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FF"Two broken hearts fall in love" ~THREAD 2~ (Page 77)

preethia IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 April 2011 at 1:44am | IP Logged
i am much interested in the 1st 2 promos...sorry yaar more interested in maaneet than any one else

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I am updating now guyzzz. hopefully it will be up in 30 to 45 minutes!Smile

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Mrs.ZSK IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by preethia

i am much interested in the 1st 2 promos...sorry yaar more interested in maaneet than any one else

totally understandable.  I myself like maaneet more, but you also need other characters to keep a story going.
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will be waiting dear...

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Thank you to all those who wished me a happy birthday. muahhh!

Maan pokes his head out the car'Are you guys coming or do I have to send a personal invitation for you guys".
Daadi: we are coming'.
Let's go Vicky'before he get's angry again'
Daadi just looks up to the sky and thanks babaji from the bottom of her heart and wishes that her family always stays happy and that an evil eye doesn't get cast on them.

Part: 28
Maan steps out of the car and asks Nakul if his bedroom and geet's bedroom is ready.
Nakul: yes sir everything is set and organized.
Maan thanks him and then goes to help geet to get out of the car.
Maan: Let me show you to your room geet.
As they were walking to her room this place looked so different from the first time geet came in here.
Geet: Maan whose house is this?I thought you lived in the Khurana Mansion, but this place doesn't look like the Khurana Mansion.
Maan: This is the out house geet and this whole place is yours.  This way you can be comfortable and have the whole place to yourself.
And look we have reached your room.
Everything a woman wanted was there.  There was not one thing maan left out so she could feel at home.She even opened her closet and she saw salwar kamizes and saris in there.
Geet: Maan you even bought me new clothes?
Maan: If you don't like them I could ask Nakul to bring your clothes from your apartment.
Geet: that is not what I meant.
Maan: Yes geet I even bought you clothes. It is not a big deal.  I am your friend and friends help each other out the last time I checked.
Geet runs and hugs him.
" Thank you" she whispers.
Maan: Geet I learned something knew today.
Geet: and what's that?
Maan: That if I act nice and care for you I will always get a hug in return.  Maybe I should do this more often'(he says laughing).
Geet laughs as well and gives him a friendly shove.
Maan: geet you rest and relax the food will be ready soon. (He says still chuckling).
After taking a tour of the house, geet rested and took a nap in her bedroom.
Maan had changed and decided to get some things done before dinner.  He goes to inform geet about this, but when he arrives at her room he sees that she was sound asleep.
He just looked at her peaceful face and decided not to disturb her. He then heads over to Khurana Constructions. Every employee started to get scared.  The boss finally had come back after two days.
Maan comes in and tells adi to call everybody in for a staff meeting now.
Adi: gggeee sssiirr.
Pinky: oh God. Boss is back after two days and he has called a staff meeting.  Only God can save us now.
Romeo: where is geet? She is really good at handling maan sir.
Sasha: Just shut up Romeo.  MK doesn't need any one, especially that village girl to handle maan.  I am even glad she is gone.
Tasha: Silly girl.
Adi: this is not the time to be talking about geet, but to go to the meeting and seeing what mmmaaan ssirr has to sssayy.
Pinky: Adi is right let's go.
Everyone goes to the conference room and takes a seat.  Maan was sitting in his chair and his back was turned to everyone. Everyone was just looking at each other, whispering, and wondering what maan was going to say and why isn't he starting.
Maan than turns his chair and then faces everyone.It didn't even take a second and everyone was quiet. Maan than starts to talk.
Maan: As you all know I haven't been here for two days due to personal reasons.  And as it turns out it doesn't look like I am coming back any time soon.  Maybe in a few days or it could be a week or more.
So during this time I don't want you guys to be slacking from your jobs.  And in case you guys need me for an important reason than call me on my cell phone.
"MK if you don't mind me asking, is everything okay that you will not be here?" Sasha interrupts.
Maan just looks at her and then says, " I still have some personal work to take care of at home".
Then Romeo gathers up the courage to ask, " maan sir, do you know why geet has not come either?"
Maan: She is on sick leave for now and whenever she feels better she will be coming back to work.
Maan: anymore questions?
All employees just looked at each other but no one had another question or more like dared to ask another question.
Maan: Okay than go back to your jobs.
Everyone got up and was leaving. Maan then remembered something.
Maan: Adi wait up.
Adi: yyyeess sir.
Maan: Any important files that I need to look at bring them to me now and if I have time I will look at them at home.
Adi: Okay sir.



Geet finally woke up.  She notices that it was night now and the whole house was dark and silent, sending a creepy chill down her spine.
 Geet was scared of the dark.  She leaves her room trying to find maan.
Geet: maan? Maan are you there?
All of a sudden geet stops as she feels something tug on her dupatta.  She gathers up the courage and slowly looks behind herself.  She sees almost a ghost like figure and then all she could think of was running for her life.
Geet: "Bhooot" geet screams and runs down the stairs.
Maan just walks in through the doors when geet slams right into him.
Geet was about to let out another scream, but then maan covers her mouth and corners her to the wall.
Geet was shaking now out of fright now all she could see was someone's gazing eyes looking at her intensely. Maan slowly lowers his hand and along the way caresses her lips. Their breaths start to mingle and both of them just stand against each other in the dark and looming night.  Geet's heart was picking up pace, which was once racing out of fright now racing from maan's touch and sensations that his breath sent down her spine, even making her toes curl.  She could sense herself losing herself as she starts to inch closer to maan's lips.  Her eyes start to get moist, as she couldn't resist herself even though she was trying so hard too. 
At the same moment maan switches the lights on. Geet comes back to reality and jumps back shocked with her behavior.  She stares at maan trying to figure out what his reaction is toward all this, but couldn't figure anything out.
Tears start to spill out from her eyes with all the emotions raging through her.  Geet ashamed tries to run away, but before she could maan grabs a hold of her hand.  Geet stops in her tracks instantly and cringes with his touch.  She tries to free her hand, but maan was not letting go any time soon.  She manages to mutter "maan please".
Maan what just totally baffled with what just happened.  Why was she running in the dark?why was geet crying?
Maan finally just tugs on geet's hand and she comes back slamming into his chest.
Geet didn't know how to meet his eyes.  She didn't know how to explain her behavior to maan when she couldn't even explain it to herself.  Fresh tears started to spill out as the idea that she might of just destroyed her new friendship with maan with her behavior.  She didn't want to lose maan.

