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Maneet ff: strange desires, updated part24,page142 (Page 64)

maanujaanu IF-Dazzler

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wow i have read dem all in 1 go yesterday
n luved d FF
do continue soon
n also plzz pm me

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thanks 4 da pm...superb of luck with ur exams

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awesome part...
loved it..

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Tyro IF-Sizzlerz

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double post...Embarrassed

all the best with ur exams...Thumbs Up

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kathie_berns Goldie

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Note: The part is unedited so please ignore the mistakes.Smile
Part 17:


Geet entered the office after a well rested week-end only to find Nitya standing at the reception, welcoming her with a cold smile. Geet decided to ignore her, but alas, that was not possible.


"M.K wants us in his cabin, now!" Nitya told her and walked away.


Oh no! Why did she have to see his face first thing when she begins a new week? Was the whole of Saturday not enough? Now her entire week would surely mess up, she sighed as she followed Nitya to Maan's cabin.


Maan was busy conversing on the phone, and Nitya ogling at him when Geet entered. Once he finished the call he beckoned them to sit down.


"I called you to inform you that we are having a launch party for the Chopra's this weekend. Nitya, since you are handling the project, I want you to arrange the party, and Miss Handa, I want you to give your full assistance to her. Every party that the Khuraana's holds is unique, and this should be no less. If you have any problem, just ask me but I don't want any mistakes. This will also show your capabilities and it will be a good opportunity to learn. Please do go and start doing the necessary arrangements. Have I made myself clear?" He asked them.


"Yes sir!" both Nitya and Geet said in unison and took his leave.


Once they were out of the cabin, Geet wanted to discuss the party with Nitya, but she walked away uniterested. She tried talking to Nitya the whole day, but either Nitya was busy with her phone or retouching her makeup. Maybe in a big city like Delhi, a party could be arranged in no time, Geet thought.


Two days passed, and still Nitya was not showing any interest in even thinking about the party. Geet was getting worried now. This was an opportunity to learn something and Nitya was not bothered. Geet could have done something, but she did not have any clue how parties were arranged in big cities like Delhi.


That afternoon when she met Pinky in the cafeteria, she told her the problem. Pinky suddenly looked like she had a brain-wave and quickly texted someone and gave Geet a secret smile. Geet asked her what was up, but Pinky just asked her to be silent and wait.


Soon Geet could hear a weird sort of laugh behind her. When she turned back, she saw a well dressed man with black spectacles and a file in hand. Just then pinky jumped from her chair blushing.


"Geet, let me introduce you to my friend Adi. He is the chief accountant of KC. Adi, this is my friend Geet, she is a trainee here." Pinky introduced them, and Geet thought there was something fishy. But before she could ponder over the thought, Adi sat next to Pinky and she started explaining to him the current situation.


"Geet, not to worry. I'll give you all the necessary details of the arrangers, flower decorators, food, D.J etc etc. Just remember, M.K does not like anything flashy. He likes to keep it simple and elegant. Come to my cabin after lunch, and I will give you a file which contains all the information, also what has to be done and what has to be avoided." Adi said in a friendly manner and Geet took an instant liking to him.


Once they were done with lunch, Geet went to Adi's cabin where she spent the whole day listening to Adi's instruction and taking down notes. The party was to be a roof top party which would be held on the office terrace.


Geet decided that the theme would be navy blue and grey. Since Maan sir preferred continental, she thought continental would be a better option for dinner. She booked for the hall to be decorated with purple orchids and she made arrangements for the best decorators.


Maan was kept busy for the entire week so he had no time to inspect and Geet was in one way happy, since she was already nervous and he would make her more nervous. Nitya was nowhere in the picture. Yash and Varun joined hands with Geet and helped her complete the remaining tasks. Geet was exhausted but happy at the end of the day. Everything was done In a systematic way, so tomorrow's party was surely going to be a success.


She had not even reached home when Pinky and Meera dragged he out.


"Guys, please! I'm very tired. I don't have the strength to indulge in fun right now." Geet pleaded.


"Nobody's asking you to indulge in fun. Did you even think of what you would be wearing for the party tomorrow. Of course no! And being your friends we cant let you attend a party that too an office party in a salwar suit. So we are taking you shopping."  Meera informed her as they were waiting for a taxi.


Geet thanked Babaji for giving Pinky and Meera to her as friends. What would she do without them? She smiled.


