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Soulmate (AR FF) (Part 9 in pg 70) (Page 39)

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Originally posted by princess14

that was a great update!! loved every single part!! i hope you continue soon!!

thanx sooo much 
will update soon

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Originally posted by hotKaJen

really loved dis part!
loved AR's encounter!
hope dey meet again soon!
cont soon
thnx 4 pm

thanx sooo much
lets c wen they meet again
will update soon
most welcum

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Originally posted by AR_LOVER

hey awesome ff
do cont soon
do pm me

thanx sooo much
will update soon
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Originally posted by anumeha_rajat

hey nandu...

that was a sweet part yaar...

loved it...

AR meeting was awsum...

thnx for the pm...

hey Anu
thanx sooo much yaar
most welcum

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Originally posted by Riarai2346

hey thats the gr8
sorry for late reply
the part was fantastic
plz darling continuee soon
thanks for the pm

thanx sooo much
its okay dear
will update soon dear
most welcum
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(In the same hospital room)

Armaan (checking his watch): "Rahul we gotta go now. We have an interview rounded up withing two hours."

Rahul: "Ya ya I know Mr. Workaholic Mallik it's the interview for the head of the creative department of our company. Don't you even think of going there with this open wound in your forehead or else Siddharth unkle would kill both of us and you see I just don't wanna die in the prime of my youth. At least think about the hot n beautiful girls. Since you are the most unromantic guy anybody have ever seen, I'm their only hope you see."


Rahul chuckled seeing the look of utter disgust on Armaan's face.


Armaan : " you and your craps. Cut it out and give me a break. Or else before dad kills you, I certainly will do the favour to you. Can you just for once think about something except girls?"


Rahul : " Can you just for once think about any girl?"


Armaan : " Aargh! Rahul you are incurable!"


Rahul chuckled : " say something new yaar. And btw sir if you are not gonna dress up your wound than neither your dad nor your lady will leave you n I, poor soul, will also have to bear their wrath. If not at yourself, at least have some mercy on this poor soul."


Armaan made a disgusted face : " Rahul your acting sucks. So dont even bother to give it a try. And for the last time, she is not my lady. So just stop trying to link her up with me. Or else you will have to shift in 0Athis hospital room for next six months. Got it?"


Saying this Armaan was about to walk away when the doctor insisted him to get his wound dressed up. For some unknown reason the flashes of Ridhima crossed Armaan's mind and he recalled her authoritative words that he should get his wound dressed up. He couldnt help but smile. Thankfully neither Rahul nor the doctor saw him smiling. For some wierd reason unknown even to himself he didnt feel like ignoring what she said. He unconsciously agreed just for her sake, though he himself was unaware of it. After the doctor was done with his job, Armaan n Rahul moved out of the hospital n headed towards the office as soon as possible as they were already running late.




An auto came to a halt in front of a beautiful yet small two storeyed cottage. Riddhima rushed out of the auto n after paying the rent she ran to the cottage n opened the door with her keys. She pushed open the door slightly n peeped inside to make sure that her masi whom she called bi was nowhere in sight or else she would have to answer so many questions regarding her late arrival. Her bi always would become paranoid whenever she would come late due to her motherly love for Ridhima. Ridhima thanked God as she didnt find her bi anywhere at sight in the small living room.


Ridhima : "Phew! Thank god bi isnt here right now. Or else I would have to answer her. And if she will come to know what I did today n see my wound than I'm so gone today. She won't ever let me go out alone. Now I just have to quickly n quietly make my way to my room, grab my certificates n run for it before bi catches me. Ya rite. Get going than you lazy bones. What the hell are you waiting for?"


Ridhima tiptoed into the house n closed the door soundlessly. Then she tiptoed towards the stairs which led to her room upstairs. However it seemed luck wasnt in her favour. She had reached the middle of the living room when a female voice boomed in the hall :




Ridhima squeezed her eyes shut, cursing her luck.


Ridhima : "Damn ! That was so close!"


Slowly she turned around with a sheepish smile and found her bi glaring at her with tension written all over her elderly features.


Bi : "Riddhu beta where were you? Why you returned so late? Do you know how tensed I was? I was so worried beta."


Ridhima chuckled. It was just as she had thought. Her bi really was so sweet n caring n always end up taking unnecessary tensions.


Ridhima (still giggling) :" Bi, my sweet bi, just relax n take a deep breath or ull be suffocated."


