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  Update by Eljay  28 Feb to 4th March 2011

I am having Internet problems since yesterday, which is why this couldn't be posted earlier.  We have to go out now, but here's a brief update:

Prem realizes his father is the one who has kidnapped Shree.  He tells Adhi about this, but Adhi forgets to tell Nivedha who tells Shree's parents about it.  Her brother Shreenath confronts Prem about this.

Nivedha also tells off Palli that Gayathri is not the bad person Palli makes her out to be.  Paati tells Balu that he will have do the final rites for her.

Rest after I return.

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Update for Mar 7 - 11, 2011: By Eljay

Prem tries to get info from KaNNayiram, and he is about to say something, but stops himself and says "Go and ask your appa".  Sivaraman comes there and so Prem is forced to change the topic.  Prem wants to meet her and talk to her but Sivaraman says that is not possible as he also doesn't know where she is.  He says that Shreenidhi has said that no one, not even her parents, should be informed about it.  Prem wants to invite his friends, and finally Sivaraman agrees to call Adhi alone.  Sivaraman says even the venue is secret and he will let Prem know at the right time.

Prem tells Adhi about it and they try to come up with a plan.  Finally, they decide to go along with Sivaraman's plans and wait till the marriage itself. 

Rukku and Ganesh in Bangalore – Rukku calls Anu, talks to Santhosh (where was he all these days?) and Nivedha, and then asks about RR, who hasn't yet come home.  Rukku tells Anu that she must not let him work late and stay in the office like this, all the while saying that it has an effect on health.  She tells Anu to insist that RR come home daily.  As usual, Ganesh takes the phone from her and changes the topic.  This Ganesh and Rukku business is annoying.

Palli's house – they are getting ready to go to the puja.  Palli Is saying her prayers, the karpoora aarathi dies out, and then she trips while coming out of the room, she is upset because all these are apasagunams.  Her father talks her out of this.

MK's place – they are getting ready for the puja.  RR comes in one car, his family in another.  When the puja starts, (and I am wondering why they didn't keep Karthi's picture in the puja if the puja was for his safe return!), the priest asks for the names and MK gives Karthi's name and Shree's name, Palli looks daggers at them all.  MK brings the photo at the end, and the priest identifies Karthi as the guy in the house where he has been doing the puja.  .  The priest says he was told that the puja in that house was arranged by Karthi's father and he claimed that Karthi was mentally disturbed.

RR, MK and the priest get ready to go, and Palli insists on going with them (adhu thaan she expects the whole world to jump when she says something, so she thinks the kidnappers will also run away when they see her!).  RR and her father tell her firmly (for a change) to stay behind and they leave in RR's car.  RR calls the Inspector on the way (after MK reminds him to do so).  The Inspector listens to RR and says he will meet them there.

Like big CIDs, they go to the street corner, the police arrive, and the priest identifies the house and rings the bell.  The kidnappers see the police and escape from the back of the house, and as usual, nobody is guarding the back!  Karthi opens the door and – sees his father and – GRAND REUNION!  The best part of the episode was the police going to the empty room and looking for the kidnappers there, after being told by Karthi that they escaped by the back door!

Karthi is questioned by the police Inspector and asked if he was the one to kidnap Shree (I didn't understand their reasoning – sondhamaa kandu pidikka theriyaadhu, yaaraavadhu kandu pidichu kudutha andha aaLaaiyae keLvi ketkaraa, and enquiry nadatharaangaLaam!).  Finally, he is convinced that Karthi doesn't know anything and lets him go.  He questions the priest who says he was hired by one of the guys, called Ramesh, and says he can identify him.

Late in the evening, RR and Karthi return home (the puja was in the morning, the manhunt and finding Karthi took place in daylight, even the enquiry was during the day, so what were RR and Karthi doing all this while?  Tearful reunion takes place with Palli shedding tears, Paati becoming emotional.  In the morning, Palli brings coffee, then says they have to go to the temple to give thanks.  Karthi wants to go and talk to Shree's parents, and promptly Palli goes back to her Bhadrakali avatar, resuming her old song – ethanai janmam eduthaalum you will never get married to Shree.  RR talks him out of going to Shree's house for the time being.

They go to the temple, which is the same temple where Karthi was planning to get married, so the priest there asks him what happened to the marriage and Palli once again shows her real colors (how much more unpleasant can she get?). The priest is surprised by her outburst (who wouldn't be?).  Then they go to light lamps in front of the Durga sannidhi.