They tried almost half the shops in town until they were satisfied. At last Meera chose an elegant skirt with a matching blouse, pinky played safe with trousers and a sleeveless top and they selected a sky blue knee length dress with a silver shrug for Geet. Satisfied with their shopping they called it a day.


The next day was filled with nervous excitement. It was already evening and Geet was seeing to the final arrangements. Alas Nitya arrived wearing a dress which made Geet's cheeks red with embarrassment. When she came and started ordering everyone around, Geet was so wild at her, but she decided to keep her anger in check atleast for the time being.


"Madam, you ain't ready yet, and the party is about to begin."  Yash reminded her. Geet hit her head and asked Yash to look after the last minute modifications when she went home to get ready.


Nitya was just loitering around seething with jealousy when she found an opportunity. A cell phone was ringing on the ground, and to Nitya's luck it was Geet's.


It was a call from the caterers asking her to confirm the order so that they could bring the food in an hour's time. Nitya cancelled all the food items which Geet ordered and replaced it with ridiculous items. Now, we'll see how long before you get kicked out Geet!  Trying to impress M.K? Well, bad luck, better luck next time, she smiled evilly as she dropped the phone to the ground and walked away.


Adi who was just behind her, saw her drop the phone and picked it up. When he checked the cell, he found it to be Geet's. Weird, he thought! Why would Geet's phone be with Nitya? But he was distracted when his assistant called him to tackle some problem. He put Geet's cell in his pocket and walked away….


The hall was just filling in with people. Maan entered the hall in a black suit looking breathtaking. He looked around and was quite impressed with the dcor. He couldn't believe Nitya was capable of such brains. A light music was playing in the background with people enjoying their drinks.


As he was talking to someone, Ntya came and clasped his arm. He felt irritated but he couldn't show it since people were looking. Instead he complimented her on doing a neat and tidy job, which Nitya accepted shamelessly.


Gradually Mr.Chopra arrived with a young man whom he introduced as his CEO Mr. Rahul Narayan. Later Chopra excused himself and left the two young men to talk business when Rahul just stopped in the middle of a conversation to gape at the entrance.


"Beautiful" he exclaimed and when Maan turned to look at the source of his attention, his breath constricted in his throat.


Geet was standing at the doorway nervously searching for someone. The navy blue dress complimented her creamy skin perfectly. She looked like an angel with her long soft brown hair let loose. Her look was completed to perfection with classy silver jewellery. As she walked into the hall, quite a few male heads turned to stare at her.


Geet was feeling weird because she didn't understand why people were staring at her. At last she found Pinky and Meera who were standing with Adi and Dev.


"You look beautiful." Dev complimented her and Geet blushed. Soon Yash joined them who couldn't stop swooning over Geet.


Maan was brought back to his sense when Rahul said, "Wouldn't you introduce me to that employee?" pointing at Geet.


Maan felt like twisting Rahul's finger which was pointing at Geet. In no certain terms would he introduce her to anyone, especially the male species, he thought angrily. But to his bad luck Geet was walking toward him while chatting to Pinky and Rahul seized the opportunity.


"Hi, I'm Rahul." He went upto Geet and extended his hand.


Geet was feeling uncomfortable the way Rahul's eyes were roaming over her.


"I'm sorry. But do I know you?" Geet asked cautiously.


"No you don't, but you will. Mr. Khuraana" he called Maan to his side. "Wont you introduce us?"


Maan's fury was rising by the moment. He had no choice but to introduce them, since Mr.Chopra was closeby and he did not want to create a scene. But when Rahul seized Geet's hands, Maan clenched his fists behind his back. He didn't know why, but he was angry. He just walked away.


Moody demon! Geet thought as she watched him walk away.


Geet soon excused herself from Rahul's dirty gaze when Pinky whispered in her ears, "Isn't DD looking hot? I wonder how he manages to look so dashing all through the day."


"He looks ok!" Geet said nonchalantly but inwardly as she saw him having a drink at the bar, she thought he looked very handsome.


Soon the party began with the visual presentation of the Chopra's project. Once the formal part was over, people began enjoying. Maan was all the time watching Geet laugh and talk with Yash.


When the party was taken over by dancing, he banged his glass on the table when he saw Rahul ask Geet for a dance, and she obliged.


