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Sanugr8fan IF-Rockerz

Joined: 28 August 2010
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Posted: 14 March 2011 at 2:24am | IP Logged
get ready natZ...Wink.
~~be sure dat u  r totly truthful!! warna ...AngryLOL D.A.N.G.E.R.!!~~
1. AGE-
25- LUV IS?..-
26. FRENSHIP IS...?-
now as u hav toook sooo much time a punishment for u !! LOLLOL u hav to answer more!!!!TongueTongue
31. describe u r self in 3 wrds-
32. describe u r hair-
33. wat feature do u lyk d most about u ?-
34. y d name woohoohaha( i had to ask this question fromm sooo long)
35. wat do u feel bout marathi language-
36. u like padhaku's or bunkers-
37. do u plzn to come to india some day??(do come)
38. u want to mmet me??Wink-
39. 1st pic which comes 2 u r mind wen u think of luv-
40. frenz ke boyfrenz??Wink-
~~sry ha..if i m being tooo personal....~~

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KMH2 IF-Rockerz

Banned Upon Request
Joined: 20 December 2010
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Posted: 14 March 2011 at 3:27am | IP Logged

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Joined: 20 June 2010
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Posted: 14 March 2011 at 3:46am | IP Logged
Whats your mother tongue?
Sites besides IF that u visit the most?

which is ur fav subject?

who is your fav vamp on telly???
Your favourite indian dish ?
Your closest friends at India ??
Who was the first person you met in IF ?

List 3 of your all time favorite songs

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WooHooHaha21 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 March 2011 at 12:35pm | IP Logged
Okiezz Shokiezzz! Am here now.. Will be answering all ques but time toh do! Angry 
@Jaya: You can be as informal as you want! I dont mind! Approve
@All: ab intezar karo! Btw I love all ur ques.. Its those ones I would love to ansa! Chalo wait karo.. Tongue

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LimitLessFan IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 21 December 2008
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Posted: 14 March 2011 at 1:59pm | IP Logged
Well , since ur asking everyone to wait , well why not add more burden on u, see how much i love u LOL

1. ur fav pick up line

2 Best compliment u ever received in IF

3 best compliment u ever told to someone in IF

4. which actor in Bolly wood got worst dress sense , Viday or Rani

5. Who can be called true fashion Diva in BW

6. which song comes to mind when i say SAVAGE GARDEN

7. ever been to concerts

8. Translate this
Karyeshu dasi; Karaneshu mantri;
rupecha lakshmi; kshamaya dharitri;
bhojyeshu mata; sayaneshu rambha;
shat dharmayukta kuladharmapatni

9. Did u understand that sloka ??

10. do u believe world will end in 2012

11. some say something bad will happen on 19th or 20th march 2011, do u know why ??

12. do u like F1 ??

13, Ever heard of Michael schumacher

14 AXN or Starworld

15. r u pampered

16. Do u think twice before saying something

17 wat irritated u most

18. how predictable are u

19. do u wear lenses

20. have u been hospitalized for anything

21. can u ride bike ?

22. wat kind of movies do u like

23 wats color of light in ur room

24. sunrise or sunset

25 how do u travel to school or college

26 wat do u miss most

27. if u ever wish to be someone who would it be

28. wats  irritating  about indian shows 

29 Do u have any  male friends in IF

30 dedicate a song to me

31. would u prefer having coffee or going for a walk with me

32. U asked me something and i didnot do it , do u rem it

33 define love

34. which is ur fav day from sun-sat

35 fav festival

36 do u plan to meet any of ur IF friends in future

37. did u ever watch any historical show on TV ?

38. Starone or Starplus LOL

39 Wats ur take on Colors

40 who is funnest member in this forum , apart NIKKI Wink

Pheeww, i am done asking u 100 , well dont relax ,

more coming up

Sorry nattie, for spamming , but this is for NIkki, babes , ur very luck , i so  wanted to know about u , but like said i was so busy in dealing with things which were total waste of time and spoiled moods of me and my family , that i was not on IF for almost  5 days last week , i hope to find u in some forum when i can grill u when u become MOTW

