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FF"Two broken hearts fall in love" ~THREAD 2~ (Page 100)

CrystalSaya Goldie

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Posted: 07 May 2011 at 8:23am | IP Logged
OH! no...feeling saddy..saddy...

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Sayia Senior Member

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Posted: 07 May 2011 at 9:48am | IP Logged

awesome but sad update

thanks for PM waiting for next part...

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Fallen Angel IF-Sizzlerz
Fallen Angel
Fallen Angel

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Posted: 07 May 2011 at 4:05pm | IP Logged
Wow...fabulous update, loved it :))
plz cont soon and thnx for the pm!

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Mrs.ZSK IF-Sizzlerz

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Geet gets a vase from her room and shatters it against the mirror. The mirror cracks in half and as geet looks at it she sees a reflection of herself split in two halves showcasing the inner conflict geet is facing inside. She had to do this even though she didn't want to.  Maan and her were getting too close.  It was even dangerous to be even friends.  She did not know how much she had left in her to control herself'to keep herself away from maan.

Painful Realization

Maan is walking with pain masked as anger, clearly visible in those deadly intense brown eyes.

  He gets the keys out of his pocket and clicks the button on the wall opening the garage door. He got his black jacket and soon enough the roar of the engine bursts through the silence of the night.  He sped away in a black motorcycle camouflaging himself with the dark night.  He didn't want to feel.  He didn't want to remember.  He didn't want to relish anything from tonight.  He was confused, hurt, and angry. He just let himself fly with the wind.  Maybe the force of the wind could get strong enough to erase the pain inflicted at his heart.
 He was miles away from home and the skies were pouring rain, as if letting out the tears of pain that Maan Singh Khurana held within. "maan", a voice pierced through the silence of the looming and rainy night causing maan to abruptly press on the breaks in the middle of no where.  His head jerked forward a little from such a forceful stop, but he didn't move.  He just stood there motionless.  "ha hahaha ha", again a chirpy voice laughed, but there was no one there.  Maan's grip on the motorcycle bars started to get harder and his biceps tightened.  "KYUNKE TUM MUJHSE PYAAR HUA HAI" geet's voiced echoed for the third time.
 "AAAHHH", he screamed toward the sky with eyes shut and arms trembling with rage. The winds, which had picked up speed, were slamming the rain against his burning body.  But still it was not enough to extinguish the fire and turmoil coursing through his body.
He slowly opens his eyes and holds onto the bars again, this time for support as he started to breathe frantically'." Ye nahi hosakta" he says getting off the motorcycle.
Mujhe Pyaar nahiii HO SAKTAA" he says with more of an emphasis as he bangs his hand against the bars.  He cringes in pain as fresh blood oozed out of his already hurt hand.
Geet running and getting the first aid kit her first day at Khurana Constructions memory flashed before him.  He kicks over the motorcycle in frustration for reminding him of Geet.  But there was nowhere to run'nowhere to escape and the memories kept on resurfacing.
"You really look good in this blazer. You should buy it since I am a girl and you should take a girl's opinion" geet says with a smile, almost touching her eyes.
"STOP I DON'T WANT TO REMEMBER! I don't want to remember her smile", he cries out.
***Flaskback***" Do you really want to run away from me?"
"Maan let go of me'please" Geet whispers.
"It is your fault you look completely stunning in this white sari that I chose for you", maan remembers saying to geet when her beauty had mesmerized him on Vicky's birthday party.******
"I SAID STOPPP!." maan screams out like a crazy person as he holds on to his head

"Please stop...please" he murmurs.

But the memories were nowhere near to stopping.
***Flashback****" Geet can you bring me that '.file" maan voice lowers as his eyes slowly takes in the image of geet on top of Vicky on the ground.
Geet straightens up and says sorry to Vicky.
Maan takes her pink and flushed face as blush and shyness.
Maan was almost trembling in anger.  His heart was aching. He felt hurt. He felt crushed. He was JEOLOUS.  ******
All of a sudden Geet screams.  Maan snaps out of his deep thoughts and throws the journal aside and runs to geet's side. 
"How could you do this to me ?I loved you. I loved you" Geet cries and screams as she wakes up from her nightmare as usual.

