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Devils Den- Maneet Devastated (Page 2)

SecretKhabri420 IF-Addictz

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Posted: 14 March 2011 at 9:40am | IP Logged


What an episode, super performance, super direction, the new CVs team proved yet again they r super.......
The most touching scene when Geet said to Maan, meri baby ko wapas la do, it was so touching, I was expecting such line to come, it's normally such line always come in drama when MC happens, but GC and DD were outstanding today, they performed it too well and the 5 hugs, wow, I am speechless, U can already see here the closeness is getting more and more.......
Whoever thinks Dev's character is ending, then u r surely wrong, Dev's character is not ending, pic abhi baaqi hai meri dost, u can clearly see it in the precap for tomorrow's episode, he is trying to get close to Geet, he reached from OH to KM aur woh bhi in the baby's room beside Geet, What do u think MSK's reaction into this? Surely now is not time for him to feel insecure, but he will surely not let this go in future, he has to, Dev is not inoccent as he seems to, thought he is not negative as for now, but there is always possiblity for him to turn negative in future......
The hug where they were clinging to eachother, it was soooooooooo Blushing
Ok part of crying, when Geet said to Maan meri baby ko wapas la do, he run away LOL, he thought of, no CON LOL, woh to CON se sense se darta hai LOL
Joking apart, but this sentence will ring in his mind, as u can see he was thinking of this sentence when he sat outside shattered, he will first try his best to bring Geet out of depression, u could see the lines at end of the episode, the selfthought lines, which is connected with the article, he might tell even the office staff by himself to arrange something for Geet or they might help him in that, he might too do something special on his way for her WinkBlushing, this later on might turn passionate then to CON Blushing
Today's episode 10/10 from my side.......
Check Wassup TV episode, they showed tip tip practice, it's much better than other segmants, they showed GurTi having fun and eheem eheem moments LOLBlushing
If any can edit and make a download able link on GurTi's part, please PM it to me........
DD won best actress in Wassup TV voting, for the coming week it's voting for best jodi, vote for GurTi/Maaneet.........

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Opti IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 14 March 2011 at 10:32am | IP Logged
The episode was another well executed and performed one. As expected all the simmering sorrow Geet felt overflowed the minute she saw Maan and when she pathetically begs him to bring back the baby, my heart ached for her.  (My hubby who had entered the room just then was laughing at the empathetic expression on my face saying that I looked like I was about to cry.)  DD and GC were brilliant  in emoting their grief. Anju was also way better today than she was before.  Did not like Dadi's lines that the baby was lost because of sins of the grown ups. It looked like she was hinting at Maaneet although she could have meant Dev but when both the parents are grieving for the loss of the child, this is not the appropriate thing to say. As it is Geet must be feeling bad for tripping and falling and Maan must be upset that he had left Geet alone in her condition.

The scene where Maan weeps in private was fantabulous. GC outdid himself here and later when he leaned against and cried asking why they had to be the ones who suffered was also very emotional and heart wrenching.

Dadi advises Maan to return to Geet for he needs to be her strength in her hour of weakness.  When he returns she starts blaming herself for the baby's loss while he tries to take the blame. Geet is sadly made to feel that she has never brought him happiness. She knows that he was as much looking forward to this baby. 

Maaneet outside someone else's room, looking at the absolutely adorable baby was another emotional scene.  At last Maan found some words of consolation saying that their baby was with God, playing and being happy- not that anything can console a mother who lost her baby just recently.  Maan vows to himself that he will make her happy again.

The nursery scene was yet another emotional scene. Was expecting this scene considering that it was just a few days ago that Maan did up the room and they fought about its colour for a baby that never made its appearance. All their argument over whether it would be a boy or a girl turned redundant. No wonder Geet had to run away from there as it brought back far too many memories but not for long as we see in the precap that she is back in the room to relive her feelings as a mother-to-be, with Dev looking on in pain and Maan witnessing this scene.