Bi smacked her palm on her forehead : " God! Just look at this girl. Here I was being eaten up with worry n here she is laughing. What should I do with this girl?"


Ridhima smiled n walked towards her bi. She engulfed her in a rib crushing hug.Ridhima : "Nothing. Just dont worry so much. I'm fine bi n come on I'm a big girl now. So dont think too much."


Bi : " you can say so. But I've always taken you to be my own daughter and a mother always remains worried about her daughter's welfare. You wont understand it today but when you yourself will become the mother of a child you'll understand my worry."


Ridhima smiled: " Awe my sweet bi! Dont worry bi your daughter can take care of herself."


Bi smiled n pulled her cheek lovingly: "Correction dear. You can take care of every single being around you, just not yourself. There always has to be someone to take care of you as you quite conveniently become oblivious of yourself. I so hope that soon someone comes who will take care of you and love you more than I do. Only then can I get free of my worries for you."


Ridhima pouted: " Oh come on bi! Not this marriage stuff again. I told you I'm so not interested in all these n not at all gonna leave you. So just stop thinking about all these okay? Okay bi getting late for the interview. Gotta go. Bye. Miss me n love me even more."


She gave her bi a peck on her chubby cheek n turned around to get back to her room to grab essential papers for the interview.


Bi : " Wait! Riddhu what happened to your arm? Show me."


Ridhima squeezed her eyes shut n thought : " Oh crap! Now that was the last thing I wanted. Why God? why me always? Whenever I need good luck desperately why the hell does it goes into deep slumber?"=0AShe turned to her bi.


Ridhima fumbled with her words : "Uh...actually...its n...nothing bi."


Bi :"Oh yes. It very much is something. Now show me. Dont argue."


Bi did not wait for her to show her arm. She delicately took ridhima's hand in her own hand n turned her sideways to have a better look of her forearm. Bi gasped seeing the bandage stained with blood n became very much worried to see Ridhima like that.


Bi : " Oh my God! Ridhima beta what is this? What happened to you ? How you got injured? Now dont tell me you once again got into  a fight for the sake of some random person. Tell me what happened n are you ok?"


Ridhima (in her mind) : " Oh no, I'm so not gonna tell bi the real incident or she will keep me locked up in my room for the rest of my life. (she took a deap breath and said aloud) Nothing bi. Its just that I fall down n got my arm wonded. That's the story. Nothing else."


Ridhima prayed that bi believed her cock n bull story.


Bi was still suspicious : " you are not making up a cock n bull story , are you?"


Ridhima made a successful attempt to make a naive face : " Not at all bi. "


Finally her prayers were answered n bi seemed to be convinced with  Ridhima's  instant made cock n bull story.


Bi nodded in agreement n then checked her bandaged hand with great concern : " Is it hurting too much?"


Ridhima : " Not at all bi. I'm perfectly fine. Trust me."


Bi : " sure?"


Ridhima : " Hundred percent. Come on bi now if you are done with your questionaire, may I leave now? I should better hurry up or else the business house will just kick me out even before giving me a first glance.(She gave her bi a quick hug n a peck on her cheek) love you. Bye. Gotta go."


Saying this she didnt wait for bi to reply n wheeled around n amost sprinted up the stairs to reach her room. She opened the door to her room n entered. She made her way to the wardrobe which were at the left side of her bed. Her room was her favourite shade of blue. Its small but beautiful n was designed by herself. Designing was her passion n now she was going to take it up as profession. She was really looking forward to this interview as the business house she had applied in which was the biggest n most successful in the country. She opened the wardrobe and as she was taking out the file in which all her certificates were securedly preserved, out of blue she recalled bi's words :

" I so hope that soon someone comes who will take care of you n love you ..."


As soon as she recalled these words, a flash crosses her mind and she visualizes an incredibly hansome face with two sparkling blue eyes. She was left startled as well as clueless and she wondered why all of a sudden his face flashed in front of her eyes n why couldnt she just shook his thoughts off her mind. Ridhima shook her  head vigorously to shake him off her mind.


Ridhima muttered to herself : " What the hell is wrong with me? Why cant I just forget him? Why cant I just shake him off my mind? I'm losing it for sure. Ya that's what it is. Focus riddhi, focus. Forget all these craps okay! Just concentrate in your upcoming interview. Right."


