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WooHooHaha21 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 07 October 2010
Posts: 4341

Posted: 15 March 2011 at 8:08pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by JustJ

Well , since ur asking everyone to wait , well why not add more burden on u, see how much i love u LOL Do not worry ji!! As Abz said har kisi ka din aata hai!! You're gonna be dead when you become the MOTW! ROFL Love you too girl!! Tongue

1. ur fav pick up line - Will ansa 2moro!

2 Best compliment u ever received in IF - Im the most sweetest person someone's ever met! ROFL (Bechari.. Realised it later k I so wasnt!) ROFL

3 best compliment u ever told to someone in IF - I dont remember! I'll mark this pink, so if I remember I'll dit then.. Wink

4. which actor in Bolly wood got worst dress sense , Viday or Rani - Both dude!! I hate them both! But I gotta admit its Vidya the worst! They seriously dress like aunties! Atleast if you were something traditional or full clothes, then atleast wear something sensible!! GOSH!! Looking at their dressings Im like plz borrow mine dude!! ROFL ROFL

5. Who can be called true fashion Diva in BW - Katrina, I guess.. She's the only proper one coming to my mind ryt now.. LOL

6. which song comes to mind when i say SAVAGE GARDEN - Confused Confused Confused I just googled and it came out to be a pop band.. LOL! J I never listen to english songs! ROFL ROFL Other than 'Everybody in Love' by JLS.. That too thanks to my lovely lil bro for playing it that day and making me catch it! LOL

7. ever been to concerts - Yep.. Just one.. In Pakistan, at Arabean Sea Nights.. It was a Faakhir, Atif, and those 2 denmark guys concert.. Didnt enjoy much though! ROFL ROFL

8. Translate this
Karyeshu dasi; Karaneshu mantri;
rupecha lakshmi; kshamaya dharitri;
bhojyeshu mata; sayaneshu rambha;
shat dharmayukta kuladharmapatni - HOWW?!?! Confused Confused Atleast tell which language it is, I'll use google translator!!

9. Did u understand that sloka ?? Nop dude! Ouch ROFL 

10. do u believe world will end in 2012  - I answered this before! Dont you dare ask that questoo again! Angry Warning sign! ROFL 

11. some say something bad will happen on 19th or 20th march 2011, do u know why ?? Hayee! Shocked Ab whyyyyy?? Noooo I dont know!! Naiiiii!! I dont want bad things happening!! Ouch

12. do u like F1 ?? - What does F1 stand for? Confused

13, Ever heard of Michael schumacher - Nop!

14 AXN or Starworld - Nothing! As I dont watch any! RBO and PMMKA dekh lun buhat hain!! LOL LOL LOL

15. r u pampered - Alot!! Big smile The most actually!! Especially by my mum!! Wink 

16. Do u think twice before saying something - Yes yes yes!! Always now!! Ive got people who mind stuff sooo very quickly.. (Im talking abt Non-IF people) And also people who wants me to be formal with them for some weird reason of showing maturity! So yh Im very very cautious at what Im saying in front of people, other than friends! ROFL ROFL

17 wat irritated u most - Right now its that Im not able to watch my shows bcoz of yu guys such long questooss!! Ouch

18. how predictable are u - 0% Not at all dude! No one can tell what Im gonna do next or not even wht Im thinking!! ROFL ROFL But I can tell everytime as to what people might be up to and stuff!! I wonder why Im so complicated for many!! ROFL ROFL But I love it! Love people getting irritated and giving up against me!! ROFL ROFL

19. do u wear lenses - Yeps! Approve Ive got 3 sets blue, grey and purple.. All three tones!! Big smile Big smile 

20. have u been hospitalized for anything - Yeps! Once when I was 8 and had typhoid.. And it was my sis bday the very next day I was hospitalised!! LOL LOL LOL

21. can u ride bike ? - Nop! But would love to!!

