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Maneet ff: strange desires, updated part24,page142 (Page 106)

cool_gal17 Goldie

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Posted: 07 July 2011 at 6:27am | IP Logged
wow plz ad me 2 ya pm list

prathyusmiling Senior Member

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Posted: 07 July 2011 at 12:44pm | IP Logged
awesome continue soon
fatema_007 Goldie

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Posted: 07 July 2011 at 1:09pm | IP Logged
plzzz update soonUnhappy
mysteriousmilli IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 July 2011 at 2:41pm | IP Logged


Just read all parts …..really liked it very much……I love this song…awesome…

I am glad to see that geet didn't forgive maan so easily…..he deserved this after what he does…….

Eagerly waiting for the next part,,,,please  PM me when you update next part...


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kathie_berns Goldie

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Posted: 08 July 2011 at 3:57am | IP Logged
Originally posted by -Nilam-


<font color="#990000"><font size="3" face="Times New Roman, Times, serif">Just read all parts …..really liked it very much……I love
this song…awesome…</font>

<font color="#990000"></b></font>

<font color="#990000"><font size="3" face="Times New Roman, Times, serif">I am glad to see that geet didn't forgive maan so easily…..he
deserved this after what he does…….</font>

<font color="#990000"></font>

<font color="#990000"><font size="3" face="Times New Roman, Times, serif">Eagerly waiting for the next part,,,,please <font size="4">PM</font> me when
you update next part...</font>

<font color="#990000"></font><h1><font color="#990000"><b><font size="3" face="Times New Roman, Times, serif"></font>
thanks. Will do.Smile
drdee142 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 July 2011 at 8:49am | IP Logged
Kathy fabulous update Smile so Maan again managed to get the better of Geet, but I'm sure she'll fight back, please do update soon Smile

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kathie_berns Goldie

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Posted: 08 July 2011 at 2:20pm | IP Logged


Part 22:


Geet rushed into her room. She did not know why her traitor heart was on a speeding mode. Calm down Geet! She told herself. Calm down! You did the right thing by not forgiving him. How dare he misbehave like that with you? What you did was right. Don't think about him again.That demon does not deserve your forgiveness.


She just finished calming herself when Meera and Pinky burst into the house.


"Geet, you missed it. You wont believe what happened today. Dammit! Why couldn't you attend today's concert for once? You would be dumbstruck at what M.K did!" Pinky screamed in excitement.


Geet's horse like heart was on the race course again. But she maintained her exterior cool and said, "Calm down Pinky! You don't need to get hyper excited. I'm sure whatver M.K did, he did not do it for you, so you can just relax and tell me what happened."


"Geet!" Pinky twirled her around. "M.K asked sorry! And that too from a mere employee. In public! Oh God!"


"Pinky, in your excitement your English is going for a toss. I cant understand half the things you are saying in those broken sentences of yours." Geet pretended to be detached.


"Ok! Let me tell you in clear English. The whole concert today was organized by M.K to apologize to some employee he hurt!" Pinky stated.


"And how do you know that?" Geet asked, her heart skipping a beat.


"Well, Geet do you think the employees of khuraana constructions are that dumb? All that is going on now is speculations as to whom M.K actually told sorry to." Meera declared.


"Guys, I'm tired, so I'm off to bed. If you people are done with talking riddles, you can join me in bed." Geet just wanted to escape them and get some time alone to think.


"We are discussing something so interesting and you being the boring girl that you are, you want to sleep? Sit quietly and listen to the full story. "Pinky pushed her on the couch and wagged a threatening finger at her.


"Now let me begin. The whole of the employees at Khuraana's were actually surprised that M.K was arranging for a concert just like that, because mind you to organize concerts such as these, you need to shell crores of rupees. Not that M.K is hard of money, but let me come to the point. We were enjoying the concert, when at the end of the show, the lead of the band suddenly announced that M.K has dedicated a song to apologize to somebody he hurt. And the song they sang, just melted my heart." Pinky went into a dreamy mode.


