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FF"Two broken hearts fall in love" ~THREAD 2~ (Page 109)

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"geet" maan whispers with pain in his voice.
"She doesn't even want to talk to me and I had to fall in love with her.  theek hai I guess this is how it's going to be. I am just the idiot who has to worry about her when she won't even give a damn" he says before leaving.
He was just so frustrated and irritated with everyone and everything.  What game was fate playing with him?

Part: 32

Uncontrollable feelings

Night was creeping in and geet had still locked herself in her room. Geet wipes away her tears and stands up.
 Geet: I have to go talk to maan. I am not going to let him break away his relationship with Sasha because of me. Even though Sasha put false allegations on me she only said that because she cares for maan. But I won't allow myself to be the reason for their relationship to break apart.  Sasha has more of a right on him than me.  They have been childhood friends, while I don't even know if maan and I are even friends anymore.
As geet heads over toward the door her foot bangs on the nightstand knocking her purse down causing Rahul's necklace to fall out.
Geet picks up the necklace and brings it up to her face.  Vicky's words echoed in the back of her mind, "but geet I don't think it's a coincidence that it landed up to maan.  I told him that night that I felt like this necklace was like a lucky charm for him.  I think fate is playing something here". 
"We will see if fate is still playing something here today" geet says, as she holds on tight to the necklace.
She heads out the door and starts to look for maan and finally spots him.  Her legs start to feel numb and stay rooted at its place once geet sees maan shirtless and performing an intense tai chi work out.  She hides herself behind one of the pillars, and even though her brain tells her to escape from the situation while she can, she can't seem to resist the temptation to admire maan and his physical beauty.

Her breathing and heart rate starts to increase as her eyes explored maan's entire Greek god like body.Maan was in his own world and was taking out and releasing his frustration in the form of tai chi.

Not only did the images of Sasha insulting geet keep playing back in his head, but his moments with geet from the time they met did as well. The night in the forest, their encounter in the fitting room at the mall, their dance, their first kiss, him reading the journal entries, becoming friends at the hospital, and their kiss and fight from last night all played back in his mind.
Geet was totally lost in a trance that she starts to move around the curtains and pillars trying to admire maan from every angle she could causing the sound of her payaals to break through the silence looming in the air.
Maan hears the sound and looks to the side and says, " kaun hai?"
Geet gets frightened that she may get caught for her act and tries to run away, but in the process she slips on one of the curtains, causing geet to lose grip of the necklace, which slides across the floor, but geet was able to maintain her balance and hide from maan.
Maan concentrates back to his tai chi. Geet looks and sees that maan didn't notice anything.  She closes her eyes and takes a sigh of relief.  She decides to take one last glance at maan before she leaves to end the restlessness in her heart.  As she turns her head maan was gone. 
She starts to look here and there, but didn't find him.  She started to doubt herself, "was I imagining maan...was I imagining him shirtless?
Her throat started to feel dry and she felt like she had butterflies in her stomach and chills running down her body. She rests her head against a pillar and places her hand against her heart.  Her heart was beating like a humming bird held in the hand frantic to escape.  Her grip on her dupatta gets tighter as these sensation continued to course through her. She closes her eyes and murmers, " Hai babaji mujhe kya hora hai...yeh kaisa ehsaas hai...yeh me kya soch rahi ho?"

