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FF"Two broken hearts fall in love" ~THREAD 2~ (Page 64)

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Aawww happy birthday dear :)

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belated comment
cewek bawa roti
sorry yaar pls
forgive me for late
wish yu know i luvvvvvvvvv yuuuuuuuu
z i hope ur dream come true

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Daadi: okay I believe you because you say so. Let's go see how maan and geet are doing.
Vicky: All right daadi you go ahead I will be right there.
Daadi: theek hai beta'don't take to long though, she says with a smile.
As daadima heads back into the hospital Vicky thinks, " I am sorry for lying to you daadi.  You already have enough stress, my story would just add to that".

Part 27:
"Will it stay this way?"
Daadi heads toward geet's room.Geet was sleeping.
Daadi came and sat next to her and continued to just look at her. 
She looked so innocent and happy on the outside, but on the inside she carried so much pain.
Daadi just stroked her face and then placed a few strands of her hair behind her ears.
Daadi: geet you have gone through so much'
I want you to know that I consider you more of a daughter and I am willing to do anything for you.
A tear drops from the corner of her eyes.
Maan had just walked into the room.
Maan: Daadi'
Daadima quickly wipes away her tears and tries to faade a smile on her face.
Maan: Daadi if you consider her your daughter than would you have a problem if she came to live with us.
Daadi: mein kuch nahi samji. Tumari matlab kya hai beta?
Maan: I have taken full responsibility of taking care of geet since she has injured her left arm, and since she has no family members to take care of her I told the doctor that I would do it.
I am sorry for not asking for your permission first, but I hope you do not have any objections.
Daadima: I don't have a problem. She could stay at the outhouse.
Maan: but daadima I said that I would take care of her. I just can't leave her their to fend for herself, especially when I live in the Khurana mansion.
Daadima: that is not a problem beta, you can move back into the outhouse.
Maan was confused and shocked. How was his daadi okay with him and geet to live by them selves alone?
Daadima could sense maan was stunned by her suggestion, but she trusted both of them and knew they would never do anything to dishonor the family.
But daadi also knew that this would be a perfect opportunity for them to get to know each other better and to become closer to one another.
Daadi: The reason I am saying this so geet can feel at home and have the whole place to herself.
If you don't want to'.
Maan: no that's fine daadi.  I have no problem moving back to the outhouse. 
Maan didn't know why, but he felt like his daadi was hiding something.  But he decided to let it go'maybe geet would feel more comfortable if she stayed in the outhouse.
Vicky was walking back to the hospital to see geet.  He is walking and then bumps into someone.
Vicky: I'm sor'
Vicky stops his apology right when he sees it was meera who he had bumped into.
He just looks the other way having an annoyed look on his face'
Meera: Vicky'
Vicky: It's Mr.Khurana to you.  You lost that chance to call me Vicky a long time ago.
Meera: Vicky we need to talk. 
Vicky: Talk? He scoffs'
In what world? because I don't even want to be looking at your face.
Meera: Not even if I say I love you.
I have always loved you'(she manages to mutter in a low voice).
Vicky head snaps up in shock and his eyes widen.
"Why? Couldn't find someone else to play with their feelings.  Was Vicky the only fool to fall for you?
If you loved me you would have never done to me what you did.
Now save your regret or so called love to yourself because I can't stand you meera'I can't"
Hearing such words or more like daggers to the heart ,a tear escaped from meera's eyes.
How cruel fate worked. Why bring Vicky back into her life if she would only receive pain?
Vicky storms off, but then bumps into Maan.
Vicky in anger shouts, " Is there anyone else left that I haven't bumped into yet?"
Maan was shocked and confused.  Was that his brother? Was that even Vicky'?
He looks to the side and sees Meera and her tears.
Maan approaches her and Meera trying to act smooth quickly wipes away her tears.
Maan: hey doctor I wanted to fill out geet's discharge papers. if it's okay with you I would like to take her home today.
Meera: yeah sure. I will have the papers ready for you in a few minutes. 
Maan: Thank you doctor.  For everything you have done.
Meera: Please call me meera and it is a pleasure helping you and meeting you.
Maan: oh which reminds me you are already acquainted with Vicky. May I ask how you two already know each other?
Maan was curious and suspicious.  Something was going on between these two and he wanted to know what.
Meera: Vicky and I go all the way back to high school in the U.S.
Maan: really? It is a shame he never mentioned you.  If you guys were close than why did you two not keep in touch?
Meera: We just went our separate ways, but somehow we meet again after all these years.
Maan: I hope everything works out between you and that you two kick start your friendship again.  It is nice having friends.  To be honest I have realized that feeling today myself.
You know you should come over sometime.
Annoucement: Dr.Meera to the emergency room. Dr.Meera to the emergency room.
Meera: I have to go, but I will have your discharge papers ready in a few minutes.
She says before storming off to the emergency room.
Maan: koi cheez to hai.  Vicky is such a friendly person why would he just forget and go his separate way from a close friend.
Hmmm'the way he was so angry and meera's tears, there is certainly some type of argument between these two.
The Vicky I know can't stay mad at a person for too long so I am sure these two can work out their problems sooner or later.
Vicky walks into geet's room and she was awake and was happily talking with daadima.
Vicky walks in sits beside geet and just looks the other way with an annoyed look on his face.
Daadima just sits back and just waits for the drama to start.
Geet looked at Vicky's expression and a smile started to appear on her face.
Geet: Vicky'
Vicky: Me tumse koi baat nahi karongi!
Geet: Vicky meri baat to sunno'
Vicky: tumhari baat mein sunno? Kyun? As if you listen to me!
Geet: Vicky'
Vicky: Don't Vicky me'how could you do this geet? How could you do this to me?
Geet: ohhh'.so this is about you?
Vicky: Haan aur toh kya? (Vicky says chuckling.)
Now both geet, Vicky, and daadima were laughing.
Vicky: Geet mein kahatana ki mein tumhari dost huin.  Then why would you do this to yourself? Didn't you think for one second what would go through me, or daadima, and even maan.
Geet says, " I know I have always been a burden on you guys" and just looks the other way with the smile that was once on her face replaced with sadness.
Vicky: geet'that is not what I was saying.
Vicky just gives a look to geet.
Geet: why are you looking at me like that.
Vicky: mujhe toh pata hai tum kyun aisa kiya?
Geet: oh really?
Vicky: haan mujhe pata hai, but I am not going to tell you.
Geet: and why not?
"Because you already know the answer obviously", Vicky says chuckling.
The truth is that you won't accept whatever I have to say'so when I feel like the time is right I will tell you.
Geet: achaa'is that so???
Geet gets her pillow and with her good arm throws the pillow at Vicky. 
But Vicky ducks and it hits maan who just walks in through the door.
But with his fast reflexes he catches the pillow and just gives a glaring look to geet.
Geet just freezes and closes her eyes.
Vicky gives a signal to daadi to be quiet.
But it just got too quiet'so geet opens up one of her eyes slowly, but then sees maan was gone.
She relaxes and takes a deep breath'. "for a second I thought maan was actually there'I guess I was just seeing things..".
But then she screams as she sees maan sitting on the sofa at the corner of the room'
Maan: Geet do you always daydream about me'Is that why you thought I wasn't real?
Geet starts blushing and turning pink'
"Nahi me tohh'.." geet murmers but can't seem to finish what she was saying and just becomes to shy and cover's her face.
Maan just laughs and walks towards her and puts out his hand.
Maan: Geet'what's the point of beings friends but not being able to tease and make fun of one another" maan says with a smile on his face using geet's own word's against her.
""let's go"
Geet just jokingly shoves maan with her hand.
"hahahaaa'.very funny maan" she says sarcastically, but then grabs his hand and with maan's help gets up from the bed.

