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before MY READERS fasten their BELTS and take FLIGHT.... i want to share something with U all... first of all... TONS of THANKS to all my ACTIVE and SILENT READERS whose BUCKUP and ENCOURAGEMENT really stand me here that TONIGHT i m posting my STORY 3RD level.... i really DEDICATED my STORY THIS level to "POOJA" and "AANDROMEDA DII" whose IDEAS CHUNKS which they shared with me was the MAIN INGREDIENT of this level as well my all READERS SUPPORT.... i knew that may be my work is not up to the MARK or may be it will be a DISASTER..... so i APPOLOGIZE to U all and say my HEARTIEST SORRY in ADVANCE to all my READERS.... if they felt any REGRET at any point either for a tingue..... i'll try BUT!!!! now GO AHEAD.... i'l wait for the completion of UR ride.....

The last incident was totally destructed the emotions of all CID team'. Specially DAYA, VIVEK and ABHIJEET'. ABHIJEET is naturally a tough guy so trying to compose himself although it is quite difficult for him too'.. VIVEK was bit scared and confused' even his STUNTS were also weakened due to lack of interest'. The extremely bad effect was done with DAYA'. most of the time' he took shower'. at regular intervals'. he washed his face'. he felt that sticky tone at every place he visited'. and the most difficult point that he did not want any of his team member including ACP Sir missing and specially ABHIJEET for a minute'. after a discussion with DR and ACP Sir' ABHIJEET took DAYA with him and from the last accident' they were living combined'. ACP and all CID team this time did extra effort to dig out any bit about the CULPRIT'. but again FAILED'.. there was NO CLUE' NO FINGER PRINT on both the CD's ' the SOUND was prepared by the help of mixing VOICES at COMPUTER'. the COURIER guy was also not caught' because it was damn sure that the GUY was in makeup' the CULPRIT knew every STRENGTH' every WEAKNESS of every member'  and the CULPRIT did not hesitate to play with those……. '. CID team scanned or checked their house' vehicles' personnel's and even themselves'. but found NOTHING even a small BUG'.

07 MAY 2011

At 09: 30 AM

At the bearue'. when DUO entered'. watched FREDDIE looking very happy'. he shared the news of WINING a FLATE in LOTTERY'.. All felt really happy' demand a treat to him'. FREDDIE took VIVEK with him to watch his NEW FLATE'. they reached there' the GUY presented a SOFT DRINK to both and showed them the whole FLATE and moved out' they taking sips and saw the room with happiness and fell one after another with the difference of minutes'  after their exit from the bearue'. KAJAL and SACHIN moved towards GORAY GAON from where they want some information about a suspect'. they moved fast' heard knocking VOICE came out from the JEEP' SACHIN stopped it' opened the BONUT' felt a pain' and here KAJAL felt a smell from a SPRAY GUN'. DUO at bearue talked about ACP who was busy in HIGH OFFICIALS meeting'. Suddenly they brought a call'. ABHIJEET picked it up and heard the news'. he told DAYA that the HIGHWAY POLICE found an UNKNOWN car with a BURNT body' both moved at HIGHWAY'. when they reached towards the Quillas'. DAYA remembered that he forgot his CELL upstairs' he moved back to took it' while ABHIJEET opened the Passenger seat of Quillas'  a girl hit him in tension and told him that a GUY was following her and irritated her from long hours' ABHIJEET rushed there with the girl'. and felt unusual attempt'. DAYA came fast but he did not find ABHIJEET beside or in the Quillas'. he called on his CELL but the cell was powered off'. Suddenly he felt that he heard ABHIJEET voice' he moved there and just at once.... a sharp knife cut his wrist and he felt a high pain on his head too'.

At 10:00 AM

All people opened their eyes'. saw something new'. something they experienced at first time'. They really felt themselves helpless'.. especially in that condition'....

FREDDIE saw him in a BIG room'. BRIGHT effect of LIGHT cleared everything'. room was very clean'. there were small HOLES presented at the roof and in floor too'.

KAJAL opened her eyes and found herself in a room filled with ASH and lots of BURNT bodies laid one after another'. LIGHT was very SHARP this time'.

SACHIN watched a room with LOTS of GUNS fixed on every wall'. He saw a SHINE LIGHT upon his head'.

VIVEK stunned to saw himself in a room with a POOL'. and the POOL contained BLOOD'.. the BIG and POWERFUL SPOT LIGHT confirmed him that what he saw is REAL and just pure BLOOD'.

ABHIJEET opened his eyes and shocked to see himself in BOWED posture and tied in a BIG POLYTHENE BAG kind of a VESSEL' which filled up half with BLOOD'. his whole face and shoulder was OUT from that fluid while the all other parts putted in the BLOOD'. the LIGHT was very CLEAN like the room'. which floor had bunches of TINY PORES'.                                 

DAYA opened the shutter of his eyes and try to stand but failed'. he saw nothing'. dark' but STICKY with SPLASH of BLOOD his whole body except his face and shoulder felt'. he moved his hand and his body felt a high shock' he was in a BIG box which was closed and contained BLOOD'.

They heard that OLD SAME SOUND'' which really irritated them a lot'..

SOUND: haan OFFICERS'.  again WELCUM'. dekho is baar LEVEL thora MUSHKIL hay'.. kyunkay tum log DO levels cross ker chukay ho'. tum sub ko usi tarah CHABI dhoondi hay'. apnay CHAMBER ko khool ker bahar aana hay' bus'.  lekin kyunkay LEVEL thora mushkil hay'. is liyey is mein TASK bhi zyada hongay'. tum sub ki KEYS kay TWO PARTS hain'. dono parts ko dhoodna hay aur phir dono parts ko JOIN ker kay poori CHABI banana hay aur us CHABI say CHAMBER ko khol ker bahar aana hay'..  haan kyunkay CHABI parts per hay tou TIME bhi zyada hay'. matlab' is baar her PLAYER ko 15 minutes milein gay'. Pehla PLAYER Ins FREDRICS' doosri KAJAL' teesra SACHIN' 4th VIVEK' 5th ABHIJEET aur last DAYA hoga'. aur haan TIME UP ki BEEP jesay he sunai day gi' sub kuch KHATAM ho jayey ga'..   tum sub logun ko SHABASH denay kay liyey aaj main nay yahan ek mehman ko bhi bullaya hay'. MILO gay TUM log us say'.. DEKHO!!!!!!!!!

