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Devils Den- Maneet Devastated

spshastr IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 March 2011 at 8:54am | IP Logged

GHSP CVS never fail to surprise me.. They did not show Geet in shock.. They showed Geet and Maan clinging to each other and crying.. and supporting each other not moving apart .I loved it

 Not much time spent in hospital.. The hospital scene where she asks Maan to bring her baby back broke my heart and Maans as well. he could not take that..
And then when she apologised to him for separating father and child I was stunned.. SHe loves him the most.. is threre any doubt.. All folks who think MSK loves Geet more.. Get a reality check.. Angry Even MSK was stunned that she apologised to him..
They both hold themselves responsible for the MC... THats another difference.. Another show would have shown the leads blaming each other and not themselves..
MSK promises to bring Geet out of this misery Smile 

DD was mind blowing.. made me cry..Cry
GC was brilliant in his silent restrained acting..Cry
I liked daadis motherly care...Smile
AA were there for 2 minsClap
Precap  was Clap I think Dev was probably there by accident but I think this will make MSK vent all his anger on Dev..Dev tu pitega bacche.. wrong timingLOL I want Dev to tell maan it was his child and Geet to lash out on Dev...Smile I dont think Maan will be insecure.. I think this is to close the loop that though Dev is the biological father Maan is the actual one.. and SPerm donation does not make you fatherBig smile
I think Geet and Maan will come closer because of this incident.. lot of coiples move apart but then Maneet will come closer..Thumbs Up

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spshastr IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 March 2011 at 8:55am | IP Logged
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jyoti06 Channel Moderator

