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FF"Two broken hearts fall in love" ~THREAD 2~ (Page 117)

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Vicky: Bro please go from here. I will see what I can do.  You just go somewhere and eat and calm down.
Maan takes out his frustration by punching a hole in the wall and then storms off.
Vicky: bhai can't you find a way to relax and take out your frustration without hurting yourself
Maan pretends he didn't hear that and just leaves.

Part: 33

Who is making who understand

Geet heard the sound of maan punching the wall and jolts up.
Vicky walk in quickly and says, "hey geet sorry if I scared you.  I hope I am not interrupting you".
Geet: Hey Vicky. Oh no it is fine.  I was not really doing anything anyway.
Vicky: really? From the way I see it, it looks like you are writing a song. You know the guitar in your hand and the pen and journal by your side.
Geet: oh well yeah I was trying, but it really is nothing.
Vicky: oh come on I bet it is awesome.  Please can I hear it? Please if you don't mind.  By the way is your hand better since I mean you can play a guitar.
Geet: Yeah my hand is feeling much better lately. Oh and the song is not even finished.  I only have a few lines down. Maybe when I have it finished I will show it to you.
Vicky: oh come on geet.  Maybe I can help you finish the song.
Geet: ummm.
Vicky: Please.
Geet: theek hai.
As geet was about to start Vicky interrupts and says, " Geet wait.  Before you start what is the song about?  Like is it about you, maan, me or anything in general?"
Geet was taken aback from that question.  This was a personal song.  It was about what she is going through; her struggle with her emotions and feelings for maan, but it is not like she is going to admit that to Vicky.
Geet: uhhh no it is not about me or anybody I know.  It is just about a girl fighting with her feelings for someone.
Vicky: but why is the girl fighting with her feelings for that person?
Vicky tried very hard to hold back his grin because he knew this supposed girl is geet and it is about how she is fighting with her feelings for maan.
Geet: ummm I don't know. The idea just came to me and I wrote a few lines down.
Vicky: okay this should be an interesting song because it is about love and all the shades that come with it. I think I can help you with this subject.
Geet: Really? Have you ever fallen in love Vicky?
Vicky: ummm I actually had a couple years ago.   Surprising isn't it, doesn't suit the person I am now. I wished I hadn't though and could take it all back.  Anyways enough about me let's hear your song.
Geet felt there was much more meaning to those words. 
Geet: uhh okay here I go'.

shikwa hain zindagi se tumse gila nahi
i have complaints with my life but none with u
main khud se hi khafa hu tumse khafa nahi
i'm upset with myself but not with u
umm umm ummm ummm ummm ummm...
(she plays the guitar chords).

Vicky: not bad. so this girl has feelings for this guy but she is fighting it.  Does the guy like her back?
Geet: ummm I don't know.  That never crossed my mind.
Geet to herself: I hope maan doesn't that would just make everything much more harder.  It would just give both of us pain'nothing else.
Vicky: let just say he does.  So now if you don't mind can I be singing for the guy's point of view.
" ummm'okay sure" geet agrees because she did not want Vicky to get suspicious, but in reality she did not want to hear it.  She never thought about maan loving her back it would just make everything more complicated.
Vicky takes in a deep breath and thinks to himself, " this is for you bro'.only for you and geet am I going to open my heart and let it feel what it felt for meera 3 years ago.  I am going to jump into the past and express what my heart wanted to tell Meera. Only for tonight in order to make geet understand'only to make her understand"
Vicky closes her eyes and jumps into the past, letting the memories and feelings resurface again.  He needed to relive it in order to help geet understand that this love is not one sided'she just needs to let herself listen'let her heart listen to the heartbeats of maan, which only beat for geet.
Soon jhara Soniye soon jhara - 4
listen, darling just listen
Aaj Khamoshiyon se aa rahi hai sada
today from the noise there is a sound
Dhadkanein hai deewani
my heart is becoming crazy
Dil bhi kutch Keh raha hai  - 2
my heart is saying something
Soon jhara Soniye Soon Soon Soon Jharaaa

As Vicky starts singing geet gets lost in her own world.  She is lost in her mind trying to find a way to escape from the memories and moments spent with maan.