The CAPTIAN of the SHIP and the PILLER of CID'. Mr. ACP PRADYMAN bhi aaj hamary is GAME ka hissa banein hain'.. aur tum sub ki himmat barhayein gay'.. ACP tayyar ho jao' BUCK UP kay liyey'.


Here at bearue'. DCP called ACP but his CELL was powered off' DCP in anger came to enquire with ACP who was not attending TODAY's meeting'.'. The bearue was EMPTY except some SECURITY guards'. They told him that ACP was not came today while rest team moved and still not backed to bearue' he called ABHIJEET but cell again powered off'. Suddenly SALUNKHY entered to give something to ACP' he was stunned when DCP talked about the whole' his mind shuffled' and his intentions confirmed him that this time not only the TEAM but ACP himself caught by the UNKNOWN CULPRIT who was still MYSTERY for all'.. DCP took CHARGE for that case now'. he prepared TWO segments of GOOD POLICE OFFICERS to dig out about everything'. SALUNKHY was not taken any part coz he knew very well that all was BASELESS'. But he was very worried coz ACP caught showed that UNKNOWN CULPRIT did xtreme bad this time'. his beats missed while thought that would he be able to WATCH and MEET his colleagues again???!!!   

All team except DAYA was totally OUT to see their DEAR HEAD impression in a GLASS walls SLABS and hanging in the air by the help of ROPE with CHAIN LOCK'. there was a GLASS BUCKET filled with BLOOD'. the BUBBLES popped beneath his foot'. the slimy shine of SMOKE was also seen by the team'.. here ACP also shocked to watch everyone from the main GLASS SLABs'..

Haan ye tum LOGUN ki LIFE hai'.'  kyunkay last PLAYER kay TIME UP kay baad tum sub ko mazeed 10 minute milein gay'. tum logun ko ek machine mein PASSWARD daalna hay'. DECODE ker kay'.  jis say tum sub ko ACP SAHAB ko bachana hay'.. warna is BUBBLE BLOODY BUCKET mein tum sub kay PIYARY ACP FRY ho jayein gay'. kyunkay is mein ACID hay'. jis ki wajah say ye BUBBLES ban rahay hain'. aur haan ONE IMPORTANT announcement'. CHABI ka AIK hissa tum logun kay ander hay' aur doosra dhoondna hay'.. samjhy'..  chalo PLAYERS'.. tayyar ho jao' dekho ACP SAHAB thak rahay hain'. un ko zyada nahi thakatay' theek hay'. let's START'..

At 10:25 AM

FREDDIE stood up'. watched two MEDIUM sized GLASS BEAKER at the corner'. he checked them' they were EMPTY'. heard a SOUND'.  sound like something falling on metal'. he felt the sound came from his HEAD' he felt GOOSE BUMPS' he spread his fingers on his HEAD and found a part of KEY' which was GLUED on his head' he scratched it so some of his hairs also making big noise and as a result gave their life on his hand'. Suddenly he felt a DROP of BLOOD fell on his head from the roof hole' which really hurt his HEAD SCRATCH'. simultaneously he again found a DROP on his lips but its taste like WHISKY'. He felt the pressure on his nerves increased with the pressure of RAIN of WHISKY and BLOOD at the same time'. he shocked' body bit shivered' scream was strucked on his throat' he thought for a minute and took both the beaker'. first he tried to place it in a HOLE which had fallen WHISKY DROP but then he felt that the HOLE shuffled and the WHISHKY DROP HOLE fell down the BLOOD DROP on the next minute'. his mind hustle bustle'. coz the floor turned slippery and tacky and in the mean time the DROPS went out in speed from the floor HOLES as well'. FREDDIE grabbed both the beaker on his both hands' and just moving here and there'. he did not know what he did'. his head and face mixed with colors and taste of blood and whisky but he tried hard not to open his mouth at any time'..

At 10: 29 AM

Here ACP was shocked to see the experiment which his HILIRIOUS team member who was always bring SMILES on everyone faces now faced that painful moment '

SOUND: kyun ACP maza aa raha hay??? hahahha'' sirf tum inhein dekh pa rahy ho' ye nahi' warna ye apna kaam kesay karein gay!!!  dekh lo main kitni achi TRAINING ker raha hun' tumharay bacchun ki'.

ACP tried to say anything in anger'. his VOICE was shut on his throat due to SOUNDPROOF chambers'. but his ears got SOUND'.. very irritating'.. very smirk'..

Suddenly FREDDIE heard a VOICE of some IRON thing fell on his right hand beaker'. he moved his face upside' a drop of WHISKY fell on his eye' due to splash off that drop' FREDDIE's hand was shivered' and both the beaker fell from his hand and he slipped in the floor with force'. his whole body shivered greatly' cloths were too sticky and felt a weird tone of mixture of both fluid on his face and body'. He started crying'.

At 10:34 AM

SOUND(whisper): FREDDRICS'. ACP'.. dekho'. Kis tarah tum ko dekh raha hay'. niraash ker do gay usay'.

FREDDIE(himself in cry): nahi main ACP Sir kay liyey kuch bhi ker sakta hun'.

SOUND(smile): tou karo na dear'. ro kyun rahay ho'..

He remembered ACP Sir hanging situation'  he knew that not only he but he will also save ACP' he again stood' wiped tears or wat was on his eyes and face'. he calculated the TIME' not completely lost his hope' coz still he had 4 minutes' he spread his palm on floor and found a PART'. he grabbed it on his pocket'  Now he had both PARTS but two more minutes left'. at time running fast' his speed' hopes lose and tension and fear increased' he tried to combine the part but in nervousness he lost his attention'  he imagined ACP hanging' and luckily his key JOINT'. rushed there'. putted the KEY and heard the TIME UP and CLICK voice at the same minute'.. he moved out and sat on floor' his tears fell on floor and he closed his eyes'

ACP shocked to see that his LOCK was also CLICKED with the LOCK of FREDDIE'. he moved more near to that HOT BLOOD bucket'..