The entire episode beautifully brought out the myriad emotions that run through the minds of a couple who lose a baby they were eagerly waiting for. There was the initial numbness, followed by anguish and pain, then the questioning of the unfairness of it all, followed by the guilt, the emptiness, the earning in seeing another's baby, the memory of their plans and dreams and the associated pain at the cruel way those plans have been  shattered. Stupendous episode! Loved it in its entirety.

From the precap my guess is that they are going to play the Dev card during Geet's grieving  phase. Maan has promised to make Geet happy again. This may prompt him to try to divert her attention away from the baby to other things. He may do his best to make her laugh and try to lighten the mood. Only Geet may misunderstand him thinking that he has gotten over the baby's loss faster than she thought, the reason he is acting normal.  Dev will use this to his advantage by showing that he is empathetic to her pain for after all he was the real father and the loss hit him as much as her.  Maan may grow increasingly insecure in this situation for he could fear that this baby loss could bring the two real parents together.
This could make him harder in his dealings with Dev who may then turn negative since his 'genuine' feelings are not being appreciated by his bro.

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Cute_Ash IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 14 March 2011 at 10:36am | IP Logged
--- -------
UGHHHHHH I hate Myself..I said I will leave but I am addicted ughhh..
Why do I come back to watch the episode when they make me cry ughh ughhh..
Wasn't the Episode tooo touching..
I am trying to look at the situation from a different angle since its all done not nothing can be changed....Creatives have decided to express to audience what these kind of unfortunate parents go through..OuchAnd trust me I am feeling so Sad for them..This is Fiction and look how much we are affected by the situation..But those parents who go through this in reality would be so damn Devasted..You have to start a totally New Life all over again..
Thr First Scene where both are totally broken they cry in each others arms...CryCryThe way Geet was crying and repeating Humara Bachaa Humara BachaaaOuchCryCry They Way geet was begging Man to bring back her Baby....I go so teary-eyedddOuchCry..The Hug touched me soooo much I had butterflies in my tummy(Yeah I know I am unusual)..For Once I wish I was God and I could bring the baby Back..
Daadi was good with consoling geet but that one line of hers about elders was just not the right time to say it...
Loved how Maan doesn't burst out in front of daadi or geet..he went in took his emotions all all aloneeCryOuch
And Geet started crying thinking everyone will leave her and go bcoz she blames herself for the accidentOuchawwww My heart is wrenching for Geeet..Cry
Hey bhaggguuu the next scene was so damn emotional tooo...I cupped my face in my handss coz I culdn't control da tears..Geet is thinking about Maan's pain too..she is blaming herselfOuchthen both blaming each otherOuchthe way both clung to each other and slept was really touchy..I keep on repeating myself here but this was the episode where I cried the most...
I pity Geet so much..the grief of her loss is unbearablee especially wen she will look at other kids ..she will never forget this tragic incident..I loved Maan's line "Our Kid is in safe hands Geet"EmbarrassedOuch
I don't Get Err-JunOuchEither he is Confused about his motives or I am just confused about his character..I bet NT will rise from her coma if she hears about geet..
I loved how daadi was acting all Normal (Yeah Surprisingly she can make  me like her behaviour but ONLY sumtyms)
Maan's Dialogue when he says he knows geet's plight bu he still can't do anything closes the loop of the MaanGod Phase of his..he was God for Geet, but if he was god he culd bring the baby back but Maan is helpless shows that Maan is no God he is a normal Insaan too....
Precap: Inecuritess Peeping in now..Loved it..
 They Can Make us Cry with the best executed episodes packed with powerful performances from all of them except *****..Not in the mood to mention anyone's name...
This can force anyone to coem back and watch the episode except for ppl who cannot take too many sad situations..
GC and especially DD were so emotive with the eyes, the pain among both can make anyone realise what they are going through..AHHH I hate them for finishing my tissue Boxx..