She instantly hugs maan.  Maan hugs her back and strokes her hair a bit as concern started to form in his eyes.
Geet: maan don't ever leave me. Please don't ever leave me. I 'I', she starts to stutter.
Maan: Geet it's okay'.I am here.  Why would I leave you? I would never do such a thing to you. 
Geet: It was so dark and I was trying to look for you, but I couldn't find you.
Maan: Why didn't you turn on the lights?
Geet: I was afraid of the dark to even think. All I was thinking was to find you.
Maan: Geet I am sorry.  I should of left the lights on.
Geet than breaks out of the hug as she remembers that her dupatta was not on her and starts to feel uncomfortable.
Maan senses this and then looks the other way.
Maan: ummm I think you might have dropped your dupatta as you were running.  I will wait here as you go get it.
Geet: I am not going back up there.
Maan: Why not?
Geet: because there is a ghost.
Maan: What..?
Geet: something caught and tugged on my dupatta and when I looked behind myself it looked like a ghost.

Maan: Geet I lived in here for 4 years by myself and I don't think I saw a ghost here. He says laughing.
Geet: I don't care I know what I saw.
Maan: Okay then let's go and check it out.
Geet: I said it already I am not going back up there.
Maan: Geet stop acting like a child.  Here hold my hand if it makes you feel any better.

Geet quickly replies "Nahiii" with a little emphasis making the situation awkward. 
Geet quickly retorts, "meri matlab hai nahii I am not a little kid to hold on to your hand".
Maan doesn't listen and just grabs on to her hand and pulls her upstairs.
Geet at first fights back. "choro mujhe'meine kahata choro mujhe'MAAN!"
Maan irritated pins her against the wall and says, "Chup bilkun chup" as he silences her with his finger and stares at her with his intense eyes. 
Maan:  Geet look into my eyes.  Geet'
Geet slowly raises her eyes and meet's his. 

Maan: Now tell me geet are you still scared? The fright that was once making you shake is it still there?
Geet looks back at herself and notices her fright was gone.  She starts to ask herself, " why am I not scared? why has my heart calmed down.
maan: Geet your silence speaks a lot.  Let this show you how I will always be here to take all your pain and fears away. I forcedly held on to your hand to show you that there is nothing to fear when I am beside you'when I am here. I will always be here closer than your own shadow and protect you.
Geet felt like maan had read her mind and answered her question.  Maan was right and geet just noticed how every time maan touches her, her heart starts to calm down.  His warmth is all she needs for her heart to feel protected and safe.
Maan lets her go now and asks her " now that you have calmed down do you want to go check out the so-called "bhoot" that you saw?" he says grinning a little.
"Wipe that grin off your face it is not funny.  If you are just going to make fun of me than I don't need your help" she says as she walks away.
Maan: Geet rucko'Geet wait I am coming with you.
She still continues to walk away not listening.  But then all of a sudden she freezes in her place.
Maan catches up and gets confused looking at geet's expression. He looks over to what she was looking at and bursts out laughing.
Maan: Geet is this the so called "bhoot"'this? It's a plant.  Your dupatta had gotten caught on a plant.
Geet started to turn pink from embarrassment.  She quickly goes and tries to unhook the dupatta, but just couldn't.
Maan goes and carefully unhooks the dupatta from the plant and places it neatly on geet's neck and shoulders.


All of a sudden geet's stomach growls.
Maan: uhhh geet you might be hungry so let's go eat.
Geet: After the extra running I just did who wouldn't be, she says smiling.
Maan: okay I am going to go wash up and meet you in the kitchen in a few minutes.

"You sure you are okay if I leave you alone for a few minutes" he chuckles.
Geet: that is not funny.

Maan: yes it is'wait until I tell Vicky.
Geet: oh no you are not telling him. If you do I won't here the end of it.
Maan: My point exactly
"Maaan" geet says in a whiny voice.


Both promos

promo #1:
Geet screams, "maan don't you dare or else".
Maan: or else what geet?
Geet: or else'or else I will do something, which will make you angry.
Maan: oh really?
Maan grabs geet and corners her to the kitchen wall.
There faces were just inches apart.

Promo: #2
Geet didn't know what kind of affect this was having on maan. She was trying to get revenge by making maan angry, but it was like she was seducing him.
Geet: How is that for naughtiness!
Maan: Not naughty enough'I will show you naughty.
Geet starts to run, but maan catches her and then corners geet to the wall entrapping her between his arms.

Don't forget to hit the like button if you liked the update.Smile

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fab update

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Gr8 update
Haha the *bhoot* turned out 2 be a plant
Love both the promo'z
Cont soon Xx...
Thx 4 the PM

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