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Maneet ff: strange desires, updated part24,page142 (Page 40)

cyum321 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 29 April 2011 at 4:12pm | IP Logged
great update...
i want geet to win this challnge plzz plzz plzzz

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spvd IF-Addictz

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Posted: 30 April 2011 at 5:47am | IP Logged
part 12
Nitya ur time is nearing to pack up...
ohho Maan knows Geet is being helped by Sasha...
but Geet is too good and determined to make Maan feel defeated...
some lovely moments between them...
very lovely...
cont soon...

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t_areeb IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 30 April 2011 at 11:44am | IP Logged
Maaan please dont you .. delete her presentation

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drdee142 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 30 April 2011 at 11:01pm | IP Logged
Kathy, thanks for the PM; this was fantastic, I loved it and can't wait to read further. Please update soon and don't forget to PM me.
I'm eager to know what the beast has planned for Geet and how she copes with it and wanna see if he can actually resist her charms Wink

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drdee142 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 07 August 2010
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Posted: 30 April 2011 at 11:34pm | IP Logged
Kathie, I read all the 11 parts now and am very impressed with your writing and the detailed plot and descriptions. I'm so impatient to read your update can't wait please update soon.
Here's a big hug from me cause I loved it so Hug and here's an applause for your writing skills Clap

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NoorFatima IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 02 May 2011 at 1:41am | IP Logged
amazing update
the maaneet cute romantic scene was goood
and hate nitiya to the core
cont soon

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sanjulee Goldie

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Posted: 02 May 2011 at 6:42am | IP Logged
plzzz update soon...
i'm eagerly waiting what is going to happen...
kathie_berns Goldie

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Posted: 02 May 2011 at 7:02am | IP Logged

This update is dedicated to my freind Hina who wanted a long update. i hope it is long enough.Smile

Part 13:


     Geet reached home tired only to be greeted at the door by an excited Meera. "Oh Geet! What took you so long in office? We were all worried." She said but nothing in her voice indicated worry. Pinky came and took her bag while Meera made her sit on the couch and jumped in next to her.

    "Meera, spit it out. You look like you will burst out if you keep whatever you want to say inside you even a second longer." Geet told her with a smile.

     "Nothing like that!" Meera blushed. "It's just that Dev took me out for dinner and we had a wonderful time."

     "Don't lie." Geet pinched her playfully. Anyone who's just had a dinner would not have their cheeks flashing a red traffic signal."

    "Ok! I'll tell you. After dinner Dev took me for a long drive to a secluded and peaceful place. We were just sitting on the car bonnet and chatting, while Dev came closer to me." Meera hid her face in her hands.

    "CONTINUE" both pinky and Geet screamed in unison.

"It's not like I would let him kiss me the first time we went on a date." Meera shot them a look of mock disguist. Geet and Pinky exchanged a disappointed sigh.

    "The best part was that he understood my uneasiness without me saying anything. He just cupped my cheek and kissed me on my forehead."

   "Sigh!" Geet and pinky let out a long dreamy sigh.

"Well, there's going to be a music concert at the end of the week and he has asked if you people would like to join in, since he has a friend who is willing to give him the passes. What say?" Meera looked at them expectantly.

   "Why not!" Pinky replied cheerfully.

"Guys, I've got a presentation tomorrow and this presentation is for a big project under the KC Banner. I'm so damn nervous to tell you the truth. I just hope everything goes on well." Geet confided in her friends.

    "Geet, we Know you can do it. If you cant, who can?" Meera patted her shoulder encouragingly and Pinky Gave her a high five.

     "If everything goes well, you all are in for a treat, but now I'm off to bed since I have to check in early tomorrow to do some last minute checking." Geet informed them as she walked towards her room. "Good night! And Meera, sweet dreams."

     "Good night! And all the best. Don't worry. We know you will rock!" pinky declared and Meera showed a thumbs up………


     Maan stepped into the room after taking a shower. A particular pair of hazel eyes were haunting him, from the time he reached home. He shook his head for the umpteenth time to get himself rid of that image. He started pacing the room in anger when his phone began to ring.

What the hell did this girl want at this time of the night!

   "Hello" he said into the phone, a little irritated.

"Hi sir," He could hear Nitya's put on voice over the other end. "Sir, I wanted to inform you that I was the one who tampered with the system mains to prevent Geet from taking the print out." She confessed proudly.

    Maan could have wrung her neck for the loss she had caused him. Did this girl have any brains at all! Maan wondered. Anyways when she had already caused the loss, she could rectify it for him by doing just another small task, he smirked evilly.