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WooHooHaha21 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 07 October 2010
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Posted: 14 March 2011 at 2:19pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by KMH2 Define Love- Ermm.. First of all does it exist? Ermm In my dictionary it kind of doesnt exist.. Jis ki dictionary main hai, wohi jawab do! Tongue ROFL Btw this was for Lovers wala Love.. Not siblings or parents or friends love! I seriously DO believe in such love!! Big smile And btw Fictional Love Stories do exist for me! ROFL But no guarantee.. I might find that someone special, I do believe in someone special but for some reason, Love and someone special is different for me! ROFL (You guys must be thinking Im the craziest person, but kya karun! I love enjoying life! And being crazy!) Tongue Define Friendship- Ahhhhh.. I love this questoo!! Hug To describe friendship is just one single word!! 'Being Informal' Friendship is:
* where you can let ur heart out..
* No bura manna! Strict rule in my dictionary! Tongue
* If you want to slap someone, hate someone, give galiyans to someone, do anything bad to someone, but you cant as per life doesnt allow you then ur friend needs to be there to allow you to let yu take ur anger out on them! Tongue
* He/she needs to be there at all times! Even if u urself is sad still you have to be there for me! And vice versa too!
* You shouldnt pester him/her to do something for you! They should be capable enuf of understanding their friend!
* One main point! If Im not looking nice, or some dress doesnt suit me then I want my friend to say so! Well I do say, so I expct the same!
* No formality at all! Simply chilled out! Always like tuu paise pay kar aaj! Tongue Anytime you like anything of theirs just keep it! And dare they say a NO to you!
* Basically friendship is having someone for everything possible!
I know Im totally like pessimistic but Im that way for my friends! So Im totally against any formality! I dont mind anything! Even if you judge me or my life or my habits or whatever!! I seriously dont mind!! But one have to be my friend to do that! Tongue Define Relationship- Ok relationship.. Depends on what you are pointing out to.. There are many relationships and I value each.. Even enemity I do! ROFL I love hating my enemies! ROFL And so yh relationship depends coz yu need to be specific on it.. Embarrassed Define Sarja in your own words- Hayyyyyeeeeeee! Day Dreaming  Day Dreaming He's a superb actor! I must say I always liked him as Yudi but here I love him! I was never his fan but now I am! I love his character and his acting is simply WOW! Day Dreaming Day Dreaming Loving him!! Define Chandu in your own words- Hayyyyyeeeee!! Day Dreaming Day Dreaming Yeh bhi koi puchne ki baat hai!! Hmmm.. I really am enjoying his acting!! AB is rocking!! I agree that Chandu's character uptil now is not shown as a very strng one as compared to Sarja but Im thrilled by this cute lover boy!! Afterall its AB!! Day Dreaming Define Neeru in your own words- Ok.. Her.. She is very very simple, and very very cute!! I really like her.. Patani why but Im liking Jun and Bhavna's chemistry!! And especially their off-screen moments!! Hayyyeee!! Liking them alot these days.. Big smile Define PMMKA in your own words- Hmmm.. Its the strongest show Ive seen this far.. Btw I havent watched many but jitne dekhen hain, utne main this is really strong in its story and casting category too!! This is one show, which is exploring the difficulties of newbies in Mumbai and stuff.. Brotherhood bond is the best!! (Dostana use ho toh bhi Im happy)! ROFL ROFL Favourite shows of Imagine- PMMKA.. And Shall I mention, KMH-2 too.. LOL! I watch it sometimes!! Really rarely!! Only when my sis forces me..

Ok Abbzz Ive answered these.. I hope you enjoy my answerz! ROFL Btw Im thinking my definition of Friendship can be used to describe Love too!! (This is not to mean that Im pervert!!!) ROFL

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WooHooHaha21 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 07 October 2010
Posts: 4341

Posted: 14 March 2011 at 2:45pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Shivani1arti

okay i m very lame at asking ques but lemme askLOL Its very good that you are very lame! Tongue ROFL

