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Soulmate (AR FF) (Part 9 in pg 70) (Page 7)

MissDior Senior Member

Joined: 03 January 2011
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Posted: 15 March 2011 at 2:07pm | IP Logged
Nice concept, would love to read more Big smile

Altaira Goldie

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Posted: 15 March 2011 at 3:41pm | IP Logged
awesome update please add me to ur pm list :)
princess14 Goldie

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Posted: 15 March 2011 at 5:37pm | IP Logged
hey great start! love the concept do update soon! and add me to ur PM list..

Nandini25 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 March 2011 at 10:51pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by -simi

Nice concept, would love to read more Big smile

thanx soooooooo much dear. Big smile
Nandini25 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 March 2011 at 10:52pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Cutiepie_KSG

awesome update please add me to ur pm list :)

thanx soooooooo much
will surely do it.
Nandini25 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 10 August 2009
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Posted: 15 March 2011 at 10:52pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by princess14

hey great start! love the concept do update soon! and add me to ur PM list..


thanx soooooooo much
will surely do that 
Nandini25 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 10 August 2009
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Posted: 16 March 2011 at 12:32am | IP Logged

(Mumbai, 2011)

(Mallik mansion, the residence of the famous business tycoon and the owner of the Mallik groups of industries)

(Living room)

A man in his late 40s, clad in a white track suit and trouser, was descending the spiral staircase, which connected the ground floor to the first floor of the mansion and was located at the middle of the colossal living room, with a white towel around his neck. As he entered the living room, a servant approached him, holding a tray containing a glass of orange juice and some snacks. The man picked up the glass of juice and taking the towel off his neck, he plced it on the tray and gestured the servant to leave. The servant nodded in obedience and walked away. The man then walked away to the couch positioned in the middle of the colossal room and after settling on it, he picked up the newspaper lying on the elegantly built table which was positioned just beside the couch.  He was sipping his juice while going through the newspaper. All of a sudden his concentration was disturbed by the loud ringing of the chordless phone which was on the same table on which formerly the newspaper had been lying. He put aside the glass of juice and picked up the reciever, still holding the newspaper in his other free hand and answered the call.

The man: "This is Siddharth Mallik. Who is it?"

Someone answered from the other side which was inaudible to all except MR. Mallik.

Siddharth: "What can I do in this matter? You can do one thing, you can talk with the person who is handling this project. You talk to your MD."

Other side: ………………………………………………….

Siddharth: " Yes, yes I know he is extremely strict regarding his work as well as discipline. But you also know it pretty well that he hates anybody's interference in his work, may it be someone else or even me. You know how stubborn he is, don't you?

Other side: …………………………….

Siddharth: "U don't know him from today, do you? You know him since many years now. If he has made up his mind to do something than noone, and by noone I mean absolutely noone,  can make him change his mind."

Suddenly a voice called out from behind: "Who cannot make whom change his mind, Siddharth?"

Siddharth: "I'll call u back." (And cut the call)

Now turning to the source of the voice he found a pretty, tall woman of fair complexion in her early 50s, clad in a beautiful white saree, standing behind him.

Siddharth: "Jiji, when did you come? I was under the impression that you went to the temple."

keerti: "Just now when u were busy conversing in the phone. Btw u haven't told me who cannot make whom change his mind."

Siddharth smiled: "Who else can it be, jiji, except your beloved nephew? He's becoming a hitler with every pasing day. (Then his smile faltered and he spoke in a rather serious tone) Sometimes I really shudder at the thought, jiji. I don't want to loose him like his mother. He has erected such a strong and inaccessible wall around himself out of which neither he comes nor anyone else can enter into which. I know, jiji, the shocking accident of his mother has affected him the most. It has perforated his heart and caused him perhaps the deadliest of wounds. But it seems as if this shock has hardened him to the core, it has made him as hard and unyielding as a rock. Neither he shares his dejection, his despondency with anyone nor he allows anyone to get as much intimate with him as to share his pain. He has burried deep down in his heart all the grief, all the tears. And this underlying grief and solitude has resulted in his rude and arrogant attitude. I still recall my childish and naughty son, jiji. Where has the boy gone who didn't use to get fatigued laughing himself and making others laugh? I so desperately hanker to see my son as he used to be

earlier. Nowadays he has fully engrossed himself in his work. He knows nothing except work all these years, first study and now work."