   "Nitya, listen carefully……………………………………………….


      Geet got up early, had her breakfast, took Babaji's blessings and rushed to the office. She was dressed again, in the white Anarkali suit, which was her favorite. As she entered the office, she checked herself in front of the glass doors at the entrance. She looked presentable. After that, she went to the computer room to take the printouts. She opened the computer and checked for her folder. It was missing. She asked the man in charge, if he had shifted any folders on this particular computer or deleted any. He replied in the negative. She started to get a little worried, when the man suggested," Madam, a problem must have occurred in the computer due to the power cut yesterday. You can always transfer another copy of your folder from your desktop." Geet hit her head lightly, thanked him and rushed to her desk. She logged into the computer and began searching for her folder, but it seemed to have vanished. She looked at the time. It was 8am. There were only three more hours remaining for the presentation. Panic began to etch her heart. She hurriedly went through each and every file in the computer but to no avail. She even tried the search option, but it yielded no results.

    No! she said to herself as panicky tears filled her eyes. She would not cry. Her folder could not just have vanished into thin air. It must have been transferred to another computer. She ran to the computer room and started checking all the computers, going through each and every document and file, but to no avail. This could not be happening to her. The folder had been there on two desktops yesterday, while today it had just disappeared. Her mind went blank. Her brain was not functioning. She sat on a chair trying to calm the adrenalin running through her veins, when she remembered she had copied something to her pen-drive yesterday. A faint hope began to grow in her as she rushed to her desk and fetched the pen-drive out of her bag. Thank you Babaji, she mouthed a silent prayer as she connected the pen-drive to the C.P.U.

    But all that flashed before her was the PPT which contained nothing of the architectural details and the blue prints. She banged the keyboard in frustration.  Think Geet! Think, she told her almost paralyzed brain.

    Yes! Information if deleted could be restored from the hard disk. She ran to the computer room explaining her situation to the man in-charge.

    "Information could be retrieved, but it would take more than 6 hours to do so. If you want that folder so badly, we could retrieve it, but you would get it only tomorrow." The man said.

     Sasha Mam! Geet thought. She could help her. She ran to Sasha's cabin only to find it locked. She was told by her assistant Tasha that she had been called for some very important work and would be back only before the presentation.

      Geet walked to the washroom dejected. She looked at herself in the mirror and the word loser escaped her lips. Yes, she was a loser. A Good for nothing creature. She couldn't even manage a presentation, was she even worthy to get a job here? Her parents worked so hard for her to reach this stage, and today all their efforts would go down the drain. She had never felt so low in life. she simply stared at herself lifelessly in the mirror, when Shilpa entered the washroom and informed her coldly that the members were in the board room and that she was called for the presentation.

        She walked towards the board room when Sasha caught up with her." Hi Geet! All the best for your presentation. I'm sure you will do well." She smiled while patting her back.

     "Geet!" she shook her worriedly, when Geet was not responding and looked lost. "Is there any problem?"

        Geet looked at Sasha sadly and said," Mam, I wont be able to do the presentation. The entire folder which I created got deleted from the computer. Now all I have left with me is the PPT in my pen-drive."

   " But how can it all get deleted?" Sasha asked surprised.

"There was a power cut and most probably the computers crashed, deleting the new folders created yesterday" Geet replied.

    " That is not possible. We have the latest computers which can store data even in case of power cuts. This looks like somebody has tried to sabotage your work. Anyways, we'll discuss about that later. You do one thing. Explain, the project using the PPT and once the folder is restored, tell them that they will receive the blue-prints in their office tomorrow. That is the best you can do under these circumstances." Sasha said.

      Geet cheered up a little and went towards the board room…………………..

  Maan sat in the board room along with Mr. Chopra, waiting for the presentation to start. Of course, he knew there would be no presentation, thanks to Nitya who made sure all the information was deleted and there was no chance of restoring it before the presentation. Nitya smiled at him from where she was standing with the other team members. In normal circumstances he would have ignored it, but today he returned her smile.

      As he was discussing something with Mr. Chopra, his eyes sought who he was waiting for. He noticed that the spark in her eyes were missing, and he felt a pang which he ignored.

    Once everybody had settled down, he stood up to give an introductory speech.

" Good morning ladies and Gentlemen. We are here for the presentation of Mr. Chopra's new project. This project will be handled by our new trainee Miss Geet Handa. She will be explaining the aims and objectives of this project. So shall we start?" he looked at Mr. Chopra who nodded in the positive. He indicated to Geet to begin with the presentation and the lights went off.