At 10:40 AM

KAJAL stood up'. watched everything'. from where she got the KEY'. she heard the SOUND'. but from where'.. whenever she moved herself'. she heard that sound' she checked herself and suddenly felt a stiff thing on her shirt right hand cuff'. she tried to tear' but how!!! The fabric was not easily tore by hands' now she used her TEETH' it's really a time consuming process' coz she inhale and exhale due to BURNT aroma in the whole room more quickly'.

At 10:43 AM  

SOUND: kya hua KAJAL'.. main kuch madad karun!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hmmmmmmmm''

KAJAL did not react'. she remembered ACP hanging scene and tried her best'. now get successes'  got ONE part'. then quickly she started to search the 2ND part of KEY on ASH'. found nothing' calculated the time'. her hands were covered by the ASH and turned its color into BLACK'. she in scared and weeping checked the BURNT bodies'. she used her hands to checked the bodies but the bodies was so much burnt so if her hand unexpectedly worked hard as a result'.. any part of the body was broken down' Suddenly found a part from a burnt body eye'.

At 10:48 AM

ACP was really worried about his team'. KAJAL tension was easily pushed his buttons'.

SOUND: ACP'.. ye kuch theek nahi lag rahi hay na'. tum madad karna chaho gay is ki????

ACP tried to calm his lips and mind'. SOUND laugh on his helpless situation'.''    

very less time irritated KAJAL a lot' when she tried to JOIN them'. due to tension' she lost attention and one part again missed on that ASH after falling from her shivering hand'.the ASH now moving on the limited air of the chamber' she started coughing'. and the smoke of ASH really create a problem to watch clearly'.

At 10:53 AM

SOUND: paani laon'' KAJAL'. tumharay liyey'.. haan!!!!!!!

She tried to search the KEY PART'.  she spread the palm on ASH which displaced the PART and the TIME UP BEEP roasted her and ACP both hopes'.. she felt bad about ACP and laid her head on her arms'.

ACP LOCK was not opened this time'. But he felt tension about KAJAL'..

At 10:55 AM

SACHIN stood up'. he felt ITCHING from regular intervals on his palm' he checked himself'. but empty' where was the PART' he again thoroughly checked the chamber and himself'. at one point when he rubbed his palm to spare from ITCHING' his hair stood up' there was something on his palm'. he checked it with xtreme pressure on nerves'. the PART was pierced on his palm'. how he picked it out'. he hit his hand on the GUN BARREL  out from the wall and the palm skin ruptured' he picked out the part' at the same time'. the FIRE shot his ear drum and his back wall had a HOLE'. the guns throwing BULLETS one after another'. SACHIN tried to move'. threw his body' according to the direction of GUN BARREL'. but the major problem was that the all three side walls GUNS started the FIRING at similar time'. he sat on floor'. remembered ACP' the GUN SHOT out burst his ear'. his body got some stiffness so moving ability was disturbed'.

At 11:00 AM

SOUND: SACHIN bullets tou check karo'. warna der ho jayey gii'.. phr tum aur ACP'. Sub maaray jayein gay'

SACHIN(in rash): tu hee maray ga'. aur'.. ahhhhhhh

Suddenly a BULLET entered on his hand with great force'. even it burst his HAND into a slice'. Blood came out'.. he felt pain'. the first part was also fallen from his hand'. he picked it up' but on trying for another part with the shot was very difficult'  he checked some bullets but failed'. he felt he was going on unconscious state'.. and with that GUN SHOOTING' he shaded into his own blood'.

At 11:09 AM

ACP scream'. but no one here to hear his scream '. his LOCK was not opened this time as well'. '.. he called SACHIN' but SACHIN was far away from his scream'.  

At 11:10 AM

VIVEK stood'.. took out his shirt'. his KEY PART hanging on his AMULET  which was on his neck'. he was too tensed'. he wanted to pour his foot on BLOOD pool''. Suddenly heard'.

SOUND: VIVEK'. saanp '.. buhat saary'..

VIVEK foot automatically stopped in air' his eyes widened'. saw lots of SNAKES swimming happily in that BLOODY swimming pool' his all hairs roasted up now'. he felt shivering' he knew that almost 95% SNAKES are POISONLESS' but who knows'. the rest of 5% were there to celebrate a gathering'. his head getting wet'.

At 11:12 AM

 He remembered ACP Sir' his hanging body'. VIVEK tried to calm and tightened his whole body'. he thought to be swim in one direction' but it's impossible coz he did not know where was the KEY PART''. he took a deep breath'. tightened the SHIRT on his face openings'.

At 11:14 AM

ACP shocked' he moved his head to tell VIVEK not to do anything like that' he knew SACHIN situation'. but VIVEK did not see his EXPRESSION' he also did not know anything abt SACHIN' ACP did not want to lose another soldier'.. BUT' his soldiers'.

At 11:16 AM

SOUND: ACP'.. kya tum bhi'.. jaany to do usay!!!!

ACP said something in harsh' but SOUND not need to interpret it'.. very happy'.

At 11:18 AM

He dived without any hope' he knew it was his last Journey'.  he started swimming'  SNAKES swam with him' showed their ability' VIVEK knew if they were not HUNGRY' they did not attack on him' BUT if anyone felt a little SNACK!!!!.... at every minute when he felt a slimy touch on his body'. he tried to disperse the direction'. the BLOOD color and sticky tone really irritated' visibility dim with the passage covered when he moved downward'.

At 11:20 AM

SOUND: VIVEK'.. good job!!!!

SOUND(again): kyun ACP'.. aisay sipahee ko mil ker acha lagta hay mujhay'. Tum ko kya lagta hay???

ACP in rash tried to open his locks'. but the smoke flavor touched his shoes and he felt the warm dip on his feet too'.  and that spared him not to take any wrong step'

At 11:22 AM

VIVEK moved' swam and tried his best not to touch any snake visible or felt by his intention on his way' he did not find anything'. his body felt heaviness and now he felt that his mind and body mingled the intentions' his LUNGS wanted AIR' FRESH air'. he moved upward' suddenly his foot tangled with anything and he felt a METAL' he rushed there' a KEY on the last corner' he took it but way back urgently due to his lungs need'. his foot hit something'.. he did not know either it's a snake or wall' but the pool was hustled' the SNAKES  recognized someone who was not belong to their genre'.