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Posted: 14 March 2011 at 8:56am | IP Logged
Today once again we get an extremely painful ,gut-wrenching episode which made us all cry and feel for the loss of Geet and Maan ...but it was a beautifully executed and gripping episodeClapClapClapClapClap
I m in tears actually watching the episodeCryCry..the scene where both slept in each other's arms on the hospital bed and cried their heart out will remain a memorable scene for me forever in this seriesThumbs was beautifully captured and u can feel the extreme pain of both the characters the way they both so tightly held each other and felt the pain of losing their angel togetherCryCry....Why I say GHSP is still better than other soaps is because here neither there is any melodrama nor any unnecessary stretching of hospital drama nor a cliched way of doctor saying "Geet can never b a mom"LOL nor Maan-Geet r blaming each other for the loss..instead they prefer to blame themselves for the loss and then cry in each other's armsThumbs Up...the pain depicted looks realistic...watching their expression u can say yes these two hv really lost something very precious...and thats why I love the show whether it goes as per my wish or not ... Smile
DD gave an award winning performance doubt...the first scene where she cries her heart out and tells MSK to bring my baby back actually makes u wish for a moment that plss let MSK become a God for one day and fulfill Geet's wishCryCry...thats how powerful DD's acting wasStarStarStarStar....And when MSK leaves from there because he doesn't want to show his pain to Geet and nor can he see her pain because he knows that for the first time he cannot give Geet something which she has asked for ,he feels really helpless and so goes from there,that time the way Geet says that "Everyone left me ...Maan too" ,I really felt like giving her a tight hug and share her painCryCryCry...Gosh what brilliant acting from herClapClapClap....
GC was equally complimenting DD today...I can say even he was fabulous with his restrained performance todayThumbs Up...Normally its easier for a girl to bring out her emotions in the open and cry her heart out in her man's arms.....but its the guy for whom its difficult to cry in front of all..a guy can never show his emotions in front of all ..especially in front of his wife...thats the reason I loved how he went outside and cried his heart out in front of Dadi but not in front of  Geet....he tried his best to hold back his tears making sure Geet does not see him cry or feel his pain and helplessnessCry...thats why I loved DD's performance of flawlessly pouring her heart out to her man and GC's performance of flawlessly holding back his emotions despite feeling immense painStarStarStarStarStar
MSK is not good with words ...he always fumbles in such situations ...thats why we saw him walking out of the room because he was helpless and clueless about what to say..he hated the fact that Geet asking him to give their baby back and he could not do so....Cry...he could manage to get her a kulfi or a aloo tikki anytime and anywhere...but when it came to the most precious angel of their life,he could not get it for herCry 
The episode in terms of content hv very little to offer..but the way GC-DD hv depicted the pain of losing their angel is what made the episode stand out todayClapClapClap...Less dialgoues but some heart-wrenching expressions and emotions coming from these two made the episode another classicStarStarStarStar
Precap actually shows a progress in the story because somewhere all 3 MSK,Dev and Geet right now r sharing the same pain and we can say that Dev-Geet r actually connected to a very strange bond ...that is the baby which is their I m glad that CVs r trying to show this complex relationship between the three characters hereThumbs Up...Mayb Dev's intention in the precap in just to console Geet because they both r sharing this same loss...but will this make MSK feel even more guilty or make him feel like a outsider there ??Ermm...Or will his love for Geet overshadow all his other insecurities ??Embarrassed....CVs hv shown a MC which is painful...some wanted it and some not...but what I can see from last 2 episodes is that they hv a planned track ahead and they r moving accordinglyThumbs Up..
There were few turn-offs in the episode like Dadi's cliched filmy dialogues trying to show her emotions but it din't touch me too muchErmm ;Then Arjun's concern for Geet doesn't make any senseConfused...But these were small issues...and overall GC-DD's brilliant performance overshadowed these minor issues todaySmile
Episode Rating:10/10...Outstanding execution..flawless editing and direction...and Fantabulous acting by GC-DD is enough to give the episode full marksClapClap
Ok this was Episode Analysis and now I hv something else to say in General about this Post-MC  TrackSmile
After going through FB and IF where I hv seen many r bashing either DD for the MC since she din't want a baby-bump or the CVs for it...I hv something to say today againLOLBig smile
I cannot speak for others ..but can speak for myself...I analyse a show ,because I love to do it for my own satisfaction..I don't care if someone else is reading me or not...I love predicting or debating and I will keep doing that ..if not for this show..then mayb for some other gives me the satisfaction to understand various human psychology in virtual world..ErmmLOL
I think post-MC more of us r clueless about what next and that is what is making us so passive in our thinking....what happens is that when we watch a show,we make up a story in our mind about the characters and expect them to behave in a way we hv fantacized it...just when we see its going against our wish,we start getting negative towards the show and jump to conclusions like story is over..characters r ruined...etc etcOuch..its because we ourselves r blank and stunned with the sudden twist in the storyline which mayb we hv not expected...but think of it...isn't this the creativity coming from the CVs where still after 1 year they hv the capability to shock us ...After watching saturday's many cried ...or how many went numb asking what next ?...I guess all had that feeling in their mind...rightErmm ...and that itself is the answer  that story is not over because we r asking what next....its just that what we hv predicted has not again we can say unpredictable nature in the show is back...isn't that positive ?...Ermm
MC is painful...but even pain can b beautifully depicted on screen if the CVs hv a visionSmile...I dunno if anyone has read my analysis for the MC-Episode...but I hv already predicted the future story..I dunno if it will happen the way I hv visualised ...but still like I said it gives me satisfaction to keep predicting irrespective of the outcome ..mayb I m stupid or over-positive or whateverLOL..but I hv been doing this for past 12 yrs nowLOL......I feel the loss of baby can b seen fron a different POV...if the MC would hv happened because of Brij or NT..we can say Geet lost her justice battle...but was that the case ?No..Geet lost her baby in a accident because for the first time she showed more concern for her hubby than her baby...we can say the choice loop started by MSK is completed by Geet here.....This itself can give rise to a gripping track will MSK react when he will come to know about it ?..will this change Geet-MSK ka equation ...will they b able to come out of this loss ?...was Dev behind all this ?...Can Geet still get her justice ?...Will this loss make Geet strong and she will join KC to come out of her depression ?...These questions can make the future from which angle we can say Story is over ?...Yes I agree things hv not gone the way we wanted ..but that doesn't close the options....if baby track had a story potential then even MC-track hv a story potential....we just need to think from that point now...Geet might hv lost her baby but does this end her journey or struggle ?..
And lets b honest here..Did CVs really do justice to the baby track even once ?Ermm....Several illogical scenes were shown which made us question whether Geet will give birth to a superman or what sort of pregnency is thisOuch ...we might hv justified it all because we wanted the baby but somewhere we hv seen that CVs themselves were not comfortable carrying out the baby -track....they were not able to progress with the story with the baby track for last 2 months if u see....I dunno who is at fault here....CVs or actors or who,..its not my problem..I m seeing it as viewer...and I can see CVs had no real vision with this baby track...Mayb now with MC-Track they hv a certain visionErmm....mayb now they r more comfortable to progress the story ahead ...because the way MC-Episode was executed....I feel CVs hv a track in mind...they know what they r doing....Its a challenge for them and for the first time they hv dared to do something which had stunned half of the fans...We hv extreme views just because saturday ka episode moved us...shocked us...made us clueless many other shows hv actually evoked so many emotions altogether in virtual world ?? that itself gives rise to many possibilities ./..Smile
Analysis/discussions/debates is not just limited to demanding from CVs we want this and we want that.....Analysis/Discussion/debates should b done till the time we hv certain emotions left for the show....emotions can b extreme here..but the fact that we all r affected one way or the other itself proves that whatever we might say,we still want to know WHAT NEXT ?...
About DD's baby bump issue..who m I to judge here....Its not my headache..I m just a general long as  an actor, she will give us mindblowing performance irrespective of which direction the track goes...I will continue to admire her professionalism...fact that her expressions in last 2 secs of the episode moved me to tears ,I will admire her....fact that both GC-DD's performance hv evoked such strong emotions in all of us,I will admire them in thier profession....What they want to do or not do is their choice..every actor draws certain limitations in their career to make sure that their performance looks convincing and they don't make a mockery of themselves on screen if they r not comfortable with it....SRK refused lip-kissing on screen ...does that make him unprofessional ?...he might b hving reasons for itSmile....And here we don't even know the real story ...based on one gossip page of TOI,is it fair to jump to conclusions that DD is responsible and throw mud at an actress who hv continued to give mindblowing performance over 10 months...why we love Geet serial so much...why we feel connected to this show so much ? Is it not because of the actors who never failed to surprise us for their flawless acting ....and today just because things in the story don't go our way,is it fair to throw mud on those actors ? mayb the CV's vision also...mayb they r not comfortable with a baby track...mayb they want to move the story in a different direction...who knows what is the inside story....I feel we as viewers should stop speculating about an actor's personal life equation or their demands or whatever because inspite of hving 100s of birdies noone really knows what goes behind the screen.....We hv visualised something,but CVs went the opposite what next ?...lets accept it that way without blaming anyone else...Big smile