    The PPT was projected before the members and Geet began explaining the aims and objectives. Five minutes into the presentation, Mr. Chopra indicated her to stop.

     As the lights came on, he told her, " Miss Handa, I am quite impressed with your objectives, but we are not here for a presentation on history or economics. We need a copy each of the blueprints, so that we can study it as you continue explaining to us."

    Geet looked at Sasha, and Sasha was about to intervene when Maan asked," Where are the copies of the design Miss Handa?"

     "I'm sorry Sir. I was unable to get them. All the information got deleted, so I could not get the print outs. But it will soon be restores, and i will send a copy each to their offices at the earliest." Geet said meekly.

      "Mr. Khuraana, did you call me here to waste my time? I have better work than wasting my time listening to a trainee's excuses. I was already skeptical about you giving this project to a Trainee but only due to your insistence I agreed, and is this all I get?" Mr. Chopra asked him, slightly angered.

   Mr. Chopra, please try and understand" Maan said, but he was in no mood to listen. Slowly, Maan indicated Nitya to move forward. Nitya stepped forward and said, "Sir, if you don't mind could I give the presentation since I too have been working on this project.

   "No! Thank you. I've already had enough" Mr. Chopra started to get up, but Maan convinced him to sit down and indicated to Nitya to start. She snatched the pointer from Geet's hand smirking, and pushed her to the side.

     Once Nitya began the presentation, everybody present were highly impressed by the detailed information about each and every aspect of the design. Even a copy of the blue-prints was handed to each of the members. At the end of the presentation, Mr. Chopra exclaimed,"Bravo!" Mr. Khuraana, I cant believe that a trainee can give such a presentation. This girl surely is something. Unlike some other girls, who cant even make copies of a file." He gave a disgusted look at Geet who only looked down. "This Girl" he hook hands with Nitya, "won you the project today" he told Maan. "By the way Mr. Khuraana, how do these kind of girls," he pointed towards Geet "get filtered to work in your company? Only we know the hardships we have gone through to reach this position today. These people do not even understand that. They think opportunities will continue to be served to them on a platter." I'm Glad we do not select fresh employees through campus recruitment, else we would surely run into loss, thanks to such kind."

     "I'm sorry for all the unpleasantness caused Sir." Maan said apologizing. " If I knew Miss Handa, was so incapable, I would think twice before taking her into this company, let alone give her a project. I thought girls like her who come from small towns deserve a chance, but all they can do is use their tongues more than their brains, even where not required. If this is any consolation to you, I will personally put a black mark on her training certificate." He declared, and Mr. Chopra smiled.

      One by one everybody gave dirty looks to Geet as they left the room, and all Geet could do was look down.She was so hurt and embarrassed, that she felt like drowning herself. Tears silently flowed down her cheeks, which nobody noticed, as she turned her face away from them.

    Sasha was the lone one to remain in the room and she knew that Geet was shattered. She went towards Geet and placed her hand on her shoulder. Geet hugged her and started sobbing.

   "It wasn't my fault mam. I swear it wasn't. I worked day and night for this project. I cant believe it got ruined like this". Geet was nowhere near stopping as sobs racked her body.

   "Ssh Geet! Its ok. I know it is not your fault. And that other Girl Nitya, trust me a trainee, even for that matter you, could not do such kind of a presentation so early in thier career. The detailed perfection of the entire concept only indicates to M.K because he is a genius. Though I fail to understand why he did such a thing." Sasha tried to console her.

    Geet narrated the entire incident where she had met Maan, and how he tried to show her down from that day onwards. Sasha was very angry when she heard this.

      "What happened was your personal equation with him. This doesn't give him the right to spoil anybody's career just because of his ego. What was the point in giving you the project when anyways he planned to do it with that girl Nitya? It is high time I spoke to him" Sasha said angrily as she marched towards M.K's cabin, but Geet stopped her.

    "Mam, I don't want you spoiling your relationship with him because of me. I will talk to him, since I need to make some things very clear" she said determinedly as she wiped her tears and strode towards his cabin………….

precap: confrontationConfused

Note:please do let me know how was the update. Whatever it is do leave your comments. for the hours i put in imagining plots for this ff, i hardly get 2-3 pages of comments which shows that not many people are interested. So i'm thinking of discontinueing this ff. If you want me to continue, then leave lots of comments letting me know clearly whether to continue or not, so that i'll know if people are interested or not.

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