Maan hugs geet and cradles her in his arms.
Maan: It's okay.  He is not here to hurt you anymore.  I won't let him or anybody hurt you anymore. You are not alone.  I am here*******
He comes and hugs her.  "Why don't you open your eyes...please for my sake at least open your eyes he whispers in her ears"
Daadi: Maan beta'stop this'what are you doing'she is not in this world anymore.
The security guards and Vicky are now trying to contain maan and get him off geet.
Maan screams again even louder "NOOO''GEEET".
But then maan gets silenced as a hand flies in the air and slaps maan's right cheek.
Daadi: Bas'band karo ye deewaanegi'..geet is dead'.she cries as tears continued to fall from her eyes'she is gone.*****
****Last Flashback**** "Geet'" maan whimpers as he starts kissing her neck.
Geet was totally shocked now and was going to let out a gasp but it comes out as a moan, which makes maan get even crazier.
Geet: maan what are you doing'stop ..
Before geet could even finish telling him to stop it'maan's chocolate covered lips had invaded her mouth.  *******
"HAAAN" maan screams at the top of his lungs as he falls on his knees.
"MUJHE GEET SE PYAAR HUA HAI" he cries out in anguish.
"I can't see her in pain. I can't see her in anyone else's arms.  Her eyes, her smile, her beauty makes me forget how to breathe", he says with pain struck eyes..
BUT NONE OF THIS MAKES A DIFFERENCE! Doesn't mean I will give in!
I will stay away from her! I have to.  I won't make myself vulnerable again in the name of love!
Vaise bhi geet mujhse pyaar nahi karta!
"OH AND DON'T SAY KYUNKE TUM MUJHSE PYAAR HUA HAI'", geet's words burned through his ears.
"Toh kya faida hai agar mein geet ki pyaar karoon agar vho mujhse pyaar nahi karogi.  I am the only who will get hurt! She made clear how she thought of me tonight.  After everything I did for her she pointed her finger at me'accused me! All I did was try to help her", he cried.
"What you are trying won't work! What happened tonight was a mistake and it won't happen again.  I won't give you the chance to get closer to me.  Opening up is just another ticket for you isn't it",geet word's had pierced through his heart.
"I don't need her'.I don't need geet in my life! I don't need any WOMAN in my life". 
 Maan had come home 4 in the morning.  His brain and body were exhausted inside and out and he succumbs to sleep having no more energy to fight.  Every cell in his body was aching in pain.
Maan wakes up hearing his cell phone ring the next morning.
Maan: Hello
Adi: Sssir I wass callinggg you to inform you that today you have your important meeting with Mr. Sharma.  Is it possible for you to come for an hour for the meeting or should I cancel it completely.
Maan: Cancel it completely. 
Adi: Okkay sir.
Maan gets up as he starts to remember the incident of last night.
Maan: Last night for the first time I lost control. Maan Singh Khurana lost control and that too with geet.  That girl was seducing me and any man would have lost control and yet last night she was accusing me of trying to get closer to her. Yeh ladki mujhe dhire dhire pagal kar degi.
I will have to stay away from her, which shouldn't be a problem.  She doesn't even want my shadow near her. Fine with me!
In her sleep geet was remembering how maan was kissing her and making her feel good inside.
She suddenly wakes up remembering everything that happened last night.  She runs to the bathroom and splashs her face with cold water.  As geet is looking at herself in the mirror she starts to remember how she slapped maan last night, and winces away from the image.
Geet: I went a little to far last night.   I shouldn't of have slapped him.  I didn't mean anything I said yesterday, but I don't think we can just be friends anymore.  Not after what happened last night.
Geet washes up and then heads over to check up on maan.  She just wanted to know how he was doing, especially after saying those hurtful words to him.
As geet starts to look for maan all of a sudden she feels a hand grab her good arm and pull her to the side.
As geet look's to see who is was she gets shocked.  She was expecting it to be maan, but it wasn't.
Geet looked on, shocked.
intruder: Surprised? Maybe you shouldn't leave the door open next time.
I must say shouldn't I be surprised about finding you here in MK's house.
Geet: Maan and I are friends now'.i mean were friends, and he told the doctor that he would take care of me since I injured my hand.
intruder: were friends? I see so now you guys are closer than just friends, which is why you say you were friends.
Geet: no that is not what I meant.
intruder: I know exactly what you MEANT!
Maan has just washed up when he heard a voice that didn't sound like geet at all. 
As he goes to check it out he see the intruder except when the intruder screams " I know exactly what you meant" he stops and hides himself to see what the intruder is here for and has to say.