Keerti: "The same thing is bothering me too, Siddharth. I just hope someone enters his isolated life as soon as feasible, someone who can stop him, control him and share his joy and sorrow alike. There is a desperate need of such a lifepartner in his life."

Siddharth sighed: "I understand, Jiji. But the problem is he does not understand it or rather I should say does not want to understand. No one can convince him regarding this matter. Pretty well do u know it that whenever any discussion regarding his marriage comes forth he tactfully avoids it everytime, making one excuse or the other."

keerti sighed: "Hmmm……That's true."

Siddharth: "By the way where is this lad? I haven't seen him since dawn. Where has he went at this hour of the morning?

Keerti : "When did he return home yesterday night that he will go somewhere this morning?"

Siddharth was utterly astounded as he was absolutely ignorant about this. He was quite used to his son's late arrival at home from office. He was well aware of how entirely workaholic his son was. He knew that his son used to return home at or after midnight, the time by which he usually retired to bed. At home, he could meet his son only at the breakfast table in the morning. But not returning home at all is quite rare a thing.

Siddharth: "What? He didn't return home last night? Then where is he?"

Keerti : "Where he use to spend most of his time, in his office. As u know its my habbit to go to his room with a glass of milk for him and compell him to sleep after forcing him to drink it. Or else he will stay awake and keep working the whole night. So last night when I went to his room it was fully immersed in darkeness and when I switched on the lights I found that the boy was nowhere in the room. I got tensed. So I called him. When I did so he said sorry, bua, tonight I cant return as I'm working on a very important project. U go and take rest and inform dad tomorrow morning."

Siddharth (in an irritated tone): "uff….. this is the limit now. This boy neither knows nor cares for anything except his work. He pays absolutely no heed even to his own health. Jiji, I'm leaving for office."

Keerti  (in an anxious tone): "Arey but at least u finish your breakfast."

Siddharth: "I'll have my breakfast in office and will make your beloved nephew have it too, either by scolding or blackmailing him into having it. And if I can I'll send him home for some rest at least. However, the chances seem to be really slim. See you, jiji. Bye."

And he walked away, crossing the hall in quick steps and rushed upstairs, dissapearing soon out of sight.

Keerti  sighed: "Don't know what is going to happen to this boy. Now after Siddharth will force him to have his breakfast, he will have it. Oh god! Please bless my child. Please give us back our earlier childish and naughty son, our Armaan."


A silver colored Ferari came to a halt with a loud screech in front of a very elegantly designed and erected high rise which was revealed  to be the office of Mallik groups of industries as was displayed in the signboard at the top of the building. The front door in the driver's side opened and stepped out of the car the driver in his white uniform and white cap. He then went to the back door of the car and hold it open with great respect. Siddharth Mallik stepped out of the car. The day was a lovely and sunny one with soft cool breeze flowing through, bringing alongwith it sweet fragrance of some unrecognized flowers that perhaps had bloomed somewhere not so far away from the office building.

However today Siddharth had to rush and hence neither had the time or the temperament to relish the beauties of the beautiful day.

He strode away with great haste. As he reached the entrance door to the buiding, the guard sitting in front of the door on a medium size  stool stood up immediately and pushed the door open for him to enter. Sidharth Singhania entered the office. It was a colossal hall whose interior decoration reveals the great elegance of taste as well as the laudable proficiency of the designer. On one side of the colossal hall there was the receptionist's desk where a beautiful lady was engrossed in polite conversation with a rather grumpy-looking woman. And on the other side of the room, there were 3 exclusive couchs around a glass table which were obviously meant for visitors who wished to wait. In the middle of the colossal room there was the spiral staircase that take people to the upper storeys of the office and at the left side of the staircase was the lift used for the same purpose. Several people were walking in and out of the hall, each occupied with some or other work.  There is the fitting hustle and bustle of a busy office.

