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ur all updates r   ...EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
 4 ur hard work dear..Thumbs Up..
tons of    n ....Hug
 really  ....ClapClapClap
 4 pm me dear......n keep pm me dear....Smile..
once again i  (ur all update)..Big smile...
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Hey Guyysss!

i am right now hehe...

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FIrst i want to give a shout out to Shreya aka Maangeetcrazy....Happy 16th Birthday sweetheart...luv u! muahhhh!

Hope u guys like this part.

Geet whispers in maan's ears: Thank you for everything you've done for me. Now I have at least one person to call friend and not feel so lonely.
Those words just sent currents down maan's body. He felt so good inside.  He was fulfilling his promise to god that he would take away geet's loneliness and pain and bring the old geet back.  And so far he was on a good track.
Just than meera walks in and becomes surprised to see geet up and awake.
Meera: Geet???
Geet lets go of maan quickly and becomes frozen, as she was not supposed to be here, but in her room.

Memories filled with pain

Meera: Geet' or should I say Mrs.Khurana.

Meera gives a glare at Maan and continues with what she was saying "what are you doing here? You are supposed to be resting"
Geet: I was just on my way to leave and go to my room'she says hesitantly.
She is about to leave the room'but looks back to maan and says, " Mrs.Khurana will be waiting for you in her room once your feeling better" she says with a smirk and leaves.
Maan's mouth almost fell open.  What was that supposed to mean?
Meera interrupts maan's thoughts and says, " I am here to check up on you"
Maan: uhh okay.
After a couple of minutes meera finished her check up and report.
She looks up and sees maan is engrossed in his thoughts.
Meera: she is quite a handful isn't she?
Maan: huh who?
Meera: Who else? The real Mrs.Khurana, which doesn't exist.
Maan: you know?
Meera: haan, mujhe sab kuch pata hai.
Maan: you are not mad at me for lying to you.
Meera: At first I was a little bit, but than when I remembered how you reacted when we thought we had lost her I have not even seen a married man act like that before towards their wife.
Even if you two may not be married, but the love and care I see in both of your eyes speaks more volume.
Maan's head almost snaps straight and his eyes widen.
Meera: Don't give me that look. You know exactly what I am talking about.
You are all better now. Just don't get up to fast; it may cause you to feel dizzy.
Vicky will fill out your discharge papers.
"You might want to freshen up because a Mrs.Khurana is waiting patiently in her room" she chuckles and leaves.
Maan: No'No'this isn't true.
Maybe through other people's eyes this may look like my love for geet but it's not.  I only want to help her since she has been through a similar situation as me.  And also the fact that she is in this condition to show her appreciation for me in the first place'How was I going to live with myself if something happened to geet?
The way I acted was perfectly justified.  It doesn't mean I love her'.It just doesn't.
Meera comes in and checks up on geet. 
Meera: Ms.Geet I know you can't move your left arm due to the pain so I don't want you to lift or use that arm and hand for at least a couple of days'depending on how fast you recover'okay.
Does your family know that you're here?
"family.." geet murmered as so many memories started rushing through her'one in particular
(3 months ago)
Geet's parents are having a party for her at there house and geet decides to entertain the guests with a song.
 (geet sings:
Yeh Betiyan To Babul Ki Raniya Hai
Yeh Betiyan To Babul Ki Raniya Hai
Mitti Mitti Pyaari Pyaari Yeh Kahaniya Hai
Yeh Shisthiyan Gudiya Rab Jaane Ki Yeh Kudiyaan
Kina Jamilya Naale Jaaniya Hai
Yeh Betiyan To Babul Ki Raniya Hai
Mitti Mitti Pyaari Pyaari Yeh Kahaniya Hai...)

(listen to will give you a better picture of how geet's relationship was with her parents).
 (flashback ends as meera calls on her)..

meera:Ms.Geet I will need to talk to who ever will be taking care of you at home because you won't be able to do anything for about 2 weeks.
Still geet was quiet and was not responding.