At 11:23 AM

ACP fear was at high point' he saw VIVEK struggling' the splash of BLOODY pool'. and he became angry on his non helping hand condition'.

At 11:24 AM

He swam like a bullet' he did not know the direction' just wanted to move up and out' his mind totally lost to calculate the time or any task thing' he moved' at last he came out in xtreme tension'. untied the shirt' took bad air in surrounding in little amount'. his body still shaking'.  JOINT the KEY in absent mind' his only task now was FRESH AIR'.'.. putted it on LOCK' heard CLICK and TIME UP BEEP'. smashed down at the doorstep'.   

SOUND: dekha ACP'.. abhi aur bhi dekhna hay'. itni jaldi mut marna'.. haahha' aur dekhna!!!

ACP locked was also opened with the opening of VIVEK chamber lock'..


DCP completely shattered'. his charge was not fulfilled the criteria'. he tried every aspect but only found CID TEAM members VEHICLES from different areas'. nothing REPOTED'. the MEDIA' PEOPLE and HIGHER AUTHORITES' he did not handle any of them and now remembered ACP situation on his both experience'  SALUNKHY on the other side' totally roasted up' he had only TWO things and he did not want to lose it' PRAY and HOPE!!!

At 11:25 AM

LIGHT shinned' ABHIJEET posture was in extreme' he wanted to use his hand' but felt bit tension'. that he had a HANDCUFFS on his hands'. and something familiar felt by his fingers'. after opening eyes he had a pinching pain on the CONJUNCTION of his throat' he moved but the blood vessel shake on his movement and the BLOODY fluid moved' he calmed himself coz due to his movement' may be he got that BLOOD on his face openings'..

At 11:27 AM

SOUND: arry ABHIJEET'. suna hay tumhara NISHANA buhat acha hay' (smirk tone) chalo aaj dekh leetay hain'. apni hathkaryaan kholo'. magar yaad rakhna'. CHABI ka aik hissa is VESSEL mei hay' aur neechay buhat saary sorakh bhi'.

ABHIJEET(in rash): abay doosra'..

SOUND: WOW'.. mujhay tumhari yehi "ABAY TABY" pasand hay'. ABHIJEET'. doosra tumharay ander'. and U had a GUN'.. hahhaha'.

At 11:29 AM

ABHIJEET body became stiffed'. he knew his AIM was so good' DAYA always called him an EXACT SHARP SHOOTER'. but could he fulfill that EXACT term today!!!'. he calculated the time' remembered abt ACP and worried about DAYA'. he took that GUN' his fingers played the role of his eyes' the GUN as well his fingers both were sticky'. He grabbled the GUN and the HANDCUFF'. and placed GUN BARREL on both HANDCUFF middle chain' he knew very well that he did everything quickly coz if his calculations dispersed'. everything quit'. he changed his posture for a bit'. ready and calmed his mind' checked the position of GUN and HANDCUFF again and focused his eyes on floor'.  a BANG voice not only burst his ears but also burst the vessel filled with blood and room silence too'. his foot touched the floor' he was ready for it so easily landed either he fell on floor with great force'. the GUN was out from his range too'. he tried to do not lost his attentive focus either for a micro second' he out his coat and tried to packed some holes with the coat but it's quite difficult'. his hands had the weight of that HANDCUFFS'. At once his coat shared his part and the metal was stucked by it' he took it' but where was the 2nd part'. he remembered that SOUND' and felt scared'. his eye caught the attention on the GUN again'.

ABHIJEET(himself): us nay kaha tha' doosra hissa tumharay ander hay' and U had a GUN'. Tou kya!!!

At 11:34 AM

He felt a real and strong pressure'. he knew hurt someone is another thing' and hurt HIMSELF is something beyond'.. he took the GUN'. but his hands'. shuddered'.. he was stunned'.. but where he putted the GUN???'. coz he knew very well that the main idea of the CULPRIT was not KILLED the PLAYERS'. only played with the extreme situation'. he again felt that pinching pain' and suddenly he touched his finger on his throat' a scream unhesitatly came from his mind and mouth' the GUN was fallen from his hand'..

ACP said Nahi ABHIJEET' but ABHIJEET'.. ACP shattered to wat all that weird' his mind and heart shuffled and he just tried to run out from the spot immediately' he never ever felt that weird experience'. and now he understand what amount of pressure his team felt from 2 months'.

At 11:36 AM

he felt a 2ND part on his THROAT pierced like a nail on the wall'. It was really painful to pulled it out'. he really disturbed'. had tears' mind had force' he knew now what kind of pressure DAYA's mind experienced from his both experience'. he remembered ACP Sir'. gallop a saliva' head wetted'  moved his fingers' hold hard the KEY part with TWO fingers and thumb'  tried to calm his mind and heart beat too' skin tone turned pale'.  closed his eyes' saw DAYA face and pulled it sharply'..

SOUND: what a SHOT''  hurrah''

At 11:38 AM

ABHIJEET beat was stopped for a second before sharply pulled out that metal and that pressure splashed the shutter of that box out'.. his throat had a tiny HOLE and BLOOD fell drop by drop from it'.' he used his handkerchief and tied a bandage on his throat' he released a sound and just JOINT both the parts and CLICKED the lock and moved out'.. heard TIME UP BEEP now'.

ACP another lock was also opened up'. and now he was only hanging by a rope and three locks'.

At 11:39 AM

DAYA tried from the startup'. before his TIME started cz its really painful and difficult for him to lived in that box for a minute' he tried to hit the box with force'. but the space was minimum so he did not make a good attempt for that'. In that process'. at one moment his heart felt an unusual emotion'. and at that moment he shattered that box with powerful body movement'. and the upper body of that box was flown away hardly'. that was the moment when ABHIJEET missed a beat for micro second'. he did not give much attention that may be his that step ELIMINATED him from the GAME cz he started his task before its EXAT time'.. but nothing happened'. he saw himself in a METALIC COFFIN'. filled with blood'. now came out and wat he saw in SHARP shade of LIGHT was totally out his mind from the range'  he saw BIG ICE logs and in every LOG'. his every body hair stood up to watch HEAD OUT bodies'..

