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Epi Discussion Thread | 14th Mar-18th Mar| LU Pg 96 (Page 44)

neets_ltl Goldie

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Posted: 15 March 2011 at 7:26pm | IP Logged
Im eager to knw how the rest of the week pans out! Im off, sleepy times!

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naadanmasakalli IF-Achieverz

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Posted: 15 March 2011 at 8:25pm | IP Logged
WOWWWW Kia dhamekedaar episode tha  Maza aa gaya cha cha chaskar kei maut itni kharab Seeing dutta in acting just filled my heart with happiness. However the end hug was sort of filmy i dunno i found that one a lil too chessy maybe it was the editing plus those dead bodies lying in the jungle so D can find his way back  Home was Hilarious umm yeah it reminded me of a childhood story where the princess leave the pieces from her cloth to leave nishanis for a prince lol but overall it was fab fab  esp the action part was so well done except chaskar ka chasma & hahha why was he so obdiently standing to get shot when he could've easily moved i found that a lil stupid i mean they could've shown him getting shot right as he's trying to stand up not like standing there for like a min waiting to get shot LOL

and m not too sure about dutta being the pradhan however  I think the point is to show Dutta's getting stronger and his small army is getting stronger also with ranga joining on On the other hand Kala is weakening with chaskar death so if i take it that way i like it 
baaki maza aa gaya 

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droopy_asleep Goldie

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Posted: 15 March 2011 at 9:48pm | IP Logged
The reason I was questioning the pace of the episodes and now these promos, is that if they wanted to hasten the confrontation between Kala and Dutta, they could have done that after they showed the laser bit itself. There was no need to introduce Mahadev and Sundari and now that they are introduced they are hurrying through to PN? I get the JMM2 was important, and no complaints on that front, but why rush it so much? 

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pigbelly4myfeet IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 March 2011 at 10:37pm | IP Logged
Just replying to previous posts:

@ Srushti: Aww you found sense in my nonsense? LOL Hug LOVED the way you worded Naku's evolution. So true! Day Dreaming They've both come a long way. I think it just shows how everything they've been through together was MEANT to happen JUST so they could be at this phase in their lives. They were meant to go through all those ups and downs so that today their bond would be stronger than ever. And now they will never take their relationship for granted. They both have this gratefulness and appreciation for how far they've come and everything they have been through together. I just find it so beautiful how these two can manage to make each other smile even in these tough times. It's almost like an inside joke between them, that look how far we've come. If we have survived all that, then there's NO WAY we can't deal with anything that comes our way in the future. They are both filled with this optimism at this point which is why Dutta was so calm and cool in Monday's episode. And it's pretty important for Dutta to be this level-headed and positive in order to face someone like Kala. Who will do her best to bring him down and mess with his head. So he needs this...ok I'm going to be really filmy here...but he needs this 'shakti'. It really helps that DN's bond is now stronger than ever because Dutta needs this strength to face Kala. He needs all the positive emotions, level headed-ness, optimism and strength he can get. For that ultimate good vs. evil battle to take place. I'm SO excited for when Dutta faces Kala for SO many reasons! LOL

@ Anu: Hug *high five* for loving that "Bol Naku" part. And oh that's SO it...what you said about Dutta reassuring Naku in ways she knows best. That "surkasha kavach" dialogue showed this exactly. Dutta knows how Naku has faith in Bappa and these types of omens like pandit jee calling her Dutta's "suraksha kavach" and all. So this way he is enhancing Naku's own faith. He's kind of telling her to be herself almost. Believe in what she believes in...keep the faith. Just like she's always told him to believe in Bappa and goodness. In this moment, he's the one telling her the same thing. It's just so beautiful how these two will always bounce back on each other and support each other like that. Even when Naku herself is doubtful or scared...despite her strong faith in Bappa...Dutta will be there to reassure that faith in her.