    real name? Natasha! location? London! fav actors? Telly - Mohit Sehgil, Arjun Bijlani, Karan Tacker.. I love many others too but lm big time fan of these! Other loving wale includes: Karan Kundra, Karan Patel, Yudi in Kasuati Zindagi Ki.. (I miss them big time)! Kapil Nirmal, Karan Wahi, Abishek Sharma, Manish, Jaskaran, Karan Grover (Not KSG though LOL, I loved him too but not nemore..).. And the list keeps going on!! ROFL  fav actress? Telly - Sanaya Irani, Jennifer Winget, Yashashree Masurkar im big fan of.. And others I love Neha Jhulka, Navina Bole, Suhasi Dhami.. And again the list keeps going on!! LOL ur most nasty experience in if? mention the post Hmmm.. There hasnt been any at the forums but It was when I joined IF just to come to know that MJHT is getting over! Read that news by IF of MJHT leaving us in 2 weeks.. Was hell depressed!! Ouch ur most memorable post in if Hmm.. Abi tak kuch aisa banaya nahi hai.. But its gonna come soon! Abi tak bana b nai hai but Im dead sure it will be a rocking post! It will come in May!! Big smile Wait karna us k lye! Tongue
    ur fav offsreen/onscreen couple? Offscreen - MoNaya and Karanika!! Embarrassed And on-screen recently ShaNak.. r u impressed by bhavna's acting? tell sachi mein.. Hmm.. As I said, in some other post too that she is trying hard and I appreciate that.. I remember how people bashed Yashashree on Youtube when RBO started but look at now.. 1000's of people love her! I hope the same success Bhavna gets! As J says she comes from Yash Ji's camp so Im bound to like her too!! Embarrassed So overall she is doing good.. I agree Jun and Kapz are great but Bhavna is good too.. She might not be the best but doing a fairly good job among the most popular Rockstarz! Big smile ur first crush? Robbie Sabarwaal! (Karan Patel!) Real life mein, koi itna lucky nahi raha hai!! ROFL crack a PJ LOL  Joke! ROFL Am I less entertaining you with my answers kya jo you want more JOKES! LOL! LOL Will have to think abt it.. ROFL
  • pehle anda aya ya murgi?LOLLOLLOL LOL!! This questo was asked to previous MOTW's too! I dont know! Maybe Murgi! ROFL Anyone wanna explain?

lolzz next set of ques laterTongueLOL
Ab enjoy karo mere answers k sath!! ROFL

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WooHooHaha21 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 07 October 2010
Posts: 4341

Posted: 14 March 2011 at 6:21pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by JustJ

1. Ur Nick name - Jo bhi bula lo! I use Nattie in here.. But ur wish.. I dont mind.. Not at all.. Big smile

2. Define Friends - Just did in Abz post.. See above.. Wink

3. Fav section in IF - Hmm.. I only jump to these two forums.. RBO and PMMKA, so forums are my fav sections.. Tongue
4. Fav Forum - RBO Forum.. PMMKA is getting interesting too.. Embarrassed But I miss being on the YIH Forum.. Ouch

5. Define Shanak - The cutest pair alive! Dhasu chemistry! Ausum expressions! Bestest jodi! Correct amount of nok jhok, masti, seriousness, crying!! Makes me cry, makes me wanna hug them, makes me happy, above all makes my day everyday! Day Dreaming Day Dreaming They are just perfect for me!!

6. Shanak or Yashran - Hmm.. Until the show is there Im full on for ShaNak.. YashaRan can happen anytime too.. I'd love it, as I loved the transformation of SaJan to MoNaya! The day they announced that I was on cloud nine! Same will happen for ShaNak turning into YashaRan! Embarrassed

7. who is balanced person in RBO forum - Undoubtedly May yaar! Tongue Always the balanced one and finding positives out of everything! LOL She has to be the Most Balanced Person ever! Embarrassed

8. Do u rem Maddy ?? - Maddy as in Madhvi? She is still there nah? Confused

9. Crazy member in RBO forum ?? - Hmm.. Havent come across any yet but Rooj, Beeni, Karishma, Rafia, Varsha, Bona seems to be some of them.. ROFL Ok dont tell them warna everyone will come with May's belan!! ROFL  ROFL

10. Sensitive person in this forum - Shivzi.. She's too sensitive.. Embarrassed At times I just wanna hug her for being in that state.. Hug

11. Bindas banda/Bandi  from ur friends group in IF - Hmm.. Meri frnds list toh check karne do! ROFL ROFL You, Sanu, Abeer, Nikz, Shivzi.. Darshu, Sujji, Juna and Sumaiya are too bindaas, but sadly not in my friendlist.. Dont worry will add them!! Tongue That one day will come when I'll have time to add people in my friend's list! ROFL Jokes apart I will.. Big smile

12. which shows are u following - RBO and PMMKA only right now.. I do watch some, bt thats randomly.. ROFL

13 ur fav food  - Junk mostly! Indian/Pakistani, and Western too.. Especially pizza, burger, and stuff.. London mai reh kar roz yehi dekhta hai! ROFL

14 Long hair or short hair - Medium meri behan! Not very short, not very very long! ROFL Embarrassed

15. style statement  - Where your essence meets ur expressions! Embarrassed Samjho toh great!