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49erFan IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 17 August 2005
Posts: 16288

Posted: 14 March 2011 at 8:57am | IP Logged
Very Very gripping episode!  Have to say DD stole the show today!

One could see the pain in her eyes! 

What emotions, wow!!!

Take a bow destructives, u did well with execution of episode!  

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vivacious_gurl IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 20 July 2010
Posts: 12587

Posted: 14 March 2011 at 9:00am | IP Logged


Why does Drashti act so well????
The episode had little in terms of matter for analysis but it was a very very well executed episode....
the pain of Miscarriage was soooo evident .... Geet and Maan aka Drashti and Gurmeet did such a fab job with the acting...
The CVs of GHSP dont fail to surprise me..unlike most serials where post a MC the doc declares that the gal can nvr be a mom again n that she doesnt know that.... please keep her away from that.... and then the gal does mum while the guy moves away from her.... the GHSP Cvs surprised me... not that i wud hv expected anything less from
Maneet clung on to each other and expressed their pain..... Geet pleading maan to get back her baby was very very touching....
When unable to see her in pain, maan left the room..geet's insecurity that maan left left her n now maan too..all will leave her... beautifully depicted.... Geet loves maan and knows he will never leave her but that moment was a moment of acute weakness...fear of losing someone u love .... just after losing ur baby...... DD is a brilliant actress.... kudos to her...
Maan's breaking down infront of daadi.... and showing his weakness... but not showing his weakness infront of geet..... yes but he did show his grief to her... GC was very good in his restrained act..... though restrained, it totally depicted the grief of a father who just lost his child....
Geet's apology to maan for not taking care of his kid and separating him from his baby really shocked me.... That is how much she loves maan.... n she says she never gave him any happiness.... she only brings sorrows to him.... her saying this made maan totally numb.... n here he was blaming himself for leaving her alone n going.... Maaneet are a couple so in love that they blame themselves for any problems than arise in their lives...but never blame each other...
Maan-Geet sleeping together on the hospital bed feeling each other's pain was awesome..... my heart totally went out to them... well yes... i cried....
Pre Cap - Dev trying to console Geet... and maan coming there... wow.... that was a brilliant precap..... Thumbs Up
AA - acting was sad n their scene wasnt needed....
Daadi - was a bit OTT....
Gurmeet was really awesome
Drashti - was superlative in depicting the pain.....
The story and execution has been very tight for the past whole week... ... writers are doing a fabulous job and am looking forward to the story
Episode was a 9/10 .... Thumbs Up

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shonuu IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 15 November 2009
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Posted: 14 March 2011 at 9:01am | IP Logged
Res for Me....Cry

oye res.... no bad mouthing of my baal.. or else i'll pluck off your Khaal..Angry

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mi7chimes IF-Rockerz

Joined: 16 May 2009
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Posted: 14 March 2011 at 9:08am | IP Logged
Res~ for shona ki baal... ROFL
oyeee.. kyonki mera toh hai bura haal...
Stern Smile

edit :

oye shona... moi lubs ur baal!! toh yeh MU kyun??Ouch

Episode Analysis can com laterTongue

Lemme talk about Me! HAAN!!

The Maan Singh Khurana, today needed advice from other souls to realize Geet needs him! why??
The Maan Singh Khurana who knows it all, who see it in the sky when Geets see it in herself... today didnt think to get babies room vacated..

because he was drenched in Geet's n thereby his own tears!
the loss was his as much as her!

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liv2laugh IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 24 November 2009
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Posted: 14 March 2011 at 9:38am | IP Logged
reserved Wink

I think we have had enough time for the MC to sink in Ouch
Now on the show let the waterworks begin ROFL ROFL
Lets pray Maan and Geet navigate this hurdle in their path
Lets hope they cling to each other and together on their lives get a grasp


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