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Maneet ff: strange desires, updated part24,page142 (Page 48)

maangeet_rocks Senior Member

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Posted: 07 May 2011 at 4:18pm | IP Logged
loved your ff...

pls do not discontinue...

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-shamima- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 May 2011 at 6:21pm | IP Logged
Awe poor geet she worked so hard for this project and maan just for his personal problems with her destroyed her career by playing such a dirty plan with the help of that good for nothing nitya and awe love sasha's anger towards what happened and ooh cant wait for geet to confront maan anyways great update and can't wait to read more Smile

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mitzi11 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 May 2011 at 6:27pm | IP Logged
dont ever think of
discont plsss
love it yaar
me waiting

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kathie_berns Goldie

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Posted: 08 May 2011 at 9:40am | IP Logged

Part 14:

    Maan sat in his cabin, trying hard to be happy with his victory. But somehow, the feeling of being victorious was not seeping in as expected. Just then he heard a knock at the door.

     "Come in", he said without looking up because he somehow knew who it would be.


"Congratulations SIR" Geet hissed, standing before him.


   "For what?" Maan asked without looking up.


"For ruining my career, thanks to your ego", she replied anger radiating from her.


"Miss Handa, I hope you realize you are talking to the chairman of Khuraana constructions. Don't test my patience. If  you've come here to make me solve your riddles, then you can go back and do your work."


Geet seethed at the audacity of the man. She was so wild at him, that she felt like murdering him that instant.


"Since you do not seem to know what I'm talking about, let me spare both of our time and come to the point. For starters, the project I was working on for the whole week mysteriously got deleted from all the computers just today morning. I was supposed to present the project, and somehow Nitya ends up presenting the project even though only I was given the responsibility to do so. And she presents it with such expertise which a senior told me, none of us can present so early in our career. Don't you think it is too much of a co-incidence for all these incidents to be happening at the same time?" Geet asked him pointedly.


 "Come to the point." Maan said coolly, still not looking up.


"The point is that purposely gave me the project when all along, you never wanted me to do it. When you yourself wanted to do the project, that too with the help of Nitya, why bother even giving me the project and then somehow ruining it for me? Are you happy by ruining my career? Do you feel a sense of satisfaction by making me a laughing stock?" Geet bit back.


Before she knew it Maan was beside her. He turned her to face him and held her by the arms in a deathly grip.


" Let me remind you Miss Handa, I too was made a laughing stock a few days back, in my own office, in front of my own employees. And do you want me to tell you who was behind the master mind of making me fall?" Maan whispered, pulling her closer to him.


Geet tried pushing him away, but his grip only tightened on her arms, making her wince in pain.


"Don't you think it was payback time Handa? " his eyes spit fire and Geet could not utter a word in fear.


"Let me remind you", he continued, "your career is not ruined. This is just the beginning. Nobody gets on the wrong side of Maan Singh Khuraana. And those who dare, will have to pay a heavy price for it. But Miss Handa, I can spare you on one condition." He whispered close to her ear and Geet shivered with the venom evident in his voice.


"And what's the condition?" Geet meant to say it as a challenge, but it came out as a whimper.


He slowly shifted his face near her other ear and whispered, "You will have to apologize to me. But this apology will be a little different than the I'm sorry monologue. I want you to fall on your feet, and beg for my forgiveness; not only for the previous incident, but for all the times you spoilt my day by showing your disgusting face. Is it a deal Handa?" he let out a small evil smile.


Geet pushed him with all her might and stepped back. "If you expect me to apologize, forget it Sir.

I haven't done anything that needs apologizing. And falling at your feet? You got to be kidding me. I only fall at God's feet. And you are definitely not God. Forget God, you are not even human. You are just a scheming conniving species, who can do anything as long as it gives a boost to their ego. Those people who fall to your feet, do not fall out of respect, they fall to your feet out of fear. And I do not fear you, nor will I fear you. So chuck sorry, you are not even worth a Sorry." Geet bit out, and once the words left her mouth it was too late for her to bring it back.


Maan stood speechless listening to a mere employee talk to him like that. Nobody, not even his Daadi dared speak to him like that.


 Geet stood fearfully, now awaiting her fate, when a shrill ring of the phone, broke the silence of the room. Maan picked the phone and listening to the conversation, a plan took shape, and he knew what would further humiliate her. He dropped the phone and took his seat. "Miss Handa, Mr. Chopra's project will be starting in two weeks, before which we'll be giving a launch party. Even after your last performance, I'v decided to give you a second chance. You will assist Miss Nitya in the project. You will do as she says, and I want you to follow every word of hers. Any disobedience from your side, and it will be another black mark on your training certificate."


Geet was so pissed off, she felt like smacking his face. She was about to tell him to do hell with his chance when he pointed a finger at her, "You have spoken enough for the day Miss Handa. One more word from you, and you will be leaving this premises right now. And rest assured, you will not find a job after that. Now leave, before I lose my temper." He barked.


Geet left his cabin fuming. She headed straight for the washroom, and let out all her anger in the form of tears. A month back, when she was selected for this job, she did not even dream her life would turn out to be such a mess. She needed Meera and Pinky now. She sent them a message asking them to come to the washroom immediately. Meera was the first one to reach, and Geet did not even see her, when she hugged her and broke down into sobs.