As he entered the hall, the receptionist stood up immediately and greeted him and also the other people who were walking in and out of the hall stopped on their track and greeted him. Siddharth Mallik greeted them back but without coming to a halt. On reaching the elevator, he entered into it and pressed the button to the 3rd floor of the building. Within a few while the lift stopped and the door opened and Siddharth mallik stepped out of it. He was standing on the corridor which led to the cabin of his extremely workaholic son who was also the MD of the business. As he was about to resume his pace his eyes caught sight of someone coming towards him from the direction of the MD's cabin and what particularly caught his attention was the nervousness of the man wo was wiping sweat  off  his forehead time and again. He immediately recognize the man to be one employee of their accounts department. He could remain stationary no longer and walked towards him. The man came to a halt as he approached him.

Siddharth : "Mr. Saxena, what is the matter? Are you alright?"

Mr.Saxena: "No Sir….I mean….Yes Sir."

Siddharth : "Saxena just relax and tell me what's the matter. What happened?"

Saxena hesitated and then finally blurted it all out: "I'm really sorry sir. I was preparing the estimated budget for our current project but I….I dozed off and Armaan sir caught me in it. I'm really sorry sir. Actually I had 2 wake up very early 2day, at about 4. So……."

 Siddharth sighed and thought "This boy will never change. He truly is becoming a hitler day by day" and said aloud: "Hmmm…..And what followed the incident I can imagine pretty well. Get back to your work saxena. I know u r a very efficient employee and can promptly and commendably make up for that little slip on your part."

Saxena smiled perhaps for the very first time after a disastrous beginning of the day: "thank you sir. I will try to do my best." (And taking Siddharth's leave, he walked away)

Siddharth shook his head: "This boy is going out of bounds now. Cant he speak a little politely with people?"

And then he resumed his pace and within a few minutes he reached the cabin which was at the end of the long corridor and as he neared it he saw a young man coming out of the cabin. As their eyes met a smile of recognition creeps into both men's lips.

MR.Singhania: "Hey Rahul, is the hitler in his cabin or went out of the office to visit any site?"

Rahul  laughed softly: "Hello unkle! Offcourse the hitler is in his cabin and it seems to be not a very welcomed news for some people upon whom hell has broken loose today."

Siddharth : "Now what has he done?"

Rahul : "Well he is blasting some people off their feets, one by one. First was the turn of Amar saxena of our Accounts dept."

Siddharth : "Oh yes, I have just met him. The poor guy is still very badly shaken."

Siddharth : "Ya I know. I have witnessed the blow that came upon him and now it's the turn of Akhil Srivastav and Armaan's secretary Shalini."

Siddharth : "Oh no! both are going to be dead then!"

Akshay: "I'm so sure of it."

Siddharth : "Come with me. Lets c what world war is going on in there. (pointing towards the cabin door)"

And both the men walked up to the door and pushed it a little open. The door opened revealing a very elegant yet simply designed room. At one side of the room there was a round table at one end of which was a single stylish black colored chair while on the other end there were four chairs side by side. On the other side was a luxurious sofa set, positioned around a glass table. 

Now standing behind the table at the left side of the chair was a young man who couldn't be more than 25-26 years of age with his back turned towards the door as well as towards the man and the young girl who were standing at the other side of the table, just beside the four chairs and exchanging nervous glances as if attempting to estimate the disaster that was going to befall them.

As the two waited for what it seemed to be centuries in absolute silence, a very cold voice finally echoed throughout the room making a cold wave running down their spines.

"So…… u call something like that a genuine cause to take a leave, do you, Srivastav?", the young man demanded.

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great part....

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