just give me one month. If you think I haven't changed then you can leave me... with Raj and Anya. I won't stop you' he promised.

She sighed heavily 'One. Month. That. Is. It.' she said seriously.

Thank God he silently prayed 'Thanks Nakku. Thanks a lot. I will come over tomorrow to help you move your stuff to my apartment' he beamed and hugged her tightly.

What the hell is wrong with you Nakusha? You're trusting him? AGAIN? She closed her eyes and resisted from hugging him back. He moved away after realising what he done.

I agreed to move in with him but .... Raj? she didn't know how to convince her son about this. He would never ever accept this.

'Don't worry, I will take his anger away. I deserve that right now anyway' he said as if he read her thoughts. Nakku nodded absentmindedly and made her way back to the party.

This is my last chance to prove myself I can be a good father and a good... husband? boyfriend? lover? Whatever he was he needed them with him. As a family. In one month, he had to melt Raj's anger and Nakku's heart. Which seem to be impossible at the moment. He growled under his breath and followed her inside.



Baaji turned and saw Nakku straight in his face. 'Woah. Why are you angry?' he asked innocently.

She frowned 'That was your plan, wasn't it? Inviting me and Dutta here and then suggesting I bring the kids along so he could... why?' she asked - demanded more like.

'For you' he said simply.

Her eyebrows creased 'For me?'

'Yes. For. You. Don't think I'm blind Nakku. I saw the way you look at him. I saw how your cheeks goes all red when you look into his eyes. I saw how you try to be angry but it never works. And I saw how you can not refuse him a damn thing' he said, honestly 'Don't lose this chance Nakku. This is it. Take it. You never know. It can change your life'

She was tired. Tired of everything. Change the subject, change the subject. She looked around 'Where's Madhu?.. I haven't even seen her yet'

'She's around here somewhere' he whispered shyly 'And the kids are sitting down at the table' he added loudly.

Nakku nodded and looked at Raj and Anya drinking juice at the table. 'Nakku?' Baaji called out.


'So... What happened with Dutta?'

'He..he asked me to stay with he can get to know the kids and we can get to know each other within one month' she sighed 'I said yes but now i don't know if i took the right decision...'

Baaji smirked and held Nakku by her shoulder 'You can never be wrong. Everything will be fine. I'm sure you won't regret it'

'Yh but Raj?' she turned and looked at Raj.

'Don't worry about Raj. He will understand... Soon' baaji consoled her.

'Hey guys' Madhu yelled interupting their conversation. She ran and hugged Nakku.

'Madhu... wow girl, you look nice. How are you?' Nakku asked, winking at baaji.

'I'm fine. Thank you. And you still look damn fine for a mother of two' she looked at baaji 'Hey Baaji, great to see you'

'Hi. Yh me too' he said looking shyly looking down at his shoes.

Madhu smiled 'So where are the angels? I heard they came'

'Yh they are over there sitting' Nakku pointed towards their table.

Madhu beamed and pulled Nakku's hand towards the table. 'Hey guys. I'm Madhu. Your mum's friend' she introduced herself.

Anya and Raj smiled happily 'Madhu, this is Raj and Ananya' Nakku introduced them to Madhu. Madhu smiled and hugged them. 'Awww they are so cute. Oh god. Raj looks like...' she looked back at Nakku who's smile faded away. 'Erm.. well Ananya looks exactly like you. She's beautiful' Madhu said.

'Thank you' Nakku grinned and looked at Baaji who was gazing at Madhu. She nudged him and encouranged him to propose to her.

Before he chickened out, he decided to do it. Even though he thought he could pass out any minute. 'Um.. Madhu? Can I talk to you..please' he asked.

Madhu nodded and followed baaji after giving a questionning look to Nakku.

Talk about bad.
I don't even know what I wrote.
I'm very sorry If this is like the worst chapter ever.
I thought If they lived together, they will get to know each other better now
And he can bond with his kids.
*Sophie headdesk*
What was I thinking?
Do leave your precious comments and press 'Like'Embarrassed
Jhoote's and Chappals are welcome as wellOuch

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yay!! finally...gr8 update sophie...der was nothing wrong with it...the story is moving fwd...i didnt think Anya and Raj wud come 2 the party too... so it was a nice surprise..i guess u dropped the idea of making tasha jealous with one another?Wink wud hav been cool 2 c...

oh my tasha living 2geva? bt i doubt sethji or naku's parents wud let naku n the kids move in with dutta without marriage.....hw abt they live with Shakuntala in PN?... hmmm its a gd way for thm 2 gt 2 knw one another n also bond with the kids without ppl commenting, cos no doubt if they live 2geva in an apartment..ppl wil talk.... anya loves dutta a lot so im sure she'll b super excited bt raj wil tke sum tym 2 bond with...
waiting for ur next update..pls dnt tke long 2 write ur next part..if u need ideas let me knw...i'll PM u sum suggestionsLOLLOLLOLLOL

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Edit: Finally am free.....Big from everything....LOL
Are you sure you thought we won;t like this part?? I mean sure sure? Shocked
Whoa.....i loved this one.....seriously.....Embarrassed
Aww she agreed to come with the kids.....aww....she loves him too...that's why somewhere in her heart she wants him to come there too....Embarrassed
Aww my Raj.....i too ask the same question like infinite times and my dad used to stuff my mouth with chocolate.....LOL
Anya is daddy's girl already.......and Raj is mama's savior....Embarrassed
Ok so she sensed him.....she still loves him....OMG Anya went and hugged him.....aww Raj must be miffed up...and see he went up to Baji....Big smileLOL...*stubborn like me*ApproveLOL
Finally he spoke to her....and said bad about happy.*dhinchak dhinchak* Dancing
Aww they are gonna live together...perfect way to get to know each other all over again and he can connect with his little angel and the angry warrior....
Baji ko darane ki kya zaroorat hai.....he is doing this for u Nakku.....Tongue
Madhu......aww thank god u have Baji-Madhu.....thank god....Embarrassed
Lovely update..looking forward to the next update....and u have gone insane to say it's not a good part....AngryLOL
and my gun will remain here......LOL
Sorry for the short comment but i have too many things to do at the moment.....Embarrassed

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res :)


Hun wat are u worried about ? lol the update is great....I like what ur doing with it Big smile
now to get to the story ....
omg I love Ananya and the way she got so happy to see her daddie Embarrassed
sooo cute.....and Raj made me laugh his behavior...he's so cute too ....
and Baaji Day Dreaming love him for setting that up ......aww he's all shy around madhu hehe and finally he's going to tell her...

Soo they're going to live under the same roof eh ....
hmm this should be quite a treat to read Wink
looking forward to wat u have stored for them :D
great part.....................update soon please :-)

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Res :D
Grate update n must say that I like the idea of staying together Tongue
Wow Raj reacting to D was hilarious and like he said he deserve it Embarrassed
Ananya is an angel just like the mom I say Embarrassed
Wow I want c how they gonna stay under 1 roof, it will be fun I guess Wink LOL
Thanks for the PM Big smile

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