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Maneet ff: strange desires, updated part24,page142 (Page 83)

kathie_berns Goldie

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Posted: 26 June 2011 at 4:05am | IP Logged
Guys, 5 more days to go for my exams to end. Will try updating on the same day. Thank you for your wonderful response to strange desires. I'm planning to start a new ff too after exams. So watch out for me. Smile

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.Lilith. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 June 2011 at 4:41am | IP Logged
Originally posted by kathie_berns

Guys, 5 more days to go for my exams to end. Will try updating on the same day. Thank you for your wonderful response to strange desires. I'm planning to start a new ff too after exams. So watch out for me. Smile

New ff...wooowww!!!!!

Will b waiting eagerlySmile

And yes I really hope u do well in ur exams and pass out with flying coloursBig smile


Dazlingdivya Senior Member

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Posted: 27 June 2011 at 1:03am | IP Logged
Hi... nice FF... can u please add me to ur pm list...

All the best 4 ur xams...
krndr IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 29 June 2011 at 5:38am | IP Logged
pls add me to ur pm list
samidsamid IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 01 July 2011 at 5:36am | IP Logged
Hey...amazing ff...plz add me in ur pm list...
fatema_007 Goldie

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Posted: 01 July 2011 at 2:25pm | IP Logged

hey hi...i really luv this ff of urs nd is waiting impatiently 4 ur updates !!

can u plzz add me 2 ur pm list 

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maanujaanu IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 01 July 2011 at 4:27pm | IP Logged
hey hope yr exams went well
waiting eagerly 4 n update
kathie_berns Goldie

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Posted: 02 July 2011 at 4:00am | IP Logged


Part 19:


Maan reached Khuraana's even before the security personnel could open the building. He wanted to see Geet just once. He wanted to apologize to her. Daadimaa called him to the dining hall for a family breakfast, but she could feed the birds for all he cared. He knew he had crossed his limits and nobody but he himself could rectify what he had done. He walked round and round his cabin but the treacherous clock was hell bent on torturing him by moving at a snail's pace. Finally when the employees started filling in, he felt a small speck of relief.


He tried concentrating on work, but all he could do was wait for his intercom to ring, since he had instructed the security to let him know the first thing when Geet entered the office.


His wait turned the day into afternoon but there was no sign of Geet. He was getting desperate to see her now. What if the previous day's incident had affected in an adverse way? Would she do something not so sensible in her grief?


The tension was eating him up with all kinds of negative thoughts dominating his mind. He contemplated on going to her house and apologizing when he was informed by his secretary that Miss Geet Handa had called in for a sick leave.


Maan had a gut feeling that she wanted to leave this job. The very thought sent a course of anger streaming through his veins. The pigs would fly before he would let her go! ...


Geet came back home depressed. Her mind was a total blank. Everything was chaos. Maybe her time was actually running bad. She sat on the couch, her only thoughts on how her bauji was faring in the operation theatre.


Before she knew it was evening and Pinky and Meera came bustling in.


"Geet! Enough is enough. You have got to tell us what the hell has happened to you after you left the party on Saturday. You have been avoiding us enough. We want our answers! Now" Meera raised a threatening finger at Geet.


Geet ran and hugged Meera tightly, sobbing into her shoulder.


"Hush Geet! Everything is fine." Meera soothed her stroking her hair.


"Every—thi—ng i-s not f-fin—e. "Geet hiccupped in between sobs. "Bauji, Meera bau—ji has had a heart attack. He is in the operation theatre this very moment fighting for his life. I cant even go see him, since Dadaji has strictly forbidden to come alone, and Brij is not in a state to come and get me. Why Meera why? Why is life so unfair to me? If something happens to Bauji? What if something happens to Bauji? I wouldn't even be able to meet him once------"


"Geet, stop talking nonsense. Why wont you see Bauji? Of course you would see him. He will be just fine. We will catch the morning's train to Hoshiarpur. I will accompany you. I can always take a sick leave." Meera consoled her.


"Meera, you are such a sweet heart. I'll go pack my bag. We will leave first thing in the morning."  Saying so, Geet was about to enter her room when the phone began ringing.


Without a second thought she dashed to the phone. It was Rano on the line.


"Geet puttar, Babaji ka Laakh Laakh shukar hai. Tere Bauji ka operation successful ho gaya hai. Doctor Ne kaha hai ki woh kuch hi dinon mein bilkul teek ho jaayenge."


Geet shed tears of joy thanking Babaji countless times.


"Maa, please Bauji ko phone do. Mujhe unse Baat karni hai." Geet told Rano desperately.


"Abhi nahin Beta. Who filhaal behosh hain. Kal jab who hosh mein aa jayenge toh sabse pehle mein unse teri baat karaungi! Thu ab tension mat le! Tere Bauji bilkul teek hain." Rano informed her.


"Maa mein kal hoshiyarpur aa rahin hoon. Mujhe unse milna hai." Get said with a tone of finality.


"Thu kal thak rukhja. Kal tere Bauji tujhse baat karenge. Iske baad bhi agar tumhe aana hai tho Hum Brij ko Bhej denge.  Theek hai?" Rano asked.


"Theek hai maa. Lekin kal pakka meri baat bauji se kara lena." Geet begged Rano.


"Pakka. Ab mein phone rakhthi hoon. Apna khayyal rakhna.", saying Rano cut the line and Geet breathed a sigh of relief. Both Pinky and Meera hugged her from behind. Once they thought Geet was calm, they left her, but there was still a question nagging the back of Meera's mind.


"Geet you did not give an answer as to why you were in such a depression after the Saturday's party?: Meera enquired carefully observing her.