At 11:41 AM

SOUND: dekho DAYA main nay kitna khayal rakkha hay tumhara''. acha laga na!!!

DAYA(calmed tone): haan'. magar KHOON buhat thanda tha'.. aainda aur khayal rakhna'..

He heard no RESPONSE' bit smiled'.. his body was shivered'. coz the BLOODY COFFIN got the LOW TEMPERATURE blood'.. and due to BLOOD on the whole floor'. and coming out from the walls with very low amount  and those ICE LOGS'. his body felt a COLD tone'. he checked himself and found nothing''

DAYA(himself): meray pass tou koi part nahi hay'.. magar ye!!!!

He saw STITCHES on his wrist' he remembered that he had no STITCHES before entering in that chamber'.. so!!! was a part of that bloody KEY inside of his body'.. this weird thought really shuddered his body'..

At 11:43 AM

SOUND: correct'' jaldi'. ACP Sir tum sub ki rah dekh rahay hain'..

DAYA did not reply'. now his nerves not obeyed his mind'. coz he felt disturbance'. he saw his wound' he had nothing to open those stitches except'. he deviated his idea' and took the cover of that scary METALIC COFFIN' hit it on one ICE LOG got the CAT body' he took piece of that ICE and started SCRATCHING his wound' felt high pain'. but he got trouble because the wound was on his RIGHT hand wrist and his LEFT hand was not working in proper direction and also the ICE melts and really turned his hand so cold that his fingers and palm were more stiffed and grabbing ICE was so difficult for his hand although to work from it'. he threw that idea with all its instrument' at last he had only the LAST one'. he calculated the time'. had tears'. calmed his mind and body too' he untied his SHIRT' his shirt was totally sticked on that blood but fortunately he worn a HIGH NECK JERSY except of using T-Shirt due to feel a mild FEVER at morning ' and that HIGH NECK JERSY really played a good role at that minute' coz his face and shoulder part was out of the BLOOD on that COFFIN so he tore that into pieces'. from one piece he cleaned a LOG which got a DOLL dead body and placed all other pieces on it'. he sat on floor'. his body really felt xtra cool surrounding due to now have nothing on his upper body' he shuffled his mind towards ACP Sir and ABHIJEET' swallowed a saliva' took a deep breath'. and pierced his TEETH on his wound'.  his tears fell on his wound and merged with blood and mass' he tried fast and best not to touch any flesh or blood on his tongue and jaw' at every minute'. he cleaned his whole mouth from the cloth'. He did not know how much teeth was pierced and it's hard or soft'. But he DID'..

At 11:46 AM

ACP shocked and scary screamed'.. DAYAAAAAAAAAAAAA'.. but DAYA did not get his BOSS order this time'.       

 After a minute' his teeth hit with a metal'. his wrist was brutally hurt' he hammered his wrist and metal was fallen with voice'. he took it from the floor'. he tried to tie his wrist which really in bad condition but he had pieces left so used his blood sticky shirt part for that purpose'.. he tried to calm but his internal system was not ready for it so expelled out everything this time as well'..

At 11:49 AM

SOUND(bit anger): tum hamesha yehi kartay ho'.. samjah nahi aati meri baat!!!

DAYA(rash): nahi'. doosra PART kahan hay???

SOUND(anger tone): khud dhoondo'..

He was sure that these bodies contained something'. but watching HEAD OUT bodies at murder spot or at FORENSIC was some another thing'. he took a bad breath'. he felt xtreme pain' now the opened parts of his body turned into BLUE'. and those parts did not feel anything'. he checked all bodies collectively and now its unexpected' cz every dead body got a STITCHES on their wrist'. now his nerves' tension and mind pain was totally turned into high peaks'.

At 11:51 AM

ACP screamed and called back DAYA'.. he was trying to move his foot  but felt a hot touch and he grabbed his foot upside immediately'.     

At 11:52 AM

DAYA did not want to use the idea again'. his mind been strucked now'. his eye caught an attention and forced his buttons to work on his previous idea cz now his both hands FREE'. he had very less time'. cz now his body parts including his feelings all tuned into blue tone'. he took his shirt again' wrapped it on his hand and took that CUFFON shutter and hit it on the ICE log with all his rest force' the ICE log was broken but in some pieces only' DAYA took a piece and tried to open the STITCHES of bodies'  only two bodies was finished by the piece because the piece was too small'. DAYA again did the step but this time only one displaced from its place' his body became drowsy and low' due to xtreme weather'. his body did not want to move' its stiffed'. finally he took a chance' he knew that he lost his all interest coz his mind and body was totally need a WARM TEXTURE'. just nothing'. he checked the HUMAN bodies this time cz on his FIRST experience the KEY came out from the HUMAN head'. After two more he got the KEY part' he took it'. JOINT it' putted in and CLICK voice'. after that CLICK' intentionally he moved at chamber corner'. picked up his bit tore shirt again' wore it'. wiped his tears and sweat' his whole face was bit BLUE with shades of BLOOD and said'.

DAYA:  phir milein gay' tayyar rehna!!!!!!!!!!    

This time SOUND really stunned to watch unusually deflective shade of his nature'.. he liked it'. TIME UP beep up'.

ACP destructed'. his one lock was also opened'.. DUO watched each other'.. DAYA need some warm'. both hugged'. ABHIJEET wiped his tears' DAYA was xtremely cold'. and sticky' his skin tone was given a BLUE touch'. while his wrist also contained a flesh and shirt pieces'.  ABHIJEET lower body was filled with BLOOD' his hands had CUFFS'. and his throat was looking red'. DAYA touched his throat with his finger and asked through his eyes but ABHIJEET relaxed him'. watched ACP Sir hanging but in a GLASS BAR'. That's why both parties did not hear each other'.. DAYA saw VIVEK and FREDDIE'.. FREDDIE was in conscious but felt bad' he had cuts on his head and also grabbed in blood drops' he smelt like WHISKY which contained BLOOD'  while VIVEK was unconscious'  he was totally wrapped in BLOOD'. ABHIJEET tried and he came out'. what was with KAJAL and SACHIN'. The team call out their names' both replied'. SACHIN said he was shot while KAJAL said that she had a KEY PART but missed it'. ABHIJEET told her to try but DAYA told him'.