intruder: I had warned you didn't I. You put up this image of an innocent and simple girl, but you are more cunning than I had thought.
Aren't you ashamed of yourself? You are only after MK's money! You don't even look like that type of girl'chi chi chi.( Have you guyzzz guessed who it is by now?)
I am telling you for the last time to leave MK alone.  He does not need women like you in his life you hear me.  Go back to where ever hell you came from and stay away from MK!
Maan had just about heard enough.  He was not going to stand against anyone disrespecting and insulting geet, especially with false allegations.
Maan: "SASHAAA!", maan roars in anger.
Sasha steps back in fear.  She couldn't believe maan was screaming at her.
Maan: how dare you insult geet? What gives you the right to say such things? You are lucky that you are munshiji's daughter or else I would have thrown you out right this second.
Sasha: MK you are screaming at me because of this girl! Sasha points to geet as if she was some kind of creature.
We have been childhood friends and have been working together for 5 years still you are screaming at me?  You cancel a meeting with Mr.Sharma, which we have been trying to get for 4 months now.  Was this your personal issue? To spend quality time with geet?
Maan: I do not need to explain myself to you or anyone else!
Maan just looks the other way not giving a damn about Sasha.
Sasha:Your not the same MSK. What jadoo has geet done to you?
Geet starts to tear up and leave.  She couldn't bear hearing all this and couldn't bear to see that she was tearing maan's family relationship apart.  All she seems to give to maan was pain.
Maan: If I knew that this was your true nature than I would of have never become your friend.
Sasha: bas MK! I have gotten a good image of how you see me.
She is about to leave when his sleek and shiny black motorcycle catches her eye. A memory of Sasha forcing maan to give her a ride so many years resurfaced.
She looks at him with her pain struck eyes and says, " I guess you found a new partner to ride with you" she leaves with a tear escaping from her eyes.  She couldn't believe how geet had turned maan against her.  Sasha swears to make geet pay.
Sasha words echoed through maan's head "Your not the same MSK. What jadoo has geet done to you?... You have found a new partner to ride with?"
Maan: I have accepted that I am in love with geet but that doesn't mean I will make her my life partner!
Maan goes to check up on geet.  Yes he was supposed to stay away from her, but that doesn't mean he doesn't care for her.  He can't see her hurt and what Sasha said crossed the line. Except when maan reaches her room she has locked herself up.  Maan knocks on the door.  But geet didn't respond.
Maan: Geet'don't take what Sasha said to the heart.  I know you are not like that. I know you that much. Please open the door.
Still no response.
Geet you still want me to leave you alone?  Why are you doing this to yourself? 
Still no response. 
"geet" maan whispers with pain in his voice. 
"She doesn't even want to talk to me and I had to fall in love with her.  theek hai I guess this is how it's going to be. I am just the idiot who has to worry about her when she won't even give a damn" he says before leaving.
He was just so frustrated and irritated with everyone and everything.  What game was fate playing with him?

Vicky decided to have dinner with maan and geet today. It would bring some happiness into his life and make him forget about his pain. 
As he was walking through the door he saw it cracked and with blood stains.
Vicky to himself: oh my god what happened here?

NOte: hey guyzz from the comments i am getting so far i think i confused you guyz with the precap.
maan and geet did not hurt themselves in the precap.  the blood stains are from when maan smashed the door open when he left the house the night before.  blood came out from his hands which is was the stains were on the door. 

calm down both of them are okay...they are just going through a tough time.  

i have explained this in more detail on page:116.
sorry for the confusionEmbarrassed

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libra25 IF-Rockerz

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yipppeee me the first one...
loved the update...
feeling really sad for maan and angry on geet...
i hope she has not left or hurt herself again...
may be the door vicky has seen is the one when maan banged his hand at night...
continue soon

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mechantefille IF-Rockerz

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Intense...saasha ki toh band baji...nice!!

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Nazmaa Goldie

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no way...
AWW Maan finally admitted he loves geet
now he needs to tell her...

the promo...
hope geet is okay??
nothing can happen to her...
poor vicky
walks in to see blood...

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