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Maneet ff: strange desires, updated part24,page142 (Page 130)

bluerose1889 Goldie

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Posted: 22 July 2011 at 8:54am | IP Logged
Originally posted by kathie_berns

glad my ff was able to take your mind off your illness.  hope you get well soon...Smile

Thanks, I'm fine now.

So when are you updating next? I'm dying to know what happens next!

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krndr IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 23 July 2011 at 11:30am | IP Logged
Pls update soon

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honeygrape IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 July 2011 at 2:04pm | IP Logged
hey found out your ff today , i read all  the parts in one go n i loved it...pls continue soon Smile

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nahtani88 IF-Sizzlerz

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Fantastic Updates
Cont Soon
Thanks 4 The PM

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kathie_berns Goldie

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Author's note: thank you guys for your awesome response. i feel so happy to read messages from new readers appreciating my work. Thanks once again and as a treat here is a long update. note that the part is unedited so ignore the mistakes. Dont forget  to leave your comments.Smile

part 24:

Two weeks had passed. There was peace, and yet there wasn't. It was an irony how peace prevailed on the outside but the two souls unknowingly thirsting for each other were in a havoc.  Geet would be hoping that he would call her for some work but when he did, she would be as nervous as a cat. She avoided him like the plague, hiding behind the corridors whenever he passed and holding her breath hoping that he did not see her. Why she did not want to be seen, she had no answer. Whenever his name was mentioned, her heart would skip a beat. And yet she could not get her disobedient heart to tame down. What were these strange feelings growing inside her? She had never felt this way before.

Maan on the other hand seemed to have only one purpose in  life from the past few days, and that was waiting impatiently for the night to end, so that the new day would quench his thirst by seeking her glowing face. Unnoticed by her, he observed her every move. Her smile, her laughter, her twinkling eyes, her lovely voice, Gosh! Was he going crazy? When he closed his eyes, she was in front of him, when he opened his eyes, he would day dream about her. This strange desire which had succumbed him, was drawing him more and more towards her. As a result he avoided her as much as possible, refusing to indulge in self reflection fearing that he would invite the inevitable.

Geet was fidgety as she reached home after a full day of work. Once Babaji! Once! He hadn't even called her once this entire day. Why was he torturing her like this? Did he get some pleasure out of it. His being out of office for long durations was bad enough, without him totally ignoring her when he was in office.

She slapped herself on the forehead. God! This man was driving her crazy. No wonder only weird thoughts filled her mind from the past few days. Why would he call her without work anyways. It was not like he wanted to romance her that he would call her without any reason. Geet! Are you crazy? Her mind screamed. Now where did the word romance come from. He was the chairman of Khuraana  constructions whereas she was who? A mere employee. What right did she have to think along these lines? Her eyes filled with tears and she wiped them away roughly.  Now why was she crying? This demon always got the worst out of her. Stupid dusht danav.

She entered the house to see Meera and Pinky looking at each other and giving secretive smiles. She had no energy left to find out what they were upto so she just took a quick shower and plopped herself on the bed.

She was in a deep sleep when there was a torch light flashing on her face. When she opened her eyes it was dark. She felt the bed for Meera's presence, but felt none. Slowly she got up from the bed and made her way to the door calling for Pinky. When she found no reply, she started to get scared.

Feeling her way through the walls she entered the hall and just switched on the light when everybody screamed..

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY GEET" She looked around to see that the full hall was decorated and all their friends were present, wearing a cute birthday cap. Yash, Dev, Aadi, some of their old college friends, everybody had joined in.

Geet could not express her joy. Admist the singing, Pinky's father took her towards a large chocolate cake. Once the song was done, Geet blew the candles and cut the cake, feeding everybody a piece of it. At the same time the phone rang, and there were loud screamings on the phone wishing her a happy birthday. No prizes for guessing! Her home troop from hoshiarpur. After everybody had taken their own sweet time wishing her and telling her, how much they had missed her, the phone was taken over by darjee.

"Puttar jee, agle hafte Brijki shaadi hai. Jitni jaldi ho sake idhar aaja. Hosake tho parson hi aaja. Yahaan bahut saara kaam pada hai. Kya thu parson aa sakthi hai?"

Geet was so excited to hear about the wedding. Ofcourse she would go the next day of her birthday. Anyways she had applied for leave so she had to just inform them tomorrow and then she would be on their way.

Her darlings, Pinky and Meera too had applied for leave, so they would definitely have fun.  Geet quickly replied for a yes and shared the good news with everybody. Everybody cheered, but suddenly they became quiet as Pinky came towards Geet.

"Geet, I've got to tell you something." Geet was worried looking at Pinky struggling for words.

"Pinky, just let  it out! Is there a problem?" Geet encouraged her.

"The thing is Geet, the thing is-----" Pinky stuttered.

"The thing is I asked Manchanda Uncle for Pinky's hand and he agreed so Pinky and I are going to get married." Aadi interrupted sensing that Pinky was shy.

The hall again erupted with whistling and hooting while Geet hugged Pinky and congratulated Aadi. They celebrated late into the night and only when Manchanda reminded them that there was office the next day, that the crowd dispersed.