Her eyes sparkled with determination n she smiled confidently. After locking the wardrobe back she walked out of her room n stormed down the stairs. Bidding bye to a bewildered bi, she stormed out of the house.


Bi joined her palms n touched them to her forehead n prayed to God: " God bless her with success. Plz God fulfill all her dreams. This young child had seen so much in her life. Provide her all the happiness she deserves."


(Mallik group of industries)


(Siddharth Mallik's cabin)


Siddharth was pacing impatiently while Armaan and Rahul were standing in front of him with a bit nervous expression adorning their faces. They glanced at each other n then glanced back at the middle aged man in front of them.


Armaan called out tentatively : ""


Siddharth turned around to face him. Anxiety n worry were etched over the caring father's features.


Siddharth :" What dad? Armaan cant you be a little careful at least for the sake of your father? What is all these nonsense? If anything would have happened to you what would have I done?"


Armaan : " Relax dad. Nothing has happened to me. It was just an accident dad. Nothing serious. I havent done it on purpose. Dont worry dad I'm perfectly fine."


Siddharth : "Ya I can see that just too well. You know what I was right when I thought that you will start taking care of yourself only when someone else's life will be merged with yours, if not for yourself than at least for her sake. Now its decided.  I'll get you married. Either you choose the girl or left even that decision upon me too. Dont event think of arguing as I'm not gonna budge from my stand."


Armaan replied indignantly : "Dad! Now where does this marriage topic erupts from? Okay dad! I swear, I promise never to be careless about myself. I promise to take full care of myself. Now please drop that wierd idea."


Siddharth waves his hand in air, discarding his son's arguement : " Oh please! My ears are worn out listening to your promises of taking care of yourself which you make every week n break eventually. I'm no longer going to fall for this. No excuses n no arguements. I have made up my mind. If you wanna see your dad fit n alive you will have to agree for marrying either the girl of your choice or mine. Choice is yours."


Armaan muttered angrily : " Now what exactly is left for me to choose dad. I know if I wont agree to your wish you will again start tormenting yourself n you know that is the thing I just cannot tolerate. I just dont know what to say dad. Atleast give me sometime to think on the matter. Please dad?"


Armaan glanced at his dad hopefully who seemed to be deep in thought. Finally after a few moments passed in tense silence, Siddharth Mallik turned around to face both Armaan n Rahul who were standing in silence, anticipating the worst possible reply. Armaan was damn sure that this time his luck was not gonna favour him n that his dad was surely gonna turn down his request. Therefore he was pleasantly surprised to hear what his dad had to say.


Siddharth : " Fine. You'll get just one month. Not a single  day more than that. You choose your girl within this time period or I will."


Armaan flashed one of his rare dimpled smile : " Sure dad."


Siddharth : " Aa ha! Dont be so happy son. Remember always that I'm your dad after all. If you are thinking, which I surely know you are, that even after this one month you will escape once again citing yet another excuse than dont even go there. This time it isnt gonna work son. By one month I do mean one month only. And this time no excuse, no request, nothing gonna work. Get that straight. Now come on we have an interview lined up. Lets go."


Siddharth Mallik walked out of his cabin with a smirk playing on his lips, leaving behind  a young man with a grumpy expression and another one young man with a naughty grin.


Armaan was bewildered as his dad was absolutely correct. He was indeed thinking of another way to escape once the period of one month expired to escape this lifelong imprisonment or rather death sentence for him. He was clueless as to how his dad guessed what he was thinking but then he was his dad n knew him better. He sighed in frustration and closed his eyes. But as soon as he closed his eyes, a beautiful face of a girl  with a pair of hazel green eyes flashed on front of his eyes. He opened his eyes with a jerk. He was totally taken aback to see her face with closed eyes n muttered inaudibly :


 " How can this happen? Why did I see her face? Why cant I just forget her? It never happened with me earlier. Than why now? Oh God! What is happening to me?"


His flow of thoughts was interrupted by Rahul.


Rahul : " Hey what are you muttering man? I know this news came as a big shock to you but did it have this much effect on your brain? Tell me beforehand so that I can book a room for you in a decent asylum. After all you are my best buddy n I have to look after your comfort na."


Armaan wheeled around only to find Rahul chuckling. Armaan flashed a dangerously soft n sugary smile to Rahul n the next moment Rahul shrieked in pain.


Rahul : " Aaaoow! Why the hell did you punched me? What did I do?"