Geet felt an instant dislike towards Rahul, but she did not want to create unpleasantness, since their project depended on it. Hence she accepted his request for a dance. She was just waiting for the song to get over, because Rahul just did not know how to keep his hands to himself. Right in time, she was rescued by Yash, who asked her for the next dance. She thoroughly enjoyed dancing with him, cracking up to his jokes, unaware that a furious pair of choclate brown eyes were watching her every move.


Suddenly Maan's attention was gained by Mr.Chopra who was gaping at the food contents with a disguisted look. Maan quickly went up to him and asked if there was any problem.


"Mr. Khuraana, do you serve your guests with such kind of food? Samosa, chole bature and other cheap items? Just who do you think we are? Is this the food to be served at a Khuraana's party or is it ordered especially for us?" Mr.Chopra asked angrily.


Adi who was near the food counter thought that there was something fishy. Geet had placed the order for continental right in front of him, so how did this food reach here. Suddenly he remembered about Geet's cell in his pocket and he went out to do some investigation…….


"I'm extremely sorry sir. I'm sure there has been a mistake. Let me check with Nitya." Maan controlled his rage and called Nitya aside.


"What the hell have you ordered Nitya? Are you out of your mind?" Maan barked at her.


So her plan was successful. She feigned innocence. "Sir, I knew Geet would mess up. I arranged the entire party and I just gave her one responsibility to order food, and look what she has done. I'm extremely sorry sir! I'll see what can be done."


"Mr. Khuraana I'm sorry to say, but the standard of this company is deteriorating. First you give the presentation to an irresponsible trainee, and now this goof up with food. What more can I expect?"  Mr.Chopra nodded his head in the negative. Just then Adi intervened and apologized that there was a mistake in delivery and the continental food would soon be coming.


That done, Adi was about to talk to Maan, when He stormed out after ordering his secretary to send Geet to his cabin…………..


Geet was enjoying herself when Maan's secretary told her that the boss wished to meet her in his cabin. What happened now! Geet wondered as she left the hall and made her way to his cabin.


Maan was shaking with uncontrolled fury. Never in his life had he felt so insulted. Today somebody dared speak against his family name, and just because of that girl. Bang! The paper weight smashed on the ground just as Geet entered his cabin.


"Welcome, welcome Miss Handa. Are you satisfied tarnishing my name or is there anything more to do?" He asked coming dangerously close to her. Geet couldn't understand a word he was saying.

      Her act of innocence just blew him up.


"Don't show me your innocent face.How dare you? How dare you ruin the party? Was it in your plan or did you do it for entertainment sake?" he shouted and Geet backed against the wall in fear.


"What did I do?" she managed to ask.


"Oh! You did nothing. Nothing except trying to ruin my party and my name by ordering your cheap food like samosa, chole bature and the typical things you eat."


Geet was shocked hearing this. What was this man talking? She had specifically ordered continental. "Sir, I don't know what you are talking about. I ordered for continental, and I'm sure it has come."


"Do not lie to me." Maan barked banging his fist into the wall beside her face. "Don't dare lie to me. Thanks to you, I heard words from my clients mouth enough to last me a life time. Are you happy? Are you satisfied seeing people insult me? I'm sure you are! And what better way to celebrate your victory than giving yourself to any random boy. Ain't I right?" He whispered venomously.


Geet had had enough. First of all she didn't know what he was talking about. Secondly he didn't even give her a chance to explain. And thirdly he spoke to her so cheaply that all her self control vanished. Her eyes welled up with tears


"Shut up you bas***d!" slipped her mouth hurt by his cheap thinking of her her.


That was when Maan gave in to the volcano erupting inside him. Her grabbed her by the waist, roughly carried her on his shoulder and threw her on the couch.


 "When I'm done with you, you'll know what exactly a bas**** is" he whispered coldly while removing his coat and tie……..

Precap: Why me? Geet sobbed to Babaji with uncontrollable tears.
Author's note: There wont be any more updates in a long time. This was an update because many requsted that i update soon. Anyways will try updating, if i get time(which wont be likely considering my exams) but for now you can leave your lovel comments, and all my silent readers i want you to press the like button. Its not a request. It is an order.Wink

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Oh dam...this MSK is even more fiery than the one in show...I love it Big smile

Nice update...can't wait to see if he is actually going to do something really really bad

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-afsha- IF-Sizzlerz

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Plz pity on us
U ended on such a crucial point n ur asking us to wait til ur exmz
How culd u yaar
Plz update
Jus one more update plz
Liked the update
Maan was hell jealous
He will regret after knwing the truth
Hop he dosent so sumthg very wnrg

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