22. wat kind of movies do u like - Answered above.. Horror! Tongue

23 wats color of light in ur room - Orangish yellow.. Confused

24. sunrise or sunset - never seen any before.. Hmm but prefer sunset.. Big smile

25 how do u travel to school or college - By London buses! Ouch I cant drive yet thats why have to.. Unhappy

26 wat do u miss most - My high school life! That life! That fun! Ahhhh.. You reminded me of my old memories.. Unhappy

27. if u ever wish to be someone who would it be - Karan Tacker or Mohit Sehgil or Arjun Bijlani or maybe Kapil too.. I dont mind being the Sarja! ROFL ROFL ROFL

28. wats  irritating  about indian shows  - There are tooo many!! And I wanna watch that many!! But cant!! Ouch

29 Do u have any  male friends in IF - Yep only one! Thats Abz aka Abeer.. Maker of this post!! LOL LOL LOL Btw Abeer you dont mind me calling u Abz? Right? Im asuming you dont mind.. ROFL If you do let me know plz.. Embarrassed

30 dedicate a song to me  - Will ansa this questo 2moro.. Sochne wale ques will be done 2moro..

31. would u prefer having coffee or going for a walk with me - Going on a walk! I hate coffee! Sorrieess Hun! And waxe bhi walk would be more fun rather than sitting together and watch each other's faces! That would be perfect for lovers though! ROFL ROFL

32. U asked me something and i didnot do it , do u rem it  - Yeps! Very clearly! Yashu's id! But ab you relax, coz Ammu posted it somewhere.. I guess it was Yashashri30? Not sure though.. Embarrassed

33 define love - Kal karungi! Tongue 

34. which is ur fav day from sun-sat - Sat yaar! On sun's ive got tension of college and its stupid hw's! Sat's are soo much cooler! LOL LOL LOL

35 fav festival - Sare angreezi wale coz chutiya milti hain nah!! ROFL ROFL Joke apart, on TV its Holi! I love Holi festival! Would soo want to play it one day!! Embarrassed But as Im Muslim, it would be eid for me.. Embarrassed

36 do u plan to meet any of ur IF friends in future - Dont know.. I might.. You never know when you bump into someone.. ROFL Could be anytime.. Dont know..

37. did u ever watch any historical show on TV ? -LOL! ROFL ROFL I always change channel when there's old-ie stuff coming! LOL LOL LOL

38. Starone or Starplus LOL Starone anytime dude! RBO and MJHT! Starplus was before them! ROFL

39 Wats ur take on Colors - Gaon ki kahaniya! ROFL ROFL But loved LTL!! Gosh it was such an amazing show!! I still love Mishal and Mahhi but dont get time to watch it anymore.. Ouch

40 who is funnest member in this forum , apart NIKKI Wink - Myself dude! ROFL

Pheeww, i am done asking u 100 , well dont relax ,

more coming up

Sorry nattie, for spamming , but this is for NIkki, babes , ur very luck , i so  wanted to know about u , but like said i was so busy in dealing with things which were total waste of time and spoiled moods of me and my family , that i was not on IF for almost  5 days last week , i hope to find u in some forum when i can grill u when u become MOTW
Haha J! You're actually apologising! LOL LOL LOL I never did that to Darshu and Nikz.. ROFL ROFL See u'r being formal here.. See Abz I told you kehna asaan hai nibhana mushkil hai!! Tongue Tongue Tongue Tongue Larki relax kar!! Acha hai.. Meri achi kismat!! ROFL ROFL Dont worry, finish ur work and stuff.. And then come.. You still have plenty of time.. LOL LOL LOL

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WooHooHaha21 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 07 October 2010
Posts: 4341

Posted: 15 March 2011 at 8:17pm | IP Logged
Ok now that Ive answered everyone except Abz one thing and 2 of J's, so now Im gonna chillax! And gonna go sleep now!! Goodnight!! Smile
PS: Guys please dont repeat questoos! Im writing all the answers toh whoever asks questos, you read previous ansa's too!! Tongue Zyada chalak mat bano! Yeh socho k ik din tum log ka b aayega!! Approve 

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Sanugr8fan IF-Rockerz

Joined: 28 August 2010
Posts: 5273

Posted: 15 March 2011 at 9:40pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by WooHooHaha21