Seeing that pinky was nowhere close to continue Meera interjected. "M.K being the arrongant man that he is, has never done something like this in the history of Khuraana constructions, forget apologizing to a mere employee in public. So the hot topic for gossip is who can be that girl because M.K would not be bothered with a male employee."


"Maybe that girl is me!" Pinky said dreamily. "Maybe D.D actually realized that he always ignores my greetings when he enters office and he felt sorry for that and wanted to apologize."


"Pinky, stop dreaming." Meera scolded her. "The buzz is on that M.K did it for Nitya, since he threw her out in a fit of rage and maybe he was lamenting over his actions now."


Geet definitely did not like this. "Why would Maan sir do anything for that B****? If you meet her once, it is sufficient to know what kind of a character she is. Sir, did not do it for her." She declared positively.


"Someone really does not like her." Meera teased Geet. "But many of the employees who have seen M.K and Nitya together say that he is attracted to Nitya. And it could be true. Maybe she is actually M.K's present love interest."


"I too have seen them and I cant make out from any angle that he is attracted to her. You guys are jobless discussing about topics which are not true. I'm off to bed now. You better stop discussing about Maan sir and Nitya now. Good night!" saying Geet went into the bedroom and closed the door.


"What happened to Geet now? What did we say to make her angry?" Pinky looked at Meera, confused.


Meera shook her head thoughtfully. Geet was acting weird and she would find out sooner or later what exactly was going on in her mind.


Geet on the other hand could not sleep. She kept twisting and turning in her bed. Why did she burst out just because Meera speculated about Maan and Nitya? She bursted out because Maan had done all this to say sorry to her and not to that Nitya. Why should Meera think otherwise? Hai na Babaji? She looked up as if seeking an answer. 


Suddenly she realized what she was thinking continuously for the past few hours and put a full stop to her overactive brain. Geet, what is your problem if Meera thinks about Maan and Nitya? Tenu Ki farak panda hai? You hate him, so why do you have to worry about him? Forget everything and sleep. Good girl! She patted herself on the head and pulled the covers.




Geet, was sitting in her cubicle agitatedly. What is this man's problem? He called me on a Saturday night just to get a file and now that I'm here he hasn't even called me once from morning. How am I supposed to work if he does not discuss the project with me? Geet looked down,saw all the required material for the project lying on her very table and and turned around to see if anybody noticed her self talk.


Geet, you are going crazy! What's with you? Why would he call you for no reason? Geet scolded herself. Dusht Danav was definitely getting on her nerves. All she could do was think about him for the entire weekend, but could not come up with a logical answer for what he had done.


Stop Geet! Stop! Focus! She told herself as she got back to work and tried to concentrate on her work. The full day passed, and Geet was getting more agitated by the second. Suddenly she saw two employees giving each other a high five.


"Atleast there will be peace in the office for the next two days. God shows mercy on us, by taking M.K away on surprise business trips. What say?"  the employee said to his colleague.


"That's true. But this time I doubt he has gone on any business trip. My strong hunch is that he has gone apologizing to Nitya and she is not ready to forgive him easily so he has taken few days off to pacify her." His colleague replied.


"Is M.K jobless to pursue Nitya? I mean he can get anybody." He whispered.


"But you cant deny the fact that Nitya is hot and M.K would not lose anything doing time pass with her. Considering M.K's past history this shouldn't be surprising" his colleague told him.


"True. Anyways, lets go to the canteen. I'm starved." Saying, both of them made their way to the canteen.


Geet was fuming. So this is why Maan sir was not going to come for the next few days. That stupid man had gone apologizing to Nitya! Anyways, she was not bothered. She was just thinking about how unprofessional he could get, leaving the entire project in her hands. Hai na Babaji? She wasn't angry for anything else. Why would she be? She convinced herself.


But her mood was nowhere to getting convinced. It took on a foul mode as the days passed. She would snap at everything Pinky and Meera said. They got pissed with her and decided to go to the movie without her.