Pinky and Meera got into bed with a smile on their face, whereas Geet was feeling something amiss. The surprise was lovely. She had turned twenty two today. Most of her childhood friends had wished her over the phone and there was good news all around, so why wasn't she feeling the thrill? Was it because he did not wish? A small voice inside her whispered.

Geet! She almost screamed to herself. Was she mad? She slapped herself across the cheek to knock some sense into her brainless head and got into bed, closed her eyes and stubbornly tried to get some sleep.


The next day Geet dressed up in a beautiful red anaarkali salwar, which was a gift by Pinky and Meera. They made her leave her hair and nicely combed it until it shone. Once that was done, as usual she applied kohl to her eyes and a tinge of lip gloss to lips.

"Geet, many a male today are going to fall flat on their knees after seeing you today. You look stunning." Meera came and hugged her.

"Thank you." Geet said smiling, wondering how he would find her. She shook herself to clear her thoughts and proceeded with them to the office.


Maan was going through some of the details in the chopra's project when he found that he needed to clarify some things. Now call Geet! His heart screamed, but his mind refused to obey. After wasting about one hour, and tired of fighting with himself, he asked his secretary to send Geet to his cabin.

Geet was waiting to catch a glimpse of him from morning, but she was informed that he had already reached office. Everybody wished her and complimented her, but she only smiled politely while all the time willing for him to call her once. Just as she was sulking, his secretary informed her that Maan Sir had called for her.

Her heart jumped with joy. "Thank you Babaji. Thank you so much! She almost jumped in excitement as she made her way to his cabin.


Maan was busy with his laptop when he heard a soft knock on the door.

"May I come in Sir!" the voice which he was longing to hear spoke to him.

"Come in!" he said in a business like manner, and quickly looked down in order to avoid getting lost just looking at her.

Geet entered the cabin to see that Maan was busy working. He had not even looked up to acknowledge her, and here she was thinking he had come to know about her birthday, she thought sadly.

"Geet, could you please brief me about the recent developments on the site and also------" he looked up at her and forgot what he was saying. His mind stopped working, while his heart was in full flow, pumping blood at a vigorous rate. She looked divine. Yes, divine was the word. No other word could describe her beauty. All he could think of was melting her in his arms, so that he could bury his face in her soft brown hair.

Geet on the other hand became breathless with the intensity in his eyes. All she could do was stare back at him. Of her own accord she went  to him and was about to go closer, when there was a knock at the door and his secretary entered with some files which needed his signature.

Both were broken out of their trance and Maan grabbed the files to sign it while Geet looked away to calm her heaving chest.


"Geet , could you please explain to me how much of the basic structure is completed?" Maan asked controlling himself. 

Geet bent near him to trace her fingers through the blueprint and started briefing him while all Maan could do was clutch his hands to the seat handle tightly in order to prevent himself from pulling her to him. He lost himself in the fragrance of her hair, bent so close to him and blinked foolishly when Geet said that she was done.

"That's it Geet. Thank you. You may leave now." He said again pretending to go back to work and Geet gave him a last disappointed look before she left.

Brilliant Maan! He told himself. You wasted half a day on nothing and now you cant even understand what is going on at the site." He scolded himself. He decided that he better call some other architect at the site and brief himself, lest  he made a fool of himself.


Demon had called her for work ! Not to wish her happy birthday. Geet thought dejectedly as she made her way to her cubicle dejectedly. Didn't he know that it was her birthday? But ofcourse, how would he know. As if he would keep a record of all the employees birthday's in his office.

She was sulking away when Yash came and dragged her to the office canteen where the employees had brought a small cake for  her to cut.

Maan decided to give himself a break and since it was afternoon and everybody were having a lunch break he decided to bring himself a coffee.  As he entered the canteen from the backside he heard the employees singing happy birthday for someone. He peeped through the pillow to see Geet cutting the cake.

It was Geet's birthday and he had not even wished her! Dammit! He hit the pillar causing himself pain. No wonder she was glowing today. He decided to wait for everyone to disperse. He would then wish her.

After sometime he saw Yash whispering something to her. Smiling, she left and he decided to follow her, angry that Yash was so close to her.  She entered the file room and he entered behind her.

Geet was smiling at Yash's tactics. He sent her to the file room and asked her to find the gift he had hidden for her. He called it a treasure hunt and told her to proceed according to the clues he had left in the room. As she collected all the clues she came to the topmost shelf. She should have guessed that Yash would have hidden his gift somewhere there to annoy her. She pulled a stool from the side, got on it and pulled out the gift which was kept behind. The gift was quite heavy. She was wondering what the gift was all about as she was tearing off the gift wrap. The book inside surprised her. It was a reader's digest edition of the different civilizations of the world with a details of what type of architecture they indulged in.

As she was flicking through the pages, she heard a sound and she turned forgetting that she was still on the stool. As a result she lost balance and was about to fall when she was caught by a strong pair of arms.

She closed her eyes and clinged to him tightly fearing her fall. Slowly she opened her eyes to find herself lost in his dark brown ones.