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adits7 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 March 2011 at 10:45am | IP Logged
Fab acting......gripping n very touchin epi......n good line -up.Approve..Approve..Approve

first of all.....dis 1 fr Drashti Dhami...Clapping Hands..fab acting...d way she emoted thru her eyes...

evn Gurmeet fr dt matter ws gud today....

esp d very 1st scene wen geet hugs maan n asks him...

pl mera baby mujhe wapas laddo maan........

n d way she cried n emoted..brilliant..ClapClapClap..

d nxt day scene wen she starts frm d hospita n a family celebrating the arrival of d new born in der life....agn DD's expressions while seein d new born.........superb....

at the Khurana mansion evrythin around frm d baby room to toys in der bedroom....Baby With Bear...Doll...evrythin around kept remindin her...OuchOuchOuch..

evn dadima ws gud....i lkd hw she tried to behave normally wid geet wen dey came bk home...

overall a very good epi..StarStarStarStar.

n m so lookin frwd fr tomorrows...esp aftr seein d precap......

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Meetu_Anu IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 28 November 2008
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Posted: 14 March 2011 at 10:45am | IP Logged
......Res............ what i'll call today's epiThumbs Up

All might feel DD was exceptional today....which is right.....ClapClapshe was goodTongue

but silently crying.....trying to portray hidden emotions is difficult CryCryCry  ....much difficult than crying....N GC was FAB thereClapClapClap.....

i felt both GC DD were on power todayThumbs Up.......complimenting each other perfectly Thumbs Up

absolutely loved every MAANEET scene todayCryCryCry.....

I loved the fact both were feeling for each other there is no two thought that Geet Loves MSK more than anything in the worldEmbarrassedEmbarrassed....her words said itCry

MSK always with Geet was shown bautifullyEmbarrassed...i loved the way he makes her sleepEmbarrassedEmbarrassedjust tooooo goodClap

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palluluvsmaan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 March 2011 at 10:45am | IP Logged
Episode was heart wrenchingOuch

I just wanted to reach out to Geet and give her the tighest possible hugCryCryCry Poor girl!CryCryCryCryCryCryCryCryCryCry
CVs, why o why!  CryCryCryCry DD, you were fab!Clap. GC was good too but DD was the star of the episodeStar when she cried out for her baby, I felt like to kidnap a baby from somwhere and put her in her lapEmbarrassedLOLCry
It seems that Geet is not in her complete sensesOuch  Well, anyone will not be. Smile

Prediction time!!!!Cool

MSK gonna blast Dev who will be consoling Geet with no hidden intentionsSmile. This is gonna add to Dev's already piled up irritation on MaanBig smile

Cvs, Dev should turn evil! by hook or crook!Big smile

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Soapoperasrfun IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 09 November 2010
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Posted: 14 March 2011 at 10:50am | IP Logged
I am yet to watch the episode but am certain GC and DD were brilliant. 

And i dont want Dev laying as much as a finger on Geet. 

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spshastr IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 March 2011 at 10:50am | IP Logged

GHSP CVS never fail to surprise me.. They did not show Geet in shock.. They showed Geet and Maan clinging to each other and crying.. and supporting each other not moving apart .I loved it

 Not much time spent in hospital.. The hospital scene where she asks Maan to bring her baby back broke my heart and Maans as well. he could not take that..
And then when she apologised to him for separating father and child I was stunned.. SHe loves him the most.. is threre any doubt.. All folks who think MSK loves Geet more.. Get a reality check.. Angry Even MSK was stunned that she apologised to him..
They both hold themselves responsible for the MC... THats another difference.. Another show would have shown the leads blaming each other and not themselves..
MSK promises to bring Geet out of this misery Smile 

DD was mind blowing.. made me cry..Cry
GC was brilliant in his silent restrained acting..Cry
I liked daadis motherly care...Smile
AA were there for 2 minsClap
Precap  was Clap I think Dev was probably there by accident but I think this will make MSK vent all his anger on Dev..Dev tu pitega bacche.. wrong timingLOL I want Dev to tell maan it was his child and Geet to lash out on Dev...Smile I dont think Maan will be insecure.. I think this is to close the loop that though Dev is the biological father Maan is the actual one.. and SPerm donation does not make you fatherBig smile
I think Geet and Maan will come closer because of this incident.. lot of coiples move apart but then Maneet will come closer..Thumbs Up

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