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FF"Two broken hearts fall in love" ~THREAD 2~

Mrs.ZSK IF-Sizzlerz

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Two broken hearts falling in love

(part 21 below)


Maan Singh Khurana: A 26 year old business tycoon who is very wealthy and has a huge ego. He has a huge business empire but in reality he is a very lonely and quiet guy. He hates woman after he finds out Sameera loved him only for his money.  He curses woman even now and believes that they all have cunning and evil natures behind their beautiful looks.

Geet Handa : A 21- year old girl who used to truly believe in love and always had.  Always wishing from her babaaji that she meet her raj kumar. She gets her wish and madly falls in love, except that person breaks her heart because he trusted some other people over her(you will find out more details later in the story don't want to spoil everything yet).
Everything changed for these two broken hearts and souls once they meet. The day geet get's her heart broken she wanted to end her life but maan spots her and saves her life.  The day they meet it is like the end of the world, but not only has fate kept on making them encounter each other time and time again'but also maan's brother Vicky and his daadima have been playing cupid and coming up with plans to get these two to accept their feelings and love for one another. 
Geet now knows she has feelings for maan, but is not willing to give into them, while maan doesn't even want to accept the fact that he even has feelings for geet.
Now fate has once again brought maan and geet to a similar situation to the first night they met and maan somehow get's his hands on geet's journal.  He finds out the horrible truth of geet's pain and suffering.  Immediately he feels a connection with geet.  A deep and internal connection because his past also contains the same pain and suffering which geet got in the name of love.
He becomes touched'Geet unconditionally manages to get through to maan's heart which he has sealed from love.  But tag along the journey to see if these two broken hearts will ever succumb to their feelings for one another? Will they accept that love is not only filled with hidden poison? Will they allow their love for one another to sew the broken pieces of their hearts back together? Only time will tell.
part 21:
You're not alone

Without even giving it a thought maan holds onto geet's hand and doesn't let her go. Doesn't let her feel alone.
He totally forgets about reading more of the journal. The only thing running through his mind was to comfort geet'was to care for geet.
Little did he knew that if he continued reading that poem he may have found out that geet has feelings for maan and feels hurt and used from maan because of the dare. And he even could of have found out what geet meant by "I wont give in".  but I guess fate has its own plans.


After watching geet innocently sleep, slowly slowly maan's eyes started to get droopy and soon he falls into a deep and peaceful sleep, while geet continued to hold his hand.
The morning sun rays starts to peek in through the window hitting geet's eyes.  She starts to squint her eyes as the sunrays were starting to bother her.

But that didn't work and all and of a sudden she turns her body and face to the side, but she did not know that maan was at her side.  So with her sudden movement to the side maan ends up slipping off the bed.  Maan out of shock holds on to the closest thing he could, which was geet.  Both end up on the floor, and through the process of falling geet accidently pecks maan's lips.

Both geet and maan body's go on full alert as they started to feel aroused with each other with just a small peck on the lips and not to mention the proximity of their bodies.

