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FF"Two broken hearts fall in love" ~THREAD 2~ (Page 124)

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Please sign the petition to NOT end GHSP,
MAANEET are our OXYGEN!!!! If you already have done so, do it again.plz!

"Okay now it is my turn to talk so listen to one last thing from me. The reason that you haven't fallen in love again is because you are still in love with the same person.  You haven't been able to forget her.  I bet you this song you just sang was what your heart felt for that girl! What your heart was trying to express to her!You said your situation is different and this is the reason why.  Good night to you too and remember what I said!" geet says with a smirk before leaving to her room and leaving Vicky flabbergasted again. 
Every time he tries to help maan or geet the tables get turned on him. "You are still in love with the same person" continued to echo in his head.

Part 34:
Putting the pieces together

"Beep beep beep" maan's alarm on his phone kept ringing, but not even the loud noise of that could wake maan up. 
Geet had just taken a shower and was walking in the hallway when she heard this annoying noise buzzing through the air. She follows the noise and ends up in maan's room.  She knocks but he was still asleep.  She decides to walk in getting a little worried now.  As she walks into his room she was kind of shocked.  There were rose petals everywhere as if they were picked off their stems. Only one color  "red" rose petals.
She finally reaches maan's bed and sees him innocently sleeping.  She wondered how he could still be asleep through the loud alarm. As she goes to turn the alarm coming from his phone off, she notices Rahul's necklace beside it.  She turns off the alarm without even looking at it and holds the necklace in eye view and lets it twist around.  She was so confused. How did the necklace end up with maan?  As she turns to leave she slips on an alcohol bottle. She tries not to fall on him and tries to hold her self in place by placing both her arms around maan's torso as if entrapping him between her arms. But still her lips fall right against his cheek, leaving its lipstick mark.
Maan's eyes drowsily open and gets locked with geet's eyes. Geet tries to run away, but maan holds on to her hand. 
Maan: how many times will you try to run from me?
"choro mujhe maan", she says to maan as she twists her hand trying to break free.
Maan: kyun? what if I want to hold on to you forever?
Geet: you are not in your right state of mind or else you wouldn't be saying this.  How much did you drink", she says as if starts to look over the number of bottles that were scattered around the floor. 
Maan looks over his room and sees the scattered rose petals and empty bottles of alcohol around the floor.
 "I was drinking'but why? And why are rose petals everywhere?"  What happened in here?" maan asked confused.
As geet took in the alcohol and rose petals her thoughts started to run wild.  She felt her face getting hotter as the thought of maan spending the night with a girl crossed her mind.
Her face expression changed from disgust to jealousy to hurt.  Even though she was trying to push maan away from herself she couldn't help but feel jealous and hurt with the thought of maan spending a night with another girl.
Geet only could mutter " chi".  Maan watched the changes in geet's expressions.
Maan: kya huwa geet? Why are you looking at me like that?
"You put on an innocent face. Why don't you just say you spent the night with a girl", hurt geet blurts out.
Maan: Kya!
Maan was angry but he couldn't really justify if he did or not because he had no memory of what happened last night.
All he could manage to retort back was " Even if I did why would you care'I thought you didn't want me to touch you anymore. Are you jealous maybe that is why you are here to check up on me early this morning."
Geet gasps hearing these words.  Before he could say anymore geet gets up to leave.  She couldn't stand the atmosphere or situation she was in. She was hurt and needed to escape. 
Before leaving her voice cracks but she manages to tell him, " I just came here to turn the alarm on your phone off".
Maan was so confused'what alarm? He grabs his phone and checks it out and notices that the alarm was a reminder that geet had an appointment with Meera in 45 minutes.
Maan: damn! I forgot.  He gets up to freshen up but as he goes to the bathroom he notices a lipstick mark on his cheek.

( imagine this without  They haven't met yet. oops i am not hinting on anything LOL)