 I just love how these characters are so imperfect too. I mean I liked how Naku didn't just automatically start with that tilak thing and go "all the best" right away. She was initially scared, and it's just so human to be that way. Even the most perfect and optimistic of people can be scared sometimes. Because it's just a human tendency. And I loved how Dutta says this to Naku. That it's ok to be scared..."Kyunki hum insaan hain, bhagwan nahin". I think it's beautiful how Dutta's the one saying this to Naku now. Remember how Dutta used to be so hard on himself for reacting the way he did, not being able to deal, in the past?  And Naku used to be the one that told him that it's are just emotional...but you have a good heart. You may not be perfect or make the best decisions at times...but inside it all you have a beautiful heart and I can see it. She basically told him that it's ok to be human and falter at times. And Dutta too in a similar way was reassuring Naku in this episode. Telling her that it's ok. I just love how we get to see all these various shades to these characters all the time. And that "suraksha kavach" dialogue was an adorable touch. It just showed how well Dutta knows Naku and knows exactly how to get through to her. He knows how to be there for her when she needs it just like she's also always there for him. Day Dreaming

And that home wala point. So true that Naku is Dutta's home because she brings him that peace and happiness associated with a home. And I think Naku has played a part in strengthening Dutta's emotions towards his family too. Not that Dutta didn't love his family earlier also or anything. But I'm sure he also took his family for granted...and we all do that at times. But at this point, he really YEARNS to be with his family...just to be at home. He yearns for things like Baaji's antics, AS's comfort, his sisters' bickering, gaajar ka halwa/home cooked food and of course Naku's love. He appreciates these simple pleasures a lot more now. He just yearns for moments of peace, happiness and love with his family. 

And I think Dutta needs these kinds of emotions to fight with Kala too. These strong and positive emotions towards goodness and peace. These are the qualities that will help him face Kala. Also him keep a clear head about WHY he is fighting against Kala even though she is his sister. These are the emotions that will help Dutta judge right from wrong also. Something he's always had trouble doing. When he sees that ultimate goal of peace for him and his loved ones, he will have that drive to fight for what is right. Even though I am sure Kala will still mess with his head and he will get conflicting emotions while facing the end these 'positive' emotions and this drive will help him win. 

haha and I know! Dutta's sarcasm was SO awesome to watch! Again just shows how calm and cool he is at this point. He knows exactly what he is doing and he knows how to handle people like Bhola JI and all. LOL He has SUCH confidence in him now! Cool LOL

LTL reminds me of movies like Sholay and stuff too. With everything from action, drama, romance, friendship and relationships. I've gotten to appreciate LTL as a whole so much more now. There's SO much to this show. I think Fatty...or you or someone said this once about how LTL just takes you into a different world altogether and just absorbs you into it. Oh and about the villains too. So true. I love how LTL gives this personality to their villains. It's just so much more awesome then, when those villains are defeated. As opposed to ordinary aire gaire tuche type ke villains. It's just no fun when lame types of villains get defeated. In that case villains are just annoying and a CHORE to watch. In LTL however, these villains are WORTH getting faced with and defeated. So it's much more satisfying to watch them finally meet their end, as that poetic justice is served. 

And so true about aaj kal ki movies not having that masala. Bless LTL for letting us reminisce those that way. Especially those of us that grew up in the 90's with these kinds of movies. LOL I think when I think of hindi movies, I think of 90's ki movies only. Because that's the era I grew up in maybe. So I love how LTL has these 90's movies ke touches. Makes the show even more refreshing to watch. And in today's age too...where 'hawtness' and superficiality rules...never mind just showing something poignant and with depth! As if that's not worth appreciating already, adding this masala flair to it too...just makes it that much more fun to watch. LOL 

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pigbelly4myfeet IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 March 2011 at 11:42pm | IP Logged
More replying to older posts....LOL

Originally posted by nureat01

Originally posted by -Srushti-

As you said love brings out the best in each other and people like Kala who dont know what love is, bring out the worst in people...
In fact if you see... (this is a bit out of the topicLOL)...Kala and Dutta both are such charismatic personalities...they attract and hypnotize people it seems....But Dutta attracts people like Baaji, Nakusha,...Kala attracts people like Suds, Chaskar...and people like Seema who are more like fence sitters change as per the situation...with Dutta and Nakusha in her company..she had turned good..but the moment she came in contact with Kala, her inner selfishness boiled over the goodness she had nurtured during he few days with Dutta...Ouch

Oh wow, excellent point yaarClapClap.....I never realized that before but it's so true....truly both Dutta and Kala are amazingly charismatic personalities but Dutta attracts positive and good ppl to himself while Kala finds jokers like Suds and best point was about she was in a sense good until she was in DN's company....and as soon as she came into Kala's clutches, the other extreme....Kala's charisma brought out the opposite.....the little goodness there was made way for the stronger selfish aspects of her personality to come to the fore.....

Truly this show emphasizes the transformative powers of love and goodness.....even as they showcase the power that hate can have too....that constant battle.....but it's love and goodness that always wins and emerges stronger in the endSmile

Ohhh that's interesting. And so true. I really like that Seema example especially. Though I have no sympathy and respect for this character either way, regardless of whether she's positive or evil...but the point you guys raised puts her change of behaviour in perspective. Makes sense. I think this applies to all these pendulum or "be painde ke lotte" types of people. LOL Like Bhola JI and Ranga too now. They've also been inspired and touched by Dutta and have forgotten their evil ways. LOL I think that makes Dutta such an iconic hero that way. That he's able to inspire people like this. A true leader that way. Also makes Kala the perfect villain on the other end. Though goodness is always stronger of course so I can see Dutta will have more people supporting him in the end than Kala. 

Also I think this kind of shows how humans have selfish tendencies in them. And people filled with venom and Kala can bring out these selfish tendencies even more. Just like with Seema, Kala has managed to remind her of her own wishes and desires. She has messed with Seema's head in such a way that it has caused her to become delusional and forget logic. And it's just like Kala too. She's so deranged and delusional that way when she thinks that she can control people's lives and always have it her way. Putting it in a bigger perspective, just shows how human nature is. And how complex and variable our psyche is. Even the best of people can be affected with these selfish tendencies which can cause us to loose our mind. We all have these negative and self-involved traits in us, but most of us are able to control and balance our emotions. But it's scary to think what could happen if our head was also messed with. And people like Kala who are at that maximum level of...'evil-ness'... for lack of a better word LOL, are now experts at being able to bring out this side in us. 

Kala was even able to mess with Dutta's head in the past. If he hadn't met Naku, he probably would've lost his mind even. What with Kala's venom and all the circumstances in his his own inability to deal. It's so fortunate that Naku came as a positive force in his life to help clear his head and remind him of the goodness he possess within himself. He has always had these hero-like, leadership qualities in him. And Naku has just enhanced that in a positive way so that now he is able to inspire many more people and bring out their selfless sides. Naku and people like Jagtap too, who taught Dutta how to trust. Because we all need to trust, have faith and have that human connection in order to BE human. In order to reason with ourselves and seek that goodness within us. Otherwise you would totally loose your mind and will be left alone in the end. Like Kala too will ultimately be all alone amidst all her venom and hatred. 

I just love how LTL brings all this insight into human nature too. That's true art right there. :)

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-Fivr- Moderator

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Posted: 16 March 2011 at 12:01am | IP Logged
*sigh* Just saw the episode.. Won't say much because I have to head off to bed.. But Dutta looked so troubled/pained when he shot Chaskar and Phattu.. Like that bullet also killed a part of him each time he took the shot. Like it was a necessary evil he HAD to do - he was helpless in the pain that he had to afflict, on himself and others.. And us k baad.. the entire time he just looked so pained. When he's hugging Nakku (a very badly edited shot by the way! Nakku suddenly grew 3 feet taller!) it was like he desperately needed her.. as way to comfort him from the turmoil he felt.. Bechara.. I felt bad for Chaskar and Phattu but I felt worst for Dutta. Not because Chaskar/Phattu were "evil" and deserved no less, but because Dutta (even though he was the "killer" in this scenario) looked so so so tormented by it.. *sigh* Bechara.. He didn't want to do it.. And I think a part of him was angry with Chaskar for leaving him no choices but this.. *sigh* I just feel bad for Dutta.. And for the way things turned out.. Ouch

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pigbelly4myfeet IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by neets_ltl

It was very emotional seeing Dutta throw the gun away....I had a slight uneasiness in all honesty, seeing him kill 2 people like that. Perhaps because I have accustomed to Dutta the husband. Seeing him like that made me feel for much lies ahead of much he heard today from Chaskar about Kala's deeds. The way he faceplanted, got me thinking that he himself didn't want to get his hands dirty again....but it was necessary for revenge and to make it easier for himself, when the real battle with Kala hits him hard. This was nothing. He was well and truly overwhelmed. Sigh.

Originally posted by -Fivr-

*sigh* Just saw the episode.. Won't say much because I have to head off ot bed.. But Dutta looked so troubled/pained when he shot Chaskar and Phattu.. Like that bullet also killed a part of him each time he took the shot. Like it was a necessary evil he HAD to do - he was helpless in the pain that he had to afflict, on himself and others.. And us k baad.. the entire time he just looked so pained. When he's hugging Nakku (a very badly edited shot by the way! Nakku suddenly grew 3 feet taller!) it was like he desperately needed her.. as way to comfort him from the turmoil he felt.. Bechara.. I felt bad for Chaskar and Phattu but I felt worst for Dutta. Not because Chaskar/Phattu were "evil" and deserved no less, but because Dutta (even though he was the "killer" in this scenario) looked so so so tormented by it.. *sigh* Bechara.. He didn't want to do it.. And I think a part of him was angry with Chaskar for leaving him no choices but this.. *sigh* I just feel bad for Dutta.. And for the way things turned out.. Ouch

Totally agree with you both. SO well said! Clap Clap I loved the way MR enacted that part after he shoots Chaskar and Phattu. Shows how awesome he acted there, when he was able to convince us SO completely of how Dutta felt no? It was a mix of so many things. Dutta just looked so fed up and so angry at the fact that people like Chaskar and Kala were causing him to bring out that don side of his again. Especially in this phase where all he really wants is peace and moments with his family. Makes you feel even more for Dutta when on one side Naku is showing him a world of 'normalcy' with things like 'gaajar ka halwa' and all. She's letting him escape and dream of being home and with his family. And on the other side, he has to deal with all of this. 

 And of course that pain of being the cause of someone's death. This has always been Dutta's concern...and the reason for him being so hard on himself. He still gets upset at the thought of causing someone's death...even if he knows that it's the right thing to do. Even after all the people he's shot...and despite Chaskar deserving STILL pains Dutta to do this deed. Ouch I think this is what brings out that irony in his character. Him being basically good at heart and having a conscience despite being a don. As much as I love the action and we need to see it also, I love that we get to see this side of Dutta's too alongside. And still feel for him as a character despite the action and the plot moving forward. 

And agree about the DN hug. Despite the editing, the hug was needed too I thought. Minus the filmy-ness of the hug and all too...but you could tell how badly Dutta needed Naku at this time. I got that 'home' feeling once again too. Brought continuity to that dialogue from yesterday where Dutta says that he wants to fight so that he can return home to Naku. This hug moment was him returning home to her. Because that feeling of returning home to Naku is what he needs to help him deal with the pain of being the cause of someone's death. That's what strengthens him again and also calms him down. 

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kabeeraspeaking IF-Sizzlerz

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lolforever @ Dutta's expression when Ranga tells him to kill Bhola...he was totally thinking 'ahhhh, na ghar ke, na ghaat ke...aukat pe aagaye' LOL He was a cool customer throughout Clap And then when the fighting started ek dum se, all the bholus tied to the wall were like 'Oh NOES' Stern SmileLOL Waise skinny sa Bhola turned out to have some skill after all...and Ranga ke muscles are totally for show only LOL

Chaskar's entry was hilarious...'Wowww, wowww, woww, Dutta Bhao' CoolLOL Like seriously, who else but Chaskar would say something like that? LOL This guy is honestly such a joker...loved his 'heart to heart' with Dutta...MR's voice modulation once again stood out so much and Ved Thappar as always acted very well! A nice send-off with enough time for explanations! :yeah: And big props to them for the fact that they made Dutta deal with Phattu too and didn't just conveniently choose to make him disappear into thin air...though he wasn't a significant character, it's great to see them give due and tie up ends, even for a 'sidekick'...speaks for a good show of continuity.

Line and moment of the episode...Dutta's face upon getting the gun in his hand and the dialogue about the diamonds Clap I know we say it everyday, but seriously, what MR emoted when he got the gun in his hand, started flashing back and eventually shot them was AMAZING and it truly took me aback to see such a display on his face :worship: And the fact that they did the tie-back with the diamonds...the first time Chaskar had betrayed Dutta...loved it Clap 

Something I found interesting...what Bhola was to Ranga is what Phattu was to Chaskar, yet both the 'duos' broke up and betrayed each other in this episode...I was already thinking of it when Ranga turned on Bhola, but seeing Phattu try to sneak away for his life after Chaskar is shot only highlighted it more for me --- didn't this totally say something about DuJi? The fact that they managed to stay with each other throughout and are up for giving their lives for the other's sake in such a dirty business? It heralded what Dutta and Baaji have and what they are ready to do for each other that these other chindi chors never will Clap

The directing and editing were great as well. I didn't feel that the pace was was right on the mark actually...not too much, and neither too little. And I thought the hug was so cutely kiddish with how they swung around :awww: :inlove: A+ from me on all accounts Mr. Green

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