16 Fav color - Black! Tongue

17. Logical scenes or random Cozy scenes - Random Cozy Scenes! Logic hi use karna hai toh ja k parhai karo, tv mat dekho! Tongue ROFL

18 . can u cook  - Yeps! One thing I can do and no one can Tanofy me for that! ROFL 

19. Icecream or Cakes  - Cakes! Anytime! Big smile

20 wats ur dream  - Dont know myself! I guess the biggest one to be the Millionaire! I so wanna have the most expensive stuff with me! Tongue I have some, but I wanna have all! ROFL Also there are many other dreams too.. Jo I cant remember right now! ROFL ROFL

21. how long are ur nails (go measure them )  Hailaa! How do I measure them? Confused Wait now!

22. do u have this habit of biting nails when ur nervous - Eeeekss! No way! I always pull it out from my frnd's mouth! LOL She gets annoyed! ROFL 

23 do u read novels - Yeah some.. Before you ask which one's my fav, its 'The Kite Runner'! Simply love that book! Every single chapter had suspense! Approve

24. Wats ur take on ORPHAN movie - Im yet to watch that! ROFL Ive got the dvd since ages but never got the time to watch! LOL

25.wat kind of movies do u like - Full time HORROR! Love horror, suspense movies! Thumbs Up Although I freak out everytime and also am afraid of darkness! But still I love the suspense and horror element! LOL LOL LOL

26. Fav song - I love sad songs! Whenever Im sad or hurt I always listen to this.. I know its related to love and might conflict with my statement to abeer but I dont know why, I just love this song! Now toh I always listen to this song! Even on my blackberry! I guess im too addicted to it! ROFL 

27. Can u play any musical instrument - Nop! But would love to play a guitar! All my fav's have played it! Mohit, Karan, and now AB too! Ouch Im the only one left! ROFL

28. Are u spiritual - Errmmmmm! Ermm Dont know.. I guess not.. I dont believe in anything my instincts say btw! My instincts always give me opposing views! ROFL It tells me to say YES at times when I shouldnt be saying yes! So I always do the opposite! If my instincts say Yes then I say NO! ROFL

29. Memorable childhood incident - Hmmm.. Let me think.. Ermm 

30  ur eye color - Brown..

31. smile or eyes  - Eyes defo! I dont like my smile! Btw, this is the only thing I dont like abt me! ROFL

32. Do u have any tatoo;s - Nop! Not interested in them! Tongue

33 whom do u miss in RBO forum - Hmmm.. I dont know.. I myself still feel new to that forum! LOL I dont know many people who have actually left the forum other than you.. And I never got the chance to interact with you over there.. So if you leave this forum (which you shouldnt) I will surely miss you! After all my Bhatakti Aatma Partner you are!! LOL ROFL

34, any irritating incident in this forum - Yeps! When I joined IF, I was actually liking RBO's track at then.. And in the forum I saw all negative posts there.. Well mainly they were.. I got super irritated! And left the forum silently only.. Phir somehow some of the members started asking me where I am, and when I went to the forum then it was much calmer along with tonnes of newbies! So yeah, aate hi irrite kardya tha! LOL! LOL LOL LOL But now I can understand their frustration, coz Im more connected to the show now bcoz of that forum.. Embarrassed

35. who is ur first friend in IF - Ermmm.. In my friends list was Varsha (Yasharanrocks) but actual main it was Karishma, who I first talked to.. And I guess she's forgotten me now! ROFL Not her fault, I left the forum after one week of joining! ROFL ROFL

36. still in touch with that person - Varsha I am, but Karishma ka I explained above.. LOL

37.Wats ur opinion on Rajan Sahi (bidaai maker) - He's an ausum person! Coz he gave me my two other fav's Angad and Kinshuk! Big smile I really liked Bidaai too, but just left half way.. LOL As always! LOL

38. do u follow mukti Bandhan - Nop! Confused

39. story or actors  - Actors! As I said earlier, I dont go into logic! ROFL

40. Love or career - Hmmm.. It should have been Marriage or career? Well for me none actually! Although am gonna go uni, finish my course and do job.. But after marriage I would want HIM to provide for me! I'll do aish! ROFL  ROFL And love will develop after marriage then! ROFL ROFL