Geet to herself: I thought I would never leave home'but fate has never been on my side'.my parents who meant everything to me more than my life backstabbed me'my own parents...took my happiness away from me, which forced me to leave them and my past behind.  I don't have a family' I don't have a family'.

meera: Ms.Geet I am asking about which family member will be taking care of you this is really important for me to know.
"I will" the voice echoed through out the hospital room.
Geet finally looks up and meera looks behind herself and sees it is none other than maan.
"Geet is staying at my house and I will be taking care of her".
Meera: but'
Maan cuts her off' "isn't that right Mrs.Khurana?" he says with a straight face.
Geet had tears forming in her eyes.  She couldn't believe how maan was willing to care for her even more than what he already has done for her.
Meera gives up.  There was no point in arguing.  Even though she knew that these two were not married nor family members no one else knew. Seeing how maan loves and cares for geet she is going to allow this one to slip and allow maan to discharge geet and to care for her.
Meera decides to leave so she could give maan and geet time to talk privately amongst themselves.
Geet tears started to spill out now.
Maan rushes to geet's side.
Maan: Geet there is no need to cry.  I can't stand to see my friend cry.  So please stop crying.
Geet all of a sudden hugs maan and cries her heart out.
Geet: maan'.the doctor made me realize how alone I am in this world'I don't even have anybody to call family.
Maan breaks out of the hug'.
Maan: Geet' am I considered a nobody to you?
Geet: nahi'mere matlab vo nahi '
Maan covers her mouth with one of his hands and with the other hand wipes her tears away.
Maan: Geet you don't have to explain anything to me. I know it is hard for you being away from your family.
I don't know exactly what has brought you into this situation but don't ever consider yourself alone.
We are friends now aren't we?
Geet nodes her head for a yes.
So it is settled than. You will stay over at my house and I will take care of you.
Geet: Till when maan?
Maan: tumhari matlab?
Geet: till when will you keep on helping me and caring for me.  You can't always be there to protect and save me again and again.
Maan: Geet till I am alive.
Geet's head shoots up. "till I am alive"'kept on  echoing in her head.
Geet's heart: I told you he loves you'he can never hurt you.
Maan: Now you have to promise me something.
He pauses.  Geet was just lost in the care she saw in his eyes for her.
Maan:I never want to see tears in your eyes.
I don't want you to waste your tears on things that brings you pain. Geet if your past brings you pain than you have to learn how to move on.  And if you can't control and do glimpse back at those memories than start to think about things that make you happy and slowly your past will seem like a bad nightmare.
Geet I am here now'I won't allow for any pain to touch you.
Maan: you stay here and rest. We can talk as much as you want when you feel better okay.
Maan gets up and heads for the door,
 Geet: maan
Maan: yes geet
Geet: Thank you
Maan: Anytime geet.
Maan again heads for the door.
Geet: Maan
Maan turns around.
Geet: maan since when have you become so nice.  I have never seen this side of you.
Maan: Geet this is the same question I ask myself. I had lost myself, but for some reason I feel like I am finding my self again.
We have a lot more in common than you think.
Vicky was outside the hospital. He was throwing pebbles out on a pond and watching it make beautiful round ripples in the water.
But still it was not helping him calm down.
Seeing meera after three years revived the pain and memories that he had buried or more like tried to bury with his behavior.
Everyone called him a player back in high school. Vicky didn't even deny it.  He was'but that was before he knew what true love was until he truly and deeply fell in love with her'.and what a big mistake that was.  Even today he is considered a player even a bigger player than before but there lies a hidden reason to it'Vicky has masked his pain and blocked his pain by becoming a bigger player than what he once was'.but no one has ever sensed that.
His flashbacks wouldn't end. 