DAYA(in shiver): ABHI'. bahar say kuch hoga'. ander say nahi!!! Hamesha aisa hee hua hay'..

They saw that at every GLASS WALL of ACP Sir'. there was a MACHINE and some unusual SIGNs'. They DECODED them according to RULES of the GAME and released ACP Sir'. the TIME started now' and running fast'..

At 12:00 PM

They saw at MACHINE'.. which KEY PAD got

..-, .-,.., -, ., -..

The 2nd MACHINE kept

-.-, .., .-.., .-..,., -..

3rd one contained

-.-, ..-, -., .-, .-..

and 4th MACHINE'.. whose KEY PAD had'.. 

-.-, .., .-, -.., ---, --

ABHIJEET: ye kiya hay??!!!

DAYA: mujhay kya malum'.. magar boss'. time'..

ABHIJEET forced on his mind'.. DAYA also had his eyes on that PASSWARD'. Suddenly DUE saw on each one eyes' both of them minds CLICKED and a same TERM came out from their MOUTHs'. MORES CODES'.

ABHIJEET: tumhein aata hay DAYA???

DAYA: kuch words!!!

ABHIJEET: dekho kuch ker sako tou'.

Both tried fast'. DAYA decoded some words' he used to write his and ABHIJEET name in MORES CODES and also knew how to write BOSS in MORES CODES'.. he tried his best' whatever he knew' although ABHIJEET did his best too'..

At 12:05 PM

They decoded FIRST code'. Contained the word "UNITED"'. The ACP another lock and the KAJAL chamber LOCK both opened up'. she moved out' with filthy touch of ASH'.. ACP wanted to tell about his opening lock to his team' but the GLASS SLABS still played a wall between both'. The 2ND password again decoded into "KILLED"'.. the last lock and SACHIN chamber opened now'.  SACHIN came out with help of VIVEK' FREDDDIE tore apart from his shirt and VIVEK tied his WOUND through it'. the rest part was again worn by FREDDIE'. ACP tried to tell that now he was hanging only with a rope'. But FAILED'. The 3rd one solved as "KUNAL" and the all FOUR GLASS WALLS moved downward from their place' ACP screamed' all moved there' he told them that all his LOCKS now opened' all saw him hanging only by rope'. FREDDIE and VIVEK grabbed ACP Sir legs from his right side' while DAYA caught his lower body from the backside'.

SOUND(self): oh NO''

 ABHIJEET was at last machine and tried to decode it with the help of his shine memory'. Suddenly heard'.

SOUND(warn tone): Ins DAYA'. hut jao'.. wahan say'.

At 12:07 PM

They did not understand that WARN'. all screamed'  cz they heard the BOMB TICK TICK voice initiated'.'. ABHIJEET signaled rest team to find out the EXIT fast' after a minute SACHIN came and told that he found the EXIT'. It was a small DOOR' they saw an EXIT and KAJAL and SACHIN stepped forward'.  SOUND still warning DAYA'. ACP deviated DAYA's focus not to listen any SOUND' the CLOCK tick tick' the BOMB tension' SOUND rash alarming'. tension'. sweating'. fear'. scare' tears'. DAYA's body did not obey his mind'. VIVEK shivering' SACHIN bullet'. and in that scenario'. ABHIJEET decoded the last machine password contained "KINGDOM" and the HOT BLOOD bucket blast out'.. FREDDIE and VIVEK fell backward with ACP Sir' cz they grabbed him with tight grip'. and the rope automatically opened up while DAYA slipped from his place and the whole GLASS pieces and that HOT BLOOD splash forcefully hit him and he fell with great force at his back spot'. ABHIJEET screamed was totally burst out with complete speed'  he rushed towards DAYA' DAYA body was in fire' ACP took out his coat urgently and wrapped it on DAYA'. ABHIJEET tried to drag him with the help of SACHIN who moved in again'. they still heard that BOMB tick tick'. FREDDIE and VIVEK also stood up fast' they also had BURNT but not so hard' all grabbed DAYA and took out him from the exit'.  ACP was shocked'.  after their exit' the BOOM'. and everything undergone in dark' dust'.. fire and smoke'

Quickly they heard a VEHICLE' VIVEK and KAJAL moved there'. there was NO ONE'. only a VAN with IGNATION KEY'. both had NO time to think anything except to reach the Hospital as fast as can'. KAJAL called everyone'. all moved'. and sat on VAN'.  ACP laid his head on his arms'. KAJAL slowly weeping'. SACHIN shocked and quiet'  ABHIJEET hugged DAYA in whole journey'. his all intentions were completely vanished' his tears fell on DAYA's BURNT body'. FREDDIE cried in high volume' VIVEK tears shuffled him at every point'. he tried extreme hard to take DAYA and all at the nearest Hospital at least in one piece'. they all did not have any GUESSES about the area'.  but VIVEK rushed the VAN at high speed' at one point' they watched the BOARD and entered in CITY' he moved to the nearest Hospital'. Hospital got EMERGENCY'. all staff stunned'. ABHJJEET also fell down his body weight at VAN on DAYA'S body'  SACHIN lose his entire grip now' his wound also turned bad'. FREDDIE scratch was created problem'. and rest of all had an extreme pain on their hearts'..

