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FF"Two broken hearts fall in love" ~THREAD 2~ (Page 47)

muskaan... Goldie

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Originally posted by sonali_N

Originally posted by zeynab111

hey guyzzzzz! I am updating right now...sorry for the long waitSmile
waitingggggg Day Dreaming

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Chaldi Karoo....
hope 4 a long updatee SmileSmileSmile
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me too waiting
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Heart: what are you waiting for? Go to him'geet go to the person who actually cares for you, while everyone else has turned their backs on you. Geet stop trying to stop yourself? Not after what he has done and gone through for you?

That is when geet can't take it anymore.  Her heart was right.  She can't stop herself after what he has done for her'
She opens the door and just throws herself on him and starts to cry.  She doesn't let him go.  Just holds on trying to soothe her heart her soul with maan's aura'maan's touch.


Just Friends?

Geet: Maan'..I'm so sorrrrrryyyyyy.
I am so sorry for doing this to you. Because of me you're in this condition.
Why maan are you gaining a place in my heart.
Maan why do you care for me so much??Why?
Wasn't easier for both of us when we hated each other?
But it is too late now'I don't think I could ever hate you now'especially with what you have done for me.
But I am tired of fighting with you maan. I have gone through a lot and I don't think I have anymore in me to keep on fighting.  I have forgotten and forgiven and the only things I remember is you saving and caring for me again and again. Thank you for all that you have done for me. Just saying thank you is not enough, but maybe if we become friends I will be able to make it up to you one day.  I don't know what relationship we share...but I want to give it a name. Now the question that remains is do you want to become friends?
Maan could hear it all but his body was still weak and didn't want to fully gain consciousness yet.  But he could hear whatever geet was saying.  He wanted very much to respond to tell her he wants to be friends tooo, but the words were just not coming out. 
Geet continues "If not than I am sorry for being a burden in your life.  I will always remember you though as my angel who showed me the light.  I will remain indebted to you for the rest of my life.  I hope we can become friends if not I will have to say goodbye forever maan".
Maan was screaming inside' " geet no don't say that.  Don't ever say goodbye not forever.Geeeeeeeeeet!
Geet lets go of maan.  She stands up to go to her room as she had promised the nurse she would only be in here for few minutes.  Her heart was content with seeing and embracing maan...geet was glad she got the chance to pour her heart out to him even if he was asleep.  Geet felt a lot of burden off her shoulders.
Maan felt the warmth that had once enveloped and soothed his body was now gone. 
He knew right away that geet was leaving him.
But maan was not just about to let that happen.  He fights with his body'and he wins' he wakes up and sees geet's retreating body heading for the door. 


He quickly grabs her good arm and she comes flying to his arms again.

Maan: geet'tum mujhe chodke ja rahi ho? (Maan says in his husky voice).

Geet gasps.  She wasn't really expecting for maan to have heard whatever she had said.
Geet: you heard?
Maan: should it matter?
Geet: you've done so much for me while I have only been a burden in your life.
Maan: oh good thing you reminded me.  What the hell were you thinking?
Why would you cut your hand and write on the wall with blood and that too for me?
If you wanted to get even with me saving your life than it shouldn't be by killing yourself almost..than that would just waste all my efforts of saving you'he says grinning a little.
Geet: maan this is the first time I am seeing you smile. You look good happy. 
She gets up to leave. 

He holds on to her hand.

Maan: Don't you want to hear my answer?
Geet: your answer?
Maan: haan my answer. Mystery girl'we do share a relationship'since the first day I met you.  If you're willing to become friends so am I.
Geet: mystery girl? Is that what you nick named me?
Maan: yeah I actually addressed you with that name once when you gave me your brother's necklace to gift my brother and I didn't even know your name'we were strangers but you still helped me. So I named you mystery girl.
Geet: awww isn't that sweet (she says a little sarcastically but inside she was really happy that maan even in the beginning took the time to give her a nick name).
Geet: than it would only be fair if I also gave you a nickname.
Maan: oh really'what do you have in mind?
Geet: hmmmmm lets see'.I know DD.
Maan: DD??? What does that stand for?
Geet: oh that stands for Dha'.(she stops herself'she wasn't going to admit to maan what that meant.  It was for her to know and for him to never find out'Dhak Dhak is the way maan made her heart flutter and she was not going to admit that to maan'after all they are just friends and only going to stay FRIENDS she emphasized a little so that her heart tried to understand that).
Maan: Geet'why did you stop? I am curious'tell me what does it stand for?
Geet: never mind.  It doesn't stand for anything. I just said that randomly.
Maan: Geet'stop lying. I know you enough to know when you are lying.  Come on tell me?
Geet: okay'if you really want to know'but I did warn you'
Geet comes closer to maan and whispers in his ears'
Geet: sometimes when I am with you maan' you '.(she whimpers)
Maan: I what?
Geet: you act like a DUSHT DANAV. (she screams in his ears and tries to run away laughing).
Maan quickly grabs her by her hand again.
Maan: "Geeeet", he screams.