He remembered the first day they had met. She had a beautiful face, barely wore any make up and was wearing simple Indian clothing.  It was her first day and time going to an American high school.
Some bad boys of the school were giving her a hard time and making fun of her.
American boy: hey check this chic out'
What a beautiful face'but sadly it his hidden in all that ugly clothing..
Second American boy: hey'whats you name?
Meera: my name is meera.
Third American boy: Beautiful name just like your face.
Meera started to feel uncomfortable and decided to leave the situation.
But all of a sudden one of the boys grabs her hand and closes in on her.
"why don't you wear American clothes so then we boys could admire your beauty more"
Here let me show you. Let's start from taking this long scarf off your neck(they were referring to her dupatta).
But meera holds on.
Meera: Don't you dare touch me.
Second American boy: ooooowww I am so scared'but I got a say you're very feisty'.i like.
Meera is struggling to get him off her'but he was too strong.
She bites his hand and he lets go.
Then she starts to run, but she wasn't looking forward and accidently bumps into someone.
The boys catch up and see that it was Vicky.
American boy: Hey Vicky, perfect timing.  Check this girl out..isn't she something.only a little too covered don't you think.
Before he could say anything more he receives a punch in the stomach and then face, which shut him up for good.
Vicky: anyone else wants to comment?
Second American boy: She is all yours man. We are out of here.
All the boys leave.
Vicky: Are you okay?
Meera didn't know why, but her heart started to race and she started to feel butterflies in her stomach.  Her legs felt numb and felt like they were going to fail on her any second.
Vicky: heelllooo?(vicky says with some emphasis to grab her attention).

Meera: uhh...thank you.( That was all meera could manage to mutter).

Vicky: Don't mention it just be careful you don't want to be messing with those types of guys.
Your Indian?
Meera: yeah my name is meera.
Vicky: cool, my name is Vickram but nobody calls me that, everyone calls me Vicky.
Vicky: Alright it was nice meeting you.

Meera didn't know why but as vicky was leaving her heart started to feel restless...
***************************Flashback ends**************************
Vicky feels a hand on his shoulder and he comes out of his thoughts.
He turns around and sees it's daadima.
Daadima: beta tumne kya hua hai?
This is the first time I am seeing you so engrossed in your thoughts.  Where's the chirpy Vicky we all know and love?
Vicky: mujhe kuch nahi hua daadi.  This whole day has been crazy that's all and I think it has had an affect on me.
Daadi: Are you telling me the truth?
Vicky: yes why would I lie to you?
Daadi: okay I believe you because you say so.  Let's go see how maan and geet are doing.
Vicky: All right daadi you go ahead I will be right there.
Daadi: theek hai beta'don't take to long though, she says with a smile.
As daadima heads back into the hospital Vicky thinks, " I am sorry for lying to you daadi.  You already have enough stress, my story would just add to that".
Precap #1:
But then she screams as she sees maan sitting on the sofa at the corner of the room'
Maan: Geet do you always daydream about me'Is that why you thought I wasn't real?
Geet starts blushing and turning pink'
"Nahi me tohh'.." geet murmers but can't seem to finish what she was saying and just becomes to shy and cover's her face.

(there was not so much masti in this part but there will be in the next part.  i felt like i needed to get the emotional stuff out of the way and also open the card of geet moving in to maan's place).

Vicky head snaps up in shock and his eyes widen.
"Why? Couldn't find someone else to play with their feelings.  Was Vicky the only fool to fall for you?
If you loved me you would have never done to me what you did.

(hey guys...I want to run two tracks for now.  I want to expose what happened to Vicky and meera with flashbacks...than later on I will show you my intentions for doing this'It all ties together though.  Don't think that I am doing this so I can write another love story'I feel like it will be better to see the full picture of what happened between Vicky and meera'  I know this is a maan and geet FF so I don't want you to think I am getting off track.  Next time i will probably show you a meera flashback and show what she did to vicky.  there is a reason i am doing a double track, just wait and see how the story unfolds itself).

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awesome update Z
loved it loadz
cant wait 4 da next part
con soon
thanks 4 da 

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Thanks for the update!
perfect timing for this song, I love this Song!

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Lovely Updateee...!!!!Wink

aaww GEET adressing herself as Mrs, MAAN KHURANA was just adorable..hehe..!!!LOLDay Dreaming
they are frends now and yaayy she's gonna stay with MAAN..means some MAHHII!!LOLApproveApprove

felt bad for vickyOuch want to know more bout there story..!!!!Shocked

Update ssssssssssssssoooonnnnnnn...!!!!Wink

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thankyou for a nice and lovely updateSmile

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