Originally posted by Sanugr8fan

get ready natZ...Wink.
~~be sure dat u  r totly truthful!! warna ...AngryLOL D.A.N.G.E.R.!!~~ Girl why do you always think negative about me! Ab Im not even that bad.. Ouch 
1. AGE- 18 Embarrassed gr8!!!
2. BDAY DATE- Refer to this post!
21st may na??....wowowow!! mine is on 18th may!! yipppppppppppeee!! * m w8in for some surprise!!*Wink
And add ur bday too! And anyone else wh hasnt done so, toh you b do it! Tongue
3. COUNTRY- London..
4. FAV SPORT- Basketball!
5. FAV COLOUR- Black! kya yaaar!!LOL
6. FAV FORUM ON IF- PMMKA currently! And RBO always!
7. FAV "RUDE" LINE- 'No Offense'! LOL LOL LOL
8. FAV ACTOR (BOLLY)- Hrithik Roshan, Aamir Khan, Imran Khan, Shahid Kapoor!
9. FAV ACTRESS (BOLLY) Kajol Devgan, Katrina Kaif and Genelia D'souza..
10.FAV SUBJECT- Errrmmmmmm!! Studies wise ya Forum wise? ROFL Studies wise, its Maths! again same!!....i aslo like maths only!!But only during school times! Had great frnds to have fun with, College Maths is kinda boring but dusra koi subject interesting hi nai hai! ROFL ROFL
11. TOP 4 BEST FRENZ ON IF- No one's my best friend Hun.CryCry. All of them are my good friends! Woh bhi very good friends! I dont believe in best friends, coz whoever I say is my best friend, turns into my enemy in the next few days! kya re natz....aisa nahi hota!!...even i had dat xperience!! but itss not d same yaar! ROFL Honestly I mean it, experience se bol ri hun!! Embarrassed 
12. ANY ENEMIES?- Loads dude!! Real life main buhaaaaattttt sare hain!! ROFL ROFL
13. Y DO U LIKE PMMKA?- Coz of the reasons I explained above, Story, bonding, and above all Actors! Big smile
Haiiilaaa! Noooooooo!! Ouch But Im not gonna say both coz then youll ask me to do it again, which I dont want to!! LOL LOL * itellligent ho*LOLLOL
14. ARJUN YA MOHIT- Mohit!
15- ARJUN YA KAPIL- Arjun! Embarrassed
16 KAPIL YA MOHIT- Mohit! Embarrassed
17. ARJUN YA KARAN- Karan! Embarrassed
18. MOHIT YA KARAN- I seriously hate you Sanu here! Angry thx!!!Wink
19.KAPIL YA KARAN- Karan! Embarrassed
20. MJHT, PMMKA YA RANG BADL...- I hate you here too! Angry thnx here too!!Wink I dont think I would ever be able to distinguish between RBO and MJHT! At present RBO and previous Fav was MJHT.. Embarrassed ok...!Tongue
21. 3 WRDS IN WHICH U WUD DESCRIBE ME- Hmm.. Cute, Sweet but Na samaj too! Never trusts me thats why! Ouch i TRUST U OK????... (dont break it ha)
22.  3 WRDS IN WHICH U WUD DESCRIBE U- Very cool, mast, bindaas, stubborn, and irritating sometimes too! LOL
23- 1 BAD QUALITY OF ME- Uper likh diya hai! Never trusts me! Always doubtful! Ouch Cry
24. 1 BAD QUALITY OF URS- Stubbornness, never forgives anyone, y?? never talks to a person who once I get angry with! Stupidness! Carefree attitude towards life!! i luvvv u coz of dis only!! TongueTongueis  Aur bhi buhat sari buraiya hain! But aaj k lye itni kafi hai!! Wink
25- LUV IS?..- Defined above in Abz post..
26. FRENSHIP IS...?- Same, Defined above in Abz post..
27. VEG OR NON-VEG- Non-veg! I hate vegi's! ROFL Not vegi ppl, but vegetables itself! LOL
28. WAT WUD B D FIRST WORD U WUD ATTEMPT IF UR FAV ACTOR PROPOSED U .- I would faint dude! I would seriously have no words! I would just hug him super tightly meaning accepting his proposal! Tongue ROFL Kash k aisa hojaye!! Embarrassed 
29. MARRIED OR SINGLE-?LOL Single, beta single! Itni jaldi shadi ki bakri nahi banna mujhe! ROFL ROFL 
30. DID U LAUGH WHILE READING SUCH QUESTIONS-? Yeps! Approve I told you I always laugh at everything! I love enjoying life! luvv u too much for dis lines!!Smile Hanso jiyo muskarao, kya pata kal ho nah ho! Shahrukh's dialoge, which is my fav.. I know its not exact but something along those lines toh hai!! ROFL ROFL
now as u hav toook sooo much time a punishment for u !! LOLLOL u hav to answer more!!!!TongueTongue
31. describe u r self in 3 wrds- Kitni dafa describe karun? Ouch
32. describe u r hair- Silky browning blackish long.. Gotta have a haircut!
33. wat feature do u lyk d most about u ?- Eyes!
34. y d name woohoohaha( i had to ask this question fromm sooo long) LOL!! ROFL ROFL Even I dont know!! I just wanted to join this forum and yehi username dimag mai aya toh I put it! ROFL ROFL I know weird hai but its me afterall! Wink no dear..its cute...n u know wat dat name defyns ur personlity/!!!Tongue
35. wat do u feel bout marathi language- Hmmm.. When the show started I was like Wacko!! Gosh!! Phir Darshu taught us some toh I guess its a good one but way too complicated for me!! ROFL ROFL
36. u like padhaku's or bunkers- Bunkerzz Anytime dude!! ROFL I am one of those! ROFL
37. do u plzn to come to india some day??(do come) Hmm.. I stated above in J's post that I would love to! Just hope that I do! Embarrassed
38. u want to mmet me??Wink- Yeps! Very much! Embarrassed 
39. 1st pic which comes 2 u r mind wen u think of luv- LOL! Love?!!! ROFL Fictional wala then Romance is one word to describe love on TV! ROFL ROFL
40. frenz ke boyfrenz??WinkFriends anytime dude!! No BF's plz!! Tongue Ive never had one and wouldnt have one too.. After marriage toh my Hubby will be my BF!! ROFL ROFL
~~sry ha..if i m being tooo personal....~~ No Hun, its all ohk with me.. Ive said it before too.. Im all cool!! Big smile
By the way.. Next set of ques se pehle, plz pechle ansa's parh lena so that I dont have to ansa repeated questooss.. Thankiieess! Hug

