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Sabmeratu. IF-Sizzlerz

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It's ok dear,,take your tym...
Do take care of yourself x
Hope he gets well soon

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Hi Friends, I will update soon. For now here is the promo.. Embarrassed


He went near her and asked in a husky voice, "Really it doesn't matter for you Geet. When someone else hugs me, kisses me, really it doesn't matter?" He was so close to her that her heart started pounding heavily. Maan knew his effect on her. She started trembling but managed to say, "Mujhe kyun farak padega. Aapki life he. Aap jo chahe kar sakthe ho."Maan pulled her closer and turned her. She was looking down not able to take the proximity.


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Plz update son

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Oh, I am waiting for the update eagerly now.

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Cry kab update milega hope things are fine at your end

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lovely promo
update  soonnn

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me waiting ...Day Dreaming

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Part 12

Sameera parked her car and noticed that Maan has not yet arrived. Now it is a chance for her to show her authority on the office staff. She entered the building with an evil smirk only to be bumped into a girl clad in a typical Punjabi Patiala suit. The girl seemed to be in a hurry as she told a quick sorry without turning back and left. Sameera was fuming. How dare she ignore Sameera Handa??? Uski itni himmat.. She was about to call her and give her a peace of mind when someone called her from back, "Sameera, tum yaha office mein kya kar rahi ho?"

Maan was eager to reach office to meet his Geet. (His Geet.. hmm..) He saw Geet walking in a hurry when he got out of his car. He called her but she didn't notice. He went after her and saw she bumped to someone. She told a quick sorry and left without looking back. Maan smiled but his smile turned to a frown as he saw the person whom she bumped into. He was clearly annoyed seeing Sameera but was glad that she hasn't met Geet. Arjun had clearly told him not to mention about Geet to Naintara or Sameera as they both have a strong dislike for Geet. Knowing them nothing else can be expected from those selfish, mean sisters.

Sameera turned only to find Maan standing there. She went near him, hugged him and told, "Oh Maan, I missed you so much." Maan immediately pulled back and repeated his question. Sameera told, "Arjun bhai told you got locked in office. So I thought I will come and meet you." Maan wanted to get rid of her soon and told, "Sameera, I'm really busy. I have couple of meetings lined up. If you have come to see me then we can meet later." Sameera thought, "How rude? But I'm not leaving you soon." She told, "Maan, is there a single day you are not busy? You never come to meet me. So I thought it is better I come and meet you. Anyway today I'm not leaving soon. You finish your work. I will wait in your cabin until you finish the meetings." With that she held his hand and started walking towards his cabin. Maan tried to shrug off her hands but she held it again. He wanted to avoid creating a scene there. Knowing Sameera, she will do something more embarrassing before the staff. He thought, "If Geet found her with me she will surely back off. I don't want it to happen. I need to act fast." Maan told, "Sameera, why you want to get bored here? What about we meet for dinner this weekend??" Sameera immediately let go his hand and stood there with her mouth wide open in surprise. She was in cloud nine. Maan Singh Khurana asking her for a dinner date!!! Not even in her wildest dreams has she thought of this. She felt that her dressing did the magic but little did she know that he wanted to get rid of her? Maan waved his hand before her. She gave a dreamy look to Maan and hugged him excited, "Oh Maan, I'm sooo happy. I love you. I love you a lot" and kissed him on his cheeks. Maan haven't expected this. He immediately backed off. Sameera told, "We will meet on Saturday. I love you. Bye.."and left. Maan rubbed his cheeks and turned back only to find Geet staring at him with an annoyed look. "Oh my God, Maan ab tho tum gaya. Sab kuch tik ho raha tha. Aur ab kya hoga?"

Geet was in a hurry when she reached KC as she had to prepare the essentials for the meeting with Mr. Chopra as instructed by Maan. She bumped into someone and rushed inside telling a sorry without looking back. She went to her cabin and thought about the person whom she bumped into. She felt bad for rushing without looking who it was. She decided to check and went outside. She was shocked at what she saw there. The same lady whom she bumped into was hugging and kissing Maan. She was mad. As Sameera was facing towards Maan she couldn't see her face. Geet thought, "Yeh ladki kaun he? Maan aur inka kya rishta he? Kahi yeh inke girlfriend tho nahi hena? Nahi nahi Geet. Uska koi GF nahi he." She was confused. "Agar GF he tho fir woh mere saath aise  kyun behave kar raha tha. Did he mean only a casual relation with me? Nahi.. Aisa nahi ho sakta.. Maan kabhi aisa nahi karenge.. Uski ankhon mein pyaar tha. Tho phir is ladki ke saath woh kya kar raha he. Khadoos.. Dusht danav.. Mujse aise baatein karthe hain aur kisi aur ko.. chi chi chi.." She looked back only to find that the lady left and Maan was shocked to see her. Geet gave him an annoyed look and turned to leave.