 (Watch this short video...very good representation of the feelings and emotions)

beetey lamhon ke saaye toh bas yahi tham gaye hai
past times shadow are just holded and stopped

yaad mujhe aaye teri baatein
today i remembred your words
palkon ki surkh chadar pe ask bhi jam gaye hai
on the bedspread of the eyelashes, the tears are stuck
teri ankhon se na hatti aankhein
eyes are not removed from your eyes
bebasi ka hai aalam kya karoo main bata
so uneasy times tell me what to do
dhadkanein hai deewani dil bhi kutch keh raha hai
Soon jhara Soniye Soon Jharaaa - 2
Aaj Khamoshiyon se aa rahi hai sada
Dhadkanein hai deewani
Dil bhi kutch Keh raha hai
(Soon jhara Soniye Soon Jharaaa) - 2
choom ke apne hoton se tere gam ko chura loo
kissing with my lips let me steal away the sorrow
laake tujhe de doo khushiyan sari
let me bring you all the happiness

Geet stops playing the guitar and gets up not being able to accept hearing these words.
Vicky: I am not done yet geet.
apni har beqarari ko seene main hi chupa lu
i will hide all my excitement in my heart
meri chahtein jaye tujhpe wari
my love i will shower on you
sehme sehme labon mein ghul gayi hai dua
scared lips are mixed with prayers
Aaj Khamoshiyon se aa rahi hai sada
Dhadkanein hai deewani
Dil bhi kutch Keh raha hai

As Vicky says the last line geet imagines maan coming from behind and whispering them to her hear "Soon jhara Soniye Soon Jharaaa "
Geet sucks in her breath and looks to her left, but maan had disappeared into thin air.
Vicky gets up and heads over to geet and makes her face him.
Vicky: The song is not over yet Geet. The girl has to end the song with her feelings and that girl is you geet.  You will have to end this song with your true feelings for maan.
Geet: Vicky!
Vicky: screaming won't hide the truth. Geet you can lie to yourself, but you can't lie to me.  I know that this girl is you and you are fighting with your feelings for maan. But let me tell you something.  This love is not one-sided geet.  The love I see in your eyes I also see in maan's eyes. You two just need someone like me to guide you two lovebirds together and it is not as easy as I thought it would be.
Geet: Vicky let me tell you'
Vicky: NO you listen to me first than you can say whatever you want.  Geet there is no point of fighting.  You are in love and I knew you were before you even realized it yourself.  When you first walked into the Khurana mansion I knew it and right now you are pushing maan away yourself because of your fear of falling in love again.  Am I right?
Geet: First of all your brother and I are just friends and will always stay that way. Secondly, yes it is true that I have gotten my heart broken and I am scared of falling in love again.  Who wouldn't?  I got my heart broken three weeks ago with the person I thought I would be married to right now and you think I can fall in love again so quickly.  But who are you to understand right?
Vicky: Geet I have gotten my heart broken too you know. Everyone in the world does not fall in love once. It happens and life goes one! Nobody's life is perfect. Plus it is much more fun to fall in love more than once.
Geet: oh really? Then tell me have you fallen in love since your last heartbreak? You said yourself that you fell in love a while back so have you been able to fall in love again Vicky?
Vicky was flabbergasted.  He was trying to put the spotlight on Geet to make her understand her love for maan, but then all of a sudden the table seemed to be turned on him now.
Geet: jawab doh Vicky? 
That is what I though.  You can't.  Let's say it has been 3 years and you have not been able to fall in love again than how do you expect me to fall in love when it has been only 3 weeks.
Don't talk big, when you can't even take your own advice!
Vicky: My situation is DIFFERNT though!  I haven't fallen in love with another person while you HAVE! I don't care what you say geet, you can't lie to me.  And one last thing you will have this song completed.  I swear on my life that you will have it completed with your true feelings for maan and surrender yourself to it. 
Geet: VICKYYY! I only have you and maan in my life.  Don't ever put a swear on yourselves.  Please'", geet says with a pleading voice.
Vicky: Theek hai I will take the swear back, to make you feel better.  But I promise that you will lose this battle and your love for maan will overpower you and then you will finish this song when you are finished from being in denial.  In fact let's make a bet. I bet you that in less than 3 days you will realize you can't fight with your love for maan anymore because I doubt that you will be able to hold yourself back. If I win than you will owe me and whenever that day comes you will have to repay me.
Geet: theek hai! It is your loss. If I win then'.
Vicky interrupts her.
Don't worry you won't win, but in case you do than I will owe you one day.
" I will make sure that you won't win and that is my promise to you" Vicky grins as he thinks to himself.
Vicky: Now eat some food.  You haven't eaten since yesterday.
Geet: I am not hungry.
She shoves the plate aside.
Vicky: Stop acting like a kid geet and eat your food.
Geet: Why are you doing this to me Vicky? What have I done to you?
Vicky: You think I am doing this to bother you? Thank you very much geet.  I thought you knew me better than that.
He stands up to leave.
Geet: wait Vicky I didn't mean that.  I am sorry.
Vicky: I will only accept your apology if you eat. 
Geet: Okay I will eat.
Vicky: and I will watch will you eat and you listen quietly to what I say.
As geet eats Vicky tells her " Just like maan bhai can't see you in pain neither can I.  You are my sister remember", he says with a smile.
I want to see you happy and I know maan is the source of your happiness lately.  As you eat just think about all the happiest moments you have had from the day you came to Delhi.
Geet didn't even need to think'all those moments started and ended with maan.
After a couple of minutes geet was finished with her plate.  She was really hungry and finished the plate in no time.
Vicky: I am leaving now. Good night Geet and remember what I said.
"Okay now it is my turn to talk so listen to one last thing from me.  The reason that you haven't fallen in love again is because you are still in love with the same person.  You haven't been able to forget her.  I bet you this song you just sang was what your heart felt for that girl! What your heart was trying to express to her!You said your situation is different and this is the reason why.  Good night to you too and remember what I said!" geet says with a smirk before leaving to her room and leaving Vicky flabbergasted again. 
Every time he tries to help maan or geet the tables get turned on him. "You are still in love with the same person" continued to echo in his head.