They say their prayers and RR says he prayed that Karthi should get married to the girl of his choice, so of course, Palli says once again that Shree will never be her DIL, no matter how many janmams she takes!  Then she says she wants to go to see someone in Adyar, who told her about the puja to Durgai amman – none other than RR's mom.  Paati of course, tells her to go away and says that Shree is such a nice person and she said all those hurtful things to Shree, so she doesn't want to have anything to do with her.  Palli blames all this on Gayatri as always.

Gayatri is sobbing as always and Shreenath goes to the police station where he comes to know that Karthi has been found, but not Shreenidhi.  He comes home and tells his parents about this and Gayatri sobs some more. 

Deva goes to the house where Shree is being held, tells Ramya that he plans to help Shree escape and convinces her to help him.  She does so only after verifying that Shree gave him her chain to pay off the money he owed to Sivaraman.

Prem is talking to Adhi about Shree and Kannayiram is eavesdropping – aamaam, indha aaLu thaan sevidu aache, ottu ketkera podhu mattum kaadhu ketkumo?  They leave for the wedding. 

Deva and Ramya get the old woman and her assistant out of the house and open the door for Shree to escape – what idiots they are!  Shouldn't they also leave with Shree?  Shree also doesn't leave immediately, but first takes leave of them, thanks them with tears in her eyes, and then goes downstairs while Sivaraman and his family are coming there in a car.  Oh, and here's something the director has goofed up on – Shree is now being held in the same room, but the room is on the third or fourth floor, while previously it was on the first floor – who added the floors while we weren't looking?  And the staircase used to be on the side of the house, now it is inside the house – more mystery!

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Update for week of Mar 14 - 18, 2011: By Eljay

Shree promises not to forget Ramya and Deva, they tell her to escape quickly, she goes down the looooong staircase and walks, slowly, finally sees an auto and goes in it.  She mentally apologizes to her mother and suddenly imagines her mother is sitting beside her and saying that when she decided to take her future in her own hands, she ceased to be their daughter and not to come in their presence ever again.  She calls out Amma in her agitation but there is no one beside her.

In the meantime, Prem's family is coming in one car, while Prem and Adhi are in another.  Just as the auto turns around one corner, Prem's father's car also turns and the two vehicles stop in time.  Sivaraman scolds the auto driver, he curses them back, and Shree sees this and tries to hide her face.  While the two are exchanging insults, Prem and Adhi come there and separate them.  Shree gets out from one side and walks off in the opposite direction.  She turns her back and hides when the two cars pass her.  She walks and faints on the road.  Some women come and pick her up.

Sivaraman and family arrive at the house.  They are welcomed by the woman there, Adhi makes an excuse to go out and calls the police.  In the meantime, someone goes inside and finds that Shree is missing.  Ramya is looking guilty, Sivaraman correctly guesses that she must be the drogi and catches her by her hair.  Prem explains to his mother that it was his father who had kidnapped Shree all these days, and explains that he does not want to marry Shree.  Sivaraman tries to wriggle out of it, and Ramya tells Prem that she helped Shree escape and she is probably with her parents by now.  Prem thanks her.

The police come and escort Sivaraman and the rest of the crowd in the house.  Prem explains to them that Ramya is not guilty as she helped Shree to escape, but I didn't understand why Sivaraman was taken in a car and not the usual jeep (oru veLai jeep innikku kidaikalaiyo?)

Shree is taken by the women to some place that looks like an ashram for women.  There are girls learning dancing, singing, flowers everywhere, and the woman in charge says she can stay for as long as she wants.  The whole place looks so peaceful, I would also love to see this place!

Police station - the Inspector scolds Sivaraman for doing these crimes in spite of having a good family and orders Sivaraman and Kannayiram to be locked up in a cell. Prem explains to the Inspector that his father did this to get Shree married to him.   Mrs. S doesn't want to go home, but Prem takes her.  Inspector tells Prem that this was something praiseworthy that he did.

Gayathri's house - Prem and Adhi come there looking for Shree, but she is not there.  Prem tells them that it was his father who kidnapped Shree, and Shreenath grabs him by his collar as usual.  Adhi explains that Prem has handed his father over to the police, and finally Shreenath calms down.  What I really found amusing was the way the Inspector reacted when Shreenath called him to find out if he had any info on Shree, he said they were looking everywhere and were confident they would find her soon!  Both Shree and Karthi were found, and in both cases, the police were called after they had been found, and this guy takes the credit! 

Anu calls Palli's house, Karthi answers and she is happy.  She asks about Shree and Karthi is replying when Palli walks in.  Palli takes the phone and gets angry when Anu asks about Shree (so what else is new?).  RR comes and tells them about Shree's escape and that Prem's father kidnapped her, he also explains that Prem had no role in this and he turned in his father.  He uses this to tell Palli that she must get all the info before coming to a decision about anyone.