She didn't want to feel this way.  She didn't know how to stop herself from feeling this way.  All she ends up doing is hurting both maan and herself. But she didn't know how to forget what love did to her the first time.  How can she trust it again? The love that she had for maan had dug its own place in her heart, but right next to her fear of love.  A tear escapes from her closed eyes, tired of being in such a crossroad. She wanted her old life back'she wanted her old self back the carefree cheerful and paagli type of girl who never had a reason to cry.  All she seemed to do now was cry.  She felt alone just like maan said she would feel if she pushed him away.  He was always there to wipe her tears, always there to comfort her and give her a meaning to live life again, but she felt like she had no other choice and that this was something she just had to get used to. Just then something touched her against her cheek.  Her eyes slowly open as if scared to see, which pair of eyes she may lose herself too.
Just like she feared her eyes met with the most warm and intoxicating eyes.  She quickly closed her eyes again knowing her mind was playing tricks with her again.  After couple seconds of reassuring herself that it was just her allusion she opens her eyes.  As she looks there was no one there.
Geet to herself "That's it geet..."you seriously need to see a doc'."without being able to finish her sentence she gets pulled by the arm and before she could let out a scream maan covers her mouth with his hand. Their eyes meet and get locked.
Maan breaks the silence by asking, "geet tum yaha kyu ayee ho?
For second she even forgot the reason why she came here. All she could process was maan's proximity and closeness against her body.  Everything else seemed a blur.
"run" was the only thing that came to her mind. Maan holds onto her dupatta forcing her to stop in her tracks.  There was nowhere to escape not today.  Geet gasps and holds on tightly on her duppata so it didn't fall off.
"All I asked you was why are you hear and you run. If I had asked the question why were you secretly checking me out than what would you have done? Faint?" maan asks her as his fingers sensuously caress her shoulder as he places her dupatta in place.
Geet's cheeks started to turn pink from embarrassment or was it blush?
" Your leaving without even telling me why you finally decide to see and talk to me?  All I asked you was why are you here, but instead of answering me your running away.  What am I supposed to think? Why are you doing this to me geet."
It hurt geet hearing maan voice out the pain she was giving him. She manages to control herself and find the words to speak."I came...I came here to talk to you about what happened this morning", geet manages to say stuttering a little.
Maan: Kyun? When I came to talk to you geet you didn't even give me a response. You are finally going to let me in and tell me what is going on? What you are hiding from me?
Geet: I am not hiding anything and I made that clear last night.  I just came to tell you that I appreciate you standing up for me against the accusations of Sasha, but'
maan cuts her off.
Maan: listen to me geet. No matter how much we may fight, I won't tolerate someone insulting you, especially in my presence.
Geet: I appreciate what you are doing for me, but I want you to apologize to her maan.
Maan: KYA?!?
Geet: If you are not willing to do it than I will.
Maan holds on to geet's shoulders and tries to make her understand.
Maan: Geet what is wrong with you? Why would you go apologize to her if you have done nothing wrong?
Geet pushes maan's hands off her and turns her face away from him not being able to meet his eyes.
Geet: Because of me you are not going to work and canceling meetings! Because of me you're enduring all the pain that I am giving to you. And now because of me you are going to break your relationship with your childhood friend.  How do you expect me to live with myself knowing that I am separating you from any sort of happiness!
Maan: geet listen to me.  Do you know in these past 4 years I had forgotten what happiness tasted like or how to laugh until I met you and you are saying that you are the reason I don't have any happiness!
We share a strong bond geet and if I don't go to work for a couple of days because of that bond we share than how will it always remain strong.
Geet no matter how much you try to block me out, your eyes tell me a different story, a hidden truth and even pain.  And I will wait for that day when you will trust me enough to tell me yourself.  I will always be there for you and always stand up for you even if you don't want me to geet.  The bond we share has grown too deep to be able to break now even if you want it too. It is way too late for'
Maan doesn't even finish his sentence, realizing what he just said. " The bond we share has grown too deep to be able to break now even if you want it too"'.how could he say that when he is supposed to stay away from her, when he is supposed to loosen the bond they share. He leaves thinking he said too much and tries to distance himself from her before he opens his mouth even more and ends up telling her about his feelings for her as well.  
Those last words were a direct hit to geet. " The bond we share has grown to deep to be able to break now even if you want it to geet".
Geet falls on her knees as maan's words began to sink into her.
Heart: I told you geet, even maan agrees with me now.  Your relationship, your bond has become too deep for any of you to run away from it now.  It is a matter of time that you will lose the little self-control you have left and those days are numbered geet.
Every aspect of maan invites you to him and makes your own heart feel good and beat faster'it makes me feel all jittery and I don't want to lose that feeling geet'I don't.  After a long time I am seeing you laugh and happy because of maan. Why fight it geet?  Why?
 After all the accusations you made against him he is still willing to stand by your side. Kyun? Because he is in love with you too.  If you still think that maan could ever break your heart, than you have become blind!
Geet wanted to burst. Wanted to scream everything out.
Maaan! You want to know what I am hiding? What pain is eating me? I am in love with you but I am scared! I will lose my mind if you leave me and tear me apart just like dev did.