Armaan : " You were making fun of me. How the hell can you do that? Here dad is planning to get me married n you are mocking at me instead of helping me to get out of this mess? What kind of friend are you?"


Rahul (still massaging his tummy): " Oye what can I do n anuways unkle is also right 0Ain his place. After all someday it is destined to happen. You cant just keep avoiding your wedding forever. So its better you start looking for the girl or let unkle do it. If you ask me it will be much better, infact the best, if you choose that girl from the hospotal. She is the perfect match for you."


Armaan : " Shut up! you"


He was interrupted by a knock at the door.


Armaan : " Come in."


Pushing open the door, Mr. Desai entered.


Mr. Desai : " Hello sir. Sir Siddharth sir asked  me to remind both of you about the interview for the head of the creative department and asked you to come along."


Armaan : " No need to remind me about my work Mr. Desai. I never forget anything related to my work. Go n inform dad that we are coming."


Desai : " Yes sir."


Desai left. Armaan turned to Rahul : " Rahul you go. I will come within a few while. I have to check some accounts files."


Rahul shook his head : " This workaholic man can never change."


Rahul sighed n nodded in agreement n walked out of the cabin.


Ridhima was standing in front of the colossal, high rise office building of the Mallik Empire with an adorable smile playing on her lips. It was her dream to work with the Malliks n today the dream might come true. She looked upto the sky n muttered a small prayer to the Almighty, praying for her success. The small prayer filled her with renewed self confidence and she took small but determined steps towards the building. She entered the beatifully decorated hall n was mesmerized by the inyerior design of the hall. She could tell by a mere first glance of the hall that the Malliks truely had taste n that she had made the best decision to approach them for the post of creative head. Now she only hoped that she would get the job. Riddhima walked up to the reception desk.


Riddhima : " Hi, I'm Riddhima. I have come for the interview for the creative head. Can you please tell me where exactly do I have to go?"


Receptionist :" Hello ma'm. You are required at the conference hall on the first floor ma'm. Its the last room from the left in the long corridor of the first floor. "


Riddhima smiled warmly at her : " Thanx a lot."


Receptionist smiled back : " Welcome ma'm. "


Riddhima  walked away in a cheerful n somewhat nervous mood. She was heading towards the elevator when once again she experienced  the wierd sensation that she felt for the first time in the mall. Clueless about why she was feeling the sensation, she instinctively turned around but was dissapointed to see noone familiar n nothing noteworthy. Wondering if there was nothing than why she felt like that n then shrugging it off as her halucination, Riddhima hit at the elevator button impatiently n entered it when it finally came.


Armaan, who had come downstairs for some work and was engrossed in a conversation with one of his managers, was passing by the elevator when he stopped abruptly as his file slipped off his hand and he bent down to pick it up. That was the reason why Ridhima couldnt see him when she turned around. When Armaan straightened up once again he felt a wierd pull n turned towards the elevator n saw a girl dissapearing behind the doors of the elevator. He could only see her back. Though he hadn't seen her face but he felt as if he knew her, she appeared very familiar.


Armaan wondered : " Who was that girl? Why I felt that wierd pull towards her? Why she appeared to be so familiar? Where have I seen this girl? (He ransacked his memory for a while but then smacked himself mentally) Ah crap! You idiot! How the hell  can you recognize her when you haven't even seen her face? Oh forget it! Better hurry up or I will get late for the interview."


He too hurried towards the elevator. Ridhima, on the other hand, had already reached the second floor. When she reached the conference hall, she came to know that the interview had already started a couple of minutes ago. Thanking God for being able to arrive on time even after such an eventful day, she sat down beside another girl n waited for her turn. As she waited,the girl who went in for the interview stepped out of the conference room with a not so upset look. When others asked her about how the interview went, she replied that though her interview didnt go that well but the interviewers were really nice n considerate. This little info seemed to boost up Ridhima's confidence n she became even more determined to get the job. Fortunately it was her turn next. When her name was announced she got up n confidently walked towards the entrance. On approaching the entrance she gently yet audibly tapped on the closed door n entered after the permission to do so reached her ears. As she entered the room, her gaze fall on the two interviewers who were sitting on the opposite side of the long table which accomodated twenty chairs. The hall was colossal n spacious enough n had the strict professional appearance of a working place. The room was its usual self with the only difference that all the chairs around the table had been removed n instead there were only four chairs. Three chairs which were meant for the interviewer were settled on one side of the desk  while  one single chair was settled on the exact opposite side of the interviewers n was meant for the candidate. As Ridhima entered the room, one of the interviewers looked up n smiled and she too smiled back warmly. He was an aged man with an amiable personality by the look of it. The other man was young but his face was dug in a file n hence his face was not visible to her.