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LimitLessFan IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 21 December 2008
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Posted: 15 March 2011 at 10:44pm | IP Logged
Oh hello , look who completed their task on time LOL

1. Wats ur fav song seq on shanak

2. fav song seq on Chandni

3. Rbo title track or their concert LOL(heard that song was also good )

4. u have 5 siblings right ?? not sure, who is close to u

5. did u ever slap ur siblings

6.Do u know any martial arts

7.can u paint

8 according to u who is  true dancing diva in BW

9.Katrina was best in ??LOL

10. fav holiday destination

11. wat comes to mind when i say Canada

12. where else have u been apart London

 pick one :-

Srk or Salman

Srk acting as Srk as a person

Sushmita or ash

grilling or getting grilled LOL

PZ or Rani LOL

Reality shows or Regular shows

Ranbir or Imran khan

Still thinking

Edited by JustJ - 16 March 2011 at 8:10am

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KMH2 IF-Rockerz

Banned Upon Request
Joined: 20 December 2010
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Posted: 16 March 2011 at 1:07am | IP Logged

If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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Shivani1arti IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 March 2011 at 4:42am | IP Logged

If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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Shivani1arti IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 March 2011 at 4:45am | IP Logged

If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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WooHooHaha21 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 07 October 2010
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Posted: 16 March 2011 at 10:36am | IP Logged
Originally posted by KMH2

Originally posted by WooHooHaha21

Originally posted by KMH2

fist installmentLOL

1. Describe yourself in a word. Mast! Tongue Or Unique! Or One-piece! ROFL ROFL
reallyShocked LOL Hain? Whhyyyyy? Why so shocked?? I wanna know now!! Embarrassed

2. Where did you post your first reply. In the entire IF nah? In the RBO Forum then! Tongue

3. Who sent you the first PM (personal Messsage) Will have to check now.. Wait.. Ok she's pooja aka
aj tak delete nhin kiye?Shocked LOL LOL!! Nop kabi time nai mila!! ROFL ROFL 

btw nice answers.Big smile
hnx for answering..will be back with 2nd installment....Big smile
No worries Ji!!  Tongue Will be waiting.. LOL LOL LOL
@Shivzi: Joke!! And me!! Kya yaar!! LOL Btw I completely forgot abt that questo.. LOL Will ansa with the Abz ones.. Embarrassed
@J: Tu nai sudhregi! You are busy phir b ready o grill!! ROFL ROFL Chal wait.. Till I come online from home computer.. Am at college right now.. Unhappy
@Sanu: You better do trust me!! Ik aur doubt and u'r out of my friend's list!! ROFL ROFL

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