41 are u a feminist - Very much! I love debating over issues! And blaming men too! Ahhhh I love it!! Tongue

42. who is ur inspiration - My mom! I love her! And she's the best! Embarrassed

43. do u watch , How  I met ur mother ?? Nop! Ye kon sa show hai! LOL

44. Do u like Dexter on Starworld ? Havent watched starworld, so none! I hate dexter! ROFL Whenever my bro watched it, I always changed the channel by mainly black mailing him!! ROFL 

45. ever been to India - Nop! Would want to visit one day! Han is se yaad aya, I have a dream to go on a world tour with my Hubby! Dekho Abi Im just 18 and abi se shadi k baad k khayal! ROFL

46. wats ur take on world ending on 2012 - I cant talk abt it, Im scared abt it.. I dont want it to end.. But seems more likely.. Unhappy These kind of talks and stuff that happened in Japan recently scares me the most! Ouch

47. do u watch any sports - Nop! I hate them! Dead Especially the cricket ka bukhar jo aj kal sab ko charha hai! Angry

48 do u play any sports - Yeah, I do! Embarrassed Basketball and Badminton! Bas! Others I dont like! Tongue

49. do u have any moles on face - Yeah two.. Ouch Its my bad time going on right now.. Ouch

50 do u love teddies ?? -Nop! Waxe I dont even like nor dislike them.. But I would defo not like it to be given to me as a gift! LOL But Ive never been able to tell one of my friends that I dont like teddies! Dont gift me! She always gift me one on my bday and I always pass it on to my younger bro as he loves sleeping with teddies! LOL LOL LOL

51. fav  ckt from one of ur fav movie - Hrithik's from Guzaarish! I was stunned at his performance! Though the film was kinda boring but Hrithik was defo worth watching! Day Dreaming

52, wat makes u stand apart from others in real life and in IF - My positivity! Non-seriousness! Not being logical! ROFL ROFL

53 . Wats ur take on arrange vs love marriage - My vote would go for Arrange marriage! As I said earlier, I dont trust my own instincts! Not even my own choice! ROFL I'd rather have my parents chose it for me! But also give me time to think if he's the correct one! ROFL

54 . something u wish u could have changed in ur life - My laziness! Noo actually I love being lazy! LOL So maybe my carefree attitude towards everything.. Embarrassed Im soo not serious about my life! Im just enjoying it and I seriously have no aims/goals to be met! ROFL Im such a cool person, aint I!! Cool

55. ever felt guilty about anything - Yeps! Mostly everytime! When I dont listen to my mum! Whatever she says comes to be true! But the most guilty was when I was young, not really very young but aged 12 and I insulted my mum bcoz of my stubborness.. Im way tooo stubborn! Ouch It was like my uncle could only take 4 ppl in his car and my nani, 2 cousins were already going.. There was place for only one, and my sis wanted to go as well.. But as I was selfish enuf! Angry I said I'll go I'll go I'll go!! I was way too stubborn! And I started crying and stuff.. And my uncle and everyone forced my mum to let me go, but till today I feel guilty that she must have felt soooo bad in front of sooo many ppl!! I hate myself for such acts! Ive done quite a few others too, but Im much more responsible now! And Im proud of it and so is my mum! Approve

56. wats ur carpet color - Dark green

57 how many times do u bath - Once a day! London is freezing, you cant bath every now and then! Warna kulfi ban jayegi! ROFL ROFL

58. were u expecting me to grill u - Yes yes very much! I knew it you'd be back! Tongue Im glad Im worthed! Tongue

59 . IF is ? A place to enjoy, relax, cry, be happy, dance, sing, make friends, have gup shup, latest news, gossiping!! Everything joined in one site! Interaction with fav stars too!! Love the siggies and forum ideas!! Big smile IF is the place I was hunting for since ages! I love it! Big smile

60 Wats ur fav Ad ?? Hmm.. Dont watch tv much.. Glued to lappy always! LOL LOL LOL

PS . hon , i got little off radar as i dont want to be formal with u , hope thats really ok with u , else feel free to say , i wont mind -All's ohk Hun! Hug Im all cool! Tongue
Ok for now Im done.. Ive got interview at uni 2moro.. I gotta prepare for it now.. Im off now.. Will surely ansa all 2moro.. Defo 2moro! *Promise* Embarrassed

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