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Epi Discussion Thread | 14th Mar-18th Mar| LU Pg 96 (Page 69)

-sourire- Goldie

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Posted: 16 March 2011 at 8:56pm | IP Logged
So after re-watching the episode...the DN scene was def. the highlight......gave very pleasing glimpses of old times.....I was very much reminded of the Koel Nakku in the way MV delivered her lines, the dialogues...the application of the medicine etc....first time [ I think ] we actually heard Nakku talking about her "Kaala Rang".....I wish they dwell on it more in future at the right time....and first time [ I think ] we see Dutta expressing his sentiments over physically hurting Nakku....brilliant Clap LOL

And again the Kala and PN scene bags the "runner-up highlight award"LOL LOL.....reminded me of the special sat episode...what an exceptional job on AG's part on displaying the vast display of emotions.....the tauting and the teasing....her increasingly disturbed mental state, her desolation from her mother BUT seeing that concern for her mother was very touching......who knew evilness could have a pure heart too when it came to her ailing mother.....amazing how AS plays such a significant role in Dutta and Kala's life.....

This is what I love about the way they have developed the character of Kala....evilness at its best......never has she flinched at her defeat....she has always been firm as a stone on the stand she has taken....when she complains to AS about taking sides.....her "zidh" is something that seems so legitimate and you feel like empathizing with her....second time I saw that innocent little Kala yearning for her mother's love after the sat spec....there was just so much happening in those few  minutes....and the eye rolling she did today was just superb Clap LOL

PS.....The 3 Blue's Clues looked like AT&T bars with the way they were standing from shortest to tallest LOL ROFL 

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droopy_asleep Goldie

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Posted: 16 March 2011 at 9:56pm | IP Logged
@Fatty - Yes, was AG not brilliant as always? Precisely the reason, why I dont think they will bump her off anytime soon, she is too classy a character :)

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naadanmasakalli IF-Achieverz

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Posted: 16 March 2011 at 9:57pm | IP Logged
Fatty is ur sig from Pond scene free to use? 

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pigbelly4myfeet IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 March 2011 at 10:30pm | IP Logged
Man that Mahadev dude really needs to calm down. LOL A simple smile of gratitude and relief would've been just fine. That "mera bhao mera bhao" rant...Erm...hyper much? Confused *slightly freaked out muh* :P LOL 

Aww I like that Tanaji guy. :) I wish his wife was more remorseful though. :P And everyone "beating" up Ranga. ROFL I still find it so funny how our BACHA Bhola JI owned Ranga in a fight. Shocked ROFL Tongue Ranga you disappoint me. Tch tch. Tongue LOL 

But *sighhhh* the DN scene! Day Dreaming I loved how this whole scene was all about healing. It starts with Dutta's physical wounds...Naku noticing and feeling concerned for Dutta. And in return Dutta being concerned about Naku's tears...her wounds...the wounds he's inflicted on her, both physical and emotional, in the past. Again showing how purely selfless their bond is. Each of them is always concerned about the other. The priority is always the other. Dutta is pained MORE at the thought of inflicting pain on Naku. Reflecting back, he is feeling the pain of hurting Naku MORE than his own wounds. And Naku while listening, is feeling more concern for the fact that this still bothers Dutta. Remembering those past incidents doesn't hurt her as much as realizing how much this STILL pains Dutta. Such a selfless bond! Day Dreaming 

I loved the way Naku answers "Nahin Saab" when Dutta asks her if she ever felt anger towards his past behaviour. It's just SO Naku...always answering simply. With that innocence. It's just so simple for her. While Dutta is someone who thinks alot...always reflecting back on things...for Naku it's always just simple and clear. She has always loved Dutta, even when he was at his worst. That's the only thing she knows. She doesn't even need to think twice...delve any deeper than that. Every time Dutta asks her these kinds of questions, she just answers in a simple 'no' or 'yes'. There is just no doubt, hesitation or anything else in her mind. She loves Dutta totally and completely without any conditions. Just shows how pure her heart is. Always forgiving, always full of love. And the way Naku tears up while answering this "nahin saab" too was just so sweet. It just showed how transparent Naku is. Whatever is in her heart reflects on her face, in her eyes. Her eyes speak her heart almost. Naku is such a beautiful character in herself. 