"Geet, what happened? Please tell me" Meera asked worriedly, when Pinky just entered the room. Geet told them all what happened from the incident at the Taj Mahal to the presentation today. Both Meera and Pinky looked at Geet angrily.


"So much happened, and you get the time to tell us only today?" Pinky asked her angrily. "Are we not supposed to be best friends. Best friends do not hide anything from each other. When were you planning to tell us?"


"I did not want you to get worried. Pinky, is there anyway I can quit this job?" Geet asked Pinky with hope in her eyes.


"You can quit Geet" Pinky said fearfully "but you'll have to pay a heavy price as bond money. Besides, what will you tell everybody at home?"


"Who told Geet is quitting?" Meera asked confidently. "Geet, you are not the quitting types. Show Maan Singh Khuraana, that you are Geet Handa, the tigress of the Handa family. If you quit now, he anyways wins. Please do not do that. Just do all the work given to you diligently. Do not give him a chance to complain. After all it is for another 6 months. And just before going, strike back. We will help you. Maan Singh Khuraana will get what he deserves."


Geet's mood lifted instantly, listening to Meera's words but Pinky was still a bit apprehensive. "Guys, it is a bad idea to mess with D.D. He can do anything." Pinky said fearfully.


"Stop being a chicken, Pinly. Are you happy with what he did to Geet? He needs to be taught a lesson, and I am with Geet, whether you want to join is upto you." Meera declared.


"Of course I'm with Geet. Any doubts?" Pinky asked offended.


"So it's a deal." Meera extended her hand and Geet and Pinky placed their hands on hers. Since it is decided that Khuraana will pay, lets celebrate to it. How about an ice cream? I could ask Dev to join us." Meera said blinking at them. Geet and Pinky agreed and they proceeded towards the cafeteria…………………………..


Maan was seethin in his cabin. If he felt any guilt at all for his doing, it was all washed away now. He would make her pay for every word she uttered. He would show her exactly how inhuman he could get……………….


The next day, Geet entered the office only to be jeered by Nitya.


" Geet, I'm so sorry, you couldn't do the presentation. You tried your best, but after all only the best man wins." She sing-songed and Geet felt like giving her a tight slap. Then, she decided against it. She knew that Nitya was instructed by Maan and she didn't want to give Nitya a chance to complain about her. This B**** would definitely learn a lesson, and pretty soon.


Nitya ordered her around the full morning and by the end of it, Geet was frustrated and tired. When she reached the cafeteria, the place was deserted with most of the employees don't with their lunch. Just as she ordered her food and sat down on the table, Yash sat beside her."Finally, I get to meet my friend." Yash said flirtily.


Geet smiled at Yash's harmless tactics and exchanged pleasantries with him.


"Hey, I know what happened yesterday in the board room was not your fault. I want to know how that Nitya landed up presenting. And that jerk Maan Singh Khuraana, I'm sure he has a hand behind all this. Don't worry. I'm with you." Yash assured her.


Geet smiled her thanks and tried to hide her sadness, but Yash noticed that.


"Hey, I have an idea. There is an indo-western fusion band performing this weekend. I have two passes. Would you like to join me?" Yash asked hopefully.


"I would love to join you, but I'm already going with Pinky and Meera, my friends." Geet replied.


"No problem. We can meet at the venue." Yash said giving a thumbs up to Geet.


Yash and Geet were busy conversing, when Maan entered the cafeteria from the other side and proceeded towards the coffee machine for a cup of coffee. He had reached the office about an hour back, having concluded a meeting successfully. He was just working on its details when he decided on a cup of coffee. But since it was lunch break and all the employees including the attenders had gone for lunch, he did not want to disturb them, and hence he decided to get a cup of coffe himself.

     As he was pouring coffee for himself, he saw Yash and Geet conversing, but they could not see him, as the pillar was covering him. Just as  he was about to leave he heard Yash.


"So it's a deal. I cant believe it will be my first date with you. I'm so excited for this music concert. Cant wait for this Saturday." Yash cooed, shaking hands with a smiling Geet and Maan slowly felt his anger rising.You're in for a big disappointment Yash. Geet will not be going for any date, nor this Saturday, nor the next, nor ever, he seethed…………………………………
Precap: working together.Tongue
Note: i haven't edited this post, so forgive me for the mistakes. i just wanted to say thank you to all my friends who liked my ff and i will continue it for them. But please dont forget to leave your comments and motivate me. Also i wont be updating frequently, cause i have my exams coming near. And i'll be busy till the end of june. But i promise, i'll update whenever i get a chance, provided you leave your lovely comments.Smile

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18mypride IF-Rockerz

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Am really feeling very bad for geet...
nice update...

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spvd IF-Addictz

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Posted: 08 May 2011 at 10:14am | IP Logged
part 14
is Maan a form of Devil or the Devil himself?
oh boy hes really too much...
hes literally making Geet's life hell...
poor Geet...
and that Nitya, i just wish she gets her due high enough from Geet herself...
Meera and Pinky are true friends...
cont soon dear...

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am_sweet_pari Goldie

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Posted: 08 May 2011 at 10:15am | IP Logged
vry nice ff
plz add me in ur pm list

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chsweety22 IF-Sizzlerz

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