Geet slowly picks up her head'but dared not to look into maan's eyes.
She was filled with fear of maan's wrath and anger she would have to face once their eyes met.
Maan would soon lose control of his mind if geet did not get off him soon.  Their proximity was killing him and he was leaning in on geet for another kiss.
Maan realized what he was doing and breaks out of it.
Maan: Geet... do you mind getting off me?
Geet gets up and turns pink from embarrassment.
Geet: I'm'I'm sorry.
Geet says sorry and turns to leave.
Maan grabs her hand and she comes swirling back into his arms.
"kaha jarahi ho" maan whimpers in geet's ear and puts his hands around her waist bringing her closer.
Mahiii'. (There signature soundtrack starts and their eyes get lockedEmbarrassed).
Geet is the first to snap out of it she tries to pull herself away from him but maan is relentless and won't let her go.
Geet: Please let me go.
Geet tries to shove his arms off but it was no use.  Maan was lost in his own world.  Staring at geet with his intense eyes and his grip getting harder and harder, until it started to hurt.
"ahhh" geet squills in pain.
Maan snaps out of his trance and lets go hearing geet's pain.
Maan: I am so sorry geet.
Geet: Akher tum kya chatihoo? Why are you doing this to me?
Geet runs into the bathroom.  She wanted very much to vanish into thin air.  Everywhere she looked or turned her heart would ache in pain.
She was so confused with maan.  Still does not know what maan wants.
 Geet to herself: Hasn't he finished playing with my feelings, which hasn't seemed to vanish like I wish it would.
She looks upward' "babaji have you no mercy on my poor aching heart"'why can't I be mad at him'why can't I hate him'.
Maan starts to pace and runs his hand through his hair.  He was so frustrated with himself.  What did he just do?
"maan tujhe kya huwa hai? Tum kyu karahe ho ye sab geet ke saat" Maan says.
Maan: It is like I stop thinking when she is near me and something inside of me takes control.
Geet I am sorry I wanted to help you not hurt you.
Maan suddenly trips over something.  He holds on to the wall before he falls to the ground.  He looks at sees its geet journal. 
He picks it up ad just looks at for a few seconds. 
Maan: Geet one day you will tell me all your pain.  You will trust me enough that much to tell me who broke your heart.  I have that much faith in the small relationship that we share.
He quickly puts the journal in geet's bag so she doesn't suspect that he went through her journal, through her privacy. But before he does so he looks at the picture of the cheerful geet one last time to cherish that smile forever.
Geet looks through the cupboard in the bathroom and manages to find a towel. 
She takes a hot shower letting her muscles relax'her soul relax.
She wraps the towel around herself leaving only her shoulders, arms, and her legs below her knee bare.
Geet knew maan had changed her clothes last night most likely because they were wet and gave her his shirt. 
Her heart started to beat faster at the thought of maan touching her'.
She thought to herself if it were any other man they would of have taken advantage of the situation but maan didn't.
Geet: What game is fate trying to play with us? This was the same way I had encountered maan the first time he saved me.  He had changed my clothes as well as had stayed in his limit.  Again fate had brought us to a similar situation last night.
She brushes her thoughts to the side, as she still was not going to give in. Geet needed her clothes and they must have had dried by now. 
Geet: Maan'Maan are you there?
There was no response. 
Geet: I guess he went out somewhere'It's fine I will get my clothes myself.
Geet takes a step out and looks at both directions. There was no sign of maan.
Geet comes out and starts looking for her clothes. She looks here and there, but can't seem to find it. 
As she turns her head geet's hair and the water droplets in her hair splash against maan's face.
Maan winces at the touch and geet's intoxicating smell.
He starts to lose himself in geet's beauty'his eyes started to scan her body from bottom to up.   Geet stood frozen.  She was not expecting maan to be here.
Slowly maan starts to close in on geet.
Geet starts walking backwards until she gets cornered to the wall.  Maan instinctively just brushes off the strands of hair on geet's face and puts it behind her ear.
Geet's heart melted with the electric currents that maan's touch was sending through her body. 
(mahi ve soundtrack and signature eye lock begins).
In the meantime Geet's heart and brain were fighting.
Heart: geet just look at what maan's touch is doing to you'he makes you happy.why don't you accept it?
Brain: Why should she accept it? Have you forgotten what it brought her last time? Only heart break..only pain.
Heart: but geet do you think maan could ever do that to you? Could he ever turn his back on you?
Geet wanted to scream'she didn't know what to do or what she wanted?
Geet tries to escape and tries to run to the left, but maan puts out his arm and blocks her.  Then geet tries to go to the right, but than maan blocks her with his other arm.

Geet: Why do you like playing these games with me'it is only going to give us pain.
Maan: I am not playing with you.
Geet: Than what are you doing? How would you explain this behavior of yours towards me?
Maan: uhhh I am just simply helping you.
Geet: but why would you want to help me more than what you already have?
Maan: Kyu poochrahi ho? Tum akele rehna pasand hai?
Geet just holds her breath. No she does not feeling alone.  That is one thing that is eating her inside everyday.
Maan: Geet jokes aside.  I am here to help.  You're not as alone as you think. 
Here is a green salwar kamiz wear it.
Geet: but'
Maan: Don't ask any questions just wear it and I will be waiting for you outside.
Maan turns around, gives a glance at geet and than walks out with his full Maan Singh Khurana attitude.
Geet just replays maan's words in her head " I am here to help'your not as alone as you think".


Maan screams: GEEETTT!
Oh my god.  Someone help me plz'.help me.

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Here is the link for thread 1(Chapters 1-20):

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congratsssss....promos look awesome..can't wait....

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CONGRATS..nice promo waiting for next update..............

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Congrats on your second thread
and I love all of your 3 promos!!!
Can't wait till you actually update now LOLLOL

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yu better have better excuse
for not update sweetheart
he he he i'm just joking
interesting promo
pls cont soonnnnnnnnn
thanks pm

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Thanks for the promos. You got me excited hehe.
Love Vicky and his mischiefs. :D
Lookings forward Maaneet 's moments ;)

Do update soon dear :)

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congrats on da 2nd thread
loving ur ff
promo look good
cant wait 
con soon
plz do add me 2 da pm list

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