Prem's mother is sobbing away (this is Visa aunty of Uravugal fame) and gets angry when Prem comes and consoles her.  He explains that what his father did was wrong, but she sounds like Visa and blames him, anyway.

Karthi goes to Prem's house, and he is also ready to blame Prem, but changes his mind after listening to Prem's explanation.  They shake hands and decide to look for Shree.

Gayathri wants to go to Karthi's house and ask about Shree, but Shreenath is against it, because he knows how Palli behaves.  She throws a tantrum and gets him to go with her.  When they reach Karthi's house, he is on his way out, but sees them and invites them in (what an idiot!  He knows his mother's nature and yet he is calling them inside?)  Gayathri is reluctant, but he convinces them to go inside.  Just as they are talking, Palli comes there and does her usual rudra tandavam - Sundu and Balu, this woman has no manners, no traces whatsoever of good breeding, and you call her sokka thangam?  I would like to knock your two heads togetherAngryAngryAngry  She accuses Gayathri of saying illaadhadhum pollaadhadhum to Paati, and Gayatri tells her what happened at the temple, but of course, she doesn't believe them.

Palli insults Gayathri and finally Shreenath speaks up and tells her to stop, she tells them to get out and the hapless Karthi stands by, while she tells him that even his father doesn't have the right to invite people whom she does not like into her house.  I really want her to find out soon that she is a second wife!  How soon will that day come?

Shreenath and Gayathri leave after being thoroughly insulted by Palli. 

Ashram - Shree tells the lady in charge about her situation, and she tells Shree to inform her parents that she is now safe, so that they are not worrying about her.
 Gayathri and hubby - Gayathri is sobbing as usual, and hubby says that the josiyar said she will return soon.  Gayathri laughs because they do not even know her correct date of birth and her star.  Gayathri wants to go and confess the truth to Meenakshi and Balu, but hubby advises her to wait till they find Shree.

Hospital - Meenakshi is going to be discharged.  She thinks she will find her daughter if they return to their village.  Just then they get a phone call - it is Palli, and Paati goes to answer the call.  Palli identifies herself, and Paati is livid with rage.

Thodarum ...


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Update for Mar 21 - 25, 2011:  BY Eljay

Paati doesn't speak when Palli answers the phone.  She turns red, yellow, orange, and then puts the phone down and gets Balu to answer the call.  Palli wants to know who answered the phone, Balu says he doesn't know.  Palli goes over the same story about the lady she met whose mind was poisoned by Gayathri, according to her.  She whines as always, why does nobody understand my good manasu?  The answer is, we are all looking for it, and it is as elusive as a needle in a haystack.

RR and Karthi in his office, Sundu wants some checks signed.  Karthi gives Sundu Shree's picture and asks him to look out for her.  They are all trying to figure out the mystery behind her disappearance.

Jennifer in the ashram where Shree is staying, she hands over a check from RR to the lady in charge, on her way out, she passes Shree.  She has left her phone in the ashram, so Shree goes to return it to her and they exchange names.  RR calls Jennifer in the car (and it is dark outside his car, but bright daylight outside Jennifer's car, maybe he flew to the US to make the call?  Or the director didn't notice this point?)

Paati and Balu ' he doesn't want to go to Mannargudi, Paati claims to know why, she thinks he doesn't want her living with them (I agree in a way, things are expensive these days and he doesn't seem to have any job or source of income, how will he manage?) and starts lamenting that there is no one to do koLLi for her ' does Monday have to start like this?

Mar 22: Paati continues her oppari, Balu sits at her feet and cries, asking for forgiveness, now he says she has given him more love than any mother would give (what happened to his own mother?), and they can all leave for Mannargudi in two days.  Paati goes to bed, and he calls Sundu, who is just going to a restaurant for dinner (why did he never marry?) and decides to go and meet him at that restaurant.  Open air restaurant, near Adayar signal ' which one is this?  Does anyone know?  Is it good?  I can try it next time I visit Madras.  

Shree in the ashram, she writes two letters, one to her parents and one to Karthi.  The Manager comes there and she takes the letters for mailing, and Shree says her heart is light now that she has put down everything on paper.

Balu and Sundu at the restaurant, Sundu orders two rava dosas and two chapattis ' how can anyone eat rava dosas and chapattis together, esp at that late hour?  Heartburn varaadha?  Maybe adhukku appuram walking povaangaLo?  Balu tells Sundu about Paati's getting angry when he tried to talk her out of going to Mannargudi with them, and Balu says she gets angry because she has a suddhamaana manasu, where there is guNam, there will be anger also.  Now I get it ' this is why Palli is so short tempered, she is full of guNam ' the only difference is, she has bad guNams (idhukku tamil-le enna word?_I bet this is what Sundu is leading up to.  Balu tells Sundu that he doesn't want to deprive RR of his birthright ' to do the koLLi for his mother; Sundu says that RR would be crushed to hear this, and agrees to come up with some plan so Paati will remain in Madras.