And then of course the "Itna pyaar dikhaoge toh meri jaan hi nikal jaygi"...Hayeeee Day Dreaming *sighhh* What an absolutely wonderful dialogue. Loved the next dialogue too, "dard aur zakmon ke liye jagah kahan hai, sirf aap hi aap ho". Day Dreaming Awww Naku! :)) She's SO full of love! No wonder she could always 'heal' Dutta with this unconditional love she has for him. More than the medicine she was applying to Dutta's wounds, it is this love, these gestures and words of Naku that help heal him from within. Naku is a kind of person who will cleanse you spiritually. She will completely heal your soul and fill it with wonderful things like love and positivity. And Dutta is one person who needed someone like Naku more than anything else. Day Dreaming

Ok I'll stop with my Naku blabbering...Embarrassed Ohhhh but wait...just thought of something else...I also liked how Naku goes, "Aur yeh sapna nahin hai, sach hai"....Awwwwww Naku!! Hug

And you know what else I loved about this DN scene? How Dutta turns to Naku in ways that are so..."apna". Day Dreaming Like that "suraksha kavach" wala dialogue from the tent scene. And in this scene, how he goes, "Yeh toh teri aadat hai na"...and the "TERA saab kitna bewakoof hai"....Hayee just something about the way he says these things. Especially the "TERA saab"....Day Dreaming It sounds so "apna". Also shows how well he knows Naku. He knows her in and out. And the way he says these things are just SO endearing. Even his body language with the way he turns to Naku. I LOVE these touches to DN's relationship! Day Dreaming I also loved Dutta's smile as Naku says her "ayi bolti hai" line. Day DreamingLOL That smile was again indicative of how well Dutta knows Naku, and it's these little quirks about her that make her so endearing to him. Day Dreaming

And loved how this scene ends also with Naku reassuring Dutta that she has no wounds, no pain. Only the love for Dutta which heals everything else. Again the 'healing' concept. And then the scene comes full circle with the way Naku actually takes care and nurses Dutta's wounds. Brilliant scene! Clap Another scene I could discuss endlessly for days. LOL 

Ok so the Kala scene before the PN+Kala scene...erm...yeah way to make it confusing or what. LOL I mean the scene where some dude brings Kala money and all. Interesting dialogue there where Kala says, "Duniya ko jukhane ka tareeka mujhe aa gaya hai Dutta. Ab main dekhti hoon ke tere saamne kaun jukhta hai". Shocked Whaaa!? Did I miss something here? Why was Kala handling these don type matters anyways? Didn't the whole don party earlier disallow Kala from taking Dutta's place? Anyways, didn't exactly get this dialogue. Can someone please enlighten me about it? Was it just Kala being overconfident as usual or was there something more? Or will we see how this dialogue plays out in the future or something...Hmmm. 

Anyways, awesome scene in the storeroom. Clap And woah...the medicine bottle when it smashed! This is so deliciously eerie but it totally looked like blood! Shocked I wonder if that was done on purpose. If yes, I think it's a genius touch. 

Ironic dialogue by Kala, "Iss BHRAM mein na rahein ke Dutta jeetega...". Look who is talking. We all know who is the delusional one. Wacko LOL 

Man AS got some awesome dialogues today. Even Kishore too. Loved his whole dialogue about the fight now being about evil vs. goodness. This dialogue makes things more exciting and epic-like. Also AS's dialogue about Kala being the one who is all alone. Clap Awesome! Loved how we got to see that side to Kala again too...the side of hers that longs for her AS. What is so interesting about Kala is how she justifies her actions. She just has so much hatred that she is unable to see any other side. Unable to see Dutta for who he really is. She only regards him as the son of her father's murderer. Even after all these years of living with Dutta, this is all she sees him as. And she is still unable to comprehend how her own AS can love this guy. It's quite sad how Kala grew up with THIS much hatred. Even though we can't exactly sympathize or forgive Kala's actions, I love that we get to see her side too. 

Awesome episode all around. Thumbs Up

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pigbelly4myfeet IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 March 2011 at 11:28pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by LuvPremeer4ever

So after re-watching the episode...the DN scene was def. the highlight......gave very pleasing glimpses of old times.....I was very much reminded of the Koel Nakku in the way MV delivered her lines, the dialogues...the application of the medicine etc....first time [ I think ] we actually heard Nakku talking about her "Kaala Rang".....I wish they dwell on it more in future at the right time....and first time [ I think ] we see Dutta expressing his sentiments over physically hurting Nakku....brilliant Clap LOL

PS.....The 3 Blue's Clues looked like AT&T bars with the way they were standing from shortest to tallest LOL ROFL