Hospital staff took DAYA'. SACHIN and ABHIJEET at the TRAUMA ward'.. they also cutted the CUFFs from ABHIJEET both hands'  ACP mind was not under control'. he just stood up' went to the RECEPTION' tried to call DCP' but his fingers dialed the NUMBER of SALUNKHY'. he even did not know what SALUNKHY asked and he replied'. he jus said SALUNKHY in tears that "DAYA was DEAD"'. and putted the PHONE RECIEVER at RECEPTION table in absent minded'.  SALUNKHY HELLO HELLO woke up the RECEPTIONIST and she grabbed the PHONE now'. told the Hospital name to SALUNKHY'. SALUNKHY hanged the call'. after an hour'. SALUNKHY with DCP was at the point'. they saw all and stunned'. especially DCP'. the team looked like a diminished building'. All buried in blood and ash and their tore cloths were burnt too'. FREDDIE sat on floor and crying loudly' KAJAL laid her head and shaking with weeping sound'. VIVEK sat beside FREDDIE and tears fell from his eyes towards floor' THREE members were not on the frame' SALUNKHY came near'. hold his hand on ACP shoulder'. ACP stood and started crying'. his cloth was bit BURNT' wrist had some MARKs'  DCP did not understand wat to say??'. ask???'.and do???

SALUNKHY tried to relax him'. suddenly the CORRIDOR was awakened with the voice of ABHIJEET calling the name of DAYA'.. they all rushed towards his room' he was very angry' pushed the Hospital staff backed that were there to stop him from movement'. he saw ACP and asked about DAYA'. ACP looked downward' he did not have any answer'. ABHIJEET did not believe on him' he tried hard in crying just to watch DAYA'. suddenly a DR came inside'. he did not understand the situation' a GUY on bed tried hard to move' while rest of them tried to stop him' but the major issue was that' everyone was CRYING'. he just loudly scolded everyone'. all stopped'. he enquired about who brought that BURNT MAN' DCP came forward and introduced himself'. ACP and all'.. SALUNKHY quickly asked about DAYA'..

DR: NO he was not DEAD'.. magar'. un kay mind nay ye baat maan li hay kay that he was DEAD'. un ki body kuch bhi react nahi ker rahi hay'  saary systems THAND ki wajah say STIFFED ho gayey hain' aur phir us gharam solution ka gir jana'. PULSES buhat kum hain' agar aisa hee raha then he will be going on COMA ya phir humein un ko VENTILATER per shift karna paray ga' aap log un say milein'. try karein' tou shayed kuch ho jayey'.

ACP: aur wo ACID???

DR: ACID!!! nahi buhat mild acid tha'. zyada nahi jalay hain' matlab no internal damage' magar skin layers jal gayey hain'. its ok' wo theek ho jayein gi' magar kya wo FREEZER mein thay??? un ka body temperature buht LOW hay aur kya un ki KALAYII ko kisi jaanwar nay kaata hay' UFFF' so brutal'.haan wo doosra OFFICER theek hay' RUBBER BULLET lagi thi' kafi force say lagi thi' is liyey hath zakhmi ho gaya'. but he thought kay REAL bullet hay'. wesay he was now fine'. aap log us jalay huay patient'..

ABHIJEET(in xtreme rash): us ka naam DAYA hay'.

DR(in nervous): jee jee'. us say mil saktay hain'. TRUMA ward' room # 3'.

Everyone moved including ABHIJEET towards DAYA's room'. while DCP moved with the DR to discuss about something'. All team felt really happy and relaxed after hearing that GOOD news'. they entered'. saw DAYA'. his whole upper body was covered with bandage'. his skin tone was still giving a LIGHT BLUE color shade'. ANGIOGRAPH showed his dim and low HEART BEAT' the OXYGEN MASK was on his mouth but its movement was so slow'. everyone called him'. BUT!!! ABHIJEET grabbed his hand' slowly talked to him about some FRESH SHINY memories they shared' but nothing happened'. he moved his eyes on ACP and SALUNKHY'. both gave him encouragement'. FREDDIE tried to share his part'. ABHIJEET tears fell on his face and DAYA's hand was gripped on his hand and placed on his chest'. his fingers spread on his wrist which was brutally cut' he did not know either what happened with his wrist or what kind of experience he had this time'. but his attitude was quite relaxed' everyone trying was not up to the mark'. the DR came again and told everyone that now they evacuated the room'. all stood up' ABHIJEET eye drop fell on DAYA's eye and stucked on his eye lash'. ABHIJEET suddenly sat again' his chest felt a TINGLING from DAYA's finger' the hand which was still closed to his HEART'. DAYA opened his eyes'. watched all in shocked' ABHIJEET pulled him and hugged him with great grip'. he did not understand the whole scenario'. he putted out his MASK'

DAYA: kya hua??? sub theek hay?? ABHI' tum ro kyun rahay ho???

ABHIJEET: pagal hun'.. is liyey'.

DAYA(searching): SACHIN!!!

ABHIJEET: haan theek hay' RUBBER bullet thi'.

DAYA(whisper): koi CD mili???

ABHIJEET: pata nahi'. dekha hee nahi'.

DAYA(again whisper): Sir theek hain???!!!

ABHIJEET: shayed'.. acha tum so jao'..

DAYA be back on bed'. he was very drowsy'. his body system was in COLD tone so need warm surroundings'. he told everyone to take a sleep and advise ABHIJEET to take ACP Sir'. and both took some rest'. ABHIJEET just moved his head'. and all came out'. DCP took ACP for some discussion while ABHIJEET ordered VIVEK' FREDDIE and KAJAL to move at their places and took some mental and physical rest'. he also told SALUNKHY Sir to take ACP and he was there with DAYA and SACHIN'. SALUNKHY knew that without DAYA'. ABHIJEET did not leave the Hospital so took ACP with him' ACP was not agreed but on DCP and everyone pressures him left the Hospital'  ABHIJEET sat on a bench and tried to think' BUT about WHAT!!!