Wed , Mar 23: Nothing much today.

Prem's mother paces up and down, waiting for dad to be released.  Prem comes and says he hasn't been released, she nondhufies her vidhi that her own son should get her husband jailed, he tries to explain that the police fear Shree's life may be in danger if he is released since he was the person who did the kidnapping in the first place.  She gets angry with Prem for taking this matter to the police ' looks like Visa remains Visa, even if the serial is a different one.

Paati is making arrangements to move to Mannargudi.  Balu tries to bring up the topic of RR's agony (what agony?) but she will not listen to any mention of his name.  She goes to her room and takes out a file which she wants to hand over to Anu regarding the land transfer.  Balu follows her and tries to open the topic once again, but she will not listen.

Sundu tells RR about Paati wanting to go to Mannargudi and he is (supposedly) shocked.  He also tells RR that Paati has told Balu to do the final rites for her instead of RR.  RR in shock.

Thurs: RR continues to be in shock over Paati's words.  He and Sundu finally agree that only Anu can stop Paati from leaving.  Sundu informs Balu about this.

RR goes to Anu's house late at night, and goes to the bedroom and starts weeping.  Anu asks him what happened, he tells her about Paati's decision to go to Mannargudi and she is shocked.  He also tells her about Paati denying him the right to do the final rites, and Anu is angry that she has not understood her wonderful husband.  She says she will ensure that Paati doesn't move.

Fri: Karthi is moping in his room, holding Shree's picture in his hand.  His paati takes milk for him, but Palli intercepts and takes it, after refusing to listen to her mother's advice about not getting angry with Karthi (if my children saw this, they will say I qualify for the Mother Teresa award in comparison with this Palli).  She insists that Karthi drink the milk saying a mother knows her child's hunger (she has forgotten that she was totally unaware that he hadn't eaten all day and she learned it just now from her mother!) and then says that even if he doesn't fulfill her dreams, at least he can give up something that she is opposed to.  He says that he is feeling guilty over Shree's suffering.  Finally, she asks him to choose between his love and his mother.  (With a mother like her, a sensible guy should choose his love!)  Luckily, Karthi asks her the same question ' you say you can feel my hunger, but you can't understand my mind?  He says any sensible person would say both his love and his mother are equally important, why can't you do this much for your son?

Shree's letters are delivered to her parents' house and to Karthi's house.  In Karthi's house, the letter is opened by Palli (and he is supposedly a grown son, standing there and allowing his mother to open his letters right in front of him!  Shree is better off, not marrying this amma gondu!)  She reads the letter aloud, wherein Shree has said that she doesn't want to marry him against his mother's wishes, so he should listen to his mother and marry the girl of her choice.  Palli leaves him to think about it, and he takes the letter and sits and mopes again.

At Shree's parents' house, Gayathri reads the letter, along with a gallon of glycerin and two buckets of tears.  Shree has said that she is in a peaceful place and will return after some time, when she is calmer at heart.   She has even forgiven Sivaraman for his act, and says this is like a vanavasam for her, and she is reflecting on her life at this time.  Gayathri dissolves into a million sobs.

Palli comes to Shree's house, rings the bell and asks for Gayathri.  Shreenath and Gayathri come to the door, Gayathri and Shrinivasan ask her in, she starts her old line about how she will never step into the house of a person she doesn't like ' she is the original witch of the West, all she lacks is a broomstick and a pointed hat!  I can't stand her arrogance, and am waiting to see her when she finds out that she is nothing but a second wife, and Shreenidhi is the girl whom she lost at the bus stop and she alone is the cause for Meenakshi's suffering.  At least, Shree's brother Shreenath is not afraid of her and asks her why she came if that was the case, and she says she came to warn them not to try and get Shree married to her son.  In any case, this is an unemployed guy, who really wants to marry a guy without a job, and an amma gondu at that?


Thodarum '

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Update for Mar 28 -  31 , 2011: By Eljay

I had to start Monday morning with this Palli ' kaalai sutha vandha pambu, sani etc. about Shree to Gayathri, saying that she will never come and ask for her hand in marriage to her darling son.  Palli, I cannot stand you.  How I wish they would tell her to get lost!  Oh good, Shreenath shows that he has sense and tells her to Kilambunga!