Time stopped once again as the two souls were quenching their thirst of one another.  He unknowingly tightened his arms around her waist while she clung on to him with more force. They were so close that their breaths intermingled with each other. Geet exhaled through her mouth and her moist breath fanned his lips. He brought  her closer to his face, while Geet's eyes closed of their own accord and her plump lips parted in anticipation.

Maan bent towards her to close the distance between their lips when they heard the loud banging of the door and Maan immediately kept Geet on her feet.

Yash entered with a triumphant smile, but his smile faded as he saw Maan. Maan quickly moved towards the other side, grabbed a bunch full of files and made a quick exit.

"So how was the gift? Did you like it?" Yash asked with an expectant voice.

"It was beautiful, but it could have been better." Geet said looking at his retreating back, lost in her thoughts.

"Excuse me?" Yash poked her and she came out of her thoughts.

"No I mean it is quite nice. I loved the book, though this type of a gift was unexpected from you." Geet said with a genuine smile.

"Thank god you liked the gift. Anyways, meet me at the entrance in the evening. Dev has booked a hotel for us in your honour so I've been given the responsibility to escort you to the hotel. Catch you later." Yash disappeared with a wink leaving Geet to day dream about what just happened.


He was transforming into a total buffoon nowadays. Here he had gone to wish her a happy birthday, and he ended up staring at her as always. And now he was out of the office on a so called important meeting which he had to attend. Everything was going against him nowadays, Maan thought in frustration.

After he concluded his meeting which was in a five star hotel , he was about to leave when his eye caught the banner of a famous designer and below it was a breathtaking white saree on display. On cue he bought the saree for a huge amount. He knew what he was going to do with the saree, he smiled to himself.


Geet was sleeping in bed thinking about the day's events. Any other girl in her place would have been very happy and truly saying, if it was some other time, she would have been elated. Dev had organized a very elegant dinner for all of them at a well known hotel. Her friends had celebrated her birthday with such enthusiasm, but somehow she did not feel their enthusiasm. Babaji! Why didn't he wish me? was all that was running in her mind continuously as Meera and Pinky slept peacefully. She decided that she hated him and she would not look at his face again. Thank god, her leave got sanctioned today. From tomorrow she would be far far away from him where her mind would be at peace.


Maan reached the office as soon as possible only to find that all the employees were gone for the day. How was he to wish her now? He was truly frustrated when he saw Aadi working in his cabin. He had seen Aadi and Geet talking to each other many times, so hopefully he would have her number.

Adi got up from his chair in fear to see M.K enter his cabin. What was it that made the chairman enter his cabin? He wondered.

"Aadi, there is no network in my cell and I need to make an urgent call. Could I use your cell?" Maan asked coldly.

Aadi was in such shock that he passed the landline to Maan instead of his cell. Maan looked up at him annoyed.

"Sir, please feel free to use the phone." Aadi mumbled.

Damn this fool! Maan thought angrily. " Aadi, I asked for your cell phone. I don't like talking on landlines. The sound is too harsh." The excuse itself sounded lame to Maan's ears and that was proved by Aadi giving him a weird look as he handed him his cell phone.

Maan pretended punching some numbers thinking that Aadi would move out and give him some privacy but als, Aadi was Aadi.

"Do you want to join in the communication or can I get some privacy?"  Maan asked angrily.

"Ha-ha –ha-ha-ha" Aadi laughed and went out wondering what was wrong with Maan sir. Why did he want touse his cell out of all the people when he could use his own cell since he had atleast 3 with him.

Maan quickly transferred Geet's number onto his cell, came out, handed the cell to Aadi and walked away.

Now Aadi was sure that there was something wrong with M.K. If the call was so important then how did it end in one second?  Aadi decided to stop breaking his head, because the more he broke his head on this complicated man, the more he would get confused.


Geet was twisting around sleepless when her cell began to ring. It was an unknown number. She looked at the watch. It was one minute to twelve. Who would be calling at this time of the night? She picked up the phone.

"Hello" she said into the phone, but there was no response.

"Hello" she said again and yet again she did not receive any response. She concluded that it was a prank call and was about to cut the call when she heard a voice

"Happy birthday Geet" which sent  shivers down her spine. Her breathing immediately became uneven and she clutched the phone tightly willing him to speak more.

"Geet?" he said again in that deep voice of his and she could have died just hearing that voice.

"Thank you" she whispered in to the phone smiling.

Suddenly Meera got up due to the noise.

Which arse hole friend is that who is wishing you when your birthday is almost over? And you are saying thank you as if your life depended on it?" Meera looked at her sleepily.

Geet quickly kept the phone down and gave Meera some silly name while all the while her heart was pleading for more. She quickly switched off the lights and kept the phone to her ears. Hearing that there was no noise she thought he cut the call, but she still kept the phone under her ears and slept a peaceful sleep.

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honeygrape IF-Rockerz

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continue soonSmile

 wow loved it.. thank you so much for giving that ... yipee n am the 1st one to comment Smile

Edited by honeygrape - 24 July 2011 at 11:31am

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hai i love this story and have to wait for ages to get an update...what predicamentCry

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nahtani88 IF-Sizzlerz

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Lovely Update
Cont Soon
Thanks 4 The PM

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