"Maan'.you have always been there as my savior in time of need and even today you have admitted to being my savior even if I don't want you too.  Everything you do makes my heart go crazy.  If you are near my heart beats faster.  If you are far away than my heart feels empty and restless just to see you.  I don't know when you came to my heart and made your own place.  Now the only question remains, what do I do now?   What do I dooo", she helplessly cries out.
I tried to just be friends, but that is too dangerous now. I can't control myself around you. Maan I have to stay away from you.  Staying in the same roof as you is not helping.  But I know you won't let me leave this house at least until my hand gets better.  She starts to move her fingers and they were not hurting.  It is just a matter of a day or two than I will have to leave.  That is the only solution left! 
Another tear escapes from the fact that she will lose someone like maan in her life.  But that is the path she is willing to take and suffer with.
Vicky decided to have dinner with maan and geet today.  It would bring some happiness into his life and make him forget about his pain. 
As he was walking through the door he saw it cracked and with blood stains.
Vicky to himself: oh my god what happened here?
He walks toward the kitchen and almost dropped the dinner from his hands.
He was in shock with the condition and mess of the kitchen.  There was flour and chocolate batter everywhere.  On the walls and kitchen counter tops. 
The pizza was there but uncooked.
Vicky: what the hell happened here last night? This place looks like a war zone. 
Speaking of which, where are the two culprits?
Vicky heads over to geet's room but sees no one there.
He then decides to check maan's room.  As he was going maan comes out of the room himself after taking a shower, unfortunately hearing nothing of geet's revelation.
Vicky: hey bhai!
Maan: hi Vicky. what brings you here?
Vicky: why am I invading your privacy with geet?
Maan: shut up Vicky.  At least give it a rest today.
Vicky: sorry bhai I was just trying to lighten the mood.
Maan: we have bigger problems in our hands.
Just then his stomach growls.
Vicky: Is one of them that you are hungry?
Maan: Now that you have mentioned it. Yes!
Geet and I haven't eaten since yesterday's lunch.
Vicky: Really? Than why is the kitchen a mess?
Maan starts to stutter, trying to find a good excuse.
Maan: Geet tried to make dinner last night after nakul spilled the food, but it didn't work since she only had one arm.  And when I came to help the place was already a mess.
Vicky: interesting story.  So why didn't you eat? I mean the pizza is still left uncooked?
Maan: uhhh.we..we both got too sleepy and decided just to go to sleep.
maan couldn't think of any other excuse.
Vicky to himself: what a weird story, but whatever I know maan is trying to hide something especially when he stutters. 
Vicky: okay nice story.  so where's geet?
Maan: uhh I think she is downstairs.
Vicky: okay let's go get her so we can all eat lunch because I have brought our favorite, pasta.
Maan and Vicky head downstairs, but can't seem to find Geet.
They decide to split up and find her.  As maan is looking for he slips on something and falls on the ground.  Thankfully he did not get hurt.  He looks over to see what made him fall and he sees geet's necklace or more like her brother's necklace.  He brings up closer to his face and just watches twist in the air. 
Maan :Why does this necklace keep on coming and leaving me?
Just than maan hears a voice.  He start's to move toward it.  It was as if someone was singing or even humming. He follows the sound and ends up coming to the terrace. Geet was silently sitting on a swinging chair with a guitar in her hands.  She was composing a song occasionally taking breaks and writing in a journal.
Her song was echoing her pain. 
shikwa hain zindagi se tumse gila nahi
i have complaints with my life but none with u
main khud se hi khafa hu tumse khafa nahi
i'm upset with myself but not with u
umm umm ummm ummm ummm ummm...
(she plays some guitar chords now).
Maan didn't know why, but he felt that this song was about him and geet. He was angry and his hands were unconditionally turning into fists.  He knew it all along Geet was hiding something, but till when will he wait for her to open up to him.  It was obvious from these words that geet didn't mean any of the accusation she made against him. He was tired of this hide and seek game.  Till when?  He can't stand seeing geet in this condition, which infuriated maan, the most.  
All of a sudden maan feels a hand on his shoulder.  He looks back and sees it was Vicky.  But by looking back Vicky couldn't believe the anger and hurt he saw in his eyes.
Vicky: bro'.bro relax please. It is going to be okay.
Maan: How is it going to be okay Vicky when she is keeping all her pain inside her?  I can't see her like this. I just can't.
Vicky looks over to geet and she was working still working on some guitar chords.
Vicky: Bro please go from here.  I will see what I can do.  You just go somewhere and eat and calm down.
Maan takes out his frustration by punching a hole in the wall and then storms off.
Vicky: bhai can't you find a way to relax and take out your frustration without hurting yourself
Maan pretends he didn't hear that and just leaves.
VIcky and geet confrontation.

VIcky:I promise that you will lose this battle and your love for maan will overpower you and then you will finish this song when you are finished from being in denial. In fact let's make a bet.

 I bet you that in less than 3 days you will realize you can't fight with your love for maan anymore because I doubt that you will be able to hold yourself back. If I win than you will owe me and whenever that day comes you will have to repay me.

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Previous Part~Painful Realization

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Awesome update
Awww wanted geet to spill her feelings out to maan now
Oooh luvin the precap
Cont soon Xx...
Thx 4 the PM

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Awesome update
vicky is to good
loved it 
precap more intersting
Flowers Graphic #19

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geet is being too hard on maan for no good reason. she has to share her insecurities and atleast once think abt maan instead sasha or tashaAngry
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love the precap so muchhh
cant wait to read
love it core
beautiful update
pls cont soonnn
thanks pm


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awesoem update dear
loved it...feeling really bad for both...
update soon

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awesome ...

thnx 4 d pm ...

continue soon ...

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