Prem comes to Gayathri's house and they tell him about Shree's sending them a letter.  Shree's letter is read once again.  Prem sheds a few tears over her forgiving his father.  Inspector also comes there and they show him also the letter.  Prem goes with Inspector to get Sivaraman's release but doesn't go inside, tells the Inspector that he will wait outside.

Anu comes to see Paati in an angry mood.  Paati doesn't reveal why she is angry with RR, lot of dialog back and forth, finally Anu is in tears.  Paati hands over documents relating to property that belonged to her husband, wants Anu and the children to have it.  More tears.

Tues ' Sivaraman is released after being warned by the Inspector.  Prem has come to take him home, he apologizes to Prem.

S's wife tells Sivaraman to go on the straight path and tells Kannayiram to leave for Dubai.  S suggests that he go to Libya instead!

Gayathri and Shreenath go to Anu's house.  RR is about to enter, hears their voices and doesn't enter (what a pity!)  Shameless guy, goes and hides behind the plants when they leave!  Where did he hide his car?  Then goes and rings the bell, and Anu doesn't wonder how he could come so quickly after they left and didn't see them?  He asks about Paati, she wants to know what happened between him and Paati, since he seems to be the reason for Paati's anger.  She says that Paati refuses to change her mind about leaving for Mannargudi.

Wed ' Anu wants to know why RR won't answer her questions.  She wants to know why both he and Paati are hiding something, what happened between them, etc.

Karthi visits MK and SR (bring back  Gopi, where is he?).  He tells them about Shree's letter.  MK wants to find her but Karthi and SR dissuade him.

AAR back in action, calls Anu.  Anu tells her about Karthi's return and Shree's escape to another place as well as her letter to her parents.  AAR tells Anu to visit them in Bangalore, but Anu says she never asks RR to do anything, she waits for him to take her anywhere, because he is so busy and always in "business tension"  - if only she knew what his tension was!  AAR tells her that RR is cheating her, Anu as usual sings RR mahimai.  Rukku is upset that he is doing this to Anu, Anu is upset that Rukku hasn't understood her darling hubby.

Jennifer and Ashram secretary are discussing plans for buildings.  Shree tells them that she has an idea ' leave some open spaces for mana nimmadhi.  Jennifer wants to know why Shree is staying there, but Shree doesn't want to talk about it.  Jennifer also displays a total lack of any culture or refinement, she asks the Secretary about it after Shree leaves.  How inquisitive can a person get?  Luckily, the secretary doesn't tell her.

Palli is moping.  Paati wants to know why she is moping now that Karthi is back.  She says she is upset that she lost Meenakshi's child and Paati says she did it unknowingly, so don't fret.  She tells her mom about Meenakshi's discharge and hopes she gets well soon, then leaves for the temple.

Thurs ' Palli at temple, Gayathri is also there.  Gayathri smiles at Palli (what a waste!), Palli glares.  They both do archana, G for Shree and P for ?  Priest comes and says G's coconut was rotten, P is happy.  Unga daughter thaan mosam ninaichen, looks like you are also like that, rendu perume mosam.  Turns out that it was P's coconut that was spoiled, P's face looks downcast.  Serves her right!


RR and Karthi with Sundar ' Karthi says his mother is against Shree, so he will give up the idea of marrying Shree.  RR and Sundu talk him out of it.  Jenny comes in.  Sundu asks Karthi to give photo of Shree to Jenny, he doesn't have it.  Sundu says he will get it, he brings it, Jenny laughs.  It is a picture of a building.

Sivaraman is moping.  He says that his going to jail would have made them social outcasts, he needs to fall at Shree's feet and ask for forgiveness.  Prem advises him against it, but he will not listen, says that they will throw him out, so what?  Prem says they can go the next day,  but Sivaraman wants to go then itself.  Prem agrees.

Palli at ashram where Shree is staying.  This is the director's pathetic attempt to show Palli's nalla manasu to us ' I guess he or someone in his crew has been reading all our attempts to find Palli's manasu in the first place.  Apparently she is the one sending checks to the ashram, as a parigaaram for her losing Selvi.  If she is not earning the money and is just sending RR's money, how can it be a parigaaram ' this is my question?  Shree is coming up there; she sees Palli and hides behind a bush.  Palli wants to meet the new member, so Shree runs and goes to her room.  She tells the other woman there that she is not feeling well, so the woman goes to get her some medicine.  She meets the secretary and Palli on her way out of the room, secretary asks about "the new member" and she says that she is not feeling well, so she was on her way to get some medicine, and Palli says that she can meet this new person next time.  Habbaa!  Both Shree and I heaved a sigh of relief.  Shree feels she must avoid this Palli at all costs.

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