Three days passed by and and Geet's anger was slightly in check. They were all laughing at Yash's jokes in the canteen when Maan's secretary came and informed them that the five new trainees were to gather at the entrance. The company vehicle would take them to a site where Khuraana constructions would begin a new project. They were transported to the site which was a huge river surrounded by barren land. Geet and the others were kept guessing when a line of cars arrived and none other than Maan Singh Khuraana got out.  Geet's heart skipped a beat, she did no know why but she chose to ignore her foolish heart. Maan got out of the car and met up with some government officals. He announced to them that the new project would involve building a hydro electric power plant on this land. The new trainees would be only passive participants in this project while the workload would be handled by the senior architects. Maan had only decided to bring them there so that they could learn something new.


Throughout Maan's speech, Geet was giving him side glances to see whether he had any remorse on his face like he claimed after the concert.


They proceeded towards the edge of the lake while Maan explained to them about the different aspects involved in building a hydro electric power plant. Geet who was busy listening to Maan failed to notice that she had edged very close to the lake. Suddenly her foot slipped and before she could grasp what had happened she plunged into the dark waters. All those present gasped in shock.


Maan stopped breathing. His mind was not in control of what happened next. His legs kicked off the shoes of its own accord and before he knew it, he jumped into the water. The murky water was not helping his sight. Geet! His heart screamed. Please be alright.


Geet knew the basics of swimming but she was too much in a shock for her brain to start functioning. When she came back to her senses she started kicking wildly, but all the water did was seep her more towards its depth. In an attempt to breathe she started swallowing water. Babaji! I don't want to die, she thought panic stricken. Water had entered her nose and blocked her breathing completely. She was about to slip into unconsiousness when she saw something dark move towards her. Maybe, she was meant to die like this. Her life flashed infront of her in a fast forward mode. She smiled remembering the happy moments just before dakness engulfed her.


Maan swam with all his strength trying to locate her but in vain. His soaked clothes were not helping him gain speed. When his lungs were bursting from lack of oxygen, he sufaced to take a deep breath of fresh air. His mind was blank. The only thing he could think of was Geet. Precious minutes were lost. He dived in again searching frantically for her. Geet! You cannot disappear just like that. You cannot leave me. I'm so sorry Geet! Please come back! His mind screamed while his arms were pushing the water back and forth.


Suddenly he thought he saw a glimpse of red. Hope filled his very being. He vigorously scanned the entire place but it was only a piece of sea weed. Dread began to fill him. It was all his fault. If he had not brough them here, she would not be in this situation. Somehow he always ended up being a nightmare for her. Please God! Let me find her once. I'll never again interfere in her life if that is what you want! Please! At that moment he felt something entangle his feet. He looked back to see a red dupatta clinging to his legs. He quickly went deeper into the mushy waters when a lifeless form came floating towards him. He grabbed her by the waist and kicked his tired legs with all the remaining strength he had.


He swam to the shore and placed her gently on the ground. She was not breathing.


"Geet!" He tapped her cheek. "Geet! Get up" he pressed her chest and she started coughing out water. He continuosly kept on pressing until he felt that a considerable amount of water she had swallowed had been expelled out. But she was still unconscious.


"Sir, she has been inside the water for about 5 minutes. I think you need to give her CPRS if she has got any chance of surviing." One of the government officers who had gathered around them told Maan.


" She is alive, so there is no question of whether she would survive or not." He told the officer coldly. But the officer had a point. He could hear the ambulance in the distance but he had to give her first aid. Without thinking, he closed her nose with one hand and bent closer to her mouth to give her his breath of life. Just when he was about to touch her lips, Geet opened her eyes and coughed out water.


Seeing Maan so close to her gave her a shock. Instantly she pushed him away and slapped him hard across the cheek. "You jerk! How dare you! Don't you have any shame! I'v not seen a more perverted creature."  She screamed and all around everybody looked shocked. Maan just dipped his head and stepped back. He was glad that she regained consiousness.


Soon the ambulance reached the spot and Geet was whisked away in a stretcher. She gave him a disguisted look as the ambulance door closed. Yash looked at Geet and then at Maan. He couldn't even dream but his heart went out for Maan this time…...

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fantastic part 
loved it
me first PartyDancing

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