Geet: OH MY GOD! Let go of ME! MAAN put me down! Choro mujhe!
She was pulling and tugging at him, but it was no use maan forces in the car and covers her mouth.
" Chup bilkun Chup" maan says as he looks straightly into two big chocolate brown eyes.
Maan: There is no point in fighting with me. I will always win samjhe tum!
Vicky started laughing.  They were seriously acting like two little kids.
Geet saw him laughing and got angrier and starts to scream.
Geet: Vicky you will pay!  You liar I know that there is no important work! 

HIt the like button if you liked the updateSmile

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Woohoo first comment

Awesome update

Im loving it!!

Vicky is still in love with Meera..bichara!!

But i cant wait to see what he does to get them together

The precap looks interesting

Cant wait for more dude


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cyum321 IF-Dazzler

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awesome write...

but i think its high time to know about geet's past what happened with her...

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Mrs.ZSK IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by cyum321

awesome write...

but i think its high time to know about geet's past what happened with her...

thank you for like my writing.
to answer your question i can't do that yet...sorry 
there is a reason.  I have thought it through and as it turns out i can't reveal it just yet. Bear with me please. it is for upcoming tracks.Smile
simi91 IF-Rockerz

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the more he try to play cupid
the more the table turn to him
love the precap sounds damn good
in btw love the song

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PLKG90 IF-Dazzler

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Nice one!

Both Vicky and Maan struggling with their feelings!!

Update soon!

Can't waitt

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maaneetsangel IF-Sizzlerz

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awesome ... superb ...

vicky ... love u dude... keep going ...

thnx 4 d pm ...

continue soon ...

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awesome update
loved it
loved da song
vicky was awesome
cant wait 4 more
precap looks good
con soon
thanks 4 da pm

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