Maan thought Geet might have seen Sameera and rushed after her to explain. Geet got into the elevator and just when it was about to close Maan rushed inside. Geet turned facing her back to him. Maan Singh Khurana was afraid for the first time in his life. He slowly went near her and told, "Woh mein waha.. aisa kuch nahi he jaise tum soch rahi ho.." He was having trouble explaining to her. Geet turned to face him and told, "Sir, I haven't asked anything regarding you and the lady whoever she is. It doesn't matter for me. Don't worry I won't tell anyone what I saw" and turned back. Maan was relieved that she hasn't recognized Sameera but now he had to pacify Geet. He went near her and asked in a husky voice, "Really it doesn't matter for you Geet. When someone else hugs me, kisses me, really it doesn't matter?" He was so close to her that her heart started pounding heavily. Maan knew his effect on her. She started trembling but managed to say, "Mujhe kyun farak padega. Aapki life he. Aap jo chahe kar sakthe ho."Maan pulled her closer and turned her. She was looking down not able to take the proximity. He asked, "Mein jo chahe kar sakthe ho. Heina Geet? Tumhe koi farak nahi padega. Hmm." He held her by her waist and pulled her closer. She gasped and tried to move away but his grip around her got tighter. She told, "Sir, Aap kya kar rahe ho? mujhe chodiye." He retorted back, "Geet, tumne hi tho kaha tha ki mein jo chahe kar sakthe ho. Tho phir ab kya hua?" She stammered, "Woh mein, I mean.. Mera matlab woh nahi tha." He asked, "Tho phir kya tha Geet?" He released her and continued, "Waise I haven't kissed her. Only one has that right." She looked into his eyes and he smiled. The elevator stopped in their floor and she was about to rush outside when he pulled her back and kissed her on her right cheek. She was shocked and stared at his face with her mouth opened.. It took some time for her to register what happened. He smiled and asked, "Kya hua Geet. Dosre cheek mein bhi kiss chahiye kya?" She closed her mouth and rushed to her cabin blushing in a deep shade of pink. Maan smiled and went to his cabin. He could still feel the softness of her cheek.

Geet went to her cabin and closed the blinds. She couldn't face Maan after what happened. She was blushing profusely; her cheeks were red like tomato. Just the thought of the kiss made her heart pound irrationally. She drank almost a full bottle of water and somehow managed to calm herself and sit. All her thoughts seeing the lady kissing Maan vanished and were replaced by just Maan and their first kiss. Maan entered his cabin and found that Geet has closed the blinds. He knew she was embarrassed and she will definitely not come to him until she controlled her feelings. He started working as he had a meeting with Mr. Chopra. He called Sasha for getting the blueprints of the final design ready. Sasha came in and he told about the new changes made. Sasha asked, "MK, why you took pains to complete this? I should have completed it." Maan gave her an angry glare. "It is better if we won't talk about that. Geet was there to help me and it is completed. Now you take this and get the blueprints ready. You may leave." Sasha was clearly annoyed at the mention of Geet but gave a plastered smile to Maan and left. She went to her cabin and slammed the file in the desk. Tasha who was busy checking herself jumped at her reaction and asked, "Sasha.. I mean Maam.. What happened?" Sasha told angrily, "MK is behaving differently since that village girl joined here. Zaroor usne koyi chal chalaya hoga. I have to get rid of her soon." Tasha added more fuel to her anger, "Yes Maam, Meine un dono ko ek saath lift se aate hue dekha tha. Aur aapko pata he Maan sir was smiling. Oh my God, mein tho uss smile pe fida hogayi thi." She turned to a dreamy mode. Sasha shot a glare on her and told, "Ab tho is behenji ko sabak sikhane ka time aagaya he. Dekhte he woh kitne din aur yaha kaam karthi he." Her evil mind started making plans to trap Geet.

Maan called Geet and asked to take the blueprints from Sasha and keep necessary copies in the conference room. Geet went to Sasha's cabin for the blueprints. Sasha had her wicked plan on. She gave the wrong file. Geet went to the Xerox machine and checked the blueprints once to see how Maan has done the changes they discussed. She noticed the blueprint was not the same. She immediately went back to Sasha. Sasha was clearly annoyed as she thought Geet won't check the blueprints. She had to give the original file and her plan flopped. Geet took the blueprints and took the copies. There was 15 minutes more before the meeting starts. She went to the conference room placed the copies and was about to leave when she bumped into Maan. Maan thought of checking the blueprints once before the meeting and headed to the conference room only to find Geet. He stood staring at her as she neatly arranged the blueprints. While leaving she bumped into him as she hasn't noticed him. She straightened herself and tried to leave before he asks something. But he was too quick for her. He pulled her to him and wrapped his arms tightly around her. He whispered in her ear holding her close, "Geet, mujse door jane ki khayal apne dil se nikalo. Kyunki mein tumhe jaane nahi dega. Tum chahe jitna bhi koshish karle mujse door jane mein kamyaab nahi honge." Geet shivered with the sternness in his voice. She knew he meant it. She raised her eyes to meet his. They stayed like that until his phone started ringing. Geet excused herself and rushed out. Maan mentally cursed the caller for ruining their beautiful moment, but attended the call seeing it was Anurag. He wanted to meet Maan to discuss regarding a new venture. Maan asked him to come by lunch time as he will be free by then.