After TWO days DAYA was released' his body still had BRURIES and BURNT marks'. while SACHIN came out from the Hospital Next day'. nothing happened'. DUO waiting and internally disturbed not to get the CD this time'. on night while they backed at house'. DAYA opened his LAPTOP and wanted to get some information' he connected INTERNET' after searching'. he opened his MAILING INBOX and found a VIDEO as attachment with the title of GAME OVER from an unknown email address' he DOWNLOADED it urgently and called ABHIJEET'  set the LAPPY on table and started the VIDEO'. again SAME BLACK BACKGROUND with the GRUMPY SOUND but this time with RASH pitch''

SOUND: GOOD OFFICERS'. mujhay malum tha tum log ACP ko bachany kay liyey sar dhar ki baazi laga do gay'. magar!!! tum sub is baar khud apni GHALITIYUN say zakhmi huay'.. aur DAYA'. hamesha yaad rakhna' apnay SUPERIOR ki baat sunna aur manna seekho'. us waqt us GAME mein tum sub ka BOSS' MAIN tha'. ACP nahi' main nay tum ko kitni baar kaha tha kay wahan say hut jao' magar tum ACP ki baatun mein hee lagay rahay'.. ACP nay ye sub pehli baar dekha' magar tum sub tou isay EXPERIENCE ker chukay ho na'. (in harsh tone) Kya kabhi kisi LEVEL per bhi main nay tum logun say RULES mein koi GHALAT ya JHOOTI baat kahi'. NAHI na'.. main tum ko wahan say bacha nahi paya' kyunkay sub kuch TIME per SET tha'. tum log kya samjhtay ho' main tumharay LADLY ACP ko maar deta'. arry itni aqal tou rakkho' main jis ko jub chahun'. maar sakta hun!!!

wo ACID tou sirf daranay kay liyey tha' magar tum sub kay MIND mein yeh baat itni jum gayii thi kay jo us ACID mein gira' wo khatam' is liyey DAYA nay samjha' kay WO tou gaya' halankay mera aisa koi IRADA nahi tha'.

Main sirf DO hee kaam ker sakta tha tum logun kay liyey' aik tou main nay EXIT POINT poora khool diya ta kay tum sub log jaldi say nikal jao' warna ek chootay say EXIT say tum sub log aik sath DAYA ko ghaseet ker kesay nikal saktay thay???!!! aur  wahan say jaldi nikalnay kay liyey kisi VEHICAL ka intaizaam ker dun' kya tum samjhtay ho' wo VAN'. FULL PETROL tank kay'. aisay hee CHABI samit koi' tum logun kay liyey'. chor gaya'. bus main wohi ker sakta tha'. phir bhi Ins DAYA'. mujhay byhad afsoos hay'.. aainda buhat khayal rakhna'. Samjhay'..

Chalo dekho'. tumharay team member's ki BEWAKOOFIYAAN  aur haan BAHADURI dono ko' aur ACP ki MAJBOORI ko bhi'.

The all CLIPs played one by one'. that time they did not extremely shock to watch except the VIVEK experiment'. but ABHIJEET body bit shake while watched the scene of DAYA wrist brutal case'.

SOUND: SACHIN agar zameen mein late ker saaray bullets check ker leta tou usay CHABI mil jati'. usay batao kay GUNs BARREL ki direction dekh ker step uthatay hain'. aur dimagh thanda bhi rakhtay hain'  aur haan ABHIJEET tumhara NISHANA waqai buhat shandaar hay'.. aur DAYA mujhay tumhara NAYA SHADE buhat pasand aaya'. HEROIC' magar her baar ye nahi chalay ga!!!

Chalo OFFICERS'. aaraam karo'. realax raho'. pareshan mut ho'. Main tou tayyar hun'. Tum log bhi tayyar rehna' phir milein gay' kyun DAYA!!!





The SAME SLIDE and SOUND hammered'. but this time DUO don't understand HOW to react??!!  thanks SOUND for making possible to reach the Hospital on time or felt bad to what tolerated was the KEY FACTOR to be at the Hospital'..  


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debasree04 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 March 2011 at 12:03am | IP Logged
Hi I am new 2 this forum & this is my 1st post...
I have been a silent member since 2010 & From then I regularly read all of ur valuable comments & stories.....
GADHADADA... I read ur all stories & all  r very good & u improves a lot.....& THIS STORY IS AWESOME....GREAT...ACTUALLY I HAVE NO WORDS.....WHAT A DESCRIPTION.......I AM SPEECHLEES Clap

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gadhadada IF-Addictz

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Posted: 14 March 2011 at 12:31am | IP Logged

i m really OBLIGED..... DEBASHREE..... that U liked my STORIES.... and this one hit UR buttons and U could not resist UR self to COMMENT.....
oh mine.... mine...... wat a PLEASURABLE SENTENCE.......
thanx alot DEBA..... that i have done something better which turned a SILENT member into an ACTIVE one.....
about joining FW.....
arry bula hee nahi rahay hain wo LOGLOL..... warna main tou tayyar hunWink

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neeme IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 14 March 2011 at 12:34am | IP Logged

Hmm, wow what a help full enemy...Who is this gadhadada????Wink...May be its DCP??? Very Well written, but i like previous one the most.......Thats true..but it does'n mean i dont like this...Really waiting for ur next level, it will be last level, i guess.....

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_MistleToe_ IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 March 2011 at 4:02am | IP Logged

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gadhadada IF-Addictz

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Posted: 14 March 2011 at 4:14am | IP Logged

hey YMANSHREE..........................

WOW...... really THANKFUL...... wat i said..... just SPEECHLESS......
hmmmm.... about UR COORPERATION..... ya buddy U r absolutely CORRECT.....
but could i incorperate with Ur idea.... in my next level.....
kyunkay ab is ko change karna thora DIFFICULT hay.... i hope U can understand......

bundlez of THANX...... oh no problem...... i knew and i asured myself that U liked the previous one as well............

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.Crystal. Senior Member

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Posted: 14 March 2011 at 5:29am | IP Logged
Beautiful story....just awesome..totally speechless...this is the most BESTEST story i have ever read....really nice gadhadada.....double standing ovations for u....ur story is great ClapClap Hats off to you!!!

Now about the story: super cool....the best part of the story was the officers' determination to save their ACP sir...very nice...Abhijeet the way he was so concerned for Daya...Big smileBig smile

REALLY waiting 4 the next level...plz post it fast....and keep up the awesome work.... Hats off to you again Clap

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LavenderCrystal Goldie

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Posted: 14 March 2011 at 6:42am | IP Logged
the level 3 was really awesomeSmile
i have no words for itBig smile
i felt so bad for daya and abhijeet Ouch
it was so scary

i love the way the duo can do anything to save the ACPBig smile
i am getting excited for your next level
do post it fast
waiting 4 it

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