Daadima approaches them and says, " You don't know how happy I am seeing both of you smiling and laughing.  May you both always remain like this".
Vicky: This is no time to get emotional. It's time to partayyy!!!!!!
Maan: party? With geet's one arm'
Vicky: oh yeah she can't move or doing anything fun until she get's better.
Vicky: achaa sunno geet'get better soon so we can have a friends night out'.promise?
Geet: theek hai baba'I promise.  Maan you will come to right?
Vicky: of course not! Maan Singh Khurana only goes to business parties the last time I checked.  I don't think he even remembers how to have fun anymore ..ain't I right daadima?
Daadi: Haan geet Vicky bilkun sach kerahain. 

Geet:how boring'it is a good thing I have Vicky than'he will always be there when I want to have fun.
Maan was just turning redder by the second.
All three of them just watched him and then started bursting out laughing.
Maan:"keep on laughing'.I understand now geet what our friendship means"
Geet: chill maan we were all joking.
Daadi: haan beta take a chill pill.
Now even maan couldn't hold back his laughter after hearing that expression from his own daadi.
But then maan get's all serious again'.
But I am not boring 'right"
Geet: not from what I have seen'and don't you worry you can even prove to everyone that your not when I feel better and we have a fun night out".
Maan holds on to geet as she walked by his side.
They continued to bicker all the way out to the car. 
Daadima whispers, " they have become friends'and now with a little more push they will become lovers".
Daadima and Vicky give themselves a high five.
Maan pokes his head out the car'Are you guys coming or do I have to send a personal invitation for you guys".
Daadi: we are coming'.
Let's go Vicky'before he get's angry again'
Daadi just looks up to the sky and thanks babaji from the bottom of her heart and wishes that her family always stays happy and that an evil eye doesn't get cast on them.


All of a sudden geet stops as she feels something tug on her dupatta. She gathers up the courage and slowly looks behind herself.  She sees almost a ghost like figure and then all she could think of was running for her life.
Geet: "Bhooot" geet screams and runs down the stairs.
Maan just walks in through the doors when geet slams right into him.

(some of you may be wondering how Vicky can go from being upset and hurt to chirpy and humorous'everything has a reason'and gradually I will explain everything..don't want to spoil anything. also my big exams are coming up so i might not update as much but will try too. when my exams are over u will be seeing much more updates and even another FF that i have in mind).

Hit the  like button if you liked the update!Big smile

Link to promos~Promos
Next Part~Bhooot

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Originally posted by mrs.msk

a very happy birthday
I know am late..sorry
How was your b-day celebration?

wooohooo you are updating....can't wait LOL

it's okay dear...thank you so much though.

it was great. hanged out alllotttt with friends and family hehe!

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Amazing update dear.
Thanks for the treat. Its ur bday and u are gifting us such a lovely part :)
Happy days are here again for maaneet. Loved their cute nokh jokh.
Poor meera she was left crying. Their matter seems serious :O
Outhouse mein shifting. Wooow cant wait for it :D

Happy birthday once again dear :D

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Beautiful update....Maan n Geet are getting along well with each other as friends n now Daadi n Vicky are trying to get them more close.....hope Vicky n Meera will clear their misunderstandings soon...All the best for ur exams....Smile

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Awesome update
Loved it loadz
Cant wait 4 da next part
Con soon
Thanks 4 da pm
sorry my like button not working
dont know why z

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best of luck with
ur exam z
love it love it
brilliant update
vicky & geet conv
so sweet & cute
pls cont soonnnnnnnn
thank yu so muchhhhhhhhhhh
my dear

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