 Maan looked more closely in the mirror and got even more confused.
 What happened last night? Did I really spend a night with a girl or did geet give me a kiss as she was on me in the morning.
He slams his hand in frustration.  How could he even think that geet would kiss him. She doesn't even want his shadow near her, but if geet didn't do it than who did? And why were those rose petals everywhere?  He hated flowers but they were scattered all around his floor and that too the color "red". Kyun? and for sure he must of gotten drunk last night because he didn't seem to recall anything and it would explain the bottles scattered around his room.
He freshens up and then goes to find geet so they could go to her doctor's appointment.
Geet ran out of the outhouse. She needed fresh air.  Maan's words really hurt her only because they were true. She was jealous and she did care!  Vicky was coming toward the outhouse and she sees geet all sad and gloomy.  He could have sworn that he also saw a tear as well.
Vicky: Geet! Kya huwa?
Geet embraces Vicky in a tight hug and murmurs, " Kuch nahi.  I just need a hug that is all".
Maan decides to check outside for geet and when he comes out of the door he sees geet hugging Vicky. He waits a couple of seconds, but geet was still not letting Vicky go.  She needed someone to comfort her.  She needed someone to ease her pain, and hugging Vicky was helping her to calm her down.  He was like a brother to her and it felt nice.
Maan: Geet if you are done hugging Vicky we need to go to your doctor's appointment.
Geet snaps out of the hug and looks at maan and says, " thank you for telling me but I can go myself".
Maan: " why geet do you have a problem with going to places with me too now.  You don't want to be seen with me'is that it?
Geet: You could think whatever you want, but I don't want to go with you.
Vicky: Okay take it easy both of you. Gosh you guys are always fighting. 
Maan if she doesn't want to go with you than I will take her.  And then when I come back you guys will have to sort this problem out in a peaceful manner, but right now we need to go to your doctors appointment before we miss it.
Geet: fine with me.  I will gladly go with you Vicky.
Maan: As if I care.  She has an appointment with Meera.  Her appointment is in 15 minutes.  If you go now you will reach on time.
Vicky did not see that coming. He did not want to come face to face again with Meera.
"oh uhhh I can't sorry.  I just remembered I have to get something important done.  Change of plans'maan you take her".
" No why are you backing down? You just said you could take me. What important work came up all of a sudden? You don't even work! I don't need any of you.  I can go myself" she retorts as she starts walking away from both of them.
Vicky just gives a look to maan as if giving him the permission to do whatever he wanted. It didn't even take three seconds when geet felt herself being lifted up in the air entrapped against Maan's muscular arms.
Geet: OH MY GOD! Let go of ME! MAAN put me down! Choro mujhe!
She was pulling and tugging at him, but it was no use maan forces in the car and covers her mouth." Chup bilkun Chup" maan says as he looks straightly into two big chocolate brown eyes.
Maan: There is no point in fighting with me. I will always win samjhe tum!
Vicky started laughing.  They were seriously acting like two little kids. Geet saw him laughing and got angrier and starts to scream.
Geet: Vicky you will pay!  You liar I know that there is no important work! But why would you lie to me I thought I was like your sister?
Vicky heard he just murmured, " I am sorry geet.  I just can't face her anymore. I can't.
Maan turns the car on and speeds away.Geet was angry and just looked out the window not even wanting to make contact with maan.Maan couldn't bear seeing geet like this. 
Maan: Geet calm down please.  I am sorry for forcing you into the car, but I took the responsibility to take care of you and you are awfully making it hard for me.  I thought we were friends.
" You consider us still friends?" geet says still looking out the window.
Maan slams on the breaks. Geet jolts forward.  She gets mad, "what is wrong with you. Why did you stop the car".
Maan: You don't want to be friends?
Geet doesn't say anything.  She did want to be friends, but she was going to leave soon, so wouldn't it be better if they were not friends.  It was too dangerous to even be friends anyways.
Maan: Jawab do geet?
Geet: how are we friends if we keep hurting and fighting with each other maan?
Maan continued to drive.  She was right the way they kept on hurting and fighting with each other how could they call each other friends.
Maan: I guess you wish Vicky was taking you to the appointment instead of me?
Geet couldn't stand hurting maan.  She could see how her words hurt him.  His eyes expressed it enough.
Geet: No he lied! He backed down in taking me while you even though we fought didn't care and forced me to come with you.  You both care for me, but sometimes you do more.  You are always there for me even if we fight, always putting me and my needs first. 
Maan was touched.  He felt so good that geet did still value their friendship even though she didn't really put it in those words'but that was enough for maan to get his answer.
Maan: you know just to be fair I know why Vicky backed down.
Geet: you do why?
Maan: First of all Vicky and Meera used to be really close friends when Vicky went to school in America, but somehow they both went there separate ways and never kept in touch.  If you were close friends you would not lose touch with each other.  And also not only that they meet after 3 years except they try to avoid each other and don't even try to catch up with each other. I think that they might of'
 "fell in love with each other.  Oh my god'Meera is the girl that Vicky had fallen in love with" geet completes maan's sentence.
Maan: I think so too.
Geet: He said that he got his heart broken by her, but Meera does not seem like that type of girl.  But I know one thing for sure he still loves her and that is why he backed out today.  He can't even stand seeing her because it brings him pain and he doesn't want to get weakened either.
Maan: you know our minds think a like.
Geet: I think we should help them get together.
Maan: you think we should meddle between them?
"YES I think we should" she says with a smirk.
Just like Vicky was trying to play cupid between her and maan than she was going to play cupid between Vicky and Meera. Maan parked the car and they both got out and went inside the hospital.
Maan tells the receptionist, " Hi, geet had an appointment today to see Dr. Meera"
Receptionist: " Can I ask what is the last name".
Maan doesn't even hesitate and says, " Khurana. Geet Khurana".
Geet eyes pop out and she looks at him with a shocked expression.
He knew her eyes had questions, but he just reassured her wish his eyes.
Receptionist: Please wait here I will call you as soon as she is ready.
Maan: thank you
Geet sat down and had a lost look on her face.
" Kyun you don't like the last name Khurana", maan says teasingly.
Geet didn't say anything and just kept quiet.