LMAOO at "The 3 blue's clues" ROFL
@ Bold: Yeah true. I too hope they dwell on this later. I loved how when Naku says that "kaala rang/jhadu pocha" dialogue, Dutta has this pained look on his face. Even if Naku can't feel the extent of her words...even though she doesn't feel hurt regarding her past life, Dutta feels the pain for her. And similarly Naku also feels the extent of Dutta's words when he himself doesn't. They can really feel each other's pain and that just shows how these two are really connected from the soul like that. Why their bond is so deep and profound...way above any kind of superficiality. More than anything, I just love how these two are opening up to each other like this. Really sharing what is in their hearts completely and fully. I love how this jungle phase has made DN's bond that much stronger, that much deeper and everlasting. 

Originally posted by make-believe

The best bit of AG's performance today...when she says Dutta is 'akela' and AS interrupts that she is the one who is alone...she bites her lip in physical reaction to being cut off by AS and almost looks like she is about to cry...I really felt like she was soft for the taking today, barely keeping it together from breaking down in many bits...thin sheen on the surface and almost a last and lost effort to get her family on her side...

Ohhhhh yeah! I love the way you worded the "thin sheen on the surface" bit. I think Kala has these defense mechanisms. Of taunting the PN family...making remarks at Kishore and stuff. But it is moments like these when you see what's really inside her. Moments like these that make even Kala vulnerable. You really feel sorry for her in these moments almost. She's just so lost. Way beyond repair. Somewhere she still feels these things like love for her mother, but it's so sad that her hatred far outweighs these momentary feelings. Her love for AS too is really selfish love. Like a child wanting a mother only to him/herself. She is really trying so hard to keep it together but you know she is going to break down soon. There's only so much you can keep inside you...and you know that Kala is just on that border of nearing insanity. She is trying so hard to keep her head straight with her own delusional logic. But there will be a point when those defense mechanisms won't work...that "thin sheen" like you said will break. And at that point Kala really won't be able to help herself from going insane. And that's when I think she will really be her own enemy. She will bring this destruction on herself despite of what Dutta does to her. I felt this even in that Kala special episode where again she was just almost at the point of breaking down and become completely insane. 

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Ankur_1305 Senior Member

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Posted: 16 March 2011 at 11:38pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by droopy_asleep

Originally posted by neets_ltl

..however evil Kala is, at some level, she is human too, yearning for that undivided attention from her mother, who she feels has transferred all her affection to Dutta. So really, its AS' disapproval that is hurting Kala more than Dutta himself, and that I think is going to be her biggest defeat. If Dutta forgives her, and she stays under the same roof, seeing again, day in and day out how much adoration Dutta gets, its like losing a battle everyday is it not? I have a feeling, the story is headed that way, because I dont see them losing a great actress like AG and a marvelous vamp as Kala.

Kala-IS scene brought out the best of AG as an actor, displaying a range of complex human emotions. Only an actor destined to go at higher level can do that. If MR is good, AG is equally good, except that she has a villain's role. Discerning viewer like you will always appreciate how well the actor portrays the character played rather than the negative aspect in the story line assigned to the character.

No wonder we have reached a stage where for once we are not gunning for the vamp and almost wishing the villain is not dealt with deservedly - simply for AG the actor's sake. I for one will not be much concerned about the storyline in the climax scene but would love to see the two great actors, MR and AG coming face to face in the climax scene. Everything else will be incidental.

The same cannot be said about Seema. She is a very weak actress and everybody is eager to get her bumped off, if she is not ready to commit suicide.

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fuzzyface IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 March 2011 at 7:26am | IP Logged
@Ankur I agree Aashka is just amazing almost flawless in her execution of the character.

Kala is still hoping her mother will come to her side and see 'her justification'.  She is clinging on the hope that they wld all see her side of the whole drama of how she is the victim and justice was served.
Another thing is that she still acknowledges Kishore as her husband despite it all. I guess she knows differences aside, they are all the family she has and being alone is not something she wants.

Is was somewhat clear that the end of Kala's reign is in AS's hands. It may be a symbolic end, not sure how CVs will pull it but AS will overthrow Kala Bai.

I am super glad that Dutta has not only realised but apologised for all his wrong doings and misbehaving with Naku. It was important for him to say those things to her and I am happy that he did.  It's like a clean slate Dutta who more wiser and assure of himself.

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shally_m Goldie

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Posted: 17 March 2011 at 8:46am | IP Logged
hi everyone
i'm first today ....

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