Maan couldn't believe she actually said that.
How many times are you going to try to run away from me? You will never succeed no matter how much you try?
Maan tugs on geet's hand and she comes slamming back to him again.
Geet to herself: you don't know how true those words are maan, which is why i want to be just friends.  that way i will have someone like you always in my life because i can't run away from you anymore.  I just have to control myself around you.

Maan:  Now what do I do with you'I thought you're the one that wanted to be friends?
Geet: I still do'
Maan: Well than start acting like it'
Geet: what's the point of beings friends but not being able to tease and make fun of one another?
Maan: achaa'.than I don't want to be friends.
Geet: that is fine with me'
Geet gets up to leave.
Maan: sunno geet. Mein mazak karahe ti.
Geet: mujhe pata hai (she says smiling).
Geet comes and embraces maan in one tight hug, which even surprises maan.
Geet whispers in maan's ears: Thank you for everything you've done for me. Now I have at least two people to call friends and not feel so lonely.
Those words just sent currents down maan's body. He felt so good inside.  He was fulfilling his promise to god that he would take away geet's loneliness and pain and bring the old geet back.  And so far he thought he was on a good track.
Maan: geet who is your other friend?

Geet: tumhari bhai VIcky.  He became my friend before you.

Maan: so i knew you before him.

Just than meera walks in and becomes surprised to see geet up and awake.
Meera: Geet???
Geet lets go of maan quickly and becomes frozen, as she was not supposed to be here, but in her room.

Precap #1:

Geet is about to leave the room'but looks back to maan and says, " Mrs.Khurana will be waiting for you in her room once your feeling better" she says with a smirk and leaves.

Maan's mouth almost fell open.  What was that supposed to mean?

(basically a lot of masti and nok jhoks ahead!)

Precap #2:

Vicky was outside the hospital. He was throwing pebbles out on a pond and watching it make beautiful round ripples in the water.

But still it was not helping him calm down.
Seeing meera after three years revived the pain and memories that he had buried or more like tried to bury with his behavior.

(a little more information about meera and vicky).

Soooo....What did you guys think... that geet would confess her feelings for maan? Did you guys think i would bring them together that easily? I am very evil if you haven't noticed yet Evil LOL. Jokes apart i have a much bigger track/twist  in mind.  So be patient and see how i unfold maan and geet's story. Believe it or not i brainstormed for almost three hours the other day thinking and jotting down ideas for planning my next 10 or 20 udpates.  I wasn't even expecting to go that far but i got really into it and before i knew it i had so many scenes and tracks written down...LOL

Also i am going to really slow down the pace of the story.  by that i mean two or three updates will just be about one day.  Don't get mad i have a reason for it, which you will see soon for yourself. Don't want to spoil anything yet.  I will also try to make them longer updates.

Okay i am done blabbering...

Hit the like button if you liked my update Smile

Previous Part~Geet Awakens

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it was cute 
d bonding of maan n geet
n precap is coollllllllllllllll
want 2 knw more abt meera n vicky

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Fab update
Loved how geet was jus pouring out how much Maan means 2 her
Yayy glad dat Maan heard
So now there frends--wen is it going 2 turn in2 love
Oooooh luvin the precap---Geet calling herself mrs Khurana
Yipee nhok jok & Maaneet masti Big smile
W8ing 2 know wat the mystery is between meera-yash
Cont soon Xx...Smile

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Awwwww that was awesome part...I am glad that Maaneet are friends now........waise me looking forward to their cute nok jhonks..and of course their  confession.

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