The aged man : " Hello! Miss Gupta right?"


Ridhima : " Yes sir. Please call me Ridhima sir."


The aged man smiled warmly : " Sure dear. So Ridhima please take a sit. I'm Siddhart Mallik btw."


Siddharth really liked this girl a lot. She was just the perfect blending of modernism n traditionalism, a girl with modern outlook but still not oblivious to her culture n tradition which was very much evident from her traditional Indian outfit n the perfect blending of confidence n respectful politeness. Siddharth Mallik smiled as he pondered over the fact that what a perfect match she could make for his arrogant yet truely Indian by heart son. His trail of thoughts were broken by a sudden exclamatory remark.Rahul who had been engrossed in a file looked up on hearing a familiar, sweet voice n was pleasantly surprised to see the same familiar, cheerful n incredibly beautiful girl standing in front of her.


Rahul : " Ridhima! What a pleasant surprise! How come you here?"


Ridhima too was utterly astonished to see Rahul there.


Ridhima : " Rahul! You here? I came for interview. But how come you are here?"


Rahul : " Wow you are the candidate n I'm the interviewer n that too at the same place. Wat a coincidence, isnt that?"


Ridhima : " hey thats really great."


She smiled warmly n Rahul smiled back too. Siddharth had been a mute spectator of the exchange between the duo but could no longer hold back his curiosity. Therefore he decided to interrupt.


Siddharth : " Seems like you two already know wach other. Right buddy? "


Rahul smiled : " yup. Scored 100 unkle."


Siddharth chuckled: " I know I am the best. "


The tone in which the aged man spoke caused Ridhima to giggle.


Rahul too chuckled : " Hey look how idiot  I am. I just forgot to introduce you guys. Okay unkle this is Ridhima, a good friend of mine. Though we met today only yet we hit it off immediately. And Ridhima this is my unkle, my best buddy's dad, but he is more of a father to me. "


Siddharth smiled affectionately at Ridhima who had developed an immediate liking for the aged as she could see the filial love in his eyes which she never saw in her own father's eyes, as a matter of fact she hadnt seen much of her dad n she just dont wanna make her mood bitter by recalling her past when she was  gonna step forward towards a glorious future. She smiled back to the old man in whom for the first time she has seen a paternal figure.



arth : " Ridhima. Take your seat dear."


Ridhima gracefully took her seat after thanking him.


Siddharth : " I am really happy that Rahul has startted befriending with nice people. And I am even more surprised to know Ridhima that you are his just good friend. Or else he start flirting usually even with a light post. Ridhima beta you are like  my daughter. So I am warning you, beware of this flirt."


Both Ridhima n Siddharth giggled while Rahul pouted.


Rahul : " Not fair unkle. "

Siddharth : " Relax man. Just kidding. And I am glad that you atleast act your age. Or else I wouldnt be able to handle another old in young age person."


Both Rahul n Siddharth laughed while Ridhima wondered about whom they were talking. Rahul sobered himself n looked at Ridhima with a glint of mischief in his eyes.


Rahul : " Ridhima any guess about your 3rd interviewer? Can you guess to whom does this third chair belongs to?"


Ridhima was hell confused as she was clueless about it. She wondered who it could be but came up with no suitable reply. Hence she decided to tell them the  truth.


Ridhima : " Who is it? Someone I know?"


But before Rahul could reply,  a knock was heard on the room's door followed by the entry of a person. Ridhima turned around to see who entered. As soon as she turned she was stunned to see the person. She was shocked to the core to see the person there.







































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yeyyy i m first to comment
before pm

hey Nnadu
OMGGG awesome part dearClapStarClapStarClap...loved it so much...loved Armaan n rahul convo...hehhe rahul said ridz armaan ladyLOL...loved ridz n bi bonding...wowww now armaan has one month to find out a gal for marry i hope its ridz...ridz n armaan think about each other n ignore it...wowww now ridz do work in malik company...waitng armaan reaction to see ridz...plzzz continue soonnnBig smile

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Please update soon

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