Geet was breathing heavily when she reached her cabin. It took some time for her to calm down. She relaxed for few minutes and headed towards the conference room. The clients had arrived just then and the meeting was about to begin. Maan stole glances at her throughout the discussion. The meeting went good as Mr. Chopra was extremely pleased with the new design. Maan mentioned about Geet's input in the design as she really deserved it. Mr. Chopra praised her and invited for dinner along with Maan next day. She gave a confused look to Maan. Maan assured him that they will join for the dinner. All the while Sasha was fuming. She thought, "Now I will have to definitely throw this behenji out. This time you will definitely fall on my trap, Ms.Hoshiyarpur. Just wait and watch." Mr. Chopra thanked Maan and left. Sasha told, "MK, I think we should arrange a party for this. This is one of the best contracts we got." Maan was convinced with the idea and asked her to make necessary arrangements for the party on Friday. Sasha was quiet happy and left with an evil smirk followed by others. Geet was about to leave when Maan caught her wrist and pulled her to him. She fell on his lap and he held her tight. She was not anticipating this and tried to get up. Maan pulled her back, encaged her in his arms and told, "Geet, itni jaldi kaha ja rahi he? Kya tum mujse darthi ho?" Geet couldn't speak as her heart was beating erratically. She somehow managed to say, "Sir, please.. mujhe chodiye." Maan was enjoying her restlessness and proximity. He rubbed his nose on her cheeks and slowly placed a soft kiss on there, "Geet, yeh baar baar mujse door jaane ki khayal apne dil se nikalo. Ab mein tumhe kahi jaane nahi dega." and loosened his hold. He could feel the rising of her heartbeats and her cheeks turning to crimson red. Geet stood up and literally ran out of the conference room not able to face him. Maan smiled at her plight and left for his cabin.

Anurag entered the KC premises and was greeted by the employees. Pinky informed Maan about his arrival and he left for Maan's cabin after having some formal talks with Adi. He noticed someone familiar in his secretary's cabin and looked to find Geet engrossed in her work. He was surprised to see her (Only dadi and Annie knew about her working in KC). He entered her cabin. Geet was surprised to see him there. She immediately went near him and took his blessings. Anurag asked, "Geet bte, tum yaha kya kar rahi ho? I mean yeh tho Maan ki secretary ka cabin he." Geet smiled and told, "Uncleji, mein Maan sir ki secretary hoon." Anurag was shocked as well as surprised and asked, "par bte, you are going for your studies in few months. So why do you require a job? woh bhi secretary ke. Tum chahe tho Handa industries mein koyi bhi job le sakthi thi na?" Geet smiled and replied, "Nahi uncleji. Mein kisi ki madat lena nahi chahthi thi. I wanted to do everything on my own. And I wanted to familiarize with the construction industry before I start my course on architecture. As per my qualification this is the best job I could get in a construction firm." Anurag was really impressed by her. He patted her head and told, "Acha bte.. Par tum mujhe uncle nahi dad bulao.. Hum tho ajnabee nahi hena." Geet's eyes got moist listening to him. It was something that her own father denied her. She controlled her emotions and told, "Ji uncleji.. Mera matlab he dad.. " Anurag smiled and left to meet Maan. The day went fine for both Maan and Geet and they were contented with the indirect confession of their feelings.

At night, Anurag and Simran were discussing about Vicky when Anurag remembered of Geet. He told about their meeting in KC. Both were very much fond of this girl, who was down to earth and innocent unlike her cousin sisters (that is what they thought of Naintara and Sameera). Simran told, "Ji, Kya hum Mohinderji se ek baar Geet aur Vicky ke bare mein baat kar sakthe hena? Waise bhi Geet tho kuch mahino mein London ja rahi he tho Vicky se mil bhi sakthi he. Koi aur rishta aane se pehle hum uska haat maang sakthe hena?" Anurag thought for a while and told, "Hume kuch bhi karne se pehle bachon ki rayi jaanna he. Agar un dono ko koi problem nahi he tho tik he. Par ab hum unko mila bhi nahi sakthe he." Simran told, "Woh tik he ji but we can at least discuss with them so that they will not go forward with any other alliance till then." Anurag agreed and decided to speak to Mohinder the next day as they have a business meeting the next day.

Precap: The dinner!!!EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Link to next part: Part 13

Hi Friends, I think most of you know by now that the proposal is not between Maaneet.Wink There is lot more before that should happen. I couldn't include the proposal here as it will go longer. Hope you all liked the update. Please don't forget to leave your comments. I will be really busy from now on. So updates will be very less frequent. But will try my best to give one update in two weeks.Smile


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