Maan: Geet I had to be related to you in order for them to allow me to discharge and take care of you. That is why in the hospital everybody thinks your last name is Khurana.
Geet again found herself gaining more respect and falling in love with him more.  He just cared for her so much and he kept on proving that time and time again.Just than the receptionist came and told them that Dr. Meera was ready to see them.They both walk into Meera's office.
Geet: Hi Dr. Meera.
Meera: hi, Mrs.Khurana.
Geet looks up in shock, she thought meera knew that they were not really married.

" oops i forgot you are just geet.  I forgot just like you forgot to just call me meera" she says with a smirk.

Geet just gives a weak smile.  Maan interrupts and breaks the awkward situation.

Maan: Hi Meera.
Meera: hey maan. So tell me have you been taking care of geet well?
Maan: I have tried my best to make her feel at home and give whatever she needs.
Meera: sounds like geet is very lucky to have you in her life.
Geet looks at maan from the side of her eyes, but when her eyes meet maan she looks away. Meera carries out the check up.
Meera: well I have good news.  Geet you won't be needing the cast anymore, but you still have to be a little careful okay.
Geet: thank you so much.
" Now you can party all you want" Meera says chuckling a little.
Both maan and geet look at each other and both remembered how they both with Vicky had said they would have a fun night out once geet got better.
Geet: oh yeah as a matter of fact we are going to hang out and have fun tonight you should join us.
Meera: oh no I couldn't.  You guys go have fun with out me.
Maan: She is right you should come.  In a way we can get to know you better after all you are Vicky's close friend, which makes you like a part of our family. Plus think of it as a way to express our gratitude to you.
Geet: Please come.  I would love to have a friend who is a girl.  You know I can't always share things with guys that I could share with a girl.
Meera: Theek hai.  Since you guys insist I will come.  So where are we going?
Maan: That is a surprise.  Geet doesn't even know where. Just dress nice and I will give you the address later tonight.
Meera: it is a deal.
Geet: okay I will be looking forward to tonight.  See you then.
Meera: okay see you soon.
Maan: Take care.
Both maan and geet get out of the hospital and sit in the car. They both start laughing and high five each other.
Geet: We are so good. Now Vicky cannot know that Meera is coming or else he will not come.
Maan: Don't worry my mouth is sealed.
Geet: So where are we going tonight?
Maan: weren't you listening? It is a surprise and plus my mouth is sealed.
Geet: Are you being serious?
Maan: Yes I am serious.  Tonight you will see the fun side of Maan Singh Khurana.
" Should I be scared?" geet teasingly says.
Maan: Maybe if you don't want to lose yourself to me.
Maan almost gasped not believing he just said that.  He was scared to see Geet's reaction and just looked the other way away from her eyes.
Geet: oh really? What if I show the side of me, which you haven't seen yet, do you think you would lose yourself to me?
Maan took a sigh of relief as geet didn't take it seriously.  He looked back at her and with his full attitude and style replied, "Is this a challenge? Are you challenging the Maan Singh Khurana?"
Geet: Maybe if you want to call it that Mr. Maan Singh Khurana?
Geet gets out of the car.Maan gets confused and puts the car window down.
Maan: Geet why did you get out of the car?
Geet: Just text me the address of the place and I will be there.  I need to get some things done before tonight.
Maan: You sure?
Geet: Yeah I am sure.  I think you also need to figure out where we will be going tonight and get Vicky on it to come as well. So good luck and see you tonight.
" see you there mystery girl" he murmurs with a smirk and speeds away into the city.


As they mingled into the crowd so many heads turned to their direction. Their beauty had left so many men breathless.  Their mysteriousness exemplified their beauty that illuminated under the moonlight.  Nobody knew who they were, but so many wanted to desperately find out.
They went and sat at a bar counter and ordered two drinks.  Just then she got a text message.  She replies back and slips her phone back into her pocket.
"To a wild and extravagant night of fun" geet says as she makes a toast with Meera.

The next update is going to be crazy! Meera and Vicky confrontation...hmmm how will maan and geet pull that off???
Will maan or geet give in to their love I mean they kind of challenged themselves unknowingly?
Guess you will have to wait till the weekend for my next update.
so hopefully i will get enough comments so i can open my thread third. me so excited!
luv u guyzzz. thx so much for ur love and support.Heart

Don't forget to hit the like button if you liked the update Embarrassed

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A wild and extravagant night eh??

Cant wait

Awesome update dude!!



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Yay im 2nd LOL

Amazing part Zeynab, loved it ClapClapClap
Now Maaneet are all set to play cupids, greatBig smile Clap
im so happy that they are back to their naughty and teasing mode with each other, was missing this Big smileBig smile

Cant wait for the next part, Geet is all set to bluff Maan Big smile


Humera Hug

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loved it
every part
well done

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now they know that meera was vicky's love interest in the past. waiting for the real fun to start in the next update. these couples are mutually going to help each other and in turn fix their own relation for the better. interesting how the story unfolds.

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awsome yaar...loved it !
precap seems very interesting !!!

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