Geet decided that it was not the right time to tell them about the incidents that happened. And Meera being who she was, would bring down the roof if she even had a slight clue of what happened. Anyways since Geet was going to handle this matter on her own, she did not want her friends to involve in the matter and land themselves in trouble.


"Oh! It was nothing Meera. I was really unwell. Maybe it was the food. I'm perfectly fine now. Maybe Bauji's good news was sufficient to make me well. Anyways I'm very stressed out, so I'm off to bed, since I have to rise early and get ready to join office after a one day break. Goodnight!" saying, she went to her room


Meera was not convinced with Geet's answer but she let the matter rest for a moment since Geet was already tensed and she did not want to stress her more…………………………..


Maan was rehearsing his apology speech in front of a glass since he had been informed by the security that Geet had just entered the office. The first reaction of his was to breathe a sigh of relief considering she hadn't quit the job. But with each passing moment, his nerves were tensing in anticipation.


Just then he heard a knock at the door. He quickly resumed his seat, and said, "Come in!" while pretending to work on his laptop while actually knowing who the person was.


Geet just hated the sight of the man in front of her. But she had no other option. If she was to get him off her back until she finished her training period and bade goodbye to this company forever, she had to do what she was going to do now.


Maan still pretended working on his laptop since all his courage had disappeared and he had no guts left to look up at her.


Suddenly the sight in front of him shocked him. Geet was on her knees in front of him.


"I'm extremely sorry. I'm sorry for everything I've spoken against you. You were always right, and I was always wrong. And now that I've realized, I'm apologizing to you in the way you suggested. So kindly let me complete my training period, and once I'm done I wont give you the burden of seeing my face again. I also assure you that until I'm working here I'll make myself as invisible to you as possible, so that your day will not be spoilt by looking at my face. Once again, I'm sorry." Saying, Geet disappeared from the cabin without giving him a chance to say something.


Maan was shocked at the way Geet behaved. Every word uttered by her clawed a deeper hole of hurt in his already guilt-ridden heart. He had meant to apologize to her, but she had landed up apologizing. He was angry. Yes, he was angry because she had given up so easily. Fighting with her was a challenge at the beginning, and he was beginning to enjoy their fights. She was a fighter. He did not expect her to give up so easily and above all he was the one at fault. So why was she apologizing?


She had poured a bucket of cold water on all his plans. Now how was he supposed to apologize? ...


Geet stepped out of his cabin, trying to control her hatred for the man. Just then she heard a shrill voice say, "How could you mess up the party Geet? It was so important from the company's point of view. Thank God I was there to handle the mess, and thanks to me the party was saved."


Nitya began throwing insults at Geet, and quite a few employees had gathered together to see the commotion. Geet was in no mood to listen to a  cheap bunch of lies, but a stream of tears still moistened her cheek.She decided not to reply to Nitya and carried on with her journey.


Just then Nitya pulled her close to her and whispered in her ear, "A sad attempt to impress Maan. Just stay away from him. Anyways sir wouldn't even look at girl like you, so just back off ok!"


Geet got wild on hearing these words. "Only bitches like you do such kind of a stunt. We normal girls don't need to impress anybody." Geet replied and tried to walk away, but Nitya pulled her wrist again.


"How dare you call me a bitch? You'll pay for this" saying, she gave a hard push to Geet.


Geet who was not ready for the assault lost her balance. She closed her eyes and readied herself for the fall when she felt a strong pair of hands catch her by the waist to steady her. Slowly she opened her eyes and the momentary gratitude she felt was replaced by disgust. She backed away from him like she was scalded.


Maan felt a pang seeing the disgust Geet had in her eyes for him. But he had to sort, first things first.


"Whats going on here?" he asked coldly, and seeing him enter the place the employees who had gathered dispersed.


"Sir, it was Geet. She picked up a fight with me and started using abusive language for no reason." Nitya complained with a hurt face.


Maan looked at Geet for an explanation but she simply looked down refusing to acknowledge his presence.


"Stop!" he commanded and all the employees who were dispersing froze on the spot. "Get out! You are fired."


All around people gasped in shock and Nitya smirked victoriously. Geet felt so humiliated. Fresh tears were grazing her eyelids. She slowly turned around to walk away.


"I hope I made myself clear. I said you are fired Nitya. So what are you still doing standing here? You need to pack your stuff and leave the premises within an hour or I will have you thrown out, so make it quick." Maan stated with no emotions and Geet stopped in her tracks hearing this.


Nitya started wailing."But sir, I have done no wrong. It was Geet who----------"


"Shut up Nitya." Maan warned her threateningly. "Do you think me an idiot to not know what is going on in my own office. When I think about the deeds you did to ruin the party, my blood starts to boil. How dare you try a stunt like that? I could have you dragged through the courts for the rest of your life. I'm just letting you go since your father is a respected person."


Sir, it wasn't me. It was Geet……." Nitya tried again but Maan cut her off.


"One more word about Geet and I'll change my decision and file a lawsuit against you. If it wasn't for Geet, we would not even have a party and you tried to ruin her hardwork by some stupid trick of yours. Don't make me say anything more Nitya or you may regret it. Get out of my sight right now and don't enter the premises again. Also, don't forget to collect your useless training certificate. Out! Now!" he barked and Nitya ran away weeping.


The employees slowly backed out fearing that their jobs too were in jeopardy. Geet was shocked at the turn of events. So it was Nitya who had ruined the party and this man had blamed her. She just walked away absorbing this news.


Maan saw her walking away without a hint of emotion and he knew he had one hell of a task trying to make her forgive